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Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind! 
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and a mysterious special guest star!!!

Screenshot gallery
Download (5.96 MB) 
My God 
Now this is exciting...not worthy of a release thread? 
it is, OTP just got impatient 
It's 2 Am Here 
Thanks for approval metl! 
Doom On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar 
Best Use Of That Thing So Far. 
Quake On The Sega Saturn Analysis 
Map Stalling 
Qmaster's Projects:

Standalone Releases:
QMA1. Tech/Base Style Level. Very large interconnected and exploratory underground cave base/factory. My largest level yet and only halfway to where I want it. Off an on project for the past 4-5 years. Motivation comes and goes in spurts of tech goodness.

QMA2. Random mishmash of styles. Getting to the point that the indivual sections (which were originally the starts of other maps whose theme and small areas I didn't have motivation to expand on) aren't very good by todays standards, set by AD of course. As such I'm less and less interested in working on this icky mess of a map. Suggestions?

QMA3. Keep. Old knave mod that's technically finished though it never ended up what I wanted it to be. Not sure if I should release it since the underlying mod is technically still WIP. Not sure if I should renane the mappack and keep Keep as the mod name either. Suggestions?

QMA4. The Quake 2 Project That is Yet To Be Named. This is my long planned game to create a sequel for Quake, something which no one has made yet. It saddens me that there has never been a sequel to Quake. AD however is a sequel in its own right and gave me the idea to instead of developing this massive project from scratch later on in life in another engine after to instead start creating this with AD as a base. The stylized look is imo much better than any more realistic games and lends itself to more interesting art. 
QMA2. Suggestions? Have you tried Ubiquitous' first release, Infernal Ascent? That's a prime example of mixed-style done right. It could serve as inspiration. Also, you could consider a collaboration with another mapper. 
Installing Q1 On A Win98/3dfx Voodoo2 Machine? 
Hey guys, I have this guy at Quaddicted asking about installing Quake on the antique system mentioned in the title. Is there a modern engine that can support that or is he stuck with old GLQuake?

Here's the thread if you want to reply to him directly: 
Fitzquake theoretically could do it but there's a good chance that I broke something since I never had such a system to test on. 
" aren't very good by todays standards, set by AD of course."

Nah mate. AD is great, but you can still make very good maps that don't reach that standard. 
aren't very good by todays standards

Forget about what is considered an standard by the community, just map what you want. Not going by what you like the most is the second reason for map stalling (first is going for too grandiose ideas). 
@-mugw I would reply if the link made any sense to your comment.

As it doesn't I can only say I have a win98 computer with a vodoo2 on which I can play Quake1. I had to install the very weird GL-Open filter that immediatly started complaining about its insecurity for the net. As I have computers that are stand alone and not connekted to the net I can safely play.

There's only one thing that bothered me the most and that is that the quality of the screen tends to the nasty yellow Q2 gamma, which I don't like at all. It may be vodoo2, but there's nothing that makes it feel better like Tombraider or Unreal.

I think the reason is, that Quake hasn't the same catch for the colourfilters, so anyway, if I had to choose it would still be Fitzquake above Vodoo2 on win98. 
The issue discussed starts at post #9 in the thread I've linked. Previous posts are unrelated. I probably should've mentioned that, sorry. 
There's Still Hope For You Skacky. 
"Le tivi cho tr�s tr�s f�musse..." Bwahahahahahahahaaa! The guy has a generally good accent but sometimes what he says clearly shows that he's not french. And seriously, can they stop with the croissant/baguette/accordion clich�s already? 
But really, it's as if we were constantly portraying Americans with a Bible in one hand, a Colt in the other and shouting "yeehaa!" to some country music. I can assure you it gets old pretty fast... 
Every Single Stereotype Ever Conceived In The History Of Mankind Is Tr 
I am so triggered right now. 
I don't disagree with this statement but any culture is so much more than its stereotypes. 
Stereotypes have a tendency to stick around while the culture has moved on. For instance, you don't hear much accordion in french culture anymore. 
Omelette Du Fromage! Omelette Du Fromage! 
That Would Be "omelette Au Fromage" 
Omelette with cheese, not omelette of the cheese... ;) 
I just added steam to steam as a non-steam game so I could play steam while playing steam.

...I was bored. 
Yo Dawg 
I just had a good chuckle over my early internet days.

I thought Methodus Toolz was sooooo legit.

I also remember thinking I was hot shit for being able to play sounds in AOL Chatrooms. I'd always play this one called "tongue". I cant remember what it played though :( 
Vertex Edit Vs Clipping 
(Using JACK) For some reason I almost always clip the ends of brushes to make them angular even though vertex mode takes one less motion.

I probably do it in the same amount of time either way. You know, I tend to dislike vertex mode. Maybe that's why I struggle to grasp Trenchbroom. I pretty much clip and stretch everything and duplicate brushes like crazy...I mean I so rarely add a new brush from scratch. Perhaps I just need to look up how to duplicate a brush while dragging it in TB.

Just thinking. 
TB has clip, in case you didn't know. Press C and draw a line with 2-3 points.
And I'm pretty sure it's ctrl+right click on a selected brush to duplicate+drag.

Vertex mode is alright, but I also find myself preferring clip when I'm angling brushes. At least for simple operations, that is. When I'm "trisouping" or whatever it's called I use vertex mode, even if all the little points can be a bit hard to make out from one another...

even if all the little points can be a bit hard to make out from one another...
Yeah, TB would greatly benefit from an option to hide non-visible vertices. Feel like making it a feature request? 
both ctrl + left and ctrl + right duplicate a brush, just tried it out.

The strength in TBs clipping is using 3 points. 
Oops, Used The B Tag Instead Of Q... 
"Toggle Unselected Vertices" has been something Ive wanted to suggest as well.

I wanted to include "Toggle Tint on Selected Brushes/Faces" at the same time cause theyd be used in conjuction with one another. Youd wanna turn off the tint AND unselected vertices for the most benefit whole moving vertices.

"Toggle Tint on Selected Brushes/Faces" would be really good for working with textures, as well.

When the toggle is turn off, the brush(es), when the mouse either hovers or moves off the selected brushes, would be given the Red Edges as seen in "Show Edges".

Sleep seems a bit backed up at the moment so I've left it on the back burner. Lots of other important stuff to sort out first. 
Realized how poorly that was worded:

When the toggle is turn off, the selected brush(es) would be given the Red Edges as seen in "Show Edges", when the mouse either hovers over or moves the cursor off the selected brushes. 
Exaggerated Example 
Here's what I would normally be looking at, rather than that image, since TB will hide edge verts if you select a corner and vice-versa. Not as bad, but still not great.

Hiding any more verts is problematic, unfortunately. Perhaps an option to cull/occlude ones that belong to brushes that are obscured from view, but that seems like a lot of work/processing to get that improvement.
And it would have to be an optional toggle, for that one guy who really wants to drag a vert on the opposite side to where his camera is for some damned reason... 
Perhaps "Only Show Verts of Brushes Under Mouse" or something like that. 
And it would have to be an optional toggle
Of course, that's what I meant by "option". We should be able to switch it on/off at will. 
Worldcraft would let you move verts around anyway you wanted. You could make an invalid brush, and if you did it was your fault. I found it pretty easy to use.

Radiant does some kind of constant checking to prevent invalid brushes, which tends to make vertex editing a pain. Sometimes to get from a to c, you have to go thru b, and if b isn't a valid brush Radiant auto-corrects. I finally had to switch to mostly clipping for odd shaped brushes. 
I'm trying to think of what shape you'd be trying to build if you had to temporarily make an invalid brush to do it. I'd love to read/see an example. 
You have a shape with 12 verts. You manually move each vert, one by one. Maybe when you move one, you need to move 3 more for it to be a valid vert. It's not like you need to compile the map every time you move one.

It's like pants. You are supposed to either have pants on or off.

Yet to do either, you have to put your pants on 1 leg at a time to reach that state.

If you were disallowed from ever having your pants in an invalid state, how would you get them on or off? 
It's like pants. You are supposed to either have pants on or off.

Yet to do either, you have to put your pants on 1 leg at a time to reach that state.

If you were disallowed from ever having your pants in an invalid state, how would you get them on or off? 
I use Vertex mode for making angled rafters and such. I just find it quicker to do with the same effect. I never really used the 3-point clip tool (I use 2 point a ton however) and I feel like I am missing out on it. I did however discover the power of TB2's brush tool and it's incredible.

Anyone have an example of what they created with the 3-point clip tool? Also, I suppose we can move this to the TB thread if this keeps active. 
Continued In TB Thread 
Anytime you move one of the vertexes off the plane of a brush face (defined by 4 or more) the brush becomes invalid and when the editor "fixes" it automatically it's rarely what you actually want.

Looking down on a box (or truncated pyramid) and changing the slope of the sides by moving one vertex at a time is an example. 
in JACK using the split face and triangulate options fixes most of those irregularities and allows you to have more "complex" geometry.

I've been able to get some nice rock faces using these methods. 
Also supports a "rock" primitive. 
yeah, but that isn't much good for cliff faces is it? 
it looks like the lightning gun is now real ;) 
Ooh, Me Wants One For Xmas! 
Not Sure About That 
Seems like it would be more of a pain to setup than the Omni because you have to have something dangle from the ceiling. 
Not to mention that it looks super likely that you'll trip up and fall over, trashing it within a few minutes of using it. 
No Pain = No Gain 
Big up Gotshun and all the RetroJam5 entrants for injecting some fresh new / old Quake into the system recently. I've really enjoyed the simplicity of semi-vanilla Quake without having to dick around with multiple mods, specific engines, shit pixellated .rc files and stuff, and get on and just smash monsters and hunt for secrets.

Keep it going guys. 
Cheers Shambler 
Sheer Charmbler. 
This might be born from my ignorance of QuakeC and coding in genral but, I had an idea. Mind you, I've never done any coding or programming, unless you count batch scripts(which no one does).

Demos stop recording upon death. Thatll likely always be the case. BUT, is it possible to allow the "record" cvar to accept some sort of variable to make sequential demo files?

for example - "record %mapname%"

whenever you use that bind or command it saves it as the mapname+the next number in sequence. (ie ad_necrokeep01, ad_necrokeep02...)

The idea is for something to combine with ones "Load Quicksave" bind to allow for single button save loading and recording of a demo.

again,Ive no experience in coding, so this idea might be a little ignorant.

hell something on this order might already be possible? 
Quake Wiki 
my first guess.., Demo_tools

It's not specific, but I remember there being a smart demo editor,
can't come up with a name. 
Bloughsburgh linked me on twitter. Might be what youre thinking of.

Most of those just combine demos into one file. Theyd be useful after using my idea, tho. 
if you're serious about it, I have this small compiling program, release 2003.

dem2mpg is a converter that reads quake demo's and turns them into mpg. Delte the last .gz and unrar the tar file
Mark V has an autodemo feature that automatically records demos with a sequential number. I think they're limited to 3 though, and the 4th recording overwrites the 1st one. 
The goal here is to have a single key bind that does two things:

Loads a quick save
starts recording a demo

the demo filename would be based on the .bsp name. Normally Quake overwrites .dem of the same name. Id like for it to create a new file by appending a number to the end of the filename.

Once the user finishes the map, THEN they would use any of the other various demo tools available to combine them. 
Thanks Mugwump 
Ill look into that. 
triple post, sorry.

the single key bind idea wont be feasible, im guessing.

at the very least, itd be nice to bind record and it create filenames based on the mapname/.bsp name and appends a number(or date or time or anything) if theres multiples. 
JoeQuake does something like that. 
Depending on what you are record, you better make sure the demo tools actually can work on it first.

Demo tools were designed for protocol 15 (original Quake). JoeQuake uses protocol 15, and most engines you can set protocol 15 (like type sv_protocol 15) in the console.

But many modern maps cannot be played in protocol 15 because they are limit busters, or use entity .alpha (Arcane Dimensions is one example among many). 
Yeah the idea here is for it to work with "modern" Quake. 
Try the demo tools out and make sure they work before you do anything. I don't know that they will.

They may very well not work. Or you may be pleasantly surprised, but they were made in 1997 era for standard Quake. 
Even if they worked, I wouldnt have a clue where to start tackling that issue. Time to learn QuakeC? errrr? 
Mirrors Tutorial 
A quickly made mirrors tutorial: - Mirrors Tutorial @ YouTube 
The people at Speed Demos Archive know things about demo tools. You might Google for their site and try to contact someone there. 
Mirrors Where? 
Wanna make mirrors 
You can find one in Leptis Magna (AD 1.5), but it's hidden well. 
I will find it eventually* 
Post 582 in the Mark V thread has the download for that test map.

Just make use a texture starting with "mirror_" like "mirror_1" or "mirror_glass" and put it on a wall.

Mirrors heavily depend on vis and there is a list of "do" and "don't" especially for func_illusionary mirrors, but in a simple area and on worldmodel it is very easy. 
So do everything need to be under some draw distance limitations + it must twice the amount of draws? 
Yes, not a good idea to put a mirror in a wide open area with complex brush work and 200 monsters ;-) 
"Hewhouse" ... sorry. Lack of edit strikes again! 
A Method For Chaining Commands 
If you execute the following commands in the Quake console, you can create chained commands for a single keypress. You can create these kinds of commands automatically with a simple script and put them in a configuration file you load when you start your Quake engine.

bind p cmd1
alias cmd1 "echo cmd1; bind p cmd2"
alias cmd2 "echo cmd2; bind p cmd3"
alias cmd3 "echo cmd3; bind p outof"
alias outof "echo out of commands"

Unless I've made a typo above, this will cause the p key to be bound to an action that will print cmd1, cmd2 and cmd3 to the console consecutively and from then on print "out of commands."

If you replace the echo commands with record commands using unique demo names, you can use a single key to start recording a new demo after each death. You can create as many of these commands as you think you'll need in one Quake session. You have to pick the names of the demos in advance, so they'll need to be something like mydemo1, mydemo2 and so on.

This isn't a complete solution to the problem of recording multiple demos and naming them accurately. However, it doesn't require any external tools.

Any suggestions or corrections are greatly appreciated. I just thought of this idea today. 
Did you happen to save the Madfox Band gifs linked here
Just Browsed To Func Using Lynx 
Works pretty well, gave me bad ideas though, like piping the output to quake so I can browse in the console.

I think I'll stick with my current projects. 
Two Worlds Speedrun In Two Minutes 
..,and end up like Ball's Born Robotic Song? 
Quite the feature! 
Every so often I decide to have a poke around the quake arcade tournament stuff to see what I can do with it.

I decided to see if any of the qcc decompilers could work. I was able to decompile a small chunk before the decompiler shat itself.

If any of you want to dig through the qc files, here they are.

I included the PROGSQTV.DAT in the zip so you don't have to find the CHD file and bugger about with extracting it, just in case you want to decompile or play with it yourself.

Interestingly it looks like they borrowed heavily from the clan ring mod (

I'd love if the quake executable itself could be decompiled, but I'm not sure how possible that is without a sentinel security dongle thingy. 
Arcade Quake 
I had a try installing all content to another computer. When decompliling it looked it had a windows version of its own included.
When started this version my computer was able to download the models (with baseskin frame included) maps and textures.
When I tried to start the arcade version my computer freezed and I had to make a new win install.

It seems as you could actually win money with it! 
i want my xmass crate
Xiangjiao Has Won! 
China has the biggest banana stock!

He who has the most bananas,
has won the world!!

New Doom Mini-doc 
Just Browsed To Func Using Lynx

Works pretty well, gave me bad ideas though, like piping the output to quake so I can browse in the console

QuakeOS :) All terminals paned vertically in the (transparent?) console, notifications in the sbar and graphical apps in the game... with demos in the background if not playing. 
Mugwump +1 
Kindly redirecting misguided guy about QuakeC stuff in wrong thread to instead post into correct thread and providing link. 
Thanks Baker 
Yeah, I know the rules by now. If I can help other newbies avoid making my early mistakes, all the better. 
It's 2016, Why NO Rotation W/collision 
Okay so I just did my first test map for rotating objects using the AD .fgd! Wow, that was kind of a letdown for obvious reasons(no collision/fake collision).

Not a knock on AD as it's fantastic Mod made with existing tools and played in existing engines.

But why haven't the main compilers and engines incorporated rotation with collision into their source?

I guess I mostly mean Quakespasm and Eric's tools. I know about DP already but hmap2 is not widely used so not a consideration really.

I googled and saw several examples were it was incorporated, is more elegant and is much simpler to set up mapping wise. But those projects perished.

Jus' curious... 
I think most of that stuff is handled by quakec rather than the engine itself.

Also the compilers want to be as "feature agnostic" as possible. They want to be able to compile whatever is put in front of them while only worrying about the base geometry. Additional features are still passed through to the end bsp, but will be handled by the engine / progs.

I think the idea is largely for backward compatibility and to ensure that mappers design vanilla maps to be playable in dos or winquake. For example, if I make a map for quakespasm-spiked with rain and snow, etc. It should still be able to be run in winquake or dosquake (probably with some console warnings).

Big ol' caveat here: I'm a layman and have nowhere near the knowledge of others here, who I encourage to correct me if I'm wrong :) 
Brush rotation with correct collision would be an engine thing.

Compilers wouldn't need to do anything - it's just another brush model to light.

Backwards-compatibility with vanilla engines seem to be less and less important these days because it seems almost every major release breaks vanilla limits in some way.

The key problem would be ensuring support and identical behaviour across a number of recent engines (DP, QS, MarkV etc.). 
I'm sure this has come up numerous times. And after I posted I found in this very thread where it was discussed in 2014.

gb said he submitted the changes needed for Quakespasm, if they wanted to implement it, and he also posted a link on quaketastic that has everything.

I loaded it up in DP's "Oct 12 2016" build and everything "worked". Not flawlessly though. To be expected of course.

Anyway, I just thought that with the advancement of engines, tools and mapping that this would be another cool little feature to have. Sans the clumsy hip-rotate method. 
thanks for the clarification Kinn 
Rotation Support Has Oddities That Must Be Dealt With ... 
E3M3 -- the freaking map itself --- has angles. It's true.

So does a distrans sp release? dis_sp3?

Supposedly messes with the spikey ball in the Quake END map (the Shub).

Messes with something in Nehahra somewhere.

So if someone cares about compatibility, it must be done right.

Rotation has consequences. 
Awesome list of compat issues, Baker.

Link to a previous discussion: here

This is the code I set up for QS (never merged in) link..really just applied your tutorial.

I'm more skeptical of this now than 18 months ago, now I am thinking if it is added to engines like QS/MarkV it should be opt-in only.
- possibly an entity key "_true_rotation" "1" to enable for an entity,
- or a cvar "sv_truerotation" "1" - mods would stuffcmd it if they want the feature. would need to be non-archived and not meant for players to change or save to cfg's.
-a checkextension so the engine can report it is supported.. although if a map wants the feature and the engine doesn't have it, the map will probably be broken. 
Does This Involve Rotation On All Bboxes? 
Even the player? 
I think this feature is just about doing collision against rotated BSP models; entity bboxes like the player still have to be axis aligned (guessing here). 
my main concern about it is that the current implementation (from a few years ago) assumes the expanded hull is still valid when rotated. Since the hull is expanded a different amount on each of six axes, if you rotate it 90 degrees onto its side (e.g. a drawbridge) the player will experience being able to get too close to it or not close enough depending on which side they are touching.

I think the perfect method would takes hull0, decompose the bsp into "brushes" for each solid leaf, and then expand those at run time using a quake2-style method. I don't know how hard that is and i don't know what potential problems will crop up with it. (e.g. collision glitches due to leafs being weird shapes.)

On the other hand the example method from a couple years ago has the advantage that it actually exists and has a reference implementation. 
From reading through posts, it seems all of you were in favor of supporting true rotation. And QS itself had the experimental version - link didn't work anymore :(

Looks like the only thing holding this back from going forward was the logistics of how to include it? Minimizing the consequences? 
Is it sufficient for a new mod to set the angle and set SOLID_BSP? This wouldn't break hipnotic style rotation in existing mods since those mods makes the rotating bsp model non-solid. 
@metl - Hulls. Good point. Will monsters think they can walk on a rotated bridge, etc. Hmmm.

ericw has a simple test map that the RMQ engine fails on in the thread at inside3d ... ironically of all things my implementation in ProQuake works fine and seems to work all the test maps. But do I trust that entirely? Haha ... no.

@damage - There is an entire release with rotation. <--- the drawbridge there in the first rotates down. Remake Quake - By ijed, gb, supa, MH, rickyt23 and others ... I have memory block, there was another mapper whose name started with an "S", but isn't scragbait or scampie. Came with a custom engine. Has underwater warp, hurt blurs, first engine with BSP2, etc. 
possibly an entity key "_true_rotation" "1" to enable for an entity

I'll have to re-remember/re-investigate what hints the map compiler expects and from what.


Already had planned that ;-) My thoughts were a worldspawn key.

cvar "sv_truerotation" "1" - mods would stuffcmd it if they want the feature. would need to be non-archived and not meant for players to change or save to cfg's.

I just wanted to mention this because I've hated this in other engines for a long time, long before Quakespasm ever existed. Engines would add CVAR_ROMs. A concept that makes no sense.

If you have a read-only console variable, how is it even a console variable? It's not variable at all. The user can't change it. How is it even a cvar? Why is it a cvar?

"god", "noclip" aren't cvars.

Anyway, that's a broken concept because really what someone wants to do is in QuakeC extension check in this particular case.

But if the engine doesn't support BSP2, you won't even get far enough to load the map for the progs to even run the QuakeC, haha ;-)

And the whole failed thing about the QuakeC extension system, is a progs.dat prepared to handle a situation where some of what it wants is available but not others? And even DarkPlaces isn't very consistent from version to version. Plenty of mods that an older (or newer) DarkPlaces says based on QuakeC extensions that it's ok --- and it don't work.

/Little bit of explanatory rant in there towards the end. Since Mark V does Nehahra and had to deal with a mod does all kinds of things it shouldn't do ... haha ... does bad design tick me off? 
Baker, yeah it's a good point that the feature is already in use in released q1 content (even if the RMQ releases were labelled as "demos"), and several engines implement it (darkplaces, fteqw). There is a door that swings open in e3m3rq from rmqwinter11 (right at the start of the map, after pressing the button); that map is unbeatable without this feature.

So an argument against making it opt-in is it would create a fork in the feature.

metl, good point about the hulls, didn't consider that. 
I think the time for rotation is now.

Just in firewalled form, to limit any possible side-effects.

And we'll just see where it goes!! Haha.

/I have a great implementation in mind. Should address most, but not all of the above --- certainly not the hull concerns. 
@Baker: Yes, I have most, if not all, of the RMQ content archived, great stuff there. A ton of cool features.

I admire more than you know everything you guys do. Last time I consolidated it all it totaled about 15 Gb's plus. 
With my current drivers(375.95) and a gtx 1060 the RMQ "2011 Singleplayer demo" is completely borked.

HOM's everywhere and brushes just gone missing. I don't think it's my setup. I just put my two .pak files in an id1 set -game and go.

I wanted to look at it again. 
Not To Be Contrarian 
But I can see an implementation of the following:

"If you have a read-only console variable, how is it even a console variable? It's not variable at all. The user can't change it. How is it even a cvar? Why is it a cvar?"

The user can check what the value is via the console.

The user is prevented from changing it as a function within the game changes it, OR a current state of the program prevents it from being changed.

sv_cheats comes to mind. 
So your example of a read-only cvar is one that isn't read-only?

] sv_cheats 2
You must restart the level for setting to take effect.
] sv_cheats
sv_cheats is 2 
Console variables in Quake have no restrictions on the value. I can do the following if I choose ...

] skill "Blue is my favorite color"
] fov 243030303

Console variables in Quake are not a reflection of the current state.

If you want to see this in action, type "vid_width 720" in the console. By itself, without a vid_restart command, changing the vid_width does not have any effect. 
What Do You Guys Think About... 
CPU architectures, Kaby Lake, Zen and beyond, being tied to a version of Windows? Shitty as fuck right.

I just learned about this: 
I was working from memory, it was a poor example.

My point was that I could imagine a few instances where it would be acceptable to allow the player to read - but not modify - the variables directly. 
Yet another reason to boycott Losedows 10! Once assholes, always assholes I guess... 
Early Demo Of A Real-time Raytracing 3D Engine

I came across this today. It's a short demo of a rendering engine early in development. It might be interesting to follow where it goes in the future. 
Reminds me of this vapourware:

These "Real Time Raytracing" engines never seem to catch on these days. As good as that demo looks, I'd have to see a lot more to believe it'll actually "happen". A downloadable demo for instance would be nice. Right now everything on their site is just "coming soon", which isn't exactly confidence inspiring. 
In the past they've only worked well for tight scenes where the bounces are rather confined and for lower poly stuff.

The promising thing about this is the claims it is "hybrid" raytracing. So perhaps traditional methods are being used on the more difficult with raytracing assisting.

I've been hanging out for realtime raytracing for over a decade now, I'll not hold my breath. 
Just A Clarification 
I am not sure what Pritchard meant in #28560, but I would like to clarify that the ray-tracer engine from my link does have a demo you can try out. It's built into the "3D modeller" package that is on the downloads page. (It's not much of a modeller yet in this bare-bones demo. It just reads text files with scene descriptions.)

You will probably find that the demo doesn't really give you very impressive frame rates for even mildly complex scenes. Until the author comes up with the benchmark he is promising, it's hard to say what reasonable applications this engine could have. I'm a little curious to see what he does with it, but you don't obviously have to be :) 
Speaking Of Vaporware 
I didn't think to check the link for the 3D modeller, I just went to the other two pages on the dropdown, since I assumed that it wouldn't be anything like the demo video on YT. It's about 50% of that at least but considering you can create more scenes than just the chess board that's pretty decent. Listening to my CPU fan spin up was fun.

It'll be interesting to see what comes next for this, I do want to see a decent realtime raytracing solution in the future. Perhaps even one that can be used for games! 
They actually have software out there using their tech.

Just not games... maybe never games.

You can't really call that vaporware. 
I only saw the cheesey "unlimited power" YT vids, hehe. Thanks for letting me know.

Wolfenstein 3D running on a Game Boy Color. 
I couldn't work out how they had optimised the gbc to make it do that, then I read that the guy included a co-processor in the cart to make it work.

Cool, but cheating. 
I mean, it's not unheard of for console carts to include non-standard components in order to work. Tended to make them more expensive, of course, which sometimes made the games into commercial failures as a result, but still.

Perhaps in homebrew it could be considered cheating, but I'd still want to give the guy credit.
Apparently he's butting up against the ROM limit of 128k, which means he's managed to shrink what's on there pretty significantly. I think that's neat, even if it'd never actually run on a standard cart. 
Don't get me wrong, it's impressive as hell. But I'm more impressed by what people can do with programming wizardry, breaking the limits of what existing hardware can do, rather than adding extra hardware. 
I need a program that determines the average RGB value of an image (or part of image), in order to know which color I should apply to a light according to the source texture. Any idea? 
Resize the image to a 1x1 pixel and see what color that is? Not sure if that can be made to have the same result as strict averaging, but it's at least an interesting/relevant result.

Or if using Photoshop, try Filter-Blur-Average.

A few other things found on quick Googling: (try "Palette from image") 
Thanks Johnny 
70 Minutes Of Hugo Martin Talking About Cool Shit 
Xmas At Func 
Cute present :) 
Merry Xmas Func_! 
The evening has already started here, so I'll see y'all on the other side of the Christmas tree. 
Merry Xmas Too 
and a little anecdote
with a friend we discused who whas the most powerful superhero. but between the doom marine and the quake ranger. in 1998. obviously i defended the quake guy and my friend defended the doom guy. i don't know.. if someone who falls to lava manage to get out, he has to win.

remembering that always brings a smile 
Ate A Whole Lot Of Snails 
On The Other Hand, 
lava doesn't even hurt Superman... ;) 
Merry Christmas ;-)

Back in March, someone asked me who I thought would emerge as "someone new who does stuff".

I said "Shamblernaut".

Even though your first map looked like a un-lit boxmap, I have been proven right 3 times over ;-) 
Thank You All =D 
Thanks for all the help you've given me this year man. I'm slow and I'm still learning heaps. I love this community, even with all it's idiosyncrasies.

This community wouldn't be the same without its trolls and its users who take their bait.

It wouldn't be the same without the people who spruik insane ideas or make maps with the same quality as mine >_>

We were blessed with AD this year. The mod was great, the maps were AMAZING. We also had amazing jams and individual releases, all of which showed your fondness for this game and love for crafting interesting worlds.

Thank you to all who've offered help, provided assets, offered opinions, given critiques and shitposed. Thanks for the random song and random porn postings on func. Thanks for the inspiration thread, and thanks for the help threads.

Thanks for the guys that worked on editors and tools, you make our lives so much easier and you add polish to our maps that never would have been there otherwise.

You guys rock. You've helped change what has been a difficult year for me into a bearable one.

I hope you all have a wonderful christmas.
<3 Shamblernaut (Ben) 
Shambs here said it all. Thank all of you for making Quake what it is today. Though I've been playing Quake on and off for the past 20 years, I was always restricted to the base game, the 2 mission packs and Aftershock.

I first stepped into the community only a few months ago and I never imagined how rich it could be. Something like AD is incredible and I hope a lot of you guys will use the devkit to make even more great things for the next 20 years.

Sock, you did an outstanding thing here, gathering all these great people and pushing them into making one of, if not the best Quake mod ever. And if you sometimes feel like the criticism outweighs the praise, maybe it's because we feel like the praise goes without saying and we're not saying it enough. Thank you. Merry Christmas. 
and by func in this sentence: Thanks for the random song and random porn postings on func. I of course meant to say terrafusion. 
Porn On #tf Is Never Random 
Porn On #tf Is Never Random

Indeed. It's very, very targeted. 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Cthulhu Fhtagn! 
Less active these days, but still following all the releases and ogling screenshots, which I then send around to co-workers who always say some variant of "damn, that's Quake?!"

Keep it up in 2017! 
Yeah Happy Xmas Y'all. 
Been a great year in gaming (will Doom4 start a reboot of proper FPS action??), and a great year in Quaking (welcome aboard all the newish mappers). 
Merry Xmas! 
Go map Scampie! 
Merry Xmazz 
yeh there's my xmass crate!

I keep promoting, a legendary year for quake2016! 
Steam Winter Sale PSA 
Doom 3 BFG edition is on sale. However, it's an absolute shitshow and I do not recommend even entertaining the idea of purchasing it (just in case anyone here was in danger of doing such a thing).

Installing the original and spending 10 minutes properly configuring it might be worth your time, though. Finally, 12 years later, I have a PC that can run D3 with a fixed tic. No stutter! Also, nvidia's fastsync really shines with this title. 
What's wrong with the BFG edition? I've never heard anything bad about it, except that some people dislike being able to have a gun and torch at the same time like in that mod. 
Pritchard - Doom 3 BFG Edition 
I'll just quote a post I wrote a while ago:

Finally got around to buying this (the BFG Edition, that is), mainly because it comes with a new 8-map single-player campaign, which I wanted to check out.

First off, the new flashlight behaviour is just id caving in to all the people who whinged about the old system. I wasn't one of those people, but I wouldn't have minded the change if it wasn't for the fact that you do not have the option to change back to the old system. (FFS Why???)

Also, the new flashlight behaviour just looks like an zero-effort amateur mod - they didn't even bother to add a sound effect when you turn it on, and when you look in a mirror, you can see the original handheld flashlight model just laughably sticking out of the character's shoulder.

So, with the smell of turd already tickling my nostrils, I started up the new "Lost Mission" levels...

And what a load of lazy, inexcusable shite they are.

The PR bollocks about these levels being "cut from the original game" is total crap because I can say absolutely unequivocally that these levels are just made entirely from a bunch of existing rooms and corridors copied from the original game and stitched together in a different way to make a series of small and boring boxy maps with nothing unique or interesting about them whatsoever.

The only exception to this is the final Hell level, which actually seems to contain mostly (and perhaps entirely) original level geometry. It looks a bit rough though, with some fairly subpar lighting and the architecture is roughly on a par with the stock Quake 3 gothic maps in terms of sophistication, but it was mildly interesting to see a Hell level with some attempt at architecture, instead of just a collection of haphazardly stacked bricks, like the original Doom3 Hell. However, the layout and gameplay of this new map is just as boring as the ones that came before it.

Bottom line: don't buy this, it's pretty much a complete waste of money.

In addition, a few points I left out: they narrowed the FOV (like wtf?) and also made it shit-tons easier with more ammo everywhere (again, WTF? It's not like the original was known for being hard in any way). Also I heard they might have added more lights to the maps to brighten them up but I'm not sure - I can't be shitted to verify that myself. 
I wish I saw this post sooner :/

I agree with kinn, let me add a bit more:

It's a stuttering mess.

They amped up the ambient lighting; everything is washed out. Everything lacks definition, every surface becomes very blurry at a short distance (this is not an anistropy issue). LOD bias seems to have no effect.

Too fuckin' easy. Even the original was a cakewalk. The flashlight undermines a core gameplay mechanic (whatever, if you like it you like it) but in the BFG edition flashlight is pure ass, they couldn't have implemented it any more poorly.

Doom3 wasn't much for gameplay to some, but the atmosphere is second to none and easily picked up the slack. The BFG edition destroys the expertly crafted nuanced environments of the game; it shits all over its core strengths while adding more gameplay issues and totally ignoring legitimate problems. Simply put, the BFG edition is an insult to Doom 3. It tries to make Doom 3 something it isn't to placate a group of people that didn't like the original and fails miserably to do even that.

If you want a bright corridor crawl go play Quake II. Here's an excellent source port
Ohh We're Ranting About BFG Edition Here?? 
Don't know about the stuttering mess. One of the main differences is the engine that's supposed to be optimized for hardware that's newer, but not exactly very powerful (think consoles). The laptop I used to compare the two versions of the game was struggling with the 2004 release on High, while the BFG reissue was very comfortable to play with comparable quality (I'm not talking about the aesthetic changes right now).

Of course, it wasn't an entirely free achievement. Some shadows were disabled, and some geometry was simplified, especially in Resurrection of Evil, which was always slower than the main campaign. The official patch released after a lot of complaining allows restoring some of the simplified lighting effects, but I'm not sure about all of them.

There's also a feature that dynamically adjusts the rendering resolution when the system can't hold a decent framerate, which is a good innovation, but probably lead to a lot of people thinking that the game looks crappier without being able to put their finger on what exactly is wrong.

As for the flashlight, the implementation is so retarded that I had no words when I discovered how they did it. It's so aggravating that this change alone makes me not want to recommend the reissue. Even though I'm pretty sure that 90% of players will never notice the problem.

The engine coders did their jobs.

The artists kinda did their jobs providing some touched-up model skins (whether it was actually needed is another question).

The one poor hack they asked to redo the flashlight shat all over their work. I'm pretty sure that if you move the camera back far enough you'll be able to see the view model of the flashlight complete with a T-1000-style third hand. But I'm a little scared to check.

Then there are mappers, of course. Okay, exactly one level bug I can remember in the original release was fixed. All others are in their place. But hey, they swapped the floor texture in the Mars City Underground lobby!

New levels aren't exactly worth talking about. They're there, and that's about it. I'd compare them to a decent amateur episode from authors that weren't confident enough in their skills to make original geometry, so they cannibalized a bunch of stock maps instead. I've heard similar complaints about RoE, but it wasn't as bad there, and I actually liked the "rearranged" levels. At least that mission pack had some new enemies and weapons.

Brighter lighting seems like an overkill in pandering. Wasn't the new flashlight enough? Should've done one or the other. 
I Should Mention 
In the BFG edition I never played through the original campaign, I only played the new "lost levels", which is why I couldn't comment on any lighting changes to the original maps.

On hearing they royally fucked them up by yanking up the ambient, I am:

1) Not surprised in the least, given the rest of the crap they did.
2) Even more glad I didn't bother playing through them.

Some games get fantastic re-releases with all-new spanky updated art. Some game re-releases just get farmed off ultra-cheapo to a Z-team somewhere that will idly slap out something nominal for a couple of free sandwiches from the vending machine - but not the good sandwiches; I'm talking like those petrol-station-quality egg & cress sandwiches that have been sitting there for a week. 
One change I can appreciate is a slight increase of the player's running speed. The original game just felt uncomfortable in this regard, while the reissue feels about right. They also toned down the footstep sounds, which were really annoying.

It's amazing how such an important aspect of the game (you spend even more time running around and listening to your boots than you spend shooting things) can be so neglected, and how little you need to change to make it relatively not particularly horrible. 
I am yet to see a "remastered" game be better than the original with community patches and mods. D3 BFG is no exception. Sikkmod + Absolute HD are ten times better than this BFG cash grab. 
I don't think it was supposed to be a "remaster" or "HD upgrade" for the PC - The only reason it exists is because some bean-counter thought they could make a few pennies by releasing a version of Doom 3 on XBox360 and PS3, hence the retarded console-friendly changes like narrower FOV and more health/ammo everywhere. The PC edition of D3 BFG is just "there" and an utterly, utterly pointless purchase. 
The Patch Allows To Adjust The FOV From The Menu 
For what it's worth.

