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Quakespasm Engine
This engine needs its own thread.

Feedback: I like the OS X version, but I have to start it from the terminal for it to work and can't just double-click it like a traditional OS X app. I'm sure you guys already know this, either way great engine.
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Take 2.

decals seem fixed (sorry for not spotting it earlier). I've also replaced the particle traceline code with my optimised version to mute spam.
I added an example 'weather' particle config too, for people to experiment with.

@preach, doesn't sound too unreasonable, frankly that flood-fill stuff is just annoying. personally I'd probably just fill it only if it was that specific colour...

@baker, ipv6 is easy really, mostly just a copy+paste with the address families switched over, some different structs+field names, and a slightly different 'broadcast' mechanism where its the receiver that decides if its willing to receive broadcasts rather than the sender. simple stuff really. Besides, I'm not all that great a coder, I just know quake well.
regarding protocols, if you want FTE's full protocols, just use FTE. FTE's 'PEXT2_REPLACEMENTDELTAS' extension (catchy name that) should prevent the need for huge unreliables as well as providing a whole load of extra entity state that probably noone cares about. The client parts shouldn't be too bad, but the server parts would spawn lots of bugs, so if did port that stuff over, it would be as a separate patch.
That combined with voip.
I wouldn't know where to stop with 'minimal' csqc...

if you want qw protocols in an nq engine done the lame way, read 
This is all super badass. A possible future feature that I've thought would be mega useful would be QuakeC functions to draw textures to the HUD.

Once you can control the drawing of the HUD from QC, this really opens up a ton of stuff for modders (custom inventory displays, map name it) 
Take 2 
All the Backup spam is gone, decals works fine for me, but they seem really bright (colour wise). DP always made decals really dark, not sure why but all the decals look like they are glowing full bright.

I get spam on the console about not caching particles, but I have loaded the "effectinfo.txt" file so all of the particles should be setup. I am sure DP was doing the particle cache when the effects file was loaded, unless the message means something else.

I have updaded my world.qc with the new engine detection conditions (FTE_SV_POINTPARTICLES and FTE_PART_NAMESPACE_EFFECTINFO) and everything seems to switch over perfectly.

For some reason "traileffectnum" is missing so I don't have custom particle trails on plasma projectiles. Is it possible to check for this being missing? So I can fall back to the QS particle trails system instead. I know there is "trailparticles" but that is useless for traveling projectiles because you have to keep drawing the trail start and end positions all the time in QC. 

I wish this feature was available 20 years ago. Setting half the bindings via configs in complex mods was so clumsy. 
QS-Spike Particles 
@Spike, I am getting some strange particle emitters under the world geo and I am not sure why.

The size of the decals seems wrong, DP vs QS-Spike blood decals feels like a paintball game.

The size of particles in general seems to be larger with DP vs QS-Spike being very different. I tweaked all the DP effects to be a certain size and now everything feels too large. 
My Gawd 
particle system that can be used by mappers to emit custom particles from surfaces based upon their texture names, like rain, snow, sparks, etc. I should give a proper example of this.

Spike this is incredible stuff man, thank you for your efforts! I would love to see an example :O 
QS-Spike Particle Scale 
@Spike, the engine scaling of particles seems to be affecting everything. Here is an example of the floor circle effect to show the difference of the scaling between DP and QS-Spike engines. 
@kinn, you mean csqc? :P
rmqe has some simple csqc support that could possibly be used for huds or menus, but I don't think anyone really tried it.
if you want ssqc, then fte has 'tei_showlmp2' which allows adding/removing various persistent stuff relative to various parts of the screen. even dp has an svc_showlmp feature that nehahra used, but its only relative to the top-left of the screen. either form is really annoying to use.

@dwere, fte has had that for a long time. :P
kinda needs various cvar settings too though.

@Bloughsburgh, there's a weather example in the r2 zip. put the cfg in the right dir, use some console command or add a worldspawn key, restart the map, check the results.

