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A Little Questioning 
How do I start mapping for Quake?
I have a small floorplan ready,and a couple of texturewads.
I just...haven't mapped at all before. 
Watch These. 
LOL smab I got into this twitch shit like the cool kids, and of course I went looking for Quake stuff.

I saw some dude called Shamblernaut doing speed runs. I just assumed it was you, and and was very surprised to find it was some Aussie dude. 
Watched Actual Shambler's Twitch Yet Though? 
The weirdest thing initially about watching shums on twitch was hearing his rather agreeable and gentle voice, instead of the Tom Waits-esque leather-vocal-cords-soaked-in-bourbon growl that I had imagined for the last 20 years. 
Haha, No, Where Is It? 
I imagine he sounds like a right proper bell-end!

I'm not sure if I want to shatter my illusions either. 
Oi Kinn 
Do you know a dude called Lloyd Morris? You're British, right? You blokes all know each other I assume. 
You're getting old mate, you just forgot all the other ones 
Hehehe :}

Lloyd Morris eh..... Keeps showing off his double-jointed thumb? Always carries a scotch egg? Is that the chap? Never liked Eggy Morris if I'm honest with you. I think I epoxy-resin'd his locker door shut once but for the life of me can't remember what for. 
I imagine he sounds like a right proper bell-end!

Damn right. Of all my many redeeming qualities, having a rich manly voice is not one of them. Posh squeaky cunt voice. I make up for it in content tho - like apparently insulting mappers before they even have chance to watch me playing their map. Allegedly. 
Quakespasm On *buntu 18.04 
Anyone else using Ubuntu 18.04 or one of its derivatives (e.g. Mint 19.1) and getting bad performance and/or weird issues when running Quakespasm -- as in brush faces flickering in and out of existence, the game freezing for several seconds, or outright crashing with an error message that says "i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error"? I've tried three different distros now, all based on Ubuntu 18.04 and all with the same problem. This is on a machine with Intel integrated graphics, for what it's worth.

I've tried googling and searching around on Linux forums, with little success (perhaps because I know too little to even know what to search for). Thought maybe someone here might have run into the same issues and/or know what the solution is and/or be able to point me in the right direction... 

Wor is clearly inferior to Quake for me mainly because:

The over-reliance on enemies with hitscan attacks (and so-fast-it-may-as-well-be-hitscan attacks), meaning combat is mostly about popping in and out of corners and doorways, instead of strafing around like in Quake.

Wor's setting just feels too drab and charmless - ubiquitous concrete warehouses instead of weird fantasy "castles". There is much less thematic variation than in Quake.

Wind-ups/wind-downs on weapons, and stupid recoil (like the machinegun), and silly crap like the railgun equip animation taking approximately one million years in real-time, make the "gunplay" (sorry for that tosser word) too clunky, and fudgier even than in many of these fussy "realistic" FPS games with reload and stuff. Balancing weapon power by making the gun more or less laggy/tedious to handle is just bum design.

I guess I'm glad the Quake single-player brand started and ended with the first game.

Wor and the instantly forgettable/generic Wor 2 are just dried up, crusty dollops of guano clinging to a dead grey branch of the FPS family tree. 
Fucking Lol 
This arc is my favorite part of this season. 
Dunno What You're On About Kinn. 
But since it's a Quake 2 thread for Quake 2 discussion, it's best to take your tangential off-topic ramblings about some imaginary other game elsewhere. GA I suppose is the default. 
it even triggered shums so much he had to close his wor thread 
Unfortunately It Seemed To Be A Spam Magnet. 
And since we're trying to cut down on spam here are func.... 
If the Quake 2 thread got deleted for attracting too much spam, does that create a legal precedent wherein the same can be done to other spam attracting threads? 
But There Was No Spam In The Wor Thread 
only my posts, which shums found disagreeable for some reason. 
excuse me
when are you gonna release the final version of progs_dump 1.1.0?
I need a reason to start the qc part of my mod and stop being a lazy ass 
I am getting very close. By this weekend and hopefully even sooner if I can swing it.

All that needs to be done now is testing in QSS, FTE, Mark V and DarkPlaces. Finalizing the readme (last minute stuff really) and then finishing off the archive.