But it seems that they changed the view weapon offsets somewhat to compensate for the default FOV, so some things look worse with 90. The machinegun in particular reveals more than you want to see. 
BFG: Buncha Fetid Garbage 
dwere - Interesting, confirms my assumptions. I played for about 6 minutes and had just assumed that there was a myriad of other issues deeper into the game. The hirez hud is nice, though.

mugwump - Sikkmod.

Ah, the ol' bloom and vaseline mod!

Kinn - The only reason it exists is because some bean-counter thought they could make a few pennies...

Painful truths! IMO, D3 is deserving of tasteful and respectful touch-up. It's a similar story with the new bioshock "remasters".

NEW RULE: If you don't give a shit about the game and/or lack basic human decency, you're not allowed to be a part of the remastering team. 
Well, if you treat it as a second console edition, it's not so bad. Many of the changes even make sense in this context.

It's just that they didn't care enough to make the PC version separate from the rest. Which is a pretty common practice, unfortunately. 
You don't have to use bloom with Sikkmod and there's more to it than fancy effects: you can tweak walking speed, weapon behavior, etc... 
Can't Remember Doom3 Mission Pack. 
But AFAIK it was decent enough. I liked Doom3 too.

But TBH, Doom4 is everything Doom3 should have been and completely overriden it. 
Mugwump - no, you're right, I'm just being facetious. However, I do find that particular mod to be, well, a little tasteless. IIRC, I think I did lift a thing or two from it for my personal mod.

Shambler - decent enough

That's an accurate description. I must respectfully disagree with Doom4 overriding Doom3 (kinda apples to oranges comparison anyway). I find glory-killing my through D4's arenas less engaging than crawling through D3's corridors. Don't get me wrong, both very good games.

For "doom action" I just play D2 and its abundant wads. 
I Have Been Shitting And Puking Nonstop For The Last 24 Hours 
You Caught A Case Of 'the Internets' 
stay off public forums and it should clear up! 
I see you opened that picture attachment I sent you then. 
I Thought That WAS The Picture Attachment. 
My Grindr profile image can be...challenging for some to process. 
Quakec Profile 
I have been mapping and scripting nonstop for the last strikes! 
Does this mean we're gonna play a new Quake map by Madfox soon? 
I'm more hiding for czg fog's attachment! 
True Size Of The Earth's Landmasses 
Well this blew my mind a little bit. I knew that the Earth's landmasses appear distorted on the typical 2d projection you see in atlases (and google maps) but I had no idea how totally wacky it was. Here's a cool site that lets you drag countries around the globe to compare their true sizes with others:

For the biggest "Holy Shit", try dragging Indonesia onto Europe or Russia. 
Top O' Reddit Today 
#tf In A Nutshell 
00:02:24 | <skacky__> 4053 detail
00:02:48 | <skacky__> happy new year btw 
Extended Interview With Kevin Cloud 
Happy New Year! 
Since I don't actually have anything interesting to say, I'll just leave it at that. 
Any quake mapping plans for 2017? 
Happy New Year y'all! 
Quake to be run at AGDQ '17 next Monday: 
Another Map Jam? 
I must say I'm not satisfied with having not much time for mapping for retrojam 6 previous week. Now we have holidays and a lot of time to map. I wonder if any one wants another map jam. Let's continue the awesome start of 2017.
Personally I want to map more, this time with AD.

Any thoughts? 
Explore Jam. No monsters on skill 0. 
That would be awesome - great idea. I always wanted those features put into id games like Doom 3 and Doom 2016 so I could admire the levels without monsters. 
I would love an explore jam 2. However, is it wise to organize yet another jam so soon? I remember some MJ8 talks where people complained about not having time to work on their personal projects between jams. 
I Do Agree With Mugwump 
I would like to complete what I am working on (off and on for a year!)

But perhaps it's time for jam organizers to agree on a schedule for 2017?

And BTW another Jam idea would be Co-op jam. Would require a lot more playtesting but would be cool to get more mappers working and playing together. Different design challenges too. 
i can get into one explorejam this month

with no monster placement or gameplay tweaking i can focus in learning to use lights and level architecture and try crazy designs

correct me if i'm wrong, but a explorejam wouldn't be much less time-consuming than a full classic map?
you can add some puzzle elements, and refine them if there is time; if not then it is a place to stroll around. 
i tried to play ad_swampy with my brother through lan and it didn't work well
lots of packet overflow (whatever that is), the breakables were already broken on the client (my brother notebook, with wifi) and the sounds were desynced.
i tested a e1m1, e1m2 and e1m3, with ad. in e1m3 happened the same thing

how can i make it work? it's a problem of the game? it's the wifi and i have to try with cable?
i tried disabling particles (in quake.rc) but it didn't help 
I'd be fine with another Jam event...I would just make sure it is 4x smaller than my previous one.

Explore jam would be cool and certainly a challenge if that is what is being considered. 
A few things: check the heapsize in your launch options. Both clients would have to have increased heapsizes for AD.

info here:

It could be the game engine. Pretty sure Quakespasm is geared only toward SP. I see that Mark V has pretty solid Coop features. Try that one? I just downloaded Mark V but haven't played around with it much. It screwed up my config.cfg so back yours up. 
QS can't currently do co-op on AD maps (swampy at least), even if you turn off AD's particles. (max unreliable message size is too small). Last I checked MarkV has the same limit.

DarkPlaces might work for AD coop. 
nitpick: QS defaults to a 256MB heap size since the last few versions, so you don't need to enlarge it for AD or any mods I know of 
Quakespasm Spiked, DarkPlaces or FTE is your best chance for co-op with Arcane Dimensions (with the particles being off).

Only those 3 engines offer network compression right now. Quakespasm Spiked has a method for packet fragmentation in the network traffic. 
Good to know thx.

@ baker QS Spiked? Never came across that before. Man this game, even after 20 years. So much development going on! 
Happy New Year 
guys, i love all of you. go map, the old and the new ones!
my life is in a grinder these days, its my fault and its a new girl involved.
forgive me ad_team, i have no time atm, new scents to be be had :)

i'll be back someday with new stuff, be sure..

right now its hard, sorry sleepwalkr, i miss you too... 
Why is the particle code so storage / network intensive?

Does it record / transfer the location of each particle every frame? 
In standard Quake, QuakeC tells the client to emit a particle (1 message). And the particle system takes it from there.

In Arcane Dimensions (I haven't looked), to make things look fancy, every single particle is an entity.

So imagine a room with 800 monsters where each monster has a position xyz, a frame, angles, etc.

Arcane Dimensions does particles in a way that each little yellow particle is essentially a monster.

That's why an Arcane Dimensions demo is 600 MB after 30 minutes with the particles on, for instance. But it does have ability to be turned off.

Sock and the guys working on Arcane Dimensions are smart. It's perfectly ok to do it "ok" the first time and then later on "do it right".

It's just part of the learning curve.

But the way they are doing it right now isn't efficient. But also part of the problem is that the classic engines can't do what sock + company would ideally like.

I think Quakespasm Spiked could probably move that all client-side.

But would require work on the part of Arcane Dimension and also wouldn't work with DarkPlaces because the particles systems are very different.

So will be interesting to see how things go.

But certainly raises the right issues for discussion. 
This is really interesting. There was a mod called extras4 I downloaded that had a some particle effects. I'm am not a coder but curious if they implemented their particle system differently? You can download this here:

I was considering using this for a project myself mainly because of the sound capabilities. It's pretty well documented and has some nice additions that are already in AD. 
What I Would Like To See Is: 
Rather than every particle being an entity ideally some sort of a "particle emitter" entity should exist and handled client side.

Just feed the emitter the quantity / duration / angles / velocity / colours / world interactivity of the particles and let the client do the rest. 
@dumptruck - If you want to learn more about that mod, the actual homepage for that mod is
Negke Finally Forced To GO MAP 
Time to whip out that clip tool. 
Not that you will learn much from the one short basic paragraph of info about that mod on that site.

@dumptruck, you're better off just downloading the mod and going through the readme and the Qc source which looks like you already have. 
i checked the source and docs
pretty neat stuff

i quote:
Particle systems with QuakeC - packet overflows made easy!
These were modeled after particle systems in high-end 3D apps, they are not the most user friendly entities around...
Emitters generate a "particle" (either a .spr, .mdl or .bsp) and toss it in a direction between the set angle limits. They can use an optional "death" model to simulate anything from rain, falling rubble, blasts of flames, forcefields, whatever... Note that these have absolutely nothing to do with Quake's built-in particle system. When the word "particle" is used on this page, it refers an instance of the model assigned to the emitter.
Effectors change the behaviour of particles that touch them (the emitter must have the "USEEFFECTORS" spawnflag set).
Emitters can be attached to a func_train_ext, for some really neat shit :)

the implementation is different but both are entities emitters and similarly inefficient 
Ahh, what a gem. I still love the gravity well effect that sucks in nails and curves them around. Would love to see this in an arena where some wells were by some sort of equipment that warps your bullets. Would make for some interesting ogre fights, esp. flak ogres. 
Is it b0rked for everyone? 
Works Fine For Me 
Extar4 Mod 
I used the extar4 for burning barrels, which gave a fine effect on shooting them. Also had a fountain in it, but after five sprite emitters I got an eddict error. These particle emitter is a real memory assult.
The savest way to avoid it was to last it only for a minute.

Mostly used it for the better balanced func_train in PhantomPholly.
The func_water is rarely a real switch for mapping effort. Sad it won't last on spaces longer than 256 units and lacks animation. 
[19:29:23] Connecting to server...
[19:29:23] Connection failed. Result: -102
[19:29:23] Disconnected from the IRC server "`"!
[19:29:23] Reconnecting in 3 second(s)... (Cancel) 
Re: ExtrasR4 
@topher too bad - i was hoping this would be a good fix.

@Qmaster - that + Ogre nades sounds wild. This part of the mod does open up some interesting possibilities. But I was most interested in the sound trigger features. I hope to test the extrasR4 limits soon but if AD has something similar I may just use that for a project. I haven't reviewed the docs for AD yet.

re: particles for torches and similar - Instead of having proper entity based particles if you could have animated alpha textures you might be able to create a similar effect - wonder if this is possible? 
An previous version of that site had a dedicated extras R4 page with a ton of detail and screenshots and descriptions.

It would seem that page is no longer there. Maybe has to do with the PlanetQuake abandonment. 
Yes, Looks That Way. 
Most likely the reason you gave. I do remember the previous page years ago and with all the information your describing. It was very cool, too bad it's gone. Maybe it's archived somewhere. 
The Download... 
Contains an html readme. Maybe its the same? 
At least the page lives on in the download ;-) 
Looks The Same. 
Poke Poke 
Gonna poke the community for interest...

How would we feel about having a deathmatch mapjam at some point?

Obviously after a little while and all your creative juices have been refreshed. 
I Personally Couldn't Care Less... 
...unless the maps also have SP capability. I don't play DM. 
Sounds like a complete waste of time. 
No Thanks 
I would not be interested, but a noteworthy idea! 
What's The Best Bot Mod? 
I'd be interested in playing some new q1dm bot action. 
Unlike Some Of These Pricks.... much as I have no interest in DM, why not. There might be people who are keen to push their DM mapping, so it would be a good creative outlet. 
Yeah What Shambles Said 
I remember really enjoying playing against bots back in the day. Never got into real DM though, just didn't have the bandwidth or sk1ll4x 
I always use reaper bots but i think that's only because they were popular back when I was paying attention.

I have heard frikbot mentioned a lot more recently. 
What's The Best Bot Mod?
I heard (from Baker, I think) it was Frogbot. 
Yes I too played against reapers in the 90s, when I should have been studying.

Ah yes I think I was recommended frogbot in the recent past, and seems I already them installed! 
Like I Said 
I was just poking the community, I'll wait and see if others are interested, last thing I want to do is run a jam with only a couple of participants. 
It's Kinn and yourself already, so that's a good start... 
I can't enter myself obvs - too busy with work and other boring real-life stuffs! 
i'm new here but what a heck, i'll answer

if i play deathmatch, i play the same old maps over and over again. dm4,dm6, e1m2 and aerowalk

the maps are intended to be played or with monster or what? 
How about "maps designed primarily for DM, but with waypoints for [bot mod x] added, and also monsters for SP" 
Sounds Good 
and there is also the option of using Omicron bots which don't need waypoints, so people not interested in DM have it easier participating. 
DM Jam Is A Waste Of Time... 
...because QW community doesn't care about new maps.
They don't give a fuck about your textures or complex brush work, because all they want is low r_speeds.
Foogs is last active DM mapper I know. He probably can tell you more or you can go on QW discord channel for more details... 
There are communities outside of func_msgboard that don't care about the single-player jams either. Not sure that's a reason to not do them.

I thought the idea behind jams was to have a bit of fun amongst ourselves basically (oo-err!). If no-one here is interested then fine, but if people are, who gives a weasel's wotsit what other communities think? 
i'm using a map editor for less than a month but i can see how fun can be.

it just pains me a little that probably nobody will play it. at least the sp maps are played by a few dozens players. maybe hundreds. thousands in the case of arcane dimensions.

we can throw some func_matches! i'm low-mid tier player in ffa, tdm or dmm4 :D. never played enough to become good. 
DM Jam 

Wait don't we have explore Jams. Not much different except flow isn't considered.

Ahh, sure, go for it. It's in the original ID spirit to have SP and DM in the same map. 
Imo it's counterproductive to make a map that will be never played by QW players. If you want to make good DM map you need constant feedback during design process.
I'm not against this idea, just saying how it is, because few people will be surely disappointed.

I remember few people did DM mode for their map during jams. Maybe that's a better idea? SP map with proper DM mode? 
How About Co-op Maps? 
The Way I Set Ezquake When I Bother To Play Quake Dm

lol. r_drawflat well done

really, i like to play like that. but i'm weird sometimes. i like simplified, abstract and contrasted items and players

and i play against friends in RL or bots. that lag of mine... 
Don't Forget To Try Out EzQuake Single Player 
Just extend the jam by a few days and add sp monsters 

I've done a lot of DM level design. I'd love a jam so I am in. Not a QW player myself. I play local with my kids or Omicron bots. There's also the DMSP mod that is quite a hoot. If you guys haven't tried it - you should.

@killpixel - I am down for a co-op Jam for sure. I suggested it a few days ago. I think it would require a LOT more coordination and care - maybe a team of two mappers or volunteers to playtest. 
Yeah the coop thing is really interesting. Especially if you force the two players to separate and complete different portions to progress. 
Shitting Fuckomy. 
I forgot how vomitously awful "make the game look fucking terrible to win at any cost" DM-orientated engines were.

Shamblernaut, cancel the possible DM Jam ASAP. 
to be fair i doubt many play with that settings
but the setting is there, i tried it, played matches with it and really like it.

anyway, i knew that r_drawflat thingy for like 18 years when i started playing the game, and played one time all the episodes with r_drawflat 1 in winquake. for the same reasons, contrast. i don't remember being multicolored like in quakespasm, though. it was white i think 
to be fair i doubt many play with that settings
but the setting is there, i tried it, played matches with it and really like it.

anyway, i knew that r_drawflat thingy for like 18 years when i started playing the game, and played one time all the episodes with r_drawflat 1 in winquake. for the same reasons, contrast. i don't remember being multicolored like in quakespasm, though. it was white i think 
If I make a jam I will suggest that the authors use clip or skip brushes over all the fancy geometry to overcome that.

I also suspect the level of detail will be kept to id DM map levels.

Anyway, there is no rush to make another jam, I was polling the community for thoughts. 
What About An AD Or A Quoth Jam 
It would be pretty interesting to see a jam that uses those kinds of mods. 
"Make best use of AD features" jam could be cool. A bit like Sock's breakables test map, that worked well being full of breakables and still cool in it's own right. 
Map Jam 7 was Quoth based and it was cool, except people didn't updated their Quoth to latest version and half of the maps were broken. 
And By "People" I Mean Players 
There is a rather large group of single player users that are using the Quake Injector and are completely dependent on it. Not using the Quake Injector generally isn't even an option for many of those users, they don't know where is unzip things or how to do a command line themselves.

And the Quake Injector doesn't support Quoth 2.2, to the best of my knowledge (The Quake Injector files are July 2010, so probably not).

Furthermore, the Quoth 2.2 files at Quaddicted are not up-to-date.

So any release depending on features in Quoth 2.2 that aren't present in Quoth 2.1 is going to be a tragedy where a number of users have problems that most of them have zero chance of resolving themselves. 
Sock has been encouraging people to map with AD on twitter.

Poke him enough and he might join in :) 
Yeah ive come to realize how much id1 sucks to map for. Ill be avoiding it for some time. 
Nothing Wrong With Id1 
"Oh you wanna backtrack through this area and spawn a bunch of monsters? Yeah youre gonna need the monster entity. A Teleport_destination. Trigger_Teleport and then something to trigger the whole sequence."

:slow clap: 
The inability to not have triggers initially disabled was the thing that frustrated me most about id1 mapping.

You could use the silly spikeshooter logic gate hacks I guess, but lol. 
I mean "The inability to have". Did a bit of double negative there I think... 
The entity state system in AD is the biggest pull from me. That allows so much more creative ideas really shine. 
Ok this info was probably on the internet at one point in the 90s but I can't for the love of fuck find it anymore:

how do I make quake start looping the standard quake demos? 
Has QS/MarkV made "startdemos demo1 demo2 demo3" not work anymore? I try typing that into the console and nothing happens... 
Quakespasm Disabled It 
Ah Ok 
so it's totes impossible to loop demos in QS? 
adding the "-fitz" flag when launching QS restores the demo loop playback (also some other things: restores the quit prompt, disables loading the sutff in quakespasm.pak - the custom conback, WASD config, z-fighting fixes for id1).

I thought QS was only disabling "startdemos" during the exec of quake.rc but apparently it's totally disabled. 
i tried the new doom yesterday 20 minutes
i mean, if it's seriously considered goty by many it must be good
i saw some desert/hell scene and i didn't like it
the monsters are almost the same color that the landscape...
i didn't like items popping out like confetti
i don't like the glory kills.
the mouse is smooth, or whatever the name is for that setting.

the level are nice to look? i might play the game in easy.
the mouse smoothing (or whatever) can be disabled?
if not i'm uninstalling the game.

oddly enough i like more the doom4doom mod for gzdoom.. and it's not because it's old or pixelated. the gameplay is better. the drops can be disabled. the weapons feel better. and it's free! 
Cheers, it's not a problem anymore, all I wanted to do was loop the demos for profiling purposes but I can just as easily do what I want by playing a demo without a loop. 
It also restores the level time counter in the status bar! 
Well Topher D4D Is Seriously Fun. 
ok i played some more and the game is killing my computer
30-50 fps
no way i will play like that

and i have no money to change the gpu

well, i still have the old quake and doom 
What about a hybrid bots used as enemies map ? Kind of a multi arena dm map with progress - defeat these so and so equipped bots in this area before moving on to next dm area. Not sure of the feasability but its an interestng idea/challenge maybe. Not Jam adapted though I guess as it requires modding/hackery I assume. 
You mean basically Q3A SP in Q1? I've heard of a Quake 1 Arena mod, but I don't know if it has bots for SP or is DM-only. You might wanna check it out. 
Fucking Hell 
Only 11 days into 2017 and there's already been 25 Q1SPs out.

Are we in for the best year yet? 
So I'm Back. 
Any new Quake maps to play?? 
Are we in for the best year yet?

Only if Shambler makes one. 
That's fucking wicked.

I'm going to contribute to that number personally. 
Make It 28 
That's Worth A Counter 
on Quaddicted. Can that be added? 
something something quality / quantity something something... 
something something quality / quantity

Hmmm, lessee...
- RJ6, quality: check.
- XJ2, quality: check.
- ad_fenrir, quality: check.
- ad_scastle by our Lord and Master Sock, quality: check and double-check.
- SM178, quality: can't tell yet.
- neg2betahc, quality: can't tell yet but judging from the comments, it's already an improvement over Hexcalc's first disastrous (no offence) map.

You were saying...? 
Quality : Quantity Ratio Of Posts 
Mugwump: 0 
If You Say So... 
You realize trolling people makes you the butt of the joke, not them, right? 
I'm talking about how meaningless it is adding a map counter to quaddicted, you peach cleaver. 
Negative Feedback Is A Type Of Feedback Too! 
Mugwump looks around, observes and brings a fresh perspective. And more importantly a diverse perspective. I think Mugwump brings a great perspective to the mix.

Trolling? Is it really bad?

Trolling people isn't so bad, it's the internet and trolling is part of that.

I think a bigger internet problem is the occasional complete lack of trolling.

Facebook: like!, like!, like!, like!, like! --- Well, you need critical thought too right?

Don't you need someone to say "This sucks -- here is why?" Isn't negative feedback part of learning and growth?

Anyone can do positive feedback, because it is a very sheep thing to do. Negative feedback is therefore often more valuable.

Negative feedback is true feedback. Don't you want the true feedback to your face instead of behind your back?

If I do something that sucks and I don't know about it or I am lacking perspective to see it --- I want the negative feedback.

/One thought. I'm often wrong about these things, haha 
I Agree With Baker 
Thank You Baker 
Indeed, critical thought is necessary, and I'm not one to shy away from it. However, you seem to say that trolling = critical thought. Not. It's just mockery in my book.

I'm talking about how meaningless it is adding a map counter to quaddicted
This I wholeheartedly agree with. I thought you were saying large quantity leads to decline in quality, which is of course not always the case. 
baker: trolling/beef needs to be clearly distinguished from negative criticism, otherwise you lend legitimacy to garbage like that guy in the AD thread recently. 
Communication is made out of words.

If the words have something interesting to say, you can read them.

And if they don't have something interesting to say, maybe you have something better to do.

The effect that words have on the reader of the words is the responsibility of the reader.

If you achieve any level of success, there will be trolls.

The only people without trolls are people who never did anything interesting.

Remember: a troll is still a fan of your work. Because they think your work is important enough to troll.

I would take that as a compliment! 
Jesus Fucking Christ.

I wasn't clear with the sentiment of my post. I though a "maps so far this year" counter would be a cool metric to keep track of for fans who are proud of their involvement in keeping a 20+ year old game alive and well.

Sorry for the wide eyed enthusiasm. I forgot where I was posting. 
a) Mark V build 1025 supports variable sound distance now. "sound_clipdistance" "1000" (1000 is default, you probably want 2000). You add "sound_clipdistance" as a worldspawn key to your map, similar to how you set a skybox or the map title.

Maybe it will suit your purposes for your func_train.

b) Spirit runs Quaddicted and as I understand it does not read this forum any longer. 
It's Cool 
No need to get all fighty about it. 
Fans Clamoring In The Distance 
Remember: a troll is still a fan of your work.
OMG, OTP is my fan!! Teehee!

Ahem. More seriously:
You add "sound_clipdistance" as a worldspawn key to your map
Wouldn't that augment the hearing distance of all sounds in the map? Furthermore, what about other engines? 
Wouldn't that augment the hearing distance of all sounds in the map?

That's exactly what it does. 
Thanks - I will try and test asap. Might have to wait until the weekend, away from mapping machine for a few days. Great to see an engine with enhanced sound features.

Spirit is an it? :) 
Mh Has Answered The Age Old Question ... 
Just Watched A Simester Of Computer Graphics Courses On Youtube 
now my Hindi is on point! 
almost finished my retrojam 5 map 
Ah That Preach Thread Is Great 
I don't want to post in it because I could ruin what he did there!

That's an inventive concept. 
Years from now it'll be found with no context and that'll be great 
Years from now it'll be found with no context and that'll be great 
Oh no my first double post :( 
Oh no my first double post :(

I chose to read #28751. Although the content was the same, I appreciated the choice of paths :} 
go map dude. 
Rock Paper Shotgun posted a list of the top 50 PC FPS games, and guess who's on top?

Also, reading through the list, I think they copy and pasted a few of the entries from older lists... a lot of them refer to things that were "last year" but were actually last year... last year. If that makes sense. 
What�s particularly fascinating with Quake is that, over the last couple of years, it�s reached the point where it�s looking better rather than worse with age. Its wild mash-up of sci-fi, medieval fantasy and gothic architecture and creatures, all so physical in their blockiness and pixel-grid textures, now seems highly stylised rather than dourly retro. Quake is an aesthetic as much as it is a game, and that glorious aesthetic shines like a new sun in the grim quasi-photoreal darkness of 2017.

Been saying literally this for years... 
COD MW Or CounterStrike?? 
Yeah they keep those "25 best" or "50 best" lists around and update them occasionally.

For example, from 2015:

Back then Doom was #1 and Quake #37. :-) Which is cool that they do some re-opinioning every now and then.

FWIW I think the guy who posts the list is also the same one that reviewed Arcane Dimensions for RPS. 
Isn't That Great. 
Trash person writes trash article for trash website.

He even links to fucking Darkplaces to "offend your eyes a little less". 
that was unexpected

i mean, i always loved the game; and the game was loved in 1996 and 1997

but later it was kinda forgotten

and lately is rising again, in a way

"all so physical in their blockiness and pixel-grid textures"

when i tried gl_texturemode 3 and no hd textures with retrojam1 maps i noticed this too and deleted all the hd textures. with the new fog and lighting effects they look exquisite. 
We can make it. Let's forget QW uglyness ever existed and make a "Q1 Arena" single player DM jam. A chain of maps like we are used to make, but DM with a bot setup. The jam can provide a bot environment all set to just drop your map files on, for dev and test. Maps can have all mood, detail and beauty you want, provided you caulk (clip) it properly.

Afaik, it would be something completely new here. I'm in. Miss DM very much. 
Re: RPS 
Genuinely lold at some of these choices. Shadow Warrior 2 in it while it's one of the worst games of 2016. I mean the original reboot (I chuckled typing this) is far better in every aspect. SW2 feels like Borderlands with Asian memes, and they're not even funny. There's fucking Far Cry 4 in it too. Half-Life with a picture of the Black Mesa game because why the hell not. Devil Daggers on 5th place? Why the fuck not. The game looks great and is fun for like 5 minutes. Let's put it higher than other titles like Blood... wait, Blood isn't even in that list. I guess DOSBox is too hard for these people.

Quake first shows they're not totally braindead, though the cherry on top has to be the DarkPlaces recommendation with the jab at Quake's graphics, while the guy says the aesthetics look awesome a few sentences above. 
You guys need to be less angry sometimes. :-) 
this is func_, people are just always angry. <3 
@johnny We're all angry old men here. We've all been jaded by time ;)

@adib I'll make a DM jam in a few weeks.

@everyone who is interested how would you feel about making design / planning documentation public for said jam. I know sometimes jams release the map source, but I think it might be interesting to have some extra docs aswell. i.e. sketches, flow charts, etc.

Of course optional.

I can spread info on Quake World discord when you'll be ready to start this Jam. There are few active mappers there and lots of players, so you'll be able to confront your design with reality :D 
Call It Something Else And Not Another Goddamn Jam 
What makes a jam a jam? 
#28768 fruits? 
And Sugar 
making design / planning documentation public (...) i.e. sketches, flow charts, etc.
Could be a valuable resource for novice mappers. Approved. 
Maps, varying in size and quality. That's what makes a jam a jam. 
I remember using a vodoo2 on Thief.
It was the same period of Unreal, and I had lots of gl_drivers on my computer.
There are no editors for this game, right? 
Using The Red Cross Symbol...

Using the red cross symbol in your game can result in attention from the British Red Cross. Why this particular game attracted the attention might not be entirely clear. 
The Thief game/map editor is called DromEd. You can find more than one video on Youtube about it. 
DromEd is pretty ancient and archaic though. Getting scenes done takes quite a while, though a huge advantage over Quake is that you directly edit the game map file, so you don't need to compile it. That means lighting actually exists and you can modify it in real time, among other cool stuff. I'd love a TB-like editor as an alternative though. 
+1 For The Counter Spirit 
+1 For Welcome To Last Week's Beef. 
Number of retrojam maps that dumptruck has released that DON'T have a really fucking stupid name that takes longer to type than to play the map:

Not using an engine with autocomplete? 
I assumed Fifth would rename it for the final release. Never again!
You Ain't The Boss Of Me 
there was a time long before I dear to post on this board, I really believed shambler and other nicks were the creators of quake monsters, like tim willits would be metlslime. 
Shamblernaut #28765 
Yes, agreed about documentation. Hope I don't loose this announcement. 
XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Released 
It's baaaaaaaaack

It's XCOM 2 hard mode with more in depth mechanics, expanded strategy layer and shit ton of new enemies, items and weapons etc.

The AD of XCOM if you will... 
yeah, i saw that a few weeks ago
it's ready now 
UnrealHD (High-Res Skins) 
In case anyone missed this project, I released it on Moddb a while back.

This mutator for Unreal 227 and UT99 will replace all those old, blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-res versions. Unlike most skin projects, almost everything looks identical to the original from a distance, but far more detailed close-up (no more pixelation). Each skin has been manually reworked (no simple filters or cheesy sharpening techniques used). The most obvious improvements are with the big meshes, like the Titan. Most skins have been increased from the original 128x128/256x256 to 2048x2048/4096x4096.

View more information and download here: 
Shurely the AD of XCOM with Skills 0-2 missing?? 
i managed to do an hollow torus
it was trickier than i thought

do you think it would be useful to have a tutorial for this? like that old czg's tutorial, but for trenchbroom? 
Hell Yeah 
That looks pretty spiffy! I'd be interested on the technique especially that you made it hollow as well!

Due to the absence of a brush skew feature, all curve guides end up in a roadblock. 
I've just finished one also.
Hard to keep it tight as the maps grows. 
"Dimension Of The Boomed" By Uthar 
Really neat looking doom mod with lots of quake resources, including ambient sounds and a custom shambler monster! Give it a shot! 
Hollow Torus 
Check out my ad map if you want some hollow pipework. The source is included, I basically followed czgs tute after several days of vertex manipulation nightmares 
Awful Half-baked Tutorial 
how to make a torus in trenchbroom

hopefully it's at least understandable 
Thank you, those looks like czg's tutorials but in TB this time. Maybe in the future it is easier do now pipes. All of my maps have been pretty pipe-less* 
From Non-discussion Thread. 
News Submission "General Abuse" [EDIT]
Posted by Lightning Hunter [] on 2017/01/22 18:33:33

Really? My news submission went to general abuse? Man, after browsing this board and posting about my projects for 10+ years, you would think my submissions would get posted...

Anyway, please ignore my News submission made today. I submitted it again thinking the previous news did not get through, PLUS, I titled it wrong. I realized though that the submission was flat out rejected, so whatever.
Dude who uses HIGH RES CONTENT on games from 199x is an asshole, news at 11! 
A HD-Texture-On-Low-Poly-Content Flamewar? 
Why that's my fetish!

I'll just leave this here: 
It all looks about as Unreal as always, except sharper. The game was never that good when it came to how its art assets looked, so there's very little to ruin.

I'd say why not. 
Yada Yada 
Since November, my life is crazy busy. This week I've managed to use some free time for editing some HD textures for Quake's ammo boxes, because I'm tired of not being productive and this is something I may release in a few days.

I miss having the time to sit down and writing some proper feedback for new maps, because there's a lot of great ones released this year.

:) Thank you all. 
Just Wanted To Share...

Watch it!

Contains: -A very nice Quake review
-epic map names 
Here is a free multi-platform CAD program, in development with a fairly complete set of features already implemented. It reads and writes multiple file formats, so it could find a place in your existing 3D modeling workflow; or you could find it to be a useful tool on its own.

Why might you want to look at it? Well, they begin describing it as follows.

FreeCAD is a parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. Parametric modeling allows you to easily modify your design by going back into your model history and changing its parameters. FreeCAD is open-source and highly customizable, scriptable and extensible.  
Thanks For The Link! 
I voted no. 
Is It Even Legal? 
It is so obvious of a copy that he only reason i see for it not being taken down already is that they didn't bother with or even haven't seen it. 
John "I Was Sort Of An Amoral Little Jerk" Carmack Goes Savage. 
(vi) Carmack intentionally destroyed data on his computer after he got notice of this litigation and right after he researched on Google how to wipe a hard drive�and data on other Oculus computers and USB storage devices were similarly deleted (as determined by a court-appointed, independent expert in computer forensics); (vii) when he quit id Software, Carmack admitted he secretly downloaded and stole over 10,000 documents from ZeniMax on a USB storage device, as well as the entire source code to RAGE and the id tech� 5 engine �which Carmack uploaded to his Oculus computer;

Somebody get Fincher to direct this shit. 
That's So Carmack. 
I wonder what will happen to him. As far as I'm aware he's still rich... 
Where are you reading this from? Id fancy a read. 
Is that a court statement from a judge?

Or is that the plantiff's "made for TV version of what they say happened"?

As far as I know, the jury concluded
1) Occulus did *not* misappropriate trade secrets.
2) The founder of Occulus *did* violate a non-disclosure agreement.

It does not appear that the court or the jury concurs with the text of the statement made in post #28810, although I don't claim to have read any of the docs provided by the court.

An attorney gets to tell their story of what they think happened to both the media and the court. It is always overstated so that if you go along halfway with their version of events, you would side with them.

The plantiffs team of attorney's is being paid with the idea they are supposed to win $2 billion for their client.

So they are going to have quite the "sales pitch".

/An alternate take. I claim no special knowledge. I am also often wrong. 
Imagine writing countless lines of code over multiple years... then you're told that you stole it.

Humans are weird huh? 
Apparently the case has been decided? I imagine there will be an appeal. 
Re 28810 
If that's true, (which I doubt) it's pretty hilarious to picture one of the most well regarded programmers of our time frantically searching Google for how to wipe a hard drive like some guilty dad after clicking on a Shambler link 
Haha Exactly What I Was Thinking 
if john carmack himself is googling "how to wipe hard drive secure" there's hope for all of us 
It's not like it's something you need to do everyday.

For that matter, most people would be surprised to find out that when they delete something from their computer it's not really gone at all. 

Also: did anybody wonder why they know his google history? 
*phone rings*

Mrs. Clinton: Hello?

Mr. Carmack: Quick, I've received a subpoena. I need to wipe several hard drives.

Mr. Clinton: Just hard drives? No phones, tablets or laptops?

Mr. Carmack: Just hard drives.

Mrs. Clinton: LOL! Put the kettle on, I'll be there in 10. 
I'm pretty sure google keeps a track of its users search history, and you can view it yourself here (at least if you have an account - not sure what it looks like otherwise.)
It was probably requested/provided in discovery for the case. 
No Account 
log in your sniff chip.
Fuck Kucktaku 
What did they do to the poor shotgun? ;-; 
Must be that weapon pack that was mentioned in the AD thread a long time ago. It has some questionable models based on Doom sprites. 
Promoting Quake, namechecking some of the latest greatest missions / mods, praising the Quake mapping scene, and recommending Quakespasm over Derpplaces??

Only skimmed through but it doesn't seem that bad?? Apart from not putting a fucking Rubicon Rumble screenshot in... 
let me add this to the cringe galore: 
With two recent exceptions (RPS and now this on AD), the mainstream gaming community tend to think Quake modding is basically just whatever happened in 1997 because that's the only time when mainstream game media covered the scene, so Mexx, Zerstorer etc. are the only mods they've ever heard of. Maybe Nehahra, if you're lucky.

That video you linked Kreathor, epitomises this. 
a quick ip lookup on #28839 suggests he could be our proxy troll friend 
6 posts not shown on this page because they were spam or posted from proxy/TOR exits 
Yeah That Article Was Good 
really nice run down considering its from a mainstream blog that i'd agree is often pretty low-quality. 
The screenshots could be better -- it's about custom maps but 3 of the 7 screenshots show stock levels. And that doom shotgun!

But, it has the links and tells you about quakespasm, quake injector, and quaddicted so that's pretty good, plus it mentions a bunch of good stuff from the last 3-4 years like AD, RRP, and multiple map jams. 
To be honest - doom shotgun aside (wtf) - I'm actually amazed the article showed Quake with fairly normal visuals - 90% of the time they'll show some disco-lit parallax-mapped bloomfest that makes your eyes vomit - even in articles about bog-standard vanilla quake. 
In Unrelated News 
I just found out that google docs does not recognise the word "crypt" - it puts a squiggly red line under it lol.

