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Never Wikia 
A Company Wants To Make Money!? 
haven't checked it out though. If its a genuinely bad layout and awkward to use people will prefer a better one.

The reasoning laid out sounds more like a personal fued. Which is fine, although the reasoning sounds a bit naive. 
Fuck Wikia 
why would you let a company make money off your work? 
DoomWiki Moved Away Too 
To Host It For Free? 
But it's a fine line, and I haven't investigated the thing. 
Func is free!
Quaddicted is free!
Oh wait, you are all being sold!

Your mod will be free right?
All those hours.

If one cares, one invests time and money into providing something to others for free. 
And often you yourself get a benefit off it too. God, I hated having to use Fileplanet and other "login and wait 2 minutes" money-makers for map downloads...

Oh look, all the ad-supported hosted sites on were deleted. Oops! Who tells you Wikia gives a fuck about your content if it is not profitable?

Disclaimer: I am one of those Archiveteam zealots. 
How about an approval process for discussion threads, just as there is for news threads? 
That's A Good Idea 
as well as getting rid of spam threads, it means we hopefully won't get any shitstorms like that fiend mod/cyst popping palava. Considering how strict the rules supposedly are for discussion threads, it seems odd that there is literally no restrictions on posting them. 
That's A Bad Idea 
What kind of forum would that be...

The moderators simply need more power - an option to mark posts as spam and delete (or hide) threads. This shouldn't be hard to implement. 
What kind of forum would that be...

One without (X) Deleted threads! 
Moderated new threads with options to Publish / Reject into Thread X/y/z / Reject as spam, would seem sensible to me. It would mean a slight delay to threads but since they are supposed to be long term discussion threads I think that would be okay? 
Up the number of sticky threads to be a nice round 10? To have some more useful stickies so that people can get their questions answered more readily...

How about:

Modding/coding help.
Custom engine help.
Modelling help/screenshots/etc.

Potentially, it would reduce the incentive to create a discussion thread even more. The "slight" delay may easily be several hours, judging from how the approval of news threads works at the moment (either in the morning or the evening func-time, rarely in between).

The current amount of spam certainly doesn't justify such drastic measures, in my view. 
- coding help
- modelling help
- "other games"

Note: I still think the current separation of "other PC games" from "other console games" is retarded considering that most of the games talked about in the PC thread are just bloody console ports anyway. 
I think my first step will be adding moderator powers, without requiring approval (so threads are instantly live, but moderators can close them.) 
That Sounds 
The most reasonable. 
I Agree. 
Only reason I gave up moderation power was because I couldn't delete all of Shambler's threads and posts, so I agree. 
moderators have a couple of new powers now.

1. when editing a thread, you can change status between three choices: "normal", "closed", and "censored". Closed threads are still visible to the public but don't accept new posts. Censored threads are completely hidden (but not deleted from the database.)

Our policy should be to censor spam threads (i.e. spambots posting google bait) and to censor duplicate threads (e.g. user posted identical info into two threads by accident, or created both a news and a discission thread because they were uncertain.) If a thread is not spam or dupe, but just misguided (e.g. it should have been posted to mapping help,) then we should post a non-snarky explanation of why, and close it, so they (and others) can learn from their mistake. We shouldn't be deleting title/body of the thread when closing it, because that confuses people, since they won't know which thread it is anymore.

2. When viewing posts, there is now a tiny link next to the byline of each post that says "spam" -- if you click it it will flag it as spam, and then there will be a link that says "unflag" in case you made a mistake. These links us AJAX to update the page without reloading it, it has worked for me for several months but let me know if you find bugs with this feature.

Policy: only flag posts that are really spam, not just because they are annoying. 
Makes sense, will use carefully. 
Is My Screen Fucked 
or did you change the background color? 
no change to the background, must be something on your end 
reboot did the trick 
don't forget to change spam threads to "censored" instead of "closed" -- closed threads are still visible. 
That Was Me 
will do it right from now on. 
Was trying for this:

No support for Japanese (?) characters?

Mark the above posts as spam please ;) 
i don't really have a very good system for handling charsets... i think the server is set to Western European or something, the html don't include a charset, there's occasional bugs with weird characters breaking the RSS feed (em dash, copyright symbol, trademark symbol, zertstorer O with the umlaut on it. These don't seem to be causing much of a problem for us so I haven't really investigated what I would need to do to encode everything correctly. 
you are using htmlspecialcharacters after htmlentities I guess. 
Ban / auto-reject anything from linseo****blog 
It's really getting to be annoying. 
I think the time has come, because now they keep spamming the news threads (thus fucking up their order). 
unflagging ijed's spam posts because there's code that blocks any IP from posting that was once the source of a spam post... 
i'm working on a feature to flag spam accounts, which will help because the current wave of spam is all from registered users (all the linseoblog guys.) I have already flagged the accounts in the database, now i will need to add code to block a new post/thread if it is coming through a spam account. Should be comming soon. 
That will definitely help as 90% of it seems to be that linseobollox. 
News and discussion threads in the full lists are ordered by date of creation. Only the "last 10 threads" are affected by (spam) bumping. 
That's where it annoys me the most, since I never visit the full lists or news page. 
this should work 
accounts flagged as spam accounts are now blocked from creating posts/threads. This is only effective if the spammer is logged in and I have flagged the account. Lineseoblog accounts have all been flagged. Let's see what happens. 
Thanks Metl 
I Failed... 
I just tried to replace my name by 'Lineseoblog'.. that does not work :P

failed ?? 
if not logged he can post: maybe the IP address could be alos flag as spammer... Can it work this way too ? 
IP flagging was already a feature. 
Fair Enough... 
Feature Request 
Allow "sort by last post" on the archive pages. 
How to save to pc these "angry" and "neutral" icons? every time i got an empty files clear.gif 
Icons are all tiled together into a single image, view source and you'll see it. 
i see,

not my way though 
metl, I'm assuming you wrote all the php for the board? 
yeah, it's all custom code i wrote back in 2002 (with some tweaks over the years.) 
This post was flagged as spam. 
Sorry Metl 
Somehow I managed to post with unclosed html tags:

Not sure how, the last word is missing the </i> 
weird, i thought i fixed this bug for good last time... I'll look into it. 
Nope You Definitely Broke It. 
Xmas Crate! 
Looks Like 
Hitting refresh now causes a double post... 
Looks Like 
Hitting refresh now causes a double post... 
whoa really? 
doesn't seem to do so on Firefox 
Chrome then.. 
Making a post that is. 
Just Checking About The Refresh Thing 
on firefox 19 
could you make the "All XXXX, Last 25, New XX" bit not get split up by text wrapping? 
Yeah, Opera Rocks 
All the recent double posts make me wonder if some browser stopped warning on resending post data on a refresh.

