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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Re: Sock 
I don't think anyone expects the gameplay to be ground breaking, just good, which it isn't. It copies Gears of War (which imho had boring shooter mechanics at best) and slaps an RPG-lite leveling system onto it. Now, that's all fine and dandy, but they could've done a better job balancing gameplay or making the combat a little less repetitive. It doesn't have to be revolutionary - say what you will about Rage, but it was very polished and felt great, but wasn't revolutionary by any means. There's really no reason the same couldn't have been done with Mass Effect.

I would say, for the book analogy, that it's more like here's a book, and there's this chapter of the book that's included with the book you bought, but only if you pay extra for that chapter. If I bought the book, shouldn't I get all the chapters already? 
"I mean 'honest' as in the reviewer was being honest when he wrote the review.

As opposed to writing a good review because that is what he was paid to do. You know, so that the game sells, all of those people who we're thinking of buying the game read a 'good' review of the game, then they go and buy a copy.

I can't comment on the true validity of the review because I have never played Mass Effect 3, and I probably never will."

But ... you have no way of knowing who is being honest and who isn't. Your logic isn't sound on this one.

What leads you to believe that Ron is writing from the heart and, say, IGN is only writing good things because they're being paid to?

Liking Ron's review because it says what you want it to say is fine - but you need to admit it. :) 

Has the potential to be fucking epic imo. Arkane Studios (dark messiah might and magic) + Viktor Antonov (hl2 art director) + Harvey Smith (deus ex designer) + Sandbox assassination game set in a steampunk city = wet pants. 
Why would Ron come on a Quake forum, and Troll ME3, if he did in fact like ME3? That doesn't make sense either. Are you trying to tell me that it would make more sense for Ron to come on a forum and lie about his own opinions? Why would he do that?

I base my assumptions on the following things:

1 - There was a lot of good hype on the mainstream websites about Mass Effect so I went out and bought a copy, only to discover that the game was an excruciatingly tedious and boring game full of characters that we're either ridiculous, un-likeable or both. Having been playing Crysis before hand I was also disappointed by the poor visuals and level design of Mass Effect. I remember in the game there is a part near the beginning where you land an a planet only to discover that the planet looks dull, and you can't travel around it because the whole mission is heavily scripted and completely on a rail. I also noticed that the combat was poor, I was basically encouraged to squat behind walls and crates all of the time. Which is dull.

I also remember in another part of the game, there was a VERY tall elevator shaft, with an elevator inside it. You cannot see out of the elevator once you are inside it. But to use the elevator you have no choice but to watch the entire journey from the corner of the elevator. Well there's three minutes of my life I will never get back.

2 - Ron is claiming that he found similar issues to be present in ME3. The review for ME3 is also good on the mainstream websites.

I don't like watching the TV. I don't like Star Trek. ME is a bit like Star Trek. And playing ME1 for me was on par with watching Star Trek. Which I find to be dull and boring.

IGN, Fox and the teams of directors employed at the studio where Mass Effect and it's sequels we're born are examples of evil capitalist scum, which will kill art and video games in order to make sure that they make the fastest buck.

Ron is some guy who I don't know who posted his opinions on a forum.

I know who I would trust. Neither of them. I would trust my own intuition. The same intuition that made me decide to stop playing GoW2 in the large underground tunnels section because I found it to be dull and boring, and the characters made me feel as though I was insulting my own intelligence by continuing.
And that was one of the last times I played a game on my XBox 360. Though I diverge, for that is another heart warming tale, which I will conserve for another post, some other time. 
"IGN, Fox and the teams of directors employed at the studio where Mass Effect and it's sequels we're born are examples of evil capitalist scum, which will kill art and video games in order to make sure that they make the fastest buck."

OK, whatever you say. Discussion isn't possible with this sort of hate in the way. Thanks for the reply! 
Just flicked through that with sound off but from your description and faith in it, I agree. Could be very cool. GFX are a bit Bioshock in graphical quality as well as style, but definitely has potential. 
You're Welcome. 
I know that such strong words are a lot to handle, even for you. How a discussion can continue with all of the curse-words I keep using, god only knows.

Anyway, that's my honest opinion, I can honestly say that I honestly think that IGN are a bunch of dis-honest fuckers who are sat around with their dicks in their hands, feeling all 'important' when actually they are just slaves to a big money making system. I went through a phase of trusting IGN and was disappointed by them many times.

I read their review of the new Star Wars MMO, and in the first couple of paragraphs the reviewer explained how the training element of the game was rubbish, and that the 'battles in space' parts of the game we're also rubbish. Yet the game score was still displayed - 9.5 out of 10.

Then there was all of the hype with Far Cry 2. But that was a very boring and repetitive game to.

Eventually I start to read the website and just think - 'Yeah - you guys are either stupid, or you are taking bribes for some of these scores'.

Fox - OK, well there's a company which totally ruined the Aliens franchise. Nice work Fox, way to go - why not take all of the cool stuff out of Alien movies, and replace it with cheap from-a-can nonsense, slap a PG13 rating on it so that you get the best box-office windfall. Cause that all the fans care about, surely. 
I get it, Ricky, thanks. Like I said, there's no real discussion to be had if you've already decided that professional reviewers are evil scum bags out for the almighty dollar. I get that. And that's fine, that's your opinion - but it leaves no room for discussion so we're done with this, yes? 
And this goes without saying but your tastes are running fairly orthogonal to most other gamers I know. Even shooter fans. Mass Effect and Far Cry are well loved in every other circle I run in. So there's that... 
Far Cry 1 Was Good :) 
But yeah - ME series being good - so the official line is that "That's the word on the street". All the hip folks back home really love the ME series. Yeah. Well it's not for me. And I tried to like Far Cry 2, I really did. But it was so repetitive, and the fast travel system was still tedious. By the end I just didn't have the energy for it.

I'm just a random gamer discussing my opinions of the mainstream gaming media. And a mainstream game. And yes, I have a narrow opinion, who doesn't. I know what I like, and I like what I know.

You don't seem to be able to handle my harsh criticisms of said mainstream gaming entities, is that because you have a vested interest in them? 
Me? I don't care what you say about media outlets or whatever. Rant away. My issue was with your calling one review honest and others not, without having any knowledge of their motivations OR even having played the game yourself.

That's all. 
Dishonored looks great. Steampunk = awesome. Long as I can just shoot shit up instead of listening through keyholes to random conversations. Lots of whores in it as well, which is always a plus. I'm glad Arkane are doing it, it's about time they did something new - it's been 6 years since their last game Dark Messiah. 
are the rpg elements in ME3 further simplified from ME2? that was one of my major problems with ME2. :( 
actually, i should probably say stats/class stuff as opposed to RPG.
i like setting up characters and builds. :) 
Ricky, Don't Let Willem Troll You :-) 
Willem, we have < q > </ q > tags, would be awesome if you could use them. Searching for the closing " when skimming over posts sucks. 
If this board used standard tags, I might care. As it is, if I can't remember what to use I don't. :) 
would <span class="quote"></span> be standard enough for you? 
If that's what you believe the standard for message boards is ... sure. 
I Guess Willem Is Referring To 
BBCode some sort of standard. 
some sort of standard 
Note, I am not using the nerd sense of the word "standard". I'm using it more in the "what most people are used to" sense.

But yes, mirroring BBCode would make the codes more likely to get used.

Also, adding buttons to insert them would help as well.

But this really has nothing to do with PC Games, so... 
Lazy Bum. 
Mass Effect 
I'm not surprised Mass Effect's combat is getting a bad rap on a Quake board - it's doing things that are quite the opposite to what a hardcore Quake player would find interesting (I'm generalising, but I've heard so many people on this board share the same views about cover-based combat, that I think it's a fair generalisation).

Personally I really liked (nearly loved) Mass Effect 1, as I got an very atmospheric and engrossing space opera. I enjoyed the combat, but I enjoy a very wide range of combat mechanics, so I'm quite easily pleased. Haven't played 2 or 3 yet. 
I Dunno 
I like cover mechanics when they're done well... 
The Mass Is Effective? 
is not an rpg at all. i think of it as an action game with lots of dialogue. but the mechanics are a lot like, say the batman games. you get xp, buy points for that skill you like and move on.

dragon age on the other hand, thats an rpg. the first on i mean, haven't played the second one. and while it is linear like mass effect, i really think it was done in a much, much better way.

but i love the mass effect games. i love the atmosphere and the looks of it, funky sci-fi stuff and even cyberpunk sometimes. but i agree, the games are linear and the combat is very simple, cover based stuff. i wish there was more exploration, but strangely i don't mind the linearity of it.

even choices are not really an issue because its something that just happens. i wish it was more like, say the witcher, which i think its the only game that does choices really well.

haven't played the third yet. will wait for a price drop. not enough $$ to buy new games these days.

somehow i feel this post is useless, but i'm posting it anyway. :) 
I was just having a poop when I realised that naming argument about Rage was full of shit. Remember those movies with the Empire and the Rebellion? 
It Absolutely Matters. 
I'm not sure about the Rage argument (I haven't seen it in context), but in general names are super important and will always influence your perception of things. (The degree to which it does, and your awareness of it, will differ between people and scenarios, but it will always colour your perception and there is nothing you can do about it).

If it doesn't matter, why not just name everything in a generic and functional fashion? Who cares, right? Might as well call your items weapon1, weapon2, weapon3, etc. How about your skills? You've unlocked ability 1! Wow. Can't wait till I get ability 4! You were slain by melee1. Oh no. You picked up 5 units of ammo for weapon 6. Yeah!

Gonna go rock the house in coop with RemoteClient4! FUCK YEAH! 
Christ I'm Bored. 
'You picked up four 5.56m Jacketed Hollow Point rounds for your M24A SOCOM X-4F Elite ranger 4.4344443434 27n gunwank carbine.'

No the names do matter, but they aren't the big deal being made of them. If the Authority had been introduced properly, had some proper backstory and a build up of threat it would have been a sore point but easily forgotten. The fact they weren't means that the name now stands out, because it's the ONLY thing we know about them.

Half-Life 2 and the Combine had a mystery about it that was interesting, and you encountered a lot of their activities, so the boring name didn't mean anything because it was drowned out by the other stuff.

Given the same company gave us the 'Strogg', I'm not sure I care about basic names in games. At least it allows us to avoid having to read about the shimbogs and their leader flobblewobble's involvement in the yuktuk wars of timblemin-minor against the savage tribe rrr-thuk-rgggrg. Because that's the shit we'd end up with. 
The Combine is actually a good name. A combine, used in farming, is a great metaphor for what they did to Earth. Someone put some thought into that and it works.

Also, there's the aliens and humans working together in combination angle. 
Mercenaries 2 
Quick Mercenaries 2 review. Bit of a shit game, 5/10. I was expecting a short, cool, fps. Got an open world, third person RPG/shooter reminiscent of Saints Row 2, only worse. 
some old propaganda and propaganda posters referred to nazi forces as a giant combine tearing up the earth, if I recall correctly. Art depicted a giant combine with a swastika instead of the rotating blades churning up the countryside. 
System Shock 
Thanks to Spirit, the DICK, I'm kind of replaying it again (the "portable" version). So great. People usually credit SS2, but the first one has more atmosphere imo. Maybe because of the low res textures and sprites. Quite nonlinear and explorative gameplay, even secret doors and areas. And with the pistols you can even rapid-fire like in HL if your trigger/mousefinger allows it. Just cleared the medical deck - didn't remember there were so many reinforcement mutants.

The standard controls take some getting used to, but it can (and should) be set to play like Doom. Spirit: I found out that E enables mouselook. It's a good idea to check out the reference card, although some standard key are remapped in the WASD config. 
Ss1 Is Fucking Awesome 
Even in this day and age. 
that's what you get for not liking deus ex.

Dumb/linear/flat Level Design 
crosspostin' from rub2 thread.

Than said: By the way, this is perhaps warrant for discussion in itself, but are there any modern games that have this kind of level design (or design similar to typical Quake maps)? I can't think of a single game, but I haven't played that many recently; SS3, Duke, Bulletstorm and Rage are about the only shooters I played recently, and none of them had particularly interesting level layouts or vertical maps. Level design seems really dumbed down these days, or has very different objectives at least.

It's a shame but I think the sad truth of the matter is that the majority of the games-buying public nowadays have the attention spans of gnats (can't really say that in a way that doesn't sound snobbish - I appreciate there are a lot of nice people who play games who simply have limited time and just want some quick, easy, turn-your-brain-off action), and the more opportunities you give the player to be off the beaten track, the more likely it is they get lost, confused or whatever - even if only briefly - but it makes them respond less favourably to the game.

Back in the "good old days", gamers I think were a hell of a lot geekier and more patient and more interested in exploring sadistic maze-like levels. These gamers are still around of course; they're us! But sadly us wrinkly grey old farts now make up only a small fraction of the market base, and it's no longer financially viable to make games for us any more.

(normal Kinn disclaimers apply; the above is likely to contain random splatterings of bullshit/hyperbole which you may ignore as appropriate/to taste). 
Rose Tinted Glasses 
Got to disagree, a lot of old games were badly designed and there were not that many to choose from. So we all endured the repetitive nature of 'old' game design. Fighting awkward control scheme's, obtuse UI layouts and getting lost because the designers believed in mind reading are not reasons to celebrate, but simply rose tinted glasses of a time when we were young and did not know otherwise.

Not all new games are shallow in depth or detail and there are plenty to find but everyone man and his dog is making games nowadays and finding stuff is a lot harder. Games nowadays are easier to pick up and play and cater towards certain groups of people better. I am sure there will be some weird backlash to current game design eventually and we will go retro again! :) 
My Comment 
was more about why I think games such as shooters have gone largely from non-linear to linear, rather than from badly-designed to well-designed.

I fully agree that a lot of old games had terrible level design, and even I avoided them. I couldn't stomach more than I think 2 levels of Hexen II, for example. 
Hexen 2 
Was terrible. Simply awful level design imho. 
Posted This On #tf Last Night 
That Pic Is Great 
it's funny - i hate getting lost, but I love non-linear level design. My favourite levels in any sort of game are the ones where you have multiple objectives/routes from the start, and you can visit them in any order. Even if the choice of which one to tackle first is not a meaningful choice, I still love the feeling of freedom it gives. I suppose I am exactly the sort of audience for games that give you a map - go wherever the hell you want, but here's a map so you never get lost. 
Non-linear = Money++ 
Having multiple paths cost development / testing time which ultimately cost money. I remember working on a certain game and we wanted several paths through a level, it would have been so cool. We were told no because it would have meant extra time for QA to test it, extra time for Art to create additional assets and coders were not happy because it meant a larger file size (DVDs are not endless space apparently!)

Even after all those arguments we were told no from the publisher! Choice is an awesome concept but it costs time and not every developer / publisher can afford it.

I am sure if you speak to any developer about extra routes, choice, non-linear play and most will agree it is awesome but nowadays games are too complex to create / make even without the extra stuff. That is not to say all games are linear, some still exist but they are rare. 
...Which leads me to a question.

What do people think about the objective arrow system used in games like Oblivion and Skyrim - where you have little direction indicators at the top of the screen telling you where to head, letting the designer just plonk you in any environment and know you won't get lost.

The reason I ask is this: would I be chased into the night with pitchforks and shovels if I was to make a Quake level that was basically "press X buttons in the level lol", but was really non-linear/free-roaming and it used some sort of objective arrow system? (i don't know yet what this would be, whether it's something floating in front of player to appear as if it's on his HUD (yuk), or something a bit more subtle - maybe some sort of texture with arrows on that you find on walls or floors in junctions, but the arrow(s) can change to point in different directions depending on your objective(s)). Is this an awful idea? 
maybe some sort of texture with arrows on that you find on walls or floors in junctions, but the arrow(s) can change to point in different directions depending on your objective(s))

I think the dm456sp by negke did exactly that, and it was okay (aka not overly coercive (then again how the fuck is an arrow not ever coercive?)). 
i think the issue here is that you only want arrows when the player gets lost, and the player's realisation that he's lost generally comes when he gets to a junction and thinks "which bloody corridor do I go down to get back to the sodding GK door?" If I identified some important junctions and placed dynamic arrows there, I guess it could work. 
dynamic arrows

What if the arrows were written on wheels, and you could actually see some of them hiprotate when you press a button?? 
kinn: just try it and see how it goes.
i'd argue it might be better if you could work these "arrows" into the map itself... so like a visible building with something like lightning or flames or something to communicate that that place is important somehow. 
Are We There Yet!?! 
For some reason I did not care about the pacman dot trail in Fable 2 or the markers on the map / compass in Skyrim. I just wanted to get to the location and do what I was suppose to do, fight, find loot and have fun.

If you want to be clever then build your anti-getting-lost system with good art. Like have runes that change to obvious directions after a timer when the player is in an area. I am always disappointed with Quake levels that have arrows pointing somewhere because the design is saying go a different direction.

This is a classic thing to do in SP design btw, player enters area, timer starts, then hints start to appear in the environment or HUD. I would suggest decals and cool shader effects then I remembered it was Q1, but you could be clever with movers or sound. 
You could also use lights. As the level progresses, you could turn off some fill lights in specific corridors where you don't want the payer to go anymore. Nothing major, but we naturally gravitate towards areas with more light in them so it might be subtle enough to work... 
@Kinn, I know I probably made you run to the hills with my crazy email about textures but have you decided what art style you are going with? It will ultimately help with your method of trying to give the player directions. 
This is a classic thing to do in SP design btw, player enters area, timer starts, then hints start to appear in the environment or HUD. I would suggest decals and cool shader effects then I remembered it was Q1, but you could be clever with movers or sound.

that's interesting... a progressive hint system. 
I'd put in an arrow or some kind of primitive radar for the UI, as being obvious is a lesser evil to the player getting totally lost. You can still make the directions fairly vague, but just make sure the player has some idea of their progress (ie how many things they have left to collect/activate etc) and general hints on where to go.

I really think Serious Sam 3 has some great levels in it, surprisingly intricate with cool fights, but it really needed Painkiller's arrow to tell you where to go because arenas could be so big with lots of buildings and after fighting for ten minutes you lost track of where you entered and where you were supposed to go.

Also generally as graphics get more detailed I find games are getting less and less effective at pointing out where to go through architectural or lighting cues (though this could also just be that they've stopped trying and just put a UI marker in. I reckon L4D did very well in giving general hints as to where to go through lighting, but not making it too obvious so progress wasn't instant and in fire-fights you could still loose your sense of location.

Rage had some cool levels and some dull ones. The level in the abandoned brewery where you climbed all around the vats and fought mutants climbing up the walls was fun I though :E 
I always think it's a bad sign when you're looking for the way to proceed, find a corridor or jump or something, and find out it's actually a secret :p 
Cheers Guys 
What if the arrows were written on wheels, and you could actually see some of them hiprotate when you press a button??

very cool idea :} I really like this actually.

i'd argue it might be better if you could work these "arrows" into the map itself... so like a visible building with something like lightning or flames or something to communicate that that place is important somehow.

Interesting but the first part of one of my maps has 3 objectives active at once (do in any order) and they are all in indoor locations...

If you want to be clever then build your anti-getting-lost system with good art.

one requirement is that it might need to support multiple objectives e.g. (if you go this way or this way, there's stuff, but not this way). Hmmm...multiple "arrows" pointing down different corridors...

You could also use lights Probably not feasible as all light comes from gothy flames - still could do a "flames go out" setpiece for something though - tbh i can't remember a gothy map that's done that...

@Kinn, I know I probably made you run to the hills with my crazy email about textures but have you decided what art style you are going with?

I haven't recieved any emails...bdwooding - at - ?

As for the art style, the whole episode is old and damp and earthy in the good old medieval gothic style. Here's an example of a typical area (please ignore any wip suckiness and lack of texture variation): 
More Dishonoured 
Non-linear Design Versus Linear But Interwoven 3d Architecture 
In my original post I was more bemoaning the lack of really 3d spaces and reuse of area by having routes that loop back multiple times through the same area - something common in Quake maps, but less so in more modern games. Perhaps the best example of underusing the structure of a level I can think of is Bullet Storm. That game had so many epic areas and so much time was obviously spent on the environment art, but the gameplay was little more than walk into room, kill a bunch of shit and proceed to the next room. In addition, the gameplay was very flat - it was a fun game, however.

When you look at Quake levels (even the stock id levels) they are full of verticality and passing again through the same areas from multiple angles. This doesn't seem to be terribly common in more recent games, but there are sometimes levels where you are forced into a small environment (a house, boat etc.) for a prolonged period and thus the environment is better exploited.

Given how much time and resources are spent on decorating areas, it doesn't seem like a great use of those resources to just make one long environment, but better to actually design the level in a way that takes progression back through existing areas in a way that makes sense.

There are a few reasons I can think for avoiding intricately interwoven levels:
*vertical areas are more difficult for console players to handle due to the often reduced field of view and slow speed of rotating the view on a controller.
*it might not make sense in the game's story, whereas a Quake level has no real story and designers tend to just do stuff because it's cool or fun.
*many modern games have a real world setting, which somewhat limits the scope for complex level layouts as designers want to keep their levels feeling realistic and functional.

Anyway, more examples of modern games with interesting level design would be nice. 
I certainly wouldn't hate you for employing a "find X buttons to open exit" style of design! I remember being impressed a long time ago by a speedmap Lunaran made that has exactly that kind of gameplay. I think it was basically a DM map with lots of grunts and some buttons, but it played well (and looked quite nice considering how quickly it was made.)

My current map is a similar kind of design, but actually the progression is fairly linear at the moment. You have to find 5 sacred tomes and read them and the order is not important, but actually, the design of the level kind of forces the player into a linear route :/ Maybe I should try and free it up a little. 
The hard rain campaign in L4D2 is one of the more interesting level designs I've seen in a recent game (although it's not too fresh now and I can't play new releases on this machine). The map is a there and back fetching mission, but two things combine to make it interesting.

Firstly the level floods between going out and coming back, so returning by the original path becomes a slow trudge through water. At the same time different combinations of one-way drops make it so that the shortest route back is quite different to the shortest path forward.* It's all really clever and I recommend you grab a chance to have a look at it.

*The one way drops are also an interesting feature for the versus gameplay, as separating members of the survivor team is often the best way to deal damage on them. The one-way drops give you a chokepoint for your attacks, but they aren't irreversible - which is good for balance. If your teammate is caught in front of a one-way drop you've taken, you can go back and save them by taking the intended route for the other direction's journey. Still, the loop takes time so there's usually a good amount of damage as reward for the play. 
was wondering the very same thing.

Guess I might check out the latest Wolfenstein and perhaps that other Raven game with the time travel. Are they worth playing? 
I am an idiot

Spirit linked an old post in another thread, I was multitasking and forgot that it was an old post and then replied to it :)

Yes, L4D2 has some cool level design. Hard Rain is very memorable indeed. 
Perhaps the best example of underusing the structure of a level I can think of is Bullet Storm. That game had so many epic areas and so much time was obviously spent on the environment art, but the gameplay was little more than walk into room, kill a bunch of shit and proceed to the next room. In addition, the gameplay was very flat - it was a fun game, however.

Not played bullstorm but iirc Painkiller was exactly like this (epic impressive environment art dressing up essentially a series of huge box rooms), from the same developer incidently.

The interesting thing with Painkiller is that the developers were clearly Quake fans, with the general feel of the movement, secrets, trick jumping and all that Quakey stuff, yet they decided not to use any of the level design principles that worked so well in Quake. In many ways the game felt to me as if the levels had been built from scratch by artists with absolutely no communication from the designers as to what gameplay was going to take place in them.

There are a few reasons I can think for avoiding intricately interwoven levels

One argument that was presented to me by an artist was that if you have a big open area, the most environmental detail can be focused around the playable space, and built with a certain direction of movement in mind, and the background stuff can be largely optimised as the player won't get close to it. If you take the same large area but you make the playable space occupy a greater % of the overall space (e.g. you allow the room to be traversed in different ways at different times), then the average density of detail required goes right up. Personally I think that decent design can make that a fairly weak argument but it is food for thought.

I remember working on an action platformer a few years back where the lead artist was trying to convince us to use a God of War-style fixed camera so that all they had to worry about was essentially two back walls and a floor :)

We went with a proper "look anywhere" 3rd person camera thankfully. 
Than 2 
I certainly wouldn't hate you for employing a "find X buttons to open exit" style of design!

Cheers! At least I know one person will play it then :}

Maybe I should try and free it up a little.

I think it can make for a more rewarding experience both for the player and the mapper - It's funny, making a level that's very non-linear gives me a wierd sense of nerdy glee, as if I'm crafting a real functional place, rather than piecing together a predictable script. One worry though is that the encounter design could suffer, as I need to accomodate the fact that the player infil points and order in which he encounters monsters is going to be pretty damn unpredictable for the most part... 
Fuck yes/ fuck you - looks totally awesome and perfectly detailed/scaled. 

Tbh, I didn't intend to pimp this early (as you can tell from the unaligned textures and stuff) :} 
yeah, what were you thinking?!

very atmospheric. looking forward to this :) 
The new Deus Ex had some good level design, always fairly open with lots of vertical action and choices, obviously a deus ex with linear levels wouldn't really be deus ex though.
Also Bioshock (1&2) both had fairly non-linear levels that felt comparable to some quake levels.

I get bored of over-linear FPS and rarely finish or even play them nowadays... 
Do players actually notice if light does not have a realistic source? I don't (unless it is a really bright spotlight and the game/map's narrative is realistic.

Kinn: that looks amazing. did I tell you that you and czg should team up? because you and czg should team up. I tell you! 
I agree modern games would benefit from more (vertical) interconnectivity. It probably depends on the type of game (or its goal), though, e.g. not applicable to or desired in those countless games that are just long series of setpieces.

As for nonlinearity, however, let's face it: people are always quick to criticize modern FPS for their extreme linear design, and rightly so, but as soon as they come across a nonlinear section themselves, even long-time Quake players in a Quake level, it often boils down to getting lost and confused. And then it's all the mapper's fault for not making the right route obvious enough.
Think back when you first played the game, though - didn't feeling lost in those strange and hostile environments actually add to the game experience, the atmosphere? Of course, back then combat skills and FPS mechanics weren't as well-trained as today, so it may be possible that players today are more easily bored and thus have a "decreased willingness" to explore, which could be linked back to the expectations of an average gamer nowadays and the question why modern FPS are what they are. 
Nice post, negke.

We find that a lot. If we give players choices of routes, they get angry because they don't know which one is the "right" one. If we only give them one route, they complain about lack of exploration. It kinda sucks, to be honest... 
What I usually do is deliberately take the "wrong" route (if it's clear which one leads on and which one is a dead end) or go in the opposite direction just to have explored everything.

I just thought about situations where the explorable space is restricted by obstacles, closed doors, or clip walls (sometimes areas that actually ARE interconnected), and the worst possible thing a designer can do: a "leaving the mission area" kill/restart trigger. This made an awkwardly appropriate allegory pop up in my head: it's like walking your dog, but pulling him away from stuff as soon as he intends to sniff on them - for the walk is not about his personal enjoyment, the sole purpose is for him to take a dump. So... when that's done you can actually turn around go back home. 
Dead Space Nagivation Help 
I only played through Dead Space late last year so it's fairly fresh in my mind. I'm sure it has been discussed here, but it seems relevant to the current discussion, so:

One of the best features of the game was the little help system which would draw a path to the target on the ground. At any point you could press the relevant button and see where to go, but the path would fade out after a few seconds. Since it wasn't "always on" it eliminated one of the major negative aspects of some other navigational aids (i.e. when you're too busy watching the sparkly shit or the HUD arrow to actually look at the environment and soak up the atmosphere).

Of course, what I would often do (and what I'm sure everybody would do!) is press the button to discover the "correct" path, turn around and go in the opposite direction to find all the secrets and explore... then go back to the main route again.

It's not perfect, but it allowed some degree of choice and exploration while still ensuring that the player could never really get lost. A pretty good compromise which allowed for at least a little non-linearity while eliminating potential confusion and frustration. Since it was player activated and temporary you only used it when you needed it, but you could go forth with the confidence that you both know where you're going and that you didn't leave anything behind. 
That was a nice mechanic. The second one sort of took the fun out of it a bit by allowing you to look for different map elements like stores, work benches and so on.

Playing Bioshock2 now - which is a pretty good game (fuck the gaming press!) and has a simialr sort of compass to many games. Combined with the map it allows you to hunt down everything, which I think most players seem to enjoy doing, at least when the core mechanics are fun.

When people say non-linear I get the feeling that they mean not closed in. CZG07b for example is completely linear, with a few offshoots for secrets. It does not feel linear though since you revisit several areas at different heights and coming from different directions.

Compare it with the word examples of corridor design which allows for little to no exploration. And usually has 100's of identical doors, some of which you're allowed to open, some not.

Oh, and clip walls across otherwise open terrain. Those are great. 
i was just thinking that i actually hate it more when i choose the RIGHT route because that means i have to backtrack so i can go explore everything. :P 
I don't think that being linear and making the route obvious are mutually exclusive. It's possible to do the latter without locking yourself into the former - just look at the id1 maps for a good example. They're littered with little arrows hinting "go this way", when you find a key you're normally dropped to the door that needs it very soon after (it's often on a ledge or ramp above the door, even). You're still free to explore, you can get yourself wonderfully lost as much as you want, but you can always find where you need to be quickly enough. 
One Nice Thing 
about the id levels (eps 1, 2 and 3 at least) are that they are all small enough so that even if you are totally lost, a quick wander will generally always lead you back to somewhere that orientates you. Also, I find each area is pretty good at being distinct and recognisable.

Episode 4 is by far the weakest in this regard as the maps have lots of corridors that kinda look the same. 
Is probably old news, but yet another indie roguelike is making fame:

Been laid up with flu and playing this. Terrible, yet oddly compelling design. 
Spelunky's Design Terrible? 
That must be some flu indeed.

I'll agree some things are unintuitive, or plain out frustrating, but just about everything can be mastered over time. And that's pretty much the point of anything that claims to have roguelike elements, right? 
I'm a student of games design... when things are unintuitive or frustrating it seems to go against everying I've been learning all this time.

But its a lot of fun, hope they do well with the port. 
That bandwagon nearly killed me! 
Rules are made to be broken, once you know them. Spelunky would be half as interesting if it was more intuitive and user friendly, it's one of the strong points of roguelikes, even recent ones (see Binding of Isaac). 
Much preferred The Binding tbh. The design felt like it was on my (the player's) side more. I ended up 100% on that one.

A lot of playtesting has gone into Spelunky, but it seems many things are just, well, broke.

Maybe I haven't played far enough, but why are the shortcut tunnels not on the main screen? I can see the arguments for them off to one side, but none of them doesn't boil down to 'frustrate the player' at its core.

Intuitive and user friendly don't have to be the pariahs of games design.

Granted that most designers that focus on these don't really like the game they're making, and it comes out in how it plays.

There must exist a bridge between Garage and Indie design, just a case of figuring it out.

Not ignoring the Roguelike element, but thats just a description of a format, and one that's inherently friendly to small dev teams since its not necessary to spend all that time building full levels. 
Antibiotics. Ignore most of the above. 
Funny You Should Say 'bandwagon' 
Because I got into it after Supa recommended it in like 2009. 
Unintuitive was probably the wrong word.

Unpredictable, rather. 
I get the unpredictable, it's something that goes right through the game. Sometimes a flying rock will hurt you, sometimes not. Sometimes the ledge grab doesn't work on certain ledges, identical to the rest.

There's lots in there where I'm not sure if its bugs, or intended behaviour.

'bomb in a chest' is the worst thing in the game. Or maybe its the control scheme in general.

Even though it sounds like I hate the game it is compelling - I'm still playing it at any rate.

Just don't buy into the argument that roguelike = broken so much. But it depends how 'broken' is quantified.

I suspect they'll struggle on XBLA, although it'd be nice to see them do well. 
A Similar One 
I got stuck on for a fair while, and posted before I think: 
Games Such As These 
Are a gateway drug into proper roguelikes.

For some odd reason nobody's linked to DoomRL yet. 
Nice, thanks. 
Been waiting ages for the tiled version of DoomRL.
And it was worth it, it's awesome! :D 
Hope you weren't looking forward to Assassins Creed 3 on pc -

�We�re definitely supporting PC, we love PC, but I think it�ll be PC with a controller."

Ahahahahahahahahaha, etc. 
^^ was me 
@Daz, quiet a lot of games play better with controllers plugged into a PC, they were designed and tested that way. 
That's The Irony 
If devs loved PC, they would develop PC games, not port console games. 
You mean the same way devs hate unpaid overtime, so don't do it? 
I have Asscreed on the PC, and it TOTALLY needs a controller. It's the only game which I have which NEEDS one. The controls are silly. Spacebar makes you run forwards (WTF?!).

Like Crackdown. Ever play that? Almost impossible without a controller I'm sure.

I have a mate who plays Skyrim on his PC with a controller (XBox360), and he loves it. 
Maybe One Day 
I'll get a wired 360 controller and play Assassins Creed 1. 
I played a large chunk of AssCreed 2 on a PS3. It has some of the worse controls I've ever used.
I was quite shocked after the amount of hype that went on and on about it's cool movement system and stuff. I didn't realise it would involve holding three buttons at once and giving up camera control. Yeah, don't let me control the camera right when I need to see where the hell I'm going.

And I so wanted to get into it because the actual atmosphere of wandering around a town is really cool :( 
Lets Drive Online 
rFactor car sim, real tracks, real cars, formulas, GTs, 100MB basic game engine, 300MB each car, 50MB per circuit, 1MB program to connect. my favourite ATM are F458 Macau street circuit, F1_2006 Jerez/Korea, GP2_2010 Singapore night street circuit. icq/qip contact 259689233 
I prefer controllers for everything, including FPS's (and I know saying that will make a lot of you back slowly away from me, feeling the walls for an exit whilst making sure not to break eye contact). It's a comfort thing for me.

If FitzQuake had support for the 360 controller, I would be on that shizzle. 
You're not alone. I love controllers for almost any games on my PC. When games don't support my 360 controller, I sigh in disappointment. 
I wanted my controller to work when I got Super Meat Boy. That's about it. I don't see how people can play on controllers when a good mouse/keyboard setup is available (especially when it comes to shooter), but then I've been largely a PC gamer since I was 4-5 years old so that may have something to do with it. 
Decades of mouse and keyboard use have ruined my shoulder/wrist so the less I need to use that combo, the better. 
I'll Pwn U All 
with my Rat 7. 
Mouse and keyboard are good for FPS with guns, but for anything else it really depends. For most games playing with a controller is nice, for strategy games and such I like playing with my Wacom tablet when that's supported, much easier on the wrist and more natural. 
Same here Willem, I have to take a good weeks break in between playing games so my mouse wrist can recover again. Keyboard one is fine, it's just the damn mouse that fucks it up.

Do controllers not effect RSI as badly as the mouse? 
They don't for me. Using a mouse is definitely my trigger action. I can use a controller or an art tablet all day, no worries. 
Maybe try one of those mousepads that have buldge on one side where you put your wrist on? 
Thanks. Yeah, I've purchased several hundred dollars worth of devices, pads and gadgets over the years. I also get a deep tissue massage once a month. It's a lifetime commitment of maintenance at this point...

It's the kind of thing you can't tell other people to prevent it because they won't listen. The whole, "Sit up straights, arms at 90 degrees, shoulders relaxed, etc" advice sounds horrible but it really would help.

But nobody wants to hear that ... until their wrist/shoulder starts hurting, and then it's too late. 
That kind of stuff is horrible, I stopped using a mouse for work a few years back and it's done so much good to my hands, so now I try to be careful with the rest, but it's not easy.

Out of curiosity, are you in your 30s or 40s Willem? 
Just turned 42 last week. I've had these issues for several years though... 
Wow, I thought I was the only old timer around these parts, turned 43 at the beginning of this year. :) 
A few of us in the 40s 
wtf I swear I was 16 just last week and now I'm 27!! I too am old as fuck. :( 
You're 27? Oh, that explains why you still love mouse and keyboard so much. >:) 
A couple of the older designers at work use those vertical mice because of their wrist problems, similar to this:

I hope that never happens to me, but I'm already creaky and falling apart. 
And haven't noticed any real aches and pains yet, but 5-10 years ago I could go out partying 10 hours, sleep for fifteen minutes and go into work fresh as a daisy.

Nowadays it takes me a week to recover from a handful of hours party. And no chance 2-3-4 days in a row. 
Mine kicked in around 37 or so. Just FYI. :) 
The unfortunate thing is, it isn't something where you start to feel something and then you correct it. If you feel it, you've got it, and you're into management mode.

I wish you all luck! But don't kid yourself into thinking that you don't feel anything so you must be OK ... if you're slouching in your chair and all of that other stuff, it's likely just a matter of time.

Sorry to be a wet blanket. :P Just trying to help...

It's not a problem until it is. 
Zwiffle, What? 
I thought you were STILL 16.... All the soliciting for nothing! 
Fkd Wrist Syndrome 
I got RSI quite bad several years ago (i'm 32 now) to the point that I had to use a cold flannel on my wrist, but I started using the mouse in my other hand occasionally and just managed it better and it got better again. Tried one of those big flat mouses where you're hold hand sits on it, but it was annoying and slow to use.

Then a few years ago I went self-employed so I don't have to work so hard on the computer. But about 7-12 mnths ago it started getting worse and hasn't improved since. I haven't got the pins and needles at night so much, so I know it can still get much worse than it is now. And it will... probably have to give up gaming in a year or 2, or at least do maybe 1 game a month rather than a few a month.

Willem what do you find works best for it? What kind of mouse do you use/any wrist pad for it? 
Oh by the way I reviewed STALKER Clear Sky. Didn't really enjoy it, it just pissed me off. It seemed to be quite popular on this forum so you guys might not agree. 6/10.

Also tried Silent Hill Homecoming, but it crashed alot, especially when alt-tabbing, the combat absolutely sucked assholes and it wouldn't accept my key config. Trying to change it in the menu only accepted some of the changes. Fucked up console port that I quit not far in.

Next on my list is either Assassins Creed or Devil May Cry 4 :) 

I tend to favor the Logitech MX518 mouse - the one that looks bullet riddled. Primarily because it's light and that puts less strain on my hand moving it around but it still feels good button/wheel wise. Wireless mice are right the hell out as the batteries make them instant torture devices.

I don't use pads or gel strips or whatever. Those don't tend to work for me at all. What I found last week, actually, is this hand glove thing:

And THIS actually seems to work for me. I can rest my wrist on the padded part and it feels pretty good. Doesn't help my shoulder but I'll take what I can get. :)

As I said before, I also get a deep tissue/trigger point massage once a month as a maintenance thing. She works out all the knots in my back/shoulders/neck and tries to reset me for another month.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Mine doesn't sound as bad as yours but that might be because I've found a maintenance routine that helps keep it under control somewhat.

