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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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probably not, but since there is a seperate App Store for each country, Apple can de-list apps per country if they choose. 
Maybe it'll slip through :-P 
Looking For Some Early Feedback 
and because it is so web2.0 for people to add details, tag and vote. ;)

More than half the screenshots are not up yet and there are a lot of tiny annoying things. Anyways you are welcome to use it already.

Disclaimer: I had a random creativity burst after reading a wishlist in the forums. I guess that burst is almost over so I better quickly publish it. You know how that is. 
Maybe sort the maps in alphabetical categories - so in addition to "Page 1 out of 30" there would also be pages listing maps by filenames, starting with 0-9, A, etc. 
rebb already suggested that. Maybe later. Those things will be more fun once all the data is there. 
Actually, you are right. That is an important feature.
Well, until I add it you can at least use ?n=3000 in the url to get all maps listed (please be nice with that, it is stress for the server). And I increased the number of maps shown by default to 300. 
Oh dear, what an oversight. Thanks! 
QW Player Text Deleting Faggotry 
As to the efdat betas, there are newer versions, and possibly final ones soon(ish). 
Please use tags to take notes of such things. Eg "outdated" or something like that. 
I Did Stuff On Rcdm7 
that's my favorite dm/ffa/tdm map :D 
Rebalancing The X-Men Mod? 
Got this idea because of the New Wolverine Movie. The X-Men Quake mod was never popular, but most of the review I saw of it was due to gameplay being too hard and the weapons too weak. The source code of the mod is released, could may a mapper adjust the damage and the health values and make it more playable? 
So now my level is running out of mark surfaces. Damn it! I guess it's time to seal it up and get rid of the stuff in the void... 
This Is Going To Be Good 
Willems most massive/detailed Quake map EVA!!! 
tbh he's just been c'n'p-ing crates for a month... 
ye delete some crates willem :) 
Fuck that. Crates == gameplay. 
That was the MGS school of game design, yes. 
And that game was awesome so you see my logic. 
You'll never make a crate so big that it dwarfs Phait's "Aerowalk inside" crate! It can't be done! 
Zliffle go speedmap event 
Willems most massive/detailed Quake map EVA!!!
which one? 
The one I'm currently dry humping into existence. It's become a bit of a bear... 
Scan Reading 
So you're dry humping bears now?

Why not make a map instead? 
I'm dry humping a bear in a warehouse. Keep up. 
Behind A Crate? 
Yes ... also, ON a crate.

Is that cherry pie on the wall or did I just blow your mind? 
I dry-humped a cherry pie behind a warehouse one time. 
It was so crate I almost couldn't bear it. 
This has become cratenus. 
Not sure if it meets the . . . 
One For The Road Then? 
i dry-crate'd a cherry where house with a pie once 
Ugh I Met: 

... now its fucked :{ 
My dog likes ice cubes. 
Chives Vs Bees 
..yeah i said it 
I could resist the cherry crate pie 
A Crate Of 

I've really come to appreciate chives, as well as green onions and garlic and such since growing them myself. 

Bees and chives go hand in had, you idiots. 
not a bee :) 
the beatific beetle made a beeline to betelgeuse because... he begat beans and beer. 
Just got engaged..... 
This Is Captain Picard Of The USS Enterprise 
Why not celebrate by finishing e2m1rq in a day?

No, really - congratulations.

Going to send a crate over as a present - do you prefer one full of chives or bees? 
OK, Quick, Don't Think, Just Act! 
You'll need to gather some supplies! Grab a shovel, a butcher knife, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of bees. Wait for ijed's delivery before getting the bees. NO! That'll take too long! Ok, once you smother your fiance with honey you get from the beehive using the shovel, go take a camping trip in Hungry Bear Park. Then, wait til about 3 or 4 in the morning, then shoot her and burn her body.

PHEW! That was a close one, Ricky. 
If there's a rush I can fedex - 2-3 days.

How will honey help for a crate of chives though?

For some kinky salad dressing fetish? 
Seriously Though 
Congrats; although the "whoops!" makes me not sure what to think.

Is she into 3-ways? (I mean 3-way CTF... get yer mind outta the gutter.)

Waaiitt just a minute... engaged to what
Heh - Thanks Btw 
In all seriousness Sandra and I are a very happy couple, we've been together through thick and thin (I actually met her in a butchery department in a chicken processing plant), she has witnesses all of my Q1SP creations, along with many hours of playtesting (me testing, her trying to watch Coronation Street whilst QuakeGuy shoots and goes "yeeargh!!!"), and we are hopping off to Amsterdam on Friday for a little break from it all (or a short sharp shock to the system depending on which way you look at it....)

And no, she isnt in to CTF (neither am I for that matter)
And three-way, well, nope she's not into that either.
Oh yeah, and as for the "engaged to what?" - well a 26 y/o wo,an :)

Thanks :) 
26 y/o wo,an

.... from the plant Ooooerorr,pynn#, and the star system kuhr't,oor@

/me leaves it Wiiiiiide open for damages 
/me leaves it Wiiiiiide open for damages

That's what she said! 
I found a dictionary to discover chives. 
Congrats Ricky, And 
WTF was that RPG? 
WTF was what? 
I'm With BIFF 
Re: Wtf 
Huzzah For Captain Picard... 
... he is french :) 
Gratz Ricky :D

Even if she is called Sandra... ;p 
Hey, my wife's name is Sandra! :) 
Sandra is a latin name!!!

we have lots of Sandra�s at Portugal :)

but my wife�s name is C�lia :) 
I remember as a child at the age of about 6 being told in the school mplayground that if you took the skin off an orange and threw it ove your shoulder it would give the initial of the person you would marry. Strangely more than often it will give you an "S".

Willem - obviously got good taste in women :D

Trinca - funnily enough Sandra is Portuguese

NNTT - thanks ;) 
The outside of a sphere remapped to a linear stripe has a tendency to form a wave when flattened?

Also, I feel you may have been reading it 90 degrees wrong. You were clearly destined for a Nigel ;p 
remapped to a linear stripe

Plane. A sphere with a single point removed is equivalent to a plane.

FYI, a topologist is someone who doesn't know the difference between a coffee cup and a donut. (If you laughed, it probably means you didn't get it.) 
I Groaned... Does That Count? 
Groanage probably indicates the intended understanding of coffee cup and donut. 
I Don't Get It At All 
And don't want to read wikipedia just now.

RPG - map in the works? 
If Not 
It's all good.

Apart from now I need to know what's the difference between a donut and coffee cup - non-topologically speaking. 
man has discovered the surface of a sphere with the peel of an orange.

today I learned that the speed of a planet is inversely proportional to its distance to the sun

Also that squares of the orbital periods are proportional to the third powers of the distances.

Kepler loved oranges though he ended up with eggs. 
<-- Evening Coffee Cup 
Non-topologically, the difference between a coffee cup and a donut is that one is used for drinking illicit beverages in the morning while recovering from your indulgence of illicit beverages the night before, and the other is a donut.

Topologically speaking, they both have the same number of holes.

(See? The technical definition is much simpler.)

Also, talk to metlslime about the map. 
Yeah, but a donut hole has no holes, how do you explain THAT????!?!?! 
But is there a conformal map from the donut to the coffee cup? 
a cup doesn't have a hole... unless it's become unfit for containing liquid. 
a sock with no holes is worse than a sock with two holes. 
true, the feats need to breath 
I wish I'd never started this 
I Prefer Boston Creme Myself. 
Are we talking about holes and why was czg not involved? 
Ceezeegee <3 
Because, like scampie hinted at, unless they became unfit for containing sausage, he has none. 
a sock with no holes is worse than a sock with two holes. does sock feel about that? Sock, rebuttal? 
Two Holes.. 
... is better than no holes.. At least there's a place for a friend ;) 
TF2 Style... 
OMG Hi RPG And Frib 
Guess I haven't been in here for a while... 
<- Wooly 
How does one put on a sock with no holes? 
czg linked an interesting video about how to turn a sphere inside out without cutting a hole in the fabric, so I imagine something like the way they did that.

Of course, they DID use imaginary material that was allowed to move through itself. 
Make sure the spiky ball is floating through it when you jump in the teleport. 
Re: Tf2 
tf = terrafusion, damnit. stop confusing me! 
A New Map From Me...

kisses and hugs rutger

(am I mistaking or is there a new crate in the logo?) 
a new map from rutger..... 
rar file seems corrupted. Please use zip. 
It downloaded OK for me.

Anyway, good pack! I'm not through it all yet but it's been a blast so far! 
not bad. a little random at times but still coherent. gameplay was good and the layout was non-linear which is always good. should have started a news thread!

dude, start a news thread! 
Too 1997 For My Taste 
txt template?! 
Best Txt File Evar! 
I might print it out and put it in my Quake shrine. Along with my signed picture of CZG being bummed by a reindeer. 
fuckkkkkk why with my new grafic card joequake ,requirem, fitz and glquake dont work and qrack works perfect? :|

my new pc is AMD Athlon 3200 2gb ram ATI x850 
Thats Your NEW Pc? =) 
I seem to remember you need to copy a dll file or something to get glquake and its variants to work with older ati cards, can anyone elaborate on this? 
i bought from my work 60 euros :)

is much better then my oldest... 
Haha Ati 
-bpp 32 again? 
no idear...

but i will try when i get home... 
if you compress then zip a targa, it's larger than if you just zipped an uncompressed targa. 
from what i've read, targa is run-length encoded, so long horizontal bands of the same color can be compressed.

zip usually compresses by some method of storing recurring chunks of data as references to a dictionary of data chunks.

So perhaps in the case of your image, the long stripes of the same color are better compressed by zip than RLE. Or maybe that would always be the case, i don't know. 
Spirit solved a part... but is not clean perfect image!!!

i just dont understand why Qrack is perfect :| and the rest give me these problems with no image just yellow color all twisted :\

with the -bpp 32 comand get almost perfect but is not perfect! 
Too Bad You Have No Way To Take A Screenshot 
I found out that Doom 3 doesn't allow you to create aliases that include impulses.

That's a pretty impressive fail for such a polished game, I have to say. 
Actually this pisses me off enough to email id... wait... I mean Activision... oh, I forgot that Activision "does not provide support for console commands".


Times sure have changed. 
I get the feeling that playing any other game than Quake1 just makes me feel spoiled. 
since i have "new computer" i start playing a little on others games... last night was playing Quake4 :p

but this time i dont have fps drops like i had in my old pc :\ it runs very nice :) 
Happy Birthday Quake 
since you have a new pc, i strongly suggesting you to try Return to Castle of Wolfenstein game 
Well done. Post your specs so me/otgher nerds can uhm and aah over it :DDD 
Same situation as Trinca here :)

RTCW is pretty cool, although it really is rather simplistic. Fast and dirty gameplay in castles full of Krauts. I liked it, although the environments were a little bare (only played the demo). Runs under Linux, which is always a plus.

Specs for Ricky: P4 HT 3 Ghz, 1 gig, Nvidia FX 5500. Running Gentoo Linux.

Uhm! Aah! Meh!

I'm also catching up game-wise a little. Played the Prey demo lately. The combat and weapons don't do it for me, the wall walking is nice, but a little "ooh novelty", and the spirit mode is cool, but feels like it wasn't fully explored. It's nice to see something a little different, though.

I'd like to see this spirit stuff in more games, because most cultures have this or originally had it, even Europeans. France and Sweden also have pretty animal paintings and rock carvings, those aren't just found in North America. There's no reason for a white space marine to not spirit-walk like a mesolithic hunter. I find this pretty fitting for an FPS, actually, because that's more or less what we're all trying to do. Traveling to other worlds (typically underworld, netherworld, elder world, "Hell" and so forth) to save our people from demons. Or simply hunt the mammoth. Or fight against a neighboring tribe (damn squibs).

It's a re-living ancient things, in a way. Where is the fucking mammoth? Gone. We're living in a world without mammoths, where the existence of demons is commonly denied. So is the existence of spirit-travelling. I think humans are programmed to do these kinds of things though. Games are an outlet.

I could imagine a WW2 shooter, starting in France, where the protagonist finds a cave with rock paintings and is "flashed" by the local spirits. Part of him is turned into an ancient hunter. From now on, he fights not only humans, but must also spirit travel to clear an area of demons which can only be seen in this mode (a difference to Prey). A mission would not be winnable without clearing out the local demons first. He can draw power from sacrifices etc. while in spirit mode. (You could substitute France with Iraq, or Mars, or whatever).

I'd really like to see more religious components (pre-Christian) in games. I thought the Soul Cube was pretty good, although it wasn't presented as a religious artifact much, at least in practice.

Contemplating to get ET:QW and lose all my life online. 
played doom 3 yet?
I rly like that game..... 
Yeah. I think it is a damn good FPS. It must be one of the best. Single player, I mean. What's better?

I checked out ETQW, have to say it's not my type of game. Like Q4 multiplayer better (= Q3 multiplayer I guess).

I played online some, but these guys are just so good that I don't really get a foot in the door. :-(

getting assraped as a casual player isn't fun.

Probably because I can't spend hours every day to practise multiplayer. I already have my hands full with a sabot. :-(

I miss oldschool LAN multiplayer with friends (who are not semi-pro gamers) :-(

anyone up to some private Doom3 multiplayer? Slacker type beer drinking good times? Of Q4 I only have the German version, which thanks to our great leaders is not network compatible with the normal version :-((

I would really like some casual type DM with other casual players. Or coop. 
need hours every day. 
I'm up for that sort of thing. 
D3 Coop 
Would be excellent. I'd totally be up for that. 
Heres A Doom 3 Coop Mod 
called Last Man Standing:

Downloading now......

Would be cool to play Doom 3 coop. Never played DM.....

Who wants to give it a try? 
Not Me 
Yeah, Last Man Standing seems like the most popular D3 coop mod.

There are Linux and Mac versions, too. Newest version 4.0, right.

Someone could host a listen server like if it was a LAN. It's the simplest.

Ricky, I played some FFA last night on Lights Out and Tomiko Reactor with some random guys. It was fun, there is an element of sneaking around in the darkness as well as full-on firefights. You move at almost Quake4 speed in multiplayer, and the Berserk powerup works with all weapons (like a quad basically). You can't very well see players in the shadows in Doom3, so you can hide and blast others from behind. Not surprisingly, the chaingun and rocket launcher dominate.

The overall speed of gameplay seems to be slower than Quake, though. It's just natural.

I found that it really is more fun if you know the maps so you can find everything. I suggest we'd all learn Tomiko Reactor (D3DM1), so everybody knows where the guns etc are. It's a somewhat big map, too. The other popular FFA map seems to be Lights Out (D3DM5).

I'd be fine with coop or FFA. Short analysis of the Doom3 maps, with pictures, is here:

For a private server, we'd need a password, I suggest ilovetheshubhub obviously. Whoever hosts the server should name it something like "func server" so others can find it.

Let's do it :)))

Coop first? 
How Much To Read 
i'm done 
I've lost my D3 CD and Steam won't let me register it with them :( 
If Youinstak The Patch 1.3 Or 1.3.1 
you nolonger require a disc to run

Frontpage looks good, kind of russian. 
Doom3 LMS 4.0 Coop 
OK, apparently I cannot run a dedicated server and a client on the same machine - it makes the server crash.

So I'll start hosting a listen server from now on. I'm in north .de so UK and Scandinavia should have OK connections.

LMS 4.0 required. Look for func_ server in the server browser. 
Oh Yeah 
I will set team kill to "on".

Shambler + "Team Kill = On" = stupid idea 
#17128 Sorry you didn't make a news toppic for your level. It's simpel but innovating. I wondered... you could have had some more positive comments on it if you had done.

Anyway, here's a demo. Thanks for the experience! 
Getting LMS Now. 
Been a while since Ive played, hoping I could jump in with you guys some evening soon. 
Third Row Tool Ticket, Bitches!!! 

P.S. I'm excited. 
Tool is so 1992. 
Congrats RPG! I fucking LOVE Tool! They put on an awesome show. 
The Last Time 
i was at a tool concert, there weren't any "rows". 
So, Doom3 coop when? Idling and waiting for someone to connect is boring. 
Let me go with you to TOOL! They haven't played here in like 5 years... 
On LMS... 
The game looks cool enough, but their gun models and maps are not so nice. 
Try "SP coop" as the gametype - that's the normal SP gameplay except you always run.

That's what I thought we should play, too. 
Tool Drool 
I was too slow to get floor tickets, unfortunately, since that would have been awesome. So I had to get seats way back in row 28. Man biff, you should have said something because I actually had an extra ticket, but I traded both of them yesterday with another guy for his 3rd row seat. 
Oh... I see they're passing through the east coast pretty much right now. Sure dropped the ball on that one. 
I guess your Bastard status has been lifted for now ;D 
They Took Our Jooobs!!! 
They took our jooobs!!!

or maybe not for a few years yet......... 
Only way that'll work is if they create something akin to L4D's director, but for overall gameplay/layout. The generator actually needs to understand game balancing/interesting encounters to even approach something that plays as well as a (good) user made map.

And that's not even taking into account the human ability to create visual set pieces, only way a generator could do the same is by having 'use-once' set piece prefabs, and that'd still require a mapper to create the prefab...

Basically, I think you gonna get something akin to that Q2 pack thing but slightly prettier/more varied (shotgun reviewing it for Quaddicted btw, I have a lot of repressed rage atm ;) 
One poster mentions that maybe it could be used for layout.

Bear with me.

If it works in XYZ and sets up just a series of box corridors then it could be useful to provide a mapper with a blank - they then fill it in, remove areas, add ones and so on.

Would need a massive frontend to work though. 
Other Problems 
Unless someone's come up with some major and amazing reworking of the original mapgen code, all your layouts are gonna suck. The algorithm basically just generated a tree of maptiles, so your maps would never loop back on themselves (unless of course it failed to detect intersecting tiles...). You just end up with a collection of dead ends stretching out from one starting point.