Google Docs - not Quake-ready. 
#28808 now looks super rude. 
lmao, oh the woes of spam filtration :P 
#28852, Always try to reply to a post by referencing the # of the post you're replying to, in order to reduce such awkward eventualities :} 
don't reply to spam is a good rule. Since it will be flagged eventually, your response will almost never make sense. 
It wasnt the usual spam but instead someone thinking anyone gives a shit about a free access quake 2 remake on steam greenlight. 
fair enough, i didn't see it before it was flagged. I see now that it looks like a quasi-on-topic post and you can't be sure it would be flagged. 
I Loled

its an official vid?!? idk, really. i have been told so..

watch it please. 
^^^ Rejected News Item 
TBH avocado is pretty tasty. 
I know this is a bit early to start planning but can we make func_ into an avocado-focused forum for April 1st this year? 
How Can Avocado Oil Be A Mineral Oil 
It's a plant 
Oh Shit I Read Wrong It Says Miracle 
mea culpa

what does this mean ;-; 
there is some maintenance being done on the quaddicted site atm.

follow it on twitter for news of outages and shit. 
First update since 2010 \:D/ 
New Twitch Communities Feature 
I've made a Quake community page on the new twitch system for communities

As I understand it, you can set what community you stream to in the same way you select the game you are streaming. No approvals or moderation is required, you should appear in the listing as soon as you go live. 
Great To See! 
Sadly you can't follow this communities, which makes it redundant... 
Sadly Daz doesn't stream for this community 
Half-Life - Unreleased Deathmatch Map "Cloister" 
Daz Go Stream. 
Steam Greenlight Is On The Way Out 
Videogames are Art 
It's being replaced with "Steam Direct" though, which means devs can put whatever they want on steam for a fee

so don't expect anything to change 
For Me, Steam Greenlight Is Steam Auto-ignore 
I don't expect anything to change. 
So I've Been Thinking 
For a while I've been imagining a quake-like game of my own that technically look like the stuff we're doing here (see the HD shambler model and remodelling of the grunt, dog and knight monsters while still keeping the same texture feel of 90's shooters + the detailed mapping here coupled with good lighting and detailed skyboxes). And while I want to keep the thinking on game design for later, I'd like to know where I should go in terms of engine first.

What I'm looking for are the following, considering idTech2 a basis: skeletal animation, ragdoll physics (I intend to take the Metroid Prime route, where enemies make a dying animation before the ragdoll kicks in) and alpha textures/models (and modding of course).
AFAIK, my options are thus:

1-Go for idTech2 and boost it. This also means I'll be able to use TB2 for mapping, but I'm not sure if it'll be able to support skeletal animations and ragdoll physics. On top of that the controls are horrendous. Even if Daikatana managed to get something closer to Q1, it still feels off so I feel like I won't be able to replicate Q1's player physics (minus the bunnyhop as I intend for the player to use an alternative)

2-Use Darkplaces, but the graphic settings for anything that's below 6th gen tends to make them look muddy and the player physics are closer to Q3 than Q1.

3-Use Unity/Unreal4. For Unity's case I've heard it's been used badly a lot so I don't know how reliable it is, and Unreal4 I feel it's like using a bazooka to kill a fly.

4-Use Construct 2 with the Babylon3D plugin ( I already have experience with this HTLM5 game dev software, and is able to handle online play but I'm not sure if the games you make can be moddable, or what to do if it's possible. 
My two cents:

Think of game design now. Figure out the gameplay and mechanics, write a gdd, maybe pump out a few tests. You want gameplay to inform your visuals/tech, not the other way around. There will be a lot of back-and-forth and iteration. You might be surprised how easy it is to make pixel art look like shit and how a cool mechanic might be awful in context.

Engine-wise, I'd opt for FTE/DP + IQM over unity/unreal. I am by no means an expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt. 
I use Unity day in / day out, so speaking from experience:

Do not use Unity to make something quake-like. You will spend literally all your time writing systems just to try to get Unity looking and kinda behaving like a quake-like engine, when you can just use something like Darkplaces and have all that shit working straight away from day one.

Besides, brush-based mapping is a million times quicker and more fun than mesh modelling. 
Source Engine? 
It's brushbased, and it has some of the other stuff you had in mind. You would have to somehow put Quake player-physics in there. If you look on Wikipedia you can see that Source2 is going to be free of licencing-fee.... ,Valve's only condition is that you have to publish on steam. Teeeheeeheee :D 
Unity makes sense if you want to release your game to more platforms than just desktop.
As Kinn said, all modern engines will force you to downgrade available "tech", if you want to have 1:1 look/feel with Quake...
...but you can save time on:
- AI
- path finding
- sound/music management
- networking 
Yeah, On The Flip Side 
Unity's C# API is wonderful and of course much more powerful and nicer to use than QuakeC.

You can use any C# feature that's supported by Mono, which is basically a cross-platform version of .NET 
Cube 2 ? 
Contract Revoked Turns 15 In June 
Knave jam around that time? 
we need to get Kell back here 
I'm Not Looking For A 1:1 Recreation Of Quake/quake 2 
but rather something that's close to it (e.g I want the movement flow to be as fluid as Q1, if not as close, without strafe jump and bunnyhopping, as I want to implement stuff like sliding, wallrun and slide boosting [this game's equivalent to strafe jumping, for now, where you jump off a slide and you keep momentum]). If Darkplaces can deal with skeletal animation and ragdoll physics and alpha textures, as well as replicating quakespasm's texture filtering (I swear it has the best for low-res textures, then maybe it has something to do with the new compilers) AND on top of being usable by TB2, I'll be all over it. Though also if the HUD can be customized, because being forced on using the Q1 one as a hard-coded basis would be troublesome.

Now if Unity can make brush-based mapping (I remember a prototyping tool that seemed to have grid-based brushes) I could look more into it, considering what you guys are telling in terms of coding. Then again there's this Dusk game that's using Unity so I might look into it, although from what I've seen the details are on par with Q1 rather than Quakespasm stuff.

Still, this brings me hope, but now I'm on the fence on two softwares. DP is rooted in Quake technology, but this also comes with limitations, while Unity 
announce it early, so people can make really ambitous maps that hold true to knave standards?
Why not?

The theme is best quake imo. 
Nice Anonymous Post. 
Discarded, try again with a name. 
Im up for a knave jam.

Arcane Dimensions or at the very least, Quoth, please. 
If it's going to be a celebration of the Contract Revoked themes then Quoth is the only option. 
Otp You F***face 
who else could trigger you so bad, heh? 
Now if Unity can make brush-based mapping (I remember a prototyping tool that seemed to have grid-based brushes)

If you are set on using Unity you'll be far better off doing it properly and learning actual mesh-based modelling, rather than using some "brush" tool someone wrote for Unity that will just be generating highly unoptimised meshes anyway. 
Contract Revoked/Lost Chapters QuakeC Was Open Sourced 
Lost Chapters source code | Lost Chapters Source Release Post

Lost Chapters being the sequel to Contract Revoked.

Completely possible to do a faithful to the original Contract Revoked theme map, since Lost Chapters was open sourced. 
I thought that was lost forever when the 2005 expo went down!

Thanks Baker. 
But then how is the Dusk guy doing it?

I'd like to emphasize this for DP, can the HUD be entirely customizable? Last time I looked at a DP-based game the layout was the exact same as Quake, making me fear the HUD being hardcoded carries over DP. 
DP Games 
here are some games using DP:


Blood Omnicide



there are more out there including a bunch of smaller projects. 
Do the Warsow developers know they are using DarkPlaces?

That would be an interesting conversation. 
My mistake, it's qfusion. I could've sworn they were using DP at one point. 
Warsow used qfusion. 
Referring back a few posts...

If you really want to do brush-based mapping (or at least layouts) for a modern engine, lets you import .vmf or .map files into the Unreal editor. 
Ohhh... I didn't knew it's on Darkplaces!
Sadly development died... 
Staying At A Hotel 
and func is the only website that loads up because it's the most optimised and the connection is too shit to load anything else. 
Try loading the entire General Abuse thread 
Retroblazer Is For Furfags By Furfags 
So DP Seems More Capable As An Engine That I Thought 
after seeing those examples. I might use it afterall.

But one last thing just to be sure: is Quakespasm's way of filtering texture an usual one? Can it be replicated by DP? Can tyrustil's (and others) compilers be used for a commercial game? 
in theory yes.

in practice, I'd use unity. 
Jonas I'd Use It Too, But If Brush-based Map Cannot Be Done In It 
then I'd settle with DP.
But then I've seen that TB2 can export map files into wavefront 3d models, meaning they can be used by Unity as a single model, meaning using Unity *and* TB2 is possible.
The downside I see with this is the back and forth with converting files and testing maps. If the map I test in Unity is wrong in the original map files, I have to edit in TB2 and then convert it.

Is brush-based maps in Unity that buggy? Because I'm wondering how the guys behind Dusk are doing it:

Another thing I'm wondering about TB2: since my game won't have a palette limit, can TB2 use .wad files (or texture pack files rather) that doesn't hold a palette limit? 
Try for brush building in Unity 
.map In Unity 
With a dumb conversion of .map to mesh, You'll have all sorts of lovely problems like sparklies everywhere because .map brushes -> mesh is just t-junction city.

Also, unless you caulk and automatically remove all the unseen brush faces in a conversion step, you'll be drawing all that too - which might not be a problem because it will be so low poly (I assume?)

If you want to go down the .map -> Unity route, I strongly suggest creating it as a Quake 3 .map, and then using q3map2 to process your brushwork into clean .ase meshes

You'll need to look into how you do collision. Are you going to just duplicate the visual mesh and use that as a collision mesh? Could be pretty unoptimal unless you are going for 1996 levels of geometric detail in the visual map. Manually creating optimal collision meshes will eat up a ton of your time.

You'll need to think about culling too - Unity has an occlusion culling system but you'll have to have a long hard look at that to see how it works so you know how to organise your map meshes - it's no good having the map as a single mesh, it has to be split into lots of seperate meshes so they can be culled independantly of each other. 
IMO, the iteration time between changing something in a .map, and then going through all the different steps to see those changes in your Unity game, will be such an insanely convoluted waste of time that you will have an incredible new appreciation for how easy and quick quake-engine mapping is.

Unity plugins like that one mukor linked might be worth looking at before you discard the Unity idea though. 
What are the benefits of brush-based mapping compared to mesh anyway?

I'm asking because at some point in the future I'll have to decide what to start with, and right now my experience = 2.5D mapping + a little bit of low-poly 3D model creation in Blender. 
Mukor And Dwere 
Now that's what I'm talking about. I'll look into it and then decide between Unity and DP.

dwere -> brush-based mapping is by practice better to construct an environment faster, the downside being it won't look as organic as brush-based map, which is better fitted for natural terrain (plains and mountains to name a few), at least from my experience. 
A couple of things about brush-based mapping:

Got these from the YouTube channel of the same guy that I saw discussing HammUEr (that I linked above). 
Are you using Unity for your job? Or for personal projects? Interested in what you're up to with it, as i've just been going through some tutorials 
Are you using Unity for your job? Or for personal projects?

At work: Only started using it once all the decent games companies near where I live shut down and we all had to do skeevy pay-to-win shit for mobile. I am loathe to admit being involved in any of that horrible crap, but it brought the doughnuts in.

Personal stuff: All sorts...2d stuff, 3d stuff...A lot of proof-of-concept stuff that never really got finished, but some of it is interesting and I'd like to maybe do a write up at some point maybe but don't hold your breath. 
American McGee Is Doing An AMA 
Ha, ah thats a shame. Well you do what you have to, eh. Unfortunately those are the companies that make money!

Write up at some point would be very interesting to me at least. I'm getting into it now, really only with an eye to do some silly little games or proof-of-concepts. Any good tips for communities / resources / reading? It seems like finding a shit-needle in a shit-haystack at the moment. 
Any good tips for communities / resources / reading? It seems like finding a shit-needle in a shit-haystack at the moment.

Any step-by-step guides out there are mostly going to be clusterfucks of irrelevant shit that don't really address the stuff that you specifically want to be doing with Unity.

Instead - break down what you want to know into very focused questions about one little aspect of Unity, and simply learn by Googling one question at a time. Somewhere, someone will have asked the exact same question as you, and there will be decent answers to that question scatted across a million different forums like stackoverflow, and even sometimes on the Unity forums, or on the official documentation pages.

Once you kind of know which systems of Unity and/or script functions you need to be dealing with to solve your problem, then its time to read about those systems on the official documentation.

Once you get deep into Unity you'll realise how a lot of its systems are poorly documented "black boxes", and your only "resource" is googling to find others trying to do the same thing as you. 
Thanks, it's more or less what I thought.

Terrains are exactly what I'm concerned about, as well as various tilted/broken structures of complex shapes. 
Thanks for those as well.

I like the way that guy talks. I couldn't understand most of it, but I think I got the main idea. 
ha, maybe not exactly what i hoped to hear, but at least the "google your specific question" technique is reassuringly familiar. Pretty much anything i've ever coded is built upon stackOverflow ground, with varying degrees of shakiness.

Cheers for the advice! 
Does anyone have a working link to the Quake Info Pool?

The discussion on the Mark V thread about Quake hackiness reminded me of it so I went to have a look. I can't get it to load from either or, or even Seems to be a lot of interminable redirecting or reloading going on?

Maybe it's just my browser... (Chrome on macOS) 
Yeah, I get the same redirect loop in Firefox or Chrome for:

Disabling javascript works around the problem though (I'm using this FF plugin
Inside 3d 
wasn't it changed into InsideQc
How The Internet Ruins Productivity (by Design) 
New Q1SP By QuakeOne User 'MissBubbles' 
That part about drugs sown as something necessary foe work reminded me on how crunch work is regarded the same. 
I didn't have time to watch the whole video (quite appropriate given the subject matter!), but that stuff about the drugs is some fucked up shit. 
Thanks breezeep_, this is now a news post! 
What's Wrong With Otp? 
I guess in the past I've thought of him as an occasionally helpful guy who randomly makes snotty comments to newbs --- which I think a lot of people can relate to.

And he also had some sort of feud with gb.

But in more recent times, I've seen him in the past troll Spirit and be happy Spirit doesn't post here --- which is a bit weird.

And recently I've seen him pointlessly troll mh, which is twice as odd. All mh does is create engine code and mapping tools.

Has he always been like this and I just haven't noticed?

Or did he fall on hard times (unemployed? alcoholic?)

If he's fallen on a hard time, I wish him well. I remember during first Map Jam, I specifically played his first map because I was excited he released one and was kind of curious to see what he made.

Also if I argued against something he said, I would omit his name so he knew I was arguing against the argument, and wouldn't think it was personal.

Maybe I just don't notice these things. 
No idea but I feel like it backs up my recent comments about func being a less inviting place than doomworld 
I Just Know This Will End Up On Quake_txt 
Who's Behind Quake_txt Btw? 
I mean he's clearly someone who browses the func 
quake_txt is sentient AI developed by hexcalk after spatial transcendence. 
Best Move This To The Beef Thread Baker 
#28933 @Baker 
You've made 2 maps ever, one of them of was a total boxmap. The other one was quite a bit better.
If you don't mind, I would prefer to only chatter with people with talent and ability or at least bringing critical thought to the table

You post condescending crap like this and then wonder what is wrong with OTP!?! Maybe you should have a good look at yourself.

I hope someone renames the thread to "What is wrong with baker 2017", so everyone will know from the title what to expect and follow Bakers wise words instead! :P
Done talking about this boring subject anyway, fun stuff is what I like. 
Episode Jam - Expressions Of Interest Post 
Possible flow of episode:

M1 Base map (as per id convention) ->
M2 polluting into a swamp map ->
M3 entering into a ruins map ->
M4 which enters a lost "lovecraftian" city ->
M5 which has a maze like cultist church ->
M6 that has a boss battle.
Secret map -> whatever really.

The focus would be on vanilla style gameplay and a vanilla aesthetic. Custom textures would be allowed and encouraged but they must be original creations. Looking for 6 to 7 mappers, doing one map each. One map will be a secret map.

The duration of the jam will be longer so that mappers have time to make additional textures and so that the gameplay can be super polished. The level of detail should be vanilla or slightly higher.


- No coloured lights, fog, or fancy skyboxes
- Quake map protocol
- Textures must adhere to the original palette
- id1 progs (next time AD jam, sorry sock)

I'm open to a different episode flow if you have good ideas and a good argument.

Who is up for it? 
I'd certainly be interested in seeing it, but I don't know if I'd have the time to participate or not right now. 
Is skaarj-like AI for a boss enforcer or Knight doable in Quake? Can dodge player weapons, and move and fire at the same time? 
Cool, but what id someone fail to finish his map and whole Episode flow will be rekt? 
then the map would be replaced or they would offer their mapsource for somebody else to finish.

the pack wouldn't be released until it was finished. 
I Like Ur Themes. 
Especially swamp into ruins.

However I would say that fog, coloured lighting, and skyboxes should be obligatory rather than forbidden, because they can definitely enhance such themes, and mappers are generally using them really well at the moment. 
I can be flexible with that if enough people want it, I'm pretty firm with it being vanilla compatible though.

Hmm... What I might do is ask that the mappers to release a version alongside that is known to work in dosquake. 
Episode Jam 
Is a cool idea, however I see some potential issues :

1) People will fight over who gets to map what. IE everyone will want to do the Lovecraftian ruins map cos that's fucking cool. I suggest you simply set an order of progression and let the mappers decide the styles.

2) Silly restrictions. Standard Quake bsp format is fine, but no coloured lighting or fog/skyboxes is a unnecessary restriction. Those features enhance atmosphere.

3) Longer deadlines are a double edged sword. Too long and people lose interest and/or get lazy. 2/3 weeks seems to be the sweet spot??

4) You will need to pre-plan weapon progression so that authors know what kit the player has when entering their level. 
Thanks For The Tweet Daz 
As far as I'm concerned if I get the interest and announce the jam, then whoever gets in first can pick their map.

I'll drop the silly restrictions, I'll keep the map format and indexed textures as-is though.

I want the maps to be polished, there will be a target release date, and I want to see the jam as a collaboration. I expect betas to be shared and tested amongst the participants. The weapon load out will be discussed and tweaked during this period.

I am loathe to enforce a strict deadline. If need be see this not as a jam, but as a collaborative project. 
Yeah, weapon progression is the biggest problem imo.
1-3 are easily solvable. 
I'd be interested to see the jam be a thing but I wouldn't be participating myself.

But to clarify, you can use just vanilla textures if desired? The whole time allotted to creating custom textures thing seems weird to me considering how adamant you are about keeping it vanilla fresh. 
yeah, you can use vanilla textures.

The original episodes each had a unique feel about them.

The reason why I want to incorporate some additional textures is to add a point of difference.

I want it to have a "this could have been an unreleased or forgotten id map" kinda vibe to it, rather than "gee this feels like episode 2". 
No coloured lights, fog, or fancy skyboxes
All these options enhance and add to the atmosphere of a map. Not sure why you would take away the fun parts of the map creation process.

Quake map protocol
Why? Most people use modern clients and computers, we are not in 1996 anymore. Restricting protocol will not make people map faster or complete their map to higher quality.

id1 progs (next time AD jam, sorry sock)
I assume you will wanting to do something different with Chthon this time as you seem to be mirroring the style of episode 1. Also WTF no Triple Barrel Shotgun!?! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! :P

If you want to place restrictions to help people finish stuff quicker and not create large maps or monster death marches then restrict size and monster counts. Aim for each map being 15mins of gameplay with 3-4 secrets at most.

Bear in mind that Id has made Episode 1 already, you don't want to make it again by enforcing 1996 restrictions. Let people explore the theme, create new parts and not simply repaint the E1 map source layouts!

Decide on weapon progression early (including secret stash), which monsters appear in what maps and try to agree on skill levels and what they mean for each map. 
Interesting Idea For A Jam 
I still would like to use my colored lights tho. 
Fun Idea! 
I would like to build an Id1+ map at some point, and what a way to continue 2017 for quake, a fan-made episode :) I'll have my eyes on this thread 
About Episode Jam's Weapon Issue 
Make it work like Doom? As in have every map be shotgun-started, but obviously have the shotgun-start be the harder route while the keeping weapons from the previous episode route be the "easiest". This is what I'm doing with Schlossherr (which I plan to go back once I'm done with my QUMP contribution). 
Shotgun Start 
Great idea :) 
+1 Shotgun Start 
I think its important that all maps as part of an episode should be designed with a Shotgun Start in mind as a standard, regardless what weapons the previous level offers - or at the very least keep those in mind and not worry too much about bumping up the challenge whatever players choose to do.

I always start from a clean slate once the next level boots up, it keeps thing interesting and should allows mappers to tailor gameplay to their level as they see fit for those who choose to take this approach.

Sadly these details could be missed out on but find it's preferable to have that option available. Reminds me of a Doom episode still fresh on my mind, "Going Down", where some levels (ex MAP03, MAP15, MAP18, etc) can lose their unique flavour when carrying over weapons often reducing the tension or challenge.

... that's my 2 pence 
Shotgun Start 
All maps should be finish-able with a shotgun start but I wouldnt delete all weapons on each map start on an episode unless you're doing a hub style start map as in AD. 
Doom Like Id Did 
but instead how about "AD Like Id Did" and do a 'what if id had made AD'?

You could have all the cool functions of AD but try to make it still feel like those classic 90's maps?

I dunno, just a brain fart. 
I like that brain fart. 

@otp, go play with your guinea pig. or sth. 
so do we have any buy-in for the jam? or am I just mapping this thing in solitude? 
I'm currently making small runic/catacomb map, trying to make it like id would have made it (when using TB). Is this episode going to a thing or not? I'm not using mods, just vanilla quake. 
yeah, I'm about to make a thread for it. 
I'm Buying In For This 
A small/medium sized classic map with Id1+ architecture (and texture alignment :P) 
I'm Currently Working On Something 
But I might cobble something together 
/me Wants Chainmap Jam 
Shotgun Start 
When I forced a shotgun start for each of the three maps in my last FMB, the only comments about that I remember were moans. I thought it was a good idea otherwise gameplay for the maps as stand-alone would have been skewed.

(And I though I had been so clever to bring a justifiable reason into losing the weapons: caught in a rockfall, and dropped them trying to jump across some lava - you know, they fell out of your backpack; doh! ) 
I Think You're Misunderstood 
I proposed shotgun start the same way as Doom, e.g you shotgun start them only when you type in the map filename in the console, but if you're going in from the menu as usual, you keep your weapons from map to map. 
Isn't That The Default Behaviour Anyway? 
It Autosaves At Levelstart 
It's Like Daya Says 
You can play each level on its own if you like and are able to collect all the weapons available up until that point. So for instance, there's a nailgun in each level even though you might have picked one up in the previous map already.
It does not mean the player is strapped of all his gear with each level change!

Of course, ideally everyone should balance their maps in a way that makes sure the player doesn't carry a huge amount of surplus ammo over to the next map. 

Anyway... Func might have flamewars, but much better than those sterile forums where naughty words are banned and most pedantic and time-free (cough) people spam the shit out of the place aka mw. 
I agree! Behaviour should be learnt and a filter will not change an arsehole into a friendly person 
We Have An SJW On Our Hands ! 
How Do I 
increase size of the HUD and console text pls? thanks 
What Quake engine are you using? 
starting the game like "quakespasm -game bastion +sv_aim 1 +scr_menuscale 2 +scr_conscale 2 +scr_hudscale 2 +scr_conwidth 1920 +sv_aim 1 +r_maxsurfs 4000 +r_maxedges 16000 +r_farclip 16384 +skill 1 +map e1m1rmx"

+scr_conscale 2
+scr_hudscale 2
does not seem to do anything, I also pls need some more limits removed because some maps crash at certain points, thanks 
Quakespasm has a few cvars for scale, try these:

+scr_conscale 2 +scr_crosshairscale 2 +scr_menuscale 2 +scr_sbarscale 2

which maps crash? 
egyptian "retrojam6_breezeep" crashes when trying to open door after multiple ambush in the dungeon/chamber plus "symphony of science" crashes when trying to pick up crowbar in the lab 
* "retrojam6_breezeep" crashes after opening silver door (after the ambushes)
** console text still tiny 
Are you using the latest version of Quakespasm? I've never heard if sucheck a thing happening in my map. 
Scr_conscale 2 Is The One 
If 2 is still tiny for you, use a higher number then. Just type the command in the console. Do you play Quake on a cinema screen?

Regardless of font size, you can just type "condebug" after the crash and copy the error message from condump.txt. Probably trying to run the map in AD or some mod. 
Scale Stuff 
Quakespasm has a Scale slider in its preferences menu which tweaks multiple things at once. That has always worked well for me. 
Recording Demos 
I have some video gear from my previous business that would make it extremely convenient to record demos posted here. I was wondering if people who post .dem files would mind if I recorded and posted theirs on a YT channel?

So for example I'd take some MapJam .dems record them and post them. I'd put a graphic on screen to give credit to the player and of course the map author as well.

I like watching Quake Grave etc. using Chromecast on a tv so that's why I gravitate more to streaming as opposed to just watching dems in game.

What do people think? Would you be cool if CI recorded an posted your gameplay .dems? 
That's A Cool Idea. 
You're welcome to mine whenever I post them! 
Excellent! I will probably do a trial run later this week and will startbwith some of yours. 
I Like This! 
You could check my speedrun of my first map on in the demos/speedrun folder (file is, and needs quoth to play) 
@daya Will Do 
And it's a good choice as I have yet to play Quoth! 
Very Nice Idea 
tho videos with commentary are more appreciated 
A webtool to play, rec and upload .dem's automatically would be awesome. 
More On .dem Videos 
I'm trying to get my hardware to behave and record at 60hz/fps correctly. Something's going wrong in the pipeline tho. I'll figure it out. The way my setup works is HDMI out into a device called a Pix240i.

That's a specialized recorder for digital cameras I had left leftover from my production business. I can pipe in a mic to the recorder and do commentary but I'm not sure I'll do that for every video. Thanks for the feedback. Hope to have the refresh rate solved by the weekend so I can do some of these.

The Pix cost me a fortune and I want to put it to use instead of buying another solution or using Fraps. 
Baker pretty much disappeared from everywhere after February 20... 
Hope they're ok :( 
Mugwump (aka bfg666) disappeared too, from both func_msg and Last login in January.
He was a huge spammer, so I wonder how no one noticed this anomaly ;) 
Don't Think That I've Left This Community Entirely. 
I usually pop in here to see anything new going on. When there isn't a new q1sp or a map jam announcement, I lurk. 
#28994 neat.

For q1sp I imagine it would be complicated. This tool seems geared to more standardised maps / engines etc as it is online play

Would need a way of uploading the necessary map/egnine and parameters for q1sp. Doable but.

Why not with a nice beast of a machine and have it rendered in 4k just because. 
That's an interesting point about maps. I don't see a description anywhere of what maps igmdb supports for the different games... it's not just official maps, because e.g. in the Quake renders I see aerowalk and QW race maps, but yeah it has to be some limited set and there's no option to upload the map. 
Fucking RL Rant 
I'm 49 and have a wife, two teenaged kids and a dog. By the time I get off work I have zero fucking mental energy and desire to sit in front of a computer to map. (I sit in front on one all day) I have a metric fuckton of personal things I need to take care of too. My to-do list is exhaustive. It's depressing. Just had my yearly physical yesterday and the doc say I HAVE to lose weight and get more exercise. Big fucking surprise.

I have a great life - I really do have a lot to be thankful for - but man it would be so much better if I had more free time. It bugs me to read this forum and then not have time to do what I really enjoy - which is mapping.

Just venting. Thanks for reading! 
Oh Man. 
I need to map my ass off before I turn 30. 
Yes. Highly recommended. :) 
Yeah IRL shit is kicking my ass at the moment as well. I havent really mapped since the speed mapping/24 hr jam.

Best of luck! 
I think Quake is a great opportunity to escape reallife, at least for a moment. 
Bender ^h^h^h Baker's Q1 Sig 
Being exactly one-half good and one-half evil has advantages. When a portal opens to the antimatter universe, my opposite is just me with a goatee.... 
When A Portal Opens To The Antimatter Universe 
My opposite is just me with a goatse. 
Lots Of New Q1SP! Oh Boy! 
Streaming .dems Update 
I wasted a bunch of time trying to get my video gear to capture successfully at 60fps and threw in the towel last night. Gonna screencap with Bandicam which works really well. A few more steps and we'll have some .dems to share with commentary as well. 
Rendering Borderlands 3 In UE4 
First Custom Quake Level? 
I might have asked this before so apologies I simply don't recall. I searched the Blue News archive and couldn't find anything but I am looking for the "first" ever custom Quake level. I remember that it was released BEFORE the source code for QuakeEd were released however the source code for the compliers and the maps specs had been released so you could compile a .map - there were just no map editors available! Some guy made a small little rectangular map with wooden beams criss-crossing throughout. This dude made the map using notepad -- no level editor. Insane. Would love to find this and take another look at it.

Anyone recall this map or know the name or other details? 
This reminded me of Matthias Worch:

the first Quake editors where very rudimentary, and we had to get used to 3D in the first place. Quest (my level editor of choice), was a great little tool, except that it had no shaded 3D preview (wireframe only!) and that texture alignment wasn�t supported when I made the early levels � I had to open the .map file in a text editor and type in the texture offsets manually.

Anyway, about the map itself, could Potpourri be it? It's not the oldest in the Quaddicted archive, though.

This comment in the Shaft of the Soulless page is also interesting:
This level was built before there were level editors, before Quake 1 was officially released, using a tedious coordinates script, so yes, it is tiny and boring compared to later levels. Did you try shooting the struts in deathmatch mode? It was a good level for its time..... 
Thanks for the Worch link! I might have footage of him working on Sin. Don't recall if I do or not. I loved Quest. I honestly don't recall how texture alignment was done in Quest. I had to have used a more fleshed out version, because I do recall flat shading in Quest and the levels I still have from those days I was able to align door textures without notepad.

the two levels you linked to are not the first one sadly. :( I will double check Potpourri but I don't think so. 
Yeah Quaddicted lists as the first SP.

Mention of "notepad" reminded me of the DM map but that's probably not it either, too complicated.

Maybe some other DM map? 
Duke Nukem 3D Prototype/Beta Coveredy By Nostalgia Nerd 
Yes it was def a tiny DM map. Forgot to mention it. I have some CDs of my old Quake files but I doubt I archived that map. Gonna keep looking. 
Notepad++ DLL Hijack 
Someone already made DUSK mod for Quake. They even share quality of execution: 
Pistol Viewmodel 
the perspective is pretty nice! 
I ordered a 1050 Ti the other day when I saw it on sale for under $150. Not the greatest but it'll be way better than what I have now. 
Zenimax Vs. Oculus, Round 2 � The Bitchslap 
a lightning somehow fried my vga so i have to buy a new one

i guess a cheapo evga 1060 sc will have to do for me

at least quake runs flawlessly on integrated graphics, i can wait for now 
I Turned 16 On The 4th 
I can now legally drink beer and wine as I live in Germany! 
Good Decals Mods/Ports? 
Are there any mods or ports for Quake that add nice blood/weapon damage decals to surfaces? I know that decals weren't originally in Doom, but bullet damage and blood make the visual aftermath of a fight a lot more satisying, and I often miss that in Quake. I'm pretty sure Darkplaces has this, but I'm looking for something closer to Quake's original look. 
Interesting Story Of The Rise Of The Triad 
Gollum Spotted: 
Too Bad The Episode Jam 
is for a small group running in secret. Any other collective mapping effort that anyone can see and jump in? 
AdibSP1, a map collectively made by adib and adib, in a theme of his choosing. 
Well I'm working on something and a couple collaborators are also contributing so if you're interested in doing some mapping let me know. Be warned though that my projects don't tend to appear at a breakneck pace; I'm aiming for the summer. 
I am always down to help if there is anything that I can do! :) 
What's the status on the Drake Merger?
What's the status on the 200 pending map reviews?
What's the status on the ongoing manhunt for PM? 
You are awesome negke. At least someone is still paying attention.

It seems like I will never get PM to return and "finish" his mod at this point; he may have been raptured or something (I know he has other projects but I'm lucky to hear from him once a year). On the other hand it hardly matters since I've had little time for mapping for the past 3-5 years. Yet I do plan to complete the Drake Merger as best as I am able within the next year or two, but my nearer term project is an episode that will hopefully be a sort of "teaser" for the merger.

It did occur to me to put the Drake Merger on a different mod; I haven't even played AD yet but I'm sure it has a lot of great features. However for Drake maps dragons, other custom monsters, and particular items like grappling hooks, are indispensable.

Thanks for the offer of help Generic, I was hoping to give contributors an update back in December but now it seems like it'll be April. So I'll be in touch.

The pending 200 map reviews will have to wait until the episode is out, at least ;) 
Just sent you an e-mail. Seems that the pace of your projects is a little like mine. 
Tenebrae Have The Best Decal Blood 
i did the heat gun trick with my vga and is working again! it works! the heat gun works

no new vga for me untils this one is totally broken 
Von I'm Sorry I Poked You It Was An Accident. 
you haven't, relax 
It's Going To Happen Tho 
the App knows I did it, and it's just waiting for right time to send the data packet 
Has anyone else ever been punted to some shitty fucking fake "YOUR COMPUTER HAS A VIRUS" website, when browsing Just happened to me now and it's not the first time... 
Maybe Your Computer Has A Virus 
Trust Me, It's Definitely Not That 
If anyone's brave enough to try it, this is the link I clicked on (from a google search)

And this screenshot shows where it kicked me to after a few seconds of reading that thread - it's obviously all bullshit... 
this ain't normal, is it? (see image below) I don't really see the "not secure" warning anywhere else.... 
Do you use any kind of adblocker? If not, maybe the virus or whatever it is was in some malicious ad displayed or scripted to appear on the page. This can happen even on seemingly legit websites if the ad hosting service has some of their stuff compromised.
Or maybe Windows Defender also protects the user from mental harm... being quakeone and all! 
Yeah I Use UBlock Origin 
seems to be blocking things on that page 
No More Internet Privacy 
Whatevs. I'm more worried about him ripping up all the climate change commitments. 
dont worry, it is all gone off by now.

blabla pessimisctic stuff here, we are screwed... 
Engine Diffraction 
Is there any major differences between Fitz, QSS, and MarkV?

All 3 seem to have the goals of

� Preserve original look and feel (crunchy pixels, twisty water)
� Support large maps (bsp2, extended limits, protocol 999)
� Support for fence textures

Is there any major defining features I'm missing or incorrect on?

What would keep, for instance, QSS and MarkV from merging? They already seem to share most of the same features and keep borrowing from each other. 
I'm Not The Best Person To Say 
But the list of differences "under the hood" is enormous I imagine. Was just following the discussion in the MarkV thread about the differences in the MarkV renderer vs the QS renderer... 
Is the original "authentic Quake" engine, from which QS and Mark V have forked years ago.

The latest version is 0.85, from 2008. It does not support BSP2, protocol 999, or fence textures. 
QSS is not QS.

The point of QSS is to support mods. Be they qc extensions or other features that a large mod might use like particles, or merely just bigger maps, even networked.

QS (and fitz before it) on the other hand seems much more quintessential. The changes it makes are for good reason, only adding new features when someone actually NEEDS something, instead of because they might want it later, and then warning if it is ever actually used!
QS also cleans up code, like switching to SDL instead of having separate win+lin+mac ports, and stripping the software renderer (which was a nightmare to maintain).
I personally only see QS as distinct from from fitzquake because of the (significant) switch to SDL, they seem to have similar/continued goals to me and the lack of fitzquake updates kinda backs up that feeling.
QS makes for a great base engine for forks, hence the number of engines that use it as a base. It would be a great shame if someone went and just copied over all the markv files over the top.

MarkV seems to have different aims from QS+QSS, more of a sandpit than an actual goal (somewhat like FTE, but still much more limited, with many files with a single comment containing the words 'todo' in a way that indicates adhd...).
I *think* merging QSS's features over to MarkV is one of Baker's long-term goals, but I get the feeling that its a very long term one... Mostly because I don't think he gives a damn about modders as he really has no experience of qc modding.

Either way, merging stuff is never trivial, especially if someone already ported over incompatible stuff like qmb's particles instead of qss's...

Large maps/fences/etc are a product of AD and it being popular enough to get people to care about it working properly. They seem supported more due to necessity than as actual goals.
You can thank mh/rmq for it ever happening.

Ultimately though, some people just create engines because they can - its much easier to bolt your own crap on the side than it is to figure out all the crap someone else bolted on years ago.

Anyway, I'd better stop ranting before someone gets pissy about how I see things. 
No More Internet Privacy 
I hope it returns and is more inclusive. These days everybody is after your data and personal information and seem to believe this is some kind of "right" that you must give them in exchange for using their service.

This attitude is pervasive and spans across ISPs, social networking sites, search companies, and even the Windows operating systems.

The best defense is to be proactive and aggressive in counteracting these transgressions. Use ad blockers, block JavaScript, use a tracker blocker, and even a cookie killer. A VPN maybe even become necessary if nothing is done. 
uMatrix seem to be the chrome browser plugin to control it all. "what a sentence" 
out of interest, do you have anything else on the boil at the moment? 
I wish. unfortunately I've been finding less productive ways to spend my free time lately.
I keep thinking I ought to fix up my in-engine brush editor (yay networked map editing), but I can never find the enthusiasm to actually work on it.
fte's downloads (aka: updates) menu got some tweaks lately, that's probably the most interesting thing lately, if you ignore bugfixes anyway. The android port got a new icon, if that helps any. 
Just Played... 
...alk08sp by Kona.

From 2005, this was a jolly single player romp in a deathmatch style map. Lots of body parts by the end, slightly enhanced by being in the right spot when some new monster spawned in.