Opera does not seem to resend at all which of course is desirable.

Let's see: 
I am a good browser, I prompt. 
I behave like Opera, not resending, not prompting. 
And This Concludes Our Scientific Experiment 
The conclusion is that people are using Internet Explorer 4.0

Weird. Make gamma rays or moon phases? 
As I stated before, Chrome. 
that was chrome, but it prompted first. don't know why i clicked yes 
Feature Request 
metl, could you make an anchor in view_thread.php right after the top-most pagination before the first rendered post? And then point to that in "New X" links.

Would save at least 42 milliseconds of scrolling whenever one visits posts with long main posts. ;) 
Test In Chrome 
Test in Chrome 
So Firefox (and every other browser once upon a time) lets you refresh without posting, Chrome offers to resubmit the form. I'm not sure why it offers that, since i use a redirect to help clear out the form data (so that people can refresh the page without worries.) Chrome is just too clever; I guess i'll need to find another way. 
It's amazing and sad how many people seem to click yes without thinking though. I hope they don't do that for java applets. 
One Common Solution 
Is to store a magic value in the session and in a hidden form field. On submit, the session value is removed. If the session value is missing, nothing gets posted. 
Missing Or A Mismatch 
That is. 
Or manually kill the $POST vars after submission maybe.... ? 
It's amazing and sad how many people seem to click yes without thinking though. I hope they don't do that for java applets.
To be fair, that's what happens when too many things ask too many stupid questions. You condition people to click YES out of reflex. 
You may already have tried this, or already have this. But, try putting "exit;" after your header("Location: ") redirect. 
Error No 42 
Can't post anywhere 
But Here! 
not sure why it can happen, but this means you loaded the page with one IP address, but when you submitted your post you had a different IP.

Maybe it happens on mobile phones more because they can change networks frequently? (edge <-> 3g <-> wifi) 
I understand. I'm at home where I'm in my wifi, but sometimes it switches to mobile broadband for some reason. Thanks! 
i can see how that might help, as my php still generates the entire page after you post.

I wonder if chrome is ignoring the redirect because it's the same URL? In that case i could use a second URL as the post target and then redirect back to view_thread.php. 
Good Guess 
Ah Good... 
i'll just do nothing then :)

(though adding an "exit" to my php after the redirect still sounds like a good idea to save server resources) 
Although it's a bug and that it's being addressed, it's still too late.

Not many people will bother to upgrade their Chrome to latest version--we've seen that habit with IE users.

Simply adding several lines of javascript, and you'll be able to convert your "Post A Reply" < form > to use Ajax.

By looking at your HTML code, I can see that you are using javascript without any libraries such as mootools, jquery, etc. -- which is fine, you can still do ajax with plain javascript.


Just adjust your HTML slightly by adding an ID to the <td> that holds the "Post A Reply" form html.
Currently it is:
< td bgcolor="#333333" width="500" valign="top" >
< span class="header2">Post A Reply:</span >
< /td >

Change the < td > to have id="post-a-reply"
So, you then have < td bgcolor="#333333" width="500" valign="top" id="post-a-reply" >

Then, the javascript would be:

On submit:

var xmlhttp;
if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { // code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest();
else { // code for IE6, IE5
xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) {
document.getElementById("post-a-reply").innerHTML = xmlhttp.responseText;


Notice I added another parameter "&ajax=1" to the submit URL, and you can use that in PHP to spit out a specific response for the update to the < td >, rather spit the entire page as if there was no ajax.

Obviously the "id=2&start=1676" part is dynamic, of course. 
Hmm, that one line got garbled. It changed my quotation character to "&quo..." Let's try again:"POST", "" ,true);

Ahhh, whatever. 
Chrome updates automatically. 
Deqer, this is a veey change-averse group ;-) 
Still doesn't hurt to add some ajax to the site. Ajax has been available and supported for 10+ years now. Saves on resources, too.

It's 2013. Get with it. 
Please don't. Javascript is bloody annoying. 
Please don't, and it's not necessary at all. You can protect against double posts entirely on the server. 
Please don't. Javascript is bloody annoying.

uhm.. javascript is used already? 
I do have plans for ajax, in fact it's already used for the "flag spam" feature that moderators have. But this site is not my active project right now (aside from necessary maintenance.)And don't worry, I would only use it for enhancements that make sense for the design of the site. 
Yeah, better not let a stranger like me tell you how to improve your outdated website. Best you figure it out on your own. Maybe another 10 years, and you'll come around. 
Yo Deqer 
if you are not listening to the many people who give you helpful advice, then why should they listen to you. 
He's gone critical! He's gonna blow!

I knew it wouldn't last. Awesome. 
Welcome to the OLD SKOOL!!! 
Also Deqer 
Thanks for the lesson in AJAX btw. Seriously. That looks like useful info for a cat like me (deadly serious), please re-post the truncated line again, just add a space after . 
If you could use some fancy javascript/ajax/jibberty-jello magic to make it so Deqer's posts are ignored that would be great thanks :) 
Or just install vBulletin.

So I Heard U Likes JQuery? 
Feature Suggestion 
A link to display all posts from within a thread. I know it can be done by clicking on the title, but it's not very transparent and, well, I keep forgetting. Would fit well with the current navigation: All | First | Previous | Next | Last
Don't Go 
For the crown Kinn. 
test test 
test test 
repro on double posting in Firefox:

Write post.

Press Preview.