The good news is, if you are simply waiting for the QC and not all the sample maps etc, it's available on Github right now.

Feel free to clone or download it now: 
Do you guys have any (active) URLs to download hi-res .mdl files for Quake? I know there are lots of resources out there for modern engines, but the few ones that I managed to find out specifically in .mdl format seem to be no longer accessible - either that, or my google-fu is failing me big time :(

I'm interested in .mdl files that go over 2000 vertices and/or skins in excess of 480x480 pixels (the current vanilla limitations)... 
firstly, there's no such thing as a hi-res .mdl
they're limited to 8-bit vertex coords, so high vertex counts is a stupid thing to do...

secondly, I believe smc has such models...
spider.mdl - 2323 verts
afrit.mdl - 1024*1024 skins 
Got It. However... 
... I'm not familiar with this smc thing you mention. Do you know where I could get an URL to that? :) 
... Or Person 
Oops. Didn't stop to consider you might be talking about someone. Sorry. 
some cool features in the prodeus level editor 
That looks like it'll be really fun to use and easy to pick up. I was actually surprised when I found out that it's brush based because the game play video I watched a little while back showed what look like a sector based map without true room over room. 
WTF With All These Shits????? 
benis down 
Seriously Tho 
I can't hear properly because of a surgery,so no music.
I decided to just hit up the old rmq svn and I downloaded e1m1rq and some of the files needed.

My god....I didn't expect such a twist from an incomplete map.Especially the fiend.And normally Quake doesn't creep me out but that room...the thing with the portal on the ceiling and the power coupling pickup...

This incomplete cancelled project,even without sounds or music,might have been the AD of that time. 
I always see people talking so much about this Remake Quake and how it was great but incomplete/unfinished...

is there any legal reason why people can't finish it?

Someone should talk with the authors and see if they give permission to make a JAM with the original files/codes so the mappers here could finally complete this mod =D 
It Wasn't Very Good. 
I worked on it for 17 months. 
All the original files are available for free at 
Legal Reason 
I did some time with modelling for Remake Quake.
Really enjoyed the testpacks that were distributed.
So I have a lot of the maps that were remade.
Not agree with otp about the not-really-good,
some maps are really good but in a prefase stadium.
And it is the bsp2 format that is high on my hat.

Where many agree a single road always crosses another.
that's why it is hard to finish, not a legal reason. 
Can you please tell me which rmq maps were fully finished?
Don't tell me the maps that were given in the demos
None Were Fully Finished. 
Not even the ones from the demos, those were still heavy WIP versions. 
To be Onoficial True Pointed a comparison,
What you don't want:

rmqdemo2 14/24/2010
The Doors of Delusion - e1m6rq.bsp

rmqwinter11 -/-/2011
the ones you mentioned e2m6rq,e3m1rq,e3m2rq,e3m3rq.

So what I have left is a Turtoise-mirror of the RemakeQuake group.
There are some rebuilds of the original maps, as some cft maps.
I will just add maps for your convience.

Fully finished go for:

e1m1rq - bsp2 /
e1m2rq - House Of CrimsonBlades
e1m3rq - Crowd Pleaser
e1m4rq - Cricket's Crotchet
e1m5rq - unfinished
e1m6rq - The Doors Of Delusion
e1m9rq - Home Run
e2m4rq - The Ebon Temptress
e2m5rq - The Wizard Manse
e2m6rq - Dismal Oubliette
e3m1rq - bsp2 / out of reach
e3m2rq - bsp2 /
e3m3qc - bsp2 /
e3m4rq - Cool Air Tunnels
e3m6rq - Chambers Of Lament
e3m7rq - Phantom Perplexity /unf.
e4m1rq - The Sewage problems
e4m4rq - bsp2 /
gib_palace - Palace Revolution
grad - Tormentarium
rift - The Rift
ugly - Ugly Lab

ctf1rq - ctf2rq - ctf3rq
dm2rq - dm5rq

So far, it's just a quick look for what I could find.
I can't open the bsp2 files, some have maps of 5mb and this needs a different aproach.
Most bsp files are over the 5Mb, and I must say they are of a gentle mapping intrest. 
WHat A Great List. 
Not a single one of those was finished. 
e2m6rq - Dismal Oubliette