I had a vague idea the first time I made it of creating a sort of "space hulk" type game. The player would be in charge of marines, and aliens would spawn in from the dead ends. It was back when the natural selection mod was still new, and exploring the maps for the first time was awesome. So making a map generator where each time you'd have something new to explore...that was the original idea.

The objective would have been to hunt down into each of the dead ends and seal them off. The problem is that you end up with a reverse difficulty curve - the game gets easier and easier as you shut off the spawnpoints one by one. So the gameplay took a backseat and I made some more maps for it to test the tech instead. 
Oh, And 
Making it editable would actually be reasonably easy, you'd just replace the random number generator selecting the tiles with controls that let you cycle through each tile, and each rotation which lines up the doorways. It's also really easy to keep a map you designed, because all you need to do is make a savegame to preserve it. 
Spirit, as long as you don't mind me spitting vitriol for 300 words, then no worries... 
ijed: A blank layout is relatively quickly done by a mapper, though. It would just save a couple hours, or days. 
Anger is alright but I rather stay clear of shit, fuck, piss, cock etc. 
Didn't Know 
H2SO4 was a map actually? 
no fooling with acids. 
Pen and paper are your friend. 
Please, vitriol is so much more than mere profanity. 
Is that why you're no entity anymore? 
I Just Don't Get It 
I tried to download the High Resolution Pack for DN3D from their site yesterday and spent 40 minutes to get me a 99% download.
I waited hald an houre without progress.
Then I quit the site having no folder in my index.

Today I tried again and saw the 400Mb in 10sec(!) on my hard disk.
Trying it again to make sure if nothing went wrong bunched me back
to a delay of 40 minutes with shady outcome. 
Half price weekend deal.

I'm weak. 
Mapgen Convolution 
Preach laid out the difficulty of looping the generated tree structure. A related task is convolution, make the map twistier and more compact. One way: notch map tiles to make pockets for endcaps, and don't even check endcap collisions in qc.

Convolution pics (also prove jooobs not yet in danger):

7 map tiles in editor, 36 brushes: 
Interesting Though 
More complex tiles with retouch and entity placement by a mapper could produce nice results. 
not bad. 
it would be interesting if this could be applied to something more 'acute'.

instead of generating an entire level, could it be used to generate, say, a wall?

give it a box map and have the thing greeble everything. 
Also, try making it generate several levels connnected by stairs or lift shafts, so a mapper can fill in the actual lift. Perhaps also a second level/gallery to every room would be good. 
That Might Work 
Mapgen collision-detects against world and func_notile regions placed by the mapper, so could be trained to generate near walls, a 'greeble vine'. func_notile can be used to keep the greebles from blocking pathways. A network of conduit in a service corridor is an example. 
The original mod actually had an example mod doing something similar - although it didn't help that it was by far the ugliest map in the pack.

If you grab the mod from
and load the "desert" map, you can see the effect. Instead of walls in a large room, you can see randomly generated roads being placed in a fixed desert map. But the idea of bounding the playing area with a fixed space is the same.

on lifts: I actually wanted to make a tile in the space set which was multi-floored, with a lift going between the two. You can already attach entities to a tile; I just dithered over doing a lift. All the qc source was written from scratch, and I wasn't sure about starting to include original progs code just to get the lift working. So it never made the cut... 
Where are Kell, Kinn? Are they still active? 
Did you burried them alive? 
negke why my maps look dark in your computer? :\ and the lights of mines are the same as necros maps for example? I don�t need to adjust the lights to others maps... :| does other people also think that my lights are to dark? maybe when I return into mapping I should increase the lights a bit...?!?!? 
negke is almost blind: don't trust him !!! 
Yes, sm155_trinca was very dark. 50 more I guess. 
OK, i will start using gl_gamma 0,5 and gl_contrast 0,5 to

i always use 0,7 
Use gamma 1 (disabled) and set the brightness slider to 0. Base your lighting on the default values.

Lighting always looks different - (brighter/darker - on each individual monitor (and possibly engine, too). The key is to find the golden mean. 
Who Are They? 
there's also the difference between LCD and CRT monitors.

i've found CRTs tend to have a lot more contrast but are also generally darker. LCDs tend to have less contrast at the darker end and are generally brighter.

if you're designing on a CRT, you should set your stuff to default brightness and work from that (using iD levels as a base, but remember those levels are brighter than they need to be). if you are using an LCD, i'd turn down the brightness a little bit and work like that (use iD levels again as a reference). 
Do You Really Think That 
the iD maps are too bright? I've always had to turn brightness up just to see on their maps. As a matter of fact, I have a special nVidia profile just for when I play Quake because it's way too dark if I use my normal Windows settings.

Anyway, I've always pretty much used the iD maps as my reference when lighting my maps.

I have my newest computer in the living room hooked up to the tv and I have a hard time deciding if the lighting is right or not when mapping because the lcd TV is way different from the crt monitor I used to use. 
Heh - There's A Real Art To Lighting A Quake Map! 
So many forces working against you....
Ive had em all in my short career - to bright, too dark, too shit, to bland, too colourful, meh - you just cant quite please everyone!
I have often re-done large portions of my maps 2 or 3 times sometimes! 
imo just make sure the lighting in the map spans the entire range of possible values (0-255)... eg 255 close to spotlights, 0 in really dark corners... if you don't do this (for example by using minlight) the map may look washed out or bland. Then play with fall-off and intensity of lights to achieve both sharp and smooth gradients...

look at tyrann's maps for a demonstation 
no, YOU! 
is very true :

i've found CRTs tend to have a lot more contrast but are also generally darker. LCDs tend to have less contrast at the darker end and are generally brighter.

Also, dont forget idgamma. It seems some of us play with it, some dont. 
don't forget

V O N D U R 
no, YUO! 
Server Problems Fixed 
Hi guys, just to let you know, the problem that brought the server to a halt every so often is now fixed. I am to blame for this; I used braindead SQL queries on the cube forum. 
Ah, just posted about that in site help :) 
Do/Did people make Painkiller SP maps (with proper gameplay)? Is there a mapping community? 
Because they never released dev tools.

Fucking shame. 
They Did Release Dev Tools 
but making PK maps is all done in 3d apps. there have been a handful of full custom maps but the lack of an accessible way of building them is most likely the reason why there aren't more. 
id didn't release dev tools for doom I or II or Quake or Quake 2 and we somehow managed... 
ROFL @ AEnoch 
very funny 
Sleep, the red text 'too many queries' one?

Nice one :) 
that one. If the server was reachable. 
I'm Gonna Update/upgrade 
my old/crappy version of opera(9.25), so maybe someone can suggest which version of opera should i use. and i don't like an interface of its recent versions 
Tango Clearlooks is a nice theme. Always use the latest stable of your browser or you expose yourself to security issues. 
I have used opera for many years and some months ago I have switched to firefox and I don't think I will go back any more.
I know this isn't the answer you seek. :) 
That's STILL around? 
Opera Kicks Ass. 
Especially on Linux where Firefox sucks badly. Plus I don't need a gazillion of addons to get basic functionality. 
Firefox turned south the minute the Mozilla Foundation lay their claws on it. It's become the new Netscape if you ask me. The rendering engine may be fine, but it's become slow, fat and ugly over the years. To me, Webkit is the superior engine anyway, and Safari is by far the nicest browser on the mac platform. Don't know about the windows version though. And isn't there a Webkit-based browser for Linux, too? Didn't Webkit originate from the Konqueror project? 
I use Safari on Mac as well. It's a great browser for my needs.'s 
Word of The Day: travail 
Browser Wars 
I've used Opera 10 Alpha a lot lately, and it is quite good. It feels the fastest of the "big 3" mac browsers, but it was crashing on me about once a day, under heavy usage. If the final version is more stable, I'd switch back.

Safari is decently fast, but it just lacks a lot of functionality and expandability. It doesn't even save my sessions if the browser crashes! (the other two do)

Firefox can be painfully slow on this 5 year old Powerbook, but it has been rock solid stable for me. And I've become quite attached to having so many awesome plugins (skipscreen, adblock, downthemall, etc).

I'd like the webkit rendering engine + firefox style plugins, now that would be something (maybe google chrome will do this?)

Looks like Opera is skinnable, spy: 
Adblock for Safari:

More stuff:

Apart from that, I agree that it sucks that Safari doesn't have a standardized plugin interface. 
Browsers That Crash? 
What's the world coming to? 
I'm a windows dick head. 
There are browsers that don't crash? 
Mr Fribbles 
Yes, opera mini (for mobile phones) 
is very stable, too. I couldn't say when it crashed on me the last time. It has happened, but it's really really rare. 
doesn't crash. I don't know about w3m, though. 
I'm Clearly Doing Something Wrong 
my IE8 doesn't crash. Think I'd better change to another browser. 
anyone have any suggestions for a base texture set?

i'm looking around for stuff that hasn't been used lately (or isn't used much), so not idbase or ikbase.

what would you like to see? :P 
Obtex Was Unknown To Me Until Recently 
But thats quite a good pack IMO 
obtex looks like quake2 textures? or are they original?

i could try doombase that lunaran made but i've tried that a few times already in the past without much success. 
Theyre Original 
i think it looks a bit like quake 2 but not entirely, and apart from the rock and earth textures it looks pretty decent 
thanks for pointing me to them :) 
Tyranny Of Titles 
Obviously I should have just gone back to the stable version of Opera, not the bleeding edge alpha. Which I did, and it's ridiculously faster than Firefox (on a 5 year old Powerbook). Yes, I demand a lot out of my web browsers. Sleepwalkr, I didn't know about those Safari plugins, but they look quite nice. Pity some of the best aren't freeware.

Regarding base textures... a brief trip through memory lane and quaddicted/wads yields the following tidbits:

speedy's cr8 set. rather brown but i really like this one, very underused too

deconwad, hasn't been used since warpspasm afaik

Rorschach's HH3 work looks awesome and converts well to q1, but I dunno where to find the tga's anymore, what with fileplanet going to suck and the watchmen movie making a google search for "Rorschach" totally pointless (except on a deep dark corner of my hard drive). Actually scratch that, some of these links still work, amazingly:

I coulda swore Lun had more q1 wads, but I don't see them on his site or quaddicted. 
Meh, Addendum 
Didnt Hipshot 
also make from scratch versions of some q2 base textures?

and of course some from evillair. 
Speedbase + Cr8 
= win? 
you weren't kidding about Rorschach's textures converting well.

the clockwork textures look practically identical in the q1 palette :o 
I always liked Vendetta in Q1 myself.

Singlemalt goes too, but it becomes less red, more rusty brown (go Quake ;) 
VR Stuff 
Yes We Can 
make this a mandatory util for fat WOW players. 
One Day 
it will be the general youtabuse.

neg!ke, first let me say hurray I lost my keyboard, I lost my w��, in fact I lost my complete sense of or�entation but I will go for it as long I don't hit the wall in that thing. If the screen would be projected inside the sphere I would even more be exhausted.

Now I can't (sorry to say this again) get the urge to leave as soon as possible, as it reminds me too much of the thing you would use to walk on the water, seeing your surounding in the transparant surface.

I don't want to disfigure your truely spontaneous intention but since you put your comment on my abandon pak I can only stay jumping on my mouse to leave the level.

No bad feelings anyway...cheers mate! 
how could i know if i�m using idgamma? 
idgamma makes a pak2.pak file in your quake/id1/ folder. inside should be a single file, palette.lmp. 
I got it in my pak0

thks necros 
Well Isnt It A Case Of 
There is one pallette.lmp in pak0 and idgamma adds a pak2 with a replacement? So the two are different pallettes but with the same name? 
Yes, there must be a palette.lmp in pak0.pak. The pak2.pak idgamma one overrides it if present. 
Interesting Marketing Move From MSI 
In fairness, some WoW addicts are undernourished, scary thin twig people... 
Playing A Bit With Blender 
i like the trees 
Me Too 
more trees in this sector 
i like the fiend 
Steam Weekend Sale 
Is the entire half-life / Half-Life 2 series of games for 66% off.

They are also selling the individual titles at a reduced price, for example Episode 2 is a whopping 3 pounds!

(So fucking buy it Shambler, you cunt!) 
Play Versus, ffs! It's not deathmatch. 
Still Working On My Coag3 Map 
Added 1000 brushes in the last few days for only 2seconds free fall XD 
I did some log file mining and counted downloads of the files at Quaddicted for August 2008 to July 2009. Bots, spiders and other things should be eliminated. These numbers are much lower than I thought, heh. They seem valid, I manually checked 2 (yeah, proper science).

You can check graphs at
For example:

And here is a list of the top 25 files (removed misc files like travail soundtrack and skins) with their number of downloads in said period:

PS3 Slim for $299 this September.

Does anyone care? 
Would be nice if they applied some of that slimming technology to the price. Jaysus... 
They did drop it from $399 to $299, but yeah, it's still a bit much for a system with no games I really want that I can't get on PC or XBox anyway. 
To be fair, that's getting within "Hmm, maybe" territory. It's got some games that I want. Hmm... 
Watching And Reading A Lot Of Blender Tutorials 
...and there is some really impressive stuff like this: 
About Damn Time 
that's about what the PS2 cost when it was first released.

So how did they get it smaller, a Cell die-shrink I'd guess? 
And whoever else is interested - I found this site to be useful for 3d modeling tuts 
So how did they get it smaller, a Cell die-shrink I'd guess?

Usually they do it by making the power supply an external unit. And eliminating empty air space so that it's hotter inside. 
Pretty much what metl said (afaictfr), altho surely removing the PSU will allieviate some of the heat issues anyways... 
yes it is very usefull site some tuts are on both sites though.

Made a mouse with a mouse
Now i have to figure out how to explode it ^^ 
The London Eye cant jump 
'cos it's white? 
Quaddicted will have its 5th birthday in October (I count my "Quakeblog" days towards it). Any good unconventional ideas for

* Any kind of contest (no mapping, unless really different from anything before)
* Riddles (in that case please send a mail)
* Send quake shaped cookies to me
* Collect thousands of dollars to buy a Quake license to give it away for free

or something like that? 
Birthday Hack Contest 
Birthday Code Something For Quakeinjector Contest 
work has been going on, a lot of restructuring and cleanup, just not all of the features that i want to have before the next release. 
Birthday Logo Contest 
Birthday Get Drunk Contest 
Birthday Quakeinjector ICON Contenst 
+1 For Metl 
In fact, my original post had something like "anything to get that dreadful logo replaced" at first. 
HDGDL release for fuck's sake
what's with the logo hate... 
Birthday Quake Poems Contest 
HDGDL is totally decayed by now. Poor bunnies.

Poem Contest sounds great, especially since that is open for anyone (which I find important).

People uncertain about their sexual orientation get scared by the logo a lot. I am awfully sorry about that. You could try blocking the image with your browser or replacing it with a giant dong. On the other hand there is no danger in pink, just don't wear it. 
I Don't Really Dislike The Logo... 
it's a bit cartoony, but the concept is strong. Really the hyperlinks on the rest of the site need to match the pink instead of being orange. 
I dont know how to make logos :\ I�m out! 
but a speedmap or turtle event i might make something 
To Metl & Ijed 
that's would be great
b/d logo and drunk contest ;)
Drunk contest with photos! 
Must Include 
Breathalyzer score as proof. 
Bah, Boasting About Alcohol Abuse Is So Silly 
I think it will be "Haiku Reviews". 
just remember: drinking alone is enough to make you cool. 
Quake And October/Halloween Go Well Together 
My vote is for a riddle that has something to do with Quake. For extra points make it rhyme.

random question: anyone want to throw together a small, moody start map for one of my projects? Email me if so: 
Tronyn i have a map that i will not finish and might work I will sent you when i get home from holidays 
Extra points awarded for being a bitter, cynical bastard. 
I advised voodoochopstiks against learning Portuguese because then he might end up talking like you -- all sexist and hateful ;( 
Halloween Is An Us Thing Only. 
Inertia to be a Portuguese is not for everyone...

pure race! 
Wtf Is 
halloweein anyway? 
i've been married in halloweeen oct31 2006 
Halloween Is Anus Thing Only. 
I concur. 
Do The Negke 101 
HDD crash, entirely my fault. Put the HDD on top of the pc case as I was about to build it in, then for some reason tilted it slightly to get a better look inside - woosh, Indy Nosebone. I don't expect to be able to recover any of the data. A pity, mostly because of the loss of many unique mp3s (my mixes folder alone was like 25GB or so).
And I even had a chance to do backups as the HDD still worked for a day afterwards, but I didn't use it in time.

The map/vis state file is safe, though. Ever since an earlier HDD crash, I keep backups of all WIP stuff online. 
After Losing 20gb Worth Of Data 
I got careful about redundancy and backups as well. I have a dedicated lowpower/no noise Intel Atom-based NAS solution: pic here with 5 disk slots, 4 of them are available to a built-in hardware RAID card (raid 0, 1 and 5 are supported), important data gets moved from my desktop PC to a mirror disk configuration on this NAS.

And the really really important stuff also gets automatically backed up online (there are some software options to automate this) on a weekly basis, just in case my apartment catches fire or something. 
I use a Drobo unit at home for data safety (I save most data files there and Time Machine backs up to it as well). I don't have an off site solution but I really should get on that. 
Filesharers Backup: 
ls -lR mystuff/ > filelist.txt

That way at least you know what you lost. :)

I am using rdiff-backup for my backups. General backups go to 2 harddisks, important things (much much less) also GPG encrypted online and on a USB stick. 
I Have... 
about half of a solution.

All maps, websites, code are in a local subversion database, and that gets backed up to USB stick manually every X days or so. No backup system for artwork or music or anything else. And i don't have offsite yet. 
Hourly Time Machine Backups offsite SVN repositories for everything that is important (code and some documents). 
Music, video etc. goes to hard copy whenever I can be bothered. 
I Try To 
not value most data so much. Need to start using svn for some stuff though. 
I agree with that. I've had data losses before and after the initial shock, I usually realized that most of the stuff I lost wasn't really needed or could easily be replaced. 
I agree with the principle, but I've lost alot of work over the years as well. Stuff I'd like to be able to go back and look at but is gone.

