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Mark V - Release 1.00

* Nehahra support -- better and deeper link
* Mirror support, "mirror_" textures. video
* Quaddicted install via console (i.e. "install travail")
* Full external texture support DP naming convention
* Enhanced dev tools texturepointer video inspector video
* IPv6 support, enhanced server capabilities
* Enhance co-operative play (excels at this!)
* Software renderer version (WinQuake)
* "Find" information command (ex. type "find sky")

Thanks to the beta testers! NightFright, fifth, spy, gunter, pulsar, johnny law, dwere, qmaster, mfx, icaro, kinn, adib, onetruepurple, railmccoy

And thanks to the other developers who actively provided advice or assistance: Spike (!), mh, ericw, metlslime and the sw guys: mankrip and qbism.

/Mac version is not current yet ...; Linux will happen sometime in 2017
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The Beta Testers +++ 
That was faster than I expected. I haven't even finished my beer.

This is an incredible community and it showed as I got very close to getting things release quality -- tons of beta testing help with great detail, made it so I could solve remaining issues quickly!

Ericw provided a key assist with something I was struggling with regarding the German keyboard.

I hope Gunter (co-op server operator) sticks around sees how great this place is! 
Nehraha Fog 
Thanks for putting the nehahra fog in! 
I read the thread for every issue ever reported.

Might as well do everything right, even if it meant somewhere in the world, a puppy must die.

Better engine coders than myself would have Quaked in fear.

Me? I just wanted it to work perfect so I could finally play it ;-) And when I got it right a couple of weeks ago, I played it for 3 hours. 
lol If you want Mark V to be able to play everything, you can try to support that old version of Industri. The Maps are nice even if the shadows can't be supported 
Great that you decided to resume working on this before next year after all! Just hoping that it isn't the end of the road yet. I am still dreaming of vanilla-style underwater warping! :P
Anyway, thanks a lot for your continued work on this port and your determination to turn it into the best way to play Quake for fans of its retro look (while still offering/allowing many nice visual enhancements)! 
The engine crashes for me somewhere half way through ne_ruins second level, shortly before or after obtaining the gold key (not in a specific area). I recall this issue existed in previous versions as well, since the mod demands a very specific amount of edicts or something.

Other than that, the engine seems to be really awesome, I especially appreciate the faithful software renderer with proper resolution upscaling. Thanks a lot for all the effort! 
In Malice, +attack doesn't move the probe. Quaskespasm has the same problem.

The probe is an inventory item, it can be found at the end of the first (tutorial) level.

It works in vanilla Winquake. 
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