It's actually "Dismal Silhouette". 
Blub Blub Nayah 
is a food pak name. 
I can't access the svn for a few hours,so I'd just like to know if the original source is available.
QC src for RMQ! 
Unauthorised RMQ_src 
Thank you!
And what is the difference between rmqwinter11 progs and this progs.dat? 
Time Stamp 
The RMQ_scr timestamp 2-5-2011 runs well, but the files are earlier than the ones on It is from my workdirectory.
The last ticketswitch is from Sat Jan 12 19:48:16 2013.
That is 18 month's later.

You can see it in the src that's updated with a zomfast.qc.
So I guess more has changed in time.
For the excact info you should download the files from
(file by file). 
Wasn't there supposed to be an elder ogre the size of a shambler? 
There Was. 
But trying to give madfox direction re:models was like talking to a house plant.

The episode 3 boss was supposed to be one of tthe Dark Young of Shub Niggurath - basically a Shub that can stampede around and attack.
Madfox's model was instead Voreling sized. 
I can't wait to imagine what the playtesters reaction would've been.
They would have expected a big challenge and maybe readied their cauterizer and made sure they had red armor and after going to all that trouble they find....a voreling-sized Shub.

Or maybe even ijed going wtf? 
Michael McKean fucking owns. 
RMQ Models 
At the time I had the DarkYoung model ready when the team started to fall apart.

I'm glad Rhynche survived with its sucking armor and health scene. That's a coding part I'm still not skilled enough Suppa.
As for the Dweller amphebian model, that's wandering both land and water.

@ijazz2019 - You can check out the DarkYoung yourself, scale it out, see if it might impress you. 
Oops, Wrong Download 
Those look great. The Dweller would still be awesome in a map even just a non-interactable set piece that you can see from a distance. 
You mean like this?
(Has anyone actually seen this movie I have, hahaha.. Wahlberg was a hilarious pick for casting)

Amphibian looks cool, reminds me of a monster from Unreal 1. I was always disappointed by the collapse of RMQ, it was probably too ambitious of a project but I really liked what was released of it. Hard to believe it was coming up on a decade ago. 
Good Article OTP 
Now go map 
Good Read Bad Headline 
The gist is not "go ahead and be a negative asshole" rather, "don't let others suppress your true feelings" and recognize "how you are feeling" and learn from it. 
Nobody Asked Either Of You. 
Oh Fuck Right Off You Cunt 
This is patented BS (like most of TED, really). Feelings are neither to be suppressed nor let run free. What you feel is true in a sense that this is your immediate reaction to events. But your reactions are very often too strong or too timid and either consciously or subconsciously you don't like the way you reacted. And that indicates an issue that should be worked at.

Thing is, no matter how well you understand how and why things work the way they do, your emotions will very often take over your actions. TED sermons and online posts are not going to change that, no matter how many of them you gobble like a pelican. ;-)

Go see a shrink, don't waste time on self help crap. 
No, I am very much content with my emotional reactions to things.

I also don't go out looking for "self help crap", you getting that impression from me posting a total of one article only reflects on you more than on me.

And for somebody with a very strong opinion on the Quake community and its inclusivity, that post sure seemed like neurotypical discrimination.

Now feel free to go fuck yourself. 
You being defensive over me commenting TED talk tells more about you, and so on. My comments were general, not directly targeting you so the fact you felt the need to respond tells more, and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion, I prefer to fuck with my wife but I may try your approach one day. Cheers! 
I "gobble" up TED talks like a pelican. Listen to podcasts etc. I don't consider them sermons or BS. Not even close to "self help" IMO. Only a few have left me disappointed and one of them changed (maybe saved) my life - literally. That one was from a former Doctor from NIH who turned me on to intermittent fasting. The TED talk gave me lose 60 pounds.

Thing is, no matter how well you understand how and why things work the way they do, your emotions will very often take over your actions.

