The original PC Gamer UK installer program, sent to me by BabelFish a while ago: oblivion.exe (44 MB)

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News for Oct 6, 2002 posted by metlslime
Well, it's been several years since the mission pack was released on a PC Gamer UK cover disc, with talk of a patch to follow in the comming months. Months turned into years, and the Lethargy team and the Oblivion pack were both living up to their names. However, due to recent developments, the PC Gamer UK version is finally available.

As there was no patch, the review over at TeamShambler is still accurate. Also, the bugs mentioned below are still present. Also, feel free to post comments at this Ten Four forums thread, where there seems to be renewed effort towards a new patch.

Known Problems
We've been getting a huge amount of feedback from you UK gamers who've played the demo on the PCGamer UK cover disc. Thank you very much for your wonderful comments and questions! Keep it coming! Here are some answers to questions that we've been receiving lately:

The "Harvester1" level keeps crashing with an "Index overflow" error!
This only happens in some cases, and unfortunately, it didn't happen to any of us before we sent the game off to PCGamer. However, we've discovered the cause of this problem and we'll be fixing it in the 'net release of Oblivion.

I can't load my saved games!
This is a very difficult problem to fix. It happened with the Xatrix mission pack as well, and we're still trying to figure out exactly what's going wrong. As soon as we can release a fix for this, we will.

I'm stuck on the level with the exploding crate!
Oops! This one's completely our fault. The crate, when it explodes, is supposed to blow a hole in the wall behind it, but apparently it doesn't quite do it. Shoot the wall a few times, and that ought to do the trick.

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