Hit submit rapidly on the preview page. 
Random Request: OpenID? 
@metlslime: how hard do you think it might be to make func an OpenID provider, so that we could use our func_msgboard accounts to log into other sites? Then people could use their func personas to post comments on my site (instead of creating a local login) or possibly could hook into it as well? 
I don't know, I actually have never looked into it. 
ERROR: Error message number 42
when i tried to submit a post? 
Your IP Number Changed 
Usually happens on smartphones when they switch from Wifi to Cellular or vice versa. 
ah ok, i was at work. :)
if it's caused by that, shouldn't the error just say that instead? error 42 is very cryptic. 
It's The Answer! 
It's A Nerd Thing 
from Hitchhiker's Guide. 
It's Broken Again! :p 
Looks like the Lvl post broke the RSS feed. :D 
looks like the accented characters did it again:

* Under Water by T-kölök

I probably need to escape these chars or use the correct Character encoding in the xml or something. 
I Used 

Im my PHP CMS. 
Dearest Mods

Please unflag that post, I believe it banned my ip from posting (posting from 
At Least 
I am assuming that is why I keep getting 'Error 71' every time I attempt to post, logged in or not, and why I CAN post from a proxy. 

I can't remember for sure but i think if a registered account is associated with a flagged post, it blocks that account from posting. 
maybe it is IP-based. Can't remember and i don't have the source code in front of me right now. 
Test Test 
Btw Metl 
I emailed you last night regarding this since I hadn't thought of anonymous proxy browsing to post, and hadn't thought that SOMEONEbler may have flagged one of my posts. So you can ignore that email (assuming the email you have posted all over the site is still valid for you) 
Please Reban Him 
That's all. 
my english just awful

This post was flagged as spam. 
Can We Ban Deqer Please? 
Or at least can I flag his trolls as spam?

Having successfully lured sock into making awesome Q1 SP maps, it's unpleasant that his patience and professionalism is being tested by some puerile little twat who needs a good dose of STFU... 
I don't want to use spam tools to fight trolls. We can just argue with or ignore trolls like we always have. 
Func was down for about a day just now...this was due to SleepwalkR moving to a new server. I have now updated the DNS and SleepwalkR fixed a configuration issue and it appears everything is back to normal. 
All good for me, DNS was down yesterday.

A few messages weren't marked as read but that was from the previous site. 
Nice One Metl And Sleepy 
have you considered using captcha for anonymous posts? Don't use it for register users, just anyone who posts without an account. I don't think there is much harm to free discussion and offers at least a little protection from spam 
i think we (moderators) are doing a pretty good job of flagging spam as it appears. The only thing that still bothers me is that spam posts are counted as "new posts" so you might visit a thread marked "new 1" and not find any legit new posts. And the other issue is that the spam posts are still displayed in the thread view isntead of completely hidden.

I don't want to fix the second problem without fixing the first (otherwise it would be really confusing to see "new 1" and then click and see zero posts.) 
On That Note 
can I be a mod again? 
Borg Reputed 
Post title capitalization does not work when symbols are before characters, eg a quote. I'd vote for leaving titles alone in any case though. 
could someone please delete my recent posts in the general abuse thread? XD

sorry for that 
your inanities will be visible to others throughout the ages. 
Any Thoughts On Why This Is? 
[16:10] <ShamblR> wtf is up with func?
[16:10] <ShamblR> i've cleared my cache and cookies and flushed dns
[16:10] <ShamblR> still same message
[16:11] <@Scampie> ShamblR: Daz was saying he still had it a few days ago
[16:11] <@Scampie> my dns was updated right off
[16:12] <ShamblR> weird
[16:12] <Daz_> func_ is fine for me atm, but occasionally it will go back to the "old" func
[16:12] <ShamblR> it updated on my laptop but not on my desktop
[16:13] <ShamblR> anything else i can do to refresh it? 
in case it wasn't clear, they get the message about servers moving and DNS 
for blambler maybe the hosts file? 
Can't offer an explanation, but something that might be worth testing: try using as your DNS server (it's the google DNS) when it occurs, and see if that helps. 
I had the old ip in my local hosts file due to some ancient stuff up so other people might have done that too? 
might have been when the dns was busted the time before. i recall someone had said to just access the board with the ip address. 
Clicking Submit Twice Posts Twice. 
I'm unable to access the full users list. The nofilter=1 thing seems broken in FF24. 
seems broken in chrome 30 as well 
weird, i'll check it out 
Sometime in recent history, "register_globals" was set to false in the server configuration. This is a good thing because it's more secure now, but the side effect is it broke some code on the people page. Code has been fixed. 
Thought so. The setting was changed when we moved to the new server. 
It might be worth highlight new records in a different color? 
actually i had some vague plans to highlight those links more, eventually. 
How about fields under the title? With a couple of other quantity options - people have mentioned those in the past. 
Basically proposing to make the vertical scroll distance double :P 
Single rows are much easier to scan over. 
How About 
actually that's close to what i was picturing, yeah. 
Go Go Go !! 
Another feature request: it'd be nice to have a button 'last 25' inside the normal thread view as well.

Normally I click the 'new X' button, ready the new comments, don't know what they're talking about or want to clarify a point, so have to go back out, click last 25 and return to thread.

Having the button inside the thread as well would close that loop. 
I Mean 
It would probably look like:

First Previous Next Last Last 25

At the end of each thread. 
yeah, that would be nice. currently, i just edit the url to point 10 or 20 back. 
Backslash Strangeness 
When you preview a post containing backslashes, the backslashes get stripped. Doubling up a backslash means a single backslash appears in the preview (and the submission text). Submitting a post with doubled-up backslashes creates a post with doubled-up backslashes. Seems like something odd is going on with the previewer? 
Got This Again 
Error 1: Can't connect to database.
Error 2: SQL error 1040 on line 98 of _user.php.
This problem usually goes away if you refresh the page (but feel free to tell metlslime about the specific error you just got, since I'm curious about why this happens.

And it's slow to load pages just now. 
And It's Back To Normal... 
Ahh... SQL error 1040 is "too many connections" so I guess it was just too busy. 
There was a DoS. 
Metl, I R Dum 
Could you put a link in the sticky OP on how to do things like making working links and such? A quick search didn't do me any good. 
it's in the FAQ but I could make it more prominent I guess 
All the images in /levels/rubicon2/ are broken. 
Thanks, this is fixed now. It was another place in my code where I was relying on the "register_globals" setting. 
Time To Update The Links? 
QuakeDev is gone, PQ hasn't been updated since August 2012, and Besmella redirects to Also, a link to would be nice. 

Testing long words -- instead of chopping them and adding a "..." at the end, i now set the CSS property overflow=auto to add a scroll bar. 
man that is ugly.

but at least people can read long strings. 
Can't You Just Split The String And Add A Newline Between Splits? 
would be better than that scroll bar 
You Could 
make shortened words clickable, and a click on them expands them, showing the scrollbar. Because yeah: ugly. 
I'll try to come up with something better, when i have more time to work on it.