Good luck! 
Oh yeah, and if things get really bad I'll wrap my wrist in a cold pack while I watch TV at night. That tends to bring down the inflammation enough that the next day feels better. 
I Like These 
Yeah, I tried one of those but keeping my hand/arm stationary all day actually seems to do more harm than good. 
Those gloves are gold. I used them a couple years back when my wrists began to act up. I also bought a trackball and a magic trackpad and cycle between them and the mouse. Haven't had too many problems since then, but then I'm a programmer, so I don't use the mouse too much anyway. 
Over The Years 
I have had various problems with the use of the mouse but luckily it never reached the point of no return. As much as sitting up straight and different mouse types help, I found switching around my routine helped the most. I would make it a habit to stretch, use different apps, get up from my desk and walking around, making coffee, etc. 
42, 43... 
...ugh, kids! Eh, Shambler? 
Vertical Mouse Ftw 
Tried the vertical mice. They work for awhile but I think my problems are addressed differently. They don't work all that well for me. 
im the other way around. i get cramps with controllers as opposed to keyboard/mouse. specially the xbox one that's asymmetrical compared to the ps3 one. i only have a ps3 at home, but whenever i go to my brother's place and play with it, i get cramps like after 30min or something. 
Cramps. Oh WOE IS YOU. :) 
yes :'( 
Fallout for zero money at for 2 days 
I bought the classic series pack when it was on Steam sale not long ago. Haven't played it back in the day - what a miss! I'm totally enjoying the games. Already played through FO1, and I'm close to beating FO2 (on normal) now. Nice games, I like the theme, the humor and all the little extras the player can discover.
Also good to finally learn some background information on things they picked up in FO3 and NV. Quite faithful to the originals in many areas apparently. 
awesome, thanks for posting that. :) 

Or something. I wish him the best of luck. I like his views on FPS gaming style and I hope with the lessons learned from DKT he could make it a great game. GL HF. 
Oh Oh Oh... 
If it re-uses a Daikatana base, it could turn into something cool. Daikatana concept was really interesting, just a shame it turned to shit too early..
As shambler said + I want to see another Romero FPS ! 
PoP:The Forgotten Sands 
Still fun, but boy has this series been dumbed down. The first few at least left it upto you to figure out some of the puzzles, not so here, the clue is always staring you right in the face.

Some nice visuals and setpieces though. 
maybe it will do as well as his last company that was making an MMO of his design... 
F2P CoD 
Blacklight: Retribution 
Definitely Not Cod 
Unless by cod you mean a fps. 
Give it a shot, it is surprisingly good.

Fast like I like it, not one of those plodding crawl'n'headshot from 3 miles pansy-fests.

Proper full paid for game quality. Similar to Neotokyo for HL2 if you tried that, but faster.
Tons of luvely GITS influence, always a plus.

Yeah you have to gain points and levels by playing to unlock new gear (you can easily unlock items for 1 day) or use money to unlock stuff early BUT the basic weapon and gear you are given is very adequate, have no probs reaching top 3 in Kills, Caps for CTF/KOTH/DOM, Assists etc even when server is full of guys having poured in over 60 hours already. 
Blacklight Retribution 
Ooops that was me. 
Only played one game, so far movement feels a bit awkward. There's like a slight delay if you want to change direction or something like that - peculiar. And I don't think the models loaded all the way, the game seemed a tad blurry in spots. Was pretty good though, if a bit laggy. 
I had none of those probs, for the Lag did you try another master server ?

A funy thing though, not sure if its coming from my PC or the game but some resolutions give slightly less responsive controls (even though it would be a lower res) Try a couple diff 16: 16:10 resoltuions see if it helps.

I can't stand games with laggy mouse/keyboard response, would of noticed, so its def coming from your side. 
New "Syndicate" 
Good Article. 
Particularly the lost irony of corporation control. 
Reviewed Assassin's Creed. Gave it a 6/10. Great visuals but the combat and gameplay is complete shit. I don't know how this is so popular.

Are the sequels any good? 
New Syndicate 
It would normally classify as a mediocre generic sci-fi shooter. But the fact that EA's intention was to milk more money from the 'franchise' and being dicks with pathetic attempts at justifying the switch of genres and design goals can only lead to one verdict: the game sucks.

Sure, it had czg's name in the credits, but it also used a Skrillex track, TWICE. 
I turned off VSync (I hate it) and the controls feel better, but movement is still not as clean feeling as I'd like. The controls also don't feel as responsive as I'm used to, a few times I went into iron sights, pressed left mouse to fire and ... nothing happened and I got gunned down. The controls in other games (CoD most notably) feel really good and responsive, but the controls in Blacklight just don't feel as good yet.

It also takes a while for all the assets to stream in appropriately, and a few times I played a match with blurry assets. Respawning can also be jarring if the game is trying to load assets when you spawn, and can slow down the game.

I'm not saying it's a bad game, because it's quite good, and pretty fun overall, but it doesn't feel as polished as CoD or that other one I forget the name of that Friction plays a lot. Battlefield, that's it.

You get tons of unlockables. That's kind of cool, but the problem is that you get a ton of 1-day,2-day,3-day limited items, which kind of sucks because they just go away after a while. You can purchase permanent versions through in-game currency which you accumulate very slowly or you can spend real $$ for "Zen" and just get items that way. The biggest problem is that by level 5 you just have a shit ton of clutter and you're not really sure wtf to do since you have so much useless, time limited stuff in your inventory. I spent a couple minutes buggering about trying to figure out how to customize my avatar, but then gave up because I just can't be arsed. The whole system feels very cluttered and messy atm.

The levels are really bland. They are not as enthralling as Deus Ex's world. That isn't to say they're ugly or anything, they're pretty gorgeous, but they're just dark and generic feeling. They could use better lighting techniques for highlighting important areas and keeping them separate from hazardous ones. There are some paths that I first didn't recognize due to poor lighting, as well as some hazardous drops (that highrise map, for example.)

tldr - The game is fun, it's good, I have a lot of little problems that are mostly nitpicky. Doesn't feel as good or polished as a CoD or Battlefield, but I think it will get there over time. 
You can purchase permanent versions of the equipment with the ingame experience, no money needed. You failed to see the option to unlock permanently when in the purchase menu.

Think you rig is maybe not up to it ? Streaming of assets lasts 1-2 seconds for me and done, and its a what was good 3 years ago pc. Oh yeah, you did turn off DirectX 11 and all the useless depth of field, blur and whatnot bullcrappery right ? :P
DirectX 11 is a bit broken in the game I think.

I like the maps, the assets very GITS, again are COD and battlefield levels that interesting ? For games based in semi "reality"...

tldr : I think zwiffle is having a few issues, the game is amazingly polished to me - admitted I turned a lot of fluff off.
Oh and I can be bothered to observe and think 30 seconds to figure out an interface which helps... 
That Syndicate Article 
Oh noes EA is an evil big corporation blah blah no facts just feelings, never mind that syndicate had probably been in development for at least as long as deus ex:hr and so on.

I'm sure it doesn't have the same feeling as the old syndicate but what about talking about the game own it's own.

Haven't seen much discussion about it here (maybe I missed it?). 
It wasn't released on Steam + didn't hear much good about it + there was no PC demo = couldn't be bothered to care, instead of probably buying it on day one just cause czg worked on it. 
I mentioned that you can get permanent versions, read my post again.

Like I said, it's polished, but just not as polished as CoD or Battlefield. Maps in those games 'feel' like their own levels, whereas in BLR the maps are very generic feeling. They don't really 'identify' well. Even DX:HR's levels were very charismatic and felt vibrant.

Also, the only thing I turned off was VSync, which was responsible for the laggy mouse I was feeling. Everything else stayed on, which is fine. The only real technical problem I have is assets taking a while to load (or maybe the asset itself was just lo-poly and looked bad?) and occasional frame drags when I respawn. Otherwise, the game runs fine.

The interface isn't hard to figure out, that wasn't the problem. THe problem was you just get a lot messy stuff filling up your inventory. It's cluttered and cumbersome to look through. Read my post again. 
Guess I'm No Longer A 'True PC Gamer'... 
Because keyboard gaming is starting to drive me nuts these days. Not reliable or responsive enough. When I want to JUMP, I dont want to stand there like a dolt.


ps; various keyboards, same deal over the years... :( 
Not sure what you mean. Use mouse2 for jumping. 
Sounds like it depends on software/hardware?

Different topic: Rock of Ages.

It's fun, but small. Seems like the multiplayer would be fun.

Could have had some more out there items to place as well. Apparently there's DLC on the horizon. 
Maybe all the keyboards I've used just hate having so many keys pressed at once.

Was getting my butt kicked in boss battles from Ys: Oath in Felghana because of the this. Switched to 360 controller and that has already made a massive difference in the accuracy of movements. Some games are definitely more suited toward controllers. 
Use mouse2 for jumping. 
You're right Zwiffle mea culpa I seem to have skipped a line in your post on the zen/in game currency. 
Crysis 3 Officially Announced. 
Sounds exactly the same as C1 and C2. Looks exactly like a cross between C1 and C2....but fucking cool: 
now that is how you do post-apocalyptic. Not this dull endless-grey-wasteland bollox. 
yeah, that'd be a nice change from the constant mad max post-ap stuff we've been seeing.
i mean, i like the evile desert wasteland thing, but i think a really beautiful and peaceful (until monsters try to eat you) setting could be awesome. 
New Dishonoured Trailer 
Fucking Lol 
Fact is, in a game like Spelunky you just can't trust people. The best example came in a two-player game, where a mate responded to the presence of a bat with the immortal words "I'll take care of this." He went to whip it, missed and hit me, got bitten, panicked and dropped a bomb on my stunned body, got bitten again and impaled himself on some spikes as I was blasted to smithereens. On the game over screen, you could see the bat still nipping away at his corpse. 
Which the coop version would come out for PC. :( 
Crysis 1 + Crysis 2 =

Exactly more of the same but the setting looks great to me. Gameplay is incomprehensible in the trailer tho. 
I hope they up the ammo limits after Crysis 2 that was my main annoyance with that game.
They removed your pistol slot and then halved total ammo capacity :( 
Shit Trailer 
but the game sounds like it could be cool if they are going for more of the open jungle type gameplay of the first game but with a slightly less monotonous environment. 
Reviewed Raven Squad from 2008.

Very average shooter, 5.5/10. Probably fuck all people have played it since sites like IGN gave it a 2/10. 
On your review list, 'The Precursors' links to the RS: Vegas 2 review. 
cheers mate, just fixed that 
Given your appetite for obscure and possibly horrible FPS's, have you played or reviewed Marine Sharpshooter? I bought it on impulse (very rare for me) seven years ago or so. For me this was a $20 case of buyer's remorse as I didn't even tolerate it for more than 2 minutes off the start in a dark camp getting shot by unseen enemies that I was trying to spot over a huge and overly bright HUD. Just curious as to whether or not it ever got any better. 
Possibly horrible, lol. Nah I passed on Marine Sharpshooter. There was a bunch of them actually, I was possibly going to get Marine Sharpshooter 4, but the screenshots looked really bad, even for 2008, and even for me. There's plenty better (but still horrible) Russian shooters to play ahead of it.

I just tried to play Steam Slug, a German shooter that looks very similar to Painkiller gameplay-wise. Except it's all in steam punk 90s style level design. Couldn't re-map the mouse buttons though, and I don't use wasd.

Looks like I'm playing Dreamkiller next 
the last part of your review makes it sound like a horrible (AND consolified) game! 
And now I've finished Dreamkiller :P

5.5/10. Wasn't that bad, but only if you liked Painkiller and want more of it. 
Wrack - Oldskool Fps 
Looks like it has really REALLY boring level design.

A lot of developers seem to confuse "old-skool" with "crap". 
I honestly couldn't watch much of the video. The fight with those large robots after they hit the red button almost put me asleep. I've never seen such a dull shotgun before. The lack of feedback/flnching or such from the mentioned fight and later doesn't exactly help either.

Many people do seem to miss the point with this 'old skool' thing with FPS. Just because the game doesn't play like COD and you run around in various square rooms fighting enemies like in the 90s doesn't mean it's 'like Doom' and going to be fun.

It's the level layouts (and then design) which tend to fall short. :/ 
I Agree 
most "old skool shooters" made these days tend to be arena shooters with waves of dumb enemies. The level design is dull and generic typically.

I never really understand why this is, if you look at the real old-skool shooter games, ie. most of the older id games, they are nothing of the sort. Either these developers are incredibly lazy or incredibly uninspired.

Wracked will have it's own level editor on release however, it looks very similar to worldcraft. Just fyi. 
shit level design, even shitter enemies and combat. cell shading as always looks kind of cool, but it's only hiding a pretty shitty game. that needs a lot more work.

when, for the love of god, are developers going to stop putting fucking spiders in their levels? Daikatana should have permanently ended developers love affair with insects. 
"Feel" is the hardest thing to nail in a game. They have the basic mechanics - fast movement, guns, enemies, pick ups - but it doesn't have any feel. There's no kick. It's all very sterile and meh... 
Looks so bland and not fun. As Willem points out, the weapons seem to lack oomph. The shotgun looked like it was spraying buckshot everywhere but killing enemies regardless of the awful spread. Plus it had a crappy sound (youtube video fault maybe?) and animation.

Daikatana might have had crappy little spiders, but it actually had some fucking awesome weapons. Shotcycler was the best shotgun ever. The RL was pretty nice in dkt too. Don't really remember the other weapons because I deleted the game after a bug with the shitty "AI" "helpers" prevented me from finishing a level.

Also, if you're going to throw 200 crappy mechanical spiders at me, give me some explosives, not a lame sword.

Among us, we could probably make a nice old skool fps, but Quake already exists so I'm not sure there is much point. What was the last really good old skool fps anyone played that isn't Quake? 
Quake 2. 
More Modern 
Painkiller was pretty oldschool.

Also: A lot of developers seem to confuse "old-skool" with "crap".


"No, no, it's supposed to be shit, it's oldschool!" 
Defines old school as a lot of these developers seem to want to emulate. But instead they emulate the dearth of shit Doom clones that came afterwards and nobody wanted. 
Final Rant Before I Go Out 
Some modern developers seem to think that oldschool means that they just threw the game together, that they didn't work hard for months on end and impose crunch of themselves (before that term was coined) in order to make a great game.

So they do a half-arsed job without any soul or proper balancing, then slap the name old school on it when all it deserves is 'poor'. 
Soldier of Fortune 1 
"Oldschool" is used quite freely in certain contexts, as if the term was a definte concept, while in reality it closely relates to feelings of nostalgia, which differ from person to person and over time. If there was a new game that's 100% like Doom, it might still not get the same love and everything, simply because it's judged from a different context (now vs. 17 years in retrospect). I was actually going to make a discussion thread about this topic for some time... 
"oldskool" Is Vaguely Defined At Best 
And I'm not going to attempt to define it because I don't think you can. I think most FPS's stopped being oldskool after Half-Life 1 - suddenly it was all about coherent stories, and a coherent progression through a convincing environment. A lot of the abstract and arcadey elements seemed to vanish. Yeah, you had stuff like Painkiller that ignored all that, but Painkiller sadly forgot to add any interesting gameplay. 
I enjoyed Painkiller, but as a game, Serious Sam is far, far better. Serious Sam doesn't have the level design complexity of Doom or Quake, either, but it does have even greater monster variety and uses that variety well, and becomes it's own game.

Really the level design and variety is a key thing always missed. I think a lot of people, especially in reviews, haven't actually played Doom, or played it years and years ago and don't actually remember what it's really like.

Having said this, comparing the default maps of Doom to Quake's maps or modern user made wads like Scythe or Speed of Doom is pretty amazing. You see how unfocused and tedious a lot of Doom maps were, and how refined the craft has become :) 
PS The idea that 'arena combat' is oldschool is pretty funny really, because that's exactly what a modern shooter level does. Stick you in a fixed area and spawn stuff for you to kill, move to next area, repeat. 
DNF felt a little old skool to me, in that the gameplay was not really all that complicated by the awful plot, and it really seemed that it was an anything goes kind of game. Almough many of the levels were super generic, there were a few gems in there such as the one set in the fast food restaurant where you are shrunk down and have to navigate many obstacles for whatever reason...

Then again, due to its ridiculous development, I think DNF also showed the difference between pre and post half-life fps games, since it seemed like they started off as a classic shooter with a few crazy elements, then later toned things down and tried to match what hl and later hl2 had done.

I id make a new Quake, I doubt it will lack a story or obviously linear levels, but I hope id at least look at why we are still making levels for it 16 (argh!) years on. 
Finally played Bioshock and rated it 9/10. Pretty lenient because the gameplay got a bit shit in the second half of the game.

Review here:

Looks like Crysis is my game of the year for 2007 now that I've played everything. 
Risen 2 DLC 
So apparently the first three "DLC" for Risen 2 are already included in the game --> and can be unlocked by a simple cheat code! While the pirate clothes are usable just like that, Steelbeard's treasure isle and the Stormisle expansion will lack the corresponding dialogue voiceovers, but they're still fully playable with subtitles. The only actual downloadable part is the dialogue files.

On the one hand, this is a case worthy of outrage similiar to the ME3 controversy, but on the other hand it's also quite a lol. I'd like to think PB did it on purpose as a sort of retort to this dick move by Deep Silver. :D 
Most DLC's are already inside the game and unlocked when you buy them. It's how games are made. Downloadable Content typically isn't, because games are built in a modular form and the publishers only want to pay once.

Also, making genuine DLC incurs greater costs from Microsoft / Sony. 
DLC = Downloadable Content. 
Uh Huh 
Forget the acronym and the orginal meaning of it, Bal. Bonus content (or the majority of it, anyway) for add-on packs and extra 'DLC' is often included with the assets for the original version of the game, as ijed says.

The nerd rage that ensues when gamers get wind of it is always at least vaguely amusing, but it's getting a little tired nowadays due to sheer repetition. I'm always completely astonished that the indignant spankers getting up in arms about it completely ignore the business aspects of it and can only repeat ITS ON THE DISK SO I ALREAdY PAID FOR IT again and again, like a toddler having a tantrum. 
Hey Guys 
I remember rumours, playing the Quake 1 demo, that the other 3 episodes were unlockable if you just had a certain "hack." Lol, as if the other episodes and extra monsters etc were included in the quake demo - why bloat the demo DL size especially in those days.

That said there is absolutely a psychological difference between "I'll sell you this cookie jar," and "well technically you already have the cookie jar, but I'll sell you a key to get into it." The latter pisses people off, I don't understand how you don't understand that Frib. People's calculation of winning, losing, and especially "having a right" or "getting screwed" are not necessarily rational. Seriously, don't give them data they can't unlock and then offer to sell them the key, it's douchey - sorry for thinking like a caveman about it heh. 
I know from my experience on Gears that this is not entirely true. Generally, we're working on DLC content after the game ships. Are there recent examples of companies having shipped DLC content on the original game disc? 
I do understand, and you're right from an absolute perspective about the psychology behind it... but seriously, after the initial outrage, why can't people just take a step back and actually think about it?

- Buying the physical disc doesn't mean you 'own' what's on it. You're paying for the advertised content and set of features, and gaining the right to use them only in the ways set out in the EULA. I'm not saying I necessarily approve of these practices, but that's the terms and conditions that we're agreeing to when we purchase the games.

- Further to the above, just because it's on the disc (or in the initial download) doesn't mean you paid for it. The extra content cost extra money to develop, and the developer/publisher wears that cost under the assumption that they can recoup (and hopefully profit) via the 'DLC' fees.

- It costs a lot of money to deploy a patch or update on services such as Xbox Live. Not a trivial amount, either.. it's enough that even the big boys hesitate because the cost could cut heavily into profits or even cause them to lose money. This is why the Xbox version of TF2 didn't get all the free incremental updates that the PC version did, if you recall. For this reason, bundling the extra content on the dics makes a lot of sense.

- Sometimes having the extra content is done in part for the convenience of the users. A recent example was one of the Street Fighter games, where all of the extra characters (which were to be sold as 'DLC' later on) were on the disc in part to allow players to join servers and play against those characters (rather than being locked out of the game entirely, or having to download the content just to get in the game).

- Not everyone has fast/cheap/always on internet.

You don't have to be a developer to understand these things, the average gamer that follows the news could connect the dots (and to their credit, they often do). 
I think Mass Effect 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken were the big ones causing a kerfuffle recently. 
That was my point, and why I used both DLC and the phrase downloadable content in the same post.

The reality has little to do with the name.

Willem, I work almost exclusively on full DLC games - only done a single disc game and hopefully won't be doing more.

But we usually develop the content paralell to the game, and include it in the same package.

With the advent of freemium and live teams (as in, big publishers are realising they're losing a serious amount of market share), this'll be set to change soon as well. 
I bought the latest Indie Royale bundle:

It's better than the last one, Data Jammers, Weird Worlds and Containment are quite nice. I wasn't so happy with Dungeon Defenders, felt like they were immediately trying to milk me for more cash and I didn't find it too fun either.

Anyway, I'm not just plugging the thing. It seems that Weird Worlds was mainly made by none other than Iikka Ker�nen.

It's pretty good as well.

If you don't know who that is then first punch yourself in the nose, then check Quaddicted. 
Just bought the game on steam ($9.99), and now I can't stop playing it. Also purchased Jamestown and Legend of Grimlock. Played those for a short while too. 
yeah it looks cute aye. i might go back and play it one day.

legend of grimrock looks a bit shit. 
Is an excellent game.

The amount of variety and humour in there WITHOUT including BS driving sections or even parts that just feel broken or like a cop out, is amazing. 
nice game. much better than brutal legend 
Lone Survivor 
A fantastic little survival horror-ish game by Jasper Byrne. Looks gorgeous and has some of the best audio work I've heard in a video game. Qba'g gnxr vg ng snpr inyhr. 
Day Z

I love the idea of this! It's a real shame I don't own Arma2 or I would probably end up playing this mod all night :) 
skyrim is 20$ off this weekend on steam... picked it up finally, but i'm not sure when i'll get to play it. o.o 
After You've Finished Amnesia 
I just got Alan Wake from I considered buying it in Steam's midweek madness sale but didn't make up my mind in time, then two days later GoG does an even better price with bonus content and absolutely no DRM! Bargain.

I'm underwhelmed by the gameplay, but it's a beautifully crafted world to "explore". I use the term explore loosely as there doesn't seem to be a lot of freedom. So far I'd give it 6/10, but I've only played for forty minutes or so. 
wasn't for me 
fucking steam exposing my cowardice to the world. 
COD8 = Near Future?

Why did no-one tell me this? Looks typical COD garbage from the trailer and I suspect the atmosphere and gameplay will be mostly the utter puerile drivel that COD has become famous for, but the....war machines do look well cool in it....that might even tempt me. 
Finally! Someone has had the vision to do a futuristic war game. I certainly can't recall any first person shooters in recent memory with sci-fi suits and gadgets, or indeed vehicles! 
I do like the idea of riding a horse and being strafed by the starship enterprise. 
Yeah at least they're trying a slightly different setting, and putting horse riding in.

But... "what happens when someone steals the keys?" Seriously? That trailer is pretty fuckin cheesy.

Oh and it shouldn't be called Black Ops. That's just a cash-in. 
COD In Cash In Shocker! 
I just thought the near future thing was a fair bit cooler than modern....warfare. 
Guild Wars 2 
Edited down a bunch of video I captured during the recent stress test for GW2.

The video is pve gameplay using the Guardian class.

The game in short : Fucking amazing :) 
You can currently get Duke Nukem for free on your iPhone. Controls are pretty much impossible to use it seems though. Try switching to dual-stick mode if you want half a chance though. 
Duke Nukem 3D that is 
Planetside 2

I played a little bit of the original PS back in the day, this sequel looks like it going to blow everything out of the water, wow :) 
More Gw2 
This time the thief shooting, and stabbing. 
Torchlight 2 - Beta Update: Upcoming Weekend Stress Test

Path of Exile is doing regular open beta weekends apparently. I missed them all so far... :( 
Deus Ex Human Revolution. 
I'm in the Chinese city and while the sky above is very cool I seem to be wondering around a lot of small streets and box rooms, and my kill count is approx 1 pwnage per half hour of playing. Endless talking and getting lost otherwise.

Does the fun and excitement happen soon?? 
Deus Ex isn't an action game. 
Yeah Of Course. 
I've managed to collect 7 different guns (with modifications) and 3 types of grenade because it isn't an action game
What leads you to believe that Deus Ex is an action game? The presence of guns? Guns are one path through the game but that's the not the point - you have other choices and options. Talking is part of it, sneaking another, hacking another.

If you're expecting thrill-a-second gun play, you made a poor decision. 
reinstalling Deus Ex to make a lethal playthrough. 
The main character in Taxi Driver carries three different guns. Clearly an action film. 
Speaking Of Deus Ex 
It's current on sale at for �3.99 and the key they send you can be used on Steam. 
Really. I never knew that about Deus Ex. 
That's either sarcasm or an honest admission ... based on your posting history, I'll go with sarcasm and reply : Then quit bitching about it. :) 
Free russian "2D arcade platformer" to keep an eye on and play as soon as it has been translated: 
With An Awesome Chiptune Soundtrack 
But it's still in the action RPG genre right? 1 kill per half hour isn't action. 
Dues Ex 
Is an action a game.

It says so right here:

TBF it has guns and bad guys, and you can run and jump and shoot stuff. Sounds like an action game to me. Just saying.

I mean Crysis is an action game, but you can play through a lot of that using stealth and stealth alone.... 
Shambler - Did You Find Any Action Yet? 
I haven't played it yet either :D

So as per usual, I'm talking about shit which I know nothing about r. o. f. l. 
Are We Really Arguing About This? :P 
I think the defining thing about Deus Ex, the thing that makes it fantastic, is that it is whatever game you want it to be.

I'm playing dx:hr again at the moment and I decided to go through as a social/hacking/stealth master this time around, I just got to China without killing anyone and it's been just as fun as my first time through where I was some kind of blood crazed madman :) 
I am trying to be a blood crazed madman. Unless I start shooting police and civilians, there really isn't much option (earlier missions were better, at least there was an option there).

Also I have done turds with more personality than "Jensen". 
Right. This isn't the game for you. 
Deux Ex 
The protagonist of the new Deus Ex puts me the fuck right off.
Havent tried it yet even though there is no greter Cyberpunk fan than I. Why does it have to be a macho moody puurdy groomedy beard shite head, why not something truly cyberpunk - gender bent/less ?
Because thats taking risks and fuck that.
Prolly just gonna replay a jazzed up version of the original Deus Ex instead...when I have time... which is prolly not for quite a long while. 
TBH I don't think any game would benefit from gender bending purely for the sake of taking a risk. Deus Ex has a story to tell (it's quite good -- no novel, but still a lot better than most action RPG's) and it would be derailed if you started throwing in questions about Jensen's sexuality or gender because that drastically effects relationships with other characters. It's only really possible to do that sort of thing in a more sandboxy RPG like Mass Effect, and such a gameplay approach would surely have ruined some of Deus Ex's excellently balanced level design by diluting the developer's sense of focus.

Deus Ex may not tick all of the traditional cyberpunk boxes, but then cyberpunk isn't as "edgy" and "underground" a concept as it once was, so perhaps it's good that people are changing it up a bit.

As for whether Deus Ex is an action game or not ... well ... it's certainly not a point and click adventure. There are moments of explosive action, but it's strengths are its stealth sections imho -- which is also action, of a sort.

Demon's Soul's 
It seems the servers are going to shutdown at the end of the month (may 31st 2012) and if you have not tried the game yet, it might be a good time to try before the servers go offline. They have also turned all the worlds to white difficulty which makes the game slightly easier. After playing dark souls I had forgotten how hard the original was, crazy boss fights but an amazing game for melee combat systems. 
Does That 
Mean that the game can't be played after the server are offline?

Never tried any of the series tbh, though a lot of people have recommended them. 
Demon's Soul's 
The game is certainly better with online server elements (co-op, world messages, world status) The game can be played offline, but maybe harder if you don't know what you are doing.

When you connect to the servers the world status (black-grey-white) is reset to the server average which can help with difficulty of the game. It is very easy to end up with pure black world if the player dies a lot. When you kill a boss the world shifts towards white (this is the only event when this happens) Certain places and events only unlock when the world is a certain colour.

If you want to see the game, I highly recommend you try it before May 31st, the worlds are set to white (easier) and there is a lot of players around to co-op with. 
Will Try 
to fit it into the schedule... 
How Does Deux Ex HR 
run on a few yrs old PC an equipment (GTX 465 if you are wondering) 
I have an i7 3.0ghz and a gtx 460 and I'm running it with everything on max with no issues. 
Thanks Daz 
will pick it up. 
No Demon Souls For Me 
Because another legendary trilogy I never played is on sale: Thief.

The first 3 games for 15 USD. 
And When You're Done With Those 
very interesting Podcast about diablo from rogue like people: 
only some small good thoughts actually, overall it was shallow diablo hate by people who did not seem to like them :/ 
I only listened to the start a bit, but none of them have played Diablo 3 at all (just one the beta, and that really doesn't count for much), and most of them haven't played much of the two other games either, so... 
could you summarize the few good parts for us? :) 
Man, I Write Funny 
The one big thing that was a new consideration for me was that Diablo (at least 2 and 3) have no real goal. Your goal is to +1 your stats. A normal person will not come to a real end/finish. Actually I guess even if you are level 99/60 you do not "win" the game, correct?

And also how death is irrelevant. Made me think how different games handle death/failure differently and how one reacts to it. Eg in a rogue-like it is happening every other hour, no big deal, you probably learned something new; your next play is fresh and unique. In a FPS you reload and you have to replay (renavigate/re-aim) the last X minutes.

In Diablo, if you die, it is usually because you did not +1 enough beforehand. So the solution is to grind/farm (oh god, I am talking like some annoying nerd). (Apart from finding out what immunities/resistances an enemy has in Diablo 1.) To a degree you can learn patterns for some enemies, but handling those is often still bound to your stats. Skill is pretty much irrelevant, it is persistence and time-investment that makes you a good Diablo player.

Earlier when playing I noticed how in Diablo 3, if you focused any monster and hold your left button, you can move the pointer anywhere and it will still be targetting the monster. Even if said monster teleports. Ugh! 
So diablo 3 prettymuch boils down to squishing that mouse button down and waiting for the game to happen/progress? And then for your button subduing you may get an extra reward of a few $ to be made in the auction house...
Diablo 3 seems a funny kind of thing to me, some more business model than game went into it I think... 
or how Diablo3 became the antithesis of what it orignally was/the PC game culture it represented.
No moddability, always online, no lan etc. Does none of that count to what made it the game it was ? 
Not at all. 
Moddability was never a big thing for Diablo as far as I remember.

And yeah in normal you can pretty much run through really easily, but on the harder difficulties you actually need to play the game.
It's not an amazing game as far as gameplay goes, but it's still ok. 
Yes ok modability no but Blizzard was built on LAN. But this is the same old crap as with starcraft 2 nothing new then.
Good to know there is some gameplay to it then but still, tying in a real money auction house is bound to fuck around with balance and the game spirit, the stakes are changed.

Now heres possibly some good news on the Cyberpunk gaming front :

Projekt Red doing a Cyberpunk RPG. This could be great :) 
I would add though although modability was not a big thing at the start it definately is now, Median XL, Hellfire etc for Diablo 1 and 2 are well popular mods. And this will never happen with Diablo 3 seeing how tight Blizzard are clenching their anuses around it. 
I totally agree that it's very sad that modding is dying. It's not just Blizzard though, services like Onlive or other game-streaming things are the logical next step, and they will completely kill any kind of modding. :(

For the real money auction house, I hate that kind of stuff. But if they didn't do it, the chinese would do it behind their back and keep all the money. As a company it makes sense that they'd set it up themselves instead.

Hope CD Projekt Reds cyberpunk game is nice yeah. The Witcher worked well because they had a great well written fantasy story to build from, hopefully they have an equivalent for this new universe. 
does anyone know how to get the dragon tooth in deux ex (1) without using hacking stuff? i am playing as gunslinger and will not pick or hack anything. the glass that protects it is unbreakable. i could not find the computer's login details yet. 
Ah, kind guesswork. There was a message about mchow's old password being Tai-Fun. I found another message where she stated Tai-Fun and Insurgent being her favourite books. Silly unsafe passwords. 
But You're A Gunslinger! 

To not answer your question though, I have no idea :( 
If the Dragon's Tooth is essentially a light sabre, why does it take up four inventory slots :E 
It doesn't turn off! Kinda tricky to carry around. 
You would not want it to extend accidentally without having the space for it. Same thing as pants, really. 
Anyone Played Limbo? 
on sale via Steam and it looks very interesting. 
Limbo is excellent. Would highly recommend it... 
Yeah it's a nice little puzzle platformer, not so much to it but I'd recommend it as well. 
will pick it up. 
Btw Willem 
paying through GoW 1 atm, will have some questions for you :) 
God, that was so long ago ... I'll try and have answers. :) 
The only answer you need:

My Computer > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Gears Of War > Uninstall

No offence to Willem (who I'm sure did cool stuff that was swamped by the crushing mediocrity of the game overall), but as far as I can remember, it's the only game I've tried and uninstalled after a few hours. 
Hey, that's cool. There were several million other people who DID enjoy it, so it worked out in the end. ;) 
Is That... 
...more or less people than those who enjoy Britney Spears and Hollyoaks??

Or maybe exactly the same people!

Don't get me wrong, Epic have done some brilliant things with Unreal and UTx and their engines. But GOW1 was truly dire.

Hmmm what the hell is Fortnite all about then?? 
I really liked GOW and disappointed they didn't bring the sequels to PC. Sure I'm well and truly over cover-shooters so I wouldn't enjoy the sequels as much. GOW was so popular because everyone wasn't sick of cover-shooting at that point. But GOW was one of the best looking games of the year it was released (2006?). 

You are indeed a unique and beautiful snowflake. Those millions of gamers? All wrong. :) 
In seriousness, if you don't like GoW, that's fine. If you think it's "dire", great. I think you're hilariously wrong. So ain't we both content? :) 
No one is content when you keep using that arrogant smug smile at the end of every single post of yours. 
Nobody is ever happy here? Ever notice that? :) 
Come On 
if Shambler is allowed to give an opinion why is Willem smug for having his own?

So far I'm liking it, nothing groundbreaking but wasnt expecting it to be. 
Willem Likes Skrillex :) 
+1 To Skrillex 
Awesome musician. What's not to like? He's like one of the most versatile and talented producers ever. Anyone who says it's 'just noise' is probably deaf, or a Westlife fan. Fuck Westlife. Fuck them right in the Hay-hole. 
Yeah, Skrillex is a'ight. 
Dear God. 
You lot revolt me. Skrillex makes GOW look like....Unreal. 
I really hope you have an actual cane that you shake in the air when you say these things. That's what's happening in mind, anyway. 
Skrillex Makes GoW Look ... Unreal? 
Er, riiiiiiiight. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

GoW is probably better than Unreal. I will give it that much. Really - if I had to pick GoW or Unreal I would play GoW. For the gameplay. And the GFX.

For Shambler to listen to: 
Wait wait... are we comparing Unreal to GoW or Unreal Tournament to GoW? These things matter. 
He Said Unreal 
So I was referring to ... 'Unreal'. From 97 or whenever it was. 
If anything would get Shambler interested, it would be the song that hooked me:

Yeah - I Hope That Song Was Inspired By GlaDOS 
Because it was the first thing that sprang to mind when I heard it. 
Wait what...? I thought Skrillex was a large series of tutorials for using synthesisers. ie not something any person actually listens to, unless they're off their face on ecstasy?

Every thirty seconds in a given song you can see he found another little knob on his control desk to fiddle with 
GOW better gameplay than Unreal?? Have you been smoking dog turd rollies?? GOW hardly had gameplay at all.

As for Skrillex, as someone who has been seriously into dance music for a long time, he is an appalling embarassment to the electric music genre (no his overblown childish screeching is nothing to do with dubstep at all).

Ricky no offence or anything but your taste is in your ass. 
Cane in the air, yes? 
Yeah, what the hell Shambler. What kind of loser are you? Next you will say that you dont like Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black or Game of Thrones even though EVERYONE DOES! Bet you *hate* Jar-Jar Binks too. Stop having an opinion, seriously.

As for dubstep, IM kick Skrillex ass anytime at that! 
He can have an opinion, sure. He just needs to accept that it's about 15 years out of date. :)

And him having an opinion doesn't mean he can't be mocked for said opinion. Especially when it's hilariously wrong. 
So We're Down To "Your Opinion Is Wrong :)"? 
Unreal might be from 1998 but it looked magnificent for that time. I think it was the first PC game that genuinely looked good
We're down to people are spouting ridiculous crap so they deserve to be trolled.

Oh, and before I forget ... :) 
The Truth 
Any Unreal (except for Unreal 2) > GOW (which isn't as bad as Shamb says, but still).
Music > Skrillex

This is not my opinion, it is the Truth.

You guys should go play some Binding of Isaac Wrath of the Lamb, it's better then all your silly games with'em polygons and such (and its music is awesome). 
France : 1 Internet : 0 
Binding of Isaac is terrible. There, I said it. 
You forgot to smiley. :( 
Oh shit ... :) Wouldn't want anyone's impotent rage to settle down or anything. :P 
the truth is that people have different taste, popularity is a measure for popularity and willem is holier-than-you :)

now, back to games?

playing deus ex without using multitools, lockpicks or hacking is fun! it would not nearly as much fun if I could not save and reload quickly.

the plasma gun is pretty useless though, I am currently waiting for the next mg to pick up. just visited the universal constructor and I got 4 augmentation containers in water basins in front me. if I dive down I get killed by electrocution. guess i will have to leave them there.

found a couple of new routes already. and the running and jumping augmentation is great fun. 
I like how Spirit always blames me in these things. Was I the one who rudely declared GoW was "dire", which was nothing but a pure troll move? No.

Was I then the one to further troll by declaring that "Willem likes Skrillex"? No. Who was that? Oh wait, it was you!

Nice. Back to games indeed.

Anyhoo, if you do have GoW questions nitin I'm happy to answer. Maybe shoot me an email instead of posting here though, if you want to keep the noise ratio down. 
now, back to games?

Some 200-odd posts ago I banged the drum for Lone Survivor, and I'll do it again since it very much deserves it.

Watch the trailer, and if it seems like just another zombie game to you, then buy it immediately just to find out how much more there is to it.
The most defining feature aka the soundwork will scare you, then soothe you, and get you pumped for the next round of dark corridors. The soundtrack is very eclectic and not just a bunch of pseudo-NIN droning.

The pixel-plus aesthetic is fantastic, the game looks like a living mosaic, the screenshots don't really do it justice. It's very charming despite (or because) of the 160x120 or whatever the hell low resolution.

And if you don't care about all the other aspects i.e. NPCs, sidequests, keeping your character in good mental shape, then know that there are lots of wretched abominations to deal with... and there's a gun. 
Not Trolling At All. 
Neither was saying Unreal / UTx / Epic engines being brilliant.

Game Of Thrones is great tbh. Sometimes fantasy for the masses (like LOTR films) can be done really well.

Now then. Witcher 2 - watching t'bird play it going to make sense at any point?? 
He just needs to accept that it's about 15 years out of date.

Yup all opinions are rendered null and void if they were held by people in the past.

Just so we can be sure about this, at what point in the past do they become invalidated? Is it a year, or a decade, or five minutes? :) 
Now THAT is a quality troll people. ZQF has you all beat. Step up your game! 
Yeah - OK Shambler. Because I've Never Played Unreal 
And I've never listened to dance music, or 'real' dubstep.

First of all Gears of War is better than Unreal in many ways - it has better graphics (in real-time), better animation, better engine, bigger, badder maps - it's more immersive. IMO. Which is valid, because it's mine, and it's an opinion. I do not require your validation on that, and any attempts to in-validate my opinion will be ignored because I know who I am, and I know what my opinion is.

Secondly 'dub-step' is a beat, not a style of music. I never said Skrillex was dubstep (though he does have some songs which are dubstep). I like Skrillex's tunes. And so do a lot of other people, though that is irrelevant to me, I only listen to it because I like it. I have listened to most of his tunes, and really like almost all of them. The ironic thing is that Full-flex is probably the most commercial-sounding song he has, and is the one with the most air play AFAIK. It's also one of my least-favourite Skrillex tune.
I frankly couldn't give a flying fuck if Shambler likes Skrillex, I'll wager he hasn't listened to very much of it, because I think that technically and artistically it is superior to a lot of the crap that is going around.
The dude is like 25 years old or something, he has already produced so much [good] music! Started off in a metal band too, BTW. I haven't heard of anyone shake up the world music scene as much as he has since Cobain. I mean everyone has heard of him, or heard some of his tunes. And it seems that people either really like it, or really hate it. Which is a sure sign of amazing music, if I ever heard it.
I think that what he has done is really clever. He plays some very sophiticated-sounding or just generally off-the-wall 'verses' and then powerhouses into his choruses with utter, utter filth. Gets old grannys bopping to really hard music. Which is good. Skrillex is not cheesy, but has subtle humour. People who don't like the sound can atleast admit that it's well-done. I mean srsly - get a life. THAT, my friends, is all. 
Ricky ... he doesn't really care. You're typing paragraphs into the abyss, man. 
Willem: For the record. You seem to enjoy feeling superior to the often critical discussion that this message board features. Since your "I am so much above you" attitude annoys me I troll back. :)

Ricky: You listed things that GoW do better but did not mention anything that defines the game itself. Is it a better game?