So, SVN for the masses. 
I already did. 
yeah I've got that one, this is for a different project. Both should be coming out pretty soon. 
That's What She Said 
. . . wait, that doesn't even make sense. 
Long Live The Acronyms! 
...this even less. 
I'm replaying the hipnotic pack again. There are so many great maps. Gameplay is fine and relaxing even on skill 2. You get plenty of ammo and weapons and health. It is a pleasure to play it after some years. 
Ankh Is Correct. 
from time to time i dig in the old maps a lot :) when I�m bored and i always get better =) terapy 
The interview links on this page seem dead 
Ah, relative link hell.
Use until I fix it. 
So anyone here affected by the Raven layoffs? 
Guys Are You 
that's fucked up. 
Thats The Best Link Poster For Ages 
I am actually speechless! 
Great Heavens! 
Otherwise you will be spending the rest of eternity living through Doom

what's wrong with this? 
Fucking hell, I'm going to donate. 
The reviews of 'secular' games down the page is the best bit. Apparently Tetris is mind controlling communist propaganda...

It is claimed that the word "tetris" comes from the game pieces all being made of four blocks. In reality, the game was named in mockery of the Trinity by adding a forth hypostasis, the Communist State, to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

I'm tempted to email him pointing out that you get a halo if you do good things in Fable 2 and pointing out Assassin's Creed (would love to see what he'd make of that one...)

And for more fear inducing religious zealotry, check out their hosts;

The Internet was created by the United States of America - a Christian nation [ref. 1, 2, 3] - and should not be used to spread anti-Christian, secular, or non-Christian propaganda and hatespeech. This is our Internet, and we should exercise our position as its owners and as the guardians of civilization to stop its misuse.

Apparently Christian propaganda and hatespeech is fine tho... Also, way to not understand the internet 
My Favorite Part Was How Doom 
was a missed opportunity because Carmack was an atheist :) 
Oh... My Nonsense 
he'll be spending the rest of eternity living at he�sme? 
.. can continue to be an atheist if he continues to release good FPS games as Doom / Quake / RTC / etc.. etc... go map ! 
I Want The Old Zwiffle Back 
chif chif 
I Don't Mind Either Way. 
As long as the new Zwiffle goes. 
You're just upset you fell for my pizza troll. 
Man I Feel Old 
Man, digging through some old .bsp, .map and .unr files (my own work) and seeing the actual "Date Last Modified" timestamp actually show early 1998 makes me feel old. 
Nice Article About BSP Technology 
Boopy Soup Paraphenalia 
interesting article. I wondered quiet long what makes up this file and where these homs came from. Mostly it is well explainable by reading this, but I didnt had it at hand in the late '96 when the first Qmap arived.

I came to remember when I tried to recompile my mod in 2004. Suddenly the levels weren't compilable and there apeared many errors.
As if the old compilers were more rough in their way of behaving and didn't take it that hard when a map had "hard" edges.

Makes me laught to remind I took so much care to keep the old original Quake1 engine limits.
While nowadays it's a shout to see levels of 4Mb in the old Quake1 software methode.
They burst out in hom's and are a geek to look at. 
Nicely Reasonable Article On Online Activation 
it's written by that exact same guy who wrote that bsp article. 
Blender 2.49b Released 
very interesting changelog:

Quake MAP Export, empty nodes were not exported, also noticed files were invalid if there were no meshes or surfaces.
Quake MAP Export, had support for single triangular brush unnecessarily disabled.
Quake MD2 Export, Fix for vertex normals [patch #19206] 
Wolfenstein $30, among other MADDENINGLY MADDENING DEALS 
Why Buy More Games That I Won't Have Time To Play? 
Help the economy you unAmerican socialist fascist Nazi Communist atheist Muslim. 
Help the economy you unAmerican socialist fascist Nazi Communist atheist Muslim.

Maybe he's pissed off that his demographic is the villain in every first-person shooter not set in space? 
A Kid 
Who was at my wedding in England was knifed to death in his bed by a burgular last week.

The scumbag entered through an open window, the victim only had one defense wound on his hand which means he was asleep when attacked.

Every time that I have to explain I'm not racist because I'm English and white, or hear something like this I get surer I made the right decision to leave.

What the fuck is wrong with people. 
Don't Reply 
To the above, just file it away upstairs for later thought. 
The English do respond strange after closing their acient Whiskey plants. 
Responding Somewhat Anyway 
It seems like 10 years ago here in North America, the impression of England was that it was fairly free of crime/social problems, compared to the US or whatever. Now, however, the media at least portrays it as a lot more dangerous. 
What could they possibly do wrong. They already put citizens under a permanent alert about terrorism and criminal incidents, ask neighbours to report suspicious activity and put surveillance cameras everywhere. By common logic the UK should be the land of free happy safe people. 
not directed at anyone 
You Orb! 
There is a saying goes like...Testis Unos Testis Nullos, meaning when there's only one witness there's no witness.

It seems the mobile camera has defended a case of robbery in trial, because it had the suspect on camera. 
A poor place now. Poverty does things like that.

Like Madfox says - testies null ;) 
there're two deathmatch players at least. 
mobile phone cams. putting ancient latin proverbs to the test. 
Ijed: clearly poverty is the product of immorality and stupidity.

...on the part of those in power! Hah! 
Suppose poverty = immorality * stupidity. Then we have the following question: Does there exist an element (poverty)^(-1)? If so, then we may have shown the existence of an identity element e such that e = (poverty)^(-1) * immorality * stupidity, and we pose the following questions:

1. Are these elements with the binary operator * part of a group? If so, what is the group?
2. Does the identity element e have a natural interpretation? 
As the givin statement of natural interpretation isn't a suspected logic in the calculation of evolvement it is quiet unpredictable if the notable chances of stupity and poverty are an element of immorality.

So it is the expected answer that solitary sooner is the result of culture, than that poverty is a stupid immorality of nature.

On the other hand... 
I forgot the e factor. 
come back to #tf ! 
You smell like slightly old hot dog juice. 
He said slightly... 
Is that poverty, immorality or stupidity? 
.. tree of them Captain 
... three... 
I Was Going To Say.... 
....I thought you were French not Irish 
.. I have very old Scottish roots... 
let's not get divided by e
scottish whiskey 
Im 3/16ths Jock. I dont really know how they can say that with such accuracy, but...... You never know Jean Phillipe, we could be distantly related :P 
My Family Had Tartan 
A few generations ago - clan Macrae. 
Who Knows... 
.. I had Scottish roots in the 18th century... 
I Lol'ed 
I'm Dutch 
& how green's your neighbour's grass? 
I Was In Amsterdam In July 
And I also went about 6 years ago with college.

The first time I went you couldn't walk anywhere near Dam Square or the railway station without getting approached by gangs offering cocaine and ecstacy.

In July I was there for 5 days and didnt get offered anything except one guy sailed past me on a bicycle and was saying "cheap hashish!"

Smoked a motherload in the coffeshops though 8D 
Drugs Are For Tourists 
Over there. 
. . . 
My impression from when I've been, at least. 
Pope And I 
exchanged unfinished maps last night and it was pretty neat looking at someone else's work and trying to figure out a way to finish it as your own. I got 2 huge, detailed rooms and he got 20 boxes connected by hallways that wandered off the grid.

All you quakers should partner up and do a sexy map swap today! 
That would be cool. Have an FTP somewhere that people can drop off stuff they don't want to finish and let other people pick them over if they want, or finish them up. 
You have no idea how many people started working on an old scrap of mine and never finished it. :) Hell, metl and I still haven't finished and we've been "working" on it for ages! 
i'm still "working" on it, never fear! 
Is it sm69 because the 69 is supposed to be like a symbol of infinite regress? 
the "69" was because it was such a high number, it implied the map would take a really long time to finish. Of course now we are in the 3-digits for speedmaps, so the joke doesn't work. Maybe sm500 or something.

Or we can say it's the infinte regress thing... 
You are "working" on some 69 for ages and cannot finish? 
It Should 9000. 
wait, no it isn't. nm 
I thought the joke is that metl and I are actually 69ing instead of working on the map? 
RPG stop being so juvenile. Gosh. 
RPG juvenile? Never! 
Just Wondering 
Does anyone ever put thought into making their maps/mods/whatever accessible? And I mean to people with disabilities, not necessarily newbies. 

No, seriously. What?

How would that even work, surely it's down to the control interface/device rather than the design of a given map? 
Interface Vs. Content Design 
Let's consider the case of websites.

A blind person may have a text-to-speech device that reads the website. This is all fine and good, but what happens when part of the site's content is an image? And I don't mean a screenshot of a game. You'll notice that some people will have email addresses stored in an image to prevent web crawlers from picking them up and adding the address to a spam database. But what happens if there is no alt text for the image? The blind person has no way to email the author of the site because the screen reader can't read the address. This could potentially be a big issue, especially if this email address is the only means to apply for a job. The employer is no longer providing an equal opportunity for all potential applicants.

For websites, the list goes on and on.

Navigation items should be in lists. Screen readers offer the ability to skip over lists, so if a blind person doesn't want to navigate to a different page yet he/she can skip over the menu and proceed to the content.

Links should avoid using the same link text as a previous link on the same page. When someone is cycling through the links on a page, this makes it easier to identify what is being linked to instead of relying on nearby contextual clues.

So clearly the interface is important (in the above examples, that would be the screen reader), but the design and implementation of the content is also very important. Even if someone is using a common interface, such as a stock installation of FireFox, you should still consider content design and avoid red text on a green background since red-green color blindness is a relatively common phenomenon. 
I Don't Know Enough 
About the speech tools used, apart from that they're pretty useless (or were) on lots of pronounciations.

Context plz?

What would constitute a decent setup outside of web design? 
Don't Worry About It 
It won't matter once we all have occipital jacks, so let's just work on developing those, ok? 
Map Swap 
There should be a central map scrap hub at quaddicted. I'd sure as hell contribute! 
There Is Audio Quake
I never got it to run though. 
Random Thought 
I shall dedicate this weekend to playing through the entire original Quake on hard or nightmare. Been quite a few years since I last did that.

Afterwards, perhaps Scourge of Armagon (missionpack1) as well. 
I could see Accessibility being a more relevant concept to engine design rather than content design, since the engine controls how people interface with the content.

But, Quake is more a medium of art rather than a medium for conveying information; as such the delivery is what matters. Accessibility is about delivering the message differently so it's available to more people, but the message without the artistic delivery misses the point of art.

So for example, gl_picmip could be considered an accessibility feature, it certainly makes it easier to "play" the game but makes it harder to experience the art of the game.

I can also see people re-mapping the controls to different hardware if they have some physical problem that makes it hard to use the mouse and keyboard. The game already supports this too, it's more a question of what trackball, joystick, etc. is available that actually works well for people. 
There should be a central map scrap hub at quaddicted. I'd sure as hell contribute!

Yes, Please 
Send them in. Public Domain (such like "Do anything you want with it, giving credit would be nice" (but you don't have to)) or GPL only, I will reject anything else. 
I Am German So There Must Be Rules And Order 
ZIP. Named like the included .map file or All filenames lowercase. Include at least one textfile explaining at least the license. Name that textfile like the zip (name it readme.txt and I will stab you with a Quake rune). 
Oh wait, how about a _src suffix for the zip and txt? That sounds more reasonable.

Bottom line, make sure the file can be extracted to a maps directory without overwriting anything there. 
More On Interface Vs. Content Design 
So how should one address audio cues? This is an admixture of level and game design. In Quake 3, when your player is hit you hear an audio cue, a splatter of blood in the area of the screen closest to the source of the damage, the player's head in the HUD turns in the direction of the damage, etc. However, that's clearly game design and outside the control of a mapper. On the other hand, several times the only cue--or the most predominant cue--I've seen about how to proceed in a map is an audio cue, such as a strange sound coming from behind a wall that you must break down.

And then there's spawning enemies behind the player. For normal audio players, this can be a sneaky tactic, but the player is indeed warned about what is happening because of the audio cue. A deaf player will have no warning whatsoever, and for shambler attacks this can be quite devastating and thus frustrating because they had no warning for such a high penalty.

For more general level design accessibility concerns, we can talk about maps that require dexterous movements, such as curve jumping, strafe jumping, or generally a long jump that requires perfect timing. Someone who has no visual or auditory impairment but who does have general motor control difficulties may not be able to complete the map, even though the original Quake maps didn't have such a barrier.

I certainly agree that for comprehensive accessibility you would need to begin from the ground up with the engine, then the game code, then the game content. But I don't think that saying Quake is primarily about art is sufficient justification for not making simple accommodations. My first complaint with that argument is that it seems to imply that the gameplay is not as important as the art. IMO, the map should be just as fun to play whether it's monochrome or full color. And if you build a map (or game) and then take out all the amazing visuals only to find that it's no longer worth playing, then you're doing something wrong and I would no longer classify your product as a "game." In that case, at the core there was no playing; it was just navigating inside a painting or a movie set, possibly with some frustrating elements added.

Note: I'm playing the devil's advocate here. I've only heard of one person in the Quake community who had accessibility issues (he was deaf), and probably anyone who is still playing Quake has found some way to adapt to it. Everyone else has probably moved on. On the other hand, the response so far indicates that in general no one here has been thinking of accessibility issues, which are becoming an increasing concern in the computer world in general, so I'm very much interested in discussing this stuff with anyone who is interested. Please post your thoughts! 
More Specific Responses: 
ijed: I'm actually quite impressed with text-to-speech these days. My TTS GPS does an amazing job of reading road names in English, which, of course, is a notoriously non-phonetic language.

Spirit: Thanks for the link! I'm going to try to check that out. 
But Can They Say 'Guinness' 
That's the ultimate test ;)

I remember an article about HL2 praising the subtitle option. Seems obvious enough now, but a few short years ago it was new and inventive.

And it's still not applied as a standard. 
I like the criticism RPG raises, there is a metaphor that explains a lot of them away: a Quake level is an obstacle course made of art. 
Are all games an obstacle course made of art? If not, why is Quake different?

Maybe I'm not clear what you mean. I had fun making and running through obstacle courses as a kid. It didn't matter if I was climbing a "boring" wall or Michelangelo's David; it was still fun. 
The point I intended to make is that no one bothers to make obstacle courses accessible to quadriplegics :) 
i think that pretty much fully addresses the issue here.

fps levels are visual medium first and an audio medium second.

if you can't see, you're missing out on say 70% of the level. even if there was a way to convey the visuals to someone who was blind, would they enjoy it at all?

i'm not blind, so i can't say for certain, but having a voice over explain to me what the atrium looks like and where the exits are isn't really appealing. i'd rather just put on a good song or something. 
So If You Have Any Disability, You Should Not Play Quake? 
inertia: But we make education accessible to people with mental disabilities, no? No one is expecting them to win a Nobel Prize (although some could--keep in mind there are far more types of mental disabilities than retardation and autism); however, our society says it is unacceptable not to make reasonable accommodations for them. Should we therefore make no effort to create a bionic suit so that a quadriplegic could run an obstacle course? Or if you lost a leg (god forbid), should we not provide you with a prosthetic limb so that you could still run the obstacle course?

necros: But not everyone who is disabled is blind. Even if we restrict the discussion to only visual impairment, there is a full range of problems. These include total blindness, color blindness, only having peripheral vision, only being able to see shapes and not fine detail, and the list goes on. For most visual problems it probably would be most effective to change the engine or monitor. But what about other disabilities? 
I'm on your side here, I'm about as egalitarian as anyone I've ever met--but you can't pretend that listening to a symphony in Braille is equivalent to hearing it. I'd like the disadvantaged to have the ability to approximate the experience to the fullest extent possible, but it won't be the same (we should try, it's worth it, but it will not be the same (until we get our neural plugs)). With Quake, I really don't know how to approximate it for those who suffer from deafness/blindness/immobility. 
Don't Devolve The Conversation 
There are no sides.

Designing with impairment in mind is a short step away from what we do anyway. I think that's what RPG was driving at.

I'm guessing he's come into contact with someone recently who has trouble playing games but likes to.

Until the day that you plug cables into your head there'll always be problems. We don't lower the kerb on street corners because we're good people.

9/10 suffer from a mental disability. (9/10 statistics are made up on the spot). But why do we not just let the crippled, the useless, the broken, to die on the kerb. It's not guilt, or conscionce.

I like to think, through making games, that I'm not just wasting everone's time. That I'm contributing soemthing to the advancement of us.

Everything we do is based on what we know. Is anyone out there without friends or family that are fucked up in some way?

Good night, try the veal. Drink is the only thing that shuts the fucker down. 
Are There Painters That Try To Paint For Blind People? 
Was Beethoven Deaf? 
rpg, you're looking at this the wrong way. you're under the mistaken assumption that i don't think people with disabilities should play-- let's use the example: quake.

this is not the case at all. my post above was trying to say that (in the example) a blind person wouldn't enjoy playing quake because they wouldn't be able to see the level. in my example, i arbitrarily chose the breakdown of a map's components to be 70% visual and 30% audio. they would only be able to hear ambient sounds.

i just can't imagine a way to impart the visual aspect to the person in a way that would allow them to enjoy it.

Should we therefore make no effort to create a bionic suit so that a quadriplegic could run an obstacle course?

ok, if you want to go sci-fi, then sure. just feed to visual input directly into the brain. but my post assumed that you were talking about stuff that was possible at this time or the near future.

re 17439:
that's not a rebuttal at all. him being deaf doesn't mean anything because he wasn't making music for deaf people. 
That's Kind Of What I Meant 
Rebuttal wasn't my intention. 
Let's Stick To Game Design 
I'd really prefer to focus on the level and game design aspects of this rather than the ethics.