That's a cop out IMO and is lazy thinking. People can calm down, focus and change their behavior. I used to have an insane temper - just nuts. I faced it and sought help through a book called "When Anger Hurts" written by people much smarter than me. That book that you'd probably dismiss as "self-help" along with some hard work and soul searching helped me chill the fuck out.

It's amazing what having an open mind can do.

An now the best TED talk of all time. Please take a look. 
Here's the thing.
I started being more social on last year,after my 10th grade Board Exams(really big and hyped exams in my country) got over.
However,my reputation for being an immature arse precedes me every time.
I literally do not know how to analyze people,and even how to self-introspect.
It also hurts when my parents shout at me,although I can take even worse insults from my classmates.
All-in-all,a sensitive,somewhat immature guy.

I suck at studies,and it is taken seriously in our country.I can't for the life of me figure out vectors.(QuakeC vectors are somewhat OK)
I also am a lazy guy.That;s the reason I haven't started mapping,and why I waited for you to release the 1.1.0 of your devkit instead of making a vanilla map for practice first,@dumptruck

What can I do to improve myself? How do I get rid of the feeling that everyone hates me?

I'm not one of those kids who scream "IM DEPRESSED!"

I need a little bit of help.Just tell me what I can do to...uhh...calibrate my compass or something? idk.
I am clueless now as to what I can do.
I can't get a book easily because I got 80% in that goddamn board exams.
Quake modding is severely frowned upon.
I can't figure out math easily.

(if this osunds tupid,it is because I tend to be like htis.If I do something,a few minutes later I suddenly realize what I should have said or done.)

Also,otp,if you have anything useful for me me a compass or tell me how to find it,otherwise please shut up.I will be a cunt for as long as I be like a cunt floating aimlessly in space.Deal with it,or do something.

With love,ijaaz 
1st of I did release version 1.1.0 of progs_dump - so no more waiting! :)

I'm not sure how helpful a response here on func will be but here's a few bits of advice. Some things to try out:

1. go volunteer to help someone out for a few hours. An old folks home or something similar. You will quickly see how much better your life is than many others.

2. get outdoors. we mappers/gamers spend WAY too much time inside. Go take a half and hour walk in a nice park. people watch... don't listen to music... listen to all the sounds around you... feel the wind and sunshine on your skin. Read this for more info on how important this is.

3. learn something new - go take a painting class or something like this that challenges you with new accomplishments. nothing on the computer... use your hands and stimulate your senses.

4. go to a counsellor. there's no shame in seeking help and you may discover these overwhelming feelings you are having can be dealt with and changed with a bit of work.

Good luck! 
I "gobble" up TED talks like a pelican. Listen to podcasts etc. I don't consider them sermons or BS.
Of course you don't. If you did, you wouldn't watch them.

Not even close to "self help" IMO. Only a few have left me disappointed and one of them changed (maybe saved) my life - literally. That one was from a former Doctor from NIH who turned me on to intermittent fasting. The TED talk gave me lose 60 pounds.
I'm glad you did, even though intermittent fasting (according to NIH) isn't more effective than simply eating less. Obesity is a real problem but I'm still not convinced people should turn to TED to combat it. You shouldn't need flashy video to know these kinds of things.

That's a cop out IMO and is lazy thinking. People can calm down, focus and change their behavior.
I'm pretty sure you're not one of those people who tell depressed to just cheer up and smile more. So I'm baffled why is it that you call "issues to work on with a professional" a lazy thinking.

Sure you can calm down, but that's not what I said is hard or impossible. Striking balance between what emotions you feel, why and for how long is hard. You can introspect all you want but that rarely feeds into your emotions the next time something touches you. Many people dwell on emotions (good or bad) beyond the point that's healthy to them, whether they realize it or not.

I don't think calling people who go to shrink lazy is very insightful. Psychodynamic psychotherapy takes years. Calling it lazy is ill-informed and at least slightly irresponsible.

I used to have an insane temper - just nuts. I faced it and sought help through a book called "When Anger Hurts" written by people much smarter than me. That book (...) helped me chill the fuck out.
Yeah, I can see that. ;)

It's amazing what having an open mind can do.
Depending on what open mind is to you, maybe. There are valuable TED talks and self help books and what not, sure. But many of them are mind opening in the same way homeopathy or cupping therapy (to use a nice Polish example) is.

