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Tyrutils-ericw V0.15.1
Hey, I got around to setting up a website for my branch of tyrutils: (complete with lots of screenshots of different settings of AO, sunlight, etc!)
and making an "official" release of it.

Nothing major changed compared with the last snapshot (may 1st), but a couple new things:

* .lux file support from Spike, for deluxemapping
* gamma control with -gamma flag and "_gamma" key
* rename -dirty flag to -dirt for consistency
* fence texture tracing is now opt-in only with the "-fence" flag.
* light should run a bit faster

This doesn't have lit2. Not sure what to do with that, tbh.

If there's a demand for it, I was thinking I could make a tool that upscales all textures in a wad by 2x or 4x, and adds a "-2x"/"-4x" suffix to the names. You could then manually get the higher-res lightmap on certain faces by applying the upscaled texture, and lowering the texture scale to 0.5 or 0.25 in your editor.

The only real disadvantage of this hacky method over lit2 is more face subdivision by qbsp. This isn't great, but it shouldn't be an issue if the hack is used sparingly (and bsp2 can be used if needed for higher face/vert limits.)

Anyway, enjoy, I hope this is pretty bug-free.
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Bounce Lighting Alpha 
been fighting with this for a while now.. it's more or less in a finished state I think.

windows builds source

Command line flags:
-bounce enables 1 bounce (this is all that's supported)
-bouncedebug saves only the indirect lighting to the bsp/lit, for previewing
-bouncescale scales the brightness of bounce lighting, default 1. can try 2 or 0.5 for more/less indirect light.
-bouncecolorscale how much bounce lighting picks up color from the map textures, between 0 and 1. default 0 because this can lead to q2 style everything-is-gaudy. you can try 0.5 or 1.

Note, this is slow! light uses visdata now, I recommend only using -bounce on vised maps because that speeds it up a lot.

Other info: it works more or less like the existing "_surface" light system; point lights are generated on each face to bounce light back into the map. Currently there is no face subdivision for this, so the bounce light given off by really large faces will be coarse (all coming from just 1 point light). 
Sounds Interesting 
I'd like to see a screenshot showing the effect though. 

left is with bounce, right is w/o. 
Its One Light Source In This Particular Map Shot 
mind you. 

"Without" shot used "-lit -extra", 9seconds
"With" shot used "-lit -extra -bounce", 39 seconds

the 39 seconds is with 8 threads, and vised map though. Just -bounce without -extra is something like 16 seconds. 
Ericw, You Are Teh Boss. 
oh man I am SO hyped for this! 
Cool, Ericw 
Will Test Today 
I do kind of wish for a more tolerant set of compilers like rebbs. 
Ok, this seems to have fixed a couple of issues in my map so I will be using this :) 
cool.. glad it works.
FWIW mfx and I did a ton of back and forth testing/fixing on phong shading, it's pretty solid now (though one glitch just came up that I need to look into)

check the BJP tools thread, I linked a build of txqbsp that is patch to write the phong shading info. 
Thanks Eric, I am more inclined to use those simply due to my god awful brushwork. 
Looking at the current source, you've implemented support for properly lit water.

Thanks EricW, I'll try it out. 
It works flawlessly, way better than my implementation.

I've noticed -fence was removed, but that's not a big problem for me.

I'll try out making some smooth shaded lit liquids now. 
glad the lit water works :-)

-fence I removed because it was done in a hacky way. I understand the trace code better now so can re-add it if anyone wants it. 
Re-Add Please! :) 
And May I Say 
Those screenshots are gorgeous! 
New Version 0.15.5 Is Up

New features:

- light: added a better options summary with the -help flag
- light: added -bounce option, "_phong", "_project_texture" key
- light: use vis data to accelerate lighting
- light: "_minlight_exclude" key to exclude a texture from receiving minlight
- light: add "_sun2" "_sun2_color" "_sun2_mangle" which creates a second sun
(unrelated to "_sunlight2" which is the sky dome light)
- vis: support .prt files written by bjptools-xt
- qbsp: add -objexport flag


- vis: fix ambient sounds when using func_detail, broken in tyrutils-ericw-v0.15.3 
Issue, Or My Mistake? 
Hi, I hope I don't come across as an idiot for asking this, but what exactly am I doing wrong to get this result?

Ignore the missing textures, but how do I fix my strange lighting on the map? I'm not running with any command line options, just the map bsp.

Thanks for any help! 
it's hard to tell from that shot if it's a corrupt file, or something else.
Check for any stale .lit files and delete them.

Might be easiest to just post the .map+.bsp. 
Thanks for the suggestion about the .lit file, I found one and deleted it and now everything is working fine! :D 
I tried the latest compiler tyrutils-ericw-v0.15.5-win32, but it glitches off.

I'm just an old time user, winxp etc but version
tyrutils-ericw-v0.15.4-win32 goes great.

No bad word here for the harworking improvements,
more a shout from an old map compiler. 
LIT File Size Mismatch 
This is an easy check engine-side and mismatches like this will never happen. Just check if com_filesize is equal to (l->filelen * 3) + 8; if so the LIT file is good, if not it's invalid and you can display a developer warning. 
Thx For The Info 
I changed compilers, will look into it. What is your CPU btw? 
yes good point! engines should really detect + print warnings + refuse to load invalid lit's. 
I think I fixed the problem, mind checking if this build works for you on XP? 
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