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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Does anyone know what's causing this weird shadow?

I'm getting some strange behaviour around the disturbed coffins I'm placing, another one i've placed allows the player to walk through the side of it, and this one seems to cause janky shadow behaviour. 
Yeah, both of those are probably technically compiler (qbsp/light) bugs.

The lighting one is caused when there is an obstruction close to a face (less than 2 units away), so the coffin is preventing the lighting from getting set up properly for the floor. I actually will have a fix for this in the next version of my light tool, but for now you can either lift the coffin off the floor by 2 units (might be visible), or turn it into a func_wall and set the keys "_shadow" "1" so it still casts shadows.

The bad collision is just, qbsp tends to mess up on rotated geometry. Try making that coffin a func_wall as well. 
That fixed both issues, thanks. 
Where I Can Download SpeedBaze Texturepack? 
Hello! I am newbie, and I currently got inspired by R.P.G.'s map "And All That Could Have Been".

I read from Quaddicted description, that it used Speedbase textures, and I want to play with those.

There is some aesthetics that I really like. 
appreciated much! 
Two Issues 
I've realised why I don't see stuff like the coffins I'm placing commonly in maps, it seems that once you rotate angled surfaces on 2 or more axis texture lock fails and it becomes night impossible to align textures correctly. I take it I just need to be more conservative with rotating complex geometry?

Secondly, I'm able to place models using AD's misc_model, but as I can't see the model in-editor precise placement becomes tricky, is there any way to enable a preview, or a flag that will bring the base of the model flush with the surface above/below it? 
Also, when rotating composite objects arbitrarily (objects made of more than one brush) your plane points will be off-grid, and you will probably have micro-cracks where the brushes meet due to float inaccuracy. That could cause issues in the bsp, as you found earlier. 
Yeah, the limited texture lock comes from the vanilla .MAP format; Quake itself/compiled .BSP's can handle full texture lock.

You can choose the Valve 220 map format when you start a new map in TrenchBroom 2, which has full texture lock, the only problem is I don't know an easy / reliable way to convert vanilla to 220 if you've already started the map in vanilla format. 
Yeah, not being able to convert really sucks. Someone should write a tool to do it, assuming it would be possible at all. I'm stuck on standard format because when I started the map 220 was broken-ish in tb2... 
Hm.. yeah I'm going to take a shot at adding it to qbsp. 
How would that work? QBSP outputting a new .map? 
Yeah, it should be a separate tool I guess, but for now I just added a "-convert valve220" flag to qbsp that makes it output a new .MAP and exit. It adds a suffix so it doesn't overwrite the input map file. Seems to be working so I'll post a beta soon! 
That's fantastic! I'm in the same boat as Pritchard, and have been hoping for a standard-->220 converter for about a year and a half now. 
See this is why people are still mapping for Quake after 20 years. Tools updated by people who give a shit! Amazing - I have had this affect me a few times as well so this would be a welcome addition. Thanks. 
Textures For My Castle? 
I started my first map going for a claustrophibic castle look, and used Ik-White textures because I loved mapjam2's aestetic the most. Now I have noticed that my architecture isn't interesting enough to compensate for the small number of ik- blue/white textures, as architecture was strong with ikka's maps. To replace the white textures I want to go with some nice brick walls. I would consider going with default Quake, just write the texture name. 
@brassbite, Few Suggestions 
quake.wad, try some grey city textures? Search "city". In ad_start, search "stone". knave.wad has also some really good choices. 
Consider Trying

This new update fixes a bug where < 1 unit gaps could cause bugs in light generation. It looks like what's happening there.
The other option is to look at your brushes and figure out what's weird about them. It's usually not a good idea to have such tiny gaps anyway... 
Wait What 
I need to remember to refresh both my memory and my browser... That post was written as a reply to #18379 which is quite an old post now... 
Please Compile... 
So with the help of the compiling log and the point file I could avoid getting a pts after compiling. I need help fixing three last errors. Warning 19: No entitys in empty space no filling performed (hull 1&2).
Warning 16 Texture TB_empty not found. How do I find those damn entitys flying in outer space? How do I find the face which I didn't texture, that got the standard Trenchbroom texture? 
Warning 19: No entitys in empty space no filling performed (hull 1&2).
This can happen if you have almost no entities in the map, and all of them are near walls.
When qbsp builds hull1/2, it expands all of the burshes, and if they happen to cover up all of the entities when expanded you can get this error. 
Well that's probably the issue 19 solved because I just wanted to have a sneakpeak of the level ingame and I just started working on it. How many units should I elavate my info_player1_start? I guess 10 should do. I still have to find the untextured face(es). 
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