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Quake 100 Brush Competition, Version 4.0, Released
The fourth iteration of the 100 Brush Competition has been unleashed. Nineteen Quoth maps to whet your single player Quake appetite. Congratulations to WW on his glorious victory.

Download it here:

Composite screenshot:
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Final Results 
1st: Deflan'Ka by WW
2nd: Ioian Shorelines by Ionous
3rd: Immortal Reach by Spipper
4th: The Di[g]stortion by Digs
5th: Frostbitten by Ionous
6th: With Apologies to Insomniac by Spud
7th: The Vale of Dream by Redfield
8th: The Teleportation Complex by Newhouse
8th: Beyond and Within by Artistical
8th: Between Dimensions by JCR
11th: Locus Genus by Artistical
11th: Pyro's Barbecue by Newhouse
11th: The Forgotten Station by Artistical
14th: Cerebral Edema by Shotro
14th: The Engineering Department by JCR
16th: The Tutorial by Dumptruck
17th: N-Titties by Shamblernaut
18th: Unwarranted Phlebotomy by DelusionalBear
19th: Ela-V8 by Roman 
Wow Crazy 
Congratulations to everyone! I can't wait to play them. Right now I'm just reading the results and laughing my ass off. 
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