Usually long strings with no spaces are things like source code, urls, etc. where adding a space could invalidate the content. So i have to keep that in mind. 
Word Up G 
the html on the front page atm seems borked. Giant black segment running down the side that seems to be caused by links in a news item. 
i don't see it, what browser are you using? 
Happens On Safari 
I Saw This Earlier 
on my phone. But only when I logged in on my pc did I realise what this meant, this is hella ugly having a giant scroll bar. The Rage thread is fucked on my pc. 
I would rather just extend the long words to break out of the layout. looks like ass too but is much more user friendly imo, especially on small screens.

but isn't there some css3 stuff that might allow hard hyphenation? been a while since I looked. 
latest version of chrome on windows. 
CSS Stuff 
looks like setting "word-wrap:break-word;" might do the trick. It does word wrapping like normal, but also breaks single words that are too long to fit on a line. 
followed ericw's suggestion and I am now using word-wrap:break-word; ... seems to work! 
Not Always 
Yeah, I get the same breakage on in chrome 32 and safari 7.

I played around with the browsers a bit, and adding "word-break: break-word;" in addition to the word-wrap setting seems to fix chrome/safari, and not mess up firefox. That seems to be a nonstandard/undocumented value for "word-break" though, whereas the "word-wrap" setting is at least documented in :-/ 
Okay, seems I'll need to add word break and over flow wrap to cover all browsers and all versions of the standard. 
added "word-break: break-word;" -- tested on my iPad and it seems to solve the problem. 
Weird Links 
Some links on the site will redirect me to this other website with a chrome warning :o

In Digs post here his link sends me to

You're infected, bro. 
is that the hosting company that hosts (and therefore server? 
Just To Be Sure 
Is there a thread about Worldcraft 3.3 or for the Quake adapter that Baker made, in Func? I think i saw it, but can't find it after manual and automatic searchs 
i didn't find any either. i know there was a guide at one point but i have no idea even on who made it. 
That's probably the one. Thanks.

Maybe the title should be changed ... but there is more than just Quake adapter in that thread. 
Heartbleed Bug 
There's this SSL bug security flaw thing the web is freaking out about. Does it apply to this site in any way? Cause I've been getting messages to change my passwords everywhere. :| 
Thats Easy 
just don´t use passwords! 
Re: 1798 
Nothing to worry about here, this site doesn't use SSL at all and your passwords are sent as plaintext whenever you first log in :)

(after that they are sent as MD5 hashes for each page request) 
#1754 is in! 
Not Intrusive Enough 
Can You Make It Flash? 
Like, visually flashing, not coded in flash. 
it's a bit much... instead? 
Now More Important Than Ever 
Can we please have a "mark all threads as read" option? 
i will try toning it down soon. I agree it went from too subtle to too eye-catching. 
Greedy Feature Request 
Could we get a "permalink" style feature, where the # mark next to the post number links to that post in isolation like #. Or is that secretly google indexing poison? 
Adding To The Above 
Why not make all strings beginning with a # into links leading to said post? Like how linking to issues on Github works. 
Great ideas! Only numbers, not strings of course. Maybe some special syntax to denote start AND end would be needed though. Simply "#12-34"?

Func could use some SEO I think. How about using a noindex meta tag on all thread pages that are not using a start index divisible by 25 (or what the pagination post count is for visitors)? And a ref nofollow on those internal links within post bodies. 
How Do You Put Tags On Links? 
the one here:

seems a bit confusing to me. 
Disregard The Above. 
Already figured it out. 
'\' Is Stripped When Using Preview 
When you preview a post with '\' characters, they are stripped, but you can submit them just fine. 
hey cool, the [New #] links disappear when you hit back! 
They shouldn't unless the page gets refreshed. Normally when you hit back a cached version gets displayed. 
They disappear for me too. Not sure what the reason is but I like it. 
using Firefox 31 
This post was flagged as spam. 
A Request 
I would love to get the

"News | Forum | People | FAQ | Links | Account | Log out"

at the bottom of the page as well. It kinda sucks to have to scroll all the way back up a long thread to navigate back to the forums.

Apologies if someone has asked for this before and it's been shot down. 
ctrl+home since forever 
alt + left arrow is "back" in most browsers (or apple + left arrow on macintosh) 
...which doesn't mean i won't do it, just, this is just a request for a hyperlink to go back, right? 
backspace also goes back! 
Although after posting, you're placed at the bottom of a forum thread after a page you probably don't want to back up over (the one with the post you just made typed out in the box). 
wait, not all people use mouse side buttons for back/forward? 
Seriously, what else are those side buttons for? 
For playing Diablo 3, as Jay Wilson said in 2008! 
Oh, yeah, those too. but backspace when it's touchpad time. 
basically what we're all saying is you have options 
Having The Buttons At The Bottom 
Would help when on other devices, not PC. 
wait, not all people use mouse side buttons for back/forward?

I specifically have those keys set to do nothing in web browsers because I use them as push to talk keys in VOIP programs, and it's annoying as fuck to keep changing webpage while I'm talking to someone.

But that's a bit off topic.

Just because a shortcut exists doesn't mean you should not put links where they will be most useful. When I get to the bottom of the page is when I am likely to want links to other parts of the site. I don't think it would make the site's design look awful either. 
It's "a" shortcut ... there's, like, 8. 
No, not just a request for a link back. Most forums have some kind of way to navigate around the site at the bottom of the page since you're generally reading top to bottom. It's a usability thing.

Again, not a *huge* deal but it would be a nice thing to have if it's not a huge undertaking to implement it. 
Where can I read about the forum codes used here? Like how to do text urls, like I see everyone but me do. 
How do I find stuff on this forum? Also there's no pm system or a way to look back at your own posts and stuff? 
Ctrl+F inurl:board 
Thread Info Gets Split If Too Long 
Could look nicer if it were all moved onto a new line in such case. 
Dare I imply that the real problem is that func_msgboard is only 512 pixels wide? 
Thank God For That 
Why is 512 desirable? As opposed to, say, 768? 
It's easier to read short lines of text, the reason magazines and newspapers divide their text into columns.