There is a new Humble bundle and they finally got back to exciting games: Bastion, Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, and Sword & Sworcery

As usual, all on Windows, Linux and Mac. 
I heartily recommend Unreal, even those ten+ years later. 
Psychonauts, Amnesia Is On Linux Now? 
Hope I can just download the binary for those, already bought them on steam. 
Argument is invalid, Unreal and Gears were both terrible games. 
jt_: Wait! Apparently they lied and it is just Wine for Limbo at least. I'll post when I know more. Since I already bought it... 
What critical discussion? "Everything sucks" isn't a discussion. It's a lifestyle. :) 
I did play Unreal back in the day, on a P166MMX :)

I enjoyed it, but I just think that GoW was a deeper richer game. Mainly because in ten years gaming had moved forwards with more technology for richer games. 
Misread that post then. 
Correct I didn't read that gibberish. "I think GOW was a deeper richer game" justifies my decision not to.

P.S. HTH nitin :) 
UT had layers like an onion, maaaan... 
just listened to the few skrillix songs posted in this thread. honestly it doesn't seem that bad to me, although if that's his best songs, it doesn't put my in any hurry to download his albums.

however the songs did seem to have some cool beats and a bit of rhythm going on, which is a lot more than can be said about a lot of rock and metal these days which is just constant noise. they'd probably sound good in a pool bar with not so much dancing going on but just some cool grimey electronic stuff. 
"Yeah, sorry dude ... your music is alright but it's just not good enough for me to download for free." 
Sounds About Right 
These days. I do frequent and brutally honest cleanses of my music folder these days.
My opinion:
I think Skrillex is mediocre. I also think the hardcore anti Skrillex stuff is unnecessary as the hardcore fandom. That being said, the only hardcore Skrillex fan I know used to be a hardcore nickelback fan. Perhaps instead of being the Cobain of ...fax machiney dubstep?... He's the chad Kroeger.

Just started playing bastion now and I am blown away by how much I'm loving it already! Wasn't sure I'd be a fan of the art style but in game it is actually pretty damn charming.
Totally not ready for Dark Descent though. I think I had a small stroke. 
These Days 
These days. 
Lol Willem that's about right

"sorry skrillax your music is ok, but not enough to spend the time in my precious life downloading it for free" 
Does nobody have standards anymore? Is this the sort of trolling that is expected to get responses these days? I mean ... ahh, forget it. If you can't even take a piracy dig and turn it into something respectable ... you all really must be too old to play this game. 
For the record Limbo is an incredible game that everyone should play! 
Pirating Music 
Who me? I don't really troll tbh, just speak my mind.

I personally don't believe in paying for music. Not when I've spent 100s of hours creating Quake levels and gave them out for free, so why does some little bitch named Rihanna for example, who's already many times a millionaire, think she deserves $30 of my hard earned money for one of her albums that she's already made millions on, and probably threw together in a few weeks. Do I earn millions of dollars with a few hours work? NO.

I can understand with the smaller bands that haven't made it big, but anyone who's big makes loads of cash for concerts - which I do pay for if they actually ever come to my country - and from people who do buy their music either on itunes or cd.

My money is far more valuable to me than it is to Rihanna so she can buy another pair of $100k shoes to wear once. So why should she have it just because she made some songs? And let's be honest, most of the mainstream artists these days don't write or produce their own music. They get it given to them on a plate. And even if they did, guys like Skrillax prove that it's really not that hard to make music. I'm 100% certain I could make better music than most of what's out there today, with the necessary tools and experience - but that's wasn't my chosen profession. It's really NOT that hard to make music.

Ultimately, most artists don't actually deserve all the money they get just because they made some cool songs. I put just as much effort as they do into my own professional, and I don't charge millions for it. $30 for a cd is a ripoff, and I won't pay that much for any album ever again unless it's someone I really, really respect (Amon Tobin, Boards Of Canada).

So that's my little rant about why I don't pay for music and don't believe I should :D 
with the necessary tools and experience - but that's wasn't my chosen profession. It's really NOT that hard to make music.

Yeah I think the same thing everytime I listen to Jimi Hendrix. Totally unimpressive, just give me ten years of daily practice and bleeding fingers.

Oh, and a life-time of turmoil and family strife to channel into my music. 
*Gets The Popcorn* 
Also during lunch just now I played some Limbo and god it owns so much.
Perhaps the best industrially-themed game ever made! 
hehe well not so much Hendrix. I guess there are plenty of artists that have spent years practising on instruments that don't deserve to get pirated.

I'm thinking more computer based production rather than actually playing a musical instrument, because that's actually mostly what I listen to. Electronic genres, hiphop. But much of the top 40 stuff these days isn't a typical band. A producer made their song. Maybe I'm wrong and there's more bands out there in the mainstream. 
Jimi Hendrix Is Dead 
He's not going to benefit from any of the money.

If his family didn't sell his rights, then maybe they would? If not it would be the record label that gets rich of that 40 years dead dude ... 
He ain't dead baby he just went home. 
I Have Standards! 
Hence why I wouldn't reinstall GOW if someone forced me at gunpoint, would rather listen to 5 minutes of chronic diarrhoea than a Skrillex track, and definitely pay for all the artist music I get because I believe that people deserve payment for the effort they put in to that media. 
These Aren't No Hipsters.... 
these dudes are Old Skool. 
(sorry Thinking Out Loud) 
was just pondering the whole Skrillex v GoW v Unreal v Me v Shambler v Willem BS.

Quite funny really. 
Well That Started A Good Flame War 
although it didnt really fan as much as it should have. Maybe you guys have lost your trolling skills. 
Ricky is trolling or just an imbecile.

Willem isn't he's just irate and misguided.

I was just honestly trying to help, Nitin! 
I've had time to play lots of "Other PC Games" while you've been having this silly discussion, I win once again! 
Why is "Other PC Games" in quotes anyway? Are they alleged games? 
They're not really PC games, they're all just ports of console games. 
Lol "Other PC Games" Is The Subject Of This Thread 
Whilst Skrillex is off topic :S 
Omg Look A Pc Game! 
Starforge. I guess this is what happens when Minecraft has its way with Halo or something? Really interesting looking procedurally generated fps/sandbox thing.

I did vidyuz yo 
the player pain sound is hilarious. :D
i've been wondering how long it would take until someone made a sandbox randomly generated game. i agree about minecraft, btw. making stuff was fun, but the combat didn't really do it for me.
thanks for that video. :) 
Humble Bundle 5 Update 
Now featuring Braid and Super Meat Boy... hey, don't wander off, yeah those are included in every bundle, but what's also in is the extraordinary Lone Survivor!! 
From The Author 
So the game will be given to everyone who bought HIB V before today as thanks for early adoption, regardless of what they paid - which means close to 400,000 people will already be guaranteed a copy! 
Thanks To Whomever Mentioned Limbo 
It's an awesome game. 
Prince Of Persia 
Here's a Prince of Persia (2008) review

6/10. Shitty combat and jumping, but it's a great looking game.

Ubisofts done some really overated games in 07/08 (Assassin's Creed, Vegas 2). I hope I'm not disappointed by Far Cry 2. 
Yeah See My Comment About The Latest PoP Above Too 
FC2 was cool though, albeit flawed. 
Actually No 
thats a different PoP, havent played that yet. 
Gears Of War 
Willem, how much involvement did you have with the Belly of the Beast levels? IMHO, the first set of levels with real atmosphere and they have a Shadar Logoth vibe to them (strange connection but thats what I felt). 
...and has the guy who designed the controls on the buggy thing in Gears 2 been forbidden from ever designing controls again? 
is now available on Steam for a reasonable price.

Getting it cos the original version doesnt work with Win7. Hope WoT makes it someday too. 
Quake scene tidbit: FrikaC is responsible for this new release. it has some bugfixes and polish from what I know. and the soundtrack is included. you can blame me for it being in ogg vorbis. 
some maps are supposed to be redone to remove dead ends and unintended death spots etc 
Just got back from spending five weeks in Vietnam doing serious work stuff (much as I would have liked to have spent that time playing games and arguing about fucking Skrillax and Gears of War).

Actually - on topic, I did play some games over there! Video game shops in Hanoi are hilarious - there are entire streets where every shop is selling pirated games burnt onto discs. It's just how they roll over there. You buy a dodgy chipped console, and pick up a shitload of dodgy games for about a dollar each (I think I bought about 50 of 'em at once) In fact, I don't think it would be possible to buy a legitimate game in Vietnam even if I wanted to. I played Gears of War 2 and 3 that way (split screen) with my mate (can't go online on these hooky consoles) and it was a blast! Shambler you are wrong. 
Ur a great big gayer and I hope you caught 'nad rot over there. 
I've only finished 3 out of 5 Acts so far and it is a flawed game, but I've liked it. I will say this, its worth playing just for Act 3, very atmospheric and cool. 
Did you get a chance to go out and about? 
Why is "Other PC Games" in quotes anyway? Are they alleged games?

Because when I made this fucking thread it was 'Other Games', and included console games like normal rational designers might discuss.

But then Shambler the Tyrannical Cocklord decided that the glorious PC race was somehow suffering by hearing that people enjoyed anything on 360 or PS3. 
Did you get a chance to go out and about?

Yes absolutely. I saw a lot of Hanoi (which was where I was staying). I friggin love the Old Quarter, and met so many cool people there :) As well as doing some daytrips to areas near Hanoi (ancient villages, Ninh Binh etc.), I also spent an awesome weekend on a boat in Halong Bay. During some downtime I managed to do a bit of flying around and I spent some time in the coastal cities of Hue and Hoi An (Hoi An at night is stunning), and I even flew over to Laos to spend the better part of a week chillaxing in Luang Prabang. Sadly I didn't get to see Saigon or any of the rest of the South, but that's for another time I guess.

In fact I loved the country so much, I'm currently figuring out a way to stay in 'Nam in a more permanent capacity. My partner in this game business thingy I'm doing lives in Hanoi, so it would make sense for us to be in the same place.

Are you from around that neck of the woods? 
Glorious pc gaming master race 
no I'm from Australia but did visit Vietnam and Cambodia for a holiday a few years back so was just curious as to whether you got about or not and what you checked out.

I much preferred Hanoi to Saigon personally, actually most of the north to the south, but that shouldnt stop you from checking it out.

Halong Bay was definitely cool, did you get to see the floating villages? And Kayak in that amazing looking water with all those limestone islands?

If you do go back, I highly recommend a few days up in Sapa, great little place easily accessible by train from Hanoi.

Also, I didnt get to Laos but you should alos go to Cambodia if possible, by boat along the Mekon (6 hrs) from Chau Doc to Phenom Pheng would be my recommendation, beats the bus anyday! 
Yeah, I did kayaking in Halong Bay, under the caves and stuff, and swimming - we got a really basic boat that didn't have a working shower, so in the morning instead of rolling out of bed and onto the deck, I climbed out the window from the bed and just fell into the sea. It was the perfect way to wake up. And yeah, the floating villages were cool, we had dinner in one of them.

I meant to do Sapa, but I was a bit pressed for time at that point, and the 8.5-hour overnight train sounded a bit gruelling. Definately next time though :}

Cambodia and Thailand are definately on my list too. 
Finally finished playing Fear and it's first expansion (I played it a tiny bit way back when but never actually sat down and played the whole thing).

I'm having a really hard time thinking of another game that squanders so much potential, and gives such an intense feeling that the developers didn't truly understand what they were making or for that matter what made it fun. 
combat was fun, rest was meh? That's how I remember it anyway.


great story! ALso, the train ride is not bad, except that the carriages are designed for midgets so you dont get much sleep really. 
Gears Of War 
finished and I liked it, despite numerous frustrating fights because all the combat in the game is based around the cover mode. I think it would have been better if ti was mixed up a bit with standard shooter combat and cover combat.

Looks wise its obviously quite detailed but apart from Chapter 3, none of it felt memorable. I think its because every nook and cranny and area is equally detailed, lessening the impact of set piece visuals a fair bit. 
Risen 2 Demo. 
Any config files I can edit to allow Mouse1 rebinding?? Or are Pirahana Bytes going deliberately for the "no chance of sale" option?? 
LA Noire 
$3.74 on Steam. 
Coming to XBLA on July 4th. 
Meet The Pyro Is Out! 
Reviewed 3 of City Interactive's 2009 shooters

Code of Honor 3: Desperate Measures 5.5/10

Battlestrike: Shadow Of Stalingrad 4/10

Armed Forces Corp 4/10

Bit of a chore, but all 3 games only added up to about 6-7 hours of gameplay. 
La Noire 
shittest performance ever. Tried a number of different settings but I barely get 5 FPS no matter what. 
What specs? I was tempted to get it the other day on Steam but I hesitated because my machine is about 3 years old now. What are you working with? 
A short free horror game in the vein of Amnesia and Penumbra. You have to find eight manuscript pages scattered throughout a dark forest while being chased by a mysterious man.

The official website is down at the moment, but the download links still work: PC Mac (~55MB)

Teaser video:

Not wearing my brown pants atm, so I'll have to take a rain check. 
Didn't Want To Spoil It For N 
The link reminded me I should replay Yahtzee's Chzo series - which is somewhat Lone Survivorish btw. 
Cant Sleep Slendreman Will Take Me 
nuke it from orbit with fire good sir, fuck the ocaen 
Premise sounds a lot like this game, which was actually very cool: 
GTX 465 and AMD Phenom II X$ 965 3.40 GHz with 4 GB ram.

Like yours, not exactly new but this is the first game I have had this much trouble with. 5 FPS is ridiculous. 
Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning 
Anyone got this? And if so, can you check to see if you can rebind keys as follows:

Forward: L Mouse
Backward: R Mouse
Attack 1: #
Attack 2: [

And in general rebind all keys??

Ta, X 
Don't Have It Installed 
and I'm not downloading 11gb of game to check :D But off the top of my head, you can rebind keys. I used a 360 pad though, much easier to play that way! 
And Err 
I did google, but couldn't find any indication that you could rebind MOUSE keys... 
Alice: Madness Returns. 
+ Alice is cool.
+ The enemies are cool.
+ The environments are cool.
+ The jumping and dodging effects are cool.
+ The shrink mode and hiccuping are cool.
+ The lack of penalty for falling off things is very good.

- The worst example of consolitis I've seen.
- The umbrella bug sucks.
- The controls feel like ass, the mouse speed is fucked randomly changes all the time (maybe something to do with strafing (which is also fucked) but I can't find a consistent cause)
- The aiming mode that removes true 3PS is horrible.
- The focus mode that removes and semblence of a control perspective is even more horrible.
- The auto-saves are sometimes in utterly moronic positions.
- No normal saves.
- The section where you go into a retarded side-on perspective (why? truly awful), run through lots of crushing fist things, then have to fight lots of enemy in a tight space, with the autosave BEFORE the side-scrolling crushing bit is possibly the worst section of gameplay I've encountered in a game.
- Completely on rails with spoonfed progression.

Basically it is a pretty, stylish, shell of a game surrounding a rotten core of terribly- ported, scarcely QA-tested console turd where the charming effects and amusing enemy are drowned in a seething diarrhoeic mass of broken controls, broken autosaves, and general obtuseness. 
Is Tomb Raider Legends any good? just found it in a random pile of games left behind by an ex-housemate :p 
Binary Domain 
its insanely awesome. the game is a straight console port. no mouse pointer on menus, so you either use the wads keys or the arrows to move and choose the options.

steam has a demo, so i say try it. before playing though, there is an option to configure controls & settings. going there is a must because otherwise you'll get xbox controller icons for inputs instead of keyboard ones. you can also get change fov and the keys themselves and etc etc.

the game itself is a third person cover shooter, and its done pretty well. what i really liked is that, while it has those concrete barriers most third person cover games have, this one doesn't have them on every single fucking level. levels are linear, but fun and done well.

i thought the shooting itself felt really good. controls just like gears, spacebar to run & take cover. sometimes its used as a "action" key, though F is more of the use key but whatever. console games are weird as shit.

you can issue commands to your team mates, but its not a must. there are times when they'll comment on something or ask you a question and you'll have to answer and their friendship level will rise or lower depending on how you answered them. if they hate you, giving them the command to give you cover will be ignore and such.

the story is very good. i really liked it. some people say its b-movie good, but i find that kind of a bad comparison. its just a good game. very japanese [made by sega], and its crazy as fuck, and funny, and serious. its one of those games that doesn't take itself too seriously [unlike most western made shooters] so its fun and crazy.

wont go into details about the story because i am too shit to explain it, but watch the trailers and you'll get an idea. i think knowing the basics will be enough. i did that and i found myself getting into it more.

think of it as a a mix of blade runner & battlestar galactica [robots being human like & so on].

there are insane set pieces, and really fun boss fights. while they are the usual "shoot glowing part" i didn't it find it annoying or boring.

there are a few "turret" scenes, not really in a turret, but in a moving car shooting dudes out the window during a chase. even these parts i had fun, usually i hate them or i just want them to be over soon.

i had no issues with it technically, except for a fps drops when i killed a boss and particles everywhere slowed it down to like 5fps, but lasted like 3/5 seconds.

right now its $9.99usd on maybe wait for the steam summer sale to grab it if you live outside the us.

took me around 12 hours to finish it. the length felt just right. not too long, not too short.

i saw this trailer a few months ago - - and i got interested, then tried the demo and i was sold.

i drank three large 32oz coffees so i am hyper as hell right now, hopefully it wont make the text too annoying. 
Alice Madness Returns 
Also, it's too long. 
Food For Thought... 
scarcely QA-tested console turd

I notice testers tend to get a lot of flak for problems still present in games, whether its a bad console port or bugs. What if these people are doing their job, yet the ones in charge are simply not fixing them for whatever reason? (Time/Cost)

Just something that has been on my mind recently. 
Obviously the complaint is about the overall combination of the testing, the attention paid to testing feedback, and the fixes made on the basis of that feedback - or lack of any of those aspects.

In this case I presume the PC port wasn't tested at all. 
I wasn't pointing fingers at you specifically, it's just a thing I've noticed all over the web and that quote was an excuse to post my thoughts :p 
Heh No Probs. 
It is a fair point. Who knows where the fault lies, all we can do is make a general point and hope those responsible are wracked with guilt and shame. 
Read a few articles about how a lot of QA departments in studios are treated like complete shit, ie not considered 'proper' employees, kept in seperate buildings and stuff. 
In My Experience, One Thing Never Changes 
and that is: whoever gets blamed for a game's shortcomings, will always pass that blame onto someone else.

Internally, the blame will be energetically punted up and down the chain of command, and sideways into other departments - until it ultimately runs out of momentum and rolls quietly towards the direction of the publishers.

The devs - now with their hands washed of it - get to their feet, pat each other on the backs, and happily start the next project - where they proceed to either make the same mistakes all over again, or a bunch of entirely new mistakes. Often both.

(Whatever the case, it's never QA's fault though). 
New trailer at Blues, much less of the futuristic stuff, much more explosions and nonsense. 
Reviewed Darkest Of Days from 2009.
6.5/10, definitely under-rated with a 51% on metacritic. 
Max Payne 3 
Was really looking forward to it, but it turned out to be shit. Seriously, fuck that game. Glad I didn't buy it full price - seems almost everything on Steam gets a 50% discount after 2-3 months on sale, and I'm sick of buying full price. Managed to beat it, but it was a real trial to get through for the following reasons:

Rockstar thought they were making a fucking film. Rockstar are usually pretty good at putting a good story into their games whilst keeping the player in control most of the time. Here I was in control about 30% of the time if you ignore all the time I spent replaying the same sections because I died. Far too many cutscenes, far too many times when the controls are removed from you just to show a little fucking animation when it could have easily been part of the gameplay, and to make matters worse, you can't skip cutscenes half the time, or at least it seems rather inconsistent.

The gameplay is worse than Max Payne 2. I loved Max Payne 2, which felt to me like Remedy had taken the things people didn't like about the first game, and improved them no end, whilst adding layers of polish to everything else too. Rockstar clearly knew the source material well, as the gameplay doesn't stray far from the original, aside from the addition of cover (not very well implemented, however), but the things they removed, such as molotovs and grenades, spoil the game somewhat.

It's the most on-rails game I've played in ages. There is almost no freedom whatsoever. There are locked doors everywhere, and those that aren't usually get locked by some kind of mischievous door locking goblin after you pass through them in a fairly non-subtle way. Other scenes just kill you or your partner the instant you go to some area rockstar didn't want you to go to, which makes the game feel like they put up invisible walls everywhere.

Maybe I'm just super shit, but it's really frustrating. Enemies are constantly popping out from corners you don't expect and chipping away at your health, and death comes quickly even if you are turtling. Dying is annoying because there is almost always some little cutscene at the checkpoint that you must watch before you can get back into the action. If you die a lot, the game restarts you with more painkillers and ammo, which is nice. I wouldn't have finished it if it didn't.

Sometimes enemies die really easily, sometimes they just keep getting up. They definitely go down sooner if you shoot them in the head, but sometimes it seems like they are wearing layered helmets, because they just don't stay down. It feels shit when that happens. Again, could be that I'm just shit.

The game keeps auto selecting the pistol. The pistol is a really useful weapon, but you don't want to use it ALL the time. Usually when you come out of a cutscene, even a small one, the game has switched your weapon to the pistol. If you haven't noticed it can be really bloody annoying. Why they did this I don't know, but it seems like a shit design choice.

Bullet time isn't really any fun any more. Just feels slow and shit. There are some scripted events using bullet time that are kind of cool, but I think I would have been happy just playing normal speed. Bullet time does make the game easier though, so I used it a fair bit in the sections where I was dying a lot.

There is some kind of shitty full screen visual effect going on throughout the entire game that you can't disable. It's a kind of colour shift thing that I guess is meant to emphasise Max's whisky and pain killer addled world. It gets annoying pretty damn quick. The camera work in the cutscenes is often really over the top too.

It seems a bit buggy. Sometimes you can't easily pick up weapons, sometimes shit floats in the air, sometimes bad guys spaz out and sometimes the camera sucks and you can't see where you are aiming because Max blocks the crosshair. It's not too bad I guess, but there were a few things that spoiled my "enjoyment" somewhat.

I already wasted over 10 hours of my life playing the game, so I will stop wasting more on it and wrap up my little mini rant with don't bother unless you are a big Max Payne fan and want to follow the story. 
(shut Up, Czgke) 
I AM a big Max Payne fan and I simply don't consider this related to "my" Max Payne at all. 
Sounds like a lot of issues that are oh-too-familiar with modern gaming. Lots of really fucking bloody obvious issues that would have been so easy to fix/avoid/not bloody put in in the first place, but games devs seems to have a habit of deliberately fucking things up when it would actually be easier not to do so.

Autosave points just before lengthy cutscenes = games devs should be ground down into dog food. 
Autosave points just before lengthy cutscenes

I'm astounded that this still gets done. I mean, people have complained about this kind of thing since the dawn of cutscenes. 
Dev Angle 
"Autosave points just before lengthy cutscenes"

This is usually done for several reasons :-
* The cinematic devteam want to have a save / spawnpoint close to where the cinematic is for testing and tweaking.
* Often the skip function for cinematic's is never added (or very late in development) because (often) the director wants the players to watch every cinematic. Think about the devs for a minute, they have to watch these things as well, except 100s of times!
* Cinematics cost a lot of time and resources to create and some people feel the players should see them all! Crazy attitude ... 
That is a list of why cutscenes should NOT be added to a game imo :)

If players want to skip the cinematics, then the cinematics are either boring or the game has failed to make the player care for the story in any way.

Funny that (imo) some of the best games with the best stories had no cutscenes. Half-Life series etc. 
Funny that (imo) some of the best games with the best stories had no cutscenes. Half-Life series etc.

Which makes me wonder: if they are so good, why are not most games like this? 
I get annoyed when, after sitting through all the loading logos, I then get the game logo with a "press any key" to get to the menu. WTF is the point of this? I know what game I'm playing, just put the logo on the menu! Which it usually is as well anyway. Then if I want to quit the game I get taken back to "press any key" to get to the menu so I can quit!

It's like turning on your television and you get a "press any button" before you're allowed to watch anything. No one would buy that tv. 
I then get the game logo with a "press any key" to get to the menu. WTF is the point of this?

Yup, another head scratcher for me. It's just one more extra click for nothing.

There are a lot of bizarre common practice things in games these days. I just don't understand what they accomplish other than mild annoyance. 
Press Any Key/start Button 
This is a technical requirement from both microsoft and sony. They won't let a game pass certification without it.
Why they want it like that I don't know.

Also; Christ, that is the most insignificant fucking pointless detail ever to whine about. 
I think that's why it's so annoying. I mean, there's no purpose for it at all and yet it's there. 
Haha yeah but it's just so pointless. At least with a save before a cutscene it's there so they can jam their cutscenes down your throat. It's done for a reason.

Anyway, review of Devil May Cry 4 (which was pretty bad at it's "press any key" and menu design, and overuse of cutscenes). But I enjoyed it 7/10. 
Press Any Key 
I bet there's a really subtle reason behind that. Like it confirms that the player actually does have a controller connected or something, on account of user testing having shown that this was something people did on a surprisingly frequent basis.

But for crying out loud remove it from the PC version of a game. 
A = Time it takes to whinge on an internet forum about the "press any key screen".

B = Time it takes to actually press the fucking key.

Anyone wanna guesstimate what A/B equals? 
Rapidly Approaching Infinity 
*hugs Kinn* 
But Kinn 
people enjoy whinging... 
I can't believe what I'm reading. Are people here actually defending a useless start screen? Something that serves no purpose in a pc game other than adding another layer between you and the part of the game that you actually play.

And, Kinn, in your equation, B should read like this: B = Time it takes to actually press the fucking key * time it takes for the useless start screen to load * number of times you play the game * number of games you play that have a useless start screen. 
Are people here actually defending a useless start screen?

If someone complains, someone will defend, I guess. It must be like an internet rule or something. 
I think you're wrong, that isn't an internet rule at all. 
hahaha, touch�. :) 
Ah the days of old Playstation games where loading menus took fucking ages, so those extra title screens were just there to piss you off when you left the room to make a cup of tea or something.

These days, far far more things to whine about than that shit. I just got back to playing some Hard Reset and holy shit you move so fucking slowly. Feels like you're waist deep in water. And you can sprint for about a second at a time (and the speed boost is shit).

Pretty game though. 
Get a trainer that has a sprint cheat ZQF. It might be cheating, but it'll make the game more fun. I can't stand slow walking games. 
Cinematics And Skippability 
make it non-skippable first time through if you want players to see the hard work and money, make it skippable for repeat attempts. 
And File That Idea... 
Under "rocket science" or "brain surgery". 
Gears Of War 
had this feature, except it seemed to work for some cutscenes but not others. No idea why. 
what if players don't actually give a shit about your fucking story?

I actually liked the Max Payne story (well, it was ok), but in other games I have not given a rat's ass about the story and couldn't skip the cutscenes. I don't give a shit about the work that went into them, I just want to play the game. If there is some important info in the cutscene, then maybe it's ok to stop me from skipping it the first time, but I'm paying to play the game, not watch cutscenes, so any artificial restrictions on skipping cutscenes (non-technical, such as loading in the background) should be removed. 
I watched a housemate play Devil May Cry 4 once. I say play... 
:) :( ): (: 
scroll up to read how I played hl2 and how their method of story telling is fucking stupid (to me). 
This an old game that was re-released as a WiiWare title, and now has a proper PC release.
It's an old school metroid-vania style platformer, very hard and unforgiving, it's pretty good. Anyone who likes those type of games should check it out.

RPS review : 
Nightmare House 2 (hl2 Ep2 Required)

This was released in 2010 but I missed it. Holy shit it's good! Very high quality production value, great atmosphere and good pacing. The final confrontation is brilliant.

It'll take you around 3+ hours to finish, I enjoyed every minute. 
missed that one. 
Finished Hard Reset. There is a lot wrong with the game, but it has nugget of awesomeness that you need to learn to tap and then it becomes a really rather unique feeling game. It promotes rapid weapon switching, weapon combos and crowd control over pure dodging or cover use (though it does still have a lot of both).

A bit like Fear in that I could natter endlessly about all the cool stuff the game has as well as really bizarre or annoying design choices. Hard Reset pushes an FPS into even more classic arcade territory, and in fact I think doesn't go far enough.

It also has surprisingly oldschool level design. Though it doesn't place enemies in specific positions so much, it does have linear but interconnected environments that flow around, and you feel like each space has interesting geometry and you get to see each area from multiple angles.

Basically, love it or hate it game in the end. I had to play through it once to realise what weapons were worth buying and using and what to not waste points on (fuck RPG upgrade paths, especially when you limit my choices early on anyway). After that, second play through, ton of fun. 
PS it's had some free DLC so the game is much longer than it was at release. Someone told me where the original ending was and I got why people complained it was so short cause damn, sudden final boss out of nowhere. 
Blacklight Retribution Is Great :) 
Doom64 EX 
Apparently, Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal wasn't so happy with his and others' work on the older Doom 64 TC, Absolution, so he went ahead and coded a custom Doom Engine from scratch for emulating the physics of the 64 port as closely as possible. Even though there are still a few graphical glitches here and there, it looks like he accomplished what he had set out to do. Now it's possible to play Midway's Doom II sequel in its entirety in hi-res and with mouselook support. I didn't know that this game was much more than a port - it comes with it's own megawad and uses all new assets, i.e. new sprites, textures, sound, music and all. Starts off a little slow but progressively gets better. The most striking thing is that it has a very different atmosphere than the source game, mostly owing to a bleaker texture set, gloomy colored lighting and the ambient score. I'm halfway through the pack and enjoying it immensely. Definitely recommended.

Get the 'Kex Engine' at from Kaiser's website and find yourself a rom of Doom 64 (which is needed for creating an IWAD from):

Oh, and don't worry about the screenshots on the Media page - you can toggle bilinear filtering off. 
Having a bit of fun perfecting some Hard Reset levels :) 
There's Not A Single Scene With Vertical Gameplay In That Video 
Yup it's definately a problem with the level design. Although it's flow is better it's still very similar to Serious Sam or Painkiller.

You'll get the odd area with some monsters placed on a higher platform sniping at you or something but usually it's just a flat room with obstacles.

It's particularly jarring when you're surrounded by so many tall buildings (or so high up you can't see the ground) but you never look up except to gaze at the skybox. 
I never would have thought it'd be possible to make a game about shooting robots with big guns mind numbingly boring, but the Hard Reset guys really pulled out all the stops to achieve it. Based on the demo, at least -- maybe they're saving the best for last, but I'm not paying to find out. 
Yeah until you get some weapon upgrades the game is pretty bloody tedious, and without the weapons to play with the game is so dull compared to, say, Serious Sam, which is fun when given just a shotgun.

In fact the hardest part of the game on high difficulty is probably level three or so, as it's the combination of tough enemies and few weapon upgrades, which is stupid.

It is a pretty crap video though, but I was having such shit luck trying to record something more interesting as my PC just collapsed with fraps + bigger fights :p 
Has hit version 1.0. 
Implying Version Numbers Mean Something 
Gonna check it out. 
I like twitch shooters, but Warsow just looks a little TOO fast to me. Dizzying.

Hard Reset looks okay. Level design looked average. I'd play it still.

Is it just me or is there a major lack of shooters and actions games on the PC so far this year?

I might make a list... 
Well that was 4 hours wasted lol. I updated my list of games to play:

Goes by year, worst to best as rated on metacritic.

2012 does indeed look pathetic so far. Even if the number of play-worthy releases doubles, it still won't be close to 2011 amount. Was 2011 the best year for PC gaming?

What's also interesting is the severe lack of first person shooters, and even third person. They're barely coming out now, not helped when critics give great games like Rage an average score. The vast majority of PC games seem to be strategy and adventure. Who the hell plays all these strategy games?

Oh and these are almost all first or third person. I don't play platformers or top down 
am I seriously seeing another Painkiller game in that list? 
Hunted: The Demons Forge 
Anyone ever play that?

The trailer looks kinda mint.

25% off on Steam. I'm semi-tempted. 
All these new Painkiller games are really just DLC's and expansion packs. At least the new one is only $10 on Steam. Although I wouldn't pay that, it doesn't look good enough for any money when it's only got 5 levels (and 4000 enemies wtf).

There's a Painkiller remake in progress too. The guys behind Necrovision are making it. Fuck knows why, all the crap Painkiller since the original must have ruined that franchise by now. 
I loved Fallout 3. 9.5/10.

Here's a review of the game, all DLC's and some worthwhile mods mentioned. 
I've just noticed that Rogue Trooper on your review list does not have a release month attached to it. It is April of 2006. 
Oh yep cheers erc 
Giana Sisters Remake 
Looks cool. Not really into sonic type platformers though. Too 90s.

But if they did a fps without that twist idea between dark/light - awesome!!!! 
Dark Souls

It's really pretty crazy just how much better this game can look after you tweak the shit out of it with mods and by butchering the hidden NVIDIA profile settings, compared to the utter mess that is the state of "as shipped by developer". 
Project Hell.

Dead Island mod turned into a game. Two environment screenshots look very nice. Long way off of course. 
looks awesome. 2 screenshots and a basic blog for a website isn't a huge start, but could be good if it's finished, one day 
Public Beta Weekend Again 
Anarchy Online Soundtrack 
Dishonoured Soon. 
And this:

Means I will definitely buy it, for that reason alone. 
Cause you like Dutch menus? God, that looks painful. I bet it will be just as awkward to use as the Rage one. 
The Nicked My Name 
The Hand That Feeds

Those guys.... 
Damnation / LOTR / Fallout 3 Mods 
Here's a review of Damnation:

Not as bad as it's made out, I gave a 6/10.
Bit of chore in the end though.

Anyone played Lord of the Rings: Conquest? I started the first level (training failed because it wouldn't allow me to pass the combo test), seemed to be pretty shitty gameplay where I died three times - the last time being because the enemies wouldn't move through the fucking door and I couldn't kill them due to a weird invisible wall, and suddenly it says I've failed the mission. No checkpoints and having to start the entire level over each time as well, so I guess it's a fucking shitty game. Might try again in god mode, the levels looked pretty cool.

Been playing lots of Fallout 3 mods as well.
Cube and Orion's game definitely worth playing. Lots of crap that doesn't work though. I've still got several more of the top ones to try. 
Obviously no one played LOTR Conquest then, lol.

Here's a review of Avatar:

Pretty good actually, 7.5/10. Bit easy and a bit boring after 20 hours. Visuals are awesome though (modified CryEngine). 
Borderlands 2 
Two years back when commenting on BL1 in this thread, I called it Bordomlands and criticized a perceived pointlessness of it all. However, I now realize I had just played it 'wrong'. It's was on singleplayer, but these games are focused on coop and that's where they shine.

I played through the whole of BL2 on coop with le Bal and rebb, rather excessively even, and it was a lot of fun, very enjoyable. It felt like good oldschool FPS action with strong Rage vibe in places, mixed with a crazy WoW-type of looting and item stats mess.
The graphics are cool, fairly crisp and a unique touch to the style, which is important, because otherwise many levels would look like the same old ugly brown from other shooters. Story, characters and humor are cheesy and dumb, but - and that's a major difference between my two BL experiences - on coop it doesn't matter. Most of the time, we didn't even care for any specifics as long as we had stuff to shoot.

I regret not having had a chance to play BL1 the same way - it surely would have left a much different impression. This time, however, it seemed like a right place/right time situation, because it's new and we were all psyched for it. Can't underestimate the value of a good coop team, which wouldn't be possible or be as much fun with random strangers. So GG guys and see you for True Vault Hunter Mode.. ugh :D 
What's the score, bitches?? 
Haven't played so much yet, but it's looking really good so far.
But I dunno for you Shambler, if I remember correctly you couldn't get into Deus Ex right? Cause it's a bit similar. 
Yeah of course I got into Deus Ex, I just got a bit bored in Shanghai when there wasn't enough MURDERATION for my chosen gameplay path. 
You talkin bout Deux Ex: Human Revolution, you callit dat, you twats. 
I meant Deus Ex in general really. The first and third game are quite different, but the gameplay type is definitely fairly similar.

Shambler, well Dishonored is a bit like that, you can play fairly violent, or go more slowly and stealthy. I haven't come across so much town-type quests stuff like in Shanghai in DXHR thought, feels more like lots of action missions with minimal story development in between, but I've only played ~2 hours. 
After 6 Hours 
Game rocks.

There are tons of people to talk to, books to read, and storyline to uncover, if you want to, or you can just head to the next level and murder everything in your way.

I knew it looked nice from screenshots but holy fuckballs there is some seriously impressive visual design going on here. They absolutely nailed the London look.

The levels are absolutely gigantic too, after 6 hours of play I've only assassinated 1 target, and spent the rest of the time just exploring around the place collecting all the things.

Shit's good. 
Downloadered Already. 
Gonna play at some point. 
Hello, Quake 2 called and it wants it's texture resolution back........ 
I don't understand all the whining about Dishonored's texture resolution, it looks fine to me (it's not crazy detailed, but it gets the job done).
Is this a bug or something? 
Quite Possible A Big. 
The textures look super-low res....the rest of the gfx are fine, lighting is good etc... 
From what I saw of the game, the seemingly lower-res textures look like they're actually part of its style. A slightly surreal semi-realism vibe or something like that.

If it bothers you, see if forcing 16xAF in your nvidia/ATI control panel improves the visuals to your liking. 
Doom3 Bfg Edition 
much faster game loading , that lost episode gameplay reminds that old classic doom

a bit bright though,

not sure about new pda interface 
Xcom Enemy Unknown 
After beating it on normal and instantly starting a new "Classic Ironman" game (essentially hard difficulty, and only 1 save that is automatically updated whenever you do anything, so no rewinds!) it's very easy to recommend this. I've been utterly hooked since my first play session :)

It's not perfect. There are lots of nagging bugs with things like camera views, geometry popping etc and a lot of the base management menu's suffer from consolitis, but the core turn based strategy gameplay is extremely well put together and the game has that deadly "just one more mission" impulse that has you lose all track of time... 
Black Ops 
I really really liked COD: Modern Warfare (in fact I think it's easily one of top3 FPS games ever made), but I have been really dissapointed with MW2 and MW3 (each one while very enjoyable in SP, got progressively worse in MP). This made me steer clear of Black Ops when it originally came out about 2 years ago.

Being curious about Black Ops 2 (coming out in 3 weeks), I finally broke down and bought the original Black Ops on the cheap. Boy am I glad I did.

The single player is standard ridiculously over-the-top crazy COD fare (which I very much love), but goddamn they didn't fuck up the MP in this one! It's actually really really good and lives up to the high standards set by MW1. 
Timeless Black Ops Review By Starbuck 
From earlier in this thread:

HOLY SHIT I'M DRIVING A CAR NOW oh okay i've jumped out and stabbed a russian in the tit AND NOW I'M ON A BIKE and i've got to shoot down a nuke? With a crossbow? THE PRESIDENT IS ON FIRE!! What the fuck is happening? I think I've been double crossed. By myself? 
No It Doesn't 
Cod4 was the last decent cod. 
The Bit Of Fish I Had From The Chippy Last Thursday 
Was the last decent cod. 
*slaps table repeatedly*

// Involuntary non-verbal communication from a man sat completely alone. 
...if they used a different name maybe they wouldn't get spotted?