It looks like no one wants to discriminate, but to answer my original question it also appears that no one has ever thought about accessibility for their levels/mods/games. What I really wanted to talk about is what people are doing, or what can be done, to improve accessibility. So far, a lot of comments have pointed to extreme cases and concluded that not a lot can be done. Going back to the real world example, let's not focus on the quadriplegic just yet; instead, let's focus on the guy who needs a prosthetic. What can be done?

P.S. friends have told me of at least two people they know who are deaf (or very near deaf) but still enjoy listening to music--they turned the volume up really high and feel the music. And for megaman:

P.P.S. I'm in no way trying to make people feel guilty for making a map/mod/game that gives a handicap to disabled people. However, I am really interested in the exchange of ideas, and I've always felt that the people here have a lot of potential for that. 
rpg, i don't how anything can be done from a level design point of view. if you want to let a guy who has a prosthetic hand (or whatever non-critical disability) play a game, it's in the hands of the guys making input devices and such. if his hand is missing, it doesn't matter how i build my level, he still needs a special controller which is out of my (sorry) hands. 
after a bit more thought, i can only think of one obvious and fairly easy thing to alleviate handicap for disability and that would be to not rely solely on colour differentiation for those who are colour blind.

but anything more complex than that (say, making a map that would be playable and appealing to someone who's autistic) is beyond me because i just don't know enough about these more complicated problems. you'd have to understand how an autistic mind works (as well as the varying levels of autism) to be able to create something appealing to someone with the condition, there's not much common frame of reference. 
Quake is particularly limited in what it can do for somebody who is visually impared, because almost all the media editing tools are geared to change visual elements. In stock ID1 you have no ability to add custom sounds, whereas you can include any number of new textures to a map.

Although you can overcome that limitation with a QC mod, you are still fighting an uphill battle. The quake sound engine is very limited. When you want to play a sound, you can only control the volume and attenuation. Once you have begun playing the sound, the only thing you can do it play another sound on the same channel to override it. The engine does not support moving sound sources at all, and I think that is a critical omission. These things can be fixed, but by now it's something that requires a coder - that can't just be achieved by mapping. 
Let Me Reemphasize That 
are there painters that paint for blind people? 
I agree that Quake itself, as it is, isn't really translatable for the blind. However, I think you could come up with something in the Quake universe that would be with a little imagination. Something less visually oriented and more about sound, force feedback, etc. 
What you're talking about does not really apply to what I'm talking about. Let me make an analogy about what you're asking: are there game developers that make games for non-gamers?

Gaming is not an inherently visual medium; many video games utilize at least two senses, and most don't require perfect perception from either of those. And I'll repeat myself again: disability is not binary.

And why is everyone so hung up on blind people? 
This Dialogue Feels Like A GILL Radioplay! 
I saw a TV program on new sciense skill that handled about helping people who had a physic damage like missing an arm.
Docters had made a electonic arm attached to some neural imputs.
The patient could move this arm by really thinking hard he had to weighten something. This made the arm go. He could also pick up a glass of water and drink from it.

The only bad aspects were that the patient had to think really hard to make the process go. Also when he had to pick up an egg, the thing just broke, becayse he hadn't the attitude to give the process more accumilation.

So maybe there will be a time people with handicaps can play Quake. Although they will really affirmative the nightmare Quake's Gill horror.

And megaman, let me only say that there are people that paint,
not severly for blind people.
Only you miss the fact that there is structure, smell, empathy.
It may be hard to say for someone in good health, but I can even like a picture from some foot or mouthpainter. 
Going back to the web example, accessibility is just as relevant to the content developers (website developers) as it is to the interface developers (browser developers). I feel that the same goes for game development: you can't aim for comprehensive accessibility without the support of both, but you can still make progress with just one.

You also said that Quake is more a medium of art. To me, video games in general should always primarily be a medium of strategy, interaction, and entertainment; to me, this is the message that is being delivered. Art is a secondary, but still very important, goal. Tetris is not fun and addicting because of its artistic contribution--but I know I'm not telling you anything new. Adjusting gl_picmip would certainly detract from the art of Quake, but it will still be fun to play. 
Some Accessibility Guidelines That I've Thought Of 
By no means an exhaustive or fine-tuned list, and I'd love to hear to some comments, criticisms, and additions (but please, no more comments about blind people, ok? Let's be more open-minded):

Dextrous interaction: The required set of in-game maneuvers should not require above-average dexterity. While this will make your map/game accessible to novice gamers, it will also prevent exclusion from gamers who lack fine motor control.

Audio signals: Avoid requiring the gamer to hear a sound in order to proceed, or otherwise penalizing the gamer for not hearing a sound.

Visual signals: Similar to audio signals, avoid using subtle visual cues as the only signal to the player; especially if these cues will be lost by changing the visual display settings (e.g. turning off lighting, disabling colors, or removing textures).

Input devices: Avoid requiring interaction from a specific input device or input style.

Examples of the input devices guideline: A simple example would be to avoid requiring fine, precise input such as from a mouse. A more extreme, but to me, still highly relevant example would be to avoid interaction styles that are difficult without the use of both hands. Doom and Quake were the only games I played a few years ago when I broke my arm because the controls are simple enough that I could map them onto a 5-button mouse and play only with my right hand. How about trying to play Stalker one-handed? 
L4D And Visual Access 
Left 4 dead has two accessibility functions that I know of. One is the aforementioned closed-captions. It's worth noting that these have different levels of detail. You can just turn them on for dialogue if you want to be sure you get what the characters are saying. You can also turn on full captioning of sound effects. Then you get captions for other vital sound cues, like the sound of a tank ripping a rock from the ground to throw.

The other option it offers is assistance for colour-blind players, by offering a different HUD colour scheme. This includes making player who are on very low health showing up as cyan rather than red, and drawing the outlines thicker to give a visual cue even when the player cannot read the hue. 
It Seems 
we need abstraction! What's the equivalent to display markup for Quake? How can we say signal the player that a trap is about to be sprung, and have different modes of communicating that, based on the settings of the client?

I guess I'd call this a "gameplay API". 
Taking A Players Weapons 
I seem to remember some discussion about taking weapons from a player between maps in an episode (or something like that).

Can someone point me in the right direction please? 
Re: Accessibility 
Removing Weapons 
The essential part of the hack is to create a trigger with classname InitTrigger and touch door_touch. You can then set the trigger's items to the bitflags of the weapons you want to remove.

There are a number of extra things that you may need to workaround:

� The door_touch function will cause crashes without a workaround.

� The function will fail if the player does not have all the items you want to remove.

� If the player is holding one of the weapons you remove, they can still use that weapon until they switch away from it.

� Removing the axe does not behave as you might hope.

The first one is fairly methodical to resolve - you just need some kind of dummy object for the trigger to refer to in the enemy and owner fields. The safest thing to do is create a func_door outside the map, and note its entity number. Then set both enemy and owner to that number.

The second one is also fairly easy to work around. What you need to do is have another InitTrigger entity which the player touches first. This time, use touch BackpackTouch and set items to be all the items you want to remove. The idea is that you give all of the items to the player right before removing them, so that you avoid any problems that might arise. The easiest way to make sure this sequence occurs is to stack the two triggers, and put the BackpackTouch earlier in the entity list.

The third problem is quite thorny. Most of the code that forces a player to change weapons is called when they grab a new weapon. But you will only switch to that weapon if the weapon you are currently holding is your best. If you don't own the weapon you are holding, it will never be your best weapon.

You are okay though, if you are willing to get rid of all the player's ammo at the same time. The trick for getting rid of the player's ammo is to create a BackpackTouch trigger with negative ammo counts. Sadly, the function which bounds the amount of ammo the player can hold only bounds it above, it does not check for ammo counts less than zero. So we have to resort to the same trick as with removing the weapons - give the player full ammo with the first BackpackTouch(which will be correctly bounded regardless of how much he had), then subtract it all off with the second one.

Once the player has no ammo, they will switch to the axe. Since you should always leave the axe item on the player(see below), their current weapon matches their best weapon. You can now give them an item with a further BackpackTouch, and they will switch to that (as long as you give them some ammo for it to boot).

The first sentence of the preceding paragraph actually explains why removing the axe leads to odd behaviour. Once you have no ammo, you always switch to the axe - even if you don't have an axe! However, if the player switchs away from this "magic" axe once they find more ammo or new weapons, they cannot go back to it unless they run out of ammo again. Rather than let the player get into this inconsistent state, just don't remove the axe. 
Versioning Systems 
So I want to setup, or somehow acquire access to, cvs/svn/git repositories so I can conveniently manage some repositories between my home desktop, my laptop, and my linux box at uni. I've seen Beanstalk which is a free, but for multiple repositories I would need to create multiple accounts.

I'm just wondering what everyone else does? 
Tortoise SVN (Subversion) 
The only problem it has, for a Windows / Linux setup at least, is that it recognises the difference between a and A, which windows doesn't.

Can cause the odd screw up, but haven't had any other problems.

CVS is a POS.

Git I've never used.

SVN is free and should allow multiple repositories under the same access as far as I'm aware.

And yeah, using a file repository is light years ahead of messing around with external drives, discs, uploads or email. 
git would have the benefit that you would have your "local repository" always with you, where you can check in, branch etc. Then later you would merge to the master. I am not sure if SVN does that too. 
Not Sure I Follow, 
But yeah, it does.

Although merging is only for code - binaries from Max, Photoshop or anything else can't be merged AFAIK. Although nothing stops you from copying out and merging by hand. 
No, It Doesn't 
SVN does not work in offline mode, but obviously, if you have a local repository, you are never offline. While local repositories are still much better than flat files, having offsite repositories is much better since it's like an additional backup and you can easily share your work with others. 

If I understand correctly you could not do a commit to (your local) SVN while being offline. Eg if you are working on a huge text and want to keep it in versioning a DVCS would be useful. It seems much more complicated too though. 
Git Is Okay 
quite fast, but the commands are a bitch to get right. very unintuitive. I can't remember them.

Distributed is nice, local commits are quite an advantage, although i don't get what all the fuzz is about. 
You can commit to a local SVN while you're offline. 
So you all just have your own private server and set it up on there, or what? I'm wondering if I should sign up with Beanstalk, if people recommend another service, or if there's some better option. 
It Comes With My Host Package 
One-click installs for subversion projects (dreamhost). 
Killzone 2... official cool, almost a bit too much action though, I barely have time to spot and admire the scenery. 
A Nice Read 
Fucking SONY / Gamestop 
So in October 2008, I purchases a PSP for my fiance and a few days ago, the screen became completely garbled: reboots don't help, resetting to factory defaults doesn't either and there is visible damage on the INSIDE part of the screen.

I took the PSP to the local Gamestop where I had purchased the thing and they told me they would get in touch with SONY and then get back to me. A few hours later I received a call saying SONY is refusing to fix the screen free of charge because according to them, the screen fault was caused by the user. According to my fiance: the PSP was working at home, she put it into her shirt pocket, walked down the stairs, walked 100m to the nearest bus stop, took it out of the pocket and the screen was garbled at this point. I have absolutely no reason to doubt her words as she is generally pretty careful with hardware.

I called Gamestop back again and they essentially washed their hands off the issue saying that they can't do anything if SONY won't take my PSP for a warranty repair and they can only send it in for repairs if I agree to fit the bill for a 115 euro repair charge by SONY. I tried to reason with them using logic: if the PSP screen was hit with something, wouldn't there be some visible damage to the front side of the screen instead of only the inside part? However, according to them, it's not impossible for a screen to only show visible damage from the inner side even if it's hit/damaged by something from the outside. They have however, at least given me an address to another store which can replace my PSP screen for a price of 69 euro (instead of the outrageous 115 euro price of SONY).

SONY refusing to honor warranty: check
Gamestop washing their hands off the issue: check
Fiance absolutely furious that SONY is trying to blame her: check
Me in-between of all this shit: check

I could take the easy way out and just pay the local repair shop 69 euro to replace the damn screen. However, I really don't feel like doing this out of principle: SONY is refusing to honor their fucking warranty. I could take this to the Finnish equivalent of "good business beaurau" but stuff usually takes weeks and often months to get anywhere with them. All meanwhile, my fiance is out of a PSP (which she uses for both gaming and as a music player).

I have, after all this, tried calling SONY's "Playstation support" number again and this time they have now washed their hands off the issue as well and told me that if I want to, I should write a complaint to the finnish "good business beaurau". 
Fuck Sony 
That's pretty horrible Jago. You should try contacting Kotaku or something, let Sony get a shit ton of bad press for screwing over their customers. 
Write Up 
An article shitting on their warranty obligations - read the warranty etc. ask a friend who works in legal matters to clarify anything then get in contact with Kotaku or similar.

Because if they're refusing to honor the warranty then that means they're pretty sure they don't have to, or that it'd cost you too much to press the issue against their army of lawyers.

Upshot being that the warranty probably isn't worth the paper its written on.

To be honest you probably won't get anywhere and will end up paying the 69 euros, but at least its better than just keeping quiet - enough complaints and maybe they will, one day, treat their customers with some respect. 
Or Maybe 
buy a ds for 100 bucks 
Doesnt play the PSP games we already have, nor can make use of the 8gb memory card we bought, nor is it a particularly good media player. 
It has Scribblenauts. 
It Fucks With Sony 
Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face 
^ Our Community Motto Since 1996 
Here's A Question For Jah: 
would you consider mapping and level design two different things, as in:

mapping: doing the basics [start,end,minimal lighting, etc.]

level design: mapping which includes; multiple rooms, detail brushes, adding lighting, adding ambient sounds, adding entities, and/or doors to separate rooms, adding traps for the player, and adding interesting scenarios/sights, etc.

or what say you? 
Errr ... Well, You Know It Was Just A Thought 
I don't have a very developed method though. 
Mapping = Making A Map. Level Design = Designing A Level. 
It's all balled up into one thing, for me. I don't really view them as separate jobs. 
Coriolis Force 
I bet Lunaran would hate the Suljeva Village part of Killzone 2, because it seems Guerilla Games actually made and released Coriolis Force:

part 1:
part 2:
part 3: 
That Looks Pretty Good 
nice movement speed and decent weapons. is it just humanoid enemies? 
I've been playing quake for 13 years and never noticed before that a single nail from the super nail gun actually uses 2 ammo units.

I just found out while looking at the QuakeC :) 
haha wow o.o; 
Mine's A Double 
Go look what happens if you fire it with 1 ammo now... 
you get screwed with one ail! 

That's news to me as well! I just figured it chewed through your ammo faster. Haha... 
KZ2 is has a selection of different humanoid enemies, but there are some vehicles to fight as well, both ground and aerial (loved the aerial "ATAC" boss). 
cheers, I'm sold on the game.

actually I think youtube works way better in demoing games than actual demos. Less data to be downloaded, easier to access etc. 
For Wipeout Heads 
While I've managed to crack top500 in world ranking on a few Zone tracks in Wipeout HD, this level of play is something I can only dream of: 
Quake Quirks 
I only just noticed that a fish's head shrinks when it dies.

Apparantly there's a fixed model out there - anyone have a link? 
it's in quoth 
Will Have To Look Again . . . 
what's so interesting about that?

That said, i utterly enjoy onboard view videos of anything that's fast. Moar! 
The absurd ability of that player to stay glued to the track instead of hitting the walls or falling off at these ridiculous speeds.

In ZONE mode, you start with 100 energy and every time you touch a wall or fall off, you lose energy. The race starts off slow and keeps getting faster and faster as time progresses and you can't brake (except for air brakes that help you turn, not slow you down). 
That Fast? 
Once played a game called "Ballistic". It intended to show the size of speed on the monitor. So if one went 500/miles an hour, the shape of the surounding flew along the vehicle with the same amount of images.
It had an amazing environment of a large subway with views in a high city. It went pretty fast. Can't find it now I look. 
Failblog has a picture with "WIN" on it. Fail. 
���������� � ��� 
hmm, whatever. 
that looks wild o.o

i didn't watch the whole gameplay demo, but it sounds really cool. it reminds me of that game someone linked a while ago where you could run around in first person and build walls/mountains and also dig into the ground.

this looks much more polished though. 
Looks Interesting 
and polished.
Who else has the impulse to map - to create - and yet when they open up their editor, makes one square room and then gives up? 
just tried to whip something together and i produced a hard, angular piece of horse shit.


not in a good way. 
yo singin the song of my life story there, brotha 
Don't drink and map, and don't think about it too much.

Everything starts angular.

Easy mapping recipe:
Make ten big boxes, use the hollow -32 function on each.

Link them up with corridors.

Decide on three textures - floor, walls, ceiling.

Add a few boxes inside - crates, pillars or whatever.

By this point you should have no brushes with more than 6 faces.

Put in a player start at one end and a slipgate exit at the other. Route planning does not matter as long as they're as far apart.

Throw in monsters, weapons and some ammo - if you can be bothered for the last two, since impulse 9 works.

Play it.

If it's shit then you've just wasted about ten minutes - start again.

If not then keep going. 
move "SIG" for great justice. 
Fact: I must have a

Problem: It is only available in the US (as cheap as I want it).

Solution: Some nice soul will check his nearby Target market if the "Zipit V2" (dunno if it says V2 on the box) is on sale for <40$ and if so, tells me and then probably buys it. I currently do not have enough in stupid Paypal, so it would take a while for you to get the money. It all needs to be quick because those units are getting popular. :}

Shipping that thing to Germany (as "Gift", so no duty or tax applies) would be around $12.95 if I understand the damn and the your weird units correctly? Is that true? Are there cheaper options (that do not take a year)? 
Re #17296 Ff 
I decided to make a general call for Quake fanart: 
Hey, who all wants to play L4D2 but is unable to pay for it? I am thinking of buying the L4D2 Four Pack and giving out extra copies - please only express interest if you want to play L4D2 but are unable to pay for it for whatever reason. I don't want someone saying "Well I wouldn't pay $50 for it but since it's free I'll take a copy" kind of thing. 
I am able to pay for it though, which might strike me off your list.