Rushing around often got me quite dead, quite quickly. Softly, softly catchee monkey (or Shalrath, Shambler etc.)

The best defense is to be proactive and aggressive in counteracting these transgressions. Use ad blockers, block JavaScript, use a tracker blocker, and even a cookie killer. A VPN maybe even become necessary if nothing is done.

just use TOR u phaggets, lmao. 
Mods? We've got a shitposter here. 
Shitposting? On MY Func_msgboard?? It's More Likely Than You Think! 
Just Played... 
...SM103 from 2005.

It took many attempts before I could kill all 10 monsters in Neg!ke's map with just the axe - my skills have not improved with age!

In Zwiffle's map I re-encountered the 'anglegrinder' bug as shown below in both normal and fullbrite modes:-

See the original forum post for the explanation as to why this happens in this map.

More jolly romping. 
Sm103_generic2 Is The Best!! 
Absence of comment should not be taken as an implication of any form of dissatisfaction.

The gib fountain was certainly well executed, and the final sentiment was clear and concise.

At first, I wasn't sure about the lighting but I stuck with it and by the end I was happy with its consistency.

I played on the default skill level and overall was satisfied with my performance. 
Speculation: Might that be where the teleporter was designed with human-sized creatures in mind, and the larger fiend hitbox overlaps the teleporter trigger at the destination? 
You Are The Best, Mike! 
Who would be the one to ask to get the Coding Help thready stickied under Mapping Help? 
No One 
I would ask in Site Help so metlslime can see it. 
Just Played... 
...the 100 Brush series 1, 2 and 3. Some good maps in there, some difficult but fair fights.

Now, what on earth was Necros on in his 100B3 map? 
mukor's ghoulish hand rises its ugly thumb again: 
is that a quarter of a credit card I see OTP? 
Its from all the amphetamines i had to use for RJ6 and 24HR jam. /s 
No Shorties Allowed? 
I was thinking of buying Witcher 3 and noticed this in their system requirements:

"Please mind that we only officially support full-size desktop graphics cards"

At 5.7in/144.78mm my new GTX 1050 Ti is considerably shorter than most desktop graphics cards. I wonder if it will work.

Vore Idle Animation 
Seven created a simple idle animation for the Vore model that doesn't require QC support and can be readily used in the game. 
Dear Shambler. 
Mark the above post as spam PLZ&THX. 
Rune Of Blood 
There also appears to be a new Quoth episode that Bloughsburgh didn't tell us about: Rune of Blood
Also "Lunacy's Cage" which was my literal first maps ever created for Quake haha.

Rune of Blood were my Quoth test bed maps and Lunacy's Cage my id1 test maps. Viewer discretion is advised. 
What's Up Guys? 
Holy shit I can't believe this place is still around!! Hasn't changed in years I see, site looks kinda funny on a 2560x1440 monitor with such a small fixed width though. :)

Thought you all might get a kick out of this.. trying some older games on my new GPU, got a GTX 1080 Ti!

Set Quakespasm to gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest and forced some rather insane AA modes in Nvidia Inspector. With no texture filtering and these settings actually looks really slick!

+ 4xMSAA
Business As Usual. 
[9:04 PM] czg: anyway, I'm having a weird dick adventure 
Just Played... 
...digs06. Or rather I would have played it if my brain had not exploded half way through.

Great map and the theme was superb. But I seemed to get lost every five minutes, and extremely confused regularly. In the water columns I never worked out if I was supposed to go up or down and I seemed to find rooms that appeared not to go anywhere even though the paths to them seemed to be well defined.

I think I may have played one Quake game too many. Oh well, on to the next. 
Digs Has That Effect On People. 
What's Your Future Of Gaming If It Becomes Like This:

I don't use Origin but they have something similar I've read/been told.

I'm just to old school to fall for renting "my" games! But what do you guys make of that? 
Apparently the new "Holy Grail" of software companies is to sell their product as some kind of subscription based service.

This is Microsoft's plan for their Windows operating system, no reason why they shouldn't try it with games also.

The idea is to continue conning you out of your money for as long as possible resulting in much higher profit than a one time sale. 
#29087 top points for going for decent settings and not smoothed out bollocks, nice huh ?

Video games as a service......more disease.

Frankly thats almost already it on consoles with the stupid fucking subscriptions to be able to play MP...except they get you to buy the game AND pay a subscription, top kek suckers! 
Cancer Never Stops Spreading. 
Skin Would Be Fine On 20x The Polys. 
Vores Are Female 
Dat Enforcer 
Looks lit bru.

Srsly tho - that looks really nice, and yeah - it would look nicer on a more hi-res model, but I like it regardless. Humph. 
Anon Troll 
That's in pretty poor taste 
Cancer? Seriously? A game skin?

What's with the verbal brutalism?

Then again, #29097.

Gaming forums these days. 
Oh, I think this community was always a tad brutal :D 
ID Panel @ 2016 Zbrush Summit

crazy how 50k - 60k polys per model is considered a tight budget. Also, the end if the vid is gold XD 
John Carmack To Receive Honorary Doctorate 
UMKC recognizes Carmack's contributions to 3D graphics technology.

His tweet in response: 
Android/iPhone Mapping 
Possible? I know some alps use a Linux emulator to do Gimp and such on mobile, but do you know if there is something like Trenchbroom Mobile? 
Trenchbroom Mobile !!! 
We need this, so I can poop and map!
I think for mobile it would be easier to use Unity to make some simple editor and deploy it to any platform you like instead of rewriting TB for mobile. 
The overhead required for emulation and VMs on mobiles is still well above what they can manage easily.

You would be better off using a modelling tool, saving as OBJ and then converting to map. If only there were good modelling tools for mobile. 
presumably you could just compile TB for arm linux, set up some debian/whatever chroot on your phone, install some x11 server app on your phone, and run it that way.
it would need to be a good x11 server if gl rendering is going to work properly though.

of course, the lack of a physical keyboard with a shift key etc would make it totally unusable as-is, so probably not worth trying.

I'm certain most modern phones (and by modern, I mean one for which the following statement is true, which makes it all rather than most but whatever) would have perfectly adequate performance to run a native port of TB, if such a port were made. 
Press the screen and tilt your phone in the direction you want to move or expand the brush. 
Input On Mobile 
Yesh keyboard+mouse is by far the faster means of mapping but...a simplified mapping experience could still be fun for waiting in long lines, waiting on your wife to get out of the bathroom, waiting on your wife to try on 10 different outfits before she comes out of the changing room etc. 

Now if only it had Quake textures and export to .map then I could block in levels on my phone.

As it is I can sketch ideas. 
This is basically how I block out levels in TB 
Surely, Thats An Oximoron? 
I Love Everything About This 
as the personality trait basis of political beliefs is an area in need of desperate investigation. As Jonathan Haidt has pointed out (and I'm not saying I agree with his relativistic views, although being slammed by social justice ideologues seems to have altered those views), there's a huge risk of educated people merely assuming that their way of thinking is superior - and yet some of these people don't believe in biological sex, placing them on exactly the same intellectual level relative to the empirical sciences, as creationists. The point Haidt makes which I agree with the most, is that intellectuals are just as susceptible as regular schmucks to cognitive biases - perhaps more so - but the fact that they assume they have transcended such biases is actually quite dangerous.

The real question is, if scientists ever do understand human personality, can we use that knowledge to more or less, fix politics? Because ever since I've been paying attention, we've been getting some pretty bad results. 
Quoth Knave Jam 
OTP floated the idea a while back to have one in June for Contract Revoked's 15th birthday. Any interest? I wouldn't want to organize it but I would do a map. 
Intel Eligible 
Buy my ID and I unlock your computer for bitcoins! 
and yet some of these people don't believe in biological sex

Biological sex or gender? Because there's no such thing as "biological gender". All I heard from educated people so far is that gender (being a man or being a woman) is a social construct.

From moral panicked people all I've seen is this confusion between biological sex (XX or XY chromosomes) and gender (what society built, throughout history, as male/female identities).

I've never seen any educated people denying that XY gives you a dick and and XX gives you a pussy, which is a scientific fact, though I'm aware of people defending that Earth is flat and mankind never went to Moon, so... 
I am a potato. 
Good Question Adib 
You would think that the people I'm referring to would take your reasonable perspective, but that's not the case. Here in Canada, on national television, a professor with a PhD actually said "It is not correct to say that there is such a thing as biological sex." Not gender, sex. This was actually just brought up in parliamentary proceedings this week because it's directly relevant to some very unfortunate legislation that probably WILL be passed, and then it may actually be illegal to simply conduct research in biology. Lol. Reminds me of Lyshenkoism in Soviet Russia.

You are giving people the benefit of the doubt and I understand that. I also don't want to exaggerate the problem because I tend to take, as one colleague of mine put it, a "Jeremiad view." However, after more than a decade in the higher education system I can confirm to you that many of the most educated people in the humanities and social sciences, at least in Canada, are as anti-scientific as any evangelical creationist, just on behalf of left-wing ideology as opposed to the right-wing ideology of evangelicals. The level of disingenuous ideological bullshit has reached insane heights and I can hardly imagine that even the medieval Catholic church took things this far, except possibly in the case of Galileo. Canadian evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker's book The Blank Slate came out more than a decade ago and it was incredibly controversial merely for summarizing scientific consensus on these issues. Since then the problem has only gotten worse. Who needs reality when you have bureaucratic power? 
Biological Gender/sex 
is also not defined so distinctly, you can have males with XX chromosomes and women with XY chromosomes. You can also get XXY, XYY, XXX etc ad nauseum.

People who like to draw clear distinctions are being narrow-minded, whether intentionally or through ignorance.

I think there's definitely a current backlash for transgender issues recently since there's a lot of people creating new genders on the fly. I personally think there should be a different term altogether for it.
To say you're a girl in the morning and a guy in the evening isn't being gender-fluid. It's belittling to real transgender people who typically feel a dissonance between their birth gender and their psychological gender. 
Ionous said he would be organizing quoth jam in June 
I Agree With Fifth 
Also, I tend to agree with John Carmack on some political issues: people should be judged by their productivity and talent above all else.

Politics are largely pointless, despite their effects. 
On Topic

I'm surprised he was able to pull off that brushwork. 
not exactly changing the subject.

Quoth Kell Jam sounds fun. Make sure to require the latest version of Quoth, whatever the heck it was called. (2.2?) 
Thanks Pulsar 
Glad to hear it.

DF Retro on Quake 2, mentions a bit of Q1 as well. 
the thing that i don't like is people seeking to ruin other people lives for symbolic acts or "wrong" opinions, like the guy who landed a satellite in an asteroid and everyone was talking about the shirt that the guy was wearing.

shit like that makes me more hostile to proggresivism, the social justice zealotry

the social justice orthodoxy (rejection of the science)... i don't know. there are a lot of those. science is not THAT popular, they're ideologues, not really social scientists. 
i want to clarify

what i tried to say is that i don't see that the problem is so bad. after all there are a flat-earthers, creationists, climate change deniers. there is one that says that the sun is merely a few hundred degrees hot, i don't remember the name. there is a lot of weird shit and conspiracies. the social sciencies also have that kind of stuff, but worse because social sciences are not hard science in general. 
Flat Earth 
Has the cooler closer sun thing, because in their perspective the world is a disc. 
Wait, What Are We Talking About 
Oh right map jams! 
yeah, sorry

i should finish my small map for the QUMP jam, it's nearly done in all its smallness 
Small Maps 
Ahh...the bane of my mapping fame is my inability to create small maps. Would that I would gain legitimate use of my handle through proliferation rather than obscurity of maps.
-said every closet-mapper ever

Good job keep it up! 
The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

heard about this a couple years ago, but I was under the impression it was a sequel film. 
Looks neat killpixel! 
I Think So Too :D 
In the year one million and a half, humankind is enslaved by giraffe. 
How Did I Miss To Post That Pic, Jfc?!? 
Favorite Mod? 
Quick poll:

What is your favorite underemphasized mod? Don't answer with something like Quoth or AD. The point is underemphasized, the underdog mods no one/few have heard about. 
I remember playing a mod at one point which was a wave combat sort of thing - you'd go into a single arena and fight endless waves of monsters to try and get a good score. I actually quite enjoyed it. Don't remember what it was called though :( 
I don't think I've ever played any Quake mods other than Quoth and Arcane Dimensions. I played Quake very little after Quake II came out and didn't come back to it until years later. 
Tour Of Nvidia's Failure Analysis Lab

this was a year ago, so the guy is talking about an older chip using a 28nm process. current chips are 16/14nm with 10nm just on the horizon. very soon we'll be at 5nm, the outer limit of conventional semiconductors. pretty amazing feat of engineering. 
Zer / None. 
I generally prefer maps to mods. But the better mods are cool. 
Drake And Quake 
Drake mod because that's about the only other mod I have tried! 
It was used for Mapjam5 
I kinda liked the character of Madfox's mod...quirky in a very Quakey way. Reminded me of MDK. 
Like Shambler, I suppose I prefer single maps. 
Aside from "regular" mods, what Total Conversions have people played that are actually good? I've tried a few but they were just... weird and bad. I get that TCs tend not to be made any more but it seems like a few were produced back in the day. 
Anyone Remember 2048 Mod? 
I liked it because you could spam d-pad to get a gib fountain. Also 2048 is nice! 
i would pick that travail mod, as a best mod evar 
Tough To Pick A Favorite Mod But... 
I think the most useful mods for me are the MP bots Reaper and Omicron bots. Most of my mapping experience over the years has been with MP. I also think DMSP is awesome for a quick adrenaline rush. I would love to discover more SP mods though (besides the obvious Zer, Quoth and AD) 
Mods & TCs 
Quake was the Unity of its time. Despite being great for making mods, it was actually awful making TCs for it. Anything that deviated too much from Quake's design was an unstable pile of hacks due to engine constraints, and anyone that tried to replace all of Quake's content with assets made from scratch ended up making awful crap due to asset format constraints in conjunction with limited and/or buggy tools. Things have improved somewhat, but we still get people making Q1 MDL models with inverted normal vectors, for example.

The kind of people who liked to try to push the limits of the engine's flexibility and create wholly new games using it are on UE4 and Unity now.

The fact that most Quake TCs are crap is a testament to how difficult its engine and tools actually were to work with, and to how talented the id Software team was. With this in mind, it becomes easier to judge Quake TCs by what they really are, and appreciate their upsides.

The X-Men TC, for example, had great looking models for its time, and good textures. Its gameplay was panned, but it's actually one of the most polished TCs out there. 
I Can 2nd #29157 
I started creating Citadel on the Quake Engine. Darkplaces specifically. It's limits, even with all the additions and special features of Darkplaces, made recreating System Shock untennable. Specifically crouch, prone, leaning, and any other changes to the player's collision hull size are buggy or unworkable.

Unity is what I switched to.

I still love Quake though.

-Quake Master 
RMQ Is Best But You Hate's Killed It 
I found out recently that the developer of Papers Please (and upcoming Return of the Obra Dinn) was one of the main dudes who did the Malice TC. I have fond memories of that one being fun, and put together pretty well as Quake TCs go.

Wonder if I should ever retry that or if it would not hold up even as a nostalgia thing. 
Cool Fact 
related link, a cool point cloud fog/smoke effect he's adding to Obra Dinn 
Is Cuvfefe A Lovecraftian Entity? 
Alternate spelling:Cuvfyfy in case Cuvfefe isn't unpronouncable enough. 
Centurions Are Real. 
They're Going To Fight Spiderman 
Parker, quick! Get some pictures. 
Half-Life 3 Released 
I Wonder... 
You know the BFG or Lightning Gun Syndrome? Where players hoard ammo for their most powerful gun and end up scraping by on weaker weapons and never actually use their most powerful weapon, because they are saving it for that super tough part that...oh and the level is over.

I wonder what would encourage use of the lightning gun more. 
I remember playing a mod at one point which was a wave combat sort of thing - you'd go into a single arena and fight endless waves of monsters to try and get a good score. I actually quite enjoyed it. Don't remember what it was called though :(

Maybe the DMSP mod? 
I wonder what would encourage use of the lightning gun more.

If there was any monster that dropped ammo for it in the levels were we use it.

Rockets can be used all the time against ogres because ogres give back the same amount needed to kill them.

Soldiers give 5 shells, despite only needing 2 shells to be killed.

I find myself always using shells and rockets because of this. I save nails for fights against large groups, and the lighting gun for fights against shamblers.

Enforcers only gives 5 cells, which is a ridiculously low amount, and they only appear in levels where we have no access to a lighting gun. 
It seems to be a matter of scarcity then.

If I leave out ogres and grunts, provide more cells, and skimp on nails...ya that might work. 
i would like slower ammo consumption with the lighting gun. it's not only that it's generally scarce, but it's feels wasteful to fire the gun at the air by accident, or during a horde fight. also when the enemy is dead and you react in one second or 0.5 seconds
the ammo consumption is too fast, so you end up wasting several cells of an powerful weapon by accident. and the hoarder in every one of us don't like that 
assuming full ammo:
sg: 50 secs
ssg: 35 secs
ng/sng: 20 secs
gl: 60 secs
rl: 80 secs
lg: 10 secs

it is interesting to note that impulse 9 gives you 200 cells, while ammo pickups cap you to 100.

imho, the issue is more the abundance of rockets. don't place the rocket launcher, don't place any rocket pickups (other than ogres). place ogres only after the player has already found the gl. Or just make it so the player can only carry 20ish rockets max (requires qc). 
Enforcers only gives 5 cells, which is a ridiculously low amount

In the stock maps maybe, but play any custom base map and you'll be at 100 in no time. For this reason Quoth 2 globally changed the enforcer pickups to 1 cell. IMO, bad decision, though. 
Quaketastic And Shub Hub Down For Maintenance 
/Don't remember what it was called though :(
Really weird article from 1992, mentioning Wolfenstein 3D and post-modernism:
Videogames Are Better Without Mechanics

"it doesn�t simulate at all the player character�s morale or psychic state; there is no mechanic to simulate the trauma of mowing down dozens of enemy soldiers. Enemies, too, simply collapse when shot; there�s no mechanic for talking them down or having a discussion about the merits of Nazism as an ideology."

"If the ultimate bar for visceral grip in video games is set at fairground games, then perhaps videogames will remain stuck as children�s toys even if they escape the stereotypical suburban tract home den. Other paths are possible, and perhaps the most promising ones will bypass gaming�s pointless urge towards simulation.

Night Trap, released in October of this year, both adopts and improves upon this model of simple, direct interaction. It simplifies this methodology even further in that you don�t have to aim in order to trap enemies, demonstrating how unnecessary the aiming controls in Wolfenstein 3D really are."

"The whole way through, I found myself wondering why I couldn�t experience Night Trap without having to trap enemies. What if enemies automatically trapped themselves, and I could simply watch the story unfold?"

"you can make a game that simulates the real world, but what�s the point when the real world already exists."

"The wargamer�s dream of simulation is just a complication of actually doing things, and doing things has been thoroughly revealed as pointless in postmodernity. If there is a future in games, let alone a future where they are anything other than toys for children, they must embrace what they are already so good at: using full-motion video to tell stories."

The magazine went bankrupt in 1993. 
Thanks For Copying It. Not Giving Feminist Sites My Hits 
Can't tell if it's satire or not 
#29177 is a TOR node 
Monster Wave Mods 

Your question was bugging me so I looked at Qonquer and also found ne_dynamic (along with the aforementioned DMSP.) 
Your question didn´t bug me.

Quaddicted didn´t add Qonquer as it´s a mod.
I had it available but it was denied. 
Quaddicted didn't add Qonquer as it´s a mod.
I had it available but it was denied.

Quaddicted has a mod directory if you dig but I guess the don't want to publicize it on the front page - which is puzzling to me.

Looking forward to trying Qonquer. I really like DMSP as it brilliantly makes use of DM maps and I've made a few of those. I took a look at Qonquer's dev docs from work yesterday - pretty intriguing. 
Trent Reznor's Quake Soundtrack Is Coming To Vinyl 
I'd like if it came with lossless digital multitracks too. Quake mods could really benefit from high quality remixed music. 
I'm With You MK 
But i think this release is just another cash grab, the original QUAKE CD audio files are the best resolution out there..
I could be wrong though, and there are some DATs recovered and being mastered again and and and..
I doubt it. 
Quaddicted Needs Staff 
I would be willing, but I'm an anologue fossile. 
What Quaddicted needs is a motivated admin. 
What Makes Good AI? | Game Maker's Toolkit

hey, this made me kindof angry. At least the first half. 
To Be Fair It's Been Light On Releases Recently 
To Be Hard It's Been Heavy On Comments Usually 
better no maps than more bad ones.
thanks for the video link, it is interesting.

What about it makes you angry? That AI is programmed to make the player feel awesome as compared to KILLING THE SHIT out of them?

Isn't this basic level design 101? The job of encounter design isn't to kill the player but to pose a manageable challenge? 
Re: AI 
his first suggestions are basically just making the AI less interesting for the player in exchange for an ego-boost. Fuck ego-boost. 
Good AI.. 
- doesnt chase the player: this is not bad if it's done SOME of the time. "No one gets the drop on Batman, after all" is definitely NOT OKAY, because it just makes things boring.

- lets the player cheat: no, I want an emergent simulation pls. Enemies not hitting me when I'm in cover, enemies not turning around when im sneaking up? Fucking boring.

- tells you what it's thinking: yeah, so everything has yellow ?-triangles over its head, and act stupid, so even the dumbest players get it. In return, AI will never surprise you.

- is predictable: see above. I want to be required to apply complex strategies, not "turn off generator to slowly (and boringly) lure every enemy into my crosshair". That's not even a strategy. The scariest AI moments I remember consist of some really surprising behavior after a bunch of interactions with that same AI.

- can interact with game systems: yes.

- reacts to the player: err, yes.

- has its own goals: yes.

- isn't just about enemies: well, yes. 
I see. You got some good points there.

I believe the batman games are probably made for a teenage target audience, which might explain the "batman-is-all-powerful" thing. Boring, yes. Agreed. Probably made for children.

Regarding the predictability, I believe he was saying that they need to behave predictably to the point where the player can understand the fundamental gameplay mechanics and develop some repertoire of basic tactics (like in Quake). I agree that it's boring when they are always predictable, though. Maybe some 60% of the time would be good, depending on what kind of game it is?

When the methods outlined in the video are applied heavy handedly and in a dumb way, like yellow triangles as you say, the result will certainly be mediocre. I think they still have some merit though.

Interesting discussion. I've been thinking about AI quite a bit recently. I'm doing a patrol-based AI where different types of enemies will behave in different ways - some may defend their position, some may hunt you down quite mercilessly. I believe variety in behaviours is important, and is one way to make a game more interesting. This is where the Quake-type monsters are quite inspiring, even though they're relatively dumb. 
Found Some Plants In Low Poly

There are two packs of low poly textured tree and plant models on the site. They are freeware. 
It is the same site I made a compilation of for qmle. Not all were usefull as they exceeded the limits. Here are nine them fit for quake.

Great collection, maybe with some inspiration they can all be converted.
Thanks for sharing! 
Showing My Mug 
Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for the long silence but my mother died from a double whammy of The Great Old Krabz last January (as if Lady Death thought just one wasn't sure enough) and I've been swamped in administrative bovine faeces. Seriously, I have no idea how these things are handled in other countries but in the Land of Cheese and Winey, it's a shit-ton o'drag! Plus I had no interwebz for a few months, so...

Anyway, it's good to be roaming the dark halls of Quake again. To the probable relief of some, I won't be as chatty as I've been in the past for reasons of active job-seeking. I have no clue when I'll be able to release Aaa (the metal/lava map that was supposed to be featured in QUMP) or my ZinCity map, or even the polished version of the Noir Jam for that matter, but I'll be sure to keep you posted when I have news to share. Sorry for the delay.

On another note, my first move upon coming back here was of course to check the releases. Considering how the release rate had rocketed up in late 2016, I was expecting a shitload of new maps to sink my teeth in but was a bit disappointed to see that it seemingly went back to normal. Oh well, I guess there's already enough maps out there to last a lifetime or two...

Shub bless y'all! 
QuakeOne Is Down 
What happened? 
I am sorry to hear about your mother, I hope time is doing its job of mending wounds.

Glad to see you did not vanish for good, here are some releases that may be interesting to you:

-AD 1.5 was released with new maps and tools to play with.

-Retrojam 6 (Egyptian theme) released with very large participation

-Explorejam 2 was released

-Numerous individual map releases from new mappers (Check quaddicted and func news release threads.)

-There is a large map to be released for AD from Sock/Giftmacher.

I am sure there are other releases but you can search for those as well!

Thanks buddy. I'm OK, I can stomach pretty much anything, emotionally speaking.

When I mentioned the rocketed-up release rate, I was indeed talking about AD 1.5, RJ6 (and 5) and XJ2 plus the few standalones. The slowdown came after these. And I did say that I had checked the releases: I counted only 9 single map releases since I left, plus your mini-episode. Compare that to the slew of new maps that came in the months prior. BTW, you were working on a new map, weren't you? Howzit going?

About the Sock/Giftmacher map, I may have misunderstood but I seem to remember Sock saying that he would release it as a standalone instead of the initial idea of an expansion for AD. 
Quakeone Down 3 Days 
anybody working to fix that? 
Sorry to hear of your mother's passing. But glad to see you are back. I lost my mom in '97 and didn't really deal with until about 7 years later so take care of yourself and find someone to talk to when you are down.

Anyway. I am working on a map that should be released pretty soon. Will be a quick 10 minute map created at an "intermediate" skill level. Balancing gameplay is so challenging!

I have some screens here:

I think the Episode Jam is sucking up all the time of the more accomplished FUNCers here. Also QUMP is in the works and should be out soon. So people are mapping away and we'll see some releases soon. There are quite a few noobs as well so we're seeing some "interesting" maps coming through lately. 
Quakeone Down 3 Days

You mean the warm, fuzzy "feels" here at func are not enough for you?!?

I read func all the time, maybe as much as I participate at quakeone. I however, do not have 5 years and 5000ish posts here.

lucky y'all... :p

Seriously though, I was just hoping Baker or somebody might have an ETA when quakeone will be back up. 
Thanks Dumptruck 
Nice screenies. Me likey the rampant darkness.

I've read about that episode jam. It's Tronyn's project, right? I didn't find any thread for it here, where can I get some info? 
Looking good man. Liking the style! The only thing that sticks out to me is that the lighting looks really flat in the center two screenshots using the grey brick texture compared to all the rest.

Looking forward to the release/ 
The Hell? 

Thx. These screens are kinda outdated but still paying attention to the contrast. Constantly tweaking the lighting.

The episode jam is being organized on Discord but that's about all I know.

@Daz Hmmm i think you mean this shot?

These are really outdated shots. But if that's the shot you are referring to, I am using tyrutis-ericw tools "surface light" feature to get a glowing look similar to Minas Morgol.

thanks guys 
#29208 Yeah, like I said, 9 Q1SPs + Bloughsie's mini-ep... Forgot about SM178 but I did play it before I fell off the grid.

#29091 Hmmm... You must love me in secret, OTP! Still thinking about me 3 months after my vanishing, awww... How cute! FYI, the political definition kinda suits me but my own was more along the lines of the Burroughs/Cronenberg one. 
No One Cares, Mugwump 
Not You =/= No One 
Also, fuck your hostility. 
Inside Qc 
is empty and full of info STILL! 
Don't be a penis. 
A Painting In My Mancave 
This is where I usually map. 
I'm not sure how many people will care about this, but I recently discovered that Nvidia is now installing and enabling tracking and telemetry software with their drivers. I don't recall being asked for permission to do this during the install.

It can be disabled (supposedly) from the "Help" menu in the Nvidia control panel. I disabled it from the Windows services control panel, deleted all the folders and also added their various ip addresses into my hosts.

There is some useful information in this post:

I checked some of their log files and while I saw nothing suspicious, there is no guarantee that everything is logged. You know how companies are these days, give them an inch and they get greedy. 
Nice! Did you paint this yourself? 
NVidia Is Awful 
I hope that AMD can catch up soon. Right now I'm honestly considering uninstalling the Geforce Experience shitshow and just using older drivers through Windows Update/Manual Downloads... 
ATI have always been one step behind Nvidia (with the exception of the famed 9800 Pro) and I don't see their situation becoming any different now that they're wearing the AMD brand. 
For Nvidia drivers I always use the custom option and only install the graphics driver and the PhysX software, so it's really annoying to find all this other crap running on its own. 
re: painting. Nope. And old friend of mine needed some money and I commissioned it. I've had is since about '98. Its 5 feet by 4! 
So Mugwump Is Back. 
I seem to recall having plenty of beef with him about.....fuck knows what now. He was wrong for sure tho.

But now, loads of positive posts about Quake, maps, screenshots, other games, films. I think the beef season is definitely over :) 
Thx Shambz 
Heh, I remember the shitstorm started when I called OTP out over something right after joining in.

I'm glad to see you've decided to bury the hatchet. Now if some others could do the same...

@dump Cool! I'm jealous. :) 
AMD also has really good open source Linux drivers by now, making it definitely more attractive than NVIDIA... using them right now, no hassle and works OOTB.

go AMD! 
Now Is Spitting Out 403 Forbidden 
It was working just fine a moment ago but now at the time of this writing it's giving me a 403 Forbidden page about accessing some "vbseo.php" file.

What in the world is going on with that site? 
@29226 Yeah It's Getting Stupid 
So I See It's Not Just Me... WTF?! 
It was good when it, err, nevermind. 
Particle For Lg Blood Or Sprite [EDIT]
Posted by Bgnr [] on 2017/06/20 15:49:56
Hi to all :)

Recently a fellow player gave me a rocket explosion sprite, s_explod files, its nice for competitive gaming.

Can i do the same for LG blood, some simple fast load sprite, or custom particle?

What name should i gave to the files?

Some file specifications or some specific file editor?

Thanks for your attention, btw I'm on Ezquake 
QuakeOne Back In Business, For Those Who Care 
Quake blood uses pixel particles, no sprite or texture, only a number to reference the pallet color.

Unless you use DarkPlaces. 
There might be a way to hack it in with effects.txt. Not sure how though. 
You Mean Effectinfo.txt? 
Seven @ knows a lot about that. Baker here has done some research into it while testing particle effects for QSS. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think not all engines support effectinfo.txt. DP & QSS do but the guy said he runs EZQuake. Rules 
there's lots of good content and enthusiastic fans there, glad to see it back 
About That Custom Lg Blood 
Hi Qmaster
Thanks for your kind reply
Ezquake uses Joequakes particle system, it seems.
So a blood.tga image file can be used, Im not sure about image requirements, like pallete or alpha channel, Im no IT wise
I will try using that
A sprite would be faster in loading, since this is about playing performace
But i will try it, i I'm succefull, I will post the follow-up

Thanks and have a nice day 
Use index color 255 (ugly pink) for transparency, otherwise an alpha channel (mask in gimp) will do. 
Seriously Otp, 3 Times 
Heh, That's What I Was Thinking Too... 
Bit Much. Beef Thread Or GA Is Enough. 

Fucked Up If True 
Pizzagate Confirmed 
Remixes Of Id Maps 
I am considering a remix of an id map for the 9999 jam. For those who have done remixes in Quoth or AD did you literally use the map source to start with or did you just build by hand?

Would it be considered bad form if I used the id mapsource as a starting point? I am planning on making big changes so it won't be a lazy re-texture.

Would appreicate opinions. 
Former RMQ Team Member Here. 
In the vast majority of cases, you're better off starting from scratch than using the id mapsources. Fixing the brushwork errors alone (of which there are lots) can take the fun out of it. 
Heh, I didn't even think of that. Good point. I make enough of my own errors. 
E4 E4! 
Just please do anything other than e1 
I Hate E4 
Well hate is the wrong word... not my favorite episode. I was thinking about Crypt of Decay which is E2M3 (for a very specific personal reason) but it's too ambitious for the jam at my current skill level.

I think I am gonna do an original smaller map or a remix of a smaller Doom 2 SP level so I can actually get something completed in time. 
Anybody Knows 
where I could find HQ samples of the game's sounds? I don't have my Quake CD at hand and I'm trying to make some ambient music for the knave jam, for which I'd like to use some modified Quake sounds. 
HQ Means CD Quality 
44kHz 16-bit. I think the sounds in the original game were sampled @ 22kHz, right? 
Yes 22Khz 
Many... but not all of the sound effects from Quake 1 were from a sound library called Sound Ideas. I have access to that library and could probably track down SOME of the sounds. i.e. I have the teleport sounds as my notification sound on my phone.
:) However, these are commercially licensed tracks and it's like finding a needle in a haystack as they have been renamed for the game. Anyway, just fyi. If you let me know which sounds in the game you are looking for by filename I can search for them. No guarantees I will actually find them though. The sound library has tens of thousands of tracks! And I don't have access to all of them. 
Don't Know Filenames 
What I'm looking for are mainly Ranger sounds, monster growls - especially the ogre and death knight - shotty and grenade sounds (explo & bounce), possibly LG too. 
Oh, And Forgot To Mention 
lift and door sounds. Anything mechanical, ideally. 
Ranger sounds and monsters were probably done by NIN for the most part. Or they've been so processed I won't be able to find them. I'll see what I can find though.

You know you can use PakExplorer to audition sounds, SEE THE FILENAMES and rip them out of the pak right? 
The mindgrid audio pack has some of the original sounds in 44.1kHz. Stuff like lifts and doors. I'm pretty sure those are the originals or really close. We used them in RMQ but everybody hated them.

Various samples can be found in other, sometimes unexpected places. I made an effort to reconstruct these as far as possible for the RMQ project but since it was summarily shot down by the community, I didn't bother to finish the sound at that point. I think with one of the demos we released, someone uploaded a sound-suppression patch fpr the mod under a fake nick within a day or so. Welp, that killed my enthusiasm forever.

By the way, I think even the mindgrid shotgun sound is the original or very close to it, but nobody believes it because the character of the Quake sounds we know largely stems from the downsampling. Maybe they were processed to sound even grottier after that, it's quite possible.

In short, even with the original samples in 44.1 kHz, you'll be surprised how different it sounds. They aren't drop-in replacements.

Plus, there is the legal aspect. The collection they're from is commercial, proprietary, they're not even id software property. 
Plus, there is the legal aspect. The collection they're from is commercial, proprietary, they're not even id software property.

Exactly. Not worth jeopardizing my job over! 
Do you work for a recording studio or production company or something? 
Yes. So I need to be more cautious in my enthusiasm for helping people out!

After a bit of Googling I found where you can buy some of them.

I'll check the Mindgrid pack, thanks for pointing it out Jonas.

Ranger sounds and monsters were probably done by NIN
I know for a fact that Ranger is Trent himself. You can actually recognize his voice in Ranger's pain scream.

You know you can use PakExplorer to audition sounds
Yes, but the original Quake sounds were in 22kHz. I could convert them easily but since I intend to use some heavy time stretch, I'd prefer 44kHz versions to avoid too much digitalization effect.

Plus, there is the legal aspect. The collection they're from is commercial, proprietary, they're not even id software property.
I don't think Trent Reznor is too uptight about the legal thing. He's made plenty of his material available in multitracks for remixers and he's even released music under CC license.

Thanks for the link, dumptruck, but 3 bucks per sample? That's a bit much... 
Someone Said Go Map... 
So I am. Been waiting for this all week. 
Looking very promising :) 
Whatever Happened To F12? 
Do you really have to take actual pictures of your screen? 
wow that z-fighting 
It's a link to a video. Just having some fun. 
Oops, Failed To Notice It Was A Vid... :$ 
I think the /photos/ part of the address might have misled me... 
Löl Onetruepurple Retweeted Himself!1 
Posting on an epic thread 
Go map another house negke: https://www.youtubecom/watch?v=kLCaHaCriLc 
Problem With A Quicksave 
I didn't know where to put this so I figured GA would do:

My system isn't very stable lately and I'm experiencing random crashes, not sure why. It happened while I was playing ad_sepulcher. I was around 2/3 through the map, having spent a few hours in it (I'm a slow player, especially when there's so much to look at).

The problem is that the crash seems to have corrupted my quicksave. When I try to reload it I get the following message:
Host_Error: ED_ParseEntity: EOF without closing brace
Is there a way to somehow repair my save or is all the time invested in this map gone for good? 
Zip Your Save And Send It To Me... 
on quakeone or my email if you know it. I'll try to fix it for you. 
Weird.. though if your system crashed part way through writing the .sav, that would make sense. Mind uploading or emailing me your .sav file?

I did change the QS/QS-Spike .sav loading code for ad_sepulcher so I want to make sure it's not an engine bug. 
There's no F12 for an IPA! ;)

Trying to finish "The End of Solace" before jumping into Mapjam 9999.

That list on the right has laundry and dishes. Guess what didn't happen tonight? 
What Save File? I Don't Have Any Save Files. 
Woops, I'm Tired. 
I thought ericw was mugwump replying to me. Nevermind my last post. 
Ericw, Gypsy 
Download save file here. Thanks guys!