@sock, precaches:
dp implicitly uses the effectinfo file to define the effect numbers, with both the client and server parsing the files themselves. this means that the excrement hits the extraction device if they differ. It also sucks big-time if you have multiple different particlesets loaded at once, or in other words DP has no user choice.
I could have QS parse that file server-side and auto-generate precaches that way, but that would mean two things: 1) the protocol is unconditionally changed even if the mod doesn't use pointparticles (the built-in effect names would need to be pre-assigned). 2) there's a whole load of redundant precaches if the mod uses the "effectinfo." prefix thing.

particle scales: clearly I don't use DP enough, I'll need to look in to that.
dlight scales: I assume rockets give off different dlight sizes in both engines too, without any extra particle system. at least I assume that's what the floor circle effect screenshot was meant to be showing.
looks like 4-fold scaling with decals, maybe 2-fold with particles.

emitters: o.O near the origin, too, but also far too regular.

traileffectnum: this is mentioned in my readme as not supported, because its actually part of the entity state rather than a simple addition via a new svc. if I add the replacement-deltas protocol extension then I'd be sure to include this then, but I want to ensure everything else works before I screw everything else over (assuming I ever do).
until then, you can make a particles/trails.cfg (loaded the same way you're loading effectinfo) that contains "r_trail progs/foobar.mdl effectinfo.tr_foobar" lines.
ideally you'd use r_effect (and using count instead of countextra and its framerate-dependancies) for static entity emitters like torches or items, but I can understand you wanting closer dp compat. 
kinn, you mean csqc?

God knows. I haven't done any quake modding since 2005 so this may as well all be new to me :) 
Snow Video Using QS-Spiked-R2 
Yeah... the snow is well done. tehspiderman1 ! :)

Thanks for Spike's stuff :) 
Xmas Jam 
Better happen 
Is sv_protocol 999 supported now too? 
QS 0.92.0 added support for 999, not me. 
My bad, I thought 0.91 was latest. Manifestation page doesn't specify.

Now I can test the rest of my test map. 
Branches Page Should Be Updated 
Fog Distance Versus Density 
Is there any option for a fog starting distance?

Also is there any option for a max fog density? Currently density is only based on a distance from the player view origin and anything at vast 999 protocol distances is put at max density. I would like to be able to set the max density to something like 0.2, have a density of 0 for like 1024 units or so, then gradually transition fog in from 1024 out to 8192.

Yeesh Qmaster whats next!?! a defined multiple fitted density curve??? 
Mark V has a "fogex command" with start and end.

fogex <fade>
fogex <start> <end>
fogex <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <fade> <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <start> <end> <red> <green> <blue>
fogex <start> <end> <red> <green> <blue>

Sock want to play with such a thing, so that's why the feature is there.

Sock toyed with it once a few years back, and I think even Sock couldn't find a compelling use for it.

So you do have an outlet to at least satisfy your curiosity. 
You can't mix distance with density in fixed pipeline fog; it's either one or the other but not both.

If GL_FOG_MODE is GL_LINEAR the start and end parameters (only) are used. Otherwise the density parameter (only) is used.

If you just implement everything in shaders you can supply your own fog equation which does this, but then of course you're raising the minimum hardware requirements.

This is similar to some of the discussions that went on during RMQ work: maximizing hardware coverage and desired features are often contradictory requirements, and you often can't have both. 
Can't Run Spiked R2 
"Application Error"

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

regular Quakespasm works. What am I missing? 
People do not use Voodoo graphic cards anymore 
Found The Issue 
I have to use a 32-bit install of Quakespasm, not the 64-bit. 
Pretty irrelevant, but if you try to start 2 sessions of Quakespasm-spike.exe, you get a "Unable to bind to (already in use)

Too tired right now to satisfy my curiosity and see how/when the sockets are bounds for single player for a non-listen server.

/Total non-issue anyway, but unspiked Quakespasm doesn't do it. 
Super Important Feature 
Is there an way of enabling no filtering (i.e. crunchy pixels) on the particle textures? If not, can this be added? (Oh god please say yes) 
surely it obeys gl_texturemode, right? 
Amen To That Kinn, Pixelly Goodness! 
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