But I'll put my share towards the total price.

Or else organise another buying group, so no problem if you're only wanting people who can't pay. 
When I Checked 
The other day wasn't available for preorder yet. 
Preordering a 4 pack is $135.00, and if all 4 people CAN pay, then that would be $33.00 or something per person, a much better deal than $45 per person. Still, if we get 3 people who can pay and one person who wants it but can't pay, then that's still a benefit since we'll have another msgboarder to play l4d2 with. 
Thinking It Through 
I pretty much only plan LAN and can organise a group in the office.

But if there's three other func's I'll join to drop the price for the others. 
Quake 2 Mission Pack 
Does anybody remember how to stop the auto destruct sequence on the level "Stroggo Frefighter" in the quake 2 mission pack the Reckoning? 
Wrong Spot For This I Know But 
hey metl I've got 3 small wavfiles, in mono, to use as background music for maps, yet fitz still says they're stero only. what shall I do? 
obvious question, of course, but i have to ask: you're sure they're mono? maybe they're stereo with identical channels so that it sounds mono?

what compression are you using? afaik, quake works only with pcm (uncompressed). if you use adpcm, even if it's mono, the engine will read it wrongly as stereo. 
is this only a problem in fitzquake, or other quake engines too? 
I think I figured out what the problem was, it was the type of compression in the wav - it was a mono wav file but apparently there's a good deal of variety within that (shows how much I know). I picked what I think is the right format, and it was probably right since the error message at least changed. Now when I load the map, in both fitz (a belated thank you of epic proportions for supporting increased limits with the new version!) and aguirre's glquake, I get music/water.wav not looped, and then it doesn't play. Help appreciated. 
now you need to open up the file in an audio editor and add markers at the beginning and end of the file. 
has a special feather to save a wav as looped file. 
off to japan peeps, I expect some maps to play in 5 weeks :) 
Sayonara, Nitin 
Have a blast! 
Good Trip Nitin 
have fun and take loads of pictures! 
Aye, what sock said, many pictures (and have fun ofc). Not that anything'll actually be released when you get back ;p 
I guess an entity could? 
what happened to Negke lately? 
He Created A Level So Vertical... 
...that even he couldn't comprehend the XY view. 
he shouldve uded visgtoups then. nub 
Fun Article 
about mmo quests and roleplaying 
i love how he describes in character about ripping up street lamps accidentally. :P 
Top FPS Character 
yeah, that made me laugh :D 
i shit more pixels than this.

awesome, thanks :) 
wasn�t suppose to be a Quake3 single player?

wasn�t someone working on this?

anybody got a link? 
you mean lunaran's coriolis force? that was cancelled ages ago (i believe his computer exploded and he lost everything), and the only other q3sp mod i know of wasn't that great (although to be honest, i never tried it) which i don't remember the name of. 
Dark Conjunction 
and Sidrial.

Although sidrail or rial was a POS. DC wasn't bad considering it was made in q3. Not that Q3 is bad, but its not made for SP. 
Not that Q3 is bad, but its not made for SP.

i think what you mean is that q3 didn't have any SP style AI built in (like pathfinding) and only worked in bot style AI which, i would assume, isn't suitable for a SP game.
i only say this because a lot of great SP games were made with the q3 engine and it is a powerful engine. 
It was made by the same guys who made ZenoClash.

They ended up making fake AI markers from uncollectable ammo for DC so that monsters could move. ANd the NPC's I think were all stood on invisible trains. 
q3 didn't have any SP style AI built in (like pathfinding)

Actually i think q3 had much better pathfinding, since it had to support bots that knew how to navigate a level. Compare that to q1, where the monsters just sort of randomly hump walls when they don't have a clear line of sight to their goal.

The AI for monsters that act more like monsters would probably have to be written, but i think building it on top of bot code should be possible -- basically make them bots that move slower, don't pick up items, are a bit more stupid, etc.

I think the main missing engine feature in q3 was probably saving/loading your game. You could probably create an SP game design that didn't require save/load (other than basic stats that you can store in cvars.)

This is all speculation though; since i haven't looked at the q3 source or gamecode at all. 
What About RTCW 
I mean that was SP using IDTech3 
Many sp games use the q3 engine. The question is how suitable is the original q3 engine for modders who want to make an sp mod. 
RTCW was a professional mod, same as Alice - access to source and support as well as full time paid team makes a big difference. 
This Is Pretty Awesome: 
spirit made heatmaps of multiplayer deaths from hundreds of demos:

Things that would be interesting to add:

1. frequency that a player is at those locations
2. divide total deaths by frequency of player being there, to get lethality -- i.e. likelyhood that each time you pass that point, you will die. 
How Bout 
different colours for different players? 
That Is Pretty Cool 
useless to me, but still, really cool to see. the thing about dying close to walls jumped out at me in the first image. i guess it's just instinctive to try to get as much range as you can from the other guy? 
Thanks Metl 
Picking two players who play(ed) one map a lot was one of my ideas too. But seeing how much work it would be I do not think I will do it.

metl's ideas sound quite interesting too (plus imagine a duel with motion trails plus death spots, that might look sexy) but you'd need to edit mvdparser I guess (maybe it would be possible with the template). 
That and getting pushed to walls by explosion splash and lighting gun.

Definitely without any actual use for me too, but looking so fancy! :) 
Who put Mortal Kombat: The Album on my work computer and why am I listening to it? 
You're Welcome... 
Who put the Squad in danger in my sparetime, while I was on my work being out of order? 
What's Up Doc? 
I check this site daily.
Someone should make another bogus level so you guys can have something to comment about. 
best comment since starting leveling,
aside reading bad commands... 
very well...I mean...what's wrong? 
just read on and don't stop mapping...
docter's here in a while... 
this reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with gorge and the whole friend and girlfriend thing and worlds colliding

Torque Game Engine 
Anyone try it out (any version?) A lot of reviews I've seen say it's pretty decent, was thinking of giving it a spin to tinker around in it or something. Looks kind of fun, would be a good break from FPS levels all the time. 
If I'm remembering the engine correctly, I was helping some folks on a Torque game way back in 2004. Guess how far it got? 
All just torque and no action? 
I guess the torque wasn't strong enough to overcome the friction coefficient while at rest. Or something. I hated physics (read: it kicked my ass). 
Robotic Cow Tongue 
Hahaha Lol 
please post more internet links!!! 
Animal Grace! 
it might look strange, but can you turn your ears? 
"Scientists Scan The Brains Of Mice Playing Quake" 
Well. I bet those mice couldn't get through Marcher Fortress on hard mode. 
OK I Get The Impression This Is A Classic, But

It reminds me of the splicers off Bioshock 
i wonder why they didn't make the map those mice were running through more than just a box room with cylinders in it.

it would have been cool if they made it as complex as those real-life mazes they run mice through. 
Post of the autumn so far. 
The Old One On The Bus... 
In the case of the Higgs particle collider and, if there was something back in time to save the universe for coming under a bus. It's a paradox to go back in time and murder your grandfather, but physicists are agreed that there is no paradox if you are going back in time to avoid being hit by a bus coming, "responds Dannis Overbye in the New York Times." In the case of the Higgs particle collider and, it is like something back in time to save the universe by a bus. 
I just replayed Slave to a Machine, and holy fuck Ricky, that was fucking awesome. I had forgotten it enough that playing through hard was like, perfection.

Hope that makes you happy. if not, Opps! well one Zellyard is 1' 154.000.000. 
Thanks Drew :) 
is one of the all time great base maps IMHO. looks like a bot probing if its gibberish is deleted or not. I highly recommend remove its posts to avoid attracting of actual spam. 
Dear Bots 
Please go away, and don't come back until you can pass a Turing test.

They can fake it well enough. 
Well, you're talking to them, so... 
yeah but R.P.G. is also a bot. This site is one big turing test beep beep 101010101011 JOIN US THX 
yeah, i was planning on doing it last night, but forgot. 
The Windows 7 Install Saga 

My god, this is quite possibly the strangest hardware error I have ever come across :)

So I've been using the RC1 version of win7 for a few months, and was loving it - so I bought the home premium version yesterday. Got home, formatted c: and started the install process for windows 7.

It crashes the PC at around 80% installed, so I reboot and try again, it crashes the pc at 72%. This story continues for around an hour, seemingly crashing the pc at a lower percentage of completeness each time. I scratch my beard (that I dont have).

I take the side panel of my pc off, to check that everything is ok inside, everything looks fine, so I think what the hell and give it another try, the pc crashes while the windows 7 installer is loading... hmmm.

Its at this point I notice that the fan on my graphics card has stopped spinning (thank god I removed the side panel)! So after a quick power off I check the card and its boiling all over, oh crap I think and leave it to cool down. Come back an hour later and try again and the fan seems to work fine. However, as soon as the windows 7 installer starts loading, the fan turns off!?

Luckily I had a spare old gpu lying around that I could plug in and install windows (this was fine now) on, and then swap the other card back in.

Bizarre? =) 
So much for windows 7 improved power management. 
Anyone Else 
been to japan and seen Himeji-Jo?

Astounding stuff! 
i take it your video card was still functional afterwards? still, that's creepy... 
Improved Power Management 
= not compatible with current hardware. 
Oh, you mean Himeji castle where I just was a few weeks ago?

Crappy weather that day, hope you're doing better. 
yeah went there 2 days ago, loved it.

weather was good for me. 
Good name colour choice. 
I hate you cause you're in Japan and I'm not. =(
Eat a nice fat okonomiyaki for me please, with some umeshu. 
going to hiroshima tomorrow which I hear specialises in okonomiyaki. Will oblige :) 
Go buy some awesome loli manga and beat off to pictures of pre-pubescent girls ok? 
I hope you're stopping at Miyajima only the way, it's near Hiroshima, and such an awesome spot. 
Tomorrow Bal 
btw, still havent eaten that okinomiyaki yet but for dinner tonight. 
If you like hiking, there's an alternate route to Mount Misen on Miyajima island called Omoto pass. Cool hiking route through an old forest, and passes over another peak with awesome views. Bring some water, there are apparently nothing to drink on top, except at the ropeway station.

And speaking of Miyajima... 
Thanks For The Tip 
any idea how long that route takes on the y=way up? 
I'm a little hiked out having been to Kamikochi and also Tsumago-Magome about a week ago.

But tomorrow is another day :) 
It took us about two hours from the park where the trail begins, but that was with pretty frequent shooting stops. It's very well taken care of with proper steps all the way to the top. We timed it so we could see the sunset. You can catch a ferry to the mainland until about 10PM.

Exiting the Itsukushima shrine (another excellent spot to visit), you should be able to spot a large map of the island, and the Omoto trail will be mentioned on that.

How's the seasonal color there? It was just barely beginnig when I was there, which was a slight disappointment, to be honest. 
News Threads 
if we were about to release a second alpha or maybe a first beta of quakeinjector, should we post a new news post or just use the old one? 
Definitely new! 
Mt Misen 
What Vig said, hiking up or down the mountain is really nice. We actually used the ropeway to go up, and then hiked back down by the longest route, it was great, but would have probably killed me if I had tried going up it instead (was summer, around 40C).

Oh and by the way, don't just visit Itsukushima shrine, you should also check out Daish&#333;-in, which is further in the island, a very nice temple with lots of funky statues.

There's alot to do on Miyajima really, first time I went there I just spent the day, and was really frustrated not being able to see everything.
The second time, we got a japanese room by the beach on the west of the island, and spent the night there. Was really nice being able to walk around the streets at night, great atmosphere with the sleeping deer and all.

Meh, lucky bastard. 
Don't Let The Mini Deers Eat You! 
I guess I should go sometime... 
did the omoto trail up and the main trail down. Weather wasnt great but still good enough by the time I got up to the summit. It was much easier than I was thinking it would be.

Oh and cheers for recommending Daisho-in, was going to skip it as I was a bit templed out after Kyoto and Nara but this was probably the coolest one I have been to. Pretty much the ideal japanese temple I had pictured in my mind: secluded, tranquil, colourful and picturesque, and kind of mysterious.

And vigil, colours are quite nice, some areas look better than others obviously. Kamikochi looked splendid with all the different colours. 
For The Purrrristz 
The Face 
Re: Krang 
i never noticed when i was a kid, but look how short the robot body's arms are. :P 
can you tube your pic seize?
My monitor won't fit the room. 
Well I Didnt Make The Pic 
Re: 17619 
those skins aren't that bad. i mean, i don't like them, but they seem well done. it looks like he used the original skin mapping too, which makes the job even harder instead of re-mapping the coordinates with a new model format. 
The original models are pretty ugly to work with - the skins themselves are quite well done. 
Pretty Nu-id. 
To The Next Time In Exist! 
If they not show that I have early write down. This page in wbbmaster have broke a law and walk in a one trapps! If you not understand that so cal my brain on out going number and +461974062066360210 and inside my brain ask so murtch you whant. But remeber the pay list as come out the fax or comuter printer or you private email box. I am so tiger on been called on some thing I not am. And if you whant me Internet text dead and my body dead. You have to broken the law in that contry you live inside. 
Look Out Metlslime! 
You have broke a law and walk in one trapps! He is a tiger :o 
guess i should ban that ip 
Re: 17628 
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? 
My Logout Back 
I'm a tex bot, who's madfox? Ran to lune? 
beta 2 here:

Darkplaces required. Yes, I know you all hate Darkplaces but it's got lots of neat stuff for mods. All feedback etc gratefully received. 
Darkplaces Is Fine If You Do Not Play Quake With It. 
Everyone play this mod, it rocks! 
is there a way in Fitz085 to play a music file from the console? 
Only plays wav files right now. 
Amazon Kindle 
So now that Kindle is available internationally... is it worth getting one if you would like to re-read some classics and well as the newer stuff, yet consider carrying and dealing with paper books an big annoyance (and lets not even get into reading books on a PC)? 
Library? Seems to be okay for me. 
So... Um... 
The library? Sorry, but LOL.

The Kindle is fucking awesome. I have mine loaded up with reading books as well as some programming stuff. It's great to have it all at my finger tips. It really shines when it comes to traveling - getting on a plane with 3 new books that weigh, basically, nothing and take up almost no space is awesome. 
ebook readers are a dilemma for me. I would love to have one. But new and better ones are coming out every few months and they are so expensive that they are more like a one time purchase (like a dishwasher).
Also I am disgusted at all the DRM. 
259 Dollars? 
I could buy Kindle, or I could buy ten new books, or over 50 used books. Not to mention I'm only out a few dollars if my book is stolen, I can always donate my book to someone else and buy another one, I don't have to rely on power outlets to read (though I do need light).

Can you add notes to the books with Kindle? Write anything down and then pass it on? 
Yes. Dunno about the Kindle but notes are a crucial feature most readers should support nowadays. 
You can make notes but I've never done that. I read fiction and some reference stuff so notes are fairly useless to me, personally.

If you want to buy 50 used books, that's great, but remember that I can carry all 50 with me wherever I go. You can't. :) 
But the trick is to only carry one at a time. The rest are waiting for you in bookshops. 
I can see this is going to spiral into an awesome circular argument. To sum up as I get my coat, you'll have to pry my Kindle from my cold dead fingers. 
Well I guess, if you really need that secure feeling that you get knowing that you can open that one book at any time and read that one passage at any time, then a Kindle makes a lot of sense. Or if you just get an itch to read some Lovecraft, or something like that.

I guess for me, reading is something I do at home, during a relaxed time before bed or while I'm taking a shit, or if I just take an hour out of the day to read. I wouldn't carry more than one book with me unless I was really close to finishing that book anyway.

I'm kind of curious how much the digital books cost. Most of the scifi I bought recently were like $8 paper backs. (One Arthur C Clarke compilation I have is pretty good except for the semi-frequent spelling errors, such as the letter 'm' replacing the workd 'in.') But I digress.

So really, bottom line, if you're freaking out over not having a ton of things to read while you're out at a concert or some other place, or just like expensive technology, or legitimately feel it's a good product, go ahead and get it. 
Kindle books are generally cheaper than their physical counterparts on Amazon. I get a lot of books for 50% off and those are fairly recent titles.

I tend to have several books on the go at any given time so I like being able to hop into the menu and pick whatever I feel like reading at that moment in time. 
Can you get like text books on their too, or is it just normal every day sort of books? I would imagine you can't, but I haven't looked into it so you never know. 
You probably could but text books aren't a good usage case for the Kindle. It's designed for contiguous reading, not for jumping around quickly as a reference. 
In The Mean Time 
My photography portfolio is finally taking form: 
You have here a nice bunch of shots ! Good job ! I love the japan serie :) 
To be honest, a lot of those look a bit random. Like a bunch of high-quality vacation pictures, but still with the 'wow that looks great, let's take a picture'-vibe. 
Spam-pron :S 
nice... i had actually mocked up something similar (isometric quake) several years ago but had targeted the graphics more at the Super Nintendo level. Unfortunately the images were lost in a hard drive crash. 
Bal Or Vigil 
either of you been to sakurajima? pretty awesome island IMHO, although the weather can change quickly and nastily. 
I've been to Kagoshima, but didn't have enough time to visit the island unfortunatly, just walked along the coast and took photos of it. :)
I was actually told that the island wasn't so interesting, and required a car, is that not true? 
Nah, unfortunately I never left Honshu (except Miyajima, I guess). I'll keep that in mind for my next trip, though. 
is a must to do it properly but I didnt have one and even on foot, theres a few interesting walking routes.

Definitely not as much to do as Miyajima but its worth it just to see japanese tourists panic when sakurajima erupts and spews ash everywhere :) Those who dont know whats going on think the whole island is going down or something!

Vigil, I suggest Kamikochi over anything else for oyur next trip, definitely my favorite spot so far. And then maybe Koyan San. 
Ah Yeah... 
I wanted to do Koya-san last time but it didn't fit in my schedule. Will check both of those locations out next trip! Gone there 4 times now and I'm still not bored of it. 
Ah Yeah... 
I wanted to do Koya-san last time but it didn't fit in my schedule. Will check both of those locations out next trip! Gone there 4 times now and I'm still not bored of it. 
Magome To Tsumago (or Vice Versa) 
is another worthy hike, with the night spent in tsumago.