@dumptruck_ds Is "The End of Solace" the map you're currently working on? Why not finishing it after the jam? 
Why Not Finishing It After The Jam? 
Because I am SOOOO close. 
Oh, And No, 
the crash didn't occur during a save. 
I don't see how there could be that many nulls generated by fprintf, and without valid trailing data, looks to me like the corruption is happening outside of quake.
Checking the return value of fclose might show whether the system actually saved it properly without any bus errors, but really that's only useful for testing if the disk was full. any other issue is much more serious such that it wouldn't really be practical to recover from. 
That save doesn't look salvagable, unfortunately, 75% of the file is filled with null bytes. :(

Might be worth running prime95 overnight to check system stability? 
Alright, so restart it is, then... Thanks anyway.

Oh, BTW Eric: I think MarkV has a multi-quicksave feature which prevents just that. If one save fails to work, at least you can go back to a previous one. Could be borrowed for QS. 
Mark V Has Autosaves As Well 
any plans on adding this feature to QS? 
may i ask you

what's the status of your upcoming thief project

any release date? 
quoth has the "trigger_command" entity, I know you can change gravity with it, you might also be able to "save auto" with it.

maybe worth trying 
About difficulty levels. What exactly changes with each ramp up in difficulty? I know most mappers have additional enemies they flag in for each difficulty, but what else? I also know nightmare makes ogres and shamblers attack faster, but that's about it. Do most people add enemies from hard -> nightmare too? 
That's a good idea for adding autosave feature to quoth map 
What exactly changes with each ramp up in difficulty?
Basically what you put in your map: that's up to the mapper to put extra monsters/items for each skill, which is why balancing skill levels is tricky. AFAIK, nightmare doesn’t add monsters, only makes them more aggressive. 
So enemy health pools don't increase? Is there someplace I can find specifics? 
If you want tougher enemies per skill level, make maps for AD: Sock has designed his mod so that enemies aim better, shoot faster and do more damage (and possibly have more health but I'm not sure about that) in higher skill levels. 
Still working on it, albeit rather slowly. No release date yet. 
What's that Thief project? 
It's This 
Skill @ Sevin 
monsters attack faster on nightmare (the exact mechanism+magnitude differs per monster type).
monsters don't respond to pain so often (once per 5 secs max), this also increases their fire rate.
cthon has a measly 1 health on easy, and 3 on all other skills.
cthon uses different aim logic on hard.
vore projectiles travel faster than you're meant to be able to run on nightmare.

so no, skill does not affect health, except for cthon who's a special case - he's the ONLY monster that acts differently between easy+medium+hard skills. The other monsters only change for nightmare, with the other skill levels being handled exclusively via spawnflags (ie: count and types). 
Thanks for the specifics. So between easy -> hard, the only thing that changes is the monster count? 
And Item Pickups, 
provided you specify in your map for which skill they'll be available. Like I said, if you want monster stats to change, map for AD. 
Or Work With Simple Hacks 
and you can change some stats in each enemy and be free to use any mod you want, if you want any. 
AD MOD Skill Level Adjustments 
@sevin, AD scales many things based on skill levels, its not just different enemy setups

* Monster projectile speeds increase
* Pain resistance increases
* Attack Reaction times decrease
* Z aware monsters increase accuracy
* Nightmare only spawn flag exist
* Monster damage/HP are never affected by skill level
* Can delay spawn any entity in the map for different skill setups 
Wow, looks awesome! Thanks for the link. Bookmarked. 
Very cool. Thanks for all the info everyone. I was actually talking about vanilla Quake, but I assumed some of the features sock just mentioned for AD were vanilla Quake, so that's very neat. I didn't realize only AD added a nightmare spawn flag. So in base Quake, the only things that changed in nightmare were monster pain responses, ogre/shambler attack speed and vore ball speed/agility? And Cthon health/prediction if we're being picky. And between easy -> hard it was just monster count and item pickup counts? Didn't realize it was so primitive, I guess I assumed more of the features I'm used to in AD were actually vanilla. 
One More Question 
Do demos persist through death or do you need to start a new one? 
No You Need To Record Again 
Mark V has an autodemo feature that keeps your last three lives as demos. I think it works. Haven't had any luck though. I have no idea how to use it properly as there is no freaking documentation for the engine. You have to guess, scroll through cvarlist for clues or search the thread here.

Will some kind coder please update demotools (or something similar) to stitch together Protocol 666 demos? I die at least once per map and oftentimes need to stop and continue later. WOuld love to be able to stitch demos together into one. 
Didn't realize it was so primitive
Heh, 1996 was still videogame Middle Ages... PS1 had democratized 3D only one year before. 
I'm sort of comparing to what I thought vanilla Quake was, even though some of that is AD. I think that's one of the hardest things to keep up with as a newcomer; the variations of the standard features of Quake. What's vanilla and what's not? Hard to keep track of that. 
what is the command to force quakespasm spiked to run in a window? Thanks! 
Add -window to the command line options. 
John Carmack Archive – Interviews (PDF) 
I Need A Level Design Affine Person Who Could Take A Look At My Map 
I've got a map almost ready. It would be awesome if someone could take a look at it, and comment on "good level design" without playing it, before I do the final gameplay balancing. It would probably mean notargetting through it following the player path and pointing out stuff that doesn't work.

Gameplay currently has only hard, and it should be nightmarishly hard. I would like to balance it after all geo changes... 
*mostly Visually 
as well :) 
But But, It's Not A Screenshot Or Beta! :D 
mail me at maikfranzxaver et gmail d com 
@mfx Awesome, Will Mail You Later Or Tomorrow! 
6 Months Into 2017 
And we're at 45 Q1SPs released:

With QUMP, Jam 9999, and the Episode Jam potentially coming within the month, can we cross 100 releases by December 31st?? 
Bite sized chunks that are easy to quickly finish....otherwise no we will probably hit around 75 maps this year. 
Bite sized chunks that are easy to quickly finish....otherwise no we will probably hit around 75 maps this year.

Can you give an example of a map that fits this description? How long should it take to play through? 
fuck off otp 
The first map I made (which is going to be in QUMP I think...) only takes a minute or two at most to play through. It took me a while to make it but that's mostly because I was using TB1 and a total noob at the time, so making something like that today would be relatively quick and painless. 
Ooh, cool to see seasoned mappers' first try at mapping, even if it's not on the level of their later work. I must say I'm really curious to see how this QUMP project is gonna turn out... 

I only have one release lol 
more than I can claim. And a pretty nice one at that! 
Three cheers for EricW and all that he does for the Quake community. 
#29328 IAWTP 
Just off the top of my head:

TyrUtils fork with amazing modern features
Collaborating on Trenchbroom 2 with SleepwalkR
Quakespasm updates and fixes
helping newbs troubleshoot here on FUNC

I know I am forgetting some...

Thanks EricW! 
More Beer For EricW 
No Beer For EricW! 
We do not want to loose our dear Eric to alcoholism :D 
Absolutely Yay For Ericw 
Thanks for all your support over the years. Lately he's been doing more than me on TB2! 
Here Here!! 
Hip Hip ... 
Thanks For The Thanks :) 
Did you receive my mail? Address from your profile. 
Oops, sorry, that address is no longer in use - I can't access it anymore and can't recover it because Microsoft is asking me questions that I can't answer because I can't access it... whatever. Oh BTW, if anyone knows how to contact the Outlook team, that would be very much appreciated.

Anyway, I've updated my contact info, please send it again at the new address. Thanks. 
Pretty Sure I Spotted Mfx Among The G20 Rioters! 
You Were There Too??? 
Should I Use Chrome Or Firefox? 
Chrome runs considerably faster. Both are on the same safety level. Firefox is apparently more customizable, and Chrome has been misusing data or something like that. I'm only using Firefox right now because I grew up with it. 
Q1SP Stream 
Gonna catch up on this year's Q1SP releases, will stream on in the coming days/weeks/whatever. Tune in if you hate yourself and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!!!1 
I've been using Chrome since 2008 after 2 or 3 years of Firefox. I have (almost) never looked back, but then again, in Google tradition, almost every update kept making things worse, so I'm on version 54 (55 forced the vastly inferior "Material Design", current is 59).

Overall it's still a fairly fast browser with no bullshit. 
To be honest, firefox is a browser that usually just works. You're asking "tea or coffee". Question of taste.

"Any old browser" 
Currently using Firefox after a few years of chrome (Still using Chrome on my phone though). Chrome handled my laptop running in power saver mode a LOT worse than Firefox does, which is what made me switch. Then I discovered addons like tab groups and KeeFox, which helped a lot with deciding to commit to the browser.

And now, some time later this year I think, Firefox is going to drop support entirely for addons that modify the browser like that. So I'll probably be looking for greener pastures soon.

It's like they don't even WANT users! 
You're Asking "tea Or Coffee". Question Of Taste. 
Question of any cunt who answers "tea" getting punched in the face until their useless tastebuds collapse out of their spine. 
Does Not Change The Truth 
I have (almost) never looked back, but then again, in Google tradition, almost every update kept making things worse, so I'm on version 54 (55 forced the vastly inferior "Material Design", current is 59).

How did OneTruePurple get computer and internet license? Keeping software up to date is the one important thing about modern computers.

If you want to run random code on his system, simply select a random recent exploit. And since he likes to hang with neckbeard freaks,best consider his system compromised anyways. Top kek! lelel 
I forgot that this is one of those MEGA HARD MAN forums. Insert rectal joke here. 
That Was Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) 
But in a different role. Which one btw? 
Shambler Spotted 
My dog is pretty cute, however when he stuck his face out of my sunroof he looked a little different... 
Srsly tho bros. Coffee. With added coffee. 
Disgust with added disgust, yummy! I'll have a nice yunnan over that any day, thanks. Actually I'll have any tea, even the most insipid, over coffee.

@DaZ xD 
I'm back agreeing with otp, ban mugwump! 
What Englishman Prefers Coffee Over Tea?? 
You abomination! 
Not Liking Coffee Is Like Not Liking Quake 
Both are objectively wrong opinions 
Nice Fake News Bler. 
I never advocated for banning Mugwump because while he posts a shitload, I more or less agree with the "enthusiasm and activity is good" mindset, and also unlike some other "members" he has the decency of posting with his own name. 
My Shit Is Less Loaded These Days 
Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It/In The Loop (that bit is from In The Loop). 
Anonymity Triggers Psuedonymous Kkkancerous Broflake 
film at 11 
Hi Otp! 
hows the movie? 
First Chasm The Rift Port 
It is still beta, but it is Playable 
All You Anonymous Bastards Out There On Teh Internets 
CNN will dox you, stop fucking around!

Yet soon we will have laws that abolish anonymity and privacy alike, so I guess it doesn't really matter! 
Is my IP showing??!?! 
First Chasm: The Rift Source Port 
Chasm Guys And Others. 
If this is a beta it should possibly be in the betas thread.

If anyone else has a view on this please say it.

If it's an advanced enough beta to be a full playable release then please provide more information (details, requirements, screenshots, etc) and re-submit. 
Thank Dusk Developer For Finding It First 
I Liked Chasm Back In The Day 
Definitely not better than Quake, but you know. Had its charm for sure. 
I'm Back You Fuckers, With A Present Too! 
So, I don't think I will get back into mapping anytime soon, since I seem to be a much more effective modder.

But, since it's really hard to make accurate textures in GIMP, which I feel is a great image editing program, I have made a palette with all of the quake colors on it.

Here you go: 
American McGee Quasi-rant 
Sobeit. It's not that big a deal even though the games were pretty cool. 
Thanks. Might come in handy. 
Good. M.C. Gee Is A Shit Lord 
Let him have a grimm bad day in scrapland 
Why Do DMT Users See Insects From A Parallel Universe? 
Hipnotic And Rogue 
Did id ever release the source maps for the expansion packs like they did for base Quake? 
Hipnotic And Rogue 
Are named that because they were created by Hipnotic Interactive and Rogue Software, not id. 
Of Course, I Didn't Think About What I Was Saying 
So did Hipnotic or Rogue ever release them? 
Hipnotic Rougue 
As it are commercial products I don't ever have seen source maps.
Might be glad there is a qc.

If you want to look at the maps you can open the bsp in Quark.
Only all func_use is lost. Or decompile them with winqbsp. 
Im Just Curious 
I am just playing through both mission packs and I'm really pretty impressed with how far they came from base Quake. Architecture is much more interesting, and far more dynamic elements that I don't even know how to make. That's why I wanted to see sources. 
I too enjoyed the mispacks. My favorite official level is the black cathedral (hip2m2 i believe). So many good memories. Also the theme from limbo and the gauntlet is one of the best takes on runic ever. I actually mad a map several years ago for hipnotic but never released it. I probly should. 
I should just start releasing my old maps. Who cares if they aren't "worthy" or whatever. They can be fun. 
There is official hipnotic SDK. It contains few example maps, showing new functionality like rotatable doors etc. 
Qmaster, Khreathor 
Yeah, I don't know why people don't talk about them that much. So far, they are universally better than base Quake. Cool monsters, cool weapons, even cooler architecture and dynamic elements, something Quake had almost none of.

Khreathor, where can I get the SDK? I don't see it in Steam tools. Is there any place I can find more specific information on what exactly was added to the mission packs beyond the monsters/weapons (like the rotatable doors you mentioned)? 
Ok Not Quite 
I didn't mean to say base Quake didn't have dynamic elements. It certainly did. I just mean the dynamic elements are more frequent and more complicated in the mission packs; they are done very well. 
@sev, Qmaster Ktheathor 
Perhaps we could to a mission pack jam or a min-episode. I would be up for that. 
release your maps!!! who cares what people think? 
I Did! 
:) hopefully a mod will approve them soon.

Well, the handful I submitted anyway. 
Here: Hipnotic Devkit

(it's a devkit not sdk ;) sdk is software development kit - my bad...)

Problem with mapping for Mission Packs is that they require you to have Mission Packs... ;) and there are lots of players not having them.

Btw you'll find hipnotic code in many modern mods. 
Hmm... Mispack Jam 
Would you care if I released an early unfinished version of my ubermod, called the Keep mod, if we did this after Jam 9 in a few weeks? Then you could use whatever you wanted from the mission packs. Together. Gremlins and candles and wrath and droles and crossbow knights in the same map if you wanted to. ? 
Hipnotic Is Know As Arkane These Day 
Thanks a bunch. Where did you even find that? Is there a similar devkit for Rogue? 
I think Hipnoting came up with some good weapons, whereas Rogue went a bit over the top by adding another two nailguns. Even ID made the mistake of putting two very similar weapons into the game, but at the cause of time constraints. On that front I think Doom did better IMO. 
Except that the laser cannon is grossly overpowered, putting oht more damage than any other weapon while using less ammo...and it ricochets! 
Is there any place I can find more specific information on what exactly was added to the mission packs beyond the monsters/weapons (like the rotatable doors you mentioned)?

Here, for both expansions:

Also have SoA's devkit (don't know from where i got it) but i don't think there is a devkit/SDK for DoE too. 
DoE's progs are based on hipnotic, you can find some stuff here:
DoE sources

This page has a list of usefull stuff:

Quite outdated and many links are dead, but still has some valuable resources. 
I don't see the information I was curious about in the page you linked. 
i forgot to check the message, and the url doesn't change after clicking on the sections of the web, so i'll have to link directly to each.

With this, SoA's devkit and DoeE's Qc i think you can get the picture of what there is on those expansions. 
What are you wanting to do with the mispacks? 
I'm just curious. I've played many maps and mods that modify base Quake in some way (usually in a lot of ways) and I realized that I couldn't parse what was and what was not base Quake. 
Basic Quake 
off the top of my head, has no rotating anything, nor breakable walls or pushable things.

Base Quake doesn't have mecha-scorpions, gremlins, sticky grenades, laser guns, multi-grenades, multi-rockets, chain lightning guns, lava nails, swinging blade traps, moving water, Egyptian mummies or statue monsters, dragons or floating wraith-things that summon monsters.

Base Quake only has axe, 2 shotguns, 2 nailguns, grenade and rocket launcher and lightning gun. Base Quake has only dogs, grunts, enforcers, ogres, scrags, fiends, knights/hellknights, shambler, tarbaby and vore. Base Quake has nothing more exotic than buttons, lifts, teleporters, floating platforms and sideways moving doors. 
And fish and zombies chthon. And lava and slime.

Pst, wraiths from rogue don't spawn monsters, wrath in AD do.

Pst, chain lightning gun is from other mods (such as zerstorer and painkeep v3.0) not the mispacks. 
How Can One Post To 
I see no "new topic" button anywhere?! 
Not A Fan Of The New Template 
Don't forget to login and tune preference.
New look isn't gonna make the forum any more palatable. They'd have to get rid of the trolls and re-invite all the civil and talented Quake community members who left.

Unfortunately, it seems far too late for that. Quakeone has repeatedly defended trolling, murder threats and sexual harassment as "freedom of speech". Forum rules, common decency and proper moderation are the stuff of myth and legend over there. 
You actually have to select the appropriate forum category (Quake Central, Events, Media, etc...) first. Once that page is loaded, click on the "+ New Topic" button. 
You failed to back up your role as an administrator there with muscle, brute force and politeness.

When you banned a certain very disruptive person, you lacked to the follow through to enforce what you decided. Then that person re-registered under another account and harassed you. After a month you weenied out and quit.

Later in the year, I volunteered to Solecord my "services" temporarily and very quickly and efficiently terminated the problem, and did it very politely and there was no drama because resistance was very clearly made to be utterly futile. I then very clearly laid out the ground rules for that individual to further participate in the forum, unbanned and there were no problems ever again. A week later I unadmined permanently.

To be administrator you must be patient, polite and then if one must administrate, be very clear, very fair and follow through in an unbending manner.

You failed at all of those, in a rather spectacular way, turning a bad situation in an explosively bad situation.

You are a great modder, have great taste, are very smart. But very bad at administration. All those problems happened during YOUR watch.

Feel free to argue the fine details, if you choose, but as an outside observer one big mistake you made was threatening to use admin. Admin is like a gun. You don't threaten with it, if you have to use it then you do and then in a very impersonal manner. It created a scenario where the others that helped run site didn't see you as being objective and fair.

/Outside observer perspective only from what I read about the situation. 
Quakeone is like a strong cancer.

It was in remission for a litle bit and came back stronger with a shittier template and more Dark Places HD texture ideals.

Lets just allow the host body to die and rid this earth of the cancer once and for all.

also has accumulated a lot of useful information over the years which I have found to be a helpful resource. There are some threads there that don't interest me, so I don't visit them. However, it doesn't bother me that they exist. 
I Think It's Silly.... 
to avoid or exclude an entire community of Quake fans because of a handful of "bad apples" and unfortunate moments - none of which I am aware of. I'm with killpixel. Quakeone is a good resource.

The func community has its failings to be sure. 
Quake "One" Dot Com Gave Quake Its Quake"1" Tumor 
I just don't have that button in

No fucking idea. I never received a registration mail and have no clue how to resend it, maybe that's what's causing it? 
If you're not registered yet, that's most probably the cause, yeah... Have you checked your spam box for the registration mail? 
Quake 1? 
What do you mean? There's never been a sequel to Quake other than the mods like AD. I thought the "One" just meant Quake is #1! WOOt!

Someday someone will make a sequel with stylized medieval fast-paced exploratory goodness. 
Ofc I'm Registered And Logged In 
... called Hexen 2? 
There Was Also A Slomo Mod That Was Kinda Successful For A While 
Well you said you never received any registration mail so I assumed that your registration wasn't completed, but if you can log in everything should work fine. I suggest you take your issue to the admin/mods. 
Does any of you guys have some knowledge in audio mastering? I'm a composer, not a sound engineer, and I have no clue how to master my music myself. See, I have this track ready that I'd like to submit to the knave jam but it needs to be mastered beforehand, so Imma need some help. 
#29427 Music Mastering 
I am not an expert but I do deal with audio every day and know a thing or two. (sound design and music mixing not really mastering) I just recently mastered out my level music for the Jam. Click on my nick for an email address.

I've been using Adobe Audition 2017 lately and getting very good results. It's just a step down from ProTools but a great alternative. 
OK cool, thanks mate, I'll shoot you an email in a few hours - not @home ATM. I don't really need an expert, just someone with enough skill to inject some beef into my track: I've tested it ingame and it lacks some volume compared to the original soundtrack but I can't crank it up in my DAW without some clipping occuring.

I'm still using Audition's ancestor, good ol' Cool Edit Pro 2! Been meaning to upgrade for some time, I should get to it someday... 
I wasn't harrishing another flamewar about QuakeOne!
I just like the darker backscreen to read from.
That white hurts my eyes. Like seeing func_msg in a white template.
Thing I didn't get was Error being the headadmin wasn't logged in anymore. Whatevever.

If I use that link I'm logged in already.
Maybe something with the browser? 
Does this look like your ID?
I just checked members. 
White Background 
should be gone soon, according to what I've read on the main page. 
mail sent. 
#29415 Baker Re: Quakeone Disaster 
I was unable to follow through on that situation because the forum's administrators did not support me and instead blamed the situation on me. Forum admins have to support their moderators instead of blaming the mod who gets threatened with violence and supporting the perpetrator.

None of what you said excuses threats of violence, sexual harassment and smurf-trolling. None of those transgressions require the moderator to be overly polite to the transgressor. They just require a swift ban, which I helped deliver (Solecord was the one who actually did the banning).

You have some strange ideas, and again, you are inherently blaming the victim. I was on the receiving end of graphic threats of violence, which I proved to the admins, and the admins decided to not support me. In short, you guys caved in and threw me under the bus, then unbanned the perpetrator. That's crazy behaviour for an internet forum. Hence why I gave up the moderator and news editor post.

I tried to deliver content for your site, I stood in the line of fire trying to make it a friendlier place. You don't have the balls to ban toxic people from your forum, and you don't have the balls to back up those who do your dirty work. That is why you earned the excellent reputation you have.

You can lecture us about alpha males and freedom of speech and politeness and kitchen psychology all day long. Doesn't change a thing.

I think this is what happened. 
Graphic threats of violence? I told you to stop fucking with me or I would make you regret it. This was AFTER you chased me around locking my posts and publicly chastising me.

You a turd, GB. 
Did You Know? 
QuakeScone drama does not belong on func_msgboard. 
I stayed true to my word (making you regret it). Who really lost all of their efforts in the long run? That would be you. I made it really fucking clear I would remain standing regardless of the advantage you took of your privileges and position and I did just that. You're just Butt-Hurt that your Nazi moderation techniques have no shelf life. You are also a total pussy. You let your "friends" determine who your friends should be and fell off the map when you realized I WILL fight for my opportunities. Your methods and ideals were/are garbage. They fell apart at the first sign of resistance. 
I'm responding to the paragraph of shit about me here. I'm done. 
Can't imagine why anybody would want to stop you from posting... 
The next post on that matter goes in here: 

Their quake recorder is FTE, so it'll capture vanilla+fitz+dpp7+qw etc demos.
Getting the maps onto the server is more of an issue.

FTE (and I assume DP but I don't know the details for that) has a fun trick that allows it to play back demos at a variable framerate, such that you get one frame exactly every 1/60th or whatever a second regardless of resolution or performance sapping rendering effects etc - it just takes a bit longer to capture every frame (or possibly less, capturing faster than realtime), otherwise known as offline rendering.
FTE also has an ffmpeg plugin that can be used to directly capture the video to pretty much any format you want, in theory. It doesn't really allow for commentary though (unless its pre-embedded into the demo with voip). 
He's using Trenchbroom to make it: 
Trenchbroom 1 
no less.... 
Not sure about that. It sounded like it was an old map fragment they found... may just have used TB1 to look at it and take the twitter pic. 
Probably Just The One Room Shown In The Screenshot 
Can music made using a GPL sample be released under CC? I also used several CC samples in this track and they require that I use the same license, so I was wondering about possible licensing conflicts. 
Creative Commons is not one license; it's a set of several licenses with significantly different restrictions and liberties between them.

I tend to avoid CC-licensed content like the plague because of this; it's not rare for authors to not understand the differences between CC0, CC1, CC2, etc, before licensing their work under one of them. It may be possible that they think it's like GPL v2, v3, etc, where the number simply denotes an update.

Some CC licenses are compatible with the GPL, some are not. IMO, it's not worth the trouble, but you can analyze each license of each sample to see if any of them uses a GPL-conflicting CC license. 
Well, the CC-licensed samples are CC0 (I misspoke when I said they required that my work used the same license, it's another track of mine which does). The GPL sample is from Tenshihan's GPL Soundbank, which I think was released in 2003, so it's likely to be GPLv1 but I'm not sure. My work is intended to be released under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

I've read on the CC wiki that this CC license has a one-way compat with GPLv3, meaning that a work released under GPLv3 can include CC-BY-SA 4.0 material but not the other way around. However, it doesn’t say anything about previous GPLs. 
No one reads license agreements.

Pick one that works with your situation. Then find something productive to do.

Quoth has hipnotic scorpions, many popular Quake maps have textures from non-Quake games, Arcane Dimensions got booted from Moddb for having monsters from a different game. Possibly the best secret map ever in a single player releaes has Legend of Zelda music in it.

License agreements are paperwork issues; something for a readme. No one reads them. 
I guess you're right about no-one reading license agreements. The thing is, in due time I intend to release this work commercially on my Bandcamp, at least on a pay-what-you-want basis. I just don't want to be cornered into a legal feud.

I suppose I could keep mum about the source of this GPL sample, I doubt anyone would recognize it anyway, considering how I modified it...

the best secret map ever in a single player releaes has Legend of Zelda music in it.
Really? What release? 
The Original Rubicon. 
Made by the master himself, John Fitzgibbons. 
OK Thanks 
I haven't played Rubicon yet... *runs hiding in shame* 
That's No Shame 
"Crossing the Rubicon" == meaningful acts that can not be overcome or impossible to come back to. 
Rubicon's been on my to-play list for a loooong time, I really should get to it sometime... But there's so many great maps to play! 
What's the thiccest map made so far? 
Thicc Is Not A Word 
If you mean hugest map, it's hard to tell precisely. Depends if you count size alone or factor gameplay density in. OTOH, Foggy Bogbottom, Leptis Magna & Forgotten Sepulcher from AD fit the bill, as well as Something Wicked This Way Comes or Telefragged from RRP. There's also a version of the original Quake maps all stitched together into one single gigantic map. 
Hugest amount of rectal rekkage and all. 
Warpspasm Is Still On My To-play List 
Thx for the reminder. 
Youtube Or Twitch Channels 
I made a new account just for my Quake 'tubes and would like to connect with and link to as many Quake related streamers and YTers as possible. Please reply with some names if you know of any. Either mapping or let's players. Fine by me. Please stick with Q1 subject tho.

I already know of Quake Grave and Custom Gamer. Looking for others. Thanks!

My new channel -- will mostly be hype vids like the Jam9 vid and mapping tuts for TB2. 
MechaKnight slow plays through most released jams/releases now:

Technically I upload playthroughs of my maps, but I am considering having commentary over the just released jam 9. 
+1 Commentary 
MechaKnight is you?

@dumptruck The tuts will come in handy. 
MechaKnight is just a player who records his plays.

I haven't put commentary on any Quake videos yet. 
Found Khreathor's YT Channel 
and Rob Martem's who is always fun to listen to.

ANd BTW I like Twitch but prefer YT as Twitch BLOWS Chromecasting to TVs. 
How Crap 
Paper-Shub Is über Cool Tho 
I guess it levels the score. 
MechaKnight Is Alex Hope 
he renamed his channel recently I think. 
T H I C C 
Thank you for the recommendations, I will check them out.

Also for Quake 2 I think spog's map could perhaps be called a thicc map. ;3c 
I just saw you released a Q2 unit a few months bacc. I haven't played Q2 in years but if I reinstall it someday I'll mace sure to checc it out. Screenshots looc nice. Don't cnow if you're aware of this because you haven't posted in that thread but a news post was made about it on Func_ here. In case you wanna read the feedbacc. 
Yes, I have looked at it already. I was surprised at the feedbakk given that it was my first "real" offering for Quake 2 (previously I had only released one kaizo-themed map which people hated because of the absurdly difficult opening). I hope my next SP-unit will be even better. :3 
Okay this may be wildly off topic but I am trying to figure some things out so I can capture gameplay footage MY WAY.

I have a high end recording device that can record and encode a signal from HDMI. My target would be to get 720 60p file to edit with off the device. I'm wondering how this works with HOSTMAX_FPS

I would assume setting my monitor to 60hz, enabling vsync in-game and setting the recorder to the proper format would work.

I've done tests in the past but I recall having issues. Want to retrace my steps but start off with at least the game set up correctly. I cannot test it ATM but thought I'd ask as there seems to be some know-how on this board. 
There Is No Off-topic In General Abuse 
Installing Multiple Quake Engines 
I'm curious about folder/file management for Quake. I don't like having the base Quake directory house literally every mod and map I have. Can't really tell what is what. I'd like to have separate folders for custom content and have the base Quake install by itself. I'd also like to have multiple engines that I can switch between if need be, without overwriting the old engine stuff in the base Quake directory. Is this possible? For example, I'm having problems with several maps/mods loading in QSS that work just fine with QS. I don't want to have to keep overwriting my engine files and renaming the correct executable to "Winquake" for Steam to see it etc. What can I do? 
I Use Completely Separate Engines 
in separate quake folders. It does mean my install is around 8 gigs though. 
So you have multiple full Quake installs? I assume you don't launch from Steam? Where do you put all of your mods? Just pick one of the installs? 
I don't launch from steam. I just keep it in games/quake.
AD has it's own separate folder now it uses its own engine. I use Mark_V most of the time but I have different versions (like the winquake version if I am in a classic mood) I use the twitch fork for online streaming (though I couldnt get it to work recently).
There's a lot of duplication in there, things like quoth and drake for example are essential. 
So you have games/quake, games/quake1, games/quake2 or something for your Mark_V versions with full installs inside? Including all your mods? That's pretty crazy. I'm sure there's a more elegant way that wouldn't need so much redundancy. 
Pretty Much 
I used to throw em all into a single folder but it kind of screws up your configs after a while.
I'm sure there is a much better way to do it, probably something to do with .bat files perhaps. 
I'll wait for some more input then :) 
I feel your pain for sure. Have you tried using Simple Quake Launcher tho? My Quake directory is at least 4Gbs maybe more. But I have not had to look at it in a while. With SQL you can choose engine, game (Quake, Quoth, Hipnotic etc) then game directory, map and skill level and then command line switches. It's helpful.

Now this won't completely solve your problem and I am seriously considering the same thing you are talking about BUT SQL has made things much easier to launch and switch back and forth between engines. MarkV does mess up your config but I just save mine to a custom and exec from there. There are only 2 drawbacks: it defaults the gametype alphabetically so I have to change 1000 to id1 etc. and it takes a while to load becuase it scans your Quake directory on launch.

I really like it a lot. Give it a shot.


I've had that for awhile, never really used it. I'll check it out again, thanks. 
if its just dll conflicts (eg: 32bit vs 64bit), you can shove well-behaved engines and their dlls in some subdirectory and start them up with '-basedir ..' or equivelent

best thing to do about configs (other than smashing the developer's doors down with a sledgehammer) is to just make them read-only, and then nothing can corrupt them when you least expect it. you can use +exec for engine-specific settings, if you need them. 
Winquake? Heck if a dev just added an option to disable frame interpolation what else would be different in Quakespasm? 
#29476 Dumptruck 
I'm throwing a wild guess here but maybe if you set host_maxfps to 60 it would prevent the issues you had? I think it's set to 72 by default in QS. 
Rejoice In The Findings Of The Colonthree Here! 
Vorelings As Pets 
I love these little bastards ! They're the most funny beasts of Quake, and I want one as a pet !

Would be great to play a map designed only for them, with one thousands of these mosquitoes.

Is there a command in Quake to change all monsters to a given type ? I don't think so, but it could be cool to experiment with.

Geez they're so cute ! 
The engines list shows the admod engine, quakespasm sdl32 and Winquake. The rest I do not recognize. It does not show my QSS engine. How do I set the thing up to find more engines? 
quakespasm-sdl2* and I do recognize Glquake of course. 
Quake Champions EU Quakecon Qualifiers 
Recording Demo's 
Is there a way, keybind/alias etc, when trying to record a demo to just have it tied to the quickload(F9) key and start recording again incrementing the demo's name?

I don't play all that great and I'd like to record some demos, like many here do, but damn man... it just breaks immersion for me when I have to quickload but drop to the console and get the recording going again making sure I don't overwrite the previous one.

Don't mean to whine but after several attempts of trying to get OTP's Jam9 map finished I m just frustrated with the process.

How is everyone else doing it? 
Not Really. 
You could make an alias script, but the problem is you need to record to a new file everytime and I don't think that's possible to implement.

Alternatively, you could play on coop mode with only one player where you simply respawn after dying while the demo keeps recording. Not ideal, though, because you still couldn't quickload, and it might cause problems for progression if the map doesn't take coop play into account - locked doors and other showstoppers.

Optimal solution: skip OTP's map! B) 
Yeah, I just bound multiple keys(6, 7, 8, 9, 0) for recording, so it's a quick F9 and the one of those in succession. Worked well enough. 
There's been some confusion about the Quoth 2.2 release - patch vs full release, one of them possibly having (had) an old version of pak2.pak inside. On your site, the paks in both zips have different datestamps. Can you please give a definite answer what is what and how/if the corresponding zips on Quaddicted need to be replaced? 
I think SQL only looks in your Quake directory for the game engines all of mine show up - Fiztquake etc. I notice you have vQuake! That's the first HW accelerated Quake for the Verite V1000 card. 
I guess I just have whatever comes with the Steam release, plus admod and QS. I'd like to come up with another solution to the organization problem, SQLauncher just sorts through all the junk a little better. I don't want all the junk. 
Patch Version 
I downloaded the patch and the full versions, extacted pak2.pak from each, and then the progs.dat file from each copy. After checking the both the progs files and the paks themselves with a binary comparison tool, I am happy to share that the files are byte for byte identical across the patch and the full version, and it doesn't matter which one you use. The datestamp isn't a reliable indicator, because it's generated from the zip file metadata and doesn't necessarily correspond to the creation date of the actual file. 
The SHA1 checksum for a current copy of pak2.pak is
e3 57 e0 b2 b7 87 03 e2 eb b3 2a b8 22 91 1b 77 c4 b0 a3 7a

That's the most reliable way to check the integrity. 
Also Dumptruck 
Overwrote my base Quake engine (the loose engine files in the Quake folder + Winquake) with QS 0.92.1. Downloaded a fresh copy of QSS and dropped the folder in root Quake. SQLauncher won't read the QSS engine, only admod. What gives? 
No Need To Vis Our Maps Anymore 
Primitive Discarding in Vega

On a serious note, it would be awesome to have compilers with results that are this precise. I can't speak for q1 maps, but creating optimized q3 maps (and source apparently) requires quite a bit of TLC (caulk hulls, hints, area portal, detail, etc). It seems you pretty much have to consider the vis process from the very beginning and build accordingly so that by the end you've essentially vis'd the whole thing manually. I'm still a noob so I could be making it sound more labor intensive than it needs to be. Practically speaking, you'll get very good mileage out of a few well placed hints and area portals, but for really well optimized/vis'd maps you should consider vis on a per-face basis right from the beginning. 
vis rejects things that are occluded by other geometry, the tech they are talking about in the video seems to reject things that are out of the view frustum, or backfacing, or really tiny. Quake engines already take care of frustum culling and backface culling even on unvised maps. So that's separate from what vis has to offer.

In theory, we could use hardware occlusion queries to reduce the need for vis, but i'm not sure if any quake engine uses that or if it's even practical to do it without hand-authored occlusion volumes. 
For Nitin Exclusively. 
any news about the fully vised tronyn/ericw jam6 map? 
It's still vising 
Indeed. He only mentions tiny tris, backfacing and frustum culling, but it looks like they're demonstrating occluded geometry culling here? Either way, it was only a wistful joke to soothe my pain... speaking of, I should get back to trying to optimally vis my non-room-corridor-room-corridor map... 
Re: Jam6_ericwtronyn Rerelease 
It's still coming :) I haven't been mapping lately, but on the other hand the recent func_detail fixes I made to qbsp were probably necessary to finish this map anyway. 
Trenchbroom Tutorials 
I'm getting closer to starting up video tutorials for TB2. I wanted to ask some of the newer mappers who use TB2 what topics would be helpful to cover. Maybe not something that you need to know now, but something you wished would have been in a tutorial before you started mapping.

Please everyone weigh in.

For the more experienced mappers what mapping questions do you find yourself answering often? 
That's great ds to make tutorials. Your voice would be easy to listen to and understand.

I can share that when I was new to mapping I wanted to know how to make cylinders, arches, and other curve shapes.

Another simple thing was how to make pools of water and generally openings and corridors from other brushes. When you never used a map editor before, even those things seemed confusing! That was TB1 though.

I see a fair bit of compiling questions as well. 
I remember a while ago I made an image set describing how to use the different clip modes and 3-point clipping. Having something that explained the clip tool in video form seems like it would be useful.

Also can second Bloughsburgh's suggestion around curves, that'd be a good gateway into teaching how CSG works in TB2/in general.