(You guessed it, I'm bored) 
Cars Sim Screenshots
forgot reg last time, login is
pages 24, 25, 26 my screenshots 
Cool trailer from Outlast, survival horror 
What happens to game devs when cocaine fries their brains dead: 
What A Fucking Idiot 
Interesting read though. 
.... :P 
Game Developer Writes Utter Drivel On A Blog 
News at 11. 
In His Defence 
I think the point he was trying to make is actually similar to the classic rule of: before you make a game, you need to make a toy; i.e. something that's fun to fuck around with freely, but then you layer the gamey stuff (challenge/goals/contraints etc.) on top of that.

He just forgot to add the second part I think.

Or maybe he just really likes cutscenes. I dunno. 
I Like CZG! 
What he is advocating for is 'interactive stories', which I think is fine in the realm of entertainment media and I'm sure there is a market for who want that sort of thing... just don't try and call it a game if you want to push the gameplay to the side. 
Legend of Dungeon
Check this kickstarter shit out. Pixel art rogue-like, but it's got swanky normal-maps and lighting. Looks rad. 
btw, obviously not what starbuck is talking about, it just caught my eye. 
That Does Look Nice 
I Hope 
they will turn down the retardedly colored lighting 
anyone wants a dota2 beta key? i don't care for it, but i got one.

i'll send you an email if you have it written on your account. 
Black Snow 
Is a high quality HL2-EP2 mod that you definitely want to have a look at if you like "The Thing".

Very much a horror puzzle/exploration game, only played about an hour of it and its excellent. Very creepy with tense moments. No combat so far but never say never. 
Dota 2 Madafakaz 
here's the key if anyone wants it. being dota2, you need steam to activate it.

The textures still suck asstacularly. But that's about it.....the rest rocks so far.

They've blended what Crysis etc did so well with making gameplay fun, with some of the stuff that worked in Deus Ex (but not so anally retentive) - dump you in a mission with a million paths through it, give you lots of toys to play with (including movement options on the fly) and let you get on with it. It's the polar opposite of the ghastly interactive turd hand-holding military-shouting bore-a-thons of COD - actually allowing a player to PLAY a game and making most of the options fairly natural to do so. Blink is bloody awesome and one of the most fun things in FPS gaming for a long time.

Aside from that it does exactly what it promises on the tin (of pickled hagfish). Just watch the Youtube videos and play the damn thing.

A computer game, a side-scrolling roguelike-like

For Linux, Windows and MacOS. 
Virus Free 
And quite nice. 
Seeing rogues mentionned just wanna bring to attention for anyone that missed it DoomRL is available with puuurdy tiles since Feb this year : 
/me Slaps Killes Around A Bit With The Doom Chainsaw!! 
.. you are not on #tf, so stop this please ! 
Dig Up The Corpses 
Man this is some old shit :)

Oh man those logs are still around. Hilarious stuff indeed

On topic Hawken is cool, Blacklight Retribution is even better.
Cool stuff all this. No time to play much though. 
Meant Blacklight Retribution got even better since launch... 
Anyone Playing World Of Tanks? 
Bought Some Games During Christmas Sales 
although who knows when I'll play them.

Mark of the Ninja
Driver San Fransisco
Fallout New Vegas
Darksiders II
The Witcher II
Batman Arkham City 
Da Gaems! 
I just finished Darksiders 2 the other day. I preferred the original in just about every way. It's not a bad game but has a lot of excess baggage and takes forever to get going. It felt like the first 15 hours (!!!?) were the tutorial.

Arkham City is next. Started it the other day and I'm totally hooked. Fantastic so far. I have a few problems with the combat system, mainly because I suck at using gamepads and usually am not quick enough to press buttons (im looking at the pad to see where the buttons are lol) before getting hit :P 
Also Picked Up Rage 
started Mark of the Ninja, quite cool and there is nothign really wrong with it but I have rediscovered that stealth games arent really my cup of tea (will be interesting to see how I find Sock's ITS mod).

Love the art style and atmospehere though. 
Arkham City 
played it a bit on a friend's ps3. Didn't like it at all, because it's such a new-style xbox-kid game, with sequences, big boobs, no challenge gameplay, dumbed-down controls, etc. Win all fights by pressing just triangle (I heard it gets 'harder' later).

also, ham. 
Damn Steam Sales 
They will be the death of my newly acquired credit. So far, I've bought Hard Reset, Skyrim + DLC, Serious Sam Gold Pack, Serious Sam 3 BFE, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution + DLC. Hopefully nothing else that's good goes on sale. 
Know How You Feel 
I've got a growing list of games I'll probably never play.

Like it's a service I'm paying for :( 
Far Cry 3 Is Fricking Great!!! 
But sometimes it crashes :(

Seriously great thought 8D 
Time For Some Birthday Gamin' 
I just picked up FTL, Hotline Miami, Rage expansion, Home, Awesomenauts, and preordered Company of Heroes2. Got some gaming to do!

Only played FTL so far, I love roguelikes, and this also reminds me of another favorite Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (and it's followup Weird Worlds), which was designed by Iikka Keranen.

CoH2 is what I'm mostly looking forward to (when it comes out). The first was my favorite RTS game for a long time, because it made cover and supply lines relevant again like old turn based wargames. Also, cuz I like cool tank battles. 
Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3 - Far Cry 3 
Seriously this game is really well made, and looks beautiful. The combat is fun, the island is fun to explore. The guns feel good, the RPG elements are well executed. There are loads of different types of animals running around, and they feel like a good challenge to hunt. Flying around on hang gliders is wicked-awesome. I was tearing my hair out for ages because of the random crashing, but I found a great fix that works. So if anyone else is having the problem of CTDs, BSODs or hard-locks, here is a link to the fix (it's dead easy)(The first one): 
Dark Souls DLC 
A friend of mine told me about the DLC for DS and I bought it for the PS3. I think only this game could get away with hiding the DLC half way through the game and making it unlockable by doing unrelated tasks on opposite sides of the world! It took me ages to complete all of the prerequisites and then actually find the entrance!

The DLC is part of a patch (1.07) which you unlock which is a bit sneaky because I did not want to patch the game. As always the developer has nerfed items to try and balance the MP which is stupid because most MP players know all the tricks (low level runs, item swapping) already.

One interesting idea they have done is take an existing part of the world and create a reason (background story) to go back in time so they can re-use the existing assets! Most of the landscape is taken from the original game but they have added slightly modified new monsters.

The boss fights are crazy hard, especially the first one to even start the DLC content. Luckily the first boss is right next to a bonfire so when you die (20 million times) you don't have far to run back. Some of the later bosses are similar to Demons Souls which is nice because some boss formats do work really. They even allow existing items (Dragon Slumber ring) to work properly and do not mysteriously make them not work because it interferes with some of the boss mechanics.

As always DS really shines with the boss fights and how they set up all the different stages so that each boss feels different. (I know from personal experience that boss fights can often take the same amount of time to create as an actual level!) The way they visually defined all of the different moves so if you are observant you will know what move is coming next, makes the fight satisfying because it feels like you are learning new tricks.

One thing that is such a cool feature of DS is the ability to cut various parts of bosses off (during the fight) and claim them as new weapons. Working out how to do that is often tricky and actually coaxing the boss into certain move types to get access to body area can be frustrating and very difficult.

Overall a nice addition to the DS universe (especially the background story) and the extra items you find are very cool because they can be upgraded to a much higher standard than the original one's. 
Got both Weird Worlds and FTL... they're both like crack, and have stopped me playing other games.

FTL is slightly better than Weird Worlds - I think for the greater sense of purpose.

Both would benefit from expanded missions though. is a really nice free (of cost) platform in CRT style. 
Cocking Bullshit German Pansypants Gore-willies KillingFloor 
I bought Killing Floor (omg yes I payed for a game) ages ago already. Now its unplayable due to bug with German nogore pussyversion which I am bound to my Steam account being Germany localized. Zeds are invisible.

Cock. Wanted to get some Coop action on last W/E
Even without a bug I hate the shit out of no gore versions.

Any other DE residents get around this somehow on Steam ? 
Get someone to gift you the non-german version on steam, that works it seems (negke does it). 
This works on my German Steam account ?
Maybe I should create a UK steam account from UK VPN with bollocks UK address. 
A game purchased on a German or Australian IP will be a cut/low violence version (if there is one), even if you install it from elsewhere. If you get a game from another country/IP or as a gift from someone in a non-restricted region, it'll be uncut regardless of which country you're in.

As for Killing Floor, apparently there's a trick you can give a try: open the game's config file in the corresponding Steam folder and add bdevgoreoverride=True in the [Engine.Engine] section. 
Cacowards Finally Up, A While Ago Now, You Probly Know 
holy shit THE EYE is so good! 
Awesome thanks Negke the bdevgoreoverride=True works lovely.
Also found a working clot only mutator. Hordes of easy fickle rotten flesh to mow down gleefully! 
New game from Dustforce guys sounds pretty interesting, sounds like a speedrunning game. 
Sounds Good 
but let's see. I sense failure: The one screenshot they're showing is a box room with no vertical variation :-). Also, "Reach the top of a tower" doesn't seem to be interesting... even to me. 
The previous game sure demanded some dexterity to play right, so making something good like this seems up their alley.
And the visual style looks good, a bit of a Zelda Windwaker feel. 
Yeah, I Like The Visuals 
so i'd say let's hope it will be a good game :D 
Looks Neat 
I wonder if they will add occulus rift support!

speaking of which, is anyone planning to get one early? They have announced developer versions for people who DIDN'T sponsor the kickstarter will be available to pre-order soon.

Anyone planning on doing a Quake port? :) :) ;) 
How Much Will It Cost? 
Dev Kit Is $300 
so I guess it will be $300 or less.

Seems fairly reasonable. If they can get it down further I will definitely get one, but even at $300 I'm probably in assuming there is reasonable game support (or if someone does a port of Quake) and it's easy to dev for. 
I Still Like Rimming... 
<Chillaxingbler> dragonborn dlc out next month whoot woot
<Chillaxingbler> new area to explore 
Laptop Suitable Games. 
Hi I need some advice. I want a game to play on my laptop when I'm away from my desktop.

I've got a fairly basic / small laptop and I generally don't like the keyboard / small mouse with it, so I need something that is not too twitchy / super-fine-control based, i.e. probably not a normal action FPS.

I was thinking something like an older RPG or slower strategy game. Not sure what really. Fantasy/sci-fi definitely. No side-scrollers or boring real-world-sims.

Any ideas?? 
(Point'n'click) adventures
Fallout 1 & 2
Gothic 1 & 2 (older RPG)
Popcap games :P 
Not Sauerbraten, Apparently. 
Legend Of Grimrock If You Turn The Gfx Down 
Mark of the Ninja, really liked it once I got the hang of the stealth mechanics. Cool story, cool atmosphere and nice non linear gameplay. 
How powerful is the lappy?

Will it run XCom? Have you layed XCom - I liked it, but it's turn-based which makes life easier if you have a slighly less powerful rig I guess....

I'd recommend XCom to anyone who hasn't yet played it. 
XCOM: Enemy Unknown 
that is. 
Fallout 1 & 2 - could have potential.

XCom - similarly, could have potential.

Was wondering about Diablo3, Dungeon Siege (2), or similar?

Grimrock looks like shit. Gothics maybe too control-based.

Computer is i3 2.27GHz / 3 GB Ram / integrated graphics 128 Mb - 1 Gb memory. 
is totally I game I would recommend on a laptop. Its very replayable and would run on a calculator these days.

Torchlight 2 is optimized for laptop use I believe, and is a pretty fun game. 
Ultima 8 is another nice old RPG with easy controls - mouse-only if you want. 
Xcom Etc. 
Willl look into it....Torchlight2 sounds good to me, I remember looking at that.

What else? Ultima8 sounds a bit old? Prefer less mouse usage than more tbh. 
Whut About. 
Diablo 3? 
Its online only! (Stupid blizzard)
Go with Torchlight2, at least it works when you want to play it! 
FTL - not twitchy at all but a solid roguelike space captain thing.

Here's a point and click adventure:

Give Hotline Miami a try if you've got a mouse.

Grimrock is pretty good actually. Need to see if they've released any new content since I last played.

And there's always minecraft, if building scale models of monuments out of matchsticks is your thing. Sounds like it's become more interesting and adventury in recent times though. 
Minecraft can be fun if you set yourself limits to how you play. Like survive 5 nights without building a shelter or simply just keep walking east and see how long you can survive without building shelter or hiding up poles! Obviously if you die, then game over ... 
Oh Yeah. 
Forgot to mention, needs to be offline-compatible.

What are the chances of me being able to install steam on my laptop with the same account and run it offline?? Hmmm??

FTL and Minecraft don't appeal. 
Check ...

and there's always ...

Steam should be able to run anything in offline mode. I haven't had any trouble with it anyway. 
Downloaded n installed Torchlight 2. Will give it a try later. Thanks for advice homiez 
Not For Bler 
Play Path of Exile's Open Beta on Jan 23.

Path of Exile will enter Open Beta on January 23, 2013. This is also when the last ever character wipe occurs!

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG being developed by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand. Created by a group of hardcore gamers, Path of Exile was designed with an emphasis on character customisation, a strong item economy and deep game systems. View the new trailer here! ( )

The Open Beta version of the game (patch 0.10.0) introduces hundreds of changes including Path of Exile's third act - the City of Sarn. Act III includes 8 new tilesets, 18 completely new monster types and over 90 monster variations. When the Open Beta starts, all characters will be reverted back to level 1 so that it's a fresh playing field. After that point, we will never wipe characters or items again.

In April 2012 we launched a crowdfunding campaign on our website where users can purchase Supporter Packs with prices ranging from $10 to $1000. So far the community has contributed US$2.2m to the development of the game. This support has allowed us to grow our team and to polish Act III to a level we are very proud of. Thank you so much for the generous support!

We'd love to encourage you to join us for the Open Beta of Path of Exile. You've already got an account (the email address is the one that this email was sent to), so just download the game client from and join us on January 23!

Last chance to buy Kiwi Supporter Packs.

The Closed Beta "Kiwi" packs are only available for a few more days!

If you'd like to receive an exclusive Kiwi bird pet, a Closed Beta supporter forum title or the best value option for designing a custom Unique Item, now is your last chance! We're changing how our supporter packs work once we enter Open Beta, and the existing ones are only available until then. We've put together a YouTube video explaining what each pack entitles you to.

We'd like to thank our community for their continued support - it's helping us grow Path of Exile into the game we've always wanted to play ourselves.
Hey Dickfuck. 
I started looking into Path Of Wanxile and then realised it wasn't out yet. 
Well Maybe You Should Have 
put on your slightly larger glasses. 
Okay So...2013 
What is exciting to look forward to?? Preferably in the FPS/3PS/RPG/RTS genres...

Crysis 3 (?)
Bioshock Infinite
SC2: Heart Of The Swarm
Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC
Dishonoured: unnamed DLCs
Dead Space 3
Tomb Raider reboot???

Googling reveals a lot of turd and not that many others?? 
Tomb Raider 
I played the last Tomb Raider game and was very pleasantly surprised. It was one of the few games which I finished, and it was great fun. So I'm most excited about the new Tomb Raider game. 
Company Of Heroes 2 
Is basically the only game I am excited for in 2013 
Real-world warfare games don't count i.e. the glut of Modern Shitefuck: Bolloxfield 4 etc etc....except since COH is RTS then that's fine. I did try the original COH and it seemed okay but I doubt it will drag me away from HOTS... 
Old school RPG, fantasy, easy controls, ability to pause anytime during combat and issue orders by pressing Space (BG style):

Drakensang: The Dark Eye. Great game IMO, more fairytale like than grimey and dirty, but well made.

Don't confuse with Drakensang Online which is a MMO. The original Drakensang is a singleplayer RPG in the vein of Baldur's Gate, only in 3D.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (not technically a Tomb Raider title, more a sort of isometric puzzle offshoot that generally got relatively good marks).

Both of those have demos. 
Also coming: Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs, Aliens- Colonial Marines (probably best not to expect much), GTA 5 
Off The Top Of My Head 
Aliens : CM
Metro : last light
Bioshock Infinite
Batman Arkham xxx (whatever it will be)
Half-L.. oh who am I kidding.

Aliens:CM will probably end up being very disappointing for me because it looks like a very standard CoD style fps set in the Aliens universe rather than a tactical squad based based fps. We will see I guess. The "press X to survive alien attack" bullshit can fuck right off... meh.

Survarium and Metro are obvious choices. More tasty post-disaster soviet wastelands to explore :) Metro 2033 had its share of issues but it was one hell of an atmospheric game.

Bioshock infinite just looks fun. The combat reminds me of quake quite a lot. Lots of fast movement and broad range of weapons.

I'm hoping for a new Batman game, Arkham city was excellent however I think I enjoyed Asylum slightly more. Hard to say why, probably a better story in the 2nd half.

Half-Li...hahahahahahahah yeah right. 
Yeah Did Consider ACM But... looked like ass in the trailer.

Ooooh Metro looked cool in the trailer I saw and 2033 sounded pretty good, nice choice. 
And Yeah, Bioshock Infinite. 
Totally reminds me of Quake. It's like Q1.5 almost. I hope Irrational got clearance from iD or have a good anti-plagarism lawyer.

Machien For Pigs 
Forgot about that...

This looks to be right up your alley Shambler: 
Dunno how to break this to you

but I think your enter key is repeating 
Those Fears 
About Aliens : CM. They are coming true. 
That's Like A Joke Video 
"We're not just fighting for the human race, we're fighting for the title of baddest motherfuckers in the galaxy - that's a fight I intend to win"

The writers probably take Starship Troopers and the Colbert report at face value. 
is it just me or do the graphics look pretty dated in that video? it looks a lot like chronicles of riddick. 
Thought the same, necros. 
Craptop Games. 
Thanks for the recommendations. Played 6 hours or so of Torchlight 2 on various train journeys this weekend, definitely helped to pass the time. The style of the game definitely suits the laptop (even though I had to turn graphics settings down and my craptop doesn't allow anti-aliasing on it JAGGY YUCK), lots of dicking around with inventories, simple left and right clicking (my tiny mouse is a bit annoying tho), and classicly addictive time-sink RPG bollox. As far as the game goes, it's nothing special, mostly standard stuff (although as an Engineer with a fucking big cannon and a pet bulldog, it does have some character), but good at what it does, and pretty much exactly the sort of thing I was after (albeit a bit cartoony). 
Yeah I thought the graphics looked a bit dated as well. Could be just the low quality trailer and the fact the whole thing is fast paced action scenes. Show some motherfucker scenery from the planet. It better not be all steel corridors.

Gearbox though, so must be good. 
Dota 2 
it looks like i have five copies of dota 2 to give away, if anyone wants a copy post here, etc etc. 
Like typical xbox stuff. The graphics are a bit dated, but more than that the animation looks pretty crude..

The aliens in the films move like lightning fast mercury, here they look more like stop motion. The marines as well look pretty wooden.

The formula for the gameplay has been done quite a bit, (in the same series, and by others like Natural Selection)so should be pretty solid. 
And Now 
Was just about to post that Daz, damn right, it looks very cool, the whole style and theme is really intriguing. Even tho it looks scripted to fuckery....could just be the trailer tho. Either way....excited. 
the scriptedness is a major turn off for me also.
I have friends who love that kind of stuff, I just feel like a rat in some experiment. You know, like daily life... 
( then again, it certainly scores major points for breaking out of the typical FPS rut ) 
I Don't Know 
I quite liked the scripted sequence in the first one where that guy challenges to break your conditioning, but you don't.

Nicely illustrated a plot point, and without any quicktime in sight. 
Skyrim 2 Screenshots!! 
those were nice... except the sheep look like they were from Hexen2 with some normal maps stuck onto them. 
That's not bloom, that's glare
Bitchin Bout Witchin 
I know it's passe to whine about bloom and lens flare but it's hard to resist in this case. Post processing has finally gone full retard, they've put anamorphic flares on a fantasy setting RPG. That town looks like a fucking Rihanna video.

I'd like to have an opinion on the engine / art assets but I literally can't see either. 
my OCD took over and I tried to approximate what those shots might look like if the grading was done by a rational human being...

cool pub 
Town Still Looks Shit 
but the other two look better.

I quite liked Witcher 1 looks wise, havent seen 2 but this looks too candyesque. 
Off Target RTS Article:

Two fallacies in this:

Firstly confuses graphical design with gameplay design and doesn't distinguish between the two for the main points.

Secondly fails to realise that beyond a certain point graphics are relatively irrelevant in RTSes because you can't play the game zoomed in enough to see them, nor slowly enough to see them. You need a broad viewpoint and quick playing speed to play the game. SC2's graphics are often excellent but there's no time to see their true quality when you're actually playing.

Future of RTS I dunno. Innovative gameplay ideas, strong themes, mixing with other genres. 
The article buys in completely with the technology arms race ideals - you splash out on brand new hardware and need games that push the new technology, to justify spending the money in the first place.

I like RTS games a lot, and the more macro format experimented with by Relic in DOW2 was pretty cool. I think they went overboard on the RPG stuff and storytelling - it was nice I suppose, but untenable as a long term venture.

Something like that but more stripped down (no FMV story, RPG mechanics made optional), with a campaign generator and, maybe, an editor, would be the mutts nuts. 
We have done everything we can within 2 GB of memory and 2 cores

That is literally the most ignorant thing I have ever read. 
In large-scale RTS, clarity is by far the most important aspect of graphics. Being able to identify a individual unit as realistic is hugely secondary to being able to identify which units are yours, what type they are, and what they're doing. Functionality is far more important to the art style than graphical realism.

For most cases, isometric (blah, axonometric) projection is better than having a vanishing point when most of the action takes place in a 2d plane. Sorry if that seems quaint, but it's true.

Planetary Annihilation is a great example of when a regular 3d perspective is the right choice. The combat is 3d, you can run all the way round a planet and launch bombs from the moon. 2d wouldn't work. Congrats to them on developing such a clear and attractive visual style also.

It really grinds my gears when MORE REALISTIC GRAFIXX and BIGGAR SCOPE AND MORE TANKS are accepted as non-retarded premises for making the best RTS. What interesting tactical depth do you uncover by making a player struggle to spin a thousand plates at once?

...and when will anyone learn that graphical realism should match the realism of the game behaviour and not just be increased because we can? No one complains when Minecraft isn't realistic, because it never oversells the complexity of the game world.

Of course that cube pig is going to act like a fucking idiot, and it's not jarring at all. They can mate (whilst being of undetermined gender) and babies appear, and you can hit them and they turn into pork chops, but if a guard doesn't recognise you in Skyrim and their dialog tree gets repetitive, it sucks because that guard looks 90% like an actual human. We used to hang out bro! Don't you remember when I teabagged that dragon? 
I do agree with MOAR TANKS!

Or preferably BIGGGER TANKS!

I'm a total gfx whore but RTS is one genre where you can't appreciate MOAR GFX per se....although you can appreciate certain aspects (worlds, themes, art direction)....and there will be aspects of graphic realism that can be appreciated at super-fast-blink-n-you-miss-it speeds... 
I did write that and think... um, MOAR/BIGGAR TANKS sounds pretty sweet actually. To clarify, I mean, commanding a increasingly huge number of units isn't of itself good
been playing this for a evening or two and it comes with a massive gold star of recommendation from me. I might even award the Captain Janeway hat of general space game achievement.

It's quite like Star Control, if you remember that. You captain a ship with a few crew members, and warp jump from point to point on a little map of a sector until you get to the exit. Graphics are super basic, basically a top down view of your ship, and maybe a top down view of an enemy ship if there's one about.

Sounds pretty lame I'm sure, but the gameplay is balls-out fun. You command your little crewmates to man the shield room, or the weapons room, and when the baddies turn up you can board them with teleporters, or disrupt their shields and target life support. You can breach the hull and send in firebombs that kill the crew, or escape by light jump if you're losing the battle. Tactics so far seem really adaptive, and do a fantastic job of making you think like a real ships captain.

There's a lot of scavenging of scrap and using that to build upgrades to your ship, building new rooms, trading to get new crewmembers and weapons, or robot drones that can repair your ship or board another.

The roguelike element works pretty nicely, as the game is short but very hard. It's a great time to try out different approaches, and luck of the draw of what items you pick up has created a pretty unique set of playthroughs. I suck at this game though, and expect I will for a while.

When I do get a small victory and have lead my ship well though, I feel like an absolute badass. Sometimes I pretend I'm Cap'n Reynolds from Firefly. And then I get an erection. In space no one can hear you cream your pants. 
We have done everything we can within 2 GB of memory and 2 cores

That is literally the most ignorant thing I have ever read.

I think I've got some sort of waxy mental build up which blocks such internet shit from registering in the forebrain now. 
That Colonial Marines Trailer 
made me think about how awesome a Thunderbirds FPS would be. 
I Made A Planetside 2 Short 
I guess it's a trailer? Anyway SOE added the ability to hide your hud + weapon in the latest patch which makes this game ridiculously filmable. 
Well I Played The First Couple Of Missions Of Aliens: Colonial Marines 
And I liked it!

It taste like cherry chapstick. 
"Ricky Is The Target Audience" 
Seriously, though: No wonder this game gets such poor ratings. The graphics are fairly dated, but that's not even the problem. It's a mediocre military/sci-fi shooter that has Alien models instead of soldiers, typical generic gameplay and a ridiculously bad AI. It would probably pass as one of those games, but it since it takes on the Alien franchise and thus carries a lot of baggage, invoking expectations which it fails to satisfy, it has to be judged on different terms.

The strength of the Alien theme, the idea of facing a superior species, uncompromising and extemely deadly, is reduced to absurdity. Here, they are slow and weak fragbait that you can push away and QTE to death. Or maybe just walk past if the AI decides not to notice you. And what about the acid blood?
Admittedly, the other Alien FPS games, especially the latest AvP, weren't particularly masterpieces either, but this one manages to set the bar to the lowest possible point. I didn't expect much, especially after that dumbass trailer, and was ready to blame it all on contemporary console bollocks/decline of the industry blahetc, but this game doesn't even seem to live 'up' to that standard.

A proper Alien game needs the tension and suspense of being alone in a dark maze-like sci-fi environment under constant pressure; always having to be 200% aware of the surroundings and a single fuckup means instant death. Perhaps something along the lines of a blend between Stalker and Amnesia. Unlikely to happen, though. 
Dead Space 3 
This one was okay. No improvement over DS2, but not worse, either. It probably could have used more variation in the environments. Apart from that I don't really have any negative impressions or complaints - though neither do I remember any part of it as special or outstanding. Gameplay was fun in parts and mostly routine. The game seems to lack one or more clearly distinguishable or definite 'highlights'. At least it concluded the story (unfortunately still with a backdoor for sequels).

Making some levels optional missions was a good choice considering the overall picture. Those levels reminded me of the side missions in Rage, they consist basically of grinding for loot and a few bits of background story.
Surprisingly long play time overall.

So metl, which levels did you work on? There were a couple of Rubiconish areas!? 
I think A:CM is quite good. I found one reviewer that gave it a 4/5. The graphics are a little dated, but the AI is quite good if you put the game on hard, and the level design is decent. Very decent.

I can honestly say that I don't regret paying �30 for it. The graphics in AvP we're a little bit more modern looking. But not by much. But the characters and story in A:CM is better. The voice acting is better too. The musical score is well implemented.

I don't think it's bad at all TBH. I've been enjoying it. I've heard that the 360 version looks bad or is buggy or something. But playing it on the PC here (with Anti Aliasing forced on the GPU which runs nice and smooth too), it seems perfectly OK to me. And the levels are pretty, well designed, crafty in places and BIG.

Maybe I'm biased. I like Aliens. 
Who Here Doesn't 
like Aliens? 
I built prologue and chapters 14-15 start to finish, but i also did the LD block for 10, 11, 12, 16, and parts of 17 & 18, but those levels were handed off to other LDs after that. 
Strangely, Those Guys Are Quite Dangerous 
I got killed by one at least three times.

I thought the gay Alien was Ricky playing in DM... 
By the way;

SS3 for $6 and a few other indie games thrown in. 

I still can't believe that a developer did this, it looks like all the dynamic lights and lots of the decals were removed from the final game. Maybe it was some performance pass because it was a multi-platform release. The demo looks amazing, the final game is worse! 
Now there's talk of an 8GB patch. That's crazy - the game is only 6.8GB or something. Still - maybe it will put a bunch of things back in that have apparently been stripped.

I must admit that Sock's video shocked me a little. You don't really notice that stuff but when you see it side by side you realise what you're missing.

It's like they accidentally gave everybody else the WiiU version, and just canned the PC version completely. And now they apparently are cannign the Wii version completely. 
maybe they decided to not to risk falling into the doom3 trap where everyone hated how dark it was. the demo was much darker.

hadley's hope was completely ruined though. 
More ALIEnS 
Interesting Video 
I would guess it's performance / multi-platform woes. I think it's common to run your tradeshow demos on a beast of a PC and sort out the performance later. The art looks damn good, bring on the next console generation and hopefully the rendering / post-processing will stop letting the side down. 
that was in response to the comparison video, obvs 
Serious Sam 3 
So I don't play any modern shooters; here's some firsrt impressions.

Too many mechanics, some good most not, diluting each other.

Sprint buttons suck.

The bullet storm style melee insta-kill button is meh. Especially when there's a satisfying weapon (hammer) that does the same job.

Iron sights make it harder to aim.

Enemy design is varied, some are great... but again they threw in a generic shotgun trooper who could be from any game for no particular reason.

The bigger an enemy is the better it's AI needs to be - not the case here :[

Where are the hordes?

Spiders are cool, although the larger version is made pointless by the melee instakill.

Despite all the niggles the game isn't broken, just has rough edges and seems to have lost some of its soul (hordes). Still the core mechanics feel good, and there's plenty of variety in the things to shoot at. 
Hordes are back, all is forgiven.

The melee mechanic now makes sense although sprint is still meh. 
Dystopian Space Ship Porn 
aka Dead Space 3.

Only about 2 hours in so far but daaaaamn son dis shit is off da hook yo. Etc etc.

The weapon system is just fucking awesome. Seriously whoever designed that needs to be given the videogame equivalent of an oscar. So many hilarious combinations and I'm sure I'll unlock more as I get further in.

Gameplay wise it's pretty much standard DS so far. Don't think I've seen anything particularly new added there, aside from the weapon system.

It's the constant tense atmosphere that really makes the game shine, it's done so brilliantly just like the other two titles in the series. There are moments of horror but mostly it's a slow burning dread that permeates just about activity in the game. Pressing a button in this game is scary, haha.

So far things seem super easy on normal difficulty. I've got health kits, ammo and stasis packs coming out of my arse and can craft 300x more if needed at the work benches. I think I really should have picked hard! I decided against it as I'm quite slow playing with a 360 pad, but in hindsight I think I would have been just fine. Tip for you lot! :)

Now go map Quake metl :) 
Oh Shit 
Visceral Games just need to make an Aliens 3rd person survival horror game and I'll be in heaven.

studio�s co-founder Jason Jones reasoned that the PC would not be a suitable platform for the first person shooter simply because nobody plays shooters with a mouse and keyboard.

Is the PC FPS market really a thing of the past? 
even if it is, that's still a flimsy reason not to develop for the pc since you can plug any usb controller into one. 
What BS 
Online shooters are evolving, even for the PC.

Look at Blacklight, Planetside and Natural Selection 2. All better than Halo, all modern shooters, all on the PC, all played by skilled players with keyboards and mice. The dude is obviously high on glue. He probably owns an iPhone..... 
...a fucking bellend. It's demeaning to even consider replying to someone who is so self-evidently wrong, but Far Cry 3, Crysis 2, Rage, Dishonoured, Deus Ex, MW3, BLOPS2, BF3, TF2, Quakelive, etc etc DAFUCK.

So they made Halo shit and dumbed down and consolised, well done. Fucking choads. Mouse and kb is still the proper control system.

rage and quakelive are commercial failures. and the others are consolised games anyways. 
Subtext: Piracy Kills Revenues In The PC FPS Market 
Snake Oil Salesman 
As Spiney suggests, what he's really saying is "we lose money on PC".

But crediting your customers with intelligence is a no-no; they only care about teh awesome, not facts.

Considering he's pitching the comment to XBLA trolls, I spose that's fair enough. Just makes him sound like a high on glue ... self-evidently wrong ... bellend to anyone with even half a brain cell. 
Honest Version: 
Jason Jones: "We can't compete in the PC FPS market."
CEO: "You're fired." 
Look At Blacklight, Planetside 2 And Natural Selection 2 Y'all 

Last time I looked those games we're doing pretty well. Fuck controllers! 
More Like 
"no one bought our Halos on PC" 
you're totally right, tf2, fc3, dishonored, bf3, etc are totally consolised. 
Battlefield BC2, BF3 
Have console versions, but if you play with a controller on the PC version, you're gonna die. 
This One About The Wheel Of Time Game 
is there some way to increase the amount of terangreal to carry with you?

For example there are only 30 or something that lavaballs things you can hold to your inventory the same time, picking up additional lavaballs it's a waste of ammo

and the monsters are fecking brutal 
Yeah, I really did not enjoy that game. Unreal bot AI monsters + weak weapons + low health...
Loved the maps, but had to cheat my way through it. :S 
Wheel Of Time 
Heh, the book was so naff and cheesy (I only read the first one), it kind of put me off trying that game. 
Wheel Of Time 
The multiplayer on it was super fun though, there was so much fun tricks to do with the different powers, for instance you could throw yourself in lava, and shoot a switch-place thingy in mid flight to take an opponents place, so they'd suddenfly find themselves drowning in lava.
Wish I could play some more of it, was quite original and different from your regular multiplayer FPS.

The single player seemed fairly average though yeah, like the books. 
Wheel Of Time. 
Great game, good gameplay, cool environments, cool atmosphere, was really nice to have a proper fantasy "shooter" at the time (still a rare breed).

No problems with the gameplay on normal skill either. 
I'm With Shambler 
some of the maps made that game, Shadar Logoth is still one of my favorite settings in a game (think Willem was responsible for it too).

First few maps are a bit meh though from memory. 
Gears Story Writing Process 
what story?

(Cant access the video at work so if the video is not serious, thent touche) 
Is This The Story That Makes The Game Fun?? 

No chance of that.

Does look prettier than usual tho. Even tho the marine shuffling screen fuck does make me want to barf my coffee up. 
angry birds star wars is fucking awesome! 
I Saw That 
The tie fighter (?) bird made me laugh - tap and it starts blasting the scenery with lasers. 
I've Been Asking 
Willem sometime ago about WOT; he's the man behind that game. Level design is pretty sick. The most inspiring i've seen to any game 
yeah the first time I played Shadar Logoth (that's the blue town right) in the demo was awesome. fantastic for it's time and something i'll probably always remember.

it was a few years later I got to play the full game, must have been around 2000/2001, but the levels in the game got a bit blander as it went on. a bit hard too, i had to cheat i think. 
Probably best to wait until the game is out for a while - SimCity Day 1 
Tomb Raider Guardian Of Light 
So, got this as a gift from someone with a duplicate.

A lot of fun. Possibly the first game where I preferred using the controller to the keyboard/mouse.

The levels look nice and have good level design, with some nice logic puzzles to solve midst the shooting stuff.

The enemies aren't so great - their AI is pretty weak and they're a bit samey so far, will see if this picks up. The good point here is that (playing on hard) it feels challenging and yet fair. Doing something stupid kills me pretty quickly, but doesn't leave me feeling cheated. So the overall gameplay is pretty good.

The nice thing about the game is that its not trying to be ten different games at once. It's just a straight forward top down shooter/puzzler. There are upgrades and extras, but I haven't bothered with those and don't feel like I need to yet.

The secondary weapons are kind of tacked on as well - I kill almost everything with the spear.

Will have to try the coop mode. 
I Really Liked Guardian Of Light 
It's not exactly groundbreaking, but it's refreshingly unpretentious. You were right, it's just a big dumb shooty shoot knife knife game, and that's fine. 
That List ... 
I wish this was true, I have been waiting for a very long time. 
Looking forward to that, hope they stay true to the Thief gameplay.
It must have been rough for them when the Dishonored marketing started up, and then when it came out, definitely seems like they were going in a similar direction in some aspects of design etc. 
Re: 6322 
When is always online crap going to die? :\ 
When Everyone Bands Together And Stop Buying Those Games! 
i.e; never! :D 
Maybe when they realize everyone pirates the game just so they don't have to deal with the stupid DRM. 
ha. if anything, that'll just make them squeeze tighter until they've alienated everyone. 
Well, there's your awnser :P Unfortunately there will always an influx of younger customers who don't know any better. It's kind of depressing really... soon it'll all be old hags complaining about this kind of stuff while the younger generation unknowingly embraces it. Digital distribution is only accelerating the process. 
When Is Always Online Crap Going To Die? 
When companies realise that in this day and age, internet use is a rarity and very few people are connected to it, let alone with permanent cable/broadband/DSL. 
Crysis 2 - A Few Hours In. 
Yup that's "2", I'm behind the times.

+ Graphics are good.
+ Cityscape well done, if empty.
+ Gameplay works well as usual in CryX series.
+ Fog / hazy effects particularly good, and enhance atmosphere.

- Extremely consolised as follows:
- Linear levels boring.
- Too few options to explore around
- City setting is less interesting than island stuff, less involvment too.
- Suit voice is very annoying.
- Tactical options on HUD are silly handing-it-on-a-plate nonsense.
- Too broken up with cutscenes, intermissions, transmissions, etc.
- Lots of things to pick up and fuck all you can do with them.
- Otherwise limited and haphazard interactions i.e. can only shoot half the lights, can't shoot infected, etc etc.

That Sounds Like The Opposite Of The Open Endedness On Offer 
in Crysis 1? 
Crysis 2 was like being trapped in a Michael Bay film. Let's never do that again! 
The suit specialization mechanic is like the worst gameplay idea ever. I don't get why they build an entire game around such a dull gimmick. 
I Thought It Was Relaly Good In Crysis 1 
because you could do whatever you wanted in whichever mode you preferred. 
Definitely a great gameplay mechanic. Even if it becomes a bit easy to rely on cloak.

The suit works almost as well in Crysis2. Power (Speed/Jump) is used automatically by default, Cloak and Armour are toggleable. Armour is a nice effect. Heat-vision also uses suit energy. Doesn't feel quite a slick switching between the 3 main ones but it's still good. 
Console Streaming 
Crysis 2+3 were streamlined for consoles. Easier controls (controller), combined suit powers, smaller levels (memory footprint), less AI (slower processor)

The Metacritic ratings for 2 and 3 are lower, but I think that is partly to do with franchise fatigue. Crytek are quoted as saying they think 3 is their best version. Personally I preferred the raw level design of the first game. One thing that is always consistent with Crysis is that it looks really beautiful. 
I Must Be The Rotten Egg In The Basket 
I enjoyed Crysis 2 quite a bit, a solid shooter and had some nice flow during the firefights. And the aliens weren't frustrating to fight against unlike the first Crysis. Sure it's not nearly as open ended as once was, but they still offered a number of choices in the large arenas. Until you find out the cloak makes things way too easy of course! Crysis 2 felt less like a corridor shooter than other titles and the aliens made combat refreshing, since I'm not just shooting humans 99% of the game.

Then again, I don't expect much from the FPS genre anymore these days. 
*other titles outside Crysis 
I'm With Quakis 
I really enjoyed 2 & 3.

If you go in expecting more Crysis 1 (Which of course is reasonable!) then it's probably disappointing. But as a stand alone game I think it is just fine.

Of course there is stuff in there I dislike (most of which Shambler covered) but the moment to moment shooter combat and the way the levels are laid out are quite excellent. There is always a different approach you can try and it's very simple to completely change up your play style in the middle of a firefight.

I personally never really understood all the remarks about the "freedom" the first game allowed you. Sure you could come at a base from any direction, but if you decided to pick a direction and start walking, you very quickly find yourself in an un-authored wilderness with absolutely nothing to do. I agree that some (if not most) areas in C2 funnel you into them from a specific direction at the start but you always have the option to cloak and essentially pick where you want to engage.

