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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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kinn, you mean csqc?

God knows. I haven't done any quake modding since 2005 so this may as well all be new to me :) 
Snow Video Using QS-Spiked-R2 
Yeah... the snow is well done. tehspiderman1 ! :)

Thanks for Spike's stuff :) 
Xmas Jam 
Better happen 
Is sv_protocol 999 supported now too? 
QS 0.92.0 added support for 999, not me. 
My bad, I thought 0.91 was latest. Manifestation page doesn't specify.

Now I can test the rest of my test map. 
Branches Page Should Be Updated 
Fog Distance Versus Density 
Is there any option for a fog starting distance?

Also is there any option for a max fog density? Currently density is only based on a distance from the player view origin and anything at vast 999 protocol distances is put at max density. I would like to be able to set the max density to something like 0.2, have a density of 0 for like 1024 units or so, then gradually transition fog in from 1024 out to 8192.

Yeesh Qmaster whats next!?! a defined multiple fitted density curve??? 
Mark V has a "fogex command" with start and end.

fogex <fade>
fogex <start> <end>
fogex <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <fade> <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <start> <end> <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <start> <end> <red> <green> <blue>

Sock want to play with such a thing, so that's why the feature is there.

Sock toyed with it once a few years back, and I think even Sock couldn't find a compelling use for it.

So you do have an outlet to at least satisfy your curiosity. 
You can't mix distance with density in fixed pipeline fog; it's either one or the other but not both.

If GL_FOG_MODE is GL_LINEAR the start and end parameters (only) are used. Otherwise the density parameter (only) is used.

If you just implement everything in shaders you can supply your own fog equation which does this, but then of course you're raising the minimum hardware requirements.

This is similar to some of the discussions that went on during RMQ work: maximizing hardware coverage and desired features are often contradictory requirements, and you often can't have both. 
Can't Run Spiked R2 
"Application Error"

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

regular Quakespasm works. What am I missing? 
People do not use Voodoo graphic cards anymore 
Found The Issue 
I have to use a 32-bit install of Quakespasm, not the 64-bit. 
Pretty irrelevant, but if you try to start 2 sessions of Quakespasm-spike.exe, you get a "Unable to bind to (already in use)

Too tired right now to satisfy my curiosity and see how/when the sockets are bounds for single player for a non-listen server.

/Total non-issue anyway, but unspiked Quakespasm doesn't do it. 
Super Important Feature 
Is there an way of enabling no filtering (i.e. crunchy pixels) on the particle textures? If not, can this be added? (Oh god please say yes) 
surely it obeys gl_texturemode, right? 
Amen To That Kinn, Pixelly Goodness! 
surely it obeys gl_texturemode, right?

it's probably a 1 line of code change to add that, so no biggie.

I have to use a 32-bit install of Quakespasm, not the 64-bit.
The only issues I've had with the 64-bit QS were conflicting dll's, IIRC you can't have 32 and 64 bit QS installed in the same directory. 
its all part of spike's evil plan to stop people from using nearest-filtering!...
that or I was just trying to get DP's effects to match, as well as fte's existing particle configs too. high-res stuff (unlike vailla quake) imho looks better with linear.
mix-n-match stuff stops it from being a 1-line change.
probably I'll add some 'nearesttexture' command for it in the particle configs.
side note: the classic particles don't respect gl_texturemode either.

and yeah, the build that I provided is a win32 build, so you'll need the 32bit dependancies.
I could provide both binaries, but for me its easier to focus on a single arch (yes, I'm that lazy).

I have fixes for sock's issues, but I got distracted by the huge deltas... and I now have to fix a load of code, and finish writing a load more. :s 
true, but you can make classic particles square using another cvar, which i think is good enough.

Good point on the high-res content, but then, I'm not sure which is the best way to mix low-res quake textures with high-res effect images, there is an inherent clash of styles there. But if someone wants to make a quakey-looking low-res raindrop, they should be able to make that nearest-filtered. 
Which cvar is that for making the standard particles square? 
r_particles 2 
Cannot Compile On Linux 
In file included from progs.h:27:0,
from quakedef.h:226,
from gl_refrag.c:24:
progdefs.h:25:23: fatal error: progdefs.q1: No such file or directory 
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