Nowadays you can use css media queries to blow up the font and width when the window is beyond a certain res. Resolutions keep going up and all... 
it was designed 12 years ago and only slightly modified since. 
Clearly because it is a power of 2. 
Could "All 0" be highlighted to make new threads more visible? 
I have a similar idea, i would just have "New" appear without a number, if you've never seen the thread before.

I just need to figure out a way to distinguish the two in data, which i have an idea for. 
In This Sense 
Semi-annual feature request reminder: "Mark all posts as read" link. 
I came here to say that the [New] buttons look different, and I got surprised by new typefaces! 
Seems like it's just Chrome... 
looks like whatever firefox thing was making the new labels disappear with the back button is gone now and the labels stay until you refresh........ 
I think a majority of double posts could be prevented if there was a slow cooldown (i.e. 30 seconds) on the submit function. 
Backslashes Are Handled Weirdly On The Preview Page 
Going from post page to submit keeps backslashes as usual, but on the preview page they are treated as escape characters and one layer is stripped away.

It's cool tho, I can dig it. 
Welxcome Back From Ur Hiatus, Scamp :-) 
Last 10 News Threads 
rename it to "Last 10 necroed 2008 threads" please? :D 
Preach Broke The Link Parser 
ah... you're right. 
display: inline-block; on New items link? The map jam 4 thread has the anchor element split onto a new line which looks weird since it has a background colour. 
I think what evey site needs is a button "top" on the left of the screen onec you have scrolled down a lot 
I wonder what the HOME key(left of PgUp) does! 
that would require me to take my hand off the mouse, or move my left hand wayyyy over.

and i'm a lazy bum. 
devices dont always have keyboards. 
Yeah, on iOS you have to tap the status bar at the top of the screen to return to the top of the page. 
Not On IOS 8. 
wow, good thing i didn't upgrade! 
Works For Me On IOS8 
The first tap opens the url bar, the second tap scrolls to top. 
Didn't know that, thanks. 
Using 'Preview' can sometimes mangle long urls it seems?

for example:

I pasted the same url for all 3 posts, but used 'preview' for the first 2 and my url got trashed. 
Ah, I Know This One 
Ok, so when you preview, your post is getting output into the html without any escaping. Because your url included & followed by the word "quote", the browser parses that as the html entity for a quote, breaking the post. 
Sounds Legit 
This post was flagged as spam. 
This post was flagged as spam. 
Does The Password Recovery Work? 
I forgot my password, and tried to recover it. Does the recovery form work? I didn't appear to receive any e-mail in the address I've set for my account, and yes, I did check the spam folder.

It turned out I had stored my password in my pw database, so I didn't need to recover it after all. So I'm OK.

ust asking admins to check whether the thing is operational. (It could be just that it takes a while to send the mail too. In which case you should say that on the login page, I guess.) 
Tried It 
Didn't receive an email either. I'll check whether it's a server problem. 
looks like a case of using $REQUEST_METHOD instead of $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] 
This post was flagged as spam. 
Why Am I Seeing 
A 'trust rating' popup along the bottom of the forum now?

I'm guessing its some BS from somewhere else since AdBlock allows me to disable it, and describes it as an ad.

Celephais is 96% trustworthy. I'm glad I know that. J_J 
Check your addons or restore from an earlier backup 
I installed a dodgy mp4/avi converter that shit all over my hard drive :P 
Might be worth having a Linux install/vm around just for the luxury of ffmpeg. 
I Keep Getting Tempted 
To finally sack windows.

No way I'll be 'upgrading' to Metro, that's for sure. 
if you type c:\test, then hit preview, it gets turned into c:test
But if you just post, seems that no slashes are stripped 
This post was flagged as spam. 
This post was flagged as spam. 
This post was flagged as spam. 
What is error message #42? 
that means your IP address changed between viewing a thread and then posting a comment to it. Which a long time ago i assumed would only happen with spambots caching forms and resubmitting later, but i think nowadays happens if you are on a mobile phone and you switch networks (3G to wifi for example) 
I Sometimes Get It 
From my PC - no idea why. 
some sort of proxy or DHCP thing maybe?

I can probably remove those error checks anyway, since it doesn't seem to be stopping spam. (of course maybe it is stopping some of it and we just don't know it.) 

I typed a reply, closed my laptop, drove to work, opened it again and thought "oh" and tried to post it.

Makes sense!

No idea what ijed's doing. i blame south american internet. 
So Do I 
Since chrome gets steadily worse with each update, it now no longer recovers the posts if I press back :[ 
just added a hack to block the current wave of spams in general abuse thread. Testing to make sure anonymous posting still works :) 
So Tempted To Flag That As Spam ;) 
so it seemed to work, i haven't seen a new spam by the same person since.

The thing i just realized though, is that spam countermeasures that block posting don't leave any sort of record, so i can't even say how much they are working. I should probably have some way to log failed spam attempts so that i can see how much is NOT getting through the gate (vs. they stopped trying.) 
Question That Is Answered Just By Asking It 
I couldn't find anywhere where it says what time zone the timestamps in the posts are. I'll find it out by making a post and looking at what time it shows, so there isn't really a help question here.

Perhaps you could add the info about the timestamps to the FAQ though? 
they are the local time of the server, which is in germany.

However, i keep meaning to allow users to specify their own timezone and see the timestamps in that time zone instead. 
Deutsche Zeitzone 
ok my user profile is definitely a bit buggy, just registered this with name four times the 
4 Hearts Dude 
be careful with all these experiments, i can mark u as a spammer and u'll have troubles accessing site... 
Any chance of making this more mobile friendly? 
There Is A Chance 
Long ago i set the "device width" so that it fills the iphone screen properly, but haven't made any other changes. In my experience the main issue is links that are too small to click easily. I will eventually get to it, probably as part of converting the site to pure CSS instead of the table-based dinosaur it is now. 
Please don't force a width, it is nice to be able to zoom the text to a comfortable size. Browsers can reflow... 
it's already zoomable. Or is that broken in specific browsers or devices? 
oh it works fine here, I misread you. Not sure what it is but for most sites "mobile friendly" is a synonym for "WE MAKE OUR TEXT REALLY BIG AND DISABLE ZOOMING OUT" so I was totally triggered by that suggestion. 
ah, i get it now. Yes, that is highly irritating. 
ahhh well, i don't have anything specific in mind, except making the links at the top easier to click, as well as the last 25, new, etc...

that would implicitly mean larger text though. 
The only problem I have on my phone is hitting the links. Maybe justtext is a touch small, but not by much. 
Also I suck at typing 
The body text is actually larger than the links :P 
yeah, i agree.