I mean, it's a law of large numbers. For the same reason no matter how good your videos are, when you reach 200 of them at least one is bound to be crap. But that doesn't mean your tutorials are crap (they clearly aren't) just like my general statement about the pop sciencey, misleading TED talks is not invalidated by your profound experience after listening to one of them. :)

An now the best TED talk of all time. Please take a look.
I think you were the one who said on QuakeCast that behind the scenes aren't interesting (or was it Shambler?). Either way. TED talks (TEDx ones less so) are rehearsed up the wazoo and molded into a predefined format. That's why they are so slick and uniform. I have to assume that you like them for production value but really, there's little substance to a vast majority of them and some are actively harmful, distorting reality and scientific findings. And many of the valid ones are just a platform for authors to push their books, which is IMO skeezy. 
The TED talk inspired me to research intermittent fasting, which I did. I didn't just start after watching a 15 minute video! I read two books on the matter. It is effective, for me.

I don't think calling people who go to shrink lazy is very insightful.

I didn't type that anywhere and that's certainly not what I meant.

Did you look at the link I sent? It's a spoof of TED talks - for fun and to keep the conversation light.

I wouldn't have said behind the scenes aren't interesting. I made a living doing them for seven years and I enjoy them. 
It must have been Shambler then. And yes, I did watch that. I see the appeal but don't find it that amusing myself. ;) 
I Deny Everything. 
You're not forcing me to listen to QC#12 again just to prove you did that. 
It's 0:49:25+. 
What Is 
the problem with the bsp2 files madfox?

The map files should all be in the svn no?

Rmq source is still around. I'll add it to the downloads page I guess.

Rmq map jam? It's not in a state where you could do that. 
why not? 
Which part of "not finished" and "work in progress" was hard to understand when I said that like three times? 
You could if you removed the worst wip stuff such as the sounds, and didn't rely heavily on things such as pushables and the grapple.

The better working stuff like the spawn randomizer, custom keys, spellcasters, hub system etc, basically what you see in demos and test maps, might still be useful. 
Basically it'll be better if you just rip the features you want and make a new mod. 
No problem with bsp2, I couldn't open them in a quick view.

which part of the heart and the hart was hard to understand.
Unfinished is a map that has an open end and Work in progress is an idiot that tries to end it.

I studied the subject several times, but subroutines like the Rhynch or Dweller are not easy to rip off without getting involved in other parts of the code. 
Did madfox just call me an idiot? 
I seriously can't understand this piece of *gold*

GB,while we are at it,why not make the RMQ Jam use Rune of Earth Magic stuff instead?
Like,RMQ,but with the ideas for ROEM that you mentioned.

I'll try having a look at the qc.Lots to learn.
If it is not took much work,can I have a zip of all the QC files from the svn?
Please,only ssqc not the csqc.
I'll download all the missing progs and maybe see if any changes were made after rmqwinter11

BTW,what were the changes made after rmqwinter11? 
I meant madfox's message #31221 
ROEM is basically RMQ episode 1 with developments from the Quake incarnation of Scout's Journey crossed in such as Q3BSP, higher res visuals, FTE heightmap terrain/dynamic lighting etc, and even more humungous maps especially outdoor areas with hacked portals / areaportals / manual hint portals etc to make them run faster. It is a shelved project that I may return to, it's not really RMQ and it's not really abandoned. It is definitely in no state to serve as the basis of a mod or mapping pack. It's not even Quake 1 mapping anymore. It's somewhere between Warsow and Call of Duty (1).

RMQ Qc is very weird I guess, you'll find some stuff optimized and some stuff moved around and some truly wonderful hacking. It is an amalgamation of QC 1.06, ExtrasR4, hipnotic, Drake, lots of other mods, and a lot of experimentation. Some entities require the RMQ engine or even FTE, possibly. One of the best things in there IMHO is real rotating entities (no more stair-step collision etc). Another beautiful thing is daisy-chainable cutscene cameras. The code for breaking windows etc is also pretty cool. There is also summoning etc.

