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I'm enjoying everyone's maps. Everyone here is a good mapper in my experience, despite the beef or what others might say to the contrary.

Wraith looks awesome and I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to all the coders/modders, maintainers, mappers, and all of the people creating good stuff to keep me entertained and inspired. 
I agree. 
I did not intend for a flamewar to start about which models were terrible etc. These were early times and not much had been done in the history of real-time 3D so a lot was open to interpretation and learning as you go along.

Now that being stated, some of the models in HeXen II are ridiculously detailed, like the two trees right at the start, the sheep, and some of the multi-legged enemies. I never considered it growing up, but replaying it now to look at how they did stuff, it has some rather PS2-era levels of detail for environmental models. I guess it's why the maps otherwise were so sparsely detailed. 
I really miss the early 2000s website designs. PHP forums, PlanetQuake, the id Software website before being sold to Bethesda, etc.

Everything looked so good, with lots of detailed art put into their designs. Some phpBB forums looked almost like custom Winamp skins.

Nowadays it's all so flat. 
most quake1 sites have lost their involvement, nowadays people are more concerned for faster games, improvement and older games have become a bit lame.
It's also bit cogitari that when I switch back to a 320x220 resolution I can't hardly imagine the excitement I had those days playing the game.
I'm still surprised how much I can enjoy it, but while searching on the net I'm confronted with dead links. I even see it when using links from '98, much of it seems gone.

But I think it is nothing more than a natural development, after playing Unreal or Bioshock it's hardly to imagine Quake has its own power.
I'm more than glad there are people like EricW, Willem, Spike and others who still keep the torch burning.
As for this func_board of course, otherwise it would really have gone of the picture.

And so it goes for sites like PlanetQuake, InsideQc, QuakeOne.
People who do love Quake are die hards and there is nothing to it. 
Third person camera & movement system I've been working on. I won't manually edit subtitles this time, so tell me if there's anything you couldn't understand. 
Who On This Beautiful Planet Of Ours 
implements platform-like movement and doesn’t immediately after that implement Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros? 😂 
AI Makes Some Progress In Quake III 
The DeepMind AI project beat the world's top Go players a few years ago, which was quite an impressive result compared to past performance in the board game. Now they're taking first steps into Quake. Specifically they are playing Quake III CTF, and doing quite well.

They use randomly generated maps of two types. One are flat maze maps and others are outdoor maps with elevation changes. Neither have true verticality, but they still vary the number of players and team composition between matches. So, apparently these AIs can learn to play well in human teams too.

The inputs the AIs receive are the raw RGB values for each display frame, and some general info about the current state of the game, such as the score. They are essentially "looking at the screen," as much as that makes sense when talking about AI.

It's quite an impressive result. It would be interesting to see them play against pro teams on a wider variety of maps, but I don't know if that's likely to happen.

Here's a popular article and a paper about the research. 
How much is QC and how much is FTE based in this system? Sorry if you said in the video. I watched the first few minutes but will watch the rest later.

Also I shared this link with RennyC who has been working on The Ascension of Vigil lately. That's a 3rd person FTE based game/mod. 
It's all QC based, it even works in vanilla WinQuake (though much less smooth). I'm not using any non-vanilla QC features besides entity transparency and 16-bit coords yet.

It doesn't work in either FTEQW or regular QS though. I haven't tested it in Darkplaces, but DP is too heavy for the potato PC specs I'm targeting.

I'm a big fan of The Ascension of Vigil, but I rarely check out discord. 
Looking Good Mankrip! 
Now you need someone to make 1-1 from mario :) 
I watched the entire video. It looks very solid and flexible. Looking forward to messing around with this when it's ready. 
Quake 2: 701 
You have crashed on the surface part of the Stroggos' homeworld where your forces occupied this area. This partly area was built by your forces and used as a 'training facility' for you to be trained for the upcoming missions against the 'real' Stroggos army. As you would guess, the Stroggos here are the ones that have been captured and reprogrammed for your preparation. Proceed to the "exit" if you can. Good Luck.
Hlmdl Models Do Not Load In FTE 
For some reason models in .mdl (half-life) format do not load in freecs mod. I tried to open same folder with mod and cs 1.5 (probably the version of FTE was different) and everything was fine. But now I try to do the same using last version of FTE (5468).

Also, found that I can see all the models if I change renderer to directx 9 or to directx 11 (I use opengl by default).

How can I fix this issue? 
Coding Help Thread - Is It Being Watched? 
I've been posting questions to the Coding Help thread, with no luck so far in answers. I have, in fact, another question, but since this thread doesn´t seem to be answered anymore, I need to ask: you guys know of a place where I could ask questions about the Quake engine code with a chance, however small, of being answered? 
We have an engine and QuakeC coding thread on the Quake mapping Discord. 
We also have a mapping help thread on the Terrafusion discord:

I've linked ur posts there in case anyone can help. 
Oh Oh... 
... somebody’s spambot had just suffered a Y2K-like bug and revived posts from 10 years ago 😂 
I love it when bots bump old threads. It provides a nice glimpse into the past that I might have otherwise missed. Too bad all of the screenshots are dead and that a lot of the old members are gone. 
Sup fuckers anyone at E3 this year? I'll be roaming the halls tomorrow (only), hit me up here if you wanna hook up. I will check this exactly once tomorrow. Maybe.

Or give me a buzz 747 219 4849 instead.


Not Me 
But GG frib! 
Mr Fribbles! Best mapper ever! 
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