I also truly prefer the implementation of the suit in C2, it's effortless to get into the mode that you need and making strength/speed modes automatic is a great idea. While I do miss the super-speed from C1 I think everything else was handled much better. 
Crysis 2 Has Better Enemies Than Crysis 
The Seth 'soldiers' are really cool, IMO they look smarter and scarier than the robotic enemies from Crysis (which looked like the sentinels from the Matrix). And Crysis isn't really less linear than Crysis 2. 
Christ Ricky. 
No offense but you need to think more before offering opinions.

Crysis is a LOT less linear than C2, that's a simple fact. C1 had more open levels with more directions you could play through them and approach targets and objectives. Whether that's a problem or not is a different matter but that's how it is.


+ Aliens are pretty cool and a good challenge.

- Chopping between different locations with no sense of continuity really sucks. 
crysis "1" was a bit step down from far cry already. 
Have to agree with mega, wish they'dd just improved upon Far Cry -- which is also rather so-so at times.

Crysis universe feels really bland to me. Far Cry was outright silly but at least it was somewhat original in it's weird way... etc etc, blah ...

Maybe if you could use a suit power for more than 2 seconds it could be fun. Having to crouch behind a tree waiting for your battery to reload every 10 seconds gets boring fast. It's a bit like having to switch to the flashlight in Doom3 because you can't see shit 50% of the time.

Any more works of art to bash? :P 
FC & Crysis. 
Brilliant games. Rare combinations of looking damn cool and getting the gameplay to work and flow smoothly. Suit energy running low is all part of it. 
The Problem With The Suit Powers 
is that it kind of feels like "oh, here, we consolified the game, but you can choose what we consolify!".

Or maybe i'm just really disgusted by the way modern games often make you ridiculously powerful in a shitty, super hero way. I think that's something that's commonly misunderstood: I don't want to be the hero of the game, i want that my decisions/actions make me the hero.

Just let my gameplay actions speak for themselves. In the same way a hardcore quake player rips you apart when you join the server.

And the suit gives you super hero status, for free, for a limited time. Everything i do with it is just because of the free super power. that just feels bad, and nothing like hitting triple air rockets (in q3, because rockets are fucking slow there).

And don't do it in the story, please. I can't stand that shit. That was probably the best thing about max payne, he wasn't the hero in the story. He just did ridiculous things during the gameplay. Of course they fucked it all up because they portrayed him in such a 16-year-old "wow that's a cool guy!" way, but yeah. 
Crysis 'is Too' Linear 
WTF are you talking about?!?! Smables?!?!!

Far Cry 2 and 3
Dead Island

Crysis 2
Crysis 3
Far Cry (1)

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but they are linear as fuck. Some of the areas are pretty big, but the game is certainly linear. You have to complete the objectives in a linear order, you cannot go back to areas you have already been to once you have left an area.

I mean Crysis is no less linear than CoD games for example. 
I mean Crysis is no less linear than CoD games for example.

Balderdash. "Linearity" is not a binary property. You have to talk about the granularity-of-the-linearity'ity, and I think everyone can agree that in terms of mission/story-progressionity, Crysis is linear in the sense that CoD is linear, but when you look at lower levels of granular titty - e.g. consider a typical combat setpiece in either of those games - it's obvious that Crysis gives you more options, more space to navigate, just more ways of slicing that particular sausage than CoD does. 
I Agree. 
On some level.

But Crysis 2 has massive areas too, that you can approach the objective from multiple angles. I just don't see how Crysis 2 is more linear than Crysis 1. 
I think the cityscape just throws more vertical walls at you. It compensates with z-axis up to a point. You also can't sneak through bushes all the time which give cover even in a fairly open environment.

Maybe I need to replay the games before being too judgemental. But they're just not my cup of tea I'm afraid. Pretty though, no denying that. 
lol. Linear Game is not the same as Linear Gameplay. 
Nitin has a point, there's different levels of granularity. Having a long corridor with baddies jumping out at you is different from having a square with buildings you can clear in a different order. Likewise you can have linear levels but a non-linear overworld, etc... 
What They All Said. 
C1 you play through the levels in a linear order, but the levels themselves are relatively non-linear.

C2 you play through the levels in a linear order, and the levels themselves are fairly linear (due to small size and city landscape).

Maybe the "massive areas" appear later on in the game though... 
Still Mostly Linear. 
As in most levels have a couple of parallel paths that do pretty much the same thing...

...but also pretty cool too. Definitely ramps up throughout the game, both in the spectacle of the ruined city and the intensity of the gameplay. Some of the alien fights are pretty fucking the Central Station Walker boss fight I felt anything but a god-like superhuman. As Crysis Of Duty 2 on rails shooter it works pretty damn well indeed.

Also had a great moment when I nearly got jumped by a Seph on a rooftop and got alerted by his shadow from the evening sun and shot the fucker in the face before he buttraped me....don't thnk I've had such a good demonstration of the possible gameplay benefits of a pure graphical enhancement before... 
Some of the alien fights are pretty fucking the Central Station Walker boss fight I felt anything but a god-like superhuman.

Ugh, that was probably the most frustrating part for me too. Forgot how many times I died there... 
#6348 Megaman 
That, exactly that.

There might be a challenge or 2 but I hate games where your super kinda overpowered superhero.

It just feels like a whole setup to offer cheap easy thrills - which are great and probably work well enough if your new to gamers / a young kid but it really makes it feel like a total waste of time playing the game.
No challenge, or artificial moments of simple challenge which boils down to a little timing. Hardly any skill input, just like following a formula to advance to the next "scene".
It has to be wrong if I don't feel like i got any better at the game. To me the fun of playing games is always somehow getting better at it personally - that is what allows to match the increased difficulty coming up, a failure to improve becomes a failure to progress without cheating.
And thats fine, thats what we call a GAME. Games are to be won or lost. Not just won and thats it. OMG that makes me think fuck Prey so hard for its death/respawn system. I puked a little at that.

If you want something else may I suggest a movie ?

And if you cant take the defeat then cheat. Please don't just make all games feel like they are on a constant cheat mode just to not irk some dysfunctional people...

/rant over 
It was a bit too much IMO, compared to elsewhere. The second Walker you fight in a better arena with only 2-3 Seph appearing through the fight, compared to the "fuckloads" in the station. Switching from zoomed in RL to zoomed out machine gun at the same time as switching on and off armour mode to let it recharge enough and dodging while it recharges, jesus. 
Just FYI this kinda negates Killes point above, not as an argument but the suit is not OP in the last half of the game. 
Play Dark Souls You Fuckers 
It's Seriously The Best Game Made In Fucking Ages 
Dark Souls 
Agreed, it's quite brilliant, but mgah is it hard. 
Dark Souls 
Its not really hard, try the previous title Demons Souls if you want to play a hard game that constantly punishes you! Dark Souls has lots of new mechanics to forgive mistakes. I still play Dark Souls, I rarely play games much after completing them, but the first half of the game is just so good and the boss battles are awesome. 
i have both dark souls and demons souls for the PS3 still in their cellophane. Never did get around to playing them. :{ 
Play Demon Souls first, the second game Dark Souls is easier. You should hurry up because part of the enjoyment of the games is the co-op aspect for boss fights and the servers will not be around forever! 
<- Grossly Incandescent 
Dark Souls is hard, but it is hard in a way that is totally possible to master.
You'll probably get fucked up by a balder knight the first time you meet one, but after a while you handle them easily. Not because you're necessarily stronger, but because you know how they work. Because they'll still fuck you up if you make a mistake.

I haven't played it that much to be honest, just about to go to gaping dragon on my first playthrough, but so far there has been nothing that has been really unfair to me. I lost about 4000 souls right before gargoyles because I got invaded by some prick in a top hat, that's the most unfair thing so far.

I have been watching a Let's Play alongside, so I kinda know what I can expect. I know how the game goes and what I should be doing, and I don't really mind having that "spoiled" for me, because I'm mostly here for one thing:

The level/world design is just A M A Z I N G!
Just stop and look for a moment how Firelink Shrine goes into Undead Burg, how that loops back and forth on itself, how you get up on the ramparts, where the drake bridge connects to the burg (even just the tiny detour on the bridge with the rats is brilliant!) and then to the Parish, and then how the Parish is literally sitting on top of Firelink Shrine...
And how the lower Undead Burg is intertwined with upper, and where the Capra Demon and Depths entrance fits in, and how Darkroot Forest winds around the moonlight butterfly bridge, and the tower with the dead blacksmith butts up against the burg, going to Sen's Fortress and realizing where Anor Londo is and how the entire world is sort of terraced like that...
And all of this just flows together completely naturally and seamless, I could go on and on gushing about the Dark Souls world.

My biggest wish for my "career" is getting to work on something even half so grossly incandescent with excellence as Dark Souls! 
OK I really wanna try Dark Souls now.
Guess i must of passed a Steam sale or 2 for Dark Souls but still.

Hadnt payed too too much attention but the more I look... 
Just Make Sure You Use DSFix 
And Use A Controller, Not Kb+Mouse 
Dark Styles 
The design of the world is good but the actual combat mechanic is what Dark Souls is good for. The way each weapon works and how combat can evolve with different tactics is awesome.

There are plenty of different enemies and they all have key features which makes them deadly if you screw up and make a mistake. The best feature for me is the boss battles because they have phases, good attacks and have unique areas which makes them interesting to fight.

The RPG elements of weapon upgrades, special boss items and stats is fantastic because it gives you so much to play with.

One other key feature, your actions have consequences, the world changes based on what you do and if you are idiot and try to kill everything then your game experience will reflect that play style. 
I Accidentally Aggro'd Lautrec Of Carim 
I'm way underpowered to kill him, so for now Firelink is off limits for me :( 
So I Herd U Liek Cutscenz? 
Just went into Open beta

It's a fairly old-skool style 3rd person ARPG with randomly generated levels using tilesets.

It's made by Digital Extremes and there is certainly a dose of Unreal Tournament style movement and combat feel while playing the game.

I've been having a blast with this in the last week or so and recommend it very much. 
You can pay the merchant in the bell tower to remove your sins and it will de-aggro Lautrec.
The first time I played the game I accidentally hit Laurentius too hard when I freed him, so I thought I had to kill him (then I found out about the sin guy after I did the whole playthrough without access to the pyromancy spells). 
Oh Cool, Thanks 
Finished Crysis 2... 
I did enjoy it. By the end, the consolised hand-holding, disjointed progress, gung-ho vocals and tedious immersion-buggering map scenes were annoying me far more than the linearity - but were in turn well compensated for by the gameplay, reasonable diversity, graphics, and spectacle of the city. Sure it is so much COD-like I could feel by brain rotting each time I played it, but as a shooter it's pretty fine and I'm definitely going to get C3.

Continuing with Space Marine...

The clunky controls and utterly on-rails progress (it's like a FPS side-scroller as far as lack of interaction with the cool backgrounds) are still annoying, the visceral combat and excellent level of violence are still good, more so now I've got the Melta too. 
Crysis 3... it's kinda like Far Cry 3 on rails. Great graphics, though. 
So I Herd U Liek Dinosurz? 
Play Demon Souls first, the second game Dark Souls is easier. You should hurry up because part of the enjoyment of the games is the co-op aspect for boss fights and the servers will not be around forever!

Hmmm. So the predecessor is even more brutal and unforgiving than the sequel? Mgah.

Is the first game a match for the second in terms of quality? Or will it be a bit like playing a lesser game? I'd be tempted to leap straight into the second game to get the full wow factor.

I guess it's a bit like why I could never really be bothered with Skyrim after playing hundreds of hours of Oblivion. I mean Skyrim was good, but all that time spent in Oblivion completely took the "wow" factor out of Skyrim for me, and I never did play more than a few hours of it :( 
These are painful :) 
Heh, lighting is for losers

The first game "Demon's Souls" is brutal! It certainly not a lesser game but more a rough diamond with raw game mechanics. You will need way more patience to play the first game than the second.

Key differences of first game:
* No checkpoints, no bonfires, if you die then the whole level resets and you are back to the beginning of the level.
* Levels are self contained, no streaming, you teleport to each level.
* When you die your health is halved. You need to use Stone of Ephemeral Eyes (These are rare items) to gain human form.
* Each world has a Tendency scale of white (easy) to black (crazy hard) and plenty of levels of grey in between. When you die this meter goes towards black, so the world gets tougher. Certain events only happen at white or black levels.

Summary: When you die the game gets harder!

* If you attack ANY NPC in the game they are hostile until next game+. There is no way to reset them to be friendly.
* There is a one NPC that has some really cool items and if he dies early it can affect how you upgrade certain weapons.
* It is extremely easy to screw up a whole game and have to rely on game+ to reset events.
* The levels can be occupied with dark shades and they are extremely dangerous and tough.
* Most boss fights in the first game are tough and unforgiving. Plus you often have to fight through a whole level to get to them without dying first. (example - Tower Knight)

If you play the second game first you will dislike the first game because it is tougher and more challenging. I found Dark Souls easier (especially up to Sen's Fortress) but I poured 200+ hours into the first game and think the second game was toned down. (especially after all the patches)

The Online WIKI is a must read for the first game especially if you want to upgrade items. 
Thanks for the info.

So, if I'm reading you right, the game was designed by an insane masochist who was probably locked up in a small dungeon for his entire childhood with nothing but an old Nintendo and a copy of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.

Hmmm, as much as this sounds like something that I would probably have had a crack at 5 years ago, these days I don't know if I can afford to sink much time into that sort of gaming commitment any more :( 
Haha, that's sort of where I land on those games too. Who has that kind of time? :P 
Got this image of Willem yellin at em to get off his lawn, rolled up newspaper in fist. 
And the unemployed - I did Viewtiful Joe at 100% like that. 
I think it's more that as I age, I tolerate frustrating games less and less. I find a lot more fun in romping through Tomb Raider than banging my head against a wall in Dark Souls.

Nothing against that game, it's not my thing anymore.

I'd rather tour content than retry the same encounter over and over. 
The game is tough, it does not pander to modern gaming conventions and is clearly not designed for everyone. It is extremely easy to forget playing many modern games because they are too busy rushing (on rail shooter) you to the end instead of being a challenge.

Is the game for masochists? Games with high learning curves are rewarding in different ways. There are no safety nets, no easy skill levels, it is designed for players who understand risk and reward strategies. The game unlocks as you learn, what you learn actually matters and Dark Souls is similar but toned down instead. 
I know what you mean. I don't have the patience for losing anymore - I think modern games design has spoiled me.

Not a bad thing necessarily, and there are many casual games which are predicated on constantly losing - temple run + clones, trails, angry birds etc etc.

The problem happens when designers try and avoid killing the player at all. I see this a lot and it always mystifies me. If there's no lose condition then victory is meaningless, and you just made a bowl of porridge, not a game worth playing.

Many games also took advantage of the Game Over to do cool stuff; 
I can enjoy an insanely tough game if the design is so good that I want to keep playing it. For something as tough as Demon's Souls, I would say the game would have to be like crack cocaine in order for me to not just get frustrated with it.

To be honest, I can't remember the last game I played like that, but I know I have been in situations where I'm so into a game that the ludicrous difficulty doesn't bother me.

In general, I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I tend to hate the modern "knife-through-butter" school of game design, where giving the player "an experience" seems to take priority over giving the player any sort of meaningful challenge.

On the other hand, I am so bloody busy in general that I don't get more than a few hours a week of actual "playing games for fun" time, so any game I do pick up probably shouldn't batter me with too many brick wall situtions... 
Dark Souls 2 will be "more straightforward and more understandable" than its predecessor, as a pair of new directors take over the series. 
If Dark Souls 2 is going to be more straightforward and more understandable then it will be the death of the franchise for me. If I want to play generic stuff I can easily find endless Marine/Soldier games for that. Dark Souls is good because it is a memorable game experience, painful at times but rewarding. 

I'll give you that modern games are generally too easy. They are films in disguise, really, with the barest amount of player interaction and thinking they can get away with and still be called a game.

Gears is as guilty of this as any other franchise. I think we hold the players hand way too much... 
"More Straightforward And More Understandable" 
In other words: QTE. 
Why did those even became a trend? It boggles my mind. 
Because some devlopers want to make cinematic games, and they don't want to be constrained by their own game systems. QTE allows you to make any old "epic moment" you want, and not worry that there is no system for players doing the activity depicted in the cinematic. Just throw a button prompt halfway through your scripted movie so players think they are still playing a game. 
Right, and most are completely pointless. If you don't hit the button, the game doesn't adapt or change to reflect that result. No, you just get to start watching the cut scene again and try to do it right this time. It's busy work. 
i'm happy with easier games and the way games are now. games that are too hard just piss me off, i don't have time to replay shit over and over because it's too hard.

dark souls sounds off-putting so maybe i'll just put cheats on when i do eventually play it. 
Cd Games 
Like Dragon's Lair started the trend.

Justification of technology, reducing the interactivity of the game as a side effect.

Things like Heavy Rain are sort of justifying the genre I suppose, but I don't have the patience to play it for more than 30 seconds. 
I'm with the rest of you old-timers RE: having no time for games, and pining for my lost childhood.

For me, difficulty isn't a problem though. I like the idea of rock-hard roguelikes. A massive 30 hour campaign is daunting, but 90 minutes and then either winning or starting a new game isn't. I haven't played Dark/Demon's Souls, but if it's possible to sabotage a playthrough of a full-length game by angering an NPC, then it's not my cup of tea. 
Let Me Guess 
I bet Demon's/Dark Souls also has a "permadeath" option, right? 
Dark Souls currently 50% off on Steam, btw.

Praise the Sun.
Amazing chest ahead. 
Death Is Part Of The Gameplay In Dark Souls 
Just Looked Up Dark Souls 
bit expensive for me to get right now but screenies seem to support what czg said above re design. Will definitely put it on the list to get. 
Hmm wondering if I should play Dark Souls on Xbox360 or PC...

PC : graphics better ok. Xbox360 : couch, large screen.

As the game is recommended to be played with gamepad...which I dont really like...

Anyone played it through with mouse keyboard ?

Besides graphics PC has no other extra features right ? 
Nitin, Dark Souls is half price on Steam right now. 
Doh, didnt read up, sorry. Can delete that 
Mouse and Keyboard is very possible, i finished the game with it ( not started NewGame+ yet ).

You do need a mod to improve the mouse movement and some other things though :

The PC Version has the Artorias of the Abyss DLC ( new areas, enemies, bosses etc ) already included which i believe you have to buy separately on consoles. 
Second Life Anyone? 
Ever since I discovered this shared virtual world I've been into it like Dracula into a throat.

Sure, it hoovers up memory and the graphics are relatively pants compared with modern games, but the people and building tools are quite nice. Sometimes they're sane.

Mind you, I spend more time as a DJ on there than a builder. I've got a project on but the scripting is making me bonkers.

(Here's a pic demonstrating some old building I did a few months ago, as well as referencing the DJ business.)

Yours from the unfashionable end of the Interwebs,
Martien Pontecorvo, Precipitate Flood & Maku Ibn-Selat 
The Second I Read "Second Life" I Knew It Was A Spammer :P 
Spiney Fail 
And in an ironic twist, it turns out that Shambler is a legit viagra salesman. 
Not Very Legit... 
Fair Enough. Besides... 
Why would we need viagra when quake already makes our dicks harder than damascus steel? 
Dead Space 3 
just finished this lengthy game (17 hrs). at first it was hard to get used to good old xenomorphs again, but after a while the game started to go smooth. very detailed and atmospheric levels, proper no less epic ending and of course curved corridors by metlslime.
recommending this game! 
Apologies! I iz teh fail! :C 
Space Marine 
+ Ruined forgeworld background is good
+ All weapons useful, satisfying and characterful (apart from GL)
+ Bomb squigs very cute, Bloodletters very cool
+ Violence is great- lots of blood and flying bodies
+ Very true to 40k universe
+ Intense gameplay, requiring a good mix of aggression and caution.
+ Progress and missions pretty smooth and natural.

- Very clunky controls and running screenshake annoying.
- Utterly on-rails progress (it's like a FPS side-scroller as far as lack of interaction with the cool backgrounds)
- No interaction with anything nearby either.
- Graphics strictly previous generation and quite bland.
- Checkpoints often before cutscenes / a long way before tough fights
- Save points at boss battle so bad I didn't complete the game
- Voices boring and Ork voices grating. 
SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE! SHPAACE MURINE! spaaaaace marrrine! SPACE MARINE!

I agree though Shambler. Amazing melee combat all the way through, but aside from that and the 40k licence its a pretty bland 3PS. 
Someone Here Worked On It 
I think. The core mechanics look excellent, I saw people running through it at the office.

Tempted to grab a copy, but only just freed myself from Shad'o (indie tower defence, looks like viva pinata, good overall, but then again I have no defence against TD).

...and finished Hotline Miami. At least, saw the credits once and played motorcycle guy's story. Now I just have a load of achievements to grind through.

But for now going to sip my triple distilled jamesons and read.

What was I talking about again? 
we got an argument here at work regarding dead space, what engine it uses? some people say it uses frostbyte, is it so? i always thought it uses its own. please clear this super important matter :) 
it does not use frostbite. It uses its own engine which Visceral developed over the years, and goes back at least as far as the first Godfather game. 
Battlefield 4 
looks pretty... 
sure does look good. I didn't like most of the gameplay in BF3 SP though... maybe i should write a full review here. 
Battlefield 4 Is Looking Pretty 
like a pretty girl. What sort of engine tech is going on there? 
engine is frostbite 2 
The same engine as battlefield 3?? Surely they've added some features... lighting in particular looks really impressive. 
yeah, I'm sure it's been evolved somewhat. Plus if you get more experienced with the same tech you can do better work with it. 
heh, i was about to come back here and say that wikipedia says it's actually frostbite 3 :) 
RPS Article On The BF4 Preview... 
What A Load Of Rubbish, But Nice Looking Rubbish! 
It's impossible to think anything other than: it's a multiplayer game! Why aren't you showing us that? What is this for?

When metlslime said BF4 has a SP campaign I laughed, no one really cares because it will just play like CoD, but with different graphics. The BF franchise has always been about the MP experience, EA certainly like to shoot themselves in the foot ... "Press E to proceed and cut leg off" 
that looks awesome, epic cinematic sequences.

so is it just bf 3 and 4 that have proper single player? i think i tried to play one of the original ones, bf1 maybe and the sp was shit. just felt like a bot game. 
BF4 looks indeed awesome: I am just wondering whether SP campaign will really be good or not... and I definitively need a new computer :P 
Battlefield Single Player 
has always been a bit of a joke. I don't know why DICE keep on doing it, it must take so many resources to get the game to look that good and it's all wasted on a single player campaign that no one really cares about. It's battlefield for fucks sake!

BF3 sp was utterly beautiful, and utterly shit. More scripted and on rails than call of duty (if thats actually possible).

At least from what I can tell from that footage there is at least some choice put into bf4 as you can order your squad to suppress the enemy while you flank around. Or tell the helicopter to attack etc.

But really, if they put all this crazy effort they are using for single player into making the multiplayer better then they could probably create something fantastic. Why can't I hold onto the side of buildings while a helicopter explodes below me in MP? Wouldn't experiences like that be worth 1000x more in a multiplayer environment where its totally unscripted? 
Also has a decent single player campaign. 
Romero And The FPS Label 
Only Battlefield game I ever played was 2.
I bought it on Steam for 2 bucks but they gave me an invalid serial number making online play impossible ...
I also found out EA customer support is just as nonexistant as people told me -- classic case of the circular blame-it-on-the-next-guy. Maybe it's better now, at least I hope so.
I only liked the smaller maps anyway. Too much walking around 90% of the time and getting sniped from 10 miles away 10% of the time on the larger maps :'(

Actually I played the first one with some friends back in 2004 or so. But it's so slow. Most of the time spent moving around rather than fighting. I was into UT2004 Onslaught at the time, which is like a night and day difference in those regards.

Guess I prefer MP to be as chaotic and spammy as possible for whatever reason. I'm not even sure If I actually like FPS games as a genre, playing Quake with a good chasecam mod feels just as good to me. To me it's more about hurdling projectiles at each-other and dodging stuff. That's very different from pop and stop kind of games like Counterstrike. So I'm not even sure if the first person perspective is the defining factor here. The ability to dodge weapon fire makes a huge difference. It seems more as if FPS and 3PS should be split into 'projectile shooter' and 'hitscan shooter' or something among those lines. I kind of like to think of it as Romero-fps and post-Romero-fps in historical terms. Altough that might be giving a little too much credit :P

Not that this post should be yet another one of those 'the good old days' kind of things, but I feel like that difference is very fundamental and not recognized enough in mainstream reviews. 
Looks very pretty outside. Destructible stuff looks cool.

Gameplay looked boring and skipped through most of it.

No sale. 
Holy Fuck 
I'm a few hours into Bioshock: Infinite, and have been creaming my pants to an infinite degree. I think... it's my favourite game..? Ever?

Weapons: yes. Powers, yes. Setting, yes. Artwork, yes. Soundtrack, yes. Yes. 
Prance Of Pasha: Glands Of Shame 
How to make Spirit quit a game and delete it after 5 minutes:

* Constantly change camera angles (skipping the axis)
* Have one cutscene animation after each fight
* Have one cutscene animation after for health refresh
* Change camera when the player does some special action (anything that is not just walking)
* Make all those camera changes not ignore/reset the mouse camera control
* Randomly change the angle after aforementioned animations and have the player run into a wall 

It is the business. 
New UE4 Demo 
awesome. design and art looks incredible, but I suppose it doesn't really show much from the engine, apart from size and detail. 
but I suppose it doesn't really show much from the engine

I dunno, it looks like it's prerendered. No jaggies in sight, great reflections. Motionblur is very convincing. UE4 has an amazing realtime lighting system (voxel cone tracing). 
Yes But What Does It Mean For Gameplay? 

(seriously tho, if anyone has evidence that the "next generation" of tentpole action games aren't just going to be even shorter, even dumber versions of what we have now, I'm all ears...) 
Close-up quick time events where you see sweat running down the named protagonist's face, blood on his bulky armor and slow motion death cameras that rotate closely around models. 
We can't sell engines based on gameplay videos. How would that work? Here's an innovative and amazing game idea! It ... comes with the engine?

That said, here's a video showing what you can do with the new Kismet system in UE4: 
Damn nice looking movie engine there, too bad Unreal Engine won't be used to make games anymore.

We can't sell engines based on gameplay videos. How would that work? Here's an innovative and amazing game idea! It ... comes with the engine?

Completely disagree. As a designer, I want to see what possibilities the new technology provides for player interaction with the world.

I want to see what sort of awesome physics is possible. I want to see new possibilities for dynamic environments and procedurally generated content, to name just a couple of things.

All that demo showed me is improvements in real-time rendering in a cinematic sequence.

That kismet system looked wicked cool tho, for non-programmers to make some game logic I guess. 
Gameplay does not sell games, visuals and brand names sells games. People love pretty screenshots, full cinematic cut scenes. Obviously there are exceptions like retro/pixel art but they have to still look good (yes there is bad pixel art).

If you make a game which does not have the latest bling or a tried and tested brand name then it will be a huge mountain to climb to get anyone interested. People love shiny stuff! 
"All that demo showed me is improvements in real-time rendering in a cinematic sequence."

Right, and that's what we're offering you. The potential for top end visuals with a great tools pipeline and a fantastic scripting system in the Kismet/Blueprint features.

The gameplay is up to you. 
Fantastic Video 
Spiney said it really. Lighting looks spectacular and everything looks super smooth, no jaggies, no sharp stencil shadows. Looks completely pre-rendered. It's achieving that weird x-factor where I can't work out how it's being rendered. Uncanny valley here we come! There are exciting times afoot with the next-gen consoles round the corner methinks. 
Gameplay Does Not Sell Games 
yes it does. The game industry just lost all the customers that actually cared for it years ago? 
His point is more that sex sells. You can't attract customers with gameplay. You can, however, attract them with great graphics. Then once you have their attention, you can show them your gameplay. 
it totally doesn't work for me that way. I never would watch graphics-/cinematic-only trailers if i wouldn't actually be doing CG for a living.

Gameplay videos actually attract my attention. If there's something E3-like, I watch gameplay videos, as well as the top 5% of the graphics only stuff (but i would never buy those) 
it totally doesn't work for me that way. I never would watch graphics-/cinematic-only trailers if i wouldn't actually be doing CG for a living.

They would for me if they weren't filled to the brink with Hollywood cliches presented as pubescent power fantasies... 
The Thing About Dark Souls 
Besides what has been already said is how fulfilling and rewarding succeeding feels in this game. After finally getting past area XYZ or killing boss ABC, its not like "oh well, okay" like I feel in most other games, it's more like "HOLY FUCKING SHIT YEAH BITCH" and literally almost jumping from joy. 
It Doesn't Have To Work For You 
As long as it works for enough other people who care more about eye candy than they do about the graphics. Come on, this is obvious. Also, I think Willem was saying that they're trying to sell their engine more than they're trying to sell their games. 
I Totally Get It 
Graphics are important. People chase the next big thing in computer graphics. If you are making a game, then regardless of what you want the gameplay to be like, you want the graphics the be good. You also want the tools to be good. So this video shows that both the graphics and tools for the engine are awesome. Seems like a win-win to me. 

Right now, yes, because we're not promoting a game. :) We're an engine provider as well as a game studio so this demo is to get people interested in licensing the engine. Which everyone should! It only seems right... 
In My Usual Polemic Way 
all I see in those videos is a trillion dollar artist budget. I'm not at all familiar with the unreal technology (is it still called that?), but..

Where are the new rendering techniques? Where are the "simple art" test cases that show the pros and cons, where are the performance breakdowns? Where are the awesome features your engine has that nobody else has? Voxel cone tracing maybe? But where are the details of what is actually implemented there? When does it break down? How does it handle near-field? I heard there are problems with that... in the original paper. What about your implementation?

If I would have to make a decision about spending a lot of money on engines, those would be what I want to base my decision on. All I see in most engine videos is more particles, more deferred lights, more post processing, etc., and of course, lots of artists. Those don't come with the engine, I heard =)

Maybe that's my academic view, and that's because I see the papers a long time before an actual product uses that stuff. Maybe managers just buy stuff, because they don't even know what engine vs artist means. Or it isn't even about them, it's about the public that in turn buys everything with unreal engine "because it just has to look as good as the tech video".

oh, and i didn't even watch it, just the graph ui advertisment. :-)

okay, i just did. the glossy reflections look indeed nice, but there does seem to be only one type of glossy material (puddles/wet) that actually uses it. Why's that?

What else is there? Nice volumetric lighting, but not enough time and bad video compression to actually see what the problems with it are. Or how fake it is. Then... there's lots of particles, lights, artist budget :-) How many "VPLs" are actually hand-placed? Model/Animation of the main character with dread locks looks really bad (the joints?!), but I'm not sure if that's just artist fuck-up (but how did it pass QA then, if it was easily fixable? See the problem?) What shadowing there is looks really nice, but some stuff doesn't seem to cast any.

And it's all really pretty. 
Oh, And I Forgot All About The Programming Side Of Things. 
what's your code quality, how easy is it to modify stuff, plug my own stuff into it, what abstractions are there... I'd like a video about that =) 
I expected some nice honest advertisement but that natural and spontaneous infomercial made me cringe. So much bullshit bingo phrases. I swear I was able to do what I want and let the creative energy flow into the code and leverage the intuitive interface and feel unleashed with that FPS creator thing that was advertised in magazines in 1996. You can be a game designer too! But only with this new product. Not any of the competitors. It is so new and innovative! 
It's a marketing video, yes, but look at what's being shown. That's no bullshit. Shane created all of that stuff entirely on his own and he knows nothing about coding. He's an artist, through and through, and he's making games entirely on his own in UE4. 
They did release some paper last year:

Also some walkthrough of the editor and some tech info:

And yes, million dollar art budgets and such. I totally agree. I also tend to get more excited about NPR and innovative art direction nowadays. Nevertheless, impressive stuff.

One thing I wish would get solved once and for all in this generation is transparency. 
I hope something is coming out of that Samaritan demo ;) I loved the noir cyberpunk setting. 
Come on, those "engine ads" are actually aimed at general public to support the brand and make the "build with WHATERVER tech #" a selling point for the gamers. And execs too of course.

Cryengine Flow Graph > Kismet all day btw. 
"Cryengine Flow Graph > Kismet all day btw. "

Have you played with UE4 Kismet/Blueprints yet? It's a LARGE step up from UE3. 
what Unreal3 tech games officially have map editor and custom maps support? 
GoW and UT3 are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. 
I've always loved the Unreal Editor, the kismet system shown is really impressive. It's great to see that Shane still works at Epic, he seemed to drop off the radar somehow. Remember the days when the guys making the games were really at a kind of celeb status? Not really like that so much these days (except for guys like Carmack or Miyamoto). 
Remember the days when the guys making the games were really at a kind of celeb status?

Haha, I remember the nineties too. It's great until they try to make you their bitch though, then it all ends in tears. 
ok that video was nice. the debugger looks amazing. 
I Really Dont Get It 
the ad markets exactly what it says (engine) but you guys want it to market something else (game).

That would be when Epic pimps the next GoW or Unreal?? All your where is the gameplay comments would be valid then. 
I just read the Epic Siggraph 2012 paper. I understood some of those words. Actually really awesome reading though, thanks Spiney.

The voxel cone nonsense seems mad cool. I thought this video by Cyril Crassin (the author of the original paper) does a great job of demonstrating it: 
Why Does Everyone Call That A Paper? :D this is a paper :-)

Nice slides nonetheless, i didn't know they had a siggraph talk. 
I thought it was a paper, I might just have remembered wrong :P 
It Is Not A Paper... 
.. pdf is electronic format, till you print it, then it becomes paper...

/you ignorant !! 
Re: Megaman 
Why? because I'm not a clever man. Why must everyone insist on pointing this out? 
The Original Link To The Blog Post That Had The Link 
said paper. 
Wait, what? Out of all the hundreds games that use UE3 only 2 Epics own titles have editor/custom map suport?

Quick google couldn't find much relevant info.
Does it have much to do with everyone selling DLCs instead of letting users make their own mods or what. 
Yeah, it's kind of depressing...
I know there's workarounds for UDK that work with some titles, but nothing official. 
Game Engine Looks Amazing. 
Now make a cyberpunk Skyrim in the video setting, with Crytek-esque gameplay.

Very cool roguelike with story and stuff: 
Teleglitch Is... 
Awesome! It's like a top-down Doom/Quake with perma-death and crafting!
Definitely recommend playing, I saw it on TIGSource ages ago! 
Thanks for posting that! It is like an amalgamation of all things I love about gaming. You made my day. 
And That Makes Me Happy In Return! 
Unreal Engine 4

This one reminds me a lot Lord of The Ring: a mix in between Sauron and Balrog >E

This one is interesting too

Note that it is not image synthesis, but really Unreal engine 4. Nevertheless, it is precised that the engine run 4 times slower that normal speed, exploiting 100% of GTX680 processing capabilities. Hence, to run the game with its full power, it would need four GTX680 to get a real time playable demo

After small calculation it means "basically" and roughly just 12 Terra Flops a 14 billions of transistors... just a "small" GFX setup 
wow, teleglitch ironically has really nice graphics. i really like the visibility system they implemented. 
One thing for sure, compared to the System Shock and Thief series, Quake is really newbie friendly to install. 
Crimsonland rougelike yay! 
Yeah, I have always liked the .pak system of Quake series (or similarly, .wad format of tech1). Tidy, simple and easy to figure out. I hate those games where thousands of files lay out in the open, in too many damned folders. 
The melee combat in teleglitch is seriously pissing me off. It is super hard to aim and apparently you have to actually hit the drunk monsters with your 2 pixel end of arm? 
Aren't PAKs essentially folders that cannot directly be accessed by the OS? The distinction always eluded me somewhat. I've never seen the big win in it to be frank. It's just as messy and complex, just hidden in a custom format. 
@Spirit: Yeah, melee is near impossible. I think it is not supposed to be used at all. By level 3 monsters are already attacking in swarms, so it is best to form a Trinailgun as soon as possible and use it as the fallback weapon instead of that puny knife (since you can also produce nails by scavenging).

@Spiney: Fair point. It might be a personal thing but I like .pak's better. Besides, you don't have to overwrite original stuff to utilize custom content - that may be the advantage of the system. 
What was great was the day I discovered that the Quake3 PAK files were ZIP format. Blew my mind... You can open them in any standard ZIP file editor. 
The overwriting can still be done by simply renaming the folder PAK2 etc. But I can certainly see why some people would prefer it. I think the difference is purely psychological. 
File system access is relatively slow; pak and other such formats allow you to open one file handle with the OS and then just read different chunks out of it. 
ROTT 2013.

Other than the tiny player-to-level scale, this looks like the dog's bollocks. 
ROTT 2013 
That looks surprisingly fun.
I love how they kept those floating circular platforms, they make no sense at all in that warehouse level, who would use antigrav platforms where you can just have normal stairs, that's great. :)

ROTT is the first game I mapped for, plenty of fond memories from it. 
i like how you pick out the floating platforms as what's unrealistic. To me that entire level looks like any deathmatch map with industrial-themed textures with arbitrarily placed bridges and jump-pads and i had to go re-watch the video to see that it was even intended to look like a warehouse :) 
Apart from from tidiness and easy managability, having all files in containers speeds up access (no defragmentation) and (de)installation. Copying/moving a large number of individual files takes considerably longer than the same amount of data in few container files. 
No "fragmentation" obviously. 
Yeah I agree, I just picked out the floating platforms because they were an important part of the original ROTT (you could only create any kind of vertical gameplay by placing them).

Honestly the level itself (layout, design, etc.) is pretty generic and doesn't look very good as far as deathmatch levels go, those random diagonal bridges made me cringe... 
Realistic Textures 
with 1997 brushwork and layouts is not a good look. It looks like a retexturing project. Gameplay looks nicely oldschool though. 
Borderlands 2 Deal 
Meh. There's a very nice deal on today (and only today): All Borderlands 2 diginal codes are off 67% - unfortunately only available to US customers. If some charitable Americano reads this, go buy me two keys for the BL2 Season Pass, would you ($9.99 each)? I can pay you back in USD or BSP. :>
And while you're at it, go grab the game for yourself, it's a lot of fun in coop. 
Looks dire in pretty much every way. 
-fast oldschool gameplay
-$100 mln art budget

choose one 
I Think 
A valid criticism here is that the map layouts do actually look like pimply 1997 box-map arse.

Nothing to do with the "art".

I mean, really - the layout for the first map in that video is about as primitive and ugly as you can get. 
Scale is totally wrong, it looks like a shitty Quake1 engine putting way too many 'realistic' shaders on flat geometry, and even 'old school' gameplay wasn't '1 hit kills constantly'. Not to mention the level design is a shitty gimmick map that were played out even when RotT was new.

Sorry, making an 'old school' game doesn't mean 'make absolute shit'. 
the second map looks far better though. 
you can buy games from Amazon even if oyu are outside of the US by putting in a fake US delivery address.

As what you are buying is digital, there is no issue with delivery obviously. 
Digital items are only purchasable with a US billing address unfortunately. 
never had that requirement when I bought from Australia, I've always just put in a US shipping address. 
Thanks to whoever mentioned it first. I'm enjoying this game a lot. 
Shipping != billing. Those digital items are not available for people outside the US. It even says so on the page. I tried to buy the code myself, but to no avail. Physical items are another thing, they typically work fine.

Or do you mean you registered a credit card with a fake US address? 
Those arguments make sense, good reasons for using PAK files then :) 
ROTT Looks Awful, Like Nexuiz/Xonotic Or Bad Parts Of Sauerbraten 
You can also easily patch by simply adding new higher numbered files without having to overwrite older versions (needs more space of course). Quake 3 used that.

In-file filesystems can also be tailored to your needs and do not care about the filesystem they are on. Eg you might be on a case-insensitive filesystem but inside your archive you can be.