Yamadera is stunning, if not the easiest place to get to.

what else, I also really enjoyed Matsumoto and Kawaguchi-ko. And wish I had more time around Iya Valley and Tokushima. 
This game has easily gotten the "fiance stamp of approval" (with fanfare too). Bought it as a gift amd I think she's been at it for 4 hours nonstop now.

It's 20eur on Steam. 
Ah yeah, I haven't gotten around to visiting Shikoku at all yet (nor Hokkaido for that matter), definitely have to check that out sometime. 
This game has easily gotten the "fiance stamp of approval"

Demo here, if anyone wants to try it:

I haven't had time yet this week--too much real life. 
Of course, the best feature of the island is the 88 Temple Pilgrimage route. One day, one day... 
Dont Know About The 88 Temples 
but Iya valley is great and the Naruto whirlpools near Tokushima are a sigh too.

Just returned from Ebino Kogen (north of Kagoshima) and its now my equal favorite spot on the trip along with Kamikochi. Well worth checking out! 
negke is back! 
Not sure if this is news worthy or not but thanks surely to Willem's push of free software for everyone, Epic has released a free version of the UE3 for people to use.

Hurrah! Free UE3! 
Yeah, that's entirely because of me. You're welcome! 
Oh Wow 
That sounds pretty huge. 
Now you can spend countless hours making your own death match game and then spend 500 hours on a map for THAT!

Also, yeah, I thought that was a pretty huge fucking deal, not sure if it's news worthy or not, but still a huge fucking deal. I will be downloading it and toying with it tonight probably. 
Came Here To See If Anyone Had Seen That News Yet... 
Fucking AWESOME stuff. AWESOME. Willem, do we seriously have you to thank for this? If so, you are a fucking ginormous behemoth among men. 
Oh And Have A Beer 
"new Stuff Since UT3" 
This SDK is actually a newer, more recent version of the engine tech than UT3, here is a list of "new since UT3" features: 
Yeah, it's the absolute latest engine and we're going to update it every time we update the version we give out to our licensees. It's pretty bad ass! 
Willem have I told you how I've always liked Epic? :) 
This is annoying, I wish I was 17 again so I could dedicate like 6 hours of every day of my life to developing some small but cool game with a bunch of people. 
Oh Noes 
It crashes on install. I am sad, cuz it installs at work :( 
Wait hold on, I think I figured it out.

Willem: Are you offering complete online UDK classes for us? This is practically your home now! 
I've been looking at the pages and have a question - What if one wanted to release a game built using UDK on XBLA? Is that possible? 

I'm unsure. I don't think UDK will build for XBox but then again Shadow Complex uses Unreal Engine 3 so ... who knows?


Heh. Well, I can answer questions as I wrote a lot of the editor at one time or another. Let me know if you have tech questions or 'how to' or whatever... 
Good One Epic 
that could result in some very cool things. 
This is great news to hear, but doesn't this make the MakeSomethingUnreal contest (grand prize: UE3 license) somewhat obsolete? 
I am now excpecting a quake update in the UE3 engine :) 
Oh, I am sure there will be one. It will look like the typical misinterpreted retexturing with curves, play like Half-Life and work like Painkiller.

onetruepurple: I think that prize allows any commercial exploitation without you having to pay for it. 
Yes, the UDK download is very different from a UE3 License. No C++ source code, very different licensing terms, no direct support from the Epic team, etc. 
I was just looking at the editor now, was running a full-screen fully lit preview of DM Sanctuary on a average specced, 2 year old laptop... how did you do that? Nicely optimised for sure.

Regarding the xbla licencing, say you prototype your game using UDK. If that prototype got you through the xbla approval process, what would happen when you went to make that game? Would you then need the full
Unreal3 license? Live arcade sounds like the way to go, considering the amount of piracy on PC games / iPhone / etc, and I really hope that's gonna be an option someday! 
"I was just looking at the editor now, was running a full-screen fully lit preview of DM Sanctuary on a average specced, 2 year old laptop... how did you do that? Nicely optimised for sure."

I, personally, did nothing. The engine team kicks all kinds of ass.

As for the licensing stuff, I'm really the wrong guy to ask - sorry. I don't know the ins-and-outs or the plans the future. 
What I've Heard About The Licensing Terms: 
Epic takes a 30% cut of your sales once you pass $5,000 in gross when using UDK for commerical use. Not bad for a small indie team considering what a full royalty-free license costs up front. 
and of course, I don't know how to read up, and noticed we were talking about incredibly different bits of the license... :D 
Not only Infinity Ward are retard fuckwits, apparently so is John Carmac/ID Software:

"id Software's John Carmack is mindful of the anger over Modern Warfare 2 dropping dedicated server support. That's why he's glad Infinity Ward is going first, because he plans to do the same thing with Rage.

"It's not cast in stone yet, but at this point no, we don't think we will have dedicated servers," he said, according to Variety. But he's glad "we won't have to be a pioneer on that. We'll see how it works out for everyone else."

News that Infinity Ward was dropping dedicated server support in favor of everyone playing online through its new matchmaking service IWNet touched, off, predictably, a petition-fueled backlash from a PC community that had long used dedicated servers to play Call of Duty games. Carmack, Variety said, indicated the felt the servers are a relic of PC gaming's early days."

So being "not shit" is a relic? Nice. What happens when the developer takes down the matchmaking service? Oh right, you are supposed to spend your money on the newest and latest sequel, we can't have people playing our old titles, that's just silly. 
I hereby officially make a commitment to: in the future, purchase every single new PC FPS that 1) is over 90 on Metacritic 2) has an SDK 3) has dedicated servers. I also make a commitment to not spend a dime on any FPS that lacks either #2 or #3. 
I srsly doubt UE3 sdk is free. You know, the way that Quakeinjector is free
Few Things: 
A) The idea of dedicated servers is somewhat outdated, and is part of what holds back PC FPS games from longer lives and stronger competitive play-base. Players having to buy and support a server leads to a one way chain of self destruction in terms of player counts as players who run servers leave the game. Contrast this to RTS games, which have always been P2P systems, and the popular games can continue to have long lives and healthy communitys. Objectively speaking, a P2P system is a stronger choice.

B) Currently, P2P networking is problematic with FPS games (mostly due to player counts), Infinity Ward's very likely not solving some of the fundimental issues of networking when you're relying on the bandwidth of everyone on the server to be up to snuff. And how do you trust anyone's info they send? A fundimental part of a server/client relationship is that the server doesn't trust the client's information on anything except basic input. Now do this with client/client... or potentially server-is-a-client/client... and well, how do you trust anything? Plus, like you said, you're relying on the company's match making service to exist forever( is running quite fine... but there aren't many companies as fornunate as Blizzard)

C) Carmack seems to be saying he's thinking about doing this (which means it's not a certainty), and if Carmack thinks about the networking limitations, he'll likely think about solving some of the problems. And if he doesn't, well, then whatever, it's their dollar they're losing by not changing things for the better. 
What The Fuck? 
A) The idea of dedicated servers is somewhat outdated, and is part of what holds back PC FPS games from longer lives and stronger competitive play-base.

Do you honestly not see how you have got this COMPLETELY backwards? I mean, seriously? If you are in fact serious and not just trying to troll me, please point me to popular P2P-based multiplayer games which have survived with a healthy community and are still going strong after 10 years. And yes, this is a Quake comparison.

Players having to buy and support a server leads to a one way chain of self destruction in terms of player counts as players who run servers leave the game.

You must have missed the fuckton of games that offer free dedicated server as a separate download. 
Starcraft is sort of a special case though. It's hugely successful in Korea, where there's an entire economy set up around Starcraft progaming. They also have a hugely successful to help provide match making + community features + hosting games. So. 
Jago, I think that what Scampie was getting at is that with a dedicated server system, people have to pay from their own pockets to keep those servers running, so therefore when people stop playing, servers shut down and the game dies.

Of course there are always a few people who pay for dedicated servers through love for the game, no matter how many people play, but typically this isn't enough to maintain an active and healthy community, though there are of course exceptions (hello Quake / Doom etc). 
popular P2P-based multiplayer games which have survived with a healthy community and are still going strong after 10 years


The world has moved on from Quake... all it's dedicated servers are dead. Yeah there's a modding scene, but not much of a gaming scene... too we didn't have a P2P system: no making a multiplayer mod/map and hoping servers run it; you just need to entice players to play it. With a dedicated server solution, getting mods played is very chicken and the egg in that server operators won't run something that doesn't get players, and players can't play something without servers running it.

You must have missed the fuckton of games that offer free dedicated server as a separate download.

Dedicated server software is free... the cost of renting a proper server to run it on is not. As someone who personally rents a TF2 competitive server, and admins a source engine gaming community with 5 servers... I can tell you, it's far from free.

I'm not trolling, I agree that currently, straight up P2P in a FPS enviroment isn't going to work. But I believe if some work is done, cutting out the middle man of a dedicated server is certainly a future which would be healthy for FPS gaming.

But currently the only benefits of a dedicated server structure is in speed and security. But there are downsides too. The server is the weak link in the game experiance, if it dies or gets overloaded, everyone suffers. Plus, somewhere along the line, someone has to pay the cost of running these servers and once the servers are gone, the playing community stops existing.

On the other hand, a P2P structure doesn't rely on expensive servers, and could theorically scale well to larger numbers of players without increasing cost. There isn't a weak link of a single machine or connection every player relies on. The downsides are that each player's connection contributes to overall lag, and security is a major issue, since each client is relaying information and trusting other clients which could be comprimised.

I'd think someone could be smart enough to figure out something for networking security. And I'm sure there's also something smart that could be done about minimizing lag (although, the march of the future with increasing internet speeds may solve this anyway). This is why I believe if Carmack thinks on these issues, they could fix them; which would make P2P a clear winner over dedicated servers... but if they don't, the gameplay experiance will be terrible (if inexpensive to deploy)... and they'll rightfully find no one playing their game. 
Starcraft is sort of a special case though...

I call BS on "special case", since IMO, a large competitive gaming scene is what drives a long and healthy life of a good multiplayer game in the first place. And I find that in FPS games with dedicated servers, the cost of renting servers is one of the early barriers that prevent more people from getting into the scene.

...but, if you insist on a different game, while it's not 10 years (6)... DOTA. 
The world has moved on from Quake... all it's dedicated servers are dead.

I've heard same bad things about the situation in the US Quake community, but this is absolutely not the truth in Europe. Around the clock, I can find SOME server with players on it and ping under 100. The last time I did a server search it turned up 150+ servers. I wouldn't call that "dead".

Dedicated server software is free... the cost of renting a proper server to run it on is not. As someone who personally rents a TF2 competitive server, and admins a source engine gaming community with 5 servers... I can tell you, it's far from free.

As someone who works in IT, deals with hosting on a daily basis and has his own server hardware I am well aware it's not free. However, you can in fact get away with things on a very very low budget. If the ONLY server version available is dedicated (and there is no technical reason why a game can't offer the options of dedicated AND listen AND p2p game hosting) there isn't anything to prevent you from running the server package on the computer of one of the players. If you actually want to run the dedicated server on it's very own hardware, a 200$ computer will very easily host multiple game servers and it will serve you for years.

But I believe if some work is done, cutting out the middle man of a dedicated server is certainly a future which would be healthy for FPS gaming.

Ironically, in my view, the biggest problem with P2P/matchmaking is precisely the man in the middle. It's simply not in the publisher's best interest to keep their matchmaking systems running for more than ~2 years when they want to sell you their latest and greatest sequels. And when it comes to men in the middle, I will definately take the longtime fans of the game over a game publisher. You don't even have to look very hard to find games that have been pulled the plug on by the publisher and you can no longer play them because the publisher decided so and you, the player, can do fuckall about it. And some of these games aren't even 5 years old. 
I'll wait to see how it turns out (the multiplayer), but yeah I'm not very hopeful... To top it off they've limited it to 9v9 games, I guess cause most people wouldn't be able to handle any more without a dedicated server, so meh...
To me dedicated servers are really a strong point of PC gaming, for FPS anyways.

About Rage, who cares? Have they even mentioned anything about multiplayer yet? Doesn't seem like that would be the focus of the game...

The only old p2p games still around that I can think of are Diablo2 and Starcraft yeah, and that's probably just cause it's Blizzard and their mountains of cash. 
"I srsly doubt UE3 sdk is free. You know, the way that Quakeinjector is free."
UDK is extremely free. And it does just a touch more than QuakeInjector. :) 
But developers/publishers are unlikely to just suddenly pull the plug on their match making system for a game that is actually successful, that'd just be bad business practice.

And while I can see the point that currently dedicated servers is the fastest/most stable/most secure system scamp is right in that if p2p architecture becomes more common for PC gaming then developers are going to address the flaws in the system (for example, if someone has a slow connection they can send their updated position to one client with a faster connection that then updates the rest of the clients, neatly avoiding one player causing mass lag spikes for everyone). And as for not trusting the data sent from a client, we already need PunkBuster/VAC/etc to stop people sending the server modified movement/shooting commands, I fail to see how p2p would make much of a difference... 
Oh, and I was one of the people whose initial reaction to the MW2 announcement was a 15 minute rant

(also, I apologise for my abuse of the common comma in the previous post ;) 
I Make A Committment 
To buy as many multiple copies of the games Jago is boycotting as I can afford. Same goes with L4D2.

Can I have the spare copies? I'm bare skint ;p 
Friend Of Mine's 
I'm tellin' ya guys, it needs more cowbell. 
Re: Friend Of Mine's 
Well I think it could be a little brighter. I understand that the dark feeling is probably the mood he was going for, but right now it looks like disconnected pieces floating near each other.

Also, the angle is visually interesting, but it's hard to get a sense of the area itself.

I think it's visually interesting, but probably poor concept art, which I'm not convinced it was meant to be. I would suggest a brighter setting with more detail and the suggestion of a dark area instead of just Doom3 style picture. 
I'd Say 
disconnected, but for the style as opposed to the darkness - the window looks photo realistic whilst the furnace is more painterly. 
I Like It 
Looks radiant.., although I agree with the contrast if the window and the smudgy reaktor feel. 
Rotate 45 Degrees CW 
Thanks Guys 
feedback forwarded. 
Mapping Help Wiki? 
Wouldn't it make sense to go through the mapping help thread and organise everything into a nice shiny wiki? It would be quite some work, but i think it would help a lot structuring the information. I'm pretty lost everytime I look into that thread ;-) 
Sounds like the fifth level of hell to make that and keep it updated - usually a bit of patience and searching for keyword is all that's needed. 
Ctrl+F is your friend :P 
Interesting Political Test 
Depends on the expectations. It would probably help if it just had all the posts sorted and with irrelevant crap cut out. The way I'm imagining basically is to go backwards through the complete thread and paste info to appropriate wiki pages.

But yeah, I'm not really caring enough for the q1 info to do it myself. 
Political Tests 
I stand here:

I am just french, far away to be communist, so I guess the test is not that accurate :P

Did it work well for you ? 
I Bet We're All Left Leaning Anarchists 
I Was 
But less left and less libertarian than most of the ones posted. 
I Was

looks about right i guess, funny how that sections green and its like that saying or whatever 
apparently I am Gandhi, give or take a few millimetres =) 
... Where ? 
I'm Not Surprised

but I wonder what one would have to answer to get really close to one of the edges (ie 8 or 9 either way). 
Answer almost all questions with Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree, and you get something like this:

I reckon it's the same to get the opposite corner. 
Yes. That is clearly the only difference between you and Gandhi ;p 
Yay, Server's Back Up! 
Power supply failed. I just noticed when I got up and the provider fixed it inside of 20 minutes. 
I cannot stop watching that damn Birdy Nam Nam video. Damn it's kind of addictive. 
... and the music is addictive as well :D 
Texture Questions 
Was just poking around the Quaddicted archive - couple questions. First, what's the name of the wad used in GMSP2 and Necros' The Living End? Also, does a Quake texture wad exist for the textures from Unreal/UT, or Wheel of Time? 
the textures glassman and i used are 'rtgnosis', and they should be in the listing there (both as 50% sized q1 and full sized iirc) 
or something like that tronyn, originally made for UT. Pretty sure high res versions exist too. 
should have seen necros' post 
know a decent free photo uploading website with generous upload limits? 
Yeh, rtgnosis was originally for UT (or some later derivative) by Undule. The original pack would be on his site if IGN hadn't 'misplaced' the hosted pages...

(You can probably google a copy tho) 
Definitely UT(99) 
It was for a mod, cant remember the name off the top of my head though. Real Tournament or something. 
Nitin is very good. 
Nitin is very good. 
And is a rising star. 
Political Compass 
Fun fact: t was designed by Libertarians, i.e. quasi-ethical anarcho-capitalists. Anyway, I used to score -9.5,-9.5 on that test; I'm probably -10,-10 now :-) 
Rock On Nert 
Although that's a bit too Ghandi for my tastes 
I finally finished another chapter of the software vs glquake series:

Critics, corrections and proofreading are very welcome 
You say "strife" where you mean "strive" at one point. 
Fixed, Thanks 
Actually videogaming is to blame. I never played Strife but I remember its screenshots. 
Software Vs Glquake 
Those screenshots are awfully dark, I had to up the brightness in my control panel to view them.

But other than that, a very good read. It would be great to see aguiRe's glquake support fullbrights, as most other engines do. 
Check News Thread And Help Us With Quakeinjector 
Deus Ex 3 
So lead designer of Deus Ex 3 says: Ion Storm's original was "kind of slow" and had too few "exciting, memorable moments. There goes any hope I could have for that game...