After the Winter '11 demo, to the best of my memory, I worked with Spike on stuff like csqc and the hub system, and I think ijed was working on Ep3 maps with the dweller creature and the flayn zombie, IIRC I also worked with peg on playtesting the SP maps, and with gnounc on models and general QC projects, but in the spring of 2012 activity on the board seemed to die down. I know I spoke with ijed about somehow salvaging the project with a smaller crew. We seemed to agree that cutting it down to 10 or 12 maps was the only way to finish it, but it didn't work out. It was a radical change of course and there were too many different ideas and not enough time. A few days later I left the project.

I had a lot of pent-up ideas that didn't fit RMQ, for example it had long been my opinion that we should simply switch to the readily available Q3 BSP format instead of hacking up the Q1 map compiler. We did switch to IQM model format and adopted csqc, but only half-heartedly. I hacked up some of my maps to run on the Warsow engine a couple days later, then switched to FTE. That worked pretty well except the bigger the project got, the more the cracks started showing. But that's a different story.

Some of the other guys joined Schism, which I can only guess had equally massive changes applied, and I believe a lot of that ended up in Telefragged, which was well received.

The QC source is here: 
You should appear on the Quakecast. 
I owe all I know to ijed, Supa, Lardarse, mh, Spike and LadyHavoc. They should be on there. 
No They Dont 
No offend, just the conclusion not finished and work in progress are the same subject. The idiot could be me as much as anyone else who cares. 
ijed and LH would be awesome picks. 
I presume you're the same big brain as these all-time anon shits:

Go away forever. You've done more damage to yhings than you could have imagined. 
@anonymous User 
What's the problem,kid?
Doc told you that you have testicular cancer?
So sad,very bad,suck it fag 
Thank you.You have given me indirect advice.
If it is not too much trouble,can I try stripping the RMQ QC and sending it to you for...."approval"? 
@gb can I mirror the repository ,gb?
Too many models to download,many new sounds.... 
As I wrote, download them file by file.

I can make a zip file for your convenience, though it is quite a large file.
If it has that importance to you, why not behold some more patience?

I made downloads of an absurd er proportions. 
@ijazz, the RemakeQuake files are stored in a Subversion repository, so you should be able to download everything if you:

1) Install the Subversion tools on your system

2) Use the tools to checkout a working copy of the repository

I'm afraid I can't really help with specifics, because how to do this would depend on what OS you're using, and whether you're comfortable using command-line tools as opposed to GUI tools (I've only ever used the command-line svn tools).

For example, I already have the command-line svn tools on this system, so I can just use the command:

svn checkout svn://

That appears to download everything.

One thing that wasn't immediately obvious: after copy-pasting the URL out of my web browser, I had to change the "https://" at the beginning to "svn://". 
I used TortoiseSVN to download the files.
Will strip it down soon after copying all the files to my quake directory.
Should I get an SSD? Will it run out of writes quickly? 
I played through some levels using the latest svn,looks good,will compile again to see if there is a difference.
Only thing is the flayn doesn't work.
E1M1.ent having monster_flayn in place of monster_army.
Anything wrong? 
I like freshwater crabs. I think more games should have sideways walking enemies in them! 
I remember that the base turrets in RMQ are good, they should be salvaged. 
What are the most common/beloved mods/maps that rely on specific engine support? I guess I could rephrase it as "what ain't going to run on QS?" to make it simpler.

Nehahra comes to mind. Official mission packs would be just that if they weren't supported by pretty much every engine. I guess anything that requires uncommon protocol version would end up in this group, no? Darkplaces would fall into this category.

Any suggestions? 
I don't think there are many,apart from Nehahra.
Maybe Quake 1.5,Qore,some other engine specific mods.

On a side note,how do I convert iqm to mdl?
Some of RMQ's models are in that format.... 
The official mission packs are supported by the latest (1.9) official versions of the engine (Q, WQ, GLQ). I don't remember if they're supported by the version 1.8, though. 
iqm - Inter-Quake Model. 
If I recall correctly, noesis is the only program that can read the chasm models 
Guess which non-mapper has a screenshot of their work featured on redbull dot fucking com?

