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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Hcmnstertest (wtih Info_player_start) 
Alternatively, you could try this.

Quaketastic download: 
But Still... 
...You get the "no info_player_start" nonetheless until it's fixed. 
I'm guilty of commenting too many times in any single thread within the span of 1 hour, but thankfully hcmnstertestips is fixed. 
Is there any way to deal with the double line of mortar that occurs if you use brick textures on large walls due to the edges of each 64*64 texture meeting? The only thing that comes to mind is clipping one row of pixels from the texture but I was hoping there was an option in-editor for this at seems like it would be a common problem 
Absolutely not. Quake's wad texture art cannot be procedurally modified like that, either in editor, at compile, or in-game. You'll simply have to make a new texture that just has a 1 pixel mortar line. 
I'm Intrigued Though... 
What's the problem it's causing? 
most decent brick textures should tile properly without a double-thick mortar line. 
I assumed you are talking about quake's stock textures. If you're just using a poorly tiled custom texture then I can see how that would be pants. 
It's just an eyesore having double lines of mortar at regular intervals on brick walls, but it's a minor issue so i'll finish the map before looking into it.

Moving on, how can I include custom models in my map, I was able to modify the .fgd file for Trenchbroom and place the models but Quakespasm complains that there's no spawn function for the entities. 
Is it a custom texture? Sorry to be a pain, but any chance you could post a screenshot? 
To get custom .mdl files (things like trees, etc.) in to a map, one way is to run the map under a mod like AD or Quoth. Both of these have entities (AD's misc_model and Quoth's mapobject_custom) for this. 
So would that simply entail using the .fgd or .def file included with AD and then running the map under AD? 
*using the .fgd or .def file included with AD with trenchbroom. 
Ah, right - wbrick1_2 from rogue.

I've made a fixed version for you which you can download as a .wad here: 
Kim Sorry, Use This One Instead... 
Yep, pretty much just load the AD fgd in trenchbroom, use the misc_model entity in your map, and install the .bsp in quake/ad/maps/, and load the map under AD in the engine.

You'll need to put the .mdl somewhere, and then put the path into the correct field of the misc_model entity. Normally, mdl files go in "quake/mod_name/progs" but you could also put it in "quake/ad/maps/your_map_name_XXX.mdl" which might be more tidy when it comes to distributing the map. 
Thanks, having the fixed texture from the start should save me having to manually replace textures later.
Great, that simplifies things a lot. 
Building Arch Door Frames 

I'm a new mapper. I'm using Trenchbroom2 and I often have a problem with building frames that fits around the arch-shaped doors of Quake. I can't easily get all sides of the frame being the same thickness.

Ideally, I would like to extrude the frame from the arch-shaped door's outside faces. When I extrude, I would expect the shape to snap to a grid aligned to the surface normal that I extrude from. However, when I do that, my extruded brush aligns to the axis-aligned grid, so when I do the slanted parts of the frame, they don't have the same thickness. This makes it impossible to have a door frame with a uniform width.

The other way I found to do a uniform arch frame is to rotate brushes around the door. This way, the thickness is guaranteed to be the same but it's very restrictive on the angles chosen, error-prone and complicated.

Do you guys have any tips to help me on building arches or similar structures? 
You can rotate in smaller increments in TB by entering a value in the menu bar and using that. The Gizmo sadly always rotates by the same interval :(

I think I would have to see pictures to understand what you're trying to do when you're extruding. 

Here a small tutorial i did for arches in TrenchBroom a little while back. 
This is an example of what I want to do (see the metal frame) :

This one I did by rotating a piece around a brush with the door texture, cutting the door to fit with the frame. It doesn't give me the granularity I would like.

Ideally, I would like to be able to cut the door however I like and then extrude the frame from each outer faces of the door's brush. But that doesn't give me a frame with a uniform width (because of the snapping). 
And thanks mukor for the arches tutorial! It doesn't solve my problem but it seems like a way that generates cleaner geometry than how I was doing it in the past. I will use this way in the future 
Apparently I forgot to use my name on the previous replies... sorry about that! 
Does anyone know what's causing this weird shadow?

I'm getting some strange behaviour around the disturbed coffins I'm placing, another one i've placed allows the player to walk through the side of it, and this one seems to cause janky shadow behaviour. 
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