Expect 20 min long cutscenes and Michael Bay style explosions... 
That sucks a bit. Deus Ex really was a very very good game indeed. 
It still is. Each replay I had so far was great. 
For the people in charge if it doesn't have explosions and "WOW, AWESOME, COOL!" moments (think 14 year old after ten cans of Redbull) then its not a good game. 'I don't think we'll be able to sell this'.

Which is why stuff that's subtle or clever has a very tough time getting produced in the mainstream.

Typically a game that is of that ilk will try to hide its cleverness behind the odd generic gameplay setup or special fx fodder - so that the money men feel safe enough to invest. 
Im A PC! 
Is Something Wrong With Me? 
For the past decade, I have always considered QuakeWorld to be THE ultimate deathmatch game and despite playing other games, I was always coming back to QW for some quick fragfests. I've had a pretty long break (like 2+ years) from QW and yesterday, I played a little bit of QW and a little bit of QuakeLive. I found QL to be genuinely more enjoyable.

Is something wrong with me? 
QuakeLive is much easier to just play a quick game. There are always players in your skill level. There are many game modes. QuakeLive is much better than QuakeWorld in those terms. I do prefer the QW gameplay (physics and aircontrol mostly) though.
If QuakeLive would finally work with the OpenSound System I would play it much more than Quake/-World. 
for duel, i dropped ql. It's mostly the map selection and the fact that some older maps are broken due to the gameplay changes, so there only are two maps left that are playable and fun (ztn and pt4). 
Server Maintenance Downtime 
Hi folks, the server on which the forum is hosted is going down for maintenance this weekend. This will hopefully only take a few hours, but you know how it is with these things. Stuff may go wrong and it may take longer than expected. No worries though, everything will be backed up off site for great justice! 
thanks for the heads up :) 
What about dm6, dm13, t7, and t9?

There's a very active dueling scene in QL, I watch alot to see the cool matches all the time. 
Yeh, the maps get played.

But all the 'pro' players are whining about it.

Afaik there's a 'contest' (it's some guy offering 50 euro) on ESR atm to suggest the best item/minor layout changes (jumppads and teles) for DM6 with the aim of persuading iD to make it... 
oh, and cheers for the heads up sleep 
The upgrade is already finished. Everything went very smooth, surprisingly. 
"But all the 'pro' players are whining about it. "

Duel Maps 
dm6 - almost broken in q3, now broken due to the new spawn system. It's basically impossible to come back against good players. I've never been great at this map, but even other players I was losing against told me so.
dm13 - camp fest, which just is no fun. i mean, a map more defensive than ztn? It basically feels like the guy who hides in the best spots wins. oh yeah, and in the areas where camping isn't > *, it's shaft aim only.
(i always mess the new maps up)
t7 - i did dominate another guy with experience on my first play just because of my superior aim. super lollercoaster simple. Just not necessary to go into anything more than the most simple mind games.
t9 - super huge and wrong scale, shitty teles, camp fest. As a mapper, I feel disgusted to even TRY playing this. And when I did, it totally sucked. 
thanks for the warning, seems everything is working! 
What would be things you could imagine being funded with amounts of say about $50 that would be of great use for many Quake people? Maybe some itches that annoy you for years but no-one ever fixed?

Think of bounties, some FOSS projects have things like that. 
I could imagine these:

-Ogg Vorbis support for cd track emulation (and other uses)

-Quoth fdg/whatever, or has that been done now? How about QuArK support?
-QuArK port to Linux. Might be way out of the league.

Some articles? Research? 
Bounties would be a very interesting idea. I could see people doing stuff they wouldn't normally if there was some money involved. 
just ask Negke 
Dare I ask: What did Negke do for money? ;-) 
gargled an ogres balls in exchange for a shiny nickel. 
Shambler's Castle 
Just got around to playing Shambler's Castle, the 1 level "quake in doom3 engine" mod. I was a bit sceptic and obviously purists will easily find some things that don't feel "just right", but overall it was actually really fucking good and great fun. 
Yeah I Enjoyed It Too :D 
To "however long ago that came out and everyone loved it", Jago. 
Shambler's Castle 
first thing i did was replace all the 44khz weapon sounds with original 11khz stock quake sounds. 
well I'm doing a lecture/talk on Quake, as a less formal "cultural lecture" here (at this university, in front of a small academic audience) early next year, I'd take $50 for that (lol). I'll still be doing it either way though.
I'll convert the talk to an article and post it somewhere afterwards. It's tentatively called "The Lingering Legacy of id Software's Quake: A Glimpse Into Thirteen Years of Darkness." Various aspects of Quake, its inspirations, history, artistic style, level design stuff, legacy and etc will be touched on.

For the record I don't think academics should get paid public money to study videogames, I'm even a bit iffy about film. Those things culturally perpetrate themselves; I guess I'm a bit conservative on this one but I think part of the point of literary study is to preserve classic literature like Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, etc. 
That sounds very cool! Wish I could attend. 
so academics should only study dead art forms? 
I'm Not Necessarily Saying That 
though if something's in your exact same language (no language studies required) and not more than 50 years old, you're not really making an effort to put yourself in the mindset of another culture. I can see the benefit society gets out of historians and even about people who can explain cultural/literary history, etc, but I don't see the justice behind someone playing GTA3, writing up their opinion (laced with suitable jargon of course) and collecting public money. Academics is supposed to be difficult (if not boring). 
Okay, I guess i agree with that.

But, I think video games is a pretty interesting and rich art form, and I would like somebody to be thinking deeply about it. Game reviewers rarely do, game makers are often too busy making games to write about it, and even when a reviewer or developer writes something really good about games, it's hard to find because there is no organization trying to collect or catalog all of that writing.

So I guess i'm saying since academics shouldn't be doing it, could we at least have some faux-academics to meet all of these needs? 
What A Coincidence 
im doing my senior project on quake and how it learns you computer stuff :O 
Actually Yeah 
I agree that that should be done (lol, I'm doing it, though I'm doing it for free and for fun).
I guess what I'm saying is that the people who should be doing that are journalists, culture writers, and more thoughtful reviewers who want to publish something more extended based on their work and experience. These people are a lot more in touch with current culture than academics. 
The Lingering Legacy Of Id Software's Quake: A Glimpse Into .... 
Your title's too long. Something easier to digest would be better. "The Lingering Legacy of id Software's Quake" alone sounds good to me. 
Anyway... this is what i waste my time on for the last ages. (Project has a strong tcl dependancy - see installation notes). 
...want to go to Tronyn's talk!! 
Where is Tronyn's talk? We should all go along and be groupies. 
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada - basically the centre of North America. 
Could you record it? :)

I need some serious input on the bounty idea. There is some negotiation about an advertisement deal on Quaddicted that might enable me to fund quite a bit.

It would taint the frontpage though, especially for new visitors. 
TRonyn, live internet broadcast plz. 
...basically the centre of North America.

Geographically, maybe... 
you're from Manitoba?

That sucks, dude. I meet so many people from there... in other cities.

But yeah, I agree about the live feed. 
Bounties often don't seem to work very well. I can't find a reference for this now though :/ 
For Eg

Yeah, I'll be at Tronyn's talk. Funny thing is unis are the only place i take the back row. 
Actually Not From Winnipeg If You Can Believe It I Moved There 
anyone have a program that can convert Heretic 2 .m8 files to some other format; gamespy no longer has I noticed this program Graphics Converter Pro supports heretic 2 m8, yet its shareware won't do batch conversions (fuckers) and I'm not manually converting all the Heretic 2 textures (I'm doing this because htic2.wad from Quaddicted only has maybe 1/3 of the textures if that). 
I started converting the Heretic 2 tex a while back:

8-bit Q1 -

24-bit TGA -

I logically renamed the files so you could see the 24-bit versions IF your engine supported it. Some things may still need a little tweaking, however.

Let me know if you see any necessary changes.

Where Did You Move There From? 
Haha, Well Almost The Canadian Equivalent, Saskatchewan 
Q3 Focal Point Map Released 
Info and download:
Source files:

The map was created in 3 weeks for the noghost competition and should be fun for a quick and frantic FFA match. The Bot file was optimized seperately in a different map to hopefully make any offline match fun.

The source files contain the map files, PSDs and various ASE models used to create the portalsky illusion. In order to load the map source file you will need to download both the final and source zip files. 
made it a news submission. 
Hope Tronyn Doesnt Have This Happen In His Lecture 
obnoxious, but ridiculous enough to be funny. :P 
That''s Stupid 
I would have hated that kid. fuck, what a desperate plea for attention. I don't even like it when people eat crunchy fruit in class, though - I probably need to cut down on my coffee intake. 
my far concerns goes out to my own experience after painting for so many years, introduced to computer habbits, I always search for the delay key while I'm working on canvas. 
The christmas crate is back! Woohoo! 
I Iz Gettin' A Puppy! :D :D :D

This was me yesterday on a farm in Ayrshire, Scotland. Picking the dog up for real in January, fo' real! Damn thing has a pedigree as long as your arm, l0lz, not gonna be cheap!

As you can see its a dog (ie male).

Not Quake related, but I am happy about it anyway, if we can have a thread about immorality, maybe we should have one for pets!

Havent thought of a name for him yet, Rascal keeps coming to mind. Not sure what Sandra would think of Shubby..... 
That is sooo adorable!

Shubby is def better than Rascal, Rascal is a boring run-of-the-mill name. 
How About 
Crawling Chaos

Shubby would be for a girl ;) 
Crawing Chaos!

Is Shubby what you called your little girl Ijed? 
Dogon (ehhh, yeah =/ ) 
Middle name:

Grace Shub-Niggurath Manning Araya

(Two last names in Chile)

. . . and her Mum pronounces Shub-Niggurath as 'Andrea'. 
i'm partial to 'superfly johnson'... 
That is the cutest puppy ever :3

But, can someone tell me what that girl in the background is doing? She looks like shes constipated. 
Thats My Fiance! 
You never had a picture taken where you were having an unfortunate facial expression or are you the most photogenic person eva? 
This is still the best "unfortunate expressions" picture: 
.. makes us looking so stupid sometimes... :P 
What An Awesome Idea Of Naming Something Shubby 
"may you be blessed with fertility, may you spawn thousands of malformed disgusting minions who shall pollute time and space with their abonimable presence, sending nightmares to disturbed and unstable humans, making them shiver in paranoid fear in cold and lonely places." 
Heh - I Think The Guy At The Front With His Eyes Closed Looks Like 
he's on something! But it could just be a freak picture where he blinked just as the lens shutter opened, who knows!?

This annoys me:,news-5376.html

I mean how stupid is this report!

Dont the government recommend doing half an hour of excercise per day?
So a study where people use it for 24 minutes per day in week 1, then 4 minutes per day in week 2 seems pretty dumb to me! Of course its not going to improve their fitness. 
Wii Fit. 
Whatever homies, go for a run you fat cunts. 
Well You Cant Do Yoga And Run At The Same Time. 
And going for a four minute run each day isnt going to help much either, is all im saying. 
depends in which direction you're aiming.

on the one side is a game that incidentally makes your more 'fit'. you play the game because it's fun.

on the other side is a computer program you follow fairly strictly that provides a limited form a entertainment as opposed to mindlessly performing your fitness routine.

one is a game, the other is not. the article treats wii fit as if it was a fitness regimen, yet tests it on people as if it's a game. that doesn't make sense. 
"Whatever homies, go for a run you fat cunts."

Seriously, who needs knee cartilage? That shit is for pussies who walk around.

But in seriousness, for most people, doing ANYTHING is an improvement over what they currently do - which is nothing. So if Wii fit gets them off the couch for even an hour a week, they should see SOME health benefit. 
I Will Now Solve All Weight Problems: 
Stop eating and take the dog for a walk. 
I just reworded Shambler's post. 
Run on grass?

And speaking as a dancer, knee cartilage is over-rated anyway. 
Oh Really ... 
And speaking as a dancer

a pole dancer? is this the night time job, bump and grindy!?! :P 
I became a U.S. Citizen this morning. I was sworn in and I have my certificate and everything. Ready to go get my passport next! And my NASCAR goodie bag... 
Where Are You From Originally? 
Congrats btw! :D 
Canada. It's been about 5 years from start to end to get this to happen. Woot! 
Wii Fit... 
would be pretty cool if it had more games that were actually fun, and if they were built out into more involved levels / campaigns with all of the standard video game incentives that make you want to re-play content (high score, achievements, completeness, etc.)

For example, the skiing mode is the one that is most like a real game, but it would be nice if there was a set of real skiing levels which are long, varied, and interesting. This is probably the one game mode where i actually play it just to improve my score.

The marble-rolling games are cool, but again, needs more depth, more variety, etc. There are so many ball rolling games that are different styles, like Labyrinth, Marble Madness, etc, that you could mine for gameplay ideas.

You could add in a Bushido-Blade style samurai game where how you stand on the board determines your stance, and you use the wiimote to control your sword.

I realize that wii fit was designed and marketed with a very specific image and purpose, so making it more game-like would actually turn away the core audience. For them, the fact that it is not a game, but a self-improvement tool, is what appeals to them (see Brain Age marketing vs. Wario Ware marketing, basically the same genre of game.)

So really, someone make real games for the balance board! Just the fact that you have to stand up and shift your weight while playing makes it a workout, and people will keep playing if it's fun. 
Wouldn't allow it. 
Well I'm Bias Because Thats What My Missus (the One With The Girn) 
wanted for christmas. I got her the board+game and another wii-mote +nunchuck w/ motion plus and a charger for the board.
Cost �170 >< 250-300 dollars I guess. Fuuuuuuk.

But I must admit I do enjoy wii bowling 1 and 2. Thats about it for me, but atleast with the extra wii-mote I can play her at tennis.

She expressed interest in the Mario re-release, but that nreally is lame - using 15 y/o tech for a 2009 game. lol. 
came up as a link for me, but that wasnt my doing. Dodgy internet security from Windows 7, I keep gettin poppups in ie8 and firefox. 64 bit.

Not good, I hope they fix it. 
its not a link now since I posted the last message. Very wierd. Dont like it :| 
Perhaps The Wii Is Evil 
On The Subject Of Fat Cunts. 
Lawl sock. <3 'bump and grindy'

And gz Willem.

On the actually games related topic, I'd swear I saw a tony hawk's branded skateboard thing for the Wii when I was xmas shopping the other day, I'm assuming this means there's a 'real' game using the balance board nao (although it could just be an attempt to make kids 'exercise' (but what kids actually think skateboarding is cool now, all the ones I see have those ridiculous scooter things)) 
Yeh, this.

Although apparently it's not compatible with the WiiFit board and costs a fortune, making it more like a glorified guitar hero. Yay board(room) necessitated proprietry board 
what's the best way to delete all copies of an entity of one type in a map? I tried doing it in Wordpad in the .map file but that fucked it up - though I cut some brush entities too when I did that. 
heh, make a parser to do it >_<
honestly, if i had vs on this machine, i'd do it.

i've been meaning to make a program that will load up all the entities in a map file as just a list and allow you to search through and order by classname or target/targetnames or something but i can never seem to get started on it. :S quark has a list based way to go through entities in your map, maybe take a look at that. 

Select one of them and press SHIFT+A and then delete them.

That will select all objects of that type in the map. Works for textures too, if you select one and do SHIFT+A. 
awesome, that command is in qe3 too. it's those highly useful yet rarely used commands that are the real treasure. ^_^; 
Selecting Entity Of One Type In Hammer/Worldcraft 
Go to: Map/Entity Report/Select By Class

you can just enter "light" and all lights will be selected (lights, torches, flame).

You can also search for a specific key walue among all entities 
Thanks but unfortunately no, Hammer - wow thanks Ankh that'll save me some tedious work.

Next question: anyone know a decent bsp->map program for Quake2 bsps? I'm looking at taking an unreleased Heretic II map and making it for Quake with Heretic II textures, and I only have some of it in map/rmf, but I have more of it in bsp files. 
Willem Is Canadian Too? 
Who else is Secretly Canadian? Vondur? 
Also, Congratulations on the visa! 
Not a visa ... citizenship. I'm now a real live American. :) 
Fatso Certificate? 
Isn't Canada a million times nicer to live? Health care is currently spoken about rather loud, Canada seems great about that. 
Spirit: Yeah my understanding is Canada has a nicer overall atmosphere, but Pope informs me there is rampant racism. At least in his part of Canada. French Canada might not have any racism at all (they're all white, yeah?) so who knows? 
Depends What Part Of Canada 
I gotta say one problem we have here with out medical system though is DEATH PANELS. As soon as you get sick, within 2 weeks every damned time, the KGB shows up in the middle of the night and kidnaps you, and you're in the Gulag for 20 years easy, if you ever make it out. Damned socialism, if only we had some honest, principled creationists to fight it off... 
Uh, I don't know.

I think the racism level is pretty variant, like in most places. EG the states - it's a much different culture in NYC than in Lubbock TX.

I live in Montreal and even though it's super multi-cultural there's a pretty decent amount of racism, even between white people (anglo vs franco, irish vs italian etc).

But yeah, definitely less noticable racism than what I've seen in say, Alice Springs.

Don't think I want to get into health care. at all.

I totally took that post too seriously, huh?
Either way I'd love to have dual citizenship, jobs, travel etc - changes so much. Seriously Willem, good job, I'm sure its worth the wait! 
dual American/Canadian citizenship would be amazing, don't think it's possible anymore (not new, grandfathered is allowed). As for the post I couldn't help it; not saying what we have is perfect, not even saying anything at all really, except that the tone of the American debate on the subject is beyond retarded. 
I have nothing against Canada it's just that my life is here now - my job, my house, my wife, everything. So becoming a citizen so that my status here is stabilized seemed the right choice.

And I have dual citizenship - you don't have to give up your Canadian citizenship to become a US citizen. Other countries vary on this topic but Canada is one of the ones that doesn't require you to renounce. 
I could have had one when I was a teenager but didn't really think about it - I don't know why my parents didn't force it on me, really...

