Rubicon 2 (2011, Quake single-player)

Rubicon 2 Rubicon 2
Rubicon 2 is a single-player experience for Quake featuring three large levels, two of which I designed (the other was contributed by a friend.) The setting is a heavily industrial sci-fi base, a more developed version of the style of the original Rubicon. I have also painted an entirely new texture set, designed and coded three new enemies, and created a handful of new environmental effects, sounds, and props. In 2022, id Software included Rubicon 2 as a free DLC in their Quake re-release. Read more about it in this interview.

Antediluvian (2005, Quake single-player)

Antediluvian Antediluvian
Antediluvian was designed to recapture the ancient, inhuman feeling of a monstrous sewer/ventilation system in Tim Willits' The Wind Tunnels (e3m5). This was a return to old-school Quake single-player gameplay as well, with a lot of big, surly monsters to soak up the bullets, good opportunities for exploration, and some satisfying secret rooms to discover.

Icepick (2001, Quake 2 deathmatch)

Icepick Icepick
Icepick is a heavy, sprawling deathmatch map, with many interconnected passageways and split-level rooms, suitable for a hectic free-for-all. Wherever you are, there is a good chance someone else can sneak up behind you, or even drop down from above. Icepick makes exclusive use of the texture sets I created for the Oblivion mission pack.

Derelict (2001, Quake 2 deathmatch)

Derelict Derelict
Derelict was one of my most refined deathmatch layouts from my Quake 2 days, featuring two large, open rooms threaded by an outer, spiraling route. Like Icepick, this level exclusive uses the texture sets I created for the Oblivion mission pack.

Concrete Dreams (2000, Quake 2 deathmatch)

Concrete Dreams Concrete Dreams
Concrete Dreams is a tightly-wound Moebius strip of half-flooded canyons and concrete facades. One of my design goals for this level was to create a distinctive feel for each location, so that even first-time players would be able to tell the different areas apart, which I accomplished by giving each section a unique architectural structure.

Quake 2 levels, 1998-2000

Space Debris Concourse Ruiner
Space Debris (left) was built to help develop the textures I was then painting for the Oblivion mission pack. Concourse (center) was a good opportunity to learn the unique level design requirements of capture-the-flag gameplay. Ruiner (right) was an experiment in rapidly prototyping gameplay spaces.

Quake levels, 1997-1998

Rubicon The Crawling Chaos
Rubicon (on the left) was quite popular with players at the time, probably in part due to my all-new texture set. The Crawling Chaos (on the right) was my very first Quake level, and my first lesson in the process of taking a level from ideas scribbled on paper to a final, playable product.