I'd also definitely suggest covering some basic topics. Things like how to make doors move up/down, and how to use things like triggers, counters etc. Things that are relevant to any mapping tool but will probably be new to people who are using TB to try quake mapping for the first time. 
you definitely have the voice for it. I tried to do one a while back but the biggest complaint/feedback I got was to do with the structure. I thought I had covered everything but maybe not.
You can see the video here for reference -

I was going to do a series but never got around to making it. It's actually pretty self contained and would get most people on the mapping ladder. Maybe you could learn from any mistakes I have made. 
Fun drinking game :-

Drink a shot every-time I say "what you need to do".

You'll have alcohol poisoning in no time. 
Great Responses! 
@bloughs great I will put much of that on my to-cover. I think with these suggestions I am going to come up with a map that has a lot of these features built in and cover them all step by step.

@pritchard I need to "rehearse" your method I am horrible at this but yes thank you I will use and link to your tutorial when I get to that one for sure.


I skipped around it. Yes I will review the whole video for sure. I dread the setup aspect - that alone takes so long I know people really want to jump in and map so I am going to try and keep things moving along quickly with the least amount of me rambling on (which I can do very easily)

I also am a pro editor so I can speed up my voice - make all kinds of seamless edits etc.

Alos planning on keeping each video very short and having a playlist of a lot of short topics so if people know how to set up a compiler they can skip ahead.

Would love to hear other ideas. 
Yeah I would be interested to see a professional spin on something like quake mapping. You tend to get a lot of very amateur videos like mine for this type of community content.
It's kind of funny watching back the video, I got a number of things right but I should have scripted the tutorial first.

Can't wait to see what you come up with. 
Definitely let me know each time a new tutorial is done so that I can tweet about it / link it from the manual and shit.

Also if you script the tutorial beforehand, we can go over the script to see if there are things you might not know about etc. 
I'm doing the video tuts actually.

That would be great tho and I will absolutely run them by you before recording them. Right now I am planing on three Youtube playlists. 1. Overall Concepts (map files, compiling, entities etc) 2nd a TB2 specific walkthru of making a simple but "full" featured SP map with triggers and such. 3rd playlist would be Advanced stuff: ericw's _phong and _dirtmap lighting, hint, skip. 3 point clipping. Map hacks, mods.

TBH I still have a lot to learn myself but I am getting there. I didn't even know you could flip/mirror selections a few months ago! There are always holes in someone's knowledge base I guess.

I was planning on lifting parts of the script directly from your manual and from "The Unofficial Quake Level Design Handbook" as it has a great overview of all the basic concepts.

So yes let's collaborate on the Tb2 sections at the very least. I do track the github each week to see what's up. 
@Fifth Re: Tuts 
I watched your entire tutorial. It was good! I agree the main takeaway is to script it. I recorded my first test last night and I had to edit so many "ummms" and stutters and sentence fragments that "winging it" is not the way to go. So I will def be scripting. And breaking up concepts into playlists is going to help as long as people can find the starting point. That's one drawback to playlisted YT vids. Sometimes it's tough to find "Chapter 1" (well on mobile it is).

What I have planned for the first overview set are these chapters:

Quick overview of what this set covers
.map file
Compiling tools overview
light and .lit (show a lightmap)
Leaks (concept only)
Game engines
Entities (point, brush etc)
Wads / Texture concepts

These will all be targeted at under 2 minutes apiece. Then on to the TB2 specific tuts. 
Unfortunately I don't have the chops for editing videos properly, I'd just have to get the "take" correct with little-to-no mistakes.

I created the video in the way I had was to give the viewer the shortest possible time to get from nothing to something.

Then the further videos would have been much more in depth for each subject matter (manipulating brush vertices, clipping tools, lighting techniques).

When I learn a new map/dev tool I always think "how quick can I be running around this world". 
Some Progress 
So I figured out a mediocre solution to my organization problem. Haven't tackled my mods/maps situation yet, but I have created an "engines" folder in the Quake directory to house my engine files. Initially I tried creating shortcuts to the respective engine exe's using the -basedir parameter, but SQLauncher wouldn't see it because shortcuts aren't technically exe's themselves. So I used symbolic links instead. This preserves the exe extension so SQLauncher will see it.

So now I simply have 3 symbolic links in my root directory for quakespasm, quakespasm_ad, and quakespasm_spike, with their files tucked away in an engine container folder. Adding more engines will be simple, tidy, and they should all cooperate with SQLauncher. 
Let's get you one of these for your Quake directory!

Seriously though, good job on figuring this out. I may do the same. 
Now for the mods. 
Are there cvars for brightness and contrast? For some reason, launching mods with different engines resets my settings for brightness, contrast, and resolution. Just want to have the cvars to drop in my autoexec. 
cvarlist in console? 
The brightness cvar is "gamma" and the contrast cvar is "contrast" 
Researching My Tutorial Vids 
...and found this old article.

So cool to see an article written by someone John Carmack really admired touting the young upstart's work.

Quake’s approach, which I'll call surface-based lighting, preprocesses differently, and adds an extra rendering step. During off-line preprocessing, a grid, called a light map, is calculated for each polygon in the world, with a lighting value every 16 texels horizontally and vertically. This lighting is done by casting light from all the nearby lights in the world to each of the grid points on the polygon, and summing the results for each grid point.  
That Articuhl 
Was really neat! I rejoice in seeing content from the old websights I used to visit. Of them only Gamasutra is left. 
Thanks Eric 

for the tutorial, i think it's a good idea to do many examples of using the clip tool, vertex tool, brush tool and duplication when you are building a map, and how you should try different ways until you find what's your prefered way. 
Secondary Monitors 
Is there a trick to getting quake to appear fullscreen on a secondary monitor? When I go fullscreen it always moves back to the primary, even if the window was on the second monitor. Running Windows 7 if it matters. Does using a particular engine help? 
Thanks - I will include those ideas for sure. TB especially has a a lot of methods to accomplish the same task. 
Quakespasm had that problem and it'll be fixed in the upcoming release. I'm not sure how other engines work on multimonitor. 
Spread windowed is the only way I've found...helps if you have the fov cranked up too. 
Sort Of Like Broken Old Car Air Conditioning 
Spread windowed and fan cranked up 
Floating Medieval Fantasy Libraries! 
So are the Quake monsters literate? 
A Modest Suggestion 
I'm a mere lurker and nonmapper, but is there a place where I can suggest necros' "The Altar of Storms" as the theme for the next map jam? The Ayleid ruin style works so well in Quake but no one else has ever used it! 
This is the right place to make a suggestion like that and I don't see why not. It's an interesting idea to be sure. 
Link To Altar Of Storms 
If You Do Altar Of Storms Jam.. 
..hit me up, I have a great idea for a boss (and the will to code and model it etc...) 
Can I also pitch a Travil Jam then? its been 10 years 
This place looks surprisingly good on my mobile.

Web 1.0 is still the best. 
Travail jam wouldn't be an inspiring theme except for reasons of name-dropping. Could be either semi-realism style of the first episode which most people seemed to dislike for unspecified reasons, or DKTe3 theme with grindy horde combat which could then be called DKT jam right away. 
Uber Mod (The Keep Mod) 
Getting closer to a pre1.0 release.

Uncompleted Tasks:
• Readme (at 30%)
• Archive map
• At least one of these unfinished maps that make use of the mod:
-▪"" (Egyptian Coagula map)
-▪"Subterranean Mine" (Large tech base/factory)
-▪"" (Egyptian pyramid insides)

Future plans:
• Uber map (no peeking! no hints! Keep rearranging too much anyways)
• Uber episode:
-▪Still mostly in planning stages
-▪Considering making a collaborative community project...not sure how well I can "corral" peoples' efforts toward my overall vision and pacing from map to map. Prerequisite is to finish the plan and compile into a master project guide with theme notes for each map along the journey path, encounter ramp up pacing and new enemy schedule, and weapon release timings. 
Command Line 
Is there any reason not to use -hipnotic? Does it do anything besides itemize the HUD? Are there any other useful arguments to use with every launch?

My command line in SQLauncher currently looks like this:
-hipnotic -height 1080 -width 1920 -fullscreen 
Standard Id Would Look Strange Or Give Errors 
Actually I was just thinking the riot controller, mechs, and the Scrag Queen.

I thought there was an attempt to port the Scrag Queen to AD so there could be a pair? 
semi-realism style of the first episode which most people seemed to dislike for unspecified reasons
Aren't these reasons precisely said semi-realism?

port the Scrag Queen to AD
That would be the Nour in ad_zendar.

Über Mod
Looking forward to it. 
Permanant Tutorials Thread? 
people drop some good ones here now and then, such as flp's quake modeling tut but they get lost in the general abuse thread over time. I've also amassed a ton of tutorials that others could possibly find useful. Maybe a dedicated thread where people can post links to tuts in a clean, clearly labeled manner is a good idea? I feel like it could be a good counterpart to the mapping help thread. Thoughts? 
I second that. I am in the process of writing video tuts for TB2 and a perm thread here would be super helpful. 
Can someone msg Fric and give him a completely hetero balls-not-touching man-hug out of respect for the stabbings in Turku (I can't get on discord atm). Ta! 
Blind Quake Playthrough

it's interesting to see how quake plays the first time. 
mfx, may I ask you to send me an email? I'm trying to mail you but it seems the address I have is invalid. 
Been trying to reach you since about late June. 
Bloody Dark Places! 
Whoever said the Q symbol was an eclipse with a spike in it is full o crap. It would need to be an eclipse with something smaller than the moon. 
It Is 
The moon occluding my giant left nut. 
It's an anchor. 
HD packs for Q1 are getting out of hand: 
Where's the NIN logo? 
Where's the NIN logo?
Not on battery ammo. 
Heh Good Point 
Nine Inch Cells... 
Tronyn try playing some Quake :P

Or making an Id-size vanilla quake map for lolz. 
On The Pronunciation Of Tronyn 

Things I think about when bored. 
#2 Deffo. 
Tronion Ftw Lol 
Back in the day when my friend Lee created Nexiuz, he meant for it to be pronounced Nex-ee-yus, but because of his strange spelling fans apparently pronounced it Nex-whiz.

I will make an id size map one day. At the moment I'm still plugging away at some behemoths but I think I've finally reached the limit, at least in terms of how much I can expand my style of map. About to play Forgotten Sepulcher this weekend though and wouldn't be surprised if it and other new maps have pushed the scale even further. 
No More Vsync In Mark V WinQuake? 
I'm getting constant frame stutters in WinQuake. Why is there no vsync command or setting? 
plugging away at some behemoths
Plug away, man, plug away... But release! 
Since IRC #terrafusion seems mostly dead these days and supposedly a lot of folks migrated to Discord, whats the address for Terrafusion Discord server? 
thanks a bunch, buddy 
Keep Mod (uber Mod) 
Das Readme ist nehman Forever. Tis fun though. In a way it will end up being an encyclopedia for all things Quake. I'm trying to be thorough in providing the information my readers will want, mappers and players...mostly mappers.

I've been thinking about making a new thread to be a devblog of sorts, good idea? Lame? Don't care? 
thine über mod having its own thread might be a good idea, especially if you plan on giving us frequent news updates. It'll keep things tidier than having to rummage through the GA thread to find your posts. 
Hey, Was It Ericw That Made The Defullbright Utility? 
It needs to be updated to ignore the transparency index or else it borks my {fence textures. 
yeah, that should be fixed in v0.2 from here 
Great! Thanks! Works perfect. 
Ionous Please Stop Spamming Your Twitch Stream 
everybody who's interested will be a follower at this point.

k thx bye. 
Except you are wrong about "followers". We're getting new visitors to func_ each day, those visitors might be interested in his streams right?

Ionous is not asking for money or getting sponsors. He's just contributing to the community.

@Ionous. Do your thing. 
#29593 Agreed 
Ionous, keep being you man. 
I'm With Dump And Bloughsman 
Twitch and YouTube are currently the only way for me to watch playthroughs until my computer is fixed. 
I Never Know When Ionous Is Going To Stream. 
So I rely on his twitch spam thread to know how many hours ago I missed his Honolulu-time stream. 
Drake Mod? 
Is Something_Wicked the latest version of the Drake mod?

I like how subtly advertised Drake is, similar to my Keep mod version 0.10. 
Yeah It Is 
There haven't been any completed updates since then although I think PM may have a build that at least partly implements some newer features.

Also, not that it's guaranteed to be released at all or bear much resemblance to the original game if it is, but a sequel to Rune has just been announced. I'd given up all hope years ago: 
Regarding My Stream 
Mostly I post in the appropriate map threads as a heads-up to the prospective mappers. I know that when someone streams one of my maps, I appreciate the heads-up, since I like being there.

And I have no clue who follows me or who doesn't. I've never checked. 
So I rely on his twitch spam thread

Wasn't even aware there is one. That's totally fine. #tf also. Go for it.

I was talking exclusively about the other threads, e.g. map releases, other pc games, etc. It's just visual noise there. The threads have some sort of "documentation" aspect to me, so please don't extra clutter them.

(btw, I am following ionous on twitch iirc. I would be interested in watching him play map releases, but I've never once seen it timely enough in a news thread.) 
@29599 Ionous 
a) contact author directly or #tf for the stream
b) post the link to the recording after it exported to youtube to the release thread (or if you can save twitch recordings longer than a few weeks, go for that)

Also, we need a better quaddicted for map releases. 
It's just visual noise there.
We, including Ionous himself, have given you several reasons why this is not the case. Just because you have no use for Ionous' occasional heads-up posts doesn't mean they're useless. Learn to live in democracy, pal. 
Also, we need a better quaddicted for map releases.

Sign me the fuck up. 
Re: Quaddicted 
It's an amazing resource but relying on one admin (or a small group) is a bit precarious and since the site is so powerful I would imagine it's a pain in the ass and unruly to maintain. Perhaps a "Wikia" type of service where each author takes care of their individual map entries. There have to be enterprise services we can try that have some of the functionality of Quaddicted but can have many users/admins.

My vote would be something like Wordpress. It's easy to maintain and post, different permissions make it easy to control posts etc. it's popular and programmers can add custom functionality. Food for thought. 
Quaddicted is a wiki and the idea behind it was to allow people to contribute. Articles, tips, tutorials. But in all these years nobody could be bothered to do anything.

The site's structure and map system could be more streamlined and robust in its foundation and usablility, I agree. But the actual map archive part works just fine in my view. Sometimes takes a while for maps to be added to the database, but it's all there or will be eventually.

Spirit has other priorities nowadays, which is a bit unfortunate though understandable - however, despite his sometimes seemingly excentric ways on handling the files, he still keeps the site running. I doubt that a new system run by new people would make things better, especially considering how careless many of the recent releases were done.

If someone is knowledgeable in web systems, frontend/tool programming and similar stuff, by all means contact us and maybe something can happen. Best to discuss this on Quaddicted itself. IMHO, makeshift solution like your average blog systems, Discord or the like can fuck off. 
especially considering how careless many of the recent releases were done.

Fine and agree for the most part, BUT let in some more experienced admins or yes someone write a front end for non-technical folks like myself or perhaps some documentation on how to help with the current system.

I see a request to contribute to the site but zero information on how to add articles, tips or tutorials.

Links please. 
especially considering how careless many of the recent releases were done.

Fine and agree for the most part, BUT let in some more experienced admins or yes someone write a front end for non-technical folks like myself or perhaps some documentation on how to help with the current system.

I see a request to contribute to the site but zero information on how to add articles, tips or tutorials.

Links please. 
Maybe try clicking "post new topic" in the forums? 
I thought there would be more functionality than a forum post from what negke was saying. 
There Is More Than That 
Small articles and links can be added freely to the Wiki part of Quaddicted without moderator's rights at all.

I see a request to contribute to the site but zero information on how to add articles, tips or tutorials.

That's as easy as it can be, and Spirit has showed the path to several times on Quaddicted's forums. I myself have contributed adding some things there.

It isn't hard to find either how to do it. The matter is that almost no one has put the effort to do so, like negke have said. 
from what I gather it seems to function a bit like Func_, with free-posting forums and a news section where articles need to be submitted for approval. What other functionality did you have in mind? 
It Is 
good to see the general population of the board agrees to stream advertising. 
Advertising Is For Commercial Products 
Come on now, let it rest. You seem to be the only one here who's bothered by what others find useful. 
Good to see the general population of the board agrees that you should stop using your fingers to type such nonsense with and instead use them to thoroughly scrape out under your foreskin and heartily inhale the extracts. 
Well bless my britches! So easy! I cannot believe more people haven't jumped in and contributed to the Quaddicted community.

So at Quaddicted I click on Wiki, scroll down to Wiki, click on that and from there all I see is what Wiki software Quaddicted uses and how to run it myself. So how the heck do I add something to Quaddicted specifically? Is it that hard to post a link and actually I don't know... encourage people with a tiny bit of direction? I guess not.

But you know what? Fuck it. I have my own blog and I'll host my own maps on dropbox etc. and spread the word through Twitter, YouTube, r/Quake and func_. And yes I will email them to Spirit as well. 
Isn't Spamming A Stream A Moderator Issue? 
If the mods don't take issue with someone posting their stream, it's a non-issue. 
Given That You Can Subscribe To A Streamer For Their Personal Gain 
it is commercial advertising. 
What Personal Gain? 
Twitch is certainly not a clickbait site, has no ads and I've read that its streamers gain nothing from viewers. 
Ionous's stream posts are a good argument for a delete button. It's not very useful when they're still laying around after the stream is already over.

But I wouldn't say that in lieu of a delete/edit button for our own posts we should disallow stream ads.
Is it really so difficult to scroll past the post, or roll your eyes and click back when you open a new post notification and it's a stream ad? They're ten times less annoying than actual spam and some people even appreciate them being around.

From my perspective megaman is just coming across as lazy. It's too much work to ignore the thing that he doesn't like, so it'd be better if other people went to the trouble of deleting it or didn't bother to post in the first place. 
The Opportunity For Trolling Is Strong In This One. 
Just to show that tolerating or even defending this kind of content doesn't really make any sense.

BTW, why are my posts any different and/or more annoying than those of others? I don't really see the difference..? Please explain. 
You Know What. 
Disregard #29603, no point in moving from Quaddicted if there would still be an obsessive, conceited jerk at the center of the thing. 
Sorry For Mixing Those Two Issues 
I mentioned it, because I actually think that a directory of map play-through recordings would be really cool to have.

However, the idea would be to have something that is community-driven, ofc. It's clear that work needs to be shifted from the mods to map authors, etc. The less work adding releases is, the better, because releases would be published sooner.

Basically create more infrastructure for the parts of quaddicted that can be formalized. 
Crazy Farts 
I think my butt is taking quite a bit of abuse from my diet, oh boy. 
I only just now realized I forgot to add the megamap which explains the frustration... 'pon it! 
Easy As Can Be 
That's as easy as it can be, and Spirit has showed the path to several times on Quaddicted's forums. I myself have contributed adding some things there.

It isn't hard to find either how to do it. The matter is that almost no one has put the effort to do so, like negke have said.

Mind sharing this path one more time instead of just saying it is easy to find. I'd like to contribute if I can. 
As easy (or complicated) as most Wiki systems. Sign in on the forum page; then there aew "edit this page" links on each wiki page. You can create new pages from scratch by entering the corresponding url, e.g. Images can be uploaded through the Media Manager at the bottom - awkward, but it works. Be sure to select the correct folder.

You can familiarize yourself with how things work by using the <a href=">playground page</a> for testing and experimenting. 
Thanks negke, but I do not see "edit this page" links anywhere. Let's say in the links section I wanted to add another tutorial link for example.

As for the Media Manager, I just clicked on upload just to see what would be displayed and I get "You do not have the rights. This happens even in the playground section. Sorry I may just be confused here.

In the playground I see: "If permissions allow, you may create it by clicking on "Create this page". I do not see "Edit this page" or "Create this page" anywhere.

Is there a help page somewhere on quaddicted that explains this process? 
Works For Me 
You need to be logged it, cookies and all. No special permissions required.

The only help page I know of is the Formatting Syntax
I am logged in and do not see "edit this page" on playground page either.

Where would we enter the page name (url) for a new article if we got this working? 
Will ask Spirit. 
So Perhaps Bloughsburgh Did Nothing Wrong...yet! 
Check This One 
it has several edit buttons of two kinds

In the playground I see: "If permissions allow, you may create it by clicking on "Create this page". I do not see "Edit this page" or "Create this page" anywhere.

Strange, it works for me too. Try adding /xxx to the url of any page in the wiki and see if the create this page button appears in that new one

There should be in that screenshot a third line below ''Sitemap Recent changes'' that says ''Logged in as: '' so maybe it didn't log you in. I remember that happening to me time ago, so better try to check in several places and refresh the pages to be more sure that you are really logged in. 
Fucking built it and they will come. 
Err Ooops 
Stupid web monitor service sent me to an older post. I guess I should read above. Sec... 
dumptruck: It should mention your username at the bottom of wikipages. I am looking into it. Must have been broken for ages, ain't that telling that you are the first to notice.


Outside a very tiny group of deligent, awesome contributors people never gave a fuck about being able to contribute. The Quake community does not work like that. It is driven by few people who like doing their niche well.

If you want a file added, just mail me the url of the upload at Quaketastic and it should be there hours to days later. Not some shit host, not some "oh this is a special version but using the same filename because I fixed a pixel that was off in the back corner of the map". I tend to ignore mails like that. Or those that are just help vampires.

If you are not a newcomer, you might remember Quaddicted being fully powered by a wiki. Low interest by others. There was also community driven news. Same there.

Not too long ago I ported Quaddicted to Wordpress, having a better community in mind, but realised that people are assholes and gave up the idea. There are plans for rebuilding the whole map system, including a proper metadata format that would make the Quake Injector (or a successor rather) much more powerful. But considering that people are still releasing utter SHIT in terms of packaging I have little motivation.

Oh and open-sourcing the map system? One (great) contribution three years ago. Woohoo. Yes, it is *shit* code, I wrote it many years ago but so what. If you want changes, PRs are welcome. Hell, even well planned feature requests might spur motivation.

however, despite his sometimes seemingly excentric ways on handling the files
Fuck off. >:) I handle a file as it is, a file. Not my fault if people are anal perfectionists who cry if their urge to replace files does not work in an ARCHIVE.

And yes, it's pointless to discuss things regarding me here. There are some sociopaths here that just spread shit and negativity so I only notice things when pointed to.

Much love to negke and the other people who did and do tremendous work on and around the site over all those years. You are awesome and should feel good!

I tried so many times to get the community organised. Projects were burned so many times by people's burst modes (including mine).

Oh, do you guys know btw? 
Not my fault if people are anal perfectionists

Outside a very tiny group of deligent, awesome contributors people never gave a fuck about being able to contribute. The Quake community does not work like that.

help vampires.

having a better community in mind, but realised that people are assholes

You seem like such a lovely person, I wonder why so few people wanted to contribute to your website??? 
There are plans for rebuilding the whole map system
When you'll move from plans to action, there's one thing I wish Quaddicted would do:
Currently, when you're on the page of a multiple-authors release, you can only click ALL the authors' names at once. It would be nice to be able to click each name individually. 
Not possible because there is just one dumb string in the "author" field. 
Thanks anyway. 
A Replacement For Quake Injector 
I once had this idea to replace quake injector with a small app that is registered as a URL handler. Quaddicted would have a "play now" button which when clicked, launches a special URL, e.g. "quake://". The URL would launch the app, which then would download the necessary metadata, download the map (and required mods, if possible), and launch a pre-configured quake engine with the required command line.

That would be great because the injector app could now skip the UI and handle only the downloading / launching part. Which is complicated enough already I imagine. 
^ Megaman :)) 
Sleepy: Yeah! I think that was even part of my original design docs but memory might be off.

Maybe we should have a Great German Gettogether some day.

Anyways, back to life without func, it is a happier place. Take care. 
Anyways, Back To Life Without Func, It Is A Happier Place. 
"And yes, it's pointless to discuss things regarding me here. There are some sociopaths here that just spread shit and negativity"

And yet, somehow, this is another fantastic year for Quake mapping across the board, old and new, modded and vanilla, simple and spectacular, individual and community (including this forum) driven.......... 
Louis-Ferdinand Céline 
was a great author but a shitty human being. These traits aren't mutually exclusive.

You can't deny there sometimes is some toxicity around here. 
I know some other posts were a bit more personal but I wanted to re-iterate that Quaddicted is a tremendous resource AS IS. So warts and all you have a lot to be proud of and at least some of us do appreciate all the work that went and goes into the site. I would like to contribute and I appreciate you looking into the error that Bloughsburgh and I encountered. We'll keep our eyes peeled I am sure. 
Oh Yeah, #29642 Was Me, Sorry 
Even if Quaddicted just sat there and was rarely updated, the contribution to the community over the years is just without parallel. The value of a stable, complete-as-possible archive of maps with screenshots and the ability to comment is also I think responsible to bringing new people into both playing and mapping to a greater extent than we usually recognize.

This is on total contrast to how Google, say, is currently eviscerating Youtube. 
Anytime! I think writing the app would be easy if the server has a simple interface for the app to use. 
And yet, somehow, this is another fantastic year for Quake mapping across the board, old and new, modded and vanilla, simple and spectacular, individual and community (including this forum) driven..........

This is true and it's important to take a moment to appreciate it fully, because for some reason, it feels like the community is at a decline. But really it's not (I hope). 
Is what got me started on Quake mapping. Thank you Spirit for all you do. Never stop being awesome, never let naysayers get to you, always Keep on. I greatly appreciate your maps archive as one of greatest contributions to the Quake community.

The two pillars of Quake online: Func_ and Quaddicted. One for making, one for playing.

We may be a bit internet every now and then. We're all people on here. Pardon our attitudes, some of us just need to eat or take a nap. 
got me started on mapping, but Quaddicted showed me the richness of the Quake community content. 
More Specifically 
a YouTube video of TB by uh... CustomGamer I think? 
Which browser do you use and which cookies are created when you login? Can you try with a different browser perhaps? 
I greatly appreciate your maps archive as one of greatest contributions to the Quake community.

The two pillars of Quake online: Func_ and Quaddicted. One for making, one for playing.
That Is A Very Good Line. 
I might be slagging off Spirit's grumpiness but yeah Quaddicted has been great. The first resource I'd send people to who want quake maps. 
I tried Chrome at first, but then I used Firefox which I have not visited quaddicted on.

I just get the same links and information as dump's screenshots. I'll try again with IE11 because why not. 
It appears to be a bug in the system, not related to the browser. Could be that all users who signed up after a certain point lack the priviledges or something. Maybe introduced by some server upgrade or move. 
It appears to be a bug in the system, not related to the browser.

Thanks for checking on it. 
By My Count, We're Up To 84, Not 79 
This spreadsheet is missing at least five maps, as far as I can tell:

Block by Mickmaus
Naitelveni's three "Lulz" speedmaps (all released in March, I think)
Newhouse's sm179 map 
Can we make it to 100 maps in 2017? 
Real Ones! 
Don't go releasing 20 box room maps with one enemy. That's cheating. 
I was not aware of Block by Mickmaus.

I am not including LULZ on purpose, we could all shit out a dozen joke maps a month and then claim 1000 releases per year and that is decidedly *not* the point.

I don't see sm179_newhouse either in the official zip nor in the Quaddicted listing. 
QUMP is supposed to come out soon, which is 8 maps.

The "episode" "jam" is also supposedly close to question, and it's another 8 maps.

Muk and Nait are both working on releases that could be conceivably released within several weeks.

We can hit 90+ within September. Nevermind doing 100 this year, let's aim for 125! 
Counting every individual map, that is. Keep that in mind if you use the numbers to compare it to previous years. If you go about it this way, the years with high speedmap activity can easily skew the statistics, for instance. 
Counting every individual map, that is.

Yes, and? 
I don't see sm179_newhouse either in the official zip nor in the Quaddicted listing.
Have you already forgotten about the deadline clusterfuck? The pack was released a few hours before the announced deadline, so NewHouse's map wasn't included. IMO it should have been added to the Quaddicted page, at the very least. Check post #2 in the SM179 thread here for a download link. 
SM179 was released AFTER the dealine had past. Stop saying otherwise. I literally counted down the hours. It was announced at 7pm one night and ended around 9pm the following night.

This is ridiculous that people still cant accept being wrong about something so minor. 
As I've already said before, the deadline was announced (written in plain text in the OP) at 12:00 UTC. I'd be curious to know, in what world 12:00 = 21:00, exactly?

Breezeep posted at August 19th 1:59 (func_ time). This means the jam ended August 20th at 1:59 (func_ time)

Hell he even accepted dumptruck and naits maps late. Newhouse posted his 3 hours after Naitelveni who was already 1.5 hours late.

Discussion over. 
Youre stating that the jam only lasted 9 hours.

Since the jam was announced at 1:59 (func_ time) that means 10 hours would be 14:00 (func_ time).

People submitted their maps, which ended up in the pack, well past the 10 hour mark you are stating.

I honestly feel slight "schadenfreude" for even having to spell this out like this. 
Jeez... Why Are You Doing This? 
Yes, the discussion was over, why do you feel the need to bring it back up?

And why do you persistently choose to ignore the damn fact that he TOLD EVERYONE in his OP that the deadline was 12:00?

Youre stating that the jam only lasted 9 hours.
Uhhh... what?!? 
"Yes, the discussion was over, why do you feel the need to bring it back up?"

Says the guy still insisiting breezeep ended the jam earlier.

It was 24 hours long. Time stamps on func prove it. Why do you choose to ignore the timestamps on func that prove it lasted beyond 24 hours and that telling time zones across multiple timezones is hard? He said 24 hrs and thats all that matters. Lookat dumptruck and naitelvenis timestamps and compare them to the announcement post. Even those were beyond the 24 hr period. Youre pedantic to a point that doesnt matter. He messed up telling the time zones but did mention it was 24 hrs which is all that matters...cause it lasted 24+ hrs Get over it.

Im done discussing this. 
Surely this is all far less important than the fact that someone made a map and that's a good thing.

I don't care who is wrong and who is right in this discussion; I think it's great that Breezeep organised the event and I think it's great that people made maps for it, including NewHouse. So NewHouse's map missed the deadline for whatever reason (obviously just some misunderstanding) -- so what? If it's important that it be left out of the sm179 pack, so be it, but it's silly to pretend it doesn't exist. Just treat it as a separate release (like sm170_negke or sm171_negke, for instance). 
Nice Opinions Anon. 
Post under a name and try again. 
Im far from neglecting newhouses maps existence more so just standing up for breezeep. 
Or just include in! 
Rename To *_possibly_delayed.bsp And Include In The Actual Pack 
In Other News. 
The 2017 spreadsheet is now a little more robust:

- Added a separate count excluding speedmaps. With this added I re-listed the map counts from the previous years as they were already made to exclude speedmaps and other edge cases.

- Added links to every release and marked the ones not on Quaddicted (wtf??) as red.

- Split up the previously grouped items from hexcalk and Qmaster into separate ones. This blew up the January list so I tightened up the spreadsheet a little.

- Added block. Jury's still out on sm179_newhouse, awaiting for some form of an official release. 
Hmmm Can We Hit 150? :) 
If I release my older episode that will make 5 more maps (or was it 6...I think I had a bonus map in there).

If I finish my egyptian coagula map, egyptian pyramid thing, subterranean mine factory, and my knave jam map...that will be another 4.

Then there's my unnamed "uber episode" project but that will be longer, even as a collaborative effort I'd imagine. Probly not this year but will need about 14 maps of which I have starts to 3. Anyone can join this...I still need to upload my plan and the overview map (literal map) of the world and player journey path...once I get good signal. 
Says the guy still insisiting breezeep ended the jam earlier.
Oboy... Are you trying to make me mad? Because this shit is really starting to look like it. Firstly, you brought it back up, I only replied to OTP with no intention of reviving this debate. Secondly, how is it so fucking hard to understand that I meant earlier THAN THE FUCKING ANNOUNCED DEADLINE? Stop splitting hair with your timestamp calculation bullshit. The gist of it is that he provided a wrong deadline that led to NewHouse's map not being included. You can stand up for Breezeep_ all you want (like he can't do that himself...) but this is NOT NewHouse's fault. 
Now, To Be More Constructive 
Can someone please submit sm179_newhouse to Quaddicted? I would but my computer is still broken. 
Mugwump just went Super Saiyan.

kamehameha etc etc 
I insisted that the session was to last for 24 hours, UTC. I know I screwed up at first with the initial deadline, but you're blowing this issue out of proportion TBH. I will try to ensure that I don't screw up deadline dates for the next session, happening sometime this month. 
So Breezeep Messed Up The Timezones. 
Big fucking deal.

1) The post said "You have 24 hours". Adding a 1 to the day in the timestamp is hardly "calculation bullshit."

2) Everybody on Discord who knew about the event taking place knew that it would be a 24 hour mapping event.

Hey MemgnAN.

Pure Kamehameha 
If I don't get my speed I won't catch my map!
Some maps speeds themselves back.
Let's make a "palindrome" theme!
Run backwards to the start, uh.., oh no.
That's how it begins. 
The Vorelings As Pets 
It could be awesome to make the vorelings (these little pesky three legs guys) as pets in Quake. I mean, when they attack you, bitting your knee, and you don't kill them but fead them instead with some other monsters bodies, they could turn into "friends", following you without attacking until they get killed by another monster.

They are my favorite monsters in modern Quake. They're so hilarious.

The exploding balls of Sepulcher are also awesome ! I don't want to kill'em ! 
could be possible with SoA's Horn of conjuring put into Quoth. But poor voreling wouldn't last long. 
Kinda Interesting 
Bitch's Got Told !! 
What Controversy? 
Can someone msg / discord Fifth and ask him to not start his Shib stream until 9-ish tonight please? I really want to see his uber-derp through Shib4, but won't be back to lateish. Ta! 
Hollywood Holocaust Remake 
Were people talking about there being some hidden unreleased map or something? 
The Duke Nukem map by Tea Monster looks like it would fit into the the original game nicely. 
Add: Haha, mostly.

There is a Dr. Pepper fountain machine. 
Yeah, it looks really cool! I can't wait to get my PC up and running again so I can download and try it. 
Quake Webtools 
Is there a non-dragndrop version of the Quake Web Tools java model viewer? Windows 10 sucks because it doesn't work in either chrome or ie. 
FTE has a built-in modelviewer which naturally supports all the formats that FTE supports (as well as all the extra support stuff like .framegroups files and shaders).
use either the modelviewer command or use the dir command (eg: dir progs/*.mdl) and then click one of the listed files (which works for a few filetypes, not just models).

or there's noesis, which has some export functionality too.

or you could even write some modelviewer feature into that mod you're working on. 
Thanks Spike! 
Don't know why I didn't think of that. Hmm... a devmode_modelview 1 consolevar that let's me "attack" any model to change it's skin and show it's precached gibs and their corrresponding skins above it would be quite handy. 
mug, would you like to join the gang on terrafusion discord? 
Thanks for the invite! 
Is There 
An entity definition from fgd converter? 
Whenever A Mod Gets Around To Looking At It 
Could they please add Beta to the title of my Keep mod news post. It's incomplete, hence only 0.2 instead of 1.0. 
Yesterday marked 1 Year on func_ for me. 
Happy Anniversary! 
Unless... why the blank face? 
time flies, etc etc 
From the Mark V thread:

#1727 posted by NightFright [] on 2017/09/12 07:59:40

These days, mappers are doing everything to push Quake map specifications beyond any previously known limits.

I was thinking just that the other day and realized it echoed how id used to force the hardware manufacturers to push the technology forward with each new release... 
GOG Directories? 
Working on tutorials for Quake mapping.

Does GOG put games in specific directory like Steam does? Can you select where it goes? I want to be able to tell newbs where to find their pak files. 
Typically in the "GOG Games\Quake" folder on some drive.

BTW are you aware of ? That's my own little newbie-assistance project. (Which includes some automated attempts to find existing pak files.) 
@Johnny Law 
No looks good gonna read the whole thing on my lunch break today... interesting.

And thanks for the heads up about GOG. I didn't really want to buy Quake a third time. Wait, actually i got it for free at QuakeCon when q1 came to Steam they gave us all codes. SO I guess I am still using my WinQuake CD assets. :)

Just noticed your Steam Controller for Quake setup. Nice! 
-hipnotic -rogue -game <modname> 
Does -hipnotoc do something cool for .gravity to work on individual entities? My trigger_setgravity and item_antigrav_belt entities do nothing.

Is there a specific file in the engine code that details what happens for WriteByte when using -rogue. I get wierd errors when using either -hipnotic or -rogue in my Keep mod but I'm also using very different IT_WHATEVERs for self.items and self.items2. 
Nevermind The Gravity Question 
The Rubicon ladder code in PlayerPrethink was setting self.gravity to 1. 
Miss Boobies 
there's a channel , come join us 
All Q2CTF Communities are now idling on Q2CTF Discord L-Fire LMCTF Expert CTF and Railwarz - 
What Was The Font 
used in Rubicon textures? 
Rubicon 1, the terminator font (some version of it)
Rubicon 2, microgramma extended bold 
Thanks Metl 
If you or anyone else can remember the exact version of the Terminator font, it'd be nice. 
well, it was like 19 years ago... I just downloaded one of those free fonts that said it was the terminator font. I remember there was more than one and they were not all the same (some letters like the 'A' were different.) You could probably just download a bunch of them and see which ones look closest. A quick google brings up one font called "Terminator Two" which could be it, but maybe not. Another good way to tell them apart is the numbers look different in the different versions available. So find the one with the matching numbers.