I think the reason for this is i define some things in points and others in pixels. Phones typically auto-scale text that was defined in points, but leave the pixel ones alone.

I think the original reason some things were defined in pixels is that there are some HTML 1.0 font sizes that weren't representable in points, so when i converted the font stuff to CSS a long time ago i used pixels to preserve the appearance. 
Error message 42, that's the Ip thing right? 
test 1 of 2 
test 2 of 2 
Weirdness When There Is One New Post Vs More Than One New Post 
so, the browser auto-scales the text when there is only one reply, but doesn't auto-scale it when there are multiple replies? 
Get Opera, it is the only remaining android browser with usable text reflow. The others went insane. 
ummm I thought so, but then I saw this thread which had 2 new and the reply font was larger while the post body font was normal. so.. uh no clue now.

like i said, weirdness. :P 
What would be nice is a way to see all your threads/posts, and maybe replies to threads you posted in somehow. If it is already possible then I sure as hell can not find it. Maybe under the lift *goes looking* 
Not Possible Yet 
but not a bad idea 
Not Sure If Logged In... 
or not 
If It Says Logged Out, You Are Logged In 
You Weren't, Your Username Is Not Clickable 
if logged in, the menu says "account | log out"

if not logged in, the menu says "register | log in" 
The jam 666 thread has hit 666 posts. Can it now get closed like the other jam discussion threads please? The derail therein is fucking retarded. 
Created An Account, But... 
...I still can't login, I'm simply redirected to the forum homepage, no error msg, nada. No email ever arrived at my mailbox with a possible acc confirmation link either. Am I missing something metlslime? 
More Infos 
I'm using a Firefox fork called Palemoon (latest version);
Have a cookie blocker extension but "" is whitelisted;
uBlock is disabled for the domain;

Any help is appreciated :) 
Cookies Are Being Saved Properly 
...according to the following screenshot: 
well, the account was created:

Can you log in using any other browser? 

just to be clear, here is what should happen when you log in:

from any page on func, when you click "log in" you will go to a page with a username and password field. When you submit that form, it should go to the previous page you were on (e.g. forum page, or news page, or some thread) But the menu should say "account | log out" instead of "register | log in". Also, on any thread page, the "post a reply" form should have your name auto-filled in.

And in regards to registering your account, there is no confirmation email (email address is optional anyway), the account just works immediately and you should automatically be logged in after registering. I can't remember if you are supposed to get redirected to the last page you were browsing, or if you stay on the account page.

Also, your screenshot of the cookies viewer from your browser looks identical to mine except for small details like the expiration date and the username. 
Error 42 again, possibly when moving between cell towers. 
Don't Func And Drive 
What about func and rail? 
Func_train Is Acceptable 
I hope this is the right thread to ask. Is anyone willing to invite me to the Steam Group? My Steam Profile: 
God damn error 42. Can you at least remove that if you are signed in?? 
Just had it in a stupid browser and lost my post, maybe make error pages include a preview for well meaning humans?

Is the ip check even useful? 
it defends against an imagined form of spam attack, where the form is cached and then re-submitted later.

I am considering removing some of these checks since we have better spam moderation tools than we used to have, and since it occasionally hits real users. 
hrm sorry, was trying to burn the 42 error and then i got it again anyway. func is basically unusable on the move. :( 
Let's See If This Works… 
or not. 
Error Message 42 
Has now been retired (after 13 years of loyal service.) 
Bring Back Error 42! 
I wub yuuuu 
^ Spam 
Are the recent spammers due to no more 42? 
Yeah was wondering about that... Maybe just turn it off for regd users? 
when a post is flagged as spam, it no longer counts as a "new post" for anyone 
totally agree, i'ts on my to-do list 
<@negke> mods should be able to actually move a thread
<@negke> or convert topic<->news

Plus move discussion thread to GA.

Thanks xx 
mods should stop secretly editing other people's posts and putting things into other people's mouths. 
Drunken Scampie from like 9 years ago agrees too:

I was mad he changed my 'Other Games' thread to 'Other PC Games'. Go read the first 800 so posts, it's very much about all games. He only got away with it because I stepped down as mod year or so before that and thus couldn't fix my thread. 
Yeah I agree with those ideas 
What ARE you waffling on about now?

Next time I will look at the news section and post my maps there.. 
Get a sense of humour you choad. It's hardly secret editing. 
It SHOULD be tagged with a "- Moderator" or something. I don't think that's unreasonable. 
Sorry I SECRETLY EDITED the news post to put in the precious .zip link :P 
Quoting A Url 
Let's Encrypt is public and incredibly easy get a cert with via

Would be great if func got HTTPS. 
what is the point of https unless you are doing things that need to establish encrypted comms? 
Why would you want to let state surveillance track all our behaviour and communications online? Why should shady agencies be invited to know what you are reading?

It's none of their business. Everything should be encrypted. 
We need a tinfoil hat emote too. Please add one for us NSA. 
i'm surprised it's a free service, since normally the price you're paying for a certificate is the security that the key is stored in. 
I'm open to this but sleepwalkr would have to do the actual setup, since i don't have access to install this kind of stuff AFAIK.

P.S. one obvious use for https is that you send your password over the internet when you log in (and after that you send a hashed password with every page request.) Asssuming you don't use your func password for any other website it's not a huge risk but still, why not make it more secure? 
One reason to care about https is that Google cares when listing search results: 
It's a joint effort by Mozilla, the EFF and others to make global HTTPS an easier target to reach. The private key nevers leaves your own infrastructure in any sane procedure.

Expensive certs might have more validation, LE is "just" domain based. You show that you control "" and they sign your cert for it. "Blue" certs require more proof of your identity but are not necessary unless you are transferring actually sensitive data like money.

Any CA can be breached or made accomplice in MITM.

Scampie: Did you miss the last 2 years of news? 
It's a joint effort by Mozilla, the EFF and others to make global HTTPS an easier target to reach. The private key nevers leaves your own infrastructure in any sane procedure.

Expensive certs might have more validation, LE is "just" domain based. You show that you control "" and they sign your cert for it. "Blue" certs require more proof of your identity but are not necessary unless you are transferring actually sensitive data like money.

