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Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series
My new tutorial series has begun. This is appropriate for total beginners or experienced mappers who want to give TB2 a try (or just a look.) Links and a cheat sheet are available in the description.

Watch here
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Well Done 
After watching a couple of your tutorial videos I got the urge to make a quake map again. Didn't have this feeling for many years.
Everything is set up and working. We will see what comes out of it.
Big thanks! 
Entities Part 2 
Any chance of adding a link to the .map of the map used for that tutorial? Possibly even in the video's description? 
@Ankh @oGkspAz 
@Ankh You're very welcome - this is why I am doing these tuts.

@oGkspAz When all 4 of the episodes are completed I will post that file. 3 reasons:

1. I know it's probably easier to have the map in front of you but I would prefer ppl to make their own stuff and get the muscle memory down. It's too easy to give upon something that is confusing and copy and paste. I want the viewer to figure it out for yourself.

2. There are some bad things in the map I don't want people to see and think that are okay to do. :)

3. I may add more elements to the map before the end of the series. 
Episode 13 
Is it true that Quake always uses axis-aligned bounding boxes for determining when a trigger is touched? I think I remember that being the case, and for some reason it came to mind when I was watching your examples (even tho your examples are on-axis).

If so, it might be worth mentioning at some point that if you have diagonal doors or weirdly rotated/shaped trigger brushes then they're not going to be activated exactly like you would expect. 
Looks like the answer to the question is "yep" because negke just mentioned that on the mapping help thread (#19534 there). And he highlighted another potential gotcha -- along with the behavior of rotated/angled stuff, you can also get surprised by the behavior of a trigger made out of multiple brushes.

This is a little inside-baseball but also very unintuitive and hard to debug if you don't know about it, so maybe it's worth covering at some point.

Regardless, keep up the good work. :-) 
@Johnny Law 
Weird coincidence huh? When I get to more advanced brushwork I'll make sure and include this caveat.

To be honest, I have nowhere near this level of knowledge for the hard tech stuff in Quake. I try and research things I am a bit hazy on, and other bits of info are sort of hard coded in my brain after years of messing around with id tech.

Thanks I'm gonna do my best with the limited knowledge I do have to share. :) 
It's probably worth asking questions in threads as you find things you don't have good "evidence" for - feeling like you know something isn't necessarily enough. A lot of the knowledge about how quake works is essentially passed down in "oral tradition" (huehuehuehuehe). Not enough of the nitty-gritty practical implementation tips and tricks have been written down in easily discoverable places.

Or you could try reading the entire mapping help thread. 
There are 19,534 posts in mapping help so I hope that was a joke.

I couldn't dothese tuts without Metlslime's Search tool. I absolutely use func and #terrafusion when I am looking for the right way to communicate something. e.g. I grilled Sock and ericw on a few tips a while back and I'm incorporating those nuggets in a future tut.

As I noted above, I research the stuff I know "nothing" about in advance and even go in editor and ensure I am doing things correctly before recording. I certainly misspeak at times as the tutorials are not scripted.

There are certainly much more talented and knowledgeable mappers but I'm doing my best to be accurate. 
Not A Joke 
Go read the mapping help thread! There's a test on Friday. 
Any Good Mapper Worth His Salt 
Has read the entire mapping help thread.

Ya ok no. Keep it up with these videos! 
The Final Exam Is The General Abuse Thread 
If You Make It Thru... 
... reading the entire mapping help thread, then pass the exam in General Abuse, your final step before ascension is the hazing found in func_beef.

After that, it's all GO MAP! 
Episode 14 
Entities Part 4 Teleporting monsters into your map. Player teleporters, trigger_relay, info_intermission, trigger_changelevel and a terrible mistake. 
Note that trigger_teleport is usually a brush entity (also by default in all def files). It can be used as a point entity like you show in the video, which is useful for monster teleports, because it doesn't use up a model slot. However, when doing so, it's important to set the "silent" spawnflag (2) on those trigger entities. Otherwise there'll be rogue teleporter ambience at the map's origin which may lead to confusion! 
Negke - Thanks For The Reminder 
I assumed they'd be used mainly in closets but yes you are right.

I learned this method from you BTW!

I'd love to send you my rough cuts for review. Interested? Keeping in mind that these are for beginners (for now) and need to stay under 15 minutes.

My workflow is to record first then use on-camera elements to clarify. Sometimes I re-record entirely. I could send you a low res version before I add on-camera elements. LMK. 
Okay, Sure. 
Though you seem to have it covered pretty well so far. 
Maybe this: I'll reach out on Discord when I am fuzzy on details. So for example I am going to do trains eventually and I may need help with those. I know how to do them but not all the limitations/possibilities. thx 
Dumptruck U Rok 
nuff said 
You did the hard part man. I'm having fun doing these. 
Bottom left corner of the bounding box. Can't retrigger. 
Whee Dm4j...nope! 
I was tempted to try a map for dm4jam due to the theme but I've never done a SP map. After part 4 of the trigger episodes I also found I needed to know substantially more about triggers and what can all be done.
Paying rapt attention to the episodes thanks. 
There will be a lot of other opportunities this year. Also keep in mind there are Speed Mapping events every so often that take place over a weekend. There's usually a theme and a very quick deadline (a weekend sometimes less). I've done one of those and no one expects greatness from your level - so it's a great way to snap yourself into action and force yourself to create something playable very quickly.

This one was use the Wizard theme. My map was way too big but you get the idea. 
Aw Dang 
My fav theme amd I missed it! Blue one looks nice. I hate how all the speedmap sessions seem to be tethered to Twitter. 
Every recent jam has been posted here first. 0_o Including SM179 Wizard. That was last year. 
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