Fun fact, I have actually made a new font from scratch about 5 years ago to use for rubicon 3, which is kind of a hybrid between terminator and micgrogramma. Of course rubicon 3 doesn't exist, but this font still does.

Also, when I was making that I did some research and found that the terminator logo was adapted from a font from the 70s called "China" owned by VGC. There is also a recent commercial font called Changeling Neo based on China, but with lowercase letters added. But it's not free and of course it wasn't the one I used for Rubicon 1, if that's what you're trying to track down. 
thanks for the detailed explanations. If a RRP 2 ever gets going, it'd be cool if the guys involved could use that new font of yours. 
JF3 Confirmed 
You could always try

It's kinda fun actually. 
Thanks For The Link, Qmaster 
Could prove itself useful. 
Did you guys see this? Is this DP? Pretty cool but they need to "pop" both visually and aurally. 
Late Night Rocket Arena 2 
Join us on Discord in the #ra2 channel and we can organize some RA2 event nights!

also theres an RA2 facebook page if you are on there 
Headed there in 3 days. Any must-sees? Cheers in advance! 
Don't expect reliable weather that's for sure.

Edinburgh is a real nice city. Bustly, but lots of cool old architecture. Glasgow has more down to earth culture apparently.

Anywhere in the North West has beautiful scenery but also the worst of the weather.

Go to , and put in

From: Glasgow
To: Durness
Via: Nostie
Via: Torridon
Via: Gairloch

Hell of a trek but there's a lot of stunning stuff there. 
Thanks, Shambler! 
You Know How You Hear Something 
And end up hearing about it a lot for the next several days. Just heard about a coworker moving to Scotland. 
We had a wonderful time in Edinburgh recently, and my wife when out on her own hook also had great fun stumping around the Isle of Skye. Cf. the mid-part of this picture dump from my trip: 
Where are we at now for number of SP maps released in 2017? 
I Happen To Have The Spreadsheet Bookmarked. 
81 as of Sept 25th. 
Insomnia Meet Mapping 
I have a tough time getting a good night's rest without some kind of remedy. This morning I found myself wide awake at 3am. After I realized I would not be able to doze back off I decided to get return to a map that has been on hold for about a month. Got some work done on that, now I'm at work and ready for a nap! 
Nice Shots, Johnny Law! 
Looking forward to it more, now! Cheers! 
Happy Birthday Daz 
Also Dranz and Dazers! 
Cheesecake For All 
Dranners Too 
Get confused. 
God Damn It 
thank you :) 
has anyone ever heard of an indoor skybox, what I mean is a skybox which depicts an indoor environment like inside a cave or a giant dome or something (remember Heretic 1 had a parallax sky of the inside of a dome on the bottom of the ocean), instead of an outdoor scene? 
Depends on what kind of skybox you're looking.
I made a large sphere and turned it on a 256 frame in qmle.
Size goes to 32x64 units square and up.
A bit wobbeling, but sufficient.

I have four spheres in a map, reaches out to five skyboxes. 
Quake Legacy Mod Revival Discord! Big Games every Night! Growing Daily come join us and help organize the next big event for your favorite Quake Mods!

invite link here share with all your friends!

Death Match Q2CTF L-Fire CTF Gloom Vortex Qpong Rocket Arena 2 Lokis Minions CTF Expert CTF DDay Chaos Mod Jail Break Kick Vanilla Action Quake 2 Railwarz insta CTF TDM Duels instaGib Freeze Tag Giex Mod Lox WOD Weapons Factory BOTS Battle of the Sexes WODX lithium Mapping Level Design Quake 1 2 3 4 Live and Champions! all Mods! All Quake Games! Join us! 
As A Matter Of Common Courtesy. 
And since that particular spam of Quake Legacy Mod etc was more informative than the previous ones, I've only hidden the previous two posts. That last post is more than sufficient and doesn't need to be repeated. 
Forgot your old password? 
Join us in #weaponsfactory

Help bring back weapons factory! 
Attn Quake Mapping Newbs 
This is a must read by Scar3crow. 
Ugh, When Does This Become Spam I Wonder? 
The 2nd And 3rd Time It Already Happened ;) 
This should be the new copypasta shitpost for this forum. 
Whatd you say about me you little shit? Ill have you know I'm in 19 Quake discord servers. 
Hi, guys!
Is there a way to slow down or speed up a demo playback in engine (so fps stays consistent)? 
Has a host_timescale variable in console. 
Thank you, onetruepurple! 
If X Was Made In 1998 
Jonathan Blow 
i love that, and such a nice touch to have the cover art in a playstation box or whatever. Bioshock was the best of those i think! 
Those Demake Are Insulting Retarted 
I converted a doom 3 model to an md3 and dropped into darkplaces. Pretty cool! I've always admired doom 3's models and animation, it's fun to finally know enough the play around with them. 
ya bite off the arm/leg!
me gib the scratch off a dangerous creature. 
Thats dang creepy. Cool. 
I Don't Remember This Monster At All! 
I guess it shows how much I care about the game... 
the level was probably too dark to see him. 
A Look At Unreal Rendering

It's an overview of Unreal engine's rendering by studying how a frame is processed (using RenderDoc). It should be interesting to those who want a peek under the hood of a modern graphics engine. 
Shit Tune, Got A Dark Glitchcore Remix? 
Maybe I do

11 minutes with a MIDI file... 
I got totally beat there. GG! 
Kind Of An Out-of-left-field Question, But... 
...anyone know of a good archive of RAMSHACKLE (the site that gave the TrenchBroom editor its name)?

The link that Frib posted in the TrenchBroom thread is dead and apparently intentionally excluded from And any other bits of RAMSHACKLE that I can find around the web (e.g. at are incomplete. Probably defeated by the fact that the site originally used a Java app for navigation.

Even the coverage of the original site is missing most images and probably other stuff:*/*

Got an urge to revisit it and it's kind sad if it is really permanently gone. 
New Enforcer Model 
Some Jokes From Reagan 
looks like the Breen of Star Trek ukyou 
im fine with it 
Better Have A Beast Machine When Playing Quake Champions 
because fire rate is linked to frame rate
Q:C is unfortunately sort of a dumpster fire on the coding side due to the outsourced development, which is a royal shame because the actual gameplay is typical fun Quake but there's so many naggling performance and networking issues plus a slowwwwwwwww balance change schedule. 
Preach had mentioned on his wordpress page that QME has an "undo" feature.
Preach, I've tried ctrl-z in the 3d view and it doesn't work on either version 3.1 or 3.0. How does this work??

Here's a link to the page where he mentions it:

The undo is for drawing on the skin only, other changes aren't tracked. It works for me on 3.1 
Brutal Quake? Qore! _ BETA 
While browsing through news pages about quake in Steam, I chanced upon this news about a gore mod for quake, which is akin to the well known Brutal Doom mod for classic Doom and Doom 2, stylishly named Qore:

The mod itself can be downloaded here:

If you are interested in pumping up the gore factor in your quake game, and this also somehow went previously beneath your radar like me, then give it a swirl!

(Moved to GA because it seems to be a work in progress mod) 
Thanks Preach!
It'd be great see a program as simplistic and specific to Quake modeling as QME, but with more features, like an undo for geometry. Get on that please, somebody. 
Brian Hook Discussing The Quake 3 Rendering Engine At GDC In 1999 
Q3 And All Games From Q3 Suck Dick 
How Do I Add A Keyvalue To An Entity? 
I want to add a gravity keyvalue to worldspawn. 
Bunny Hopping 
Been trying to learn how to bhop properly in NetQuake engines like QuakeSpasm and Mark V. Mark V has a handy "scr_showspeed" cvar, so I've been experimenting on it.

In QuakeWorld engines like ezQuake it's so easy, I just do a circle jump, then release +forward and keep on jumping while strafing and moving mouse in the air. I can reach 700+ ups no problem. But in QS and MV I seem to lose speed with a couple of jumps, even if I try to press +forward with each jump. Is the NQ friction too high or what? All I can do is 400 something ups at best, which doesn't seem meaningful.

What's the trick, if there's one? I mostly want to do speedruns of modern map packs, hence the the interest in the technique. 
bunnyhopping in qw is possible because you can avoid being on the ground at any point - there is no friction and thus theoretically no real upper bound to max speed (up so sv_maxvelocity of about 2000 anyway).

nq keeps you grounded for at least one frame each jump, so you're till at least partially subject to friction, limiting max speeds. 
Then how come the QDQ guys move so fast? 
here is the quake speedrunning discord

If you want your times to be officially accepted by the community and want them posted on or similar you pretty much need to use neaquake or joequake. That is pretty much the standard.

Yes, the difference in protocols between the engines means you can get more speed. Watch some of the streams from beehivekay:

The tricks he does aren't possible in "normal" engines. He doesn't want to set times, he just does it for fun / practice.

So I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. 
Quaek Rulez 
newhouse_: how does it feel to have over 100 quake maps this year?

CustomShambler: it feels like making love to a beautiful woman.....

CustomShambler: ....WHO HAS 100 DIFFERENT TYPES OF AWFUL S.T.D.s
Wut? We're still at 94 yeah?... don't jinx it! 
@iriyap Bunnyhopping 
I believe that the main diff is that QW runs at a ticrate of 0.01388~ or 1/72fps where as standard (net)Quake runs at a ticrate of 0.1 10fps (modern servers online run at 0.05 or even 0.025 so this affects the physics timings. As Spike said netQuake has longer times for the physics to apply to the player. Try lowering your ticrate to 0.0133 in Qspasm and see if your bunny-hopping speeds increase. I've always been curious how speed runners achieve QW like physics at normal ticrates. IMHO they should have the visible spedometers on screen or at least show their settings. 
Why The Crap 
Is physics tied to a frame/tic rate? Shouldn't this be framerate independent and calculate based on time since last frame? 
>framerate independent
>time since last frame

Don't be naive. 
D4's Weapon Pickup Animation Sorcery 

A fairly seamless transition from worldmodel to viewmodel. How do you even do that? My guess is that when the animation is initiated and the player position/camera is locked in, the gun and arms are worldmodels as the gun is picked up (maybe??). After it gets picked up it's briefly lowered out of view. When it's raised up again, both the arms and gun are different models (now viewmodels). Pretty neat. I'd like to know how they actually do it. 
Saturn Quake Findings And Musings 
Turns out the Saturn version of Quake has completely different secret levels, which are actually pretty cool. E.g. one of them is a series of huts and walkways on top of huge trees and another one lets you pit monsters in a boxing ring. Those levels make some interesting and clever use of vanilla Quake assets.

Here are the videos of all four Saturn exclusive levels:
Hell's Aerie
Watery Grave

(There's also a test map of sorts on the disk resembling a modern day apartment chock full of pop culture references and inside jokes.)

How cool it would be to play those levels on the PC with proper controls and a framerate higher than 20 FPS?

Now, the Saturn version of Quake runs on a completely different engine (supposedly, the so called "Slave Driver" engine which Lobotomy Software used for PowerSlave/Exhumed) and all the levels are actually low precision 3D models in the custom LEV format. Rich Whitehouse has reverse-engineered the format and his model viewer/converter, Noesis, can export the Saturn Quake level geometry + textures to other 3D model formats, such as OBJ.

I was thinking about trying to convert the levels into the standard BSP format, as all the tricks used in those levels should be possible to do in a standard Quake engine (apart from maybe the rain effects), but what would be the best way to import the OBJ etc 3D data into a Quake editor such as TrenchBroom or Radiant? Anybody interested in working together on such a project? 
Technically Super Impressive Though 
I think the 3d in Saturn-Quake reminds me alot of early NDS games, with the chopped up samples and the very crude way of doing 3d graphics. I like it. 
I'd Just Like To Add A Vote Of Confidence 
to the impulse behind this; a similar impulse was behind Quaddicted and I'm starting to think people might be looking at archives of Quaddicted decades from now. It would definitely be interesting from a "historical perspective" to see these levels which I didn't even know existed before. 
The OBJ-2-MAP utility doesn't seem to produce anything that can be loaded in TrenchBroom, so I might just reconstruct the levels manually brush by brush (unless somebody's got a better idea?). I'd need to fix various texture alignment/tiling issues anyway, so this might be a better way to do it. The textures are the same size as the PC version, so it's very easy to guess the size of each brush. Somehow I've got a feeling that these levels were originally compiled from standard MAP files, because the geometry structure is essentially the same as stock Quake levels. We might never know for sure, I guess.

Here's a screenshot of the first Saturn exclusive map (Purgatorium) using Rich Whitehouse's model viewer. It's a pretty cool vanilla-ish map, isn't it. 
Here's two ideas you might try, if you haven't already.

1 - Try converting the map in smaller pieces. Maybe the OBJ2MAP program doesn't handle many complicated shapes at the same time.

2 - Open the resulting .map file in a text editor. There may till be parts that you can copy and paste into Trenchbroom. Unless I remember wrong, you can copy and paste geometry into TB via the clipboard.

Either method might save you time compared to creating every brush from scratch. Worth trying at least. 
If you give me maps in obj and WAD with textures used in this maps, I can export it to editable MAP format. 
Feel free to add me on Steam, and I'll gladly share what I've got so far. Been working on one of the maps in Trenchboom and it's shaping up rather nicely.

But basically, you extract the maps using Noesis which you can get here. To get the original Saturn Quake files, do a Google search for "quake saturn iso", should be the first result. The textures are included inside the LEV files and Noesis can convert them to a number of formats including BMP and LMP. 
should be able to give you a Valve format map with texturing intact. I would then run it though my qbsp's "-convert quake" option to convert it to a map file with vanilla texturing for editing in TrenchBroom.

There are different algorithms in OBJ2MAP for converting faces to brushes, I think there was a "slabs" one that extrudes every face into a brush.. that might be a good choice? The other one is "spikes" which makes a pyramid out of each face which is probably not what you want for level geometry.

The full article is paywalled but here's a lot of words about Quake! 
That is a lot of words indeed. While it's never fun to read about the various conflicts that happened at id, it's great to see some words from people like American McGee and Sandy Petersen who- outside of dedicated Quakers, obviously- are too often forgotten in favor of the two Johns.

Side note: is that a possible DM3 or E2M1 on McGee's monitor? 
is the one I admire the most. 
Someone From Asia? 
I'm pretty sure I saw someone posting here from Asia not long ago. Tried to reach the guy, but couldn't find the Asian IP. Where are you, man? 
You should try translating your message to Asian if you're hoping for a response 
Shambler In Thailand 
What's With The Ogres? 
Are they slaves/indentured servants to Quake? I wonder, because the rest of the monsters seem to be undead or from the Elder world, whereas the ogres seem to have a looser tie to Quake.

I know there was some lore in Nehahra regarding the ogres, but I can't remember most of it.

I feel that they're being controlled by the stronger enemies, sort of like the alien slaves in Half Life.

What are your thought? 
So the deal is that some people within id wanted to make a fps fantasy themes, very much like the RPGs they were playing at the time, but they ran out of time and had to release what they had.

The ogre is probably a remnant of that. 
Long Read Indeed, But Great! 
Before time the Elder Ogres were savage medieval warriours, that had nothing to do with guns and belong in earlier centuries. They were far more on the corner of the magic, that HellKnight attend. They were relative weak in weapons, but commenly strong shielded with their axes.

As the armour of the time quakers brought other skills like shells and nails, the ogres obtained these stronger weapons and became smaller. Guarded with their machine saws and grenades they've become a strange relick from elder time.

They lack technical skill and since they lost their shield they only worry about grenades and cells. 
Ogres are creatures of chaos whose lack-of-purposeness is closely aligned with Shub-Niggurath's nihilistic plot to overthrow all life. 
Looser Tie??? 
The ogre is iconic. It is one of the bread-and-butter, heart-and-soul enemies in Quake.

I believe Madfox is onto something.. although I think hammers and not axes makes more sense. They seem to be the engineers in the Quake realm. Ever resourceful, stealing the weapons of their enemies, smithing their own. 
first time i saw an ohre i thought he was csrrying a hammer
with his shirt he looks like a blacksmith 
At one point the Ogres had horns and I read somewhere that their grenade launcher was a nailgun unless I'm remembering wrong. Which probably explains the nailgun Ogres in some mods.

It's probably not a stretch to imagine that they had axes instead of chainsaws at another point. 
Din: See John Romero's own Twitter

R00k: The Ogre is clearly inspired by Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie series. His grenade launcher is even shaped like a hammer which is the second main weapon that Leatherface uses. Source

So, at some points during the development, the ogre had:
- horns
- shield
- axe
- hammer
- nailgun
- grenade launcher

And the game manual also mentions him carrying a sack of grenades. 
sack = backpack that the ogre drops, I guess 
IIRC, the player's Axe weapon comes from an earlier Ogre model. Probably that's why it's so gritty and covered in blood unlike the other weapons.

Also, the Ogre is still holding a nailgun in his final model. That tiny weapon is way too small to fit even a single grenade, much less launch it. They must've switched fron nails to grenades because dodging nails is rather hard and would feel too much like hitscan. 
the Ogre is still holding a nailgun in his final model. That tiny weapon is way too small to fit even a single grenade

Well, its design was based on realistic nailguns then, instead of being based on the nailguns that the player carries. This would also explain why it looks like a hammer. And I also agree with this after looking at the ogre's gun skin - that's definitely not a hammer. 
Look at that ogre! No wonder the manual says he's 9ft tall! Looks scary awesome. 
Well, the player never gets to use a single barrel nailgun, so we could assume that's what it looks like.

Here's the Ogre model skin:

The two strips on right must've been used for his horns. 
Those screenshots are vertically stretched.

Here's them with the correct aspect ratio
Wasn't Me Who Posted Those, But... 
I was actually replying to #29850 in my last reply.

Here's the original source for these screenshots
Yes, and I just corrected the image aspect of those screenshots to 4:3 square pixels, since Quake was developed for 4:3 CRT monitors with non-square pixels. 
Monkeying Around In Darkplaces 
day scene
night scene (this one's cooler)

I was watching some Sea of Thieves gameplay this evening and felt compelled to play around in DP/q3map2. I grabbed a couple textures from google and slapped these together. Granted there isn't much going on in those shots, but performance is pretty good (around 400 fps @ 1080p).

I'd like to make a pretty, cheerful and humorous adventure game someday. All this time in gloomy crypts and mournful ruins has me longing for some levity :/ 
that nighttime skybox looks cool, the clouds are very stylish/cartoony. 
I'd Like To Make A Pretty, Cheerful And Humorous Adventure Game Someda 
Brightly lit egyptian / ikwhite theme Q1 SP full of murderous monsters and brutal carnage?? 
Both Of Those Look Very Cool 
@metl - yeah, it's sweet. I think I got it and some others from the unity asset store for like $5.

@shambler - I was thinking more along the lines of a 'pirate' themed, semi open world shoot n' loot with a Blizzard-esque aesthetic. This is actually something I've wanted to do for a while now.

@nitin - I think so too. I'm a sucker for bright colors and video game water. 
So Assassins Creed Black Flag meets Torchlight 2 from an FPS perspective. Something for your forthcoming game engine..... 
Just Sayin' 
I'd play the shit out of a Quake map pack / TC in a cartoon fantasy style like Torchlight or other lighthearted RPG's.

I think hand painted textures like this would work pretty well: 
Go for it. Seems that whatever you touch turns to awesome. Looking good. 
@shambler - TL2's light rpg elements would fit well in an old school fps with a little more streamlining imo.

@iriyap - same here.

@qmaster - thank you, good sir! 
About The Ogres... 
Looking at the ogre art/models above I am reminded of a custom ogre that is Madfox's excellent Fourfeather:

The new ogre in this map does seem to resemble these models, I wonder is it an original or are these models available somewhere - Madfox? I'm going to guess he made it because of all the other custom stuff in the map (Bender!)

@killpixel - looks awesome. For some reason the art style in those videos reminds me of the Rayman universe. 
To answer my own question, it seems that in the readme for Fourfeather the ogres are based on the ones in QuakeTest with some modification. So it is indeed a model of an alternative ogre design. A cool piece of Quake history. 
Merry Christmas 
Hope everyone is well, has a full belly and some nice presents I’m good company. 
In Good Company 
God dammit. 
Good Company To All Of You! <3 
SleepwalkR, You'll Always Be The Goodest Of Company. 
Happy Holidays! 
SleepwalkR, You'll Always Be The Goodest Of Company. 
Happy Holidays! 
Happy Holidays. Thx for all the hard work on TB! A gift all year round. 
Happy Mass All 
are these models available somewhere

Yes, they are. I reassembled some files together and left it on Quaketastic. For defense they needed the Rubicon files, so it's a bit hard to extract them.
It's allso the one that's used in QuakeReMake.

Quake 2: Sonic Mayhem 
Quake 2: Sonic Mayhem 
rejected here because there's no info about what it is at all. need screens and short description at least. 
The day scene is awesome. The night scene isn't as impressive for me, but it has a more consistent visual style. 
What Happened To Nonentity 
it's been awhile since his last visit this place 
Why Does Doom Attract More New Players? 
I don't mean this as a post to stir things up. It's a genuine question. Is it purely down to Doom being simpler to map for?

I love both games but I've often wondered why Quake just doesn't get the same level of newcomers even though the game itself is probably more influential in the industry... 
How Many Layers Of Mapping Are You On 
Simplicity is probably a big part of it. Figure that to get a basic Doom map from the editor to playing in-game, you need maybe one or two programs total, you can make the whole thing from the top view drawing walls and floors and doors, and you play it by dragging the .wad onto the game of your choice. With Quake you have at bare minimum four separate executable files- map editor, qbsp, light, and vis- with the latter three either requiring an editor that can auto-compile by filling out the paths for the tools, a fifth dedicated tool to act as a GUI (like Necros's compiling GUI), or running them all through the command line which is just silly (even though that's how it was done back in the day).

Then once you get a hang of the tools themselves, the world of brush based mapping can be confusing to a newcomer if they're used to Doom's dedicated floors/walls/etc, and despite the incredible amount of flexibility even Quake's basic map system gives compared to Doom's 2.5D (read: not requiring source ports or hacks for completely basic stuff like rooms over rooms or sloped surfaces- when everything counts as just a plain brush face, there's no floor/ceiling nonsense!), they then get to learn about fun things like using light entities instead of fullbright sectors, what leaks are and why their map is running so slow, scripting with triggers, relays and counters, and so on.

So then after all that you've decided instead of just map making, you want to delve into full-on modding, new enemies, weapons, what have you, and you discover there's nothing here but QuakeC which- while again, is arguably more powerful than Doom's various script types and infinitely more versatile as it isn't sourceport-dependent- requires, well, learning QuakeC. Then for actually getting visual representations of your snazzy new gun/monster/what have you, it's time to learn 3D modeling and track down all the tools and limitations required to make your project fit into Quake's ancient model and animation system, there's no fudging around in MS Paint for an hour kit-bashing someone else's sprites to make your very own pixelly masterpiece.

There's also the matter of popularity, which is a self-fueling thing like an engine dieseling after you cut the spark- while breaking 100 maps in a year is a milestone for a smaller community like func_ and the related Q1SP communities, Doom's modding community is staggeringly large, and people who want to make something for a wider playerbase- be it because they want the recognition or just wanting more people to be able to experience their work- will naturally be drawn to the game that already has a large base. It doesn't help that Doom has been basically 'memed to death' (for lack of a better term) ranging from endless agitating skellington 'jokes' to "But can it run Doom?" for every toaster oven, VR headset and digital wristwatch in existence, while Quake has always been kind of a black sheep outside Quakers themselves due to the pretty darn big differences between games and how- much like UT99/UT2004- Quake players seem to always be at each other's throat about why Your Favorite Quake actually sucks and why My Favorite Quake is the best game ever made, with the Quake series as a whole obviously going on to gain fame as a multiplayer franchise, and Q1/Q2 SP left in the dust to be forever shat upon by Doom players angry the double barrel shotgun can't kill an Ogre in one shot.

tl;dr duum is for brainlets, play more quake 
Doom attracts sprite artists. Quake doesn't. 
Job Offer In The Jobs Thread 
Guys, Skiffy posted a real job offer for level designers in the Jobs thread. That thread gets spam so often that people sometimes don't bother looking. But that one is for real. 
Thoughts On Centerprint Print Text? 
For locked doors and such. I like its unambiguity but it's not very elegant and feels too separate from the world. I would prefer a simple sound effect to convey the message but fear that's not clear enough... 
Center Print Icon? 
Less localization to do? 
@Hipnotic Rogue 
"why Quake just doesn't get the same level of newcomers Doom"

Great question. Simple answer.

Doom maps? They can all coop can't they?

Yeah, that's why. You can coop Doom. You can coop Half-Life with svenmod.

No coop support and none of the mappers here except the legendary ones (metslime, czg, necros, tronyn, distrans, scragbait, pulsar) would even know how to make a map that could coop.

DarkPlaces can coop. FTE can coop. Mark V can coop (ask Gunter).

See the thing is coop support is really, really, really hard because you have to know about networking too.

If you don't have any coop users and plenty of single player users that are quite happy, how would it ever get on your radar to learn how it works? 
It is both a technical issue and a lack of support at the same time, in my opinion: there is no support or advertising because there is no demand for it, and there is no demand or advertising because there is no support.

There is also the part that MP communities consider cooperative to be more like SP and don't pay it much attention to it, and SP communities don't play MP so care even less about coop, and both sides are a bit isolated between them with only Quakeone as more or less common ground. Don't know in detail how it is on Doom but they seem to be closer together.

So cooperative, even for ''dummies'', on Quakespasm as cooperative is seen as SP and its considered to be SP's flagship engine, to make it popular would be good. And second, how about Daz or another one that have enough popularity making videos of Quake SP maps make a cooperative play-through? That would help a lot with it. 
Teaser :

Looks faaarking fantastic. Proper dark fantasy (dare I say even Dark Souls-esque) vibe and setting with some meaty looking combat and magic powers?

Hell yes. 
Hey Now 
Some of us specifically add features to our maps to make it coop friendly.

Coop is a huge part of what makes a game compete. Only one of my top 5 games doesn't have coop. Only backsliding lame game companies don't do coop. 
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! 
Did I just see like 4 or 5 new maps pop up...crap what are we up to now for the map total of 2017?!? This is great! 
Yeah, Ive neglected coop spawns in pretty much all of my maps. I should start including them.

I have considered doing a coop ONLY map at some point. I loved Portal 2 coop and I'd probably reflect on what made that game fun(to me) and implement some of those ideas into a coop map. 
Qmaster - Quite Possibly, Go Play And Comment! 
i think i remembered to put a coop spawn in my xmasjam map, but i'm also pretty sure that it would be obscenely easy to get locked out of the final area unless both players are together before they run in... Oops. 
Maybe the next map I make will require coop - press 2 buttons at once sorta gimmick :p 
Happy Quake Year From OTP's Geekery: 
I've considered that as well. less localization is nice but it ultimately suffers from the same issue as text I think. Maybe lights (not the common red/green combo, but something else) + a sound effect. surely that's clear enough? 
Quakemash Alpha Release 0.001 
Hi there, This is all of quake stitched together into a single map.

Info : unzip this into your root quake folder, the zip contains an id1 dir with a maps folder containing the map.

I recommend these settings for best fun playtimes :

r_shadow_shadowmapping_useshadowsampler 0

r_shadow_shadowmapping_filterquality 0

r_shadow_shadowmapping_bordersize 0

Testing :
Darkplaces : recommended engine to run on.

fteqw : try with sv_bigcoords 1 , if audio echos , try switching sound devices.

quakemash : , set sv_protocol 999

Your Mileage may vary , I am hoping to release this to mainly do bug testing and fixes. Also if anyone feels like writing some qc to get stuff like gravity working there is a basic to crazy feature list outlined on the main github page.

Thanks to LadyHavoc and Spoike for helping me test it out. 
I've been waiting for someone to do this since I played the merged Beyond Belief.

A half-hearted attempt at getting this working in quakespasm was unsuccessful. Whenever this works in QS I'll be checking this out! 
Andrew Smith started up a Twitter thread about Quake mapping and John Carmack is involved now talking about QBSP and various timings. Fun if you're into that sort of thing. :) 
Qbsp Compile Times 
The bottleneck used to be vis, then light. Then these awesome people named Tyrann and ericw made the tools threaded and more efficient. Now Qbsp is the bottleneck (unless you use bounce and extra on light).

Is qbsp threaded? Could it be?

I usually get very fast compile times anyways. Does func_detail improve Qbsp time? 
Qbsp is the bottleneck

Since when? 
Then these awesome people named Tyrann and ericw made the tools threaded and more efficient.
*waves hand* Hey, I started it! 
Good god, searching back for the original thread ...

2009?! Jesus wept, I'm getting old ... 
Is qbsp threaded? Could it be?
It's not currently.

The bulk of time in Q1 qbsp tools is spent is CSGFaces: it clips every brush against every other brush (i.e. an O(n^2) algorithm, so the qbsp run time will be proportional to the number of brushes squared).

The solution I have in mind is upgrading to quake 2's qbsp tool (backporting it to support Q1). That eliminates the slow CSGFaces function, has multithreading support built in, and it should be more robust.
(Q1's has this weird design where it converts the brushes into faces, chops them against each other, builds a BSP tree, and then re-generates the leaf contents types by looking at the faces. This is how you can get the player falling through solid floors in some cases; the fact that a volume is solid/empty/etc is only carried through the compilation process in a "accidental" way that is prone to being lost.) 
You could probably do the 3 hull generations on their own threads? Not sure if that would save any time or not ... 
I missed that stage in compiler evolution. I jumped straight from Bengt Jardrup's ol' tools to Tyrutils. Sorry Jne...willemZ.

@ericw that sounds awesome! 
Sorry to be dramatic about it. I'll be on my fainting couch if anyone needs me. 
for Quake 2 compiler. That would be a bigger improvement than any other in the last years: i made maps almost breaking several Quake 2 limits and never had to wait more than five or six minutes for a full compile. That's unthinkable in Quake even when keeping it on the original limits, going heavy on func_detail and surface lights.

Qbsp is the bottleneck

When? In which cases? I'm intrigued. Vis is still the highest time consuming one in all the maps i make by a large margin, even when i don't use func_details or go really heavy on lights (3-10 per source). 
When You Have An 8 Core CPU 
And a map the size of texas. 
Q2 Compile 
The solution I have in mind is upgrading to quake 2's qbsp tool (backporting it to support Q1)

That's sounds awesome. Beyond better compile times, would a Q2-based compile set the stage for any other new features that could be introduced down the line? (in the vein of things like func_detail, which we have now of course) 
I feel like most of the potential features are already implemented (not sure if you saw the detail variants I added last summer: link), so a migration to q2 qbsp code would be mostly speed / stability. I'd want to port over all of those current features though. 
(not sure if you saw the detail variants I added last summer: link)

Yes, I discovered those a few days ago - they sound awesome :) 
Help With Key Bindings 
Which topic should I use for help with key bindings? 
I'm trying to create a toggle for r_wateralpha "1" and r_wateralpha "0.5" 
I Don't Think You Can Toggle A Non-binary Value 
you'd have to bind each to a separate key. binding a toggle looks like this, btw: bind x "toggle r_showtris" 
You could use the bind-that-rebinds-itself sort of technique. E.g.

alias w1 "r_wateralpha 1; bind k w05"
alias w05 "r_wateralpha 0.5; bind k w1"
r_wateralpha 0.5
bind k w1 
Johnny Law 
that's a useful technique, haven't seen that before. 
bind k "cycle r_wateralpha 1, 0.5" 
Thanks. Also when using r_wateralpha "0.5", assuming the map supports transparent water, should r_novis be set to 1 or 0? I'm using QuakeSpasm. 
Maiden: About Wateralpha And Novis 
"r_novis" should pretty much always be "0" (i.e. off) -- which is the default anyway, so basically, don't tinker with it. This is why:

What r_novis does, is to tell the engine to ignore vis data, which specify which parts of the map are visible to the player at any given time.

Vis (short for visibility) saves the engine from having to draw the entire map at all times (which is a waste of resources and, especially on large maps and slower computers, can slow the game down). If a map has not been designed and compiled with transparent water in mind, then the water blocks visibility, and whatever is below or above the water (from the player's perspective) is not drawn. Simply setting r_wateralpha to a value lower than 1 will not magically make the water transparent -- in Quakespasm you'll get some ugly visual artifacts.

By switching r_novis to "1" and then lowering the wateralpha, you can force the engine to display the water as transparent -- but at the cost of having the engine ignore vis data and drawing the entire map at all times.

Perhaps more importantly, maps that do not support transparent water have often been deliberately designed as such, so if you "trick" the engine into displaying transparent water, you might also end up breaking the gameplay and/or aesthetics of the map you're playing.

So in summary: only ever adjust wateralpha and leave novis alone. If the map has been designed for transparent water, it will work; otherwise stick with opaque water (i.e. wateralpha 1). 
bind k "cycle r_wateralpha 1, 0.5"

Did cycle exist in vanilla quake? o_O 
Got it. The reason I asked is because one of mfx's maps had to be run with r_novis "1" to make some funky transparent glass in the map show up properly, but that's a special case I guess. Thanks mates. 
Don't think cycle was in the original engines nope. Looks like QS and Mark V support it though. 
Did Alias Exist In Vanilla Quake? If So, That's Ridiculously Cool 
you could place all the stuff in a file too and use the exec command too 
The "zoom" command in vanilla Quake is an alias. It always existed in Quake.

The zoom command also auto-rebinds itself, exactly as described in #29918. 
Darkplaces Vs. FTEQW 
What's the best engine to play online today? Do they support more than 32 players? 
Unreal Editor History 
If you're going to play on quakeworld servers then FTEQW is clearly the better choice. Don't get me wrong, its nice that DP tries, its just that it doesn't really have much awareness of actual QW trends.
Things are a little more even when it comes to NQ servers, and given my bias I'm not even going to name my preference there...
but yeah, depends on personal preference, the server in question, and your choice of engine-specific content replacement stuff.

vanilla nq supports 16 players max.
vanilla qw supports 32 player slots max.
both fte and dp servers can be reconfigured for 255 players max, but don't expect other clients to be happy with it.
for fte you need to set both sv_playerslots and maxclients to 255 (two cvars because maxspectators also exists and shares slots).
although the chances of getting even 16 players is somewhat unlikely nowadays. 
Arenas And Co-op 
Is there a way to combine players vs. environment arena combat in FPSs with co-op play that doesn't suck? Let me explain my question.

By an arena I mean a combat encounter against mobs that happens in a limited area. Door close or other barriers appear to prevent the player from leaving until he has cleared the area. I'm sure you could name various newer FPS games that do this as their main gameplay mechanic, and it's also a common design pattern in Quake SP maps.

This sucks in co-op play if one player goes into an arena and locks it up. The others have to wait until the combat is over to join this one guy, unless there is a way for them to enter during the fight. Being able to teleport in is one way to solve this, but it feels a bit forced and teleporting does not fit with all kinds of games & worlds.

I'd want the players to have the freedom to explore the map while others are possibly fighting and join these fights at any time, or start fights of their own. I wouldn't mind some requirements towards having all the co-op players present for big final boss fights to start, but this should be only done for the main combats that are tuned for the number of players taking part. Freedom to explore should come first, but on the other hand well-crafted arena encounters are really fun.

What ways can you think of combining co-op play with PVE and arena style combat? Are there any games that actually do this in an interesting and natural way? 
If the "lock-in" is due to the player dropping down from a higher area, then that would work. Or maybe have a sort of double-door "airlock" setup that allows only one-way access to an area. 
This is called a "push" game mechanic. This could be any number of things. In SP, doors that slam behind you are very common. For coop, a height push as Kinn mentioned is very useful, natural, and common and works in any game.

You could do other methods, for instance to have player freedom, such as gravity/wind/catpult lifts or devices to take you up to a lifted fight area.

You could also still use a door that slams behind and then open up another pathway to a height push for any straggling players. 
Oneway turnstiles work too. HL2 uses this at the very beginning level in the trainstation. 
add a player counter trigger that activates only once it has been touched by every player. would need new qc though.

possibly fake it with some elaborate counter with timeout, and not enough players are standing on (separate) buttons then it doesn't continue.
sucks if there's only one player though.

one other alternative would be to flood the earlier parts of the map with lava or something. you'd need some teleporter with careful killtarget use to prevent respawning players from dying instantly though.

alternatively place a massive triggered teleporter over the earlier parts of the map and trigger it to instantly teleport lingering players into the arena. would need a teleporter at the start...

or just use one way teleporters so that you can always get in. You could put them behind a door that is toggled when the area starts, and again when it is ended (if desired). 
add a player counter trigger that activates only once it has been touched by every player. would need new qc though.