Any CA can be breached or made accomplice in MITM.

Scampie: Did you miss the last 2 years of news? 
Wouldn't this have to come with a bunch of other changes as well? If you don't have to log in to see the content, what good is encrypting anything?

I admit to ignorance on this, I just don't see how it stops bots from skimming the text... 
Nah, that's a different thing. Func is a public forum.

Jere the encryption would make sure that your login data is transmitted safely and that no one knows what you _read_.

There is nothing sensitive at func but we should strife to make privacy the norm. 
Oh No 
the govorment stealing mah quakes 
getting a bit hazy on these details, but aren't public keys built into browsers? if anyone can gets certs, these will go into the browsers as well? 
Public Keys 
The public keys are, as the name suggest, public. They don't need to go into the browser because the server will transmit them to anyone who requests them.

If you request the public keys for a server, there are two questions of trust at stake.

1. How do I know that the person who sent me this public key has the private key to go with it? (Threat: an attacker could get the public key and then relay it to you.)
2. How do I know that this public key belongs to the server I want to talk to? (Threat: an attacker could send you details of a different public key which they have the private key for)

The first question is answered by a challenge-response system - you ask your counterpart to encode a random message using the private key, and check that the public key unlocks it.

The second question is answered by having a trusted party sign the key. This works a bit like our challenge-response, but the encrypted message is hard coded, and unlocks using the public key of a trusted party. In this case, the trusted party will be letsencrypt, and it's their public key which gets built into your browser or operating system. The hard-coded message should decrypt to say that "this key is valid for that server", and you don't trust it if it says anything else.

So then, you might reasonably ask, if letsencrypt will give anyone a certificate, what stops an attacker from getting their own key signed to work on somebody else's server? The reason that doesn't work so easily is that letsencrypt will give the certificate to anyone, so long as they can prove they control the server. This usually involves uploading a specific file to a location specified by letsencrypt - you only get a signature once you meet this challenge. 
"You're Privacy Is Literally Raped :^)" -Edward Snowman 
oh right, whoooops, it's the certificates that are stored on the browser, not the keys. :}

i guess the question still stands, but with different words: how will the certs be distributed or will we get those 'self signed certificate warnings'? 
CAs can 'cross-sign' each other's certificates. By that you get chains of trust. The Let's Encrypt CA's cert was cross-signed by some already trusted CA so now browsers trust the certs they issue. is already running with such a cert, should work anywhere without problems (except non-SNI systems). 
cool, thanks for the info.
i had no idea that those things were possible. i guess there really isn't any reason not to go https then, since there's no difficulty in getting a cert and having it work without users noticing. 
Yes There Is 
It's work for me and I don't see the point on this particular forum. Sorry. 
This post was flagged as spam. 
fb /\

ff //

bb \\

fbb /\\

ffb //\ 
Preview has some backslash bug, it will strip them unless escaped by backslash. Posts themselves are fine. 
yeah, i think someone reported that before but i haven't fixed it yet :\ 
Ooh, there's a faq! I'll try to write in a less dumb way now.

I wondered what kind of tags were supported. 
Moved Posts? 
Saw a topic I was posting in regarding Q1 engines got moved? But I dont see any notifications saying where to look for it? I was discussing collisions and Spike and Metslime were responding, now cant find it? 

Not sure if it would be possible to code in something so that any thread you have posted in, filters closer to the top when sorted and logged in. Some kind of sorting capability would help. 
maybe a way to search for your recent posts, so you could find those conversations again? 
Lets do it how Quake does it. Use centerprint, bprint and sprint.

Just kidding, but I do like how the structure here is very old school Quake. Its a very unique style, but the structure , at least for me in the beginning was hard to follow because of the way its sorting the messages. Im getting the hang of it the more I post. 
did you change it so links open in new windows now? 
No, must be a browser change on your end? 
oh, did firefox just start doing that then? i dunno... i haven't touched anything on my part. 
Just an idea, how about some more Quake old school icons, perhaps one for the rest of the Artifacts, ring, suit and maybe the rest of the standard quake models like the health and ammo boxes etc. Maybe that way it could serve as a better clue what the subject topic is about in a more defined way.

Heres one of a teleporter I just made from an in game screenshot, if you wanna use it : 
So That's What Sacrilege Looks Like 
Thread For Sounds? 
Is there a thread for sounds, ie troubleshooting problems playing sounds like ambient sounds? 
no, it would normally go in mapping help or coding help, depending on how you are approaching the subject. 
Well this is a looping sound issue, and seems some engines handle it differently than others. I will try the engine thread I guess, and you can move it if need be... 
Make URLs In Titles Clickable 
Because having to select them manually on an iPhone is making my arse bleed. Jesus, I wish you cunts would just stop doing this. 
Works fine on my Android. Just long press and go. Don't try to do actual computer stuff on your golden toy device maybe? 
"hurrr duuurrr go back 2 playing candy crush appel boy" - Spirit

Seriously, wtf dude? 
That works on Apple too. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop it from being a twat move. Put the link in the body of the message. Or is that too complicated? 
Doesn't Work Reliably For Me 
Truly Spirit, and I say this in friendship, but go and stick your android phone up your ass and shit it out. Repeat until your anus prolapses. 
Come on, you can do better... 
That's Your Comeback? 
Well, being a Linux user I can see how he'd be a fan of taking the hard route ... so I guess title URLs make sense in that context. 
Post Images? HTML? 
I have no idea if anyone has asked for this yet, but would it be possible to be able to post images? I see people constantly linking to images on external websites, so that way it makes showing betas of maps and mods a lot easier. Obviously, we would need to figure out how to moderate it, because anybody could just come down and spam porn.