You can compress them.

You could encrypt them (half-assed).

Big files still fragment btw.

Back to Teleglitch. The line of sight effect looks great but since I know how it works, I always see how it works and it became super distracting. :( 
Teleglitch Chronicles 
Second try (after first perma-death of course). Currently at the beginning of level 5. Detector comes handy to get ready for the upcoming swarms. Powerlegs make a great difference too. I only wish there was a button for unloading the ammo out of the scavenged weapons. 
My bad. It seems that picking up any weapon and dropping it back unloads the ammo that comes with it - handy! This little gem of a game gets harder, tenser and more enjoyable as the player progresses deeper into the installation. Great stuff, I don't remember being this thrilled with a PC game in a long time. 
yes fake US address (using one of those fake web address generators) entered as shipping address works fine for me. If it is not working for you, you could try ticking "billing address same as shipping address" to see if that works maybe.

Transaction goes through fine on my Australian credit card and no issues in downloading it because there is no physical shipping to my fake address.

Google amazon digital downloads outside US, quite a few links on different ways of doing it. 
Teleglitch is done (the stats screen tells that it took 362mins) ...and so are my nerves. Once you get your hands on experimental, energy-based stuff, you have a fair-chance against the metallic nasties that dominate the later levels. Though the transition is a bit brutal: I barely survived the 7th level. Still, it was worth all the trouble. I could have never imagined that such a lo-fi game would be this atmospheric and heart-pounding. Now, I wonder what are those few remaining items (or weapons) that I haven't figured out how to produce? 
From Teleglitch Website 
"We made this game because we were missing the jitters and hardcore fun feeling that we grew to love years ago, playing games like Doom, Quake and various roguelikes. Because stuff like this is so rare nowadays, we decided to make it ourselves, and fill the empty space in our hearts with pixels, blood, zombies, robots and dark corridors."


And erc "I could have never imagined that such a lo-fi game would be this atmospheric and heart-pounding."
-You have now learnt tha the "fi" has fuckall to do with atmosphere and excitement.
Absolutely fuck all. 
I knew that already, growing up with a 2600. I guess my astonishment comes from the fact that I haven't experienced any of the deliberately retro-styled games of this day and age (apart from Cladun on PSP). 
Then you are missing out on a few more gems, if you have time... 
Sure, I have some to spare. Would love to hear your recommendations. 
Of Course You Already Played It But 
Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story Cave Story 
No, I haven't. :/ It seems that you can't recommend it enough though. Looks like a Metroidvania, that's a big incentive - thanks, Spirit. Any others? Has anyone tried Lone Survivor, by the way? Looks interesting and stylish. I'm always up for survival horror. 
If you play it, make sure to not play the later released "+" one. It is like a bad Quake remake/model/sound thing from all what I have seen.

Cave Story is one of the best games I know and it's free! Don't spoil yourself reading, just play it and have fun. Best with a gamepad! 
Of course, I'll go for the original one -- YAY! A PSP port is available! :) 
Some neat retro style games that don't cost a penny!

You Have To Win The Game

Maldita Castilla 
Iikka Keranen Is Making Strange Adventures 3!

I loved the previous games, and FTL had some of the same feeling of exploration. 
Many thanks! These two look great too, will try them in the near future. I remember playing 8bit killer from Locomalito guys, that was beautiful. 
You maybe heard of Hotline Miami. Don't Miss that.
If you feel like some Roguelike I highly recommend DoomRL, thats a Doom based Roguelike, with tiles now.

Pineapple Smash Crew seems like fun, did not get to play it much but what I did was cool. 
Killes, thanks for the recommendations, another sweet-looking two (Hotline Miami and PSC). I'll give them a try. I've had a round or two in DoomRL, back when it was ASCII based. It surely looks more compelling now. 
Another one worth trying if you haven't: The Binding of Isaac. Quite fun and addictive (ask onetrueijed about it). 
I Can Attest 
473 hours and counting. I planned on quitting once I hit the 400.0 mark but old habits die hard. 
Hotline Miami 
is veritably amazing. So is Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf, though in a different way. 
Thanks guys. I'll add The Binding of Isaac and KDFW to my list. I plan on taking the ones with shorter campaigns first. Currently playing Cave Story (for the first time) and replaying Harmony of Dissonance on PSP (through a GBA emulator which works surprisingly perfect). Also had half an hour with Metroid: Zero Mission (via the same emulator). 
Isaac: 521 Hours, but I stopped playing some time ago.

Indie games not already mentioned;

Weird Worlds is indeed a great space exploration roguelike, it's nice to see they're working on the third version.

Another space explorer roguelike I can recommend is Faster Than Light.

Spelunky - an oldie but a goodie. Platformer roguelike player rape.

Desktop Dungeons - haven't looked at this in quite some time, but a limited space dungeon crawl roguelike where exploration regenerates you.

Cthulhu Saves the World - breath of fire style RPG.

And I'm probably forgetting many more. 
Recommending Too Much... 
... can quickly become overwhelming! :D 
Any idea how simular Metroid: Zero Mission is to Metroid: Fusion? Because I loved that (until some boss that made my emulator crawl). 
Metroid Fusion is a lot more linear and directed, until the very end when you get to explore freely for some time.
There is an annoying NPC that you are forced to talk to inbetween setpieces.
Other than that the gameplay is still the same old good stuff, and there are some cool environments. 
Thanks Honey, I Will Pirate It 
i liked zero mission more, fusion forced too much linearity onto the player. But fusion is still pretty good in other respects. 
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Trailer

FUCKKKK!!! FUCKKK!!! oh my shit!! This is absolutely the best thing I've ever seen, including vaginas and the bugatti veyron. 
That shit is fuuuuuuucked up.

Looks good though. But how come Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has nothing to do with fucking teenagers and cheesy mexican drug barons? It's like a TC, rather than DLC..... 
Ahh Fuck 
hope that doesnt mess up their sales. Really hope they get rewarded for being this wildcard. 
Yeah Man 
I got FC3 on release :) 
Many thanks. Those will be added to my 'check out' queue. 
Daz Are You Moist Yet?? 
Metro 2033 was a flawed but brilliant game with an awesome atmosphere. Very much looking forward to Last Light.

Shame about the stupid DLC nonsense from 4A Games though. They put the "nightmare mode" difficulty behind a DLC pay wall, and considering it's "the way the game was designed to be played" that's a pretty dick move :/

I'm expecting modders to unlock it for everyone pretty fast however :) 
looks awesome. i haven't played any metro's yet though. 
I haven't played any Metro games either, but that sure looks sweet! And Stalker is on my fav games of all time list. 
If You Enjoyed STALKER 
Then I think you need to play Metro 2033. Very similar atmosphere but a much more directed experience (read : linear levels rather than open world-ish that stalker had). 
I Enjoyed STALKER 
But I hated Metro 2033. 
Metro was nice, but after playing Stalker, and reading a bit of the Metro book, it really makes you wish it was a bit more open-ended.
Still better than any silly CoD solo campaign.
Will probably get the new one myself, looks nice. 
Ranger Hardcore is the way to go if you want to tackle Metro 2033 the best possible way. No HUD, scarce resources and bullets hurt like a bitch. I played it like this on my first playthrough and had a blast. 
Viking Battle For Asgard 
yay or nay? 
Memory Of A Broken Dimension 
this is what a DOS prompt would look like if it were a horror game 
I Can't Play It ... 
Loading bar fills to 100 percent and then just sits there. Anyone else? 
Loads For Me 
But I don't know what it is. 
Old School Duke3d DNF 
If you have a copy of DUKE3D.GRP somewhere in a long forgotten directory on your hard drive. DNF is out. 
I'm Getting A Swish PC 
what games are the best for showing it off nowadays? First person to say Crysis 1 gets a pint of nanobots down the japs-eye 
Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Witcher 2, Bulletstorm, Metro, Modded Skyrim, Modded GTA4... all different engines 
Crysis 1 
The thing that always bugged me about it was the purely flat ambient light. Made everything look fake. The SSAO just made it worse. There was also plenty of pop-in, weird looking clouds and strange noisy shadow filtering. The skin shading was also really weird looking, it looked like subtly backlit wax from all angles somehow. And all the hard surfaces have this plastic sheen to them. When Doom3 did it everyone complained about it, seems by 2007 everyone just got used to it.

Maybe if the art direction wasn't so bloody generic it could have worked. Crysis 2 was like being locked up inside a Michael Bay flick with the visuals. Latest Crysis really improved in all those areas, tough it all still looks abnormally slick to me.

Meh, screw realism, boring... 
Tomb Raider. 
With TressFX switched on. I get about 0.5 FPS that way, I expect you can do better :) 
Tomb Raider. 
With TressFX switched on. I get about 0.5 FPS that way, I expect you can do better :) 
Battlefield 4 isn't out yet... right? I imagine BF 3 would be a good bet though. I think Witcher, Skyrim, modded GTA 4 are all pretty solid choices too.

Hmm, nothing in there really sets my heart on fire though. Blame the current console generation, but PC graphics aren't really moving forward very fast are they?? 
Meh, Screw Realism, Boring... 
What Spiney said...

But if you just want to see photo-realistic pixels patterns in realtime, rthdribl is my choice, until we get photon mapping in realtime. 
2D Quake 2

uncludes download link.
my issue with it is that's it's really hard to make up foreground from background 
Quite Nice 
But yeah, it's hard to distinguish what's solid and what's not. The gunshots are hard to see as well, and they made a mistake when going through doors - they shouldn't move where your character is on the screen after going through them.

It's a bit odd as well - it looks like most of the work done was on converting the Q2 assets. Why not just make a game?

Maybe I'm being too cynical. 
2D Quake 2 
Pretty awesome looking! I haven't downloaded but I shall. 
Judging from the videos the guy is mostly a coder and he generally takes other game stuff to test/show off his engine.
OpenXCom 0.9 (fully playable)

I hope it is ok to post in this thread as it is available for not only Windows but also MacOS, Linux, OpenBSD, Haiku and some consoles (handheld!). 
Tomb Raider 2013 
Well, I bought this during the Steam weekend special at half off. I was expecting to really not like it. I generally find 3rd person games to be awkward and difficult to control. I was right about that, but I ended up actually enjoying most of the game.

The QTE parts of the game can have serious problems on the PC. During QTE "combat" sequences the game often would not respond to the keyboard "button mashing". I also experienced loss of mouse control in several "escape" sequences. I found out that these problems mostly went away by temporarily using lower video settings and turning v-sync off. Unfortunately I didn't find out about this work-around until toward the end of the game.

The environments are very nice. The level design, texturing, etc. are all top notch. The models and animation are some of the best I've seen in a game of this type. For once Lara's chest is actually pretty normal. The storyline was good as were the puzzle parts and overall the game was interesting enough to keep me playing almost non-stop for days and actually continuing all the way to the very end.

I ended up at 91% completion overall (I gave up on trying to find all the exploration type items about halfway through). I played on normal difficulty for almost the entire game.

If it wasn't for the control issues I'd rated it 9 out of 10 stars easy. Even though those issues only occur in a few short parts of the game, it causes a lot of frustration and really detracts from the overall experience. 
Just Started Playing Focal Point For HL1 
and its fucking amazing. A bit on the easy side I suppose but fuck is it beautiful and well thought out and expansive. HL was my 1st love and this rekindles the flames and then some. If you have even a passing interest and a copy of HL on your computer, check it out.
Hopefully, unlike me, you'll have the time to absorb it in long sittings, instead of 30 minute chunks. Fuck. not like the old days. 
Tomb Raider 2013 
So far (1/3 the way through), I actually agree with Ricky about this, gasp.

QTEs are utterly irredeemably awful.

Oft-changing and randomly fixed camera perspective is very poor.

Constant switching between controlling Lara and just watching Lara is pointless nonsense.

^^^ all of the above are immersion-breaking bollox.


Graphics, lighting, and effects are superb, environments and atmosphere are very good, characters are very well done, Lara in particular is portrayed convincingly, the progression in intriguing, and the actual combat gameplay is fair, slick and pretty good fun (and shows how good the game could have been if they hadn't spoiled it with QTE shite). Like Ricky all of those aspects are strong enough to keep me playing it despite the clear (and deliberate) control flaws. 
Rick != RickyT23 
Rick > RickyT23 
Rick > RickyT23 
I wondered why he was actually making sense about the game! 
Rick = Rick 
Actually, I'm the Rick that made Castle of Oblivion and Well of Wishes and Polygon Base for Quake (I made a few Doom 2 maps also). I'm still working (off and on) to finish a re-make of Well of Wishes.

I think Tomb Raider may end up as Game of the Year. It would be really nice if they'd patch it to fix the QTE "combat" buttons bug and the occasional issues with mouse control.

Some of the escape sequences where you have to run across floors and bridges, which are crumbling and falling away beneath you, are really hard to get past when you can't turn with the mouse.

The annoying QTE and buggy sequences probably only added up to 15 minutes or less of play time, compared to maybe 40 hours total, that's not too much of an issue considering how much I enjoyed the rest of the game.

I think I probably played through too fast. I may wait a few weeks and give it another go. Overall I had a lot of fun. The "Shipwrecked Beach" and "Mountain Village" areas are awesome levels full of tons of exploration. 
Shot from The Witness (the new game from Jonathan Blow of Braid fame)

And a video:

Wow. Might be the best looking game I've ever seen. 
Looks great. Though I think the vegetation looks too different a style to the rest of the scene? Color palette is somewhat garish at times (not unlike braid). But yeah, really good looking for the most part. 
Looks great, and the music makes you want to see the video again.

It's giving me lots of ideas for mapping. 
looks cute. like the music. hope it's on pc.

but I'd rather kill shit than solve maze puzzles.

reminds me of a happier myst. 
The nice thing about puzzle games is they're easy to make. With Quake you just open radiant and fuck around with triggers and moving stuff. You don't even need player models or a hud. 
Shadow Warrior Reboot!!! 
Look At You Hacker 
A decade after my second playthrough, I have beaten System Shock 2 for the third time. I'm glad to say that it is still one of my favourite PC games. I installed Kolya's SS2 Tool which includes map fixes as well as a custom engine (NewDark) that comes with D3D9, supports modern systems, adds a bunch of subtle features and most importantly, works flawlessly. On top of that, top-notch third-party graphical enhancements really made the game shine - seriously, I have never been a fan of so called hi-res textures stuck on top of low-poly maps and haven't used any for Quake to this day, but the ones available for SS2 are much better than any I have seen. The following shots, which are mostly from Deck 5, demonstrate these packages (alongside a hint of bloom):

* SHTUP (object/decal-based textures)
* FourHundred (brush-based textures)
* Vurt's Space Textures (skies -- not shown)
* Vurt's Goo (new models for organics -- not shown)
* Vurt's Water (v5.1 with EnvMap)
* Tacticool (new models for Navy weapons -- two out of five shown)
* Eldron PsiAmp (new model for PsiAmp -- not shown)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Also used ADaoB, a bug-fixing pack that also rebalances the game mechanics. Didn't installed Rebirth, since I don't think it follows the style as well as the above packs. All of them are definitely recommended, they will make the game run much smoother and look much sharper while staying true to the original feel and look.

Here's a handy link: SS2 Newbie Modding Guide 
Shadow Warrior remake. Cool. Although looking back on gameplay vids now on the original, god it looks awful. Did it have any story? Pretty sure I played it, but don't remember it looking so crap. Funny how those old games look better in your head than in reality. Not sure why they're bothering with a remake, other than a recognizable IP, but how many people that played that oh... 20 years ago, when it wasn't a popular game then, will still be gamers now. Apart from func locals. 
System Shock 2 
I just noticed System Shock 2 is on Steam with a one week special price of $6.99

I seem to remember playing it a long time ago but I know I never bought it. Maybe it was a demo or something. I might have to pick it up off Steam. 
Not Sure If This Been Mentioned 
New Wolfenstein 
Guess they needed something new to show at Quakecon... 
It Looks Good 
Cool robotic enemies 
Battlestar Galactica : Nazi Edition 
I enjoyed the 2010(?) Wolfenstein. 
I Have No Idea How The Game Will Be 
but that trailer was pretty stupid. and must have cost a tonne - how much does it cost to license that song? 
Kind of misses the point though: the cost of adverts should be redeemed in higher sales. 
That Jonathan Blow Game 

After Braid, I'm just gonna shut up and let him take my moneys. However I would have liked to have seen a hint of what the real gameplay is all about in that trailer.

Blow has stated that there is more to the game than these mazes, in response to concerns from players; to Blow, "the point is the magic that happens in the player's mind when he understands the subtle things that the mazes are saying - because the mazes aren't just puzzles, they are lines of communication that aggregate, become more complex and eventually say surprising things".[2]

There had better be some substance behind that statement and I hope it's not just a load of pretentious hot air. 
Far Cry 3. 
Tried a bit of this the other day. Seems kinda dull so far.

Far Cry - exploring epic island environment = cool.

Crysis 1 - same island environment BUT a Nanosuit = cool.

Far Cry 2 - exploring African environment with semi-real atmosphere and politics = cool.

Crysis 2 - same Nanosuit BUT with a ruined city environment = cool.

Far Cry 3 - exactly the same island enviroment as FC1 and C1, exactly the same atmosphere and politics as FC2 = boring??

Maybe it gets better but at the first proper fight I couldn't help thinking "I probably spent a total of 50 hours doing EXACTLY this in three previous xxxCRYxxx games".

Maybe it's also bad timing because the whole island vibe and graphics pale into insignificance compared to Tomb Raider... I do like the people's accents though and the main bad guy seems intriguingly demented. 
The Binding Of Isaac 
Just broke the wallet and splashed out on this bad boy.

Liking it in a lot of ways, and although the permadeath is starting to grate, the random levels take the edge of the annoyance just enough to keep me playing.

Could have done without the edgy "faeces and sanitary towels" theme though. 
It Needed 
A save current game feature. Not to break the roguelike permadeath, but just to allow you to pause a game session that can last a few hours once you've unlocked all the extra levels.

Did you get the Wrath of the Lamb expansion with it? 
Wrath Of Lamb 
not yet.

Another thing that annoys me is that it seems to be very poorly coded, with tremendous slowdown issues for what is a simple 2d sprite game. Might be something to do with the fact that it is made in Flash, but I have seen very complex Flash stuff before that doesn't have these problems. 
Roguelike XCOM? 
Haha, seems like a good idea for a mash up. 
it seems to be very poorly coded

There are literally moments in the game where items have opposite effects than intended because the coder can't reliably substract by a negative number.

Good on you not getting Wrath yet, its biggest strength is that initial "this is like some crazy bootleg ROM hack" reaction after getting acclimatized with the old game. 
Yeah never really got into Isaac because of the slowdowns. And the theme too, actually (although I would have loved it in 1994). 
Crazy Bootleg ROM Hack 

And yeah, the slowdown is flash... but could have been avoided - other flash games have much more efficient flow.

Roll on HTML5. 
Finally got around to playing this.

(Note - I'm playing it on the Xbox, but if I posted in the "console games" thread, no-one would read it, so I'm posting here.)

Thoughts. Not sure how far through I am (just killed a huge plant monster boss), but I do like the skillshot mechanics and being rewarded for using your environment and whatnot to kill enemies. That stuff's really really great. Spending your points to buy basic ammo is pretty naff though.

Environments look very nice and Unreal Enginey - if I was to nitpick I could say that I think everything is maybe a bit too homogeneously busy and noisy - making it sometimes difficult to figure out what's important and what's not.

I pretty much don't like everything else though.

The worst is the character dialogue - every single line spoken is just about the most obnoxious shit that has ever assaulted my eardrums, and the 14-year old that wrote it needs to stand in the corner for a good long while (for like, say, forever).

It honestly makes Gears of Wars' dialogue sound like Shakespeare.

Environments and encounters are super linear, which incidently is a hilarious "fuck you" to the paying customers that were suckered in by that CoD piss-take video the developers produced before this game was released, as it has exactly the same over-reliance on linearity, invisible walls, on-rails shit, QTEs, and scripted events that CoD does. Most of the time you will find yourself in an insanely detailed and huge environment but one where you are constrained to a ludicrously narrow and linear navigable space.

In short, People Can Fly: Fuck you and the cock you rode in on. (I'm pretty sure that's actually a piece of authentic Bulletstorm dialogue, if not, it's close enough). 
100% factually correct. 
Official Smables Seal Of Approval 
A flawless victory.

I must say actually that being about 2-3 years behind the times when it comes to playing the latest releases is wonderful because it means I get absolutely fantastic deals on everything.

I just picked up, on Amazon, brand new xbox copies of Bulletstorm, Rage and Deus Ex Human Revolution for �5, �6.60, and �6.75 respectively, which helps because I'm one of those wierd sperglords who feels all icky and crap buying a "used" videogame. 
Bought this on my wife's ipad for the nostalgia. I'd forgotten that the original game came with a notebook and that you need to use it :-) I'm surprised how much I remember given that I first played it over 18 years ago now (aaaaaaaaa) and haven't replayed it for ... at least 15, I'd think.

I don't like the controls on the ipad much and I couldn't recommend it for any other reason than the nostalgia... 
All The Innovation That Mobile Gaming Brings Us! 
I must say actually that being about 2-3 years behind the times when it comes to playing the latest releases is wonderful because it means I get absolutely fantastic deals on everything.  
Frozen Synapse On Ipad 
Thats pretty awesome, perfect game for the format if controls are good. Reviews are good for now it seems. 
IPad Reviews 
I got a free iPad and am getting the full hit of the apple money machine. Am I right that negative reviews and scores in the App Store aren't even shown? 
Not As Long 
as the reach a certian amount, i guess.
Apple is a good present, got rid of it. 
Frozen synapse. The only bad thing about it is that I was working on a game design just like it :/ 
Seriously thanks for the recommendation, FS is excellent, one of the most compelling games I've played in years.

Well made, intelligent and with very clear win/loss conditions.

And people getting shot. 
Replaying Within A Deep Forest, such a cute and well-designed game. 
I Liked It 
But it felt like it was missing something to give it more depth.

Not sure what. 
Dark Souls (PS3) 
After deliberating for an eternity over whether I should start with Dark Souls or Demon's Souls, I eventually settled on the fairly arbitrary choice of Dark Souls.

I've only really started playing it I guess, so all I've seen is the game up to the Taurus Demon in Undead Burg. (I haven't killed him yet).

Too early for me to have much of an opinion of the game yet, but holy shit the levels are awesomely built.

Gameplay wise, just to put things into perspective, the only way I managed to beat the boss in the fucking tutorial level, was to consult an online strategy guide which suggested that I should remove all of my armour and fight the boss naked, which will allow me to move around at a half-decent pace so that I could actually dodge his attacks and get into a position to launch my own.

Years of playing the usual knife-through-butter tripe has not prepared me psychologically for this game :(

I really, really, don't want to have to cheese my way through this game by wiki'ing every little thing - has anyone here played through it normally, you know, just by themselves? 
*raises hand*
I played DS when it first came out and there was no wiki! I imagine you have patched it which makes even easier! :P 
I played until the next boss after Taurus Demon before I gave up. Fighting the standard enemies was quite fun but the bosses had me raging at my screen. Fuck that I play games to have fun :)

I agree though about the level design and visuals, Undead Burg was a beautiful location, the scale is fucking epic. 
There Is No Such Thing As Cheesing In Dark Souls 
Just use a guide and a wiki and look at youtubes and don't worry about spoiling yourself, because it's hard enough even WITH those. 
I played DS when it first came out and there was no wiki! I imagine you have patched it which makes even easier! :P

So, if the game was originally an 11/10 on the "fuckshitpissarsebollocks, this is colon-crucifyingly hard" scale, would you say it is about a 10.9/10 after the patch? :P

Fuck that I play games to have fun :)

Yeah, before I played this game, I sort of meditated for a bit and tried to promise myself that no matter how retardedly hard it gets, I will remain calm. In other words, I went in to this game basically saying to myself "I am going to die horribly over and over again, and that's ok". It kind of works - dying doesn't surprise me or bother me anymore. I'm yet to find "the fun" in this game, I think, but at least I am currently at peace with how much I suck at this, which is half the battle I guess. Also, not sure if it's related but irl, I've started developing this strange urge to buy a latex catsuit and ballgag/nipple clamps...

Just use a guide and a wiki and look at youtubes and don't worry about spoiling yourself, because it's hard enough even WITH those.

Ok, this makes me feel slightly better. And also slightly more worried. And a little bit hornier. 
So, if the game was originally an 11/10 on the "fuckshitpissarsebollocks, this is colon-crucifyingly hard" scale, would you say it is about a 10.9/10 after the patch? :P

When the game first came out it was rushed, there was lots of things broken which made it unnecessarily difficult. For a start the vendors were extremely limited in what they could sell, you had to travel to the right vendor to buy stuff which got annoying because of travel distance. The game is still tough but the rough edges have been smoothed out!

The boss fights are designed to be something that you learn by trial and error and lots of death. It certainly not an ideal way to learn something in game but this is very much the design mentality of the game, "bash head against brick wall until it cracks". You can get help from various NPCs (new thing for DS) or other players and I highly recommend it.

The first boss fight in the game is designed to teach the player one vital strategy, the jump down attack. It certainly could have been setup better but it is something that is useful later on.

DS is certainly not a game for everyone and to be honest, it should not be changed for the masses who like things easier/fun. It is designed to be hard so players can have fun with the extra challenge. When you die from a black knight for the first time, you will remember what they look like and be wary of them next time, encounters in DS are memorable.

If you are looking to walk through the game on rails (aka COD style) then this is certainly not the game to play. 
Oh Yeah NPC Summons Are Really Worthwhile For Some Bosses 
Get Solaire to help you when you get to the Parish. You'll know where. 
Why not include skill settings? 
The Skill Setting Is You 
The game ultimately gets easier because you improve as a player, figuring out the systems, weapons, enemies etc.

People are finishing this game without leveling up once, or speedrunning it in under an hour without using glitches.

DS2 will be interesting when it comes out, no Wikis for a ( short ) while ;) 
Dark Lols 
When you die from a black knight for the first time, you will remember what they look like and be wary of them next time

Haha, yeah I found that black knight in Undead Burg:

"Oh, this guy looks a bit different to the usual zombi-OH I'M DEAD AGAIN"

Why not include skill settings?

Hah, well there was a story a while back where the "director" of the game was quoted as saying "I am thinking about whether I should prepare another difficulty that everyone can complete".

But then after those comments, the hardcore fanbase went apeshit, moaning that the existence of an easier mode would ruin the artistic integrity of the game or something, and the director guy ended up backtracking over his comments, claiming it was a "mistranslation" or some bollocks. 
Why not include skill settings?
There is, they are called NG+

If you thought the game was difficult first time through, try 2nd or 3rd time. Bosses do different move combos, everything does more damage and you have to collect more powerful items to survive.

In all seriousness skill levels is a thing of the 90's and most developer hate them because they are something that has to be rushed in at the end (crush time+ anyone) and often difficult to balance because enemies are tweaked up till the game is shipped. 
Also On That Note 
The developers were also quoted as saying Dark Souls 2 would be "more understandable" and "more accessible" than Dark Souls, but again after a huge fan backlash they backtracked and apologised, assuring them that it would be just as hard as before. 
There is, they are called NG+

That's not really the same thing though - that just means the game gets harder each time you complete it. We're talking about "skill settings" in the old traditional sense. 
I was being sarcastic! Oh well ... :P 
Skill Settings 
Suck when it's just buff/debuff on enemies.

How Quake does it works pretty well IMO. 
Sorry, Yeah 
I was just pointing out that "NG+" meant the thing you went on to describe. 
"But then after those comments, the hardcore fanbase went apeshit, moaning that the existence of an easier mode would ruin the artistic integrity of the game or something"

I'm not quite sure how much of a spectacular fucking bellend you have to be to somehow contrive to have your own gaming experience """ruined""" by the existence of an easier skill setting that you aren't using, but I suspect that level of extreme retardation is right up there with COD fanboiz.

Ignoring such idiocy, I've heard very good things about the design in the game, so surely from a dev's perspective (and anyone with a functioning brain) it would make a lot of sense to put the effort into incorporating some skill settings so normal players would buy and be able to enjoy it, rather than the smug elite of masochistic boredom freaks*??

(* Not saying that sock, czg, etc are those, unless of course they whined to the devs too, in which case, they are) 
*than JUST 
I can see where DS is coming from with regards to difficulty, it is a game designed by a different culture. When I went to Tokyo it felt like I was on another planet and the same could be said of DS, its designed for a certain audience and it is not the west. Sure people from the west have played it but the real player base is in Japan and that is how they love their games. Crazy hard difficulties, grinding to get to the right level for area/boss fights and obscure storylines.

Personally I would have never touched the game, I do like games to be accessible and not punishing but I was convinced by a friend at work and it became something to laugh about over coffee breaks. (various ways to die in game) The game is getting easier for sure, DS is easier than Demons Souls and I suspect DS2 will be easier again.

@Shambler, I never write to developers or sign stupid online petitions for games. Having been a developer I respect the way a game is designed and if I don't like something I just don't play it! 
Dark Souls 
Is literally my favourite game of the last decade. It's the only game (other than fez) that I have 100% of the achievements on my 360.

I think some of the boss fights could have been adjusted to be easier (4 kings and O&S can be frustratingly tough). But personally I like the idea of a game whose difficulty is a barrier for achievement farmers and videogame tourists.

Regarding looking online for hints, there is a large community that has surrounded the game because of the games difficulty. I would never have followed players like EpicNameBro or RedRosie if the game was easy. This is uniquely dark souls and I love it. 
All I can say is I hope there's some good trainers for it. Sounds like god mode will be advisable. 
" But personally I like the idea of a game whose difficulty is a barrier for achievement farmers and videogame tourists."

....what difference does that make to your personal enjoyment of you playing the game?? 
It's kind of tricky, Demon Souls does get attention because of it's difficulty, it's what people talk about, it creates stories to share with friends etc. That wouldn't necessarily exist if there was an easy mode that many people would default to after having died 2 or 3 times on normal.
I almost wonder if it would be as popular (even financially) without the difficulty to set it apart from all the other games (of course, the difficulty isn't the only thing it has going for it, many other aspects of the game are quite brilliant, but still).

I do agree that I'd like there to be an easier mode. As much as I love the game, I stopped playing it after a while cause it was taking too much time/deaths, and reading guides and watching youtube vids to figure out how to play a game doesn't really interest me.

Still, great game (from what I've played of it anyways). 
Shambs, I Can Answer That 
....what difference does that make to your personal enjoyment of you playing the game??

"Because we don't want to let muggles into our elite community" 
Community As Part Of The Game 
So, anyway this raises an interesting point, which is that the concept of "you have to learn from the community in order to be able to play this game", seems to have been built in to the design of the game to a certain extent:

The game is littered with user-written graffiti which is supposed to allow players to warn each other of things and share tips, but I only ever seem to comes across useless messages like "yay, I made it!" or "I can't take this any more", or malicious messages like "jump down here", which of course sends you plummeting to your death. It's a very interesting feature, but I'd question whether in practice it is actually effective at fulfilling what it was intended to do.

Ultimately, is a game - that shuts out people who don't want to spend half their time reading strategy guides on the internet - something that really deserves the praise it is getting? 
Jump Down Here ... 
If DS was not difficult then it would have died a long time ago. The high skill level is part of the game, adding an easy mode would kill it. Some people like stuff that is a challenge, this is not some elitist view either.

A friend of mine use to do downhill mountain bike racing, it was nuts. Racing down through woods at high speed, one mistake and it could be fatal. I certainly did not call him an elitist because he rode a bike different to me. Sure you will get people bragging and boasting about how they completed DS but that is part of the draw of the game.

User messages are certainly an interesting idea but most people are jerks when it comes to being helpful in DS and you are better off ignoring them. The idea of people wanting to help others is a noble ideal but I have never found any sign useful.

There are signs put down by the developer and in Demon's Soul's you can vote on the signs which are helpful so they stand out from the background noise. I think you are limited to 5 per game or something like that, otherwise people would spam the world with pointless graffiti.

Probably the most useful thing in Demon's Soul's was seeing the ghosts of other players dying. You could find pools of blood lying around that if you touched them showed how someone died recently. It was really spooky seeing ghosts of players running past you, it felt like all of the player worlds were fractured and bleeding into each other. 
Ultimately, is a game - that shuts out people who don't want to spend half their time reading strategy guides on the internet - something that really deserves the praise it is getting?

DS gets attention because it is different, people wanting the game to be like everything else because they find it too hard is selfish. I found super meat boy really hard and frustrating but I certainly don't want it to change because I want an easy mode. Part of the fun of DS is the community involvement with video and wiki information, it feels cool to research strategies and find information about hidden items. Sure there are people who don't have the time to play DS but there are plenty of other games to try. 
People wanting the game to be too hard because they don't want it to be like everything else is selfish.

> If DS was not difficult then it would have died a long time ago. The high skill level is part of the game, adding an easy mode would kill it.

DS could still BE difficult. But also have an easy option because the difficulty is only part of it... As Le Bal says "many other aspects of the game are quite brilliant".

I do agree with Bal's and your point about the difficulty maintaining interest and longetivity of the game and community. But if the normal uber-difficulty was very clearly highlighted as the real, genuine, true, authentic way to play DS, and there were also skill settings as "tourist" options, that sense of community over the default game could still exist. 
"A friend of mine use to do downhill mountain bike racing, it was nuts. Racing down through woods at high speed, one mistake and it could be fatal. I certainly did not call him an elitist because he rode a bike different to me."

But you could ride a different bike. And if the game is the bike that doesnt make any sense.

Anyway, havent played the game but this discussion does make me want to check it out. 
It's Not Like It's Even That Difficult 
I play it. 
Awww Here Goes... 
I don't want to go into it too much, but I pretty much agree with EpicNameBro with his reasoning -

I think some games suffer for catering to different skill levels. Dark Souls would definitely not be as good if it was easy, completing the game (or even getting past a boss or area) yields a huge sense of achievement. It would be very forgettable if it was scalable in the same way as Skyrim, for example.

I have no problem with easy games, not in the least, but Dark Souls had a very tight design goal and it definitely delivered an unforgettable experience (for better or worse depending on your experience).

Just FYI, I don't feel like I am a great player at all. But completing such a tough game (because it only has one difficulty) fills me with joy. I don't feel ashamed to say that it's not for everyone, if that makes me an elitist then so be it. 
My Demon's Souls Is Broken 
Gave up on Dark Souls, and am now playing Demon's Souls instead. 4 hours in and so far (at least) it seems to be much more accessible and more fun than Dark Souls was. I always seem to be making progress and I don't keep dying all the time. Also, I friggin love the hub in Demon's; it means I'm not stuck in the same place all the time.

Moral of the story: learning curves are good things to put in games, yo. 
Dark Souls Pro-tip... 
Go to undead burg first...

It's not entirely obvious where the easiest path is, it's bit of a dick-move it seems but once you are very confident with the game then you can visit harder areas before hitting the intended "start area".

For instance I got butt kicked by the graveyard skellys, and I didn't even get far into the catacombs. But now I usually hit drakes valley before undead burg to collect some nice early goodies, and if I'm feeling fruity I will try the catacombs or blight-town before doing the gargoyle fight.

I found Demon's Souls to be harder than Dark Souls, but I agree that it feels like you're achieving more due to the nature of the hub. 

> completing the game (or even getting past a boss or area) yields a huge sense of achievement.

Which it would if it was on the default "horrendous" skill, even if other skills were available.

> But completing such a tough game (because it only has one difficulty) fills me with joy.

Ditto. How would the availability of other skills reduce that achievement?

> It would be very forgettable if it was scalable in the same way as Skyrim, for example.

Again, how??

None of this explains how the availability of other skills would change the experience you had on the default skill. And if that bloke did it in 40 minutes of blah, please summarise. Comparably, I play all Quake maps on Hard skill, and often get satisfaction from playing them well and getting through them first time. The fact that Easy and Normal skills exist does not change that enjoyment whatsoever.

Talking of which, less attempts to justify DS, and more maps, please :D 
I'm Not Denying 
that I'm being an elitist in this instance.

There's added value in the achievement if you have managed to complete something that someone else has not. Now I understand you're saying "well you just put up the difficulty if you want it to be harder", but conversely if you buy a game and you can't do it you just bump it down to easy mode and win. You can't do this in Dark Souls and thus the value of completing the game is higher because there is no easy-mode option as a crutch.

Because of the notorious difficulty of the game, that is not simply an option to change at your whim, the game is less forgettable.

I don't need to justify the game, it's perfectly fine if you disagree with me. I'm happy to be labelled as an elitist, I don't want noobs in mah game ;) 
Also, Maor Maps 
you probably wont see me making a map for a while since with my new job and the fact that I'm buggering off to turkey in a weeks time (for 2 weeks) I wont even be near a pc :P

That and I spent so long making that base map that I have mappers block with my blue map (that was already started)... 
Well I thought FESP1 sucked because obviously Hard/Nightmare skill is the only mode to play it on and it's st0000pid that n00bs can cheese through the map on Easy "skill" and ruin the experience for themselves AND me!

(sorry, bored of going round in circles, just gonna take the piss now ;)) 
Enjoy Turkey, hope you get blue map motivation back, and post 6666, bitches! 
does indeed suck... worst map ever. I actually made the new revision easier on normal and easy. I should have made the hard version spawn like 30 shamblers in the final room. 
Save The Date 
This game is pretty cool, it's about going on a date with your girlfriend, quite experimental, you should seriously all give it a try : 
Hotline Miami

What a disappointing game. At first I thought it would be ace, but then it turned out to be just 4 or 5 music tracks, boring story, extremely frustrating "try 1000 times" boss fights. Aiming is hard. A good game I guess but fuck it. 
Hotline Miami is one of the best games I've played. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and there are like 20-30 tracks (I know, I bought the soundtrack).

The games difficulty is one of the best aspects, also I love the twitch gameplay. 
Though I do think the bosses are bullshit. 
I am stuck at the car boss and it is zero fun because I simply die after seconds if I am not immediately crushed by the car.

Maybe there is more music later? So far I had very few songs (great ones though). 
is on Steam special for $6, I'm wondering if it's worth getting even though it's pretty old.

I've already played Fallout3, Oblivion, Skyrim and New Vegas. I played FO3 all the way to the end, but in general have never really enjoyed the main quest line of these games and pretty much just ignore it. I basically just like exploring the world and doing quests. 
There's the morrowind graphics extender which gives you a modern far view distance like oblivion. 
Morrowind Overhaul 
There's a plethora of mods, a real mess if you're not familiar with the nooks and crannies. An excellent (automated) mod package I can recommend is Morrowind Overhaul. I re-played the game with version 2 some time ago. It looks gorgeous, although it also puts quite a bit of strain on the machine the more you max out the visuals. It's not only graphical, I think, but also includes some script fixes.

Spirit: aw, you're like a little puppy. As soons as the level starts, run to the room on the left for cover. You can pick off the enemies from there. 
Negke, You Dog 
I did that and always ran out of ammo. And since I could not hit the molotov guy from there I thought it was a wrong approach. 
The Car Boss... 
piece of piss. took me a single go.
Neg is right, you jump to the left and just blast away. The game does have a couple of difficulty spikes, I love the helmet parts. 
wtf did I buy..


Artsy-fartsy critic thing. r_drawflat, cl_*speed 50, sensitivity 0.01 and acceleration. Does not seem to have any gameplay elements. Accessing the menu requires you to hold esc for several seconds to see a "YOUR EYES ARE CLOSING YOU ARE SO IMMERSED" animation but not too long because then it quits right away. 
Car Boss 
isn't piece of piss, exactly. Like I seriously doubt most people survive that 1st go.
But far from unbeatable. Just keep at it! 
Hotline Miami SPOILERS 
I did beat it earlier and was pretty pissed that the objective was not killing the molotov guy but just two groups of enemies.

Then I got to the capital sin of gaming, the hospital section where the view spins around and the player character randomly shambles and stops moving. Fuck that. Reminds me of that rmq demo poison(?) part where I got nauseous from the distortion. Blargh...