Easier one would be to put the trigger that targets the counter on a drop down or on a wind tunnel. Would need for the area to be wide enough so only one player passes at the same time and fiddle with the wait key till even if the two players go one right after the other it will trigger for both. 
Is True 
How very interesting, I'm sure you could talk for hours about GPL given the go. 
Co-op Gating 
I'm gonna share a simple trigger setup you can use to only trigger something once all the players have progressed beyond a "gate" (and then ruin it a bit at the end). We need to build something I call the "dead man's switch".

The idea of "dead man's switch" is that we build a system of entities with an input and an output, where the output fires if we haven't had an input in the past 0.5 seconds. I'm gonna prove it's theoretically possible using spike-shooters and doors - if I put more effort in I expect there's a cleaner way to build it, but that will have to wait until the blog post in a few years time.

Build a spikeshooter, firing continuously at the output trigger: a shootable trigger_once. Now position a door such that the door blocks the spikes when open, but allows them to pass when the door is closed. Make this door return rapidly to closed after fully opening.

Now add the input: a rapid firing trigger_multiple in the actual level which targets the door. So long as at least one player stands in this trigger, the door is retriggered repeatedly and kept in the open position. As soon as this stops happening, the door closes, a spike passes through, and the output trigger fires. The dead man's switch is complete!

How do we use the dead man's switch to create a gate that all the players must pass beyond before the level progresses? By defining the gate in negative terms. We cover all the portions of the level before the gate with trigger_multiple inputs to the dead man's switch. As long as at least one player remains in the pre-gate parts of the level, the switch cannot trigger. As soon as the last player leaves the triggers, the dead man's switch activates.

Now I've shared how to pull the basic version off, here's the first problem: the dead man's switch will trigger if there are no players in the pre-gate region, and one way to achieve that is to have zero living players anywhere in the server! This could happen if all the players die at once (especially easy if there's only one in the server) or if some network problem causes all clients to drop from the server (the "zero players connected" state at the root of many rare co-op bugs).

There's a reasonable workaround to this though: require a positive input to the spikeshooter, using a trigger_multiple from the region after the gate. Now we've changed the conditions to "no players before the gate, 1 or more after the gate".

The last thing to worry about is what happens if players die after you've fired the gate event. They will presumably respawn in the pre-gate area of the map, so you have to remember that you can't guarantee that players will remain trapped on the far side of the gate. This is especially important if you're locking an arena with a door - how will dead players rejoin the map? If your answer is that they can't, are you happy that the map will be impossible to complete if everyone dies? Or get disconnected by a network glitch? Don't worry unduly, but do try to bear these in mind. Good luck! 
Simplest solution to the problem at the end that I can imagine is to have a second, drop-down pathway that opens when the gate closes. Small, short & simple but enough to let players rejoin the ongoing fight. 
3 cheers for Khreathor and all the modeling help he gives me. 
I am seeing a lot of new users here. Both posting maps and questions. New blood is always good in the Quake scene. Glad to have you all. Stay... please!!! 
I now have beef with dumptruck for interrupting my round of cheers. 
How Quake Beginned 
Jam 9 
G'day gentlemen, has anyone found all the secrets in skacky's Jam 9 map Chasing Promises? Stuck at 16/20 looking for book 2 of 2 and chasing naked statues :) 
....u there dude? Or anyone got an email addy? 1:19 for him. 
It's Kind Of Funny But All These Years I Never Registered 
Lol, "It's got base and medieval, which is a sin against humanity." I literally almost spit out my coffee. Sounds like you're using the unreal soundtrack; awesome.

That map was actually cut short in its development by the jam deadline and in the final version the layout will make a lot more sense, with more secrets; and the grunts will be replaced with medieval archers so I will pray for absolution. 
Hey Dude. 
Glad you saw it. I had a great time the first time, and a great time the second time. It is one of my favs, ever, I think - the vibe of this giant natural tunnel through a mountain, with this crazy temple complex spanning it....mmmmmm. I don't mind the archers and they would work well instead of grunts, as long as it's just them :P 
Just A Musing 
Has a map ever used a hotrod custom progsdat in which there was a super special teleporter setup that didn't notify the player with whimsical zinning sounds or fantastical particle displays as to be used to make faux non-eluci..illuci..non-euclidean structures? Also I once attempted to brush out a Möbius band but getting the bendy curve part required tolerances the program and I couldn't manage to produce. 
Don't think so, as to make it truly seamless (i.e. Unreal engine portals, or the... portals in Portal) aside from muting the teleport WHZIRRRIRIRIR you'd also have to disable the player's view being automatically centered when teleporting. Oh, and somehow keep their movement direction and position because normally no matter where they touch a teleport trigger, they get sent to the exact same point where the destination is, so basically remove or change everything that makes a teleporter work as a teleporter. 
Check out Darkplaces engine and warpzones. 
"so basically remove or change everything that makes a teleporter work as a teleporter."

That seems to be what theyre getting at. "Can this be done in QuakeC?" was the basis of their question. 
Warpzone Is CSQC 
But it isn't terribly much different than qc. I can't remember where I found the warpzonelib at or I'd paste a link.

BUT, you could do a similar QC version:
You could make the trigger silent.
You could make it teleport without the particle effect.
You could make the destination ever so slightly above the floor so the player doesn't get stuck.
You could make what is behind the opening/passageway look just like the destination, but you wouldn't be able to convolute spaces as well unless you used func_wall for the areas beyond, toggled them, and separated it so the player doesn't see the toggling. Good luck.

Side note: skip texturing one side of func_illusionary can lend to some confusing areas. 
Very Easy To Use. Requires Darkplaces. 
Seems Link Is Dead, Sowwee 
I played around with it a bit, here's a picture of a thin "viewscreen" looking thru to a fully rendered DM2: 
First Link 
worked for me, damage_inc 
Sorry For The Confusion... 
I meant the "warpzone rar" inside the link does not work. You can't download it, says "Invalid or Deleted File". 
Command On Map Loading 
Is there any way to set a list of commands that are executed when maps are loaded rather than when Quake (Quakespasm in this case) is started? I prefer to disable fog but end up always having to open the console and enter "fog 0" on new levels or on loading a game. 
Can't Be Done 
But you could throw something hideous in quake/id1/autoexec.cfg

alias +no_fog_forward "fog 0; +forward"
alias -no_fog_forward "fog 0; -forward"
bind UPARROW +no_fog_forward

So that every time you press the up arrow key it disables fog. 
Slightly Less Hideous 
For a single command, the aliases and +/- aren't necessary, you can just stick
bind <key> "fog 0"
and then press whatever key for the same effect once the map's loaded. 
Fair Enough 
Keybind is fairly convenient anyway, surprised there isn't an option to disable fog completely in-engine though. 
My First Post 
what is this place for? 
Quake / Quake Mapping / FPS Discussion Mostly. 
Quake Maps And Wicked Banter. 
Fog needs to be locked unless player does noclip. Make so that it toggles r_fullbright at the same time. It's either all or nothing imo. 
Why "lock" anything?

Anyway if you have the self control to not turn off the fog, it's simple enough to make it so that a single keybind turns on fullbright, noclip, fog 0, etc...

though restoring the fog value after you leave that "mode" would be awkward, if not impossible. 
Hardcode it into the engine that the player gibs if he tries tweaking any aspect of the visuals that go against the designer's intent.

Turns on blurry pixel mode? Gibby time for you mister...

Is it bad I have a keybind for noclip, notarget, godmode, fullbright on, and fullbright off? Mappers kit i guess 
Have To Get That One Myself 
Hardcode it into the engine that the player gibs if he tries tweaking any aspect of the visuals that go against the designer's intent.
I've heard stories of various Doom mods (wads?) that will kill the player or intentionally crash if they detect other mods being loaded at the same time, but having essentially zero experience with Doom modding I'm not sure how widespread/true they are. At least that's not a thing here, although a mod that does give a rude message when played in Darkplaces sounds like some cheeky fun.

Is it bad I have a keybind for noclip, notarget, godmode, fullbright on, and fullbright off? Mappers kit i guess
Nah, it's not bad until you have three copies of your \id1 folder named slightly different with identical contents other than the \maps folder so you can have one game for pure vanilla, one game to play downloaded maps, and one game to compile your own maps into.'s Bad. Really, Bad Since I Have A 4th For My Own Mod. 
Hue Test 
How good are you at perceiving different colors?

Take the test. My score was 21. 
I got a 4. :D

(lower is better) 
First Attempt: Got "0" 
Online ColorIQ Challenge Results
You have perfect color vision!

Aww yeah!

I have a rare form of Palinopsia, which basically means my vision looks like I'm tripping balls 24/7. One of the neat side effects is that I have superhuman colour perception. One of the not-so-neat side effects is that I cannot read white text on black without my entire field of view turning to snow/static, driving at night is scary as fuck, and if I look at a person's face for too long, it starts wobbling around in a disturbing way. 
Zero As Well 
I was really not expecting such a result 
if I look at a person's face for too long, it starts wobbling around in a disturbing way

Exporting them to MD3 should fix that. 
Better than I expected considering my dismal art skills 
Kinn is a mutant 
also got a 4... damn blue greens... 
I scored 23. Does this mean my career as a colorist is over, or does it mean that I was too cheap when buying this monitor, and probably should calibrate it better in any case?

I think the only real answer is that I'll never have a career as a colorist while using this monitor, at least. 
So, You Think You Are Good At Quake? 
Keyboard Only 
Ah, the good ol days. Reminds me of when I first played when I was 5. Every now and again I'll dust off my arrow keys. 
i used to play quake. then i took an arrow key to the knee. 
Dear Next Poster... 
Make this golden 30k post a divine moment... 
Cheap Nike Jerseys 
Fucking Killpixel. 
Top Post 
About as useful and informative as the average killpixel post. 
Forgot The Link Though 
@damage_inc, Kinn From TB Tutorial Thread 
I was blown away by AD when I first saw the screenshots of it a couple years ago. Considering it now, I think it may be that Quake's world and engine are manipulating how I process the geometry. In Quake, there are no props outside monsters and packs of health or ammo. There are no displacements. The detail of maps is comprised almost entirely of brushwork. Simon and his compatriots in the AD mod just seem to be able to create these amazing curved, arched, rotated, spiraling structures that I can't even conceptualize in Hammer. Like Kinn said, I guess it would probably be possible, but you'd have to be going completely ham with the clipping tool to do it.

Judging by Simon's readmes over the years, he's been using SDRadiant 1.3.8 for over a decade, an editor I can't even find on Google. I just feel like Radiant (and maybe TB) must possess some more intuitive and speedy ways of shaping the complex geometry that they create. 
How did you take Kinn stating this: "There is literally nothing that you can do in TB or NetRadiant or Jack that you can't do in any of the others." into "I guess it would probably be possible... "?

I'm not trying to be argumentative or aggressive btw. I just don't see you comment as being valid.

I know Ionous was part of a few maps included in AD and he only uses Jack only. I'll ask him the next time he is streaming.

Any complex curvy structure is just a composition of simple convex shapes that can be made in any editor. Some operations may take one or two less clicks to do in this editor versus that editor. But then that editor might do another thing with less clicks than this editor, so it balances out.

Really, the choice of editors is down to which interface you prefer. The level you make comes purely from your imagination. The difference in quality between maps is 100% about the artist, not the tools. 
Unless The Editor Is Deathmatch Maker 
or Quark. Fuck those two. 
Alright Yall Win 
It's probably just me who can't envision it. I would really like to see someone recreate a room or two from ad_sepulcher or something of the like. So many map editor tutorials on YouTube and 90% of them are "here's how you make a box and put a spawn point in it". 
#30006, Internet On Fire Etc... 
Some cursory searching has revealed that SDRadiant is the Splash Damage version of Radiant - this pastebin claims it was for Wolf:ET! Certainly a curious choice of editor to still be using after all these years, but I suppose if something ain't broke, you shouldn't try to fix it.

Now, where you get SDRadiant from is another matter... Does anyone know if it's packaged in the Wolf:ET download? It'd take me about four hours to check with my speed... 
I must have consciously picked up on SleepWalker's Radiant inspiration when I tried TB out. I have tried nearly every editor out there. However, I have logged the most hours in Radiant. Both for Quake 3 and COD:UO mapping.

TB also reminds me of the first editor i ever used Quest.

There's no "best" editor IMO. I think TB is elegant and easy to pick up after not havbing mapped in many years. That's why I use it.

I could jump back into xRadiant any time. I just choose not to. TB is too much fun. 
And Another Thing 
Why are there so damn many forks of Radiant? 
But Can JACK... THIS
Feature Request: 
Escher mode 
Very Nice 
I'd like to see the tris and how well it lights! 
I didn't try compiling it into a map. It's just a bunch of cubes with offsetting, rotation, shearing, vertex editing and a bit of triangulation.

Anyway, it was a bit disappointing to realize that the alt+rightclick tool for texture alignment is unable to make the texture alignment actually follow that path. Due to this, I couldn't use a scrolling texture to get the same effect of the animation linked by OTP.

The Quake BSP format uses a 2D projection on a 3D plane for texturing. This 3D plane uses a 3D projection to be rendered to the screen. I suspect that a 3D projection on a 3D plane would be required to properly align textures on structures like this. 
With valve220 and by triangulating all your faces it is doable, I did something similar with obj2map, works fine. 
Killpixel: Here's the mesh.

Bal: JACK's generated .map file has a "mapversion" "220" field in its worldspawn.
But what Jack is actually missing is a Contour Stretch UVs Projection tool. This could help a ton of maps.

And I guess that for such distorted shapes, this would require 3D texture mapping, where the texture can have a depth projected onto the surface plane itself rather than only on the screen. I'm talking about a surface with a texture tiled in a non-linear way like this, rather than like this. Hmm, I guess that "non-linear texture mapping" is a better way to describe what I'm thinking about.
Linearly mapped scaling, rotation and shearing can at best produce results like this. It can't make, for example, a rectangular tile fit a trapezoid surface - and many curved shapes are basically a set of trapezoid segments. 
No 3D modeling app does that though, you're only solution is to have more polies basically to hide the how the triangulation breaking up your UVs.

Still with valve220 + triangulation, you have the equivalent of UVs and can do in quake anything you could do in a modeling app with same ammount of tris. 
Absolute madman. 
Lunaran, Johnny Law mentioned that you wanted to make the Steam group public. I can do that, if nobody has any objections.

Any of you assholes live in SoCal? 
@Mr Fribbles 
I live in Los Angeles dude. And luckily I am an asshole. 
Haha, perfect!

I'm moving to Santa Monica soon, is why I ask. I'll send a shout out after I'm settled to see if anyone wants to meet up for some kind of asshole convention. 
Come and hang out at nu-tf: 
Santa Monica? Nice. I'm in Burbank north of the Hollywood sign.

I hope you like traffic. It's getting bad in SoCal. But you'll have a straight shot to the beach on the latest metro line.

Yeah let's meet when you get settled. 
So Frib 
What takes you to the US? 
Some Polling Action 
If you would be so kind:

Level playtime
Level Structure
Interesting Killpixel. 
You've picked some issues there that are 99% irrelevant to FPS game quality (I voted as such). 
Level playtime depends not only on the gameplay mechanics, but also on the savegame style and on the talent of the people making the levels.

For reference, Leptis Magna is the largest AD map which I've enjoyed enough to feel like giving it another full run someday. On some of the other maps, I feel a little too overwhelmed and it gets a little hard to mentally track down all the tasks (books, keys, secrets, etc, and their respective locations and puzzles). Without real-time saving and detailed status info (let's say, maps like Foggy Bogbottom would really benefit from a Metroid Prime style automap and a Doom 3 PDA style notes system), the more complex maps become more difficult.

On the other hand, some games out there feature big levels whose encounters/puzzles/etc are not complex enough to take advantage of their available space, and becomes boring. In this case, the way to improve them would be to make them shorter.

TL;DR: Great level design can benefit from expansions to the game's scope, while not-so- good level design can benefit from a reduction in their scope. 
The decision between episodes and a hub system should depend on the length of the levels.

Turok 2 uses a hub system where you can select each map individually, but each map takes a long time to be finished. Quake features an episodic hub system with multiple levels packed on each episode and where you can't select the maps individually, but the playtime of each map is way quicker. 
It's Odd 
Whenever these sorts of surveys come up, small maps arranged in episodes are always overwhelmingly preferred compared to a single megamap. For the time and effort it takes to produce a modern style megamap, a mapper could produce a really decent episode of smaller maps (something like the scope of Terra, or DOPA), so why don't we see more of them? It is just that mappers find it more enjoyable making big maps rather than episodes? 
#30034 - I Know Why! 
Modern mapping is about dick-waving. You want to make big, convoluted map with super detailed brushing. Gameplay must be at least 8h long. 1000 monsters is mandatory. If player's demo file is less than 20Gb, you're doing it wrong. 
@shambler - Is that so? I appreciate your vote ;)

@mankrip - I definitely agree.

@kinn - The current poll results corroborate the data I already have and it makes sense to me. Intense gameplay can become fatiguing rather quickly. It's nice to be able to get quickie rather committing a chunk of time to something you'll grow tired of half way through.

@khrathor - Hyper-detailed megamaps are awe-inspiring, incredible achievements IMO. The rub is that I have much more fun noclipping around slack-jawed than actually playing them. 
It's nice to be able to get quickie rather committing a chunk of time to something you'll grow tired of half way through.

That depends on the age of the audience. When I was a teenager with no job it was certainly easier to play long sessions, while in the last years most of my gaming has been on the bus. The megamaps in AD would certainly make it one of the top FPSs in the 90's, maybe the top one.

What's weird is that people who have lots of free time nowadays seems to prefer less intensive entertainment such as MMORPGs or binge watching Netflix.

I'd say to just define very well the kind of audience you're targeting, and go for it. There are all kinds of niches out there, you don't necessarily need to target everyone. 
Yeah man. I rate protagonist (as long as he's not as dull as fucking Jensen in DX), map linkage (as long as there is some and it's not unconnected gibberish like the latest Wofl), and map length (as long as it's not crazy short or days long) as pretty low factors compared to a game's, say, theme, flow, pacing, physics, movement, setting, aesthetics, exploration, gameplay-focus, architecture, bestiary, etc etc. 
Size Counts. 
Map length is a very important property. It hugely affects the gameplay experience IMO, and is also a big factor in deciding whether or not I can be bothered to replay. I agree the others aren't terribly important though. 
@mankrip - That and there are so many games now vying for people's time like never before. As for the target demographic, seems to be 30 year old males (20ish on the younger end, 40-45 on the older).

@shamber - Yeah, I get what you're saying and where you're coming from. When it comes time to make fairly concrete decisions (which it has) in regards to scheduling, staffing, allocating funds, etc, these are absolutely pertinent questions that have 100% relevance to the final quality of the game. These being some of the questions currently at hand does not mean that I haven't, and won't continue to, consider deeply the other aspects of a quality FPS that you mentioned.

So yeah, I'm coming at this from a logistical angle as opposed to a general theory angle. 
About The Age 
40-45 on the older.. I think you are out by a decade for some people ;) 
Or two! 
Definitely. I would say the average age of retro fps players/buyers is in the 30-35 range. 
So What Did I Do... 
To get blocked by @quake_txt on Twitter? 
Quakeulf, maybe he just doesn't like Quake II?

Who knows, especially if you don't recall have any interactions with the account.. 
I only retweeted and replied to some posts. Others who have done more for Quake 2 who have also strongly critisised the account are not blocked. It does not make sense.

What is going on? 
Did You Know? 
The original Rubicon turned 20 last Sunday. 
Happy Birthday so... 
Don't worry about it; if it was a mistake (automatic filtering, etc.), they'd be already aware and unblocked you.

I've also been unfollowed by a number of people, and likely muted by some, though I don't remember seeing anyone block me. Anyway, social networking is... It has the potential to be a good thing, but the downsides are prone to be mentally degrading, so it's important to not let stuff like this cling to our minds.

It's important to train ourselves to not care about people's negative reactions to us. Particularly, I prefer to not even know when people block or mute me. I'm fine with anyone hating or avoiding me, it happened a million times in my life with lots of different people, and eventually I've figured out that caring about such situations is just a waste of time. Plus, nobody can hate me more than myself, so usually it's just laughable.

And some people just need time. Having the initiative to try to "make things right" when the initiative to "make things wrong" came from the other person is awkward and would just make things worse.
People change, and someday some of the people who hates us end up changing their mind, so there's no need to rush things. If they never change their mind, it's their problem. 
I'm sentimental about Rubicon.

I have a memory of looking up behind a pipe and seeing the trigger to shoot to access nightmare and I felt "smart". I was using FitzQuake because I thought that was the "right thing to do" for obvious reasons, despite preferring aguirRe GLQuake because at the time that was the only engine that could "play everything" including maps like the Red Masque of Death (huge Tronyn map, first limit buster map).

The next thought I had was realizing that GLQuake wouldn't have the texture visible because GLQuake didn't support fullbright textures.

At the time that meant engines like ProQuake and aguirRe's GLQuake. I think that might have been the first time I understood what the goals of FitzQuake were. 
Thanks Mankrip 
But I'm still blocked and there doesn't seem like I can get around it the way things are on Twitter.

I do suspect it is run by someone who is on here and/or the Discord-channel, so if you see this post:

What happened? 
New Jam Suggestion. 
For when DM4 Jam and any subsequent ones have finished:

End Map Jam.

Make a replacement End map for Quake's original rather underwhelming End map. The idea is to stick approximately to the End map's theme and to the original Quake's style, but make something more suitably climactic both in design and gameplay.


1. Id1 only. Run in Quakespasm or whatever. No coloured lighting no fog.
2. Id1 or subtly modified Id1 textures only.
3. Map must start with dropping into the pit as per the current End.bsp, and must include Shub in some form.
4. Map should feature some form of cavern/cave system as per the current End.bsp , mixing this with other themes and structures are allowed and encouraged.
5. Map should stick to approximately the maximum level of detail in the most complex stock Quake maps. This isn't a rigid requirement but is to focus mappers on making a suitable End map that would be the finale of the Quake game, rather the mega-detailed mega-complicated 2018 epic.
6. Any other queries just stick to the fucking theme okay.

Sounds Good 
Sounds like a great way to get people to focus mostly on gameplay instead of spending 90% of the construction time wanking over brushwork :D 
Like the Jam Idea, but hate your rules, especially 1. (cause of coloured lighting & fog) and 5. (I want to make a mega-detailed mega-complicated 2018 not-epic.) 
Sounds Like 
A good plan for June 22nd. 

I think you don't even remember this, but i just found these two screenshots in a really old CD-RW =D

Some crap "art" i did 17 years ago, when you closed the doors of TeamShambler reviews:

And it became the pic of the day on planetquake =D 

That was you?? Wow, I remember that well, it was pretty touching <3 , I think I had it as a desktop for a while after :)


You're not invited to the Jam, what bit of "making a suitable End map" are you struggling with?? :p 
imagine if Tribal was actually TriBal and we had three embodiments of Bal. Quake mapping would be pretty nuts. 
Maybe If I Merge With Tribal... 
We'd get QuadBal. 
We Already Have TrIDaz Tho. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
@Shambler I Really Like This Idea... 
It's pretty restrictive but hey why not? I can live with it. I'd reach out to Ionous if you decide to move forward with it. I think he has some upcoming plans for another jam. If I had known ahead of time dm4 jam may not have happened. 
Damn, A Triple Post... 
Hey, wait a second! 
It's the server not me! 
it's probably happening at the browser level, it's submitting the form twice. I either need to block it on the server or disable the submit button on the client after you submit once. 
Blocking it on the server works better, because at least the server will have received it.

Unreliable mobile networks often fails to send data, forcing the user to re-send it. I've already had problems with websites doing the "disable button" approach, thus forcing me to reload the whole page and start everything over. 
Does Anybody Still Play Deathmatch? 
I've pretty much finished a single player map (still looking for some people to playtest it though), and I'm wondering whether it's worth the trouble of making the necessary adjustments to make the map work in deathmatch. Does anybody of you still play dm, let alone on newly released maps?

I'm just frustrated, because I've spent about six hours working on dm modifications, and at some point, during my tests some func_doors/plats started glitching. I have a feeling it might have something to do with me placing simplified dm func_doors over more complicated single player doors that are killtargeted at some point, but at this moment, I can't be bothered trying to pinpoint the root of the problem.

Personally, I don't play deathmatch (although I probably would if I had family/friends here that wanted to play it too), but even if I don't play, I like to keep the possibility there on my maps, JUST in case somebody wanted to play dm. Also, I'm kind of perfectionist in that regard, feeling like the map's somehow broken/incomplete, if it can't be played on dm. 
The few people who still play deathmatch stick to a very limited set of maps, so don't expect any interest from that direction. Plus single player levels are often not favorable for dm because their layout and spaces are not as tightly focused as in dedicated dm maps. In this sense, it's not worth the effort.

However, you can still put some dm stuff in if you like! I support DM in most of my maps just for the heck of it. It's a fun bonus challenge to make things work on both modes. It shouldn't break the single player part of course. As for your doors, instead of killtargeting them you should probably make them spawn only on dm in the first place (combine not_easy + not_normal + not_hard spawnflags = only dm). 
I Think It Still Doesn't Work 
Actually, I did what you suggested right from the get-go. Allow me to explain: My SP map consists of multiple partially exclusive branches, where some doors are openable only on one path and closed on the other. That's why I have this convoluted system of killtargeting the other paths' doors when the player chooses a path. It has nothing to do with killtargeting the doors for deathmatch mode. Sorry for not providing enough background.

Making this map had me learn the hard way, that you can't have other entities intersect killtargetable entities on the map file, lest you want them glitching out ingame. So on this map, instead of placing two versions of the same door (one for each path) inside each other, I had to clip the doors and make sure they didn't touch each other.

And unless I'm mistaken, the rule seems to apply even if the entities are set to spawn in mutually exclusive skill levels/deathmatch: My doors/platforms are broken because my DM doors (set to spawn only on dm) are intersecting the killtargetable SP doors (set to spawn only in sp). I haven't tested this conclusively, but based on today's fumblings of mine, that's my current hunch.

But yeah, I also do the dm adjustments for the heck of it. Maybe not because it's very fun for me, per say, but more like for the sake of completeness. I mean, the original id sp maps are playable in both modes, so unless my map's completely unsuitable for it, it should be made compatible, as well. Oh me and my stupid obsessions, right? :) 
I don't see why killtargeting intersecting doors should be a problem. And definitely not across skill levels/game modes. Maybe you didn't set doors_dont_link somewhere? 
Make Sure You Set "Don't Link" Spawnflag (4) On Touching Doors 
Dumptruck, SleepwalkR 
Sounds good dumptruck! I've just got temp housing for a short time in Santa Monica, scrambling to find something else asap. I'll ping you when the dust settles.

SleepwalkR, nice to hear from you bro. I'm just over here for work. It was here or Berlin, but the wife doesn't like the cold... hah.

Sorry for the late reply! 
I Learned Stuff Today 
I did some testing, and it seems that doors DO work right, as long as they are not made to spawn at the same time, so negke's original suggestion was correct. So it looks like some other dm modification of mine broke my map causing some func_doors/plats to float in random places (they can't be touched and are visible at some points and then disappear at some other points; maybe the place-dependant visibility has something to do with vis, which dictates when to render them). Guess I gotta save and test my map more often, when doing the dm modifications next time.

My test map has four doors, or actually seven doors, where three of the doors have two doors overlapping each other. One of the doors in such a door set is a regular func_door with no triggers, while the other one is a door with the targetname "killable door".

The first door from the left is a door, which spawns both of the doors regardless of skill level or deathmatch flags. That door glitches out always when I play the map: When I press a button that killtargets the killable door, it also eats the other half of the regular triggerless door (a double door, which btw should be opening when I get close enough, but in this case won't budge).

The second door set is built in a way, that has both of the doors spawn only in easy skill level. In all other modes only one of the doors will spawn. That door works, as long as you don't play the map on easy, i.e. when only one of the doors spawn.

The third door set is a variation, where the other door spawns only in deathmatch and the other only in single player. No problems there, since there never is a situation where both of the doors spawn.

The fourth door is kind of unrelated to the whole dilemma. It's just a test on an alternative method on how to have the doors behave differently depending on skill level or deathmatch flag. I just put four trigger_multiples in front of the door, each opening the door in their respective play modes.

One final note: While writing this post and after already having uploaded the test map, I decided to fiddle around with the "don't link" flags, after remembering Qmaster's suggestion. Maybe the door linking causes the killable door to kill some of the triggerless door. I tried adding the "don't link" flag for both doors, which sure enough prevented the killtarget from killing any part of the triggerless door, but the triggerless door still refused to open upon approaching it. Only now did I discover that the "don't link" flag disables the func_door's ability to open automatically without a trigger. I was able to solve the problem though, by giving the door a triggername "regular door" and then putting a trigger_multiple in front of it.

So thank you, Qmaster! :) It seems that door linking was the root cause of this weird "killtarget door affecting other doors" behavior! Now only if knew just what it was that caused my doors and platforms glitch out in my main map... T_T 
Not Quite Generally Abusive Text, I Know 
Just as an addendum, I know that my previous post was heavily mapping stuff, but I didn't want to move the post to Mapping help, away from the discussion chain, which started with me asking about whether people still played deathmatch. Come to think, I should have probably posted that one in the mapping thread from the get-go, since that post had also mapping related stuff in it. So, apologies for the misplaced discussion! 
Yeah Berlin Can Be Cold 
But the summers are super nice! If you ever make it here, let me know ;-) 
I Was In Germany One Summer. 
The week started at 34'c, cooled down briefly to 26'c for a day or two, then went back up to 35/36'c. It was not the cold I was looking for. 
Normally doors that touch (not necessarily only the brushes but also their bounding boxes) are linked. This means, for instance, on a door where one part moves to the left and the other part to the right, if the player approaches from one side, the other side opens as well, or if one side is blocked, the other one acts correspondingly (as opposed to one side opening while the other remains closed).
The "don't link" spawnflag makes each func_door an indivual entity independent of its surroundings and other doors it touches.

Unrelated to this is that a func_door with a targetname will not generate a trigger volume of its own so you must create a trigger_once or _multiple (or some other entity) to make it open. The "don't link" spawnflag has nothing to do with this. 
Are You Sure? O: 
I tested just the "don't link" spawnflag again without any targetnames on a different simple test room, and it seems to me that the "don't link" flag on a func_door entity prevents the door from generating a trigger volume around itself; even if there is no other func_door touching the "don't link" door. It just doesn't budge. Perhaps you could try it out yourself, and if you can get the door to open itself with a "don't link" flag, I'd like to see the map. o: 
Quake Soundtrack Babble 
It uses polygons + game is dark and brown + 1996 = Quake 
Caffeine Offering Revenue To Game Developers is a new livestreaming platform in development. They are planning to let game developers get a share of revenue from having their games streamed. There are no details available yet, but here is a small announcement and an invitation for game devs to contact them.

No idea how many cents you could make to fund your favorite Quake editor's development with 24/7 mapping streams. I guess that might not be the intended use of this feature.

However, I thought it's interesting enough to share, in case you want to follow how they implement their idea in the future. 
I'm more interested in the fact I've been spelling 'caffeine' wrong all these years when I'm not caught by spellcheck. I before E except after C, my ass. 
Shambler: environments can be hostile without being empty repetitive and characterless, killes
Killes: no 
I Imagine Killes More Like 
No idea how many cents you could make to fund your favorite Quake editor's development with 24/7 mapping streams. I guess that might not be the intended use of this feature.

The game is Quake. The money would go to id/Zenimax. 
Ever Notice 
How dead it is on here on Friday evenings. 
Enjoy The Silence 
Hey, if it gets any livelier in here a funeral might break out! (queue cheesy drum roll.)

Seriously, I used to live next to a cemetery... 
People are having sex. With Shub-Niggurath. 
Is what they are doing I suppose 
Whaaht?? You Mean We Aren't All Mapping?! 
You must be from England...! 
A bunch of ppl mapping for dm4jam. This place might liven up a bit Monday or Tuesday. At least I hope so! 
I've tried mapping for a little bit but I just can't get my head into and/or around it...

Still, I'll keep plodding on and I'll keep enjoying the great things you guys put out. :) 

Storytelling in Quake is quite different nowadays. 
@Hipnotic Rogue 
Have you tried my TB2 tutorials? 
Lightmapped Static Meshes & Portal Skyboxes In Quake 
do either of these things exist with modern tools / engines? 
Lightmapped static mesh: only as an external bsp....actually I think those are fullbright now that I think of it.

Skybox: nope. 
What is a "portal skybox"?

Anyway, the only widespread skybox format in Quake is the Q2 style one. 
@qmaster - interesting... and lame! So meshes would be vertex lit...

@mankrip - a.k.a 3d skyboxes 
How About Lightmapped Water? 
plz say yes. 
do either of these things exist with modern tools / engines?

Does using quake 3 bsp in FTE / DP count as "quake"?

If so, then it's a yes for lightmapped static meshes baked into the bsp i think.

I've no idea if anyone has ever tried making a single player quake map using q3 bsp though. Certainly, I've never heard of one. 
yeah, just curious if that stuff has made its way into q1bsp. I know q3bsp has had that stuff for some time. 
Lightmapped water is in FTE, i believe. 
Does using quake 3 bsp in FTE / DP count as "quake"?
About as much as using bsp2+skyboxes+lits in the same engines does. 
External bsp models (i.e. ammo boxes) aren't inherently fullbright, just the vanilla ones are brightly lit so as to appear as such. Engines with vanilla-style behavior (i.e. QS) directly display the model the way it's lit in the external bsp; more eyecandy oriented engines (i.e. Darkplaces) will either use the same behavior or light the entity as if it were a brush model within the map itself depending on what snazzy lighting options you have chosen.

If you open up the source for one of the id1 external bsp models (they're included in the Quake map sources download with all the E1-E4 maps, start, etc), you'll see it's just a brush/brushes (literally one square brush for an ammo box) with a couple lights placed around it to light the model. 
RTLights are overkill for when the user just want the ammo boxes to adjust their light level to the world lighting.

That said, most pickup items in Quake don't have fullbright-colored details, and can easily be missed when their lighting is adjusted to very dark places. I've had to add _luma maps to all ammo boxes' external textures due to that. 
Just within the past several days:

- Mueller subpoenas the Trump Organization, demanding documents with regards to ties to Russia. (Note he had the option to simply request the documents - he opted to demand them by law)

- The mask comes off Cambridge Analytica's influence in multiple past elections via using "leaked" personal data from Facebook.

And now: Trump declares he will meet Putin (whom he has already congratulated on his "election" "victory") to discuss limiting an arms race and boosting economic cooperation between the two countries (via AFP).

This is going to be the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact 2, isn't it. RIP NATO. 
We're Through The Looking Glass Now People 
Mid-terms are our only hope at the moment, but I am not too confident in my countrymen. 
I'm Confident In The 2018 Red Wave 
For you brits, sorry to hear about the sell-out. So much for a clean brexit. 
As A Canadian 
Our leader is the biggest joke in the world. Still, we haven't banned people from our country for saying that Islamic fundamentalism is kinda fucked up or criminally convicted Youtubers for making jokes like the UK just did. Jesus they would CRUCIFY classic comedians like Bill Hicks and George Carlin these days. However make sure to use my proper pronouns Shalrath and Voreling's or I will report you to one of our "Human Rights Commissions" which will turn your life upside-down lol.

And our intelligence services I'm sure are doing some nefarious shit as we are part of the creepily named "Five Eyes"(speaking of Shub...), but not as bad as GCHQ or the American Deep State, which seems determined to protect Hillary Clinton, the single most corrupt presidential candidate in American history, at all costs. Who cares if the DNC rigged the primary against Sanders and Wikileaks exposed it (and they've never even denied it lol in court the DNC lawyers actually argued the DNC had the right to rig the primary as part of free speech, that makes our system look pretty damn good in comparison). Let's all just sit by while the CIA announces they're going after Wikileaks with a 300 person team, all for doing what journalists are supposed to do - publish information from whistleblowers.

As Tom Waits put it in "God's Away On Business," "The ship is sinking." 
Politics On Func_? Oh Boy! 
I'm pretty sure that 45 is giving HRC a run for her money on the "most corrupt" status.

In any case, American soft power is as weak as it's ever been at this point. Trump is being curb-stomped by Putin and Xi, which... is not a lot of fun to watch. I really need to start learning Mandarin... 
Something Like Python Control API For Q1? 
Hi all,

Is there something like a Python based interface for quake?
It would make life easier if you want to link it with some neural network research and train bots or 'players'.
(Real life work include machine learning and human movement so Im interested in bringing a bit of quake fun in my life again :) )

Any pointers appreciated.


PS: Im aware of Doom links to reinforcement learning. 
Daemonix = Carmack??? 
I'm unaware of any Python interface but I know Joshua "Skelly" was doing some kind of Python project for Quake. You can find him here: 
No, It Has Not. :( 
Gucci Shades On My Braids When I Escalade