Another thing that would be great is to add simple HTML implementation. It would be awesome if we could post videos and such, using code like this:

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

This would allow for us to share information a lot faster and conveniently. But, there are problems with this, like people making the iframe humongous, and taking up the entire page. There is also internal scripting, which could make it so that anyone can use <script>, and REALLY fuck up the forum. 
those are all good reasons not to do it :) 
P.S. are there other forums that allow iframes in posts? 
i love this forum for that! 
Cool Ideas 
Also we need embedded gif support so we can post sweet reaction gifs and memes, oh and also social media "like" and "share" buttons, and maybe also link our accounts with facebook so we can get the hottest map releases in our newsfeeds? 
Just realized that html is not supported in forums, which is understandable. I was sure that you were able to without breaking everything. What you should do is support BB code. Spirit's forum does, and it allows you to post images inline from an image link:

[img=What you want to call the image][/img]

This will show the image stupidpic.jpg from the site, and the mouseover title will be called what you want to call the image. You can ask spirit about it probably. I don't know php at all, so I can't help you. 
And Another Feature(s) I Would Like To See... 
Is notifications. You don't have to go crazy and add a reply button yet, but make a simple reply textbox below the name textbox that would alert the recipient through email that someone is replying to them. Program it so that if whoever they are addressing does not exist, or does not have an email, nothing happens. Also make sure if the email setting in a profile says "don't show," they will not be emailed. Include a checkbox that lets the user choose if they want email notifications or not. This will make responses a lot easier to do, rather than having to update the page every five minutes.

Also, if you can't implement the reply feature just yet, please add a refresh button in the bottom left corner or something, it would make my day.

One FINAL thing, shift the most recent topics as well as the post box from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top. Every time I go here, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see recent posts, and to post myself. Moving this stuff to the top would be the BEST thing ever. 
I would like to know the people that are currently working and administrating this website. I know this sounds a little fishy, but I might at some point want access to this website to help you guys out. 
admins and moderators are listed on the people page. If you want to only see new posts, click on one of the "new X" links on the forum page. F5 will refresh the page on desktop browsers. We already support a subset of html such as bold, italic, hyperlink, so if we add images it would continue that trend rather than using BB code. The idea of showing "new replies to your posts" is interesting, i have seen this on other forums. 
I'm assuming that you have everybody's email in an SQL table. If that's the case, the reply notifications will be a breeze to make. 
I might at some point want access to this website to help you guys out.

No thanks. 
Was That Really Necessary, Otp? 
Leave Onetruepurple Alone 
If someone can not contribute anything but nasty words, pity is the right answer. 
2033 was my reaction as well.

also Metro 2033! heheheee 
Quoting Street Fighter vs. Capcom:
"Just what I expected!"

But hey, I can dream, right? 

I know, right!?!

I don't know who those old guys are but think it's time for these dinosaurs to step aside and make room for some some new blood - I can help with this, I learned some javascripts in class the other day and I can put those codes in this website at no extra fee.

Also, I notice this website has lots of adverts which display as normal posts - e.g. the Louis Vuitton handbag ads - I assume these guys are your sponsors? - anyway I think it could really help the Louis Vuitton guys and increase your ad revenue if you had some sort of ad streaming down either side of the main page? (There's a lot of space here and it's a waste not to put it to good use)

Let me know if this sounds like something we can look at going forward, also I can advise re: SEO. 
Hello, Microsoft Tech Support Here, 
I have detected a virus on your website! If you give me access to the webserver, I'll get rid of it in no time!

Anyone here play Primal Rage way back in the 90s in the arcade?

Seriously, yea while this site could stand to be upgraded / improved with new scrpiting etc, the chances of something being exploited also increases, so there is some wisdom in "keeping it simple" for now. Other Quake sites have these fancy gizmo's going and have either folded or lost alot of decent members or are borderline dead as far as new energy goes.

@Specialbomb, its fine to offer your help, but it sounded like maybe you were demanding access, so I can understand the "no thanks".

A long time ago, someone told me :

"If I need your help, I will ask for it"

Thought it was kind of rude, and very narrow minded, but has alot of truth to it. Lots of times people dont appreciate the help to begin with, and you give it out anyway, just a source for future 2 cents. 
Yeah, I get that. It's like making a painting, and some random guy in the art community says "hey, can I help paint that?" If you let him, he just ends up messing you painting up. 
Password Recovery 
I can not recover my password. I enter my email, but the letter did not come. I tried to write to metlslime in on the problem, but he does not answer. 
hmm, the email feature seems broken.

It's using PHP's mail() function, i haven't changed it in a long time, so maybe the server configuration has changed? Or, email services like gmail are rejecting the message. I will have to test soon. 
I haven't changed the server config, but that doesn't mean anything. Sometimes there are config changed as a result of an update. I'll have a look at the log files, too. 
I tested it with a gmail address too, can you please check a different provider for the recipient so that we can exclude this as the reason? 
Minor thing, but it just struck me that the headers of the forum categories are somewhat misleading. Last 10 Discussion threads and Last 10 News threads suggests they're the latest ones in terms of creation date, not the last ones with activity as it actually is. 
Says You. 
Waitasecond, Passwords Are Stored?!?! 
You guys should switch to a hash security system NOW. It's not safe to store passwords like that. 
it's true, so don't use the same password here as you use somewhere else. 
Just To Be Sure 
To change password, just go to "Account", type in a new one and (type it again to) confirm? 
Correct. I should probably make it more of an explicit process someday. 
Hashing Is Easy 
I'm pretty sure you can easily get a SHA hash generator working on this site in no time. Wikipedia has a great example,

Super easy to set up hashes, you just generate it and store it instead of a password on the server. The server takes the password, hashes it, stores it, and uses it for verification later. 
Func is php so the simple password_hash() would be the best choice. Every thing else requires knowledge.

I would be more interested in HTTPS still. 
HTTPS Would Also Be A Good Idea, 
But would be pretty hard to implement now. Honestly, SHA is super easy to implement, especially since Spirit mentioned a function just for it in php. Honestly, just a days work really. HTTPS should be a later goal, but getting rid of the password storage system should be top priority. 
Specific IPs 
...and please block Tor exit nodes IPs for non-registered users. Someone posting here through Tor usually has bad intentions. 
Please don't. Tor is a great tool to protect your privacy especially with func's stupid public IP display. It's no one's business. 
Yo Metl 
Go hash that shit! 
Just don't make a hash of it. 
Changing the password doesn't work, either. 
Have to check new php versions, when released they sometimes decide to depreciate some older codes, but I dont think they messed with sendmail in a while that ones too dangerous.

Gmail will sometimes reject mail unless the sender is now, IPV6 friendly..and you have IPV6 enabled on the sendmail server. I turned it off and only have IPV4 , so the mails can go thru. 
Nevermind. Changing the password does work after all. It just requires enabling the http referer. 
How Are You Hosting This? 
Are you using a separate webserver, or are you self hosting? 
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