On the upside, finally new music. 
Killing helmet proved the hardest fight for me, I didn't enjoy it at all (and it took me like a million go's to do).
Everything after that wasn't bad though, thoroughly loved it. 
Just To Be Contrarian 
All in how it's utilized, I'd say - and there are of course a lot of ways to go wrong. Poison effect shit *can*be done well though - eg Yoshi's Island. 
Gunpoint Is Out 
I know it's sounds weird from a call in the dark from someone who's lost in DeusEx in the Canal-Road and can't pass the automobile accident.

It breaks me up to loose all JCDenton's code and cheat for the next level. 
It depends where you are in the story, at a certain point the story will progress and the automobile accident will clear by itself and you can get past it.

What is your current objective? 
Very Cool: 
There's 2 Versalife missions; in the first you need to obtain a employee pass and go through the main entrance elevator (near the market and lucky money iirc). Once you done that and talked to Tong, etc... the road blocks should be lifted and you can plummet into the sewer entrance in the back of the tunnel.

Been a while since I played so my memory is kinda hazy :P

Oh, and if you finish the game you can always try The Nameless Mod:

It's pretty awesome haha. 
Other DX1 Mods 
... for those interested.

Project 2027:
Neat mod but can be tough. Plan to review this eventually...

This seems to be a recent release I noticed by chance. Haven't played it yet though. 
@DaZ - I kept turning and saving untill my saved games were up.

@spiney - I've talked to Tong, but when I try to return to the Canal-Road, Gordon Quick stands in the way, although I shoot out all my ammu on him.

It looks as a kind of block-up in the game
Fine textures in the mod.
I'm still a MonsterVodoo2 user, makes playing Unreal like games a joy. 
Vodoo 2 
Haha, that's awesome. I used to have a voodoo3 but threw it out, now I kind of regret not having it for building a retro gaming device.

There's also modernized renderers for UE1:

Both work well for me, they can give you the glide look under DX and OGL.

Quakis: I'll check those out sometime. Kind of in the mood for giving DX another twirl (happens every once a year or 2 lol). 
This looks fresh... 
Spacechem is awesome. 
Believe It Or Not... 
I still have the Pentium Pro computer that I bought in 1996 just so I could play Quake. I put a 3Dfx card in it right after I bought it.

I later upgraded to a 3Dfx II, and... I still have the box that the 3Dfx II came in, and... inside that box is the original 3Dfx card.

The Pentium Pro still works fine, I turn it on a couple of times a year just to check. It has a 2.5 GB drive and 32 megs of RAM :) 
Is too clever for me. 
Moster Vodoo II 
The screenshots on illustrate the wild feeling VodooII delivered me the Unreal game more than twelve years ago.
The fine ligtning with halo glow, reflections and fog boosted up the game in an outrageous way.
It may be said the clarity of the screen was scattered by the pixel melting, but I still concern it as a great profit.

There have gone long shiftings of directX before those effects were obtainable.
If I had Vista I would try out that GL-score on DND3D and Rune, they look quiet spectulair. 
i was thinking of picking up metro last light, but looking at the minimum specs for it has me a little worried...

i'm fine for cpu, ram, etc... but it has the nvidia 250gts listed as minimum.. which is what I have.

anyone here playing the game: what video card are you guys using vs how well does it play? 
Dead Space 3. 
Up to Chapter 5.

The controls are broken as fuck just like in Dead Space 2.

Use overrides aim mode for collecting items and opening doors, but not for using the bench nor control panels.

Any tutorial introducing a new action requires holding aim to use despite almost all actions working with aim toggle on otherwise.

A few random things don't work with aim toggle for no reason.

Quick stasis doesn't work in aim mode despite quick health working.

The mouse feel is horrible and swingy especially in aim mode.

The health bar is obscured most of the time in close combat despite the cruciality of quick health.

Basically one of the main ways I get through combats is focusing a lot on the keyboard and what to press, rather than actually aiming and moving. This is of course the polar opposite of what a natural and transparent control system should be like.

The other issue is that apparently (I read in a few comments on Blues etc) there are loads of resources and ammo and health in the game. So far I have found the resources to be more scarce than pretty much any other game I've played. This is including playing carefully, using stasis a lot, not wasting ammo and hunting in every bloody area I can find. This is the other main way I get through combat, by cheesing the fuck out of it by running away and waiting for stasis to recharge.


It looks great, the detail is excellent, the sci-fi style is done very well, the ship graveyard is splendid, and it's intriguing enough for me to put up with the seemingly deliberate control bullshit and keep playing. 
I'm back playing games again! Haven't actually had time to play anything since last year. Anyway I played COD: World at War and Necrovision. Anyone played Necrovision? I really liked it, the design and art in second half really feels like an id game. Combat was good fun.

Reviewed them both

and (8/10) 
Oh, I tried to play The Witcher too. Turns out you can't remap the mouse buttons and most the keys. Fuck that infuriates me. Same with the sequel I think (anyone tried?).

Anyone looked into the possibility of playing an Xbox or PS with mouse/keyboard? Too many games are coming out for consoles and not PC, I might have to get a console, but I sure as fuck aren't playing without my mouse/kb. 
Yeah, Has Been Wondering The Same, 
though they say it's easy to play FPS with the controller on xbox360, I would surely prefer to take down baddies with mouse and keyboard. 
I don't think so, the majority of current console constituency has been raised with twin stick shooters.

It's actually not that bad once you get used to it... there's far bigger problems with console fps (z-axis? never heard of it! the new patch allows you to raise your fov to a whopping 30! I heard you like health management so it now regenerates at twice the rate!) There's a few Wii fps games which work surprisingly well with the Wii controller, though it takes some getting used to (and the controller is still lacking in reliable tracking regardless) 
Tomb Raider (2013 Reboot/prequel) 
I am playing this on PS3 right now, but posting here since supposedly the PC version is even better. DO GET THIS GAME. It's stupidly good. Some very amazing level design. Also the first Tomb Raider game in over a decade that actually got me interested. 
the ld in this One is quite amazing, if Not to say briliant. yes!
evryone should at least live it a try. 
Indie dev Lunar Software just released a new trailer for Routine, a SS2 style space exploration/horror game. LOOKS SICK! Permadeath btw :))) 
New Lara 
is too "ouch, I'm so emotional and helpless" for my taste.

Old Lara was a kickass rich British sexually confident adventurer. Apparently that is not a role that's accepted for women in Western society anymore. We have become too touch feely for that.

All Crystal Dynamics TRs have great level design, btw. I'd almost go so far as to say, "all TRs have good level design". 
"ouch, I'm so emotional and helpless"

Keep playing, that doesn't last very long at all. 
Looks awesome. They seem to be fans of Dark Souls at that developer so they definitely have good taste in games.
I didn't think you liked hard games DaZ? 
Thanks for posting that. As you've stated, it looks (and sounds) sick - definitely one to look forward to. 
reminds me of a UT2K4 mod called Hollow Moon 
New Lara is too "ouch, I'm so emotional and helpless" for my taste.

That's kinda the point, this game is a prequel/reboot which is timeline-wise Lara's first actual expedition ever, so she is very green. That being said, Lara gradually stops being so afraid and emotional about 1/4 into the game as she gets accustomed with the situation she has to deal with. 
... is so gay ... czg would love this :P 
Too much twink for me. Bring on the bears. 
why is the resolution locked for Dark Souls?

Please tell me I can change it. 
You can change the game client resolution as you would in any other game, but the resolution of the internal renderer is locked. To unlock it use: 
Ok So There Is A Fix 
but I still dont understand why that decision would be made by the game developers. Why allow client resolution changes if the renderer is locked? Thats like zooming. 
I don't know about DS, but many games nowadays decouple world drawing from gui drawing. That way the gui is always crisp even when you don't have the power to do full high res. I like that feature a lot.

Not saying locking the world renderer is a good thing tho. 
The PC port of DS is ridulously lazy one. In case you havent noticed, in-game hints only include XBOX button suggestions even if you don't actually use a controller.

On a sidenote, you should play the game with a controller, even on a PC, it plays much better that way. 
In the case of Dark Souls it is pretty much straight up a bad port. The devs admitted that they didn't have any experience with PC dev and this was a hack job.

Thankfully DSFix exists though and takes like 15 mins to set up. 
Horrible, near-unwatchable headbob. And mandatory perma-death is a mandatory non-purchase, of course. Atmosphere looked good tho. 
Agree re headbob and atmosphere. Hope the headbob is adjustable and the atmosphere is consistent. Not sure re perma-death. Could be effective in a horror setting, but depending on overall difficulty and etc might be a deal breaker. Thanks for the heads up 
Rogue Legacy

It's on Steam as well, and the summer sales are coming up. 
Perma-death is a gameplay feature for sure, it's a space opera rogue-like. The game is different each time you play according to dev interviews.

headbob is probably adjustable, it's UE3 so there will be a config option at the very least. Probably worth a punt if there's a demo. 
Its Designed 
from the ground up with perma-death in mind. You can "complete" the game in 3 hours if you get a lucky run and just zoom around the place. There is a ton of stuff to explore and discover though.

it is somewhat random as well so each playthrough will be different.

As for the headbob, I believe that trailer was recorded using the Oculus Rift which probably accentuates the head movements a bit, no idea what it looks like on kb+m.

Super excited for this game though :) 
Rogue Legacy 
ijed forgot to say this game is pretty awesome, you should all try it! 
I Has Dun Dem Brushes Gud Lad 
Just released an update to my L4D2 survival / scavenge map Cornered. You can grab it on Steam Workshop

Moving pixels if you want them : 
Looks Good 
shame I have pretty much retired from anything except quake until I get a new machine next year :( 
so that's what you've been working on, DaZ! Gonna check it out when i get home from vacation. 
Oh Wrong Thread 
Well, in case anyone was interested in knowing if Cryostasis (6/10) or Star Wars The Force Unleashed (7.5/10) are any good, I reviewed them...

They were alright. 
Rogue Legacy 
Just keeps on getting better.

Playing with a gamepad and hacking away at the skinner box grind of levelling up.

Two things that bug me - reusing enemy sprites and the pathetic downward attack. 
speaking of rogueish things, I kinda like killing time with Pixel Dungeon (Android):

It is in steady development so you get new features all the time. It is very luck/random dependent in terms of drops which kinda sucks. It is very rewarding when you get good items though so that is fun. 
That Looks Interesting 
Will give it a try, sometime...

RL is more like ghouls and ghosts than anything else. 
has been in development for a while, cannot wait for it though. 
I know there are some Isaac fans here, have you guys seen this? Competitive Binding of Isaac League Racing, 2 players racing to reach Mom's Heart first, best of three.
Pretty nice to watch, players obviously need to know the subtleties of the game quite well.

FifthElephant, yeah owlboy looks gorgeous, lets hope the gameplay lives up to the visuals. 
Nice, if intense viewing. Thanks for the link! 
Rise Of The Triad 
Got an early access code for reviewing purposes, but let me sum it up with a moment from this morning:

I rocket jumped into a secret area to gather bonus items and health pickups. The entire time I was running about as fast as your average car, in the default FOV of 90. 
Sounds hot. 
Savant Ascent 
Is a pretty rad game, and at $1.99 (�1.32) it's a blinking steal. 
Since Steam is being a piece of shit I have been playing some System Shock 2 today. The user interface is so awkward and melee fighting reminds me of melee in Thief (in a bad way). Apart from that it is fantastic so far.

I guess for the HUD scaling I need to use SS2Tool? I could not find an actual description of it, what else does it do? 
Finally played the original Dead Space and reviewed here

And also Terminator Salvation, pretty shit game 5.5/10. 
Anyone tried Shadowrun yet ? 
System Shock 2 supports quicksaving after death.

Awesome game so far. 
I know this is wanky and annoying and I'm sorry but 
Hehe Mwh 
my teacher nearly had that face all the time... 
Well Fuck 
If that had said hl3 I'd be running around with my hands on my head, but meh, l4d3. Guess it'll be alright :P 
So... gaben CAN count to three then!? 
do you know what's the source of that pic? 
There was a Valve office tour for some dota2 cunts. 
Haha did I do the its/it's typo? It's just too much effort proofreading back and fixing all the its and whats typos :D 
Shadowrun Returns 
I never played the SNES game nor the pen and paper RPG of Shadowrun, but I'm having great fun with this so far. I backed the Kickstarter campaign last year on a whim, and it came out last week. The game world, being quintessential cyberpunk + magic, feels accessible and familiar, yet vast. The battle system reminds me somewhat of Final Fantasy Tactics, although perhaps there are better examples. The graphics are colorful, and tile based, so I think you can mashup the tiles used in the game levels to make new levels.

Which leads to the really cool part, the level editor is included with the game, and apparently does everything; graphics layout, scripting, conversations, etc. There's already people recreating pen n' paper Shadowrun campaigns in the game (released through Steam Workshop). Just like ye olde Quake, what we do with the game will likely outlast what the developers built.

Right now on my first playthrough, I chose an Ogre Street Samurai, a rather straightforward character that runs up to his enemies and whacks them with a machete and always tries to choose the most hardbitten noir-ish responses in conversation trees. Although being nice to people seems to grant extra karma points to spend on skills, so there is that. Next run I imagine I'll play as an Elf Mage or somesuch and just hire the muscle. 
Valve Changelog 
Seems Source 2 will use Scaleform UI. 
System Shock 2 Spoilers:

Shit, I am in hydroponics and dropped one of the vials in a seemingly safe place because my inventory was full. Now it is gone. I tried looking for it in the desk I originally found it in but no avail. Did I just screw myself with a stopping bug?

Scaleform sucks so hard. Might be good to use on a console but it makes me rage in Rage with mouse focus requiring clicks and all that shit. 
i don't remember items despawning. have you checked back where you found it, maybe it respawned there.

otherwise... yeah. there's no way to get more.

also, while searching, i found this:
I loved the research aspect and moving chemicals into one room for a one stop shop for researching...
i may have to pull this game up again some time.... 
the room over the left shoulder from the pic is where I found the vial and I put it right on the floor in the middle of that pic. :)

apparently there are more vials hidden than needed so i guess I am fine. really weird how it vanished though. some other item I dropped in that room is still there.

the story telling and level design are top notch! 
The vail has got to be where you have left it, as long as you saved after dropping it. SS2 saves all item drops - I remember piling an inventory full back in Engineering entrance, all the stuff was still there even before the endgame.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game. 
Think Of It 
As if you need to go out and can't find your car keys.

But with mutants. 
Is out on steam today for 14USD. I would have bought it if the coop wasn't local only.

What's there seems to be a basic port of the XBOX game from 2012. 
Also recommended Gaucamelee, which also came out today: 
Dead Space 3. 
Finished the other night. I had a moment of utter mind-fracturing SHOCK when the boss combat was actually fair, obvious and reasonably timed, instead of a gruelling unsaveable incomprehensible gimmick-fest of tedium that DS2's boss fight and most of the stupid QTEs in DS3 would have me believe. I mean sure it was crap and devoid of any horror BUT it was actually playable, which was nice.

The game....good in most places, great in a few places, terrible in some. Any QTEs and boss combats were stupid, awful, and removed any sense of horror and atmosphere. The minor puzzles were pretty similarly pointless. The controls were as ugly and awkward as before. BUT the overall game progressed pretty smoothly, the non-gimmick combat was mostly good, sometimes properly tense (sometimes first-time-death imba). The variety of settings this time was great, and some of those had a lot of character - floating around the ship graveyard was spectacular, and the bleak atmosphere of the abandoned ice planet was very well done. The gritty sci-fi details were excellent throughout.

A bit like Tomb Raider in a way - looks great, atmosphere is great, gameplay is mostly good, but the deliberate addition of bad controls and bad QTEs lets it down a bit. Still recommended tho. 
Now I Have Got... 
Metro: Last Light (just started)
Bioshock Infinite (just installed)
Crysis 3 (just mail-ordered)

(Uninstalled FC3 as it was FC2 gameplay in FC1/Cry1 setting, didn't inspire.)

Any other modern games I should try?? 
Dishonored and Deus ex maybe... I'm a bit behind. 
Done Both. 
DH:HR, very good.

Dishonoured, great. Just got the 2 DLCs for that now. 
I have spare Steam keys for Mirror's Edge and Dead Space. Anyone interested who hasn't played any of them, yet? 
Mirror's Edge went to otp. 
I apply for Dead Space. 
I have no idea how the giveaways work, but my Steam username is ercicin
It's a key that you need to activate in Steam. I sent it to the email address in your profile. Have fun!

In other news, Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs is finally released on 10 September! necros rejoice! 
I'm so happy for that. :) 
I had to stop playing the first one... 
I liked the first one but my interest waned when I discovered this tactic:

1. Monster appears
2. Run to the nearest corner
3. Stick your head in it
4. Leave the pc, go get a glass of water or something
5. Continue playing

I completely ruined it for myself I know, but I can't help taking advantage of an exploit.

Wasn't a fan of Dear Esther either, and apparently those two developers teamed up for AMFP. Esther was just a shoddy HL2 mod, for me at least.

Having said all that, Machine is still tempting... 
And Here's A Video 
Bit of shit trailer, just some dude walking around in pitch dark almost, and nothing actually happening. Doom3 looked better than this. 
A lot of the game actually. But yeah, the game play shown in that one is pretty staid.

But bear in mind if your expectations are for an atypical FPS then you'd be disappointed anyway.

What its strong on are the storytelling, environment design and raw fear. 
Tried those games a few times but got bored pretty fast... I'dd rather play Myst. 
just some dude walking around in pitch dark almost

That IS the game. There's no fighting of any kind. 
There's also your character crying, shivering, moving like a slug and breathing heavily for no apparent reason :P 
Heavy Smoker + Acid Flashbacks 
It All Makes Sense Now! :o 
"too Boring" 
More like too scary! 
I still plan on playing it, and the first Amnesia that I haven't played yet. I just hope they're better than the Penumbra's. 
I'm A Bit Of A Pussy 
but amnesia was too much for me. Christ, i just about shat myself 
Y'all Are Pansies 
now excuse me while i go wrestle a polar bear in my back yard. 
Feels very much P2W...
I don't get all this upgrady crap... I never liked RPG's to begin with, and it's EVERYWHERE.
Really makes me wish ingame advertising worked out so there was some other F2P model... 
Have anyone here played Mirror's Edge or F.E.A.R. 2? If so, quick thoughts? 
Mirror's Edge -- I liked it a lot. It's a first-person parkour puzzle game. The puzzles are cool. The environments are cool. The art style is cool. They have some shooting but manage to balance it so shooting is not the ultimate solution to most problems. The story is good enough, but not critical to enjoying the game. The cinematics are kind of budget, but are few enough and don't drag on. 
definitely worth playing Mirrors Edge. Super awesome art style and parkour stuff.

The actual shooting is actually quite bad unfortunately, luckily its not the focus and doesn't go on for too long.

I haven't played FEAR 2 but I enjoyed the original quite a lot from what I remember. 
Fun Little Free Game 
I like it. Very authentic. 
started playing mirror's edge. (as usual, i'm behind with games... )

interesting game that suffers from some weaknesses.

the main weakness is that the game isn't able to be as abstract as it needs to be the way portal can since it is supposed to be taking place in a real city.
but the thing with this game is that it wants you to run fast and react, but that usually the paths through the level take some time and planning (and some trial and error) so i end up feeling like a chump as i bumble along missing jumps (and falling to my death a lot) and stopping and staring around, trying to figure out how to get to where i want to be.

still, it's nice to see first person games that are different. 
er... when i say it can't be as abstract as it needs to be, what i mean is that it can't be as explicit about what can be mantled, climbed, jumped, etc...
the 'runner vision', where bits of geometry that you can interact with in some way lights up as red is ok, but because it's only a short range effect, you can't actually use it to plan a route whereas in portal, everything is explicitly marked in some way and you can see exactly what you need to do before opening a single portal.

also, it's possible i just suck. i've never been very good at twitch games. 
Mirror's Edge 
There is a set of standard moves in the game which the architecture is pretty much tuned to. With practice it's possible to judge what moves are possible where.

Yeah, the goal is to optimize your route/s through each level.

I find combat is also pretty cool in ME, I haven't seen so many games that allow you to disarm opponents with martial arts moves and pick up their weapon including the ammo left in the magazine. This is handled pretty well.

very great game IMO even if it suffers a little from being mostly linear. The route options are kinda limited and it is very scripted. More game modes might have helped, such as hiding bags for other players to find. 
There is a set of standard moves in the game which the architecture is pretty much tuned to. With practice it's possible to judge what moves are possible where.
There is and i'm starting to recognize it a bit more, but the more advanced (and fun!) moves such as multiple wall running are rarely explicitly pointed out, so I end up missing them and don't really practice it.

I find combat is also pretty cool in ME
i haven't really explored combat at all! usually I just run away.
the few times where i've been forced to fight, i just treat it like a normal shooter and easily finish npcs without needing more than the first gun i grab.
but i don't do it unless i need to because killing the npcs feels strangely wrong in this game even though they are faceless evil dudes trying to kill me. 
Yeah... I think the PKs have it coming though, so those are fair game. 
Another Giveaway 
Anyone interested in Br�tal Legend and FTL: Faster Than Light? I have spare Steam keys. 
Lemme Guess... 
humble bundle? 
it lives! 
Hmmm...or It�s Alive? 
my lazy brains...:) 
I've got an FTL one as well, but I tried plugging it into steam to see what'd happen and nothing did. Not sure if that makes it invalid or not.

Mark of the Ninja is just as good as everyone's being saying. 
I'd be interested in FTL.
My Steam handle is Zynith. 
These bundles... I have too many unplayed games in my steam list. I've just stopped buying them. FTL is something I genuinely wanna play though. 
System Shock 2 is really hard to get back into after 3 weeks without. The maps are terrible. I just found out that you can press N to leave markers though. Died shortly after because my fingers missed the reload button and I panicked.

This game is so damn much ahead of HL in having a coherent, tight atmosphere and story. HL had more vista and diversity though so that might be better. 
Was much more accessible :)

The design was much more player friendly and well rounded. 
Spirit's average game impression:

Spiney: Got an email address? If non-public, send me one. 
you got the wrong impression and I meant the maps (cartographic), not levels. 
FTL is a bit disappointing, so many good reviews for a straightforward grinding and leveling game? I dunno... art is also kind of a mess.
I did pour half a day into it, so thanks for the key :P

Giving Amnesia another try. 
yes, it looks boring to me too. i don't know why everyone likes it. there's nothing to it, you jump go from random encounter to random encounter until the game forces itself to completion. 
my impression as well. but even rogue-like-likers like it?! 
well, it is very roguelike, is it not? totally random with discreet combat events.

but i don't like roguelikes either. :) 
I don't get why people like Quake either, all you do is maneuver a pawn around a layout and click on enemy pawns endlessly... and the layouts and positions are the same every time! 
I thought it was great, the gameplay is original, and the rogue-like elements work well. Each playthrough is quite different, and using different ships makes for even more diversity.

I like rogue-likes though.

BTW Spelunky is awesome. 
I value the aesthetic qualities from maps in Quake far more than the replayability of FTL. Obviously, I would love endless streams of maps in Quake, but if the choice was between hand-crafted maps and endless random ones that were like Oblige maps, then it's not a choice at all. 
yep I pay quake more for the level design and admiring what you guys build, rather than the gameplay. 
I liked it once I tried to complete the quests of unlocking the additional ships. It got boring once I got them all though. And some were pretty frustrating to get - the crystal one for example.

I liked the game, but it could have done with more written content and stronger linked events to make it more interesting. 
I think Quake still has some of the best fps gameplay to date, well except for the base parts perhaps, the soldiers just don't compare to the other monsters. Especially with Quoth the game is just awesome imo.

FTL: It does have some qualities though, and it's quite difficult. I've gotten to the end a dozen times (on easy, haha), but beating the boss feels impossible. I found that if you want to stand a chance in the later levels you just need to fight constantly in order to keep monetizing.
And sometimes you just die in silly ways, like an enemy using multiple ion weapons on your shields in the midst of a supernova.
I also lost 6 of my 7 person crew once because I forgot to close my hull doors between 2 jumps. Apparently the air sound stops playing when you do that, and I was wondering why my oxygen level kept dropping, haha.
All in all though, I feel I'd rather play something like Masters of Orion instead. The rebel fleet pursuit feels kind of forced and the game starts repeating itself very quickly. Games that rely purely on leveling for macro progression just don't do it for me. The clever RPGs are the ones that manage to sidestep that, make enough room for skill and alternate playing styles. I tried to unlock the pacifist achievement, but there's just no way I can get enough scrap to upgrade my defenses and FTL that way.
Those things just make the game feel more shallow than it should be. 
The Starting Ship 
Is the worst in the game, after a few plays you'll unlock b type variants and new ships just by getting through, or near enough. Check out the conditions on the achievements page.

It does lean towards learning more than leveling, but the learning curve is pretty steep. 
I'll Probably At Least Want To Kill The Boss 
You have some killer tips ijed? :P 
Yeah, I Only Got The Torus As Extra Ship Atm 
Last Stand Again 
Probably my best ship yet.
Hope it stands a chance. I'm gonna read up some strategies, don't wanna screw it up. Permadeath really sucks sometimes :P

very large pic: 
Oh FTL... 
Christ, this thing has 3 stages? FML. 
Mmm, to me FTL is a lot more about learning than leveling. Sure your ship gets stronger through one playthrough, but only if you've learned from your past mistakes. There are a lot of interesting strats to consider, and choosing a good plan depending on the first loot you come across (weapons, boarding, cloaking, etc.) Knowing when to pay for upgrades and on what requires experience.

Yeah of course sometimes the dice-roll will give you a really shit playthrough that is impossible to win, but even that's quite fun for me. Even if you seem to be doing well, you never know when the game will throw something unmanageable at you, makes for good stories to tell.

Much of this also applies to Spelunky, go play it it's a great game! 
I Agree About The Learning Thing 
I'm starting to come around a bit on the game. Maybe I was too soon to judge it and label it as a grinding game. I still think all the 90% ratings are a bit ridiculous though. But that might have to do with the stupid rating psychology those sites employ nowadays (8 is a C and 7 is essentially an F+, retarded). 
Doesn't exist in a game with permadeath!

A godlike run will see you getting hold of at least one utility item, like the scrap collector arm.

Lasers suck unless they have shield penetration, at which point they become the most powerful weapon in the game - they need to cause more 'damage per room' than the enemy has shields, so a tier 2 laser and a emp gun (or whatever the disabling blue weapon is called) will allow you to quickly tear most opponents to bits, although at later levels you'll need extra oomph from drones or something to burn out the shields. Oh, and that's per room, so make sure the red lines crosses as man rooms as possible.

Drone combat can be used, but to be effective you need a boarding drone, but even this is neutralized if the enemy has a single defensive drone.

The best tactic overall is beaming a bunch of boarders over and knocking the crap out of their crew and systems - this lowers their offensive and defensive abilities, and if you take the ship whole (kill all the crew) then it's worth more scrap.

It is however extremely ease to lose your entire boarding party if you fuck up and destroy the enemy ship or allow it to FTL jump with them aboard, so make sure to watch the charge up meter for that and deactivate automated retire as relevant.

My favourite tactic was to use fire weapons, but this is pretty difficult as well. Fire weapons destroy their systems, deplete oxygen and confuse the enemy crew ai, and leave their ship intact. I managed to get the achievement for igniting the entire enemy ship (I think it was on the massive mantis cruiser as well) so that shows how sadistic I was when playing. 
Should Say Automated Refire 
And Probably Sadistic + Masochistic 
Considering how long I was hooked on it... 
More Games 
HIB just added more games I already have - I'll gladly give the duplicated to anyone interested in playing them.

Br�tal Legend
Bastion is an awesome game and everyone should play it. I never made it past the first few screens of Limbo because it's fucking boring. 
Inverse For Me 
Although I liked bastion I kind of just stopped playing fairly early on.
Limbo is great. 
Friend Of Mine Mailed Me This.. 
Dunno if it�s the right thread, its a browser based "game". Chrome...

Hello Run

I suck at it, though the visuals are quite nice... 
Actually You Need A HTML5 Capable Renderer Or Sth.. 
A Dark Souls 2 preview is hinting that the developer may have returned to Demon's Soul's gameplay mechanics! :P

According to the developers, playing as undead/hollow is no longer as beneficial as it was before. Other players can now invade your game when you're undead/hollow where they couldn't in the previous game. Consecutive deaths also lead to a penalty of decreased max HP with a penalty of up to 50% of your original HP.

I always thought the low HP was a good mechanic of the original and I was disappointed when it was removed from Dark Souls. 
game seems to have mouse sensitivity so low as to be unusable :( 
You need a quite powerful machine to run this:) 
Running it isn't an issue, the controls are just broken :( 
Try Using Keyboard 
by unplugging the mouse.. 
Selling Out 
If you haven't tried the f2p game Warframe yet (you should, it's ace) now is YOUR CHANCE! (OMG)

Simply sign up using this referral link (IMPORTANT OMGLOL) and we will both get most awesome things! 
Daz's Func account has been hacked and the above link is a spam trojen keylogger virus backdoor. Don't click! 
Nice Try Scampie 
Hello Negke, If Your Offer Still Stands, 
I would like to try out Bastion and Limbo. Thanks for your generosity! 
Hello Negke, If Your Offer Still Stands, 
I would like to try out Bastion and Limbo. Thanks for your generosity!

My email address is, with # to be replaced by @ for obvious reasons. 
Sorry For Double Posting 
I blame slow internet connection for this. 
Two Games That Have Kept Me From Mapping 
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Haven't done much of anything the last couple of months except play these two games. Dishonored is absolutely beautifully done. You can play both these games stealthily, and I'd never played that style before and it sort of hooked me. I actually played through Dishonored a second time just to get the Clean Hands and Ghost achievements. Then I played all the DLC for both games. I guess I'm done for now, maybe I can get back to Quake mapping. 
2 Games I Bought In The Summer Sale! 
and have yet to play!... 
Dishonoured Is The Bizzle. 
Also really enjoyed Metro Last Light recently. Gameplay is good fun and atmosphere and graphics and details are top notch.

Part way through Crysis 3, really liking it. Same old gameplay but much more interesting settings than C2, ruined city is stunning. Also Psycho is pretty funny. 
Played and reviewed a couple 2009 games -

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (8/10)

and Mini Ninjas (6.5/10)

Mini Ninjas is probably a little bit overrated, but them I'm not a 10yo so it's probably not intended for me, but COJ was actually really good, much better than the first game. 
This Looks Nice 
Tiggit is an open source game launcher and installer.

Our mission: to help you find all the awesome indie games that exist 'hidden' around the internet.

Tiggit is a desktop app that installs and launches games with one click. It is sort of like an open source Steam clone, but much simpler and currently with only freeware games and demos.

- Contains over 500 freeware games (and a few demos)
- New games added continuously
- No account or registration required 
nice, Quake Injector for indie games. 
That's cool. I've been kind of interested in checking out indie games but it's difficult to find quality stuff that's also is in a genre I like. 
anyone here a fan of the x games? currently downloading albion prelude from steam... i remember not really liking the flying and combat in x2, but the sandbox aspects of it were a lot of fun. 
Just reading Konas review of Necrovision. Did not know it went past WW1 setting into demonic, neat I was enjoying it, should still have saves and all.

BTW Kona the review link is wrong, it links to Call of Duty review. Got to the review by manually inputting ..../necrovision.php 
I guess I'm in a similar boat. I love the idea of the X series but whenever I download and give it another shot the snails pace of progression at the start and the absolutely horrid, convoluted and non user friendly ui makes me delete it again :P

If it was easier to get into then I would probably give it a go, but the learning curve is just too much for me I guess. I loved Freelancer because it gave me the same feeling of the X series but it was much, much simpler. 
I never played any of this series. I seem to remember having trouble getting the BioShock demo to run. That plus GFWL and DRM, and I just gave up.

There's a 2K games special on Steam this weekend. BioShock 1 and 2 for $4.99 each, Infinite for $13.59

Worth it? 
Next question? 
X3 Albion Prelude 
been playing for a few hours today. combat seems a lot better than I remember it. there is less weapon clutter (no more alpha, beta, gamma variants of the same weapon) and overall ship types and weapons seem more focused.

i seem to be doing fairly well so far, having captured a couple of ships and sold them for almost a million credits. i was able to pick up a transport ship and used remote commands to do some trading while i went out and blew up some pirates and such.

the UI is as bad as I remember it from x2 though, so no argument there. i wish the UI was more like eve or wow, with proper windows that you could move around and switch focus between. the x3 UI windows just feel very old fashioned.
there needs to be more information on the main screen too, such as target listing. that info is available in the map, but i'd rather it was always displayed so you could switch targets more easily.

re: pace, i think capturing ships is the fastest way to start off. the starter ship you get with the default argon start is good but don't use those HEPT guns that are on it as they use your power up like crazy and kill really fast (but you miss more because the projectiles move slow).
if you can keep hitting a target with the low damage weapons you can force them to bail out. then just command the ship to dock at a shipyard and make easy money. 
Yes, Bioshock 1 and 2 are great (even though BS2 is basically the same as 1 with new levels). They don't use GFWL on Steam. 
Thanks Killes. Yeah I enjoyed it, especially the second half.

Been trying to play something new this weekend. Tried America's Army 3. Didn't realise it's just a bunch of lame training missions. Graphics are utter shit. I did the first level and couldn't hit the targets, not because I'm a fkn noob but because the giant ironsight so so unreliable, waves around everywhere and jumps on the mere movement of the mouse instead of being smooth. FUCKING DELETE.

Then tried Overlord II. Mint design, the tower looks so fucking cool, why can't there be some good third/first person games like this with proper combat, but Overlord II combat was shit, from what I could play. Lame melee button smash then all these stupid minions covering the screen screen that are supposed to kill for you. Unfortunately I couldn't play it, one of the moves you need to use through the game is bugged (basically my minions won't return to me) so it's impossible to complete the first level. I only managed to play a few levels using someone elses saves, but I'd missed too much to continue. Probably a good thing, I can't be bothered to play a game with pretty below average gameplay just for the graphics for almost 15 hours.

Now installed Section 8. I'll review this one, as I will complete it, but it's just a botmatch for 3 hours across 8 levels. Waste of money so I'll have to get something else to play this week. Just as well my list of games to play is almost 200 long, and doesn't include any 2013 or console games yet :P 
Weekly Steam Sales 
Just picked up Teleglitch Die More Edition for �2.25... 
It's As Though A Million Voices Cried Out... 
and were suddenly silent.

RIP Thief, you were beautiful. 
Sounds Cool. 
Apart from the top right main paragraph which sounds like dick. Still mostly sounds like a medieval / victorian Deus Ex which is fine. 
You mean Deus Ex: Human Revolution, not Deus Ex. 
I Enjoyed Human Revolution 
but I don't know how they can get Thief so wrong.

No hammerites? No pagans? An emphasis on combat? Linear maps? Easier game? Removal of all slang and accents? Rope arrows are limited to pre-set points?

It goes on and on. I'm disgusted. 
New Audience 
The new Thief game is not aimed at original fans, it is designed for a new generation of console players. Most new players have not played or even heard of the original series, it is pretty much a clean slate. 
That May Be True Sock 
But then, why call it thief? 
why call it thief?
Because of marketing and brand awareness. The game developer and marketing department are often separate entities with different goals for a game. The reboot of Syndicate is a classic example of building on an existing brand name but going in a different direction to the original. 
They can just call it fucking
Thief: Next Generation
Thief 2013
Thief: Unlike Thief
Casual Thief
Thief for consoles

or anything like that. Words are free! But I guess alienating old fans is irrelevant. 
It Actually Is. 
I Fail To See How 
This strategy is supposed to succeed. If you are relying on the strength of a brand then you use the strengths and core aspects of said brand in the game.

Syndicate was an abomination. 
Deus Ex HR was pretty good in my opinion, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for Thief. Obviously it'll be quite "modernized", but it still might end up being a good game. 
you did see quake 1-4 right, each not at all like the last? 
The thing is the old-time fans of Thief think this game is going to be a turd and most of the profane audience think this is some kind of edgy Dishonored knock off. Most of the reviewers also seem to think the game is meh at best. I honestly highly doubt this game will be successful. 
yeah, but there's not that many old-time thief fans in the grand scheme of things.
the biggest problem is getting someone to give you money to develop your game. if you throw a title that has made money in the past at them, they are more likely the green-light it.
that's why you see all those 'reboots' of old films.

my only problem is that it just sounds like more lowest common denominator fare, but that is the price you pay when you go AAA. (hey, that rimes!) 
thief is a niche market game. not everyone likes stealth, especially those that played the originals and will like it more because of nostalgia. sounds like they're trying to get out of that niche to make more money from the console gamers. I don't know if it's the right choice, could be... the modern console gamer is a fucktard, afterall.

but I seem to remember the old thief having a great story (well, thief3 that is) so I don't know what they're going on about saying this isn't 1998 anymore and games need a story. 
It'll Probably Be Balls 
But will still sell moderately well. 
Well I'll defs play it, but I won't be eagerly awaiting it. I'm certain they won't be able to top Thief3.

Anyway, played a couple more games this week. Section 8: fucking 3 hours of crappy bot matches. 5.0/10

Then Bionic Commando - great game, 8.5/10.
Reviewed here

By the way, is GTA4 worth playing? I forgot about it, but just watching over some reviews of it, it looks pretty poor graphics. Definitely hasn't aged well for a 2008 game. Although it is a city, and there's only so good a modern city can actually look. I'm not sure I need to sit through a 30 movie/game filled with meaningless minigames when there's plenty other RPG's since then. Unless it's had some good graphic enhancement mods. 
Actually re gta4, sounds like everyone on metacritic says the pc version is a buggy mess. Good, I can cross that off my list I didn't really want to play it anyway haha 
It's a good game, I enjoyed it at least. Doesn't seem overly buggy to me and it looks fine on PC (plus there are graphics mods). I think most people are probably just biased in their evaluation due to the DRM and not so much because of actual shortcomings of the game itself. If this type of game is your thing, it's well worth a try. If you're more into tight-packed action games with no leeway inbetween, skip it. 
During the Steam Summer sale I almost picked it up, but a couple people I know said it ran awful on PC unless you have a really good system, far beyond it's recommended specs.

I have it on 360 anyway, and grew tired of it quickly. I'm not sure what it was, but something about it missed what made the GTA3 line of games so fun to just dick around in. Haven't gotten GTAV yet, not sure how that compares. 
I've Had GTA4 On The PC Since It Launched. 
The main story is OK, the main character becomes irritating after a while. I've been playing the Lost and Damned DLC, that is more like it :)

TBH GTA4 seems to run nicely these days, I guess the drivers have improved since it came out.

And the performance thing - it really is highly scale-able. The console counterpart graphics are about equal to medium/low settings on the PC, the PC version has higher-res textures, bigger draw distance potential and a highly enhanced lighting option.

I would recommend it, don't dismiss it. It's true there were a lot of bugs when it released. But it runs fine now.

I've got an i5 2500K and a 5850, and it runs FINE. :) 
One of the best games I've ever played. Very happy I got it on sale from Steam for $4.99

I'm beginning to think it's a little too long though.

Also, I had a heck of a time getting it to actually run on my PC. Took about an hour of googling and fiddling around with software.

Apparently, BioShock has problems with various sound setups. In my case it turned out that the driver built into Windows 7 for the VIA sound chip on my PC's motherboard won't work. Why? I don't know, I've never had any other game have this problem. BioShock refuses to start.

I had to install the VIA driver and even then it was necessary to change an obscure recording setting (Stereo Mix) before the game would run. Weird.

Excellent game though. 
Is great, but the games get progressively worse with each new version. The best critique I heard of infinite was from penny arcade's extra credits, a video called in service to the brand. 
In The Category Weird Shit 
I Like That Game 
Interested in this: 
Ugh, This One Is Strangely Addicting 
Is great, but the games get progressively worse with each new version.