(Thanks Fairweather!) 
Happy Birthday Metl! 
Thanks for keeping this place running all these years! 
Congrats on making it one more year! 
thanks sleepy & generic! 
Morning All. 
All rosy in Quakeland today? 
The Door Problem Of Combat Design

An article by Andrew Yoder was shared on HN last weekend, thought some of you might like the discussion about it.
Features quake examples and some basic steps to avoid corner sniping and all that. 
Oh The Article 
I've been amused by how many responses to the post are "just lock the players in the arena!" or "just let me fight from the door!" And also a good many "make smarter AI!"

But it has sparked a good conversation, and I should write a follow up :) 
Door Problem 
Created a discussion thread for this: 
Hey Otp 
is there a thread for sm 199?
i need to play this, and quaddicted has no such entry. 
Good Read 
Hey Anon 
Good Read, Indeed... 
Thanks, MFX! I love the original Alone in the Dark series! 
Madfox, are you still converting the chasm models? 
I have got four going but I'm a little concerned about the sinful.
Chasm models have a uvskinfile, )but converted models have nosplit meshes. 
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Hmmm
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Time for my monthly foreskin clean actuallys
[11:06 PM] Shambler: Scrape out the cheese and add it to my storage jar 
Gonna Start Selling It On At The End Of The Year. 
Free postage to Poland etc. 
I don't think there's a huge demand for Shambler smegma unless it's a vital ingredient in youth potion or something. 
Carmack is so eloquent it’s a pleasure. So many topics they covered..
Ladybro timestamped some topics here: 
So, the guy is including pirated copies of Quake's official mission packs ("hypnotic" and "rogue"). 
John Carmack Interview 
Nice To See So Much Going On 
Quite a few stand alone, beta releases, mini-eps and WIP screenshots both here and on the various Discords. Nearly 300 map releases this year!

Kudos to Bal for picking up the map count from otp this year. 

Highlighting the specific section where they talk about custom Quake maps and minimal textures in competitve matches.

I wonder if Joe is talking about QMD's maps... 
Fucking Lol 
Imagine if Rogan just straight up started throwing quotes from old tf at Carmack.

"John, DMM is the shit of my life." 
I think he's talking about high r_picmip settings for Quake 3 competitive play which make every map look like minimal textures. 
Yep either that or the similar clientside settings that players use in Quake 1. 
Please Post A Description And Context, Thanks. 
Maybe some encouragement to discuss the content too. 
Imagine working at a game studio where you're required to bring your wife to work everyday to stay with you all the time.

Including crunch. 
What The Hell Is This Drivel 
Top Quality Content 
smash that like button
smash that subscribe button 
Wtf Is Wrong With You And Posting Without Any Context?? 
Sign Of Koth.ogg 
music track/file link somebody pls? 
I can't find it online (Mug took it off of his websites) but I have it on my HD somewhere I will find it for you this weekend. 
Brain Fart 

Just so I can (not) make a map called "Edgington of Oblivion" or maybe "Edge of Oblivington", whichever sounds better. 
Someone Beard Me To It! 
Dungeon Generator 
Just Made An Archive Of Myself 
All my old maps (as much as I can remember) just got uploaded to my new webby.

This is just a bag on the side of my DJ webbo, since I'm more into that these days.

Just so you know. 
Welcome Back, Fat Controller! 
Nice One Fat Controller :) 
I reckon that Daz might be well up for your dark psy-trance mix. I'll give it a check too. 
very nice :) 
I'm Flattered 
not sure I have really earned having any maps named after me.

But if anyone does a hipdm1 jam I will try to actually join in. 
Fat Controller!

Nice site there... good screenies, and I'd be happy to see even more little comments about the maps. I love seeing the good old stuff lovingly collected. 
which open source engine would you guys say has the best netcode in 2019? Based on amount of players and stability, I would say ioquake3. It's just awesome. However, I've been hearing lot's of good things about DP's protocol and, well, Nexuiz and Xonotic are proof of that.

There's also QFusion from Warsaw and a few others. If you were starting a multiplayer-only total-conversion, which engine would you choose? I'm asking because I was initially planning to use ioquake for my experiment 
thats tribes netcode 
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