Then it's probably good that I only bought 1&2 for $4.99 each and avoided Infinite for the $15 or whatever it was on sale for.

I haven't played much of anything but Quake, Fallout 3 and New Vegas for the last several years, so I'm a bit behind on games and I don't like to pay more than $10 for older stuff.

I did buy Far Cry 3 for $20 a couple of months ago. What a rip off. That game kind of sucked. I quit about halfway through. 
Play System Shock 2! 
Is still good I suppose, but I wouldn't play it twice.

The best bit for me was the story... And I still think that the first game had a better story / presentation of it.

Would you kindly play through to the end and post your opinion? 
Tried to play Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising today. What a load of crap that is. Quit after 1.5 levels. I don't like tactical shooters, but even then would have put up with it if it had a quicksave and the zoom worked. Can't play without zoom though since enemies kill you with a single bullet from a kilometer away.

I liked Bioshock's design, but the gameplay wasn't that great. Not being able to die ruined it. 
Yes, excellent game, but I found the combat subsystem a little messy. Id software still does better combat, no matter what you think about Rage etc.

It just isn't very tight, there is a lot of setting people on fire and other pseudo magic crap that just distracts from the shooting, which in itself is unsatisfying. The guns don't really have enough oomph to them.

The game also gets a little linear towards the end. I'm not a fan of the ending.

There could have been a greater variety of Splicers for my taste, I've seen their old GDD where they had stuff like lobster mutants. I would have liked to see those.

Cool plot augmentations like the Saturnine could have been much more interesting. Sadly stuff like that (as well as the smugglers) remained footnotes in favour of an endless stream of the same Splicers, just with more health.

If your game has things like Incinerate 2 and Incinerate 3, just to deal with progressively higher hitpoint versions of the same enemies, then I'd say that is broken design. It is much better to introduce new, more dangerous types of enemies later in the game such as Vores, Hellknights and Tarbabies in Quake or Hellknights and Mancubi in Doom 3.

Bioshock got a bit samey after the first couple levels. Awesome setting though. 
Everything in Bioshock looks like it's made out of 'foam doll' material.
That puts me off so hard :/ could never get around how garish the art looks. It might sound strange but that really kills the experience for me. has to be one of the dumbest yet addicting "games" I know. What an idiotic concept. It's really just about making a number go faster. Interesting. 
I've Been On That For A Day And A Half 
It gets a bit Lovecraft towards the end :) 
I did something like that once. It's fun to experiment with frustration on purpose in a games design. 
I agree that the end isn't all that great. I really don't like end bosses that much anyway. The last part before Fontaine is pretty annoying actually. Having to wear the big daddy suit, which highly restricts your vision, followed by the little sister escort part had me just about ready to quit at that point. I still haven't finished off Fontaine, but I do have a save game at that point. 
I Have The Cookie Thing Permanently Running In It's Own Tab 
Probably tells you something about human nature... :/ 
hehe do you guys have the antimatter condenser yet? not sure what the point is once you've got everything though.... 
I Have 20 Of Them... 
Getting Close... 
I got up to 5, but then decided the game really doesn't have any point or reason to continue. 
I got up to 45, but then decided the game really doesn't have any point or reason to continue. 
Playin Against Zuckerberg 
Wait a minute, that is actually factual yes?? 
Is awesome.

The alpha demo is free and playable in the web browser. I used a game pad. 
This Requires Unity 
been playing that with a huge grin on my face haha 
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut 
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is released. They have made many improvements to the original game. All DLC has been integrated into the main story. Changes to boss fights and maps were made to add alternate completion options using stealth mode and hacking (yay stealth).

If you already own the original game and the DLC, it's only $4.99

This is easily one of the top 10 games I've ever played, I don't think I can resist for just five bucks.

If you never played the original you can get this version for just $19.99, which I think is a great deal. 
Yeah Baby 
Been waiting for this one. Original was great but a little rough around the edges sometime. 
If you already have it on steam you'll get a 50% discount on the Director's Cut. 
Full price is $20 but you get 50% off if you already have the original game and another 25% off if you already have "The Missing Link" DLC 
Path Of Exile 
Pretty damn awesome F2P Diablo 2 style hack n slash. The skill tree will make your head explode.

I made a Terrafusion guild because why the fuck not, currently only me and Scampie in it so add us and we can invite you :)

My ign is "swordymcstab" 
Path Of Exile 
Cool I'll jump in as well, I have lots of high level characters from the beta days, need to completely respec them to make them as strong as before. :)

The game is a bit slow to start, but it gets better the more you play, the different possible builds are quite amazing, and alow completely different play styles. 
Daz Bal Scampbler. 
What classes / builds are you? And what would be a good compliment to what you've got?? 
I am a duelist and scampie is a witch, that is all I can tell you at the moment :D 
I wanted to be a witch. Typical of Wankpie to steal my class. Dick. 
I Bet 
Bal is some faggy archer shit too. 
I have one of each class at level 60+, so whatever. :D
But I'll probably start a Scion, which is the only I don't have (since she's new).

Honestly builds are more important than classes, you can make a strong full melee archer for instance, everything is possible. 
you can make a strong full melee archer

If there's one thing Diablo 3 is missing, it's this. 
Path Of Exile 
By archer I meant Ranger of course (which is supposedly the "archer" class), but there are even some close range archer builds with certain skills that make you deal alot more damage close up.

The skill and gem system allows for some really fun combinations (which is what makes it better than D3 for me).
For example a common Ranger build is to use Lightning Arrow (which hits 1 target and spreads to 3 extra mobs) linked to Lesser Multiple Projectiles (shoot 3 arrows instead of 1) linked to Chain (each projectile passes over to another target) linked to Life Gain on Hit (each time you hit an enemy you gain a fixed ammount of health, 20hp for example) linked to Blood Magic (spells use health instead of mana). This means that each time you shoot you lose quite a bit of life to cast your spell, but it fires 3 arrows that potentially stack up on 24 mobs and make you gain 24 x 20hp (which means you can cast your Lightning Arrow continuously, as you'll be making more health than it costs you to cast it).

That's just an example, here are some other weird builds : (this last one is pretty funny, but gives you a headache quite fast). 
I have a level 30 witch, level 27 maurader, level 22 shadow, and level 7 ranger. 
And A Level 1 Social Life 

Bal and I have been competiting in it's Daily Challenge for awhile now. Honestly one of my favorite games in a long time. 
Steam Sale Is Pretty Awesome, 
You guys need to get Mercenary Kings, Super House of Dead Ninjas... also it's not on sale but definitely grab Nuclear Throne too. :) 
They look like games to the quality of what you'd get on a Sega or Nintenda 25 years ago. What is PC gaming coming to? :( 
haha, tempted to link dwarf fortress. still one of my all time favourite games. 
Hyper Light Drifter 
Combat looks twitchy as f*ck! I dig! 
Path Of Exile Is Pretty Good 

I like the mechanics more than D2; Flask system is more interesting and the more selective item modification is less annoying. 
Join the terrafusion guild then! 
Yeah Gtf In There. 
Except everyone is quiet and no-one answers when I join now, cunts. Could have really done with some help in the catacombs last night.

Is there any way to control how the colour of a gem socket is changed when you use the chromatic orb on it?? Wasted so many of those fuckers trying to get an optimal gem set-up. 
As we told you on IRC yesterday right before you left, ignoring us, no, Chromatic Orbs is always random.
BUT, items have a tendency to have more slots of their color (for example, a strength item will more likely get red slots when you apply a Chromatic Orb on it, dexterity green, intelligence blue).
It's still possible to basically have any combination of slots on any item, but obviously getting 4 green slots on a strength item is gonna require a whole lot of Chromatic Orbs, whereas getting 4 red slots will be fairly quick.

So if you're having trouble getting the right color setup, maybe you need to try to get that combination of colors on another piece of equipment that will more easily fit to what you want, sometimes it's not really possible, that's part of the difficulty of crafting. 
Fuck you very much, I had gone well to bed before anyone answered.

And thank you very much for that answer, useful to know.

What are dex / int items in Armour?? Dex = evasion bonus, Int = energy shield bonus? 
Yeah, you can also see it by the required stats for items, for example an evasion/energy shield item will usually require you to have a certain amount of Dex and Int to equip it. 
I never re-speced my Ranger after the reset when the game came out, so I don't have a functional one at the moment, but I was using something similar (Pretty much the exact same keystones), and it worked out pretty well. What gem setup are you using?

If you're still in normal, you don't need to take Iron Reflexes, Iron Grip and Unwavering Stance too early, they are mostly interesting at higher levels. Your focus should be on getting to Resolute Technique (usually brings your DPS up if you weren't playing with crit gear) and Blood Magic (no more Mana problems), and lots of health nodes. Also, don't bother with Endurance Charge nodes until you see you can already maintain 3 easily with your gear/gem setup. 
Have a level 25 Witch (reserved for coop with a friend) which is purely spell based. Also have a Templar I recently started currently around level 15. Though I must admit the latter has been more fun to play, using a mixture of melee and spells is a little more engaging. 
Scratch That... 
Level 21 Templar and counting... :P Won't be long till I surpass my Witch at this rate. 
For AoE, i'm using Split Arrow + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Life Gain on Hit.
Single Target is Burning Arrow + Faster Projectiles + Added Cold Damage
I also use Fire Trap and Poison Arrow clouds for extra damage.
I just got blood magic so it'll be another 4 levels before I get resolute technique.

I haven't done any testing but it's just a feeling that it takes longer to burn down mobs, even normal ones. This could just be the difficulty ramping up as i near the end of act 3 though.
My weapon isn't very good though, just a 22-64 damage level 32 bow (i'm 37). 
*Split Arrow + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Life Gain on Hit + Fork 
I used mostly Lightning Arrow on my ranger, with lesser multiple projectiles, but Split Arrow is strong if you're going for more of a physical damage build.
Are you sure Fork is adding much? Chain is better sometimes if you have that, otherwise you could try adding some damage buff instead, or Pierce.

If you are going for more physical damage, Frenzy is pretty good as a single target skill, with Faster Attacks, it builds up Frenzy charges which will buff all your attacks, so even vs a group you can shoot a few Frenzy shots regularly to keep your frenzy charges up (that's 15% more attack speed).

But yeah, things get tough at the end of Act 3, you need to start finding or crafting better items. 
Fork is kind of funny because sometimes it'll ricochet in just the right way and deal tons of damage and other times it'll do nothing.
I will probably swap out for pierce (I haven't found chain yet).
Lightning Arrow (and frost) seem to be very mana hungry, but I haven't tried them yet since I got blood magic. It seems to do less damage though, but my current bow is a +phys bow with no elemental damage at all. I keep the other ones leveled up though so I can always swap if I get some +elemental damage items.

As for single target, I kind of like the woosh and particle effects of the flame arrows.... ^_^ also I have a hard time keeping frenzy stacked while kiting, keeping poison clouds and fire traps up. I really should try it again though since most of my damage is physical. 
Slightly tangential but I find Leap Slam a very useful gem, not so much for attacking but for getting to power totems easier and also for taking shortcuts across the scenery. HTH. 
My 2hander Dualist in Hardcore beat most of Act2 by using Leap Slam for damage.

The dualist is great when he Leap Slams, because he does a little spin move in the air while doing it so it looks like he's this dancer in armor with a giant sword leaping around stepping on enemy's toes until they die. 
For The SC2 Fans:

Red Bull semi-finals, Scarlett vs. Bomber, BO3, game 3, tied 1:1. Knife-edge game with a brilliant finish, exactly why SC2 is still such a great e-sport 3 years in. 
Good Game 
This was enjoyable, love the Zerg. Makes me nostalgic for Brood War though... 
Dark Souls is 6$ on steam. Picked it up since I figure if it's too hard/annoying, it's not much of a loss. :P
Dunno when I'll actually play it though. I still have Rage from last week's sale that I haven't even played once. 
Just started playing L4D1, I've only done one mission so far but um... does it get better looking? I read the graphics are slightly dated, but damn, this game looks like around 2004 standards, quite similar to FEAR.
It's just dark corridor box maps. The sewers section was utterly pathetic.

If it doesn't get better, then probably apart from Cauldron HQ and City Interactives games, it'd be the shittiest looking action game of 2008 lol.

Gameplay is fun, but I can see it getting old real quick if there's only 4 different enemies.

Hopefully there's some good user made content, although the engine seems just as much to blame. I suppose they're still using the upgraded Quake engine. 
Haven't played it in a while, but I thought it looked fine at the time, it doesn't have any silly over-the-top eye-candy like some other games, but it does what it needs to do just right. Oh and L4D2 has some of the best atmospheric levels in any FPS (Hard Rain campaign).

By the way, if you're playing alone you're really not doing it right, single-player L4D is kind of boring, 4 player coop or versus mode is where it really shines. 
L4D SP Is Boring But The Online Community Is Horrid 
The amount of times I got kicked or insulted for absolutely no reason...

(Killing Floor is more fun anyway) 
Yeah I meant playing with friends obviously.
Never liked Killing Floor much, it was ok but pales in comparison with L4D for me.

The whole campaign aspect of L4D is really nice (Hard Rain in L4D2 is so good), and the versus is one of the most original FPS team vs team variant out there (but it can get very competitive = lots of dickheads). 
We actually set up LAN parties for L4D1.

I think the reload times and power of the weapons was made too xbox friendly for the sequel, but it was still good.

Best played with people you know really, the AI can be pretty shite at times - their navmesh system is a joke.

Not sure why they opted for something so deprecated; we investigated here (back in the day) and google showed up handful other methods for doing it that are far more robust. 
L4D doesn't have graphical flash, it has hordes of zombies. And it's awesome.

Although, the additions in L4D2 are enough for me to recommend skipping L4D1. The new enemies and weapons make the game feel more ... complete. 
It's a good game still.

I remember the No Mercy campaign from the first one being very good.

And yeah, Hard Rain obviously wins in the second one.

Here's where I used to get user content from:

It's hit and miss though, many custom levels are stupidly difficult. Can't remember the names of any of the good ones just now.

You also need to install some custom content support thing through steam to play the stuff. 
Gon be good. 
L4D1 Rocked. 
But L4D2 rocked more. 
Finished it. I started to look through custom maps but it looks like all the good ones (what few there are some of them look like someone threw up on the screen) were converted to l4d2 anyway.

Did a review but no one much will agree with me, haha, 8/10 being generous.

Also reviewed X-Blades: 5/10, Wolverine: 7.5/10 and Ghostbusters 7.5/10. 
My Dog's Name Is Bailey.... 
....and she likes a fuckton of particle and smoke effects:

Not sure which I prefer in the final comparison shots to be honest... 
I Find It Ironic 
That back when Quake was being developed the z-buffer was being described as a low-tech means of doing hidden surface removal, while nowadays we do all kinds of absurd stuff inside of it. 
Re Bailey, yeah the final comparison just seems to be an overkill of effects, I can't shit except sparks/light/smoke. 
Really Liked The L4ds 
Really liked them and was lucky enough to play them regularly with real life friends. The only flaw is the aural pollution aspect. The sounds are all extremely annoying and it's a constant barrage of weird ass zombie groans, stupid music firing to alert you of specific enemies or situations- I always found the aural aspect of it "cacodemonic". Just very annoying sounds and musics rapid firing constantly. Does anybody here understand what I'm talking about? 
Go This Way 
L4D has the same issues like all of their other games. Lack of individualist playstyles. You're forced to stick to your team, there's no room for splitting up and try new coop strategies from a distance. Same with TF2, I like exhausting the possibilities and trying new ways of doing thing but I'm forced in the same cookiecutter templates with another slight variation on the shotgun. There's no room for creativity, you just stick to your team and do the same routine over and over again. Same with Half Life, the level designs are inventive, the puzzles are a great addition and it's great with economy of gameplay. But you play it a second time and everything is already so predictable you can't be bothered. I really enjoy the production values, but apart from that... meh

I really don't get why most people like their games so much, I got this friend that's hooked on TF2 and play together with her and I can tell she's having fun, but all the while I'm just sitting there hoping it'll finally click for me. And I've logged 150 hours on it so it's not like I didn't try, hah. 
For L4D I agree on the coop a bit, once you've done the campaign once, they aren't as interesting to re-do.
It does become more interesting when changing your playgroup, different people play differently. If you role-play a bit, or just try goofing around it's usually quite fun. Nothing is forcing you to always play the same way, I've had quite a few situations where I've left the group and tried to do something on my own, even if you fuckup and get caught, it's fun to see how the rest of the group will react, leave you to your stupid bravery, or try to save you.

Where it really shines for me is the Versus mode with proper teams, the trap setups you have to prepare as an infected team are really interesting, and nothing like it exists in any other FPS.

For TF2 I just don't know what to say, to me there's no other multiplayer FPS worth playing these days. It's funny, the different classes offer lots of different play-styles, and it has some great maps... Again playing on the right server / with the right people helps. 
Funnily Enough 
Vs was the first version of the game finished, and the version the dev team played to balance the gameplay.

Which is why its the best version of the game to play...

Apparently anyway. 
Vs Is More Fun, I Agree 
"Re Bailey, yeah the final comparison just seems to be an overkill of effects, I can't shit except sparks/light/smoke."

Well, it's a demo designed to show off the power of the graphics engine. So the fact that the effects are heavy handed shouldn't surprise. 
Scampie Custom Map???? 
Is this scampie's map for Race The Sun in this total biscuit video? Starts at 8.56 
Yes That's Mine 
I used to work with Aaron San Flippo (1/2 the dev team of that game, the other half being his brother) at Raven, and made that 'map' for the game just after it was released (before the Steam release).

The game has a pretty simple editor where you take basic geometic shapes and put them together into objects which can have some basic scripting, and then you arrange the objects into several large 'patterns' that the game can then string together into it's levels. You can define how early or late a pattern can be spawned too (so you can many simpler patterns for early in the game, or more difficult patterns for later), and also global lighting and sky colors.

As far as the game goes, it's a pretty straight forward deal, you move left or right to avoid objects and collect score and powerups. The random seed for generating the levels changes each day, so there are daily highscores to compete with. It's fun, but nothing that's going to set the world on fire. 
Shadow Warrior 
Fun game - on sale on Steam today, I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, I would recommend it :) The gameplay is good in the sense that you can move fast (like in Quake), and there are lots of character upgrades, weapon upgrades, and different combos that you can do with the sword.
There are some good boss-fights too. 
New Shadow Warrior 
Started the game, in the first 30 minutes of game spent about 20 minutes in cut-scenes (with skipping 3/4) and wandering about with no fight, fuck it, really does not inspire for more effort into it but maybe that changes ? 
Actually I have not played Farcry Red Dragon due to that inane intro/tutorial, that is seriously bad. Seriously after the load times, helicopter gunning I dont have the patience to complete it and its fucking checkpoint shit... Need to find console command to skip it or something 
It gets better! You have to explore quite a lot - there are lots of hidden areas and easter eggs.

And yeah - it picks up pace as you get through it. 
Blood Dragon 
is aces, the annoying as shit tutorial is a piss take of annoying tutorials. It would be nice if it was skippable though. ;) 
Blood Dragon Tutohahaharial 
Its not even a funny, or fun, or good, or serve any purpose. I think my kindergarten schoolmates had better humor. Fucking pisses me off I dont want to have to sit through these idiots idea of "funny" 30 minutes before I get to fucking play the game....

If they had maybe the narrator standing nearby and you could blow his brains out within 1 minute of the tutorial as a way to skip it then it might of been slighhhhtly funny.... 
I've been wanking around for 6 months about rebuilding my website, always putting it off because it's a few days work. But I finally did it:

Same old content, but more focused on game reviews now. It's even responsive now (most of it). 
Looks Nice 
L4D2 Free Today

It will be free as in, grab it now, pay no money, and it is yours to keep forever � FOR FREE! 
Another Good Deal At Steam 
on sale today only $4.99.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut 
That was cool, closed down another game for the night and saw that. :) 
Got this on sale since I heard some good stuff about it on here.

I like it. It's semi stealth/action shooter but you can play either way for the most part. I'm not sure how far you can take the action part as combat is somewhat hard and stealth is pretty easy.

Beautiful looking game, reminds me of Thief 3 but I see touches of Dark Messiah which Arkane made before which was also a pretty good game.

Haven't finished it yet, so can't say much more, but yeah, it's half price and I think worth it if you are interested in this kind of game. 
U got Blink yet? Best gameplay feature ever, and yes makes action very feasible.

HL2-level graphics, but the art and style is nice. Very cool game really. 
Yeah Blink is a lot of fun and very easy to use. Personally love blinking up just behind an enemy, taking them down, grabbing their body and blinking back. Really stealth ninja feeling ability!

I also really like how the mana system works in this game. Your abilities consume mana, but it recharges quickly (2-3 seconds) but if you use another ability before it recharges, wherever your mana was at that point becomes the new maximum. This happens until your maximum is so low you can't use an ability and you need to drink a potion which restores your maximum mana to it's true maximum.
This lets you use your abilities as much as you want if you have time to wait but also puts a cap on overuse/spamming abilities.

I also like that you can mantle up on surfaces, even while jumping/falling. Finally an FPS that makes the character not feel like a useless slob who can't climb over a fence. 
This is easily one of my top ten games ever. One of the very few that I've actually played through more than once (just so I could get the "Clean Hands" and "Ghost" achievements). I also liked the fact that there were no Boss fights, just "get in and get it done" missions with lots of freedom in how you do it. 
Agree with all of the above. Definitely an FPS gameplay highlight of the last decade, and a clear and cutting riposte to the tedious on-rails hand-held "interactive" movie "games" around. 
Damn xmas is good for catching up on games. So far since the start of December I've played L4D, Alone in the Dark, Chronicles of Riddick, Fear 2, Zeno Clash, Dragon Age: Origins + all the DLC's, Prototype, Red Faction: Guerilla and Resident Evil 5, + a bunch of adventure games. And all reviewed on my site.

Dragon Age was definitely the best of the bunch, Fear2 a distant second. 
it seems you have a lot of free time 
Well Now. 
This actually looks pretty damn funky for you Portal fanatics etc: 
Really Cool! 
Is pretty awesome. 

(Yes, perspective thing is cool) 
Looks really neat. 
New Aliens Game 
New Aliens Game 
Pretty previous-gen graphics tbh. Like the idea of going back a step in the gameplay theme though. 
"Pretty previous-gen graphics tbh."

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. :) 
Doesn't mean it's bad. I think all GFX look pretty great these days and even prev-gen stuff is good. It's not what looks inspiring about that game tho.....the return to suitable survival horror is it's selling point. 
The graphics seems pretty intentional. It's a throwback to the Alien low-fi sci-fi look so it's only going to look SO good. One video said they've added screen effects to make it appear old and chunky, even. I think they have a definite art style and I like that they're pushing it rather than playing the losing game of chasing photo realism. 
Reminds Me Of 
The indie title called Routine. 
The Premise 
Seems like it'd work best as a short play rogue like with situations, exploration and permadeath, rather than a scripted story you just play once.

But maybe I'm just biased. 
The Premise 
Seems like it'd work best as a short play rogue like with situations, exploration and permadeath, rather than a scripted story you just play once.

But maybe I'm just biased. 
Cool another Aliens game. I haven't even played the last 2 yet. But hopefully they make it very atmospheric and creepy... not overdo the action. More like surival horror but without being a cunt about it. That's what Alien/s should really be, I think. 
Seems like they used that same cheap china plastic they used in doom 3. 
Over The Top Self-promotion 
I wrote a review of the recent Shadow Warrior for TruePCGaming. 
Beautiful Student Game 
Seems like it'd work best as a short play rogue like with situations, exploration and permadeath, rather than a scripted story you just play once.

You just described Routine perfectly 
Routine Looks Incredible... 
been following it for a while. It would be an upgrade-worthy game IMO. 
yeah sock that looks great. you know, I kinda wish I had more time in life, I think I'd seriously consider making my own indie game. It'd be first person, mix of a shooter and puzzle-adventure, maybe in a fantasy type setting. But with some unique aspects to it. Probably with the source engine because it's easy, although it's not the prettiest. and sell it on steam.

was just looking at idtech5 games today and see Brendon Chung is making his own game with it. He used to make Quake2 levels before going off and creating standalone titles with id's engines. his levels weren't even that great.

You should do your own game sock, you definitely have the artistic talent. your last couple of levels in a modern engine would be great. 
Started to think more about it... anyone looked into Unity engine?

Looks pretty great, full AAA graphics and capabilities. In fact on the games list I recognise of those developers names - Ninja Theory (DMC, Heavenly Sword), Obsidian Entertainment (New Vegas). It does cost ($1500 all up or $75 a month but there's also a free version), but it looks like you can just about create your own game without any actual hard coding, what with all the assets (1000s) available. There's even full gaming kits for FPS or RPG's so the game structure is already built.

3D models for instance, there's 5000 you can purchase, mostly well under $100. You could purchase an entire games worth of creatures and characters for easily under a $1000. Which is what I'd do. ie check this out, fully animated, only $10

Then I'd just need to hire a freelance coder or team up to do all the AI, but all the levels I'd build myself.

Unfortunately I can't be fucked learning a 3D modelling program to build all the levels, gave 3dsmax a go and hated it, though maya looks way better. But just don't have the time but if I were 18 instead of 33, I'd do it, it would be such an awesome opportunity to build your own game (though if I was young 18 I couldn't afford any of the tools anyway). 
If There Was Something Like Tb 
For unity I would be all over it 
Same. Maybe they could integrate it somehow, one day... 
I Us Unity 
At work. 
I'd elaborate more but now I need to go to work, to use Unity. 
Yeah just browsed all the threads on here that mention it and see you use it, and Kinn's building a game in it. How's your game going Kinn? 
TB 4 Unity 
Overheard At #tf 
I have priveliged information about [Unity's] corporate structure that morally compels me to avoid it.

to be frank, they are thieves, spies, and saboteurs. in keeping with stereotypes of 1980s movies about corporations. but, game engines. 
Well, our financial situation went tits in a quite hilarious way pretty quickly, so I've been making stuff for a proper company again to pay the bills.

Not for long though! I'm leaving the industry for good in six weeks, in order to manage a small music festival with my bro', and (more importantly) arse about with Quake again :}

Unity is the dog's danglies though. I'll make a proper post about what I've made so far in it (at some point). 
Well, our financial situation went tits in a quite hilarious way pretty quickly, so I've been making stuff for a proper company again to pay the bills.

"snap" as in "oh, snap!", or as in "lol, same here"...? 
Same Here 
Snap as in the British kid's card game. 
Is a powerful engine that removes most of the barriers at beginner and intermediate level.

Once you start trying to push it to do things it wasn't designed for it gets more complex. Manually writing shaders is also a pain in the arse, but has the benefit that you don't have to precache anything.

There is a package that allows you to generate shaders as well.

the amount of packages and stuff available is pretty impressive - there's tools to do most stuff that might cross your mind.

And it's multiplatform, including all major consoles, devices and web browser. 
That does look good spiney 
Rust Investigative Reporting 
It's a DayZ / Minecraft thing. 
Okay Back On The Laptop Games Thing... 
You dudes gave me some decent ideas before. I ended up playing quite a bit of Torchlight 2 which was fun. I did have issues with steam's offline mode, game updates, and a load of other shit and I think eventually the game simply couldn't update nor start, and I ended up uninstalling it and steam in frustration.

So....I need similar advice to last time: Low-ish spec (or scalable), easy to control RPG / RTS / action games, NOT totally old-skool, and ideally NOT requiring Steam nor any other online system. I had a brief look at Drakensang which might be an option. I'm open to other ideas.... 
Hentai Text Adventures 
You Are All Cunts. 
And not at all funny.

Now you've got the hilarity out of your systems, sensible suggestions please.

Currently thinking about Drakensang and Dragon Age, so would welcome sci-fi-esque or strategy-esque to contrast with that. I think Xcom might not run at all, and Fallout2 etc too dated for my tastes. 
That's funny! 
at the risk of ruining the joke...

path of exile? 
you haven't played any of the Dragon Age games?
I'd start with that.

not sure it's really a laptop game though, maybe too complex for laptop. 
What about Magicka 
The Banner Saga 
Seems pretty good so far, very pretty, with turn+grid based combat.

XCom is a really good game if you can run it yeah. 
Path Of Exile is online only and I've played it through.

T'bird reassures me Dragon Age is not too intense to play so it might be okay.

Banner is not my style at all, sorry.

Magika looks fine, definitely suitable, although yet more iso-metric-ish fantasy RPG and I did plenty of that in TL2 and POE.

Pretty sure my laptop is below the minimum specs for Xcom. 
is a nice alternative to Xcom. 
Dragon Age.

Might get Drakensang and maybe XCom, gotta check my stats first.

Any thoughts on: Ground Control 2 , Supreme Commander , Homeworld , Overlord 2?? 
not played it but many consider it a classic. I didn't like supreme commander because in order to control the insane army sizes you have to zoom out to a point where all the units become little icons on the map. 
Battle for Wesnoth! 
SupCom Owns 
But get the expansion too, it makes it much better. 
Overlord 2 is a fun game, but less than the first. If you like being an evil bastard then it's for you. Homeworld is a classic but it's very difficult, be warned.

Concerning Dragon Age, I think it is one of the worst RPGs I have ever played. Hated everything about it. 
i played overlord2 for about half an hour, got not one but two game stopping bugs. cool graphics but i wasn't enjoying it that much, so deleted it. 
Useful ideas. I ordered a few games, will see how it goes. 
Just Bought Space Engineers On Steam. 
Can't wait to play it! 
Daz : "I didn't like supreme commander because in order to control the insane army sizes you have to zoom out to a point where all the units become little icons on the map. "
Wtf ? That was the beast feature/gui find of SupCom. How else do you want it - ant sized dots ? 
Sure it worked great! But I wanted to see death robots blasting the shit out of each other, not icons slowly moving across a map and disappearing :)

Just my personal preference. 
I Am Confuse 
Zoom back in when the masses of icons meet ? :D 
Ahh I remember an epic shield and nuke SupCom match, soooo pretty, such destruction (don't fucking shibe) 
It's in Open Beta now for NA, next few days Euro will also have access.

I'm Scampie#1743 on NA if anyone wants to add me, I've been playing the beta way too much for the last few months 
Cannot Wait!! 
But I'm in bloody europe. 
Monument Valley Teaser 
Retro Goodness 
that looks amazing! 
Anyone like the 3rd Stalker, Call of Pripyat?
I've been trying to play it but it just won't work, constantly crashes and won't load saved games. I'm amazed that a company could put out a game that just doesn't run, I thought they would have learnt from the first two games. 
I have 190+ hours on Call of Pripyat and the game works flawlessly. It is by far the most stable and bug-free Stalker game. 
Try this, it works as advertised for me. 
CoP Is The Best One Imo 
though all stalker games are fairly buggy in my experience. 
yeah i tried cop complete. seemed to crash constantly with that as well, shame because 'complete' made the game look much better as well - it looked pretty sweet. 
I Found Your Issue Then 
CoP complete is shit. NEVER install it under any circumstances. 
About Complete 
The moddb rating doesn't lie and they are usually rather nice with mods. Complete is total garbage and will make your game crash, corrupt your saves and introduce horrendous bugs everywhere. It also uses completely outdated versions of third-party mods like AtmosFear or Absolute Nature that are plagued with issues, issues that have been fixed with subsequent versions. You can make your game look really really good without having to download Complete, and thank god for that.

The base game should work by default, however. There is no reason why it shouldn't, and the game is perfectly fine vanilla compared to Shadow of Chernobyl and especially Clear Sky. Call of Pripyat is a very stable game compared to the other two and I never had any issues with it. The only times the game crashed or behaved in a weird way were always because of various mods that are usually less stable (but still a lot more than Complete for some weird reason :rolleyes:).

If you get a crash there is usually an error window called BugTrap saying X-Ray Engine 1.6 has crashed. If you see that, an error log will be copied to the clipboard automatically, so open notepad and paste its contents. This will usually tell you what's wrong. 
hmmm maybe I'll reinstall it. it did crash before I installed complete, but I did manage to play for a good half hour then put complete on and can't really get 10 minutes out of it. perhaps complete is still causing issues even though it's uninstalled. Yep the x-ray engine 1.6 is the error I get, although the forums seem to be littered with users getting the same error. there's a lot.

one user said it works fine on xp but on win7/8 the issues start.

but anyway, i'm on l4d2 now so i'll get back to COP it in a week or 2. 
Game Runs Fine On My Win 8 
I just remembered that there is a microsoft update that messes up DX10/11 games including Call of Pripyat. Do you have MS Update KB2670838 by any chance? If yes you could try uninstalling it and try again if it changes anything. 
Potentially Good News:

Will this be the game that gets 40K FPS right?? Skacky isn't that your studio??


Epic have got rid of Gears Of Wank thank fuck. Maybe they can concentrate on making great games with their great engines like they used to, instead of pure shite. 
I got scroll bars into Func, go me! 
Keep the console bullshit out of this thread!!!

...oh wait, that's what you said when you renamed this thread from being about all games to being about PC only games. 
Why did Epic Games agree to this acquisition?
For (slightly more) creative freedom? 
Yeah the death of of epic games some years ago was a shame, when they started doing console only games. maybe if they create a new ip it'll force them to have to support pcs as well. if it weren't for pcs they'd never exist.

i guess it means gears stays xbox only though with microshit. 
I used to work there, yes. There wasn't plans for a WH40k FPS yet when I left though. I'm curious to see how will this turn out. 
Can't write for this today, eh. 
for shit*

Call Of Pripyat Crashes 

I installed CoP with the Complete mod and had trouble with crashes on startup.

The fix for me involved tinkering with the texture quality slider (I think I read that it should be 75% or less to be stable). I also think that the grass detail setting can cause problems due to memory.

I'm not on the gaming machine so I can't look it up but there is a file that stores user config data. What I did was lower graphics settings until it worked and made a copy of that file. Then I would increase the settings until it would fail and iterated settings until I could get good graphics without crashing by deleting that file and letting it get recreated again with lower settings. Sorry for the vague description but I wanted to give you some hope that it does run. Apparently, it's also good to delete a cache of files also near the user file location to refresh the startup.

I only played long enough to confirm that it ran. I can't comment on how good the game is from personal experience. 
I am sorry, I didn't know that later Gears Of War were console-only, I only played the first one on PC for a few hours before giving up as it was so awful (the only time I've ever had to do that). However even if the franchise and acquisition are purely console-related, I would still hope that Epic could return to being relevant/glorious as PC developers. 
Lick my knob clean of cheese until it shines. 
The Cheese Is What Makes It Shine. 
Okay So... 
Bear with me here... I'm mostly an FPS/3PS player, but I've tried a little bit of other genres:

I've tried definitive modern RTS - Starcraft 2

I've tried definitive modern iso-RPG - Path Of Exile, Torchlight 2

I've installed definitive modern turn-based strat - XCom

I'm running low on games to play, so I am wondering what other genres I could dabble in?? Ruling out any sport games, side-scrollers or racing games as I would rather switch off the PC and stare at the wall, what other modern (not after 2D pixelly shit sorry) classics could people recommend?? Space strategy? Empire building? Survival? Give me ideas please. AAAAAAA perfectly acceptable too.... 
I suspect, already you know the answer, Shamblersky 
You could try a dating sim. 
Some Recommendations For Shambler: 
Have you played Bastion? 
Swapper Is Cool. 
But probably not for everyone tho. 
Natural Selection 2 
Have you tried that? It's amazing. 
The only one out of that batch that looks beyond a teenagers college project is The Swapper, that looks alright actually.

What about mods? I'm currently playing through the 100s of l4d2 mods, many of decent quality. Though not so great if you want something different because they're all the same. 
Very unique. Mouse is mandatory. Controls take a bit getting used to. 
Not Sure If These Were Posted Yet. 

2D minecraft, but with guns, epic bossfights and much more evil creatures. High on the kiddie-retro-pixel scale, great gameplay.


Roguelike with a bit of a Quake base vibe.
High on the retro pixel scale. 
Sins of a Solar Empire: Space RTS
Sword of the Stars: 4X 
If there are any fans of RTCW and Wolfenstein here, then I recommend give Ubersoldier 1 and 2 a try. Even Wolfenstein 2009 copied the shield ability that the player's character have, and Burut should feel proud. 
Okay So... 
I should have specified 3D only...and definitely NO retro-pixel games. But...

Bastion - more RPG? Bit bright and cheerful for me.

Swapper - this looks kinda nice actually for a 2D thing. Might be tempted for the style alone.

Natural Selection - more FPS? MP only, no sale.

Hammerfight - sorry fighting games have no appeal.

Sins Of A Solar Empire - yes, forgot to mention, I bought that for my laptop. Any others in that style? 
it's a shame natural selection 2 is multiplayer only, because the graphics look pretty sweet. perhaps one day they can incorporate single player. 
Isn't a kids game, and is well written. The art does give it stupid fall off world through hole you didn't see syndrome though. Recommended. 
Play Dark Souls You Cretin 
Cute Kinnect Game Idea 
Natural Selection 2 
Has a training mode which you play on your own.

But seriously - if you have an internet connection, PLAY IT! 
I Liked Mark Of The Ninja 
although it's 2D. 
Dark Souls. 
Believe me I am tempted but I would ideally like something that would actually work out of the box, and if it's going to be a true 3PS RPG, then I want to be able to use my customary controls for it. Which according to a panel of experts, I can't. 
Mark of the ninja was good. 
Another Good 2D Stealth Game 
Dark Souls at most needs one easy to set up Mod ( DSFix ) if you want to use Controller only. If you want to use Mouse/KB you need DSMFix on top of that. Both are pretty easy to set up.

In Mouse/KB Mode you get a Key Settings Menu ingame - not sure if you also get this with a Controller though as i only ever played it with Mouse/KB. If not, there are some controller emulators that people seem to be suggesting a lot ( x360ce and MotionJoy ), which have custom key config support. 
So 2 mods needed. And Le Bal tried to rebind keys to something near my config and it didn't work.

No gamepad games please, ta. AND NO FUCKING 2D GAMES THANKS. 
Since you liked Skyrim, never thought of trying something like Fallout New Vegas? It's pretty much Skyrim with guns (not as pretty, but better writing). 
I Was Talking To Nitin 
You bellend. 
thanx for the tip, gonna check Ubersoldier 
Yes sorry missed that in IRC last night. I did try Fallout 3 and it kept crashing as I was being born. I should try it again and see if it magically works - it is a good choice (although as an FPS RPG, not something new to me). 
DLing new vegas word. 
what about nehrim?

did you try glovepie (key remapper) with dark souls? 
Nehrim just looks like more RPG, even if it might be good.

GlovePie could be an option but it is a lot more dicking around, I am lazy and used to just installing and playing games ;).

Actually I'd be up for another modern classic ground-based RTS if anyone has any ideas?? 
Scacky And Scragbait Re COP 
I'm tired of L4D2 mods already, they're all the fucking same, so I reinstalled Stalker COP. This time didn't touch the settings or install complete, and haven't had a single crash, yay!

Been playing for the last few hours and I seem to be almost to the point of entering pripyat (just need a suit)... which appears to be well into the game already, over halfway? I haven't done many side quests yet, only a few, so i think i'll have to go back and do some. I haven't even found a single artifact or lootpack yet, the whole place seems empty. No interesting places to explore, no cool items yet (some fancy shotgun is the best i've got so far from a bandit leader). The graphics aren't very good either, doesn't seem to be any improvement since the original (which looked better with complete) so COP appears worse out of the box.
I'm going to try this mod:

Looks like it does a pretty good job of improving the looks, just gotta wait for the 7gb download! 
Stalker COP:

Finding artifacts works differently from the first stalker game. They aren't simply scattered around the countryside. Your detector actually is good for something, and it's worth buying (or looting) the best detector you can afford.

There are stashes hidden everywhere in the world, but unlike the first game they are not in containers and usually not even marked. You have to search buildings and structures from top to bottom.