And I totally agree with Tronyn. On everything. 
Nex Year 
ill qualify for proper chilean, but it'd bring me 0 benefit apart from being able to vote / help count votes. 
Alice Springs doesnt exactly compare with too many places though does it? 
I Wish A 
Merry Christmas to All 
A Happy Christmas to All!!! 
A happy new year. 
<- Bunnywabbit 
What about easter, how could you forget easter?! 
Merry Zombies I mean Merry Xmas. Mmmm snow zombies.... 
A rockin Kwanzaa! 
Snow Zombies? 
Merry Christmas 
everyone! Have a nice time with your family! 
It's that time of the year again!
So merry christmas every one! 
(Insert Your Religious Holiday Here) 
and also happy new year. :) 
Word Up 
Who been out drinkin tonight? Me has! Been out canin' it with ma woman and ma homiez, paece!

Also merry christmas! 
Merry Xmas everybody.. I hope Santa Claus brought you tons of gifts ! 
and be merry everyone! :) 
Merry F'kn Christmas 
Hopefully you all look better than I do after this

(Drove from Wisconsin to Maine straight with only 3 hours of sleep... then had a full day of visiting family) 
Omg Phait 
what's that in your face?! 
let's mimic untill we all cry... 
Hope everyone has a good one! 
Happy New Year All!!! 
HAVE A HAPPY 2010!!! 
H**y S**t 
The whole site is a little crazy 
i wish i had one, i almost had a red fox once but my sister was to afraid to grab it :/ 
Happy New Year !!! 
If I Can Help... 
An Engine Standard For Map/mod Support 
is being discussed at inside3d atm.

It would basically take existing fixes/features like extended map limits and a number of modder features, plus skybox support etc. and standards for external resources, and bundle those, and declare that TEH STANDARD.

A mapper could then just say, "this map requires a STANDARD compatible engine" instead of "needs some modern engine". There would be a hard target. Hopefully, this would also encourage modders to use more modern features, instead of just targeting GLQuake out of resignation.

In a later step, more could be added like an enhanced BSP format.

Metl, Lord Havoc and others have posted pretty detailed lists of map limits etc. that would have to be increased, and some modder features to include.

More input is needed, like what (mapping, modding) features would you like to see supported, which is why I'm posting this here. 
It's an interesting idea, and well meant, but imho will come to nothing; for the same reasons the Linux Standard Base came to nothing.

The reasons.. they're not so easy to explain. But, in general, the standard is whatever the majority adopts. Even huge commercial entities/conglomerates like apple (firewire), microsoft (silverlight/bing) and ibm (os2) are generally powerless to change this. It's even harder to achieve with an open code base, where everyone is free to make their own changes on a whim. 
if "they" have an interest for our opinion, they should
- keep the thread on topic
- structure the info. reading 8 pages of unstructured discussion was quite... bleh. Someone needs to collect all the ideas into one post (or a wiki...).
- ask the question here or use a sensible msgboard software (+ and an anon account) :)

Quakeinjector could use the different standards to automatically choose engines or warn the user. For that, the standard needs to be all or nothing. Either the engine supports every aspect of it, or it doesn't qualify as "supporting engine".

The standard must only ensure compatibility, and not bother with anything else. 
i dropped off my thoughts anyway. if nothing comes of it, that's fine. i didn't bother reading any of the other posts though. 
P2P Game Servers 
I remember talking to some #terrafusion folks about why I think the trend towards having no dedicated servers in games and having publishers have the capability to effectively "pull the plug" on your ability to play a specific game online was a horrible horrible thing. Some tried to laugh me off pointing to some of the older games for the original XBOX still being run.

Well, HERE is why my point holds. EA is shutting down online support for 20 of it's games, many of them as recent as being from 2009 and 2008. If you happen to own any of these games or those that were shut off during their previous round of closing over 30 different games last year, I hope you still consider it money well spent. 
this has almost nothing to do with the communication technique. If quake servers weren't communicating with a master server, how would you find them?

Instead, it's all about openness and freedom of software. if ea would release their master server software, users could still play via p2p if they setup the central structure themselves. 
If you happen to own any of these games or those that were shut off during their previous round of closing over 30 different games last year, I hope your last beer bong / joint hasn't stained the box spoiling the chances of taking it back.

. . . though I do own a couple of EA games. 
P2p Matchmakers Shuttingdown

Kind of a "yeah, it'll go away when we release a new one, so be prepared to buy the next one when it comes out." 
Jago: did P2P kill your dog or something? jesus you have a 1 track mind. 
The US version of the Sega Saturn port of Quake has another music track. It's B7 from Methods of Destruction by Sonic Mayhem. Here you go:

I'll write some proper post some day. I consider that abandonware whatever semi-legal awesome nostalgia fandom. 
Finally Got Hold Of It Then 
how did you find that! thanks! ^_^ 
Mapping Competition Idea 
Category: Random, Useless, Wtf, Zwiffle
Theme: Start maps
Timelimit: One weekend (Friday through Sunday)

Lols aside, this could be regarded as a sort of extended speedmapping session, a chance to build a small (or large? think SOA) map with some nice architecture, traps, cleverly hidden Nightmare entrance etc in a short time. Map sources to be included to make it not entirely useless (so people could theoretically use one of the maps for their episodes - or a chainmap). 
That's kind of a cool idea. 
Interesting, but why not just make it a speed map theme? 
I like the idea of the maps being start maps ... unless you mean make "start map" the theme. 
What's The Difference? 
Oh sorry, he already said that was the theme. Never mind! 
No no, the idea is to start maps. Finishing them is not a necessary requirement.

Zwiffle: Because that would probably be too little time for proper detail and stuff. 
then the maps shoudn�t have monsters? 
Wait What? 
is it a start map with a skill selection, or are we supposed to "start" working on larger maps that will take a normal amount of time to finish? 
I was under the impression we were to make start maps, skill-selection maps. 
I'm now writing this talk about Quake and its history. Didn't someone have some Quake ads from back in the day kicking around somewhere? Actually, any images or information from around the time of Quake's development/release would be great. 
I'm looking for comparison shots between old and new maps/textures, and also just really impressive screenshots (of maps, engines, effects, mods, etc). Links appreciated. 
I have in good quality at home. Also some other advertisements.

Also some magazine scans of previews and reviews (if I find those files again...).

For some older "nice engine" screenshots see Tei's best of at (bottom).

Kinn's Marcher Fortress or some czg07 are always impressive. But probably not to modern day gamers who are used to huge environments. If you just want to go for the "zomg wow" factor Tenebrae (the doom3ish techdemo level I just cannot find anymore, or Industri), Quake10Year might be something. I have some super sexy screenshot of apsp2 with the Generations Arena enforcer and DP's reflective water somewhere.

Remind me of it! 
There was another ad similar to the "Quake is for everyone", it showed a freshly married couple, both with Quake rune rings and the slogan "Quake is forever". I couldn't find it in a quick Google search, but I'm sure I've seen pictures of it somewhere around, in a QExpo booth perhaps?

Direct comparison shots: original dm3 and than's dm3rmx. Possibly the other rmx maps, too.

Good luck on your lecture and make sure to have someone with a digicam record it (so we can watch it and pick at the factual errors :D)

metlslime, others: start.bsp of course 
For Level Design 
Show a couple of Zerstorer shots, maybe some from Operation Urth Magik, Quoth and Travail. 
negke what�s the point of making starts maps 
Focus on neat looking maps, not too big, not too small, no monsters/weapons/gameplay. Just ambience I guess. 
How About 
Start maps for maps that don't have them?

As a homage. 
That might be cool - expand the original episode hall of the Quake start map to an entire map in itself? 
That might be cool - expand the original episode hall of the Quake start map to an entire map in itself? 
Sorry for the double. 
The idea of creating maps entirely for the aesthetic is interesting. I often feel that way when making areas - that the combat and items just get in the way. I want to create a good looking area. The fighting is just an excuse to get the player to move through it.

That gives me a weekend project to play around with actually. Neat! 
i tried this once in the hl2 engine.
it was just this big open venice-like map where you could enter most of the buildings and you were given an airboat at the start.
thing is, you loose interest in it when you realize no one wants to play a map without anything in it. :P 
Well I think a small detail-oriented weekend mapping project could be a bit of fun, I just have to force myself to actually do it instead of sitting on my ass playing games all weekend. 
this has been rolling through the various quake forums

i cant remember if ive seen it here yet 
Map Downloads 
What's a good place to download all the classic quake 1 custom maps these days? I'm thinking of headshot, ztn, gandhi, danimal and the other guys.

try he means 
He's obviously looking for DM maps. 
Found What I Needed At 
Did anyone finish a start map over the weekend? 
... no. 
start map = boring, nothing to kill no fun... next theme please 
There are lots of LDs who like visuals and only do the monsters because they have to. Just FYI. :) 
I Started A Start Map... 
...and only got one room :-( 
It Was A Great Idea 
enough time in a speedmap session and the good ones could be used to introduce new maps by other people. 
Apathy Wins Again 
I know Willem, good luck for you guys!

have fun 
Yeah, Fucking 
There are lots of LDs who like visuals and only do the monsters because they have to.

Maybe those should team up with guys that find visuals too much work to really be able to do it properly. Like me.

It would probably require working from low detail gameplay testing layouts like in that other thread, though. 
There are lots of LDs who like visuals and only do the monsters because they have to.

Nowadays those are called "environment artists" :) 
Haha, true enough. I do a lot of both so I forget that some guys are exclusively one or the other these days. 
Go map! 
not the proper theme for mapping... maby later on 
How Many Times Can You Die!?! 
Not bad, but the controls feel a bit loose.

Try this: 
very cool game. Too bad the full game is $15... seems a little pricey based on the apparent size of it (8 levels, 2 of which were in the demo and fairly short.) 
Technical Question... 
Regarding wireless internet connections.

My phone exchange finally got upgraded last week so I got a new package deal that includes the new speed I can get, it also includes a free wireless router.

Now, I know next to nothing about wireless connections, but the most pressing worry I have is that I have no idea how far the signal will travel.

You see, the router will be connected to the phone line on the bottom floor of the house, but my pc is on the 3rd floor and I really, really don't want to move it. Any ideas here?

The 2nd thing is that I need to buy myself a wireless card for my pc, and I have no idea what make and model is good. I've heard horror stories about bad wireless cards dropping the connection all the time, and I really want to avoid that =)

Someone said this might be worth picking up

I don't want anything fancy, but I want a stable connection above all else :) 
Stupid Suggestion 
Just buy the 5-10 quids worth of cable - I'm guessing the router will have an old fasioned line output as well.

Wireless tends to be unreliable for packet loss unless you've got a slick netcard - like the one posted. But I suspect stuff like that won't be trustworthy because they're based on certain conditons, like not having walls or floor in-between.

Wireless is for laptops . . . 
If you have a phone socket on the 3rd floor, cant that go into your router direct, near your pc? or does it have to go into the main line on the bottom floor? 
dunno if this will help, but i get full signal strength through 1 floor. 
I have a cabled setup right now with a router on the 2nd floor, which is plugged into the only phone line socket in the house (w00t for old english houses) on the 1st floor with a huge extension lead =)

Then I run ethernet up to the 3rd floor for my pc. Really I could just keep this current setup and it would work ok, but I would like to remove all these cables trailing all over the house =)

If anyone has had any experience (good or bad) with using wireless internet through multiple floors I would be very grateful if you could post your thoughts! 
Pricey Pixels 
@metlslime, I totally agree, I was shocked when I saw the 15 dollar price tag on a game that plays like an average flash game. I know the graphics are suppose to be all retro and low detail but it really ticked me off that someone thinks they can sell it! The game mechanic is ok for a couple of levels but after a while I just felt bored and I really did not care about the characters or story. I am all for supporting indie games and innovation but the game felt like a rip off to me.

@ijed, lies, wireless works perfectly well for desktop pc's as well. Laptops just have the feature built in by default that is all!

@Daz, 3 floors of an old english house will have crazy thick walls, strange building materials and you would probably need a really good wireless router to get the signal strength you will require. Free wireless router generally = cheap rubbish most of the time ;)

I use a netgear router (cost me @100 quid) and it bounces signals through stone/wood walls fine but I am in a very small place on the ground floor. Generally wireless router speeds are not as fast (My current connection speed is 54Mb) as a physical cable because of signal loss and current technology limits.

Horror stories are just that, stories and wireless connections fail just the same way cable connections do. I use a wireless connection to playing online games (wow,tf2) and general surfing stuff fine. The majority of my internet problems are always centered around the stupid ISP deciding to do maintenance without telling me or just weird stuff going wrong at their end for no reason.

Most good wireless routers support both cable and wireless connections and if you do try it out for goodness sake setup the security protocol right and don't leave your ISP connection open to dodgy neighbours. 
A month ago I bought a wireless router from Belkin and a usb network adapter for the pc:

The pc is on the same floor as the router and the received signal level is between "low" and "good". The connection is stable. No problems during long downloads or networking. Maybe it is only my imagination but from time to time I have to wait longer for the web pages to load.
The router is on the second floor and I can connect to it with my phone even from outside of the house or from the basement.
I think the router is very good. The adapter was a cheap solution nevertheless it works.

You can have better signal range if you use N+ hardware I have heard. 
@metlslime, I totally agree, I was shocked when I saw the 15 dollar price tag on a game that plays like an average flash game.

Well I would say it plays like very good flash game, but still the going rate for that is still just about free, or like $5 as a downloadable console game (wiiware, etc.) 
I forgot to mention that mine works fine through one floor, but if I go outside then the connection drops out.

So the solid brick wall blocks the signal but one floor seems fine. When there's other users in the house then my laptop tends to hog the connection though and they run slow. 
I Bought A Belkin 
USB wireless adapter for my little sis at Christmas and it wouldnt work on her XP laptop. It wasnt the cheapest one either, cost around �30.

Si I bought one of these:
Edimax EW-7711UAN 11n 150mbs Wireless High Gain USB Adapter

Works well on her laptop, and it was <�20 on Amazon.

But yeah - a cable will work better. 
"Now, I know next to nothing about wireless connections, but the most pressing worry I have is that I have no idea how far the signal will travel.

You see, the router will be connected to the phone line on the bottom floor of the house, but my pc is on the 3rd floor and I really, really don't want to move it. Any ideas here?

Essentially, you are fucked.

Unless you invest into a new enterprise-grade WLAN router to replace the one given to you by your ISP, there is a reason these lowend consumer devices don't cost a lot and are given away by ISPs. Instead of spending 400+ euro or more on such a device, that same money would be much better spent on paying a technician to properly wire your entire place with gigabit ethernet.

And you would be much happier with the result too. 
As For Why Gigabit 
"Surely 100mbit is enough, why should I invest in gigabit when wiring my new house?" is question often asked of me.

1) The cost increase in going from 100 mbit to 1 gigabit is marginal.

2) Assume you want to take a backup over your network, from one computer to another. Sending 500gb of data over a maxed out 100mbit network will take roughly 14,5 hours

3) Depending on your router, your network cards, cabling and such, a gigabit network will usually give you a 60-85mb/s transfer rate. That sounds reasonably fast and it is. Would you really like to save a tiny bit of money and go with 100mbit now (11mb/s) and then realize 5 years down the line than you have to upgrade it again? 
We use wireless in our house for some things but I wanted stuff like my Xbox360 to be wired for the extra stability/speed. I didn't want to run ethernet cable through my walls so I got some of these units:

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Networking through your existing power lines. It works REALLY well. And installation is a breeze. I don't know if they have these for European power outlets but if they do, I suggest grabbing them. They're magic. 
If You Go The PLC Route 
PLC = Power Line Communication

Ensure that the electricity in your entire apartment is on the same phase, considering that you mention your place has 3 floors, it is very much possible that it's not.

If device A is on one phase and device B is on another, they have no way of seeing each other when using PLC. 
Oh yeah, if you live in an apartment building (or any place that shares power lines) it might be weird. 
for all the information!

So I think I will stick with the wired connections for now then. I had never considered PLC but have no idea how many power phases this house has, any quick and easy way to find out, perhaps its on the meter somewhere? 
you can network through power lines?? 
Yep. It sounds like science fiction, I know, but I swear it works. I have my consoles running on it and it works great. 
I use my wireless over 1 floor and at any one time can have three units (2 laptops, 1 PC) accessing the same system. I have never had any drop out over the 5 years I have had it. I have a mixture of equipment by Belkin, Thomson and Intel, all G standard. I am with BT.

I also use a laptop in the garden in the summer at a range of about 50 feet, with four 9 inch walls between.

I can also pick up my neighbour's system four houses away, and used it on more than one occasion in the early days before he made it secure. I have just had a quick check and there are 8 other wireless connections that I could get onto right now in my immediate vicinity.

Go for N technology, not G, if you have the choice. There's realy no difference between the common players - Netgear, D-Link, Belkin etc, just buy the best you can afford. 
Go LinkSys tbh. It's basically budget Cisco stuff. 
Plug the router in and get a friend with a laptop to wander around the house reporting what the signal strength is like? 
tie one end of the ethernet cable to a rat, then push it into the nearest mousehole. Then, put some cheese near a mousehole in the room with your computer. When the rat comes out of the mousehole, grab the rat, untie the cable and plug it into your computer. 
Why Whould You Plug A Rat Into The Computah? 
ratin likes mouses 
So is having a decent sale on a 52" Phillips HDTV 1080p 1920x1080 for $1000 - any idea how good that particular model/brand is?

* 52-inch LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio
* 33,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
* True 1080p signal compatibility
* Integrated USB port
* Settings assistant
* Pixel Plus HD
* Four HDMI inputs 
Only 30000:1 contrast? Lol, the colors will look like shite on it. 
Can't help you - the concept of spending that much on a tv is mind blowing to me right now... 
Well You Know 
I looked at the price tag on the TV, then looked at a news clip about Haiti, then back to the TV, and I think I would just feel like an asshole if I purchased it. 
You are doing it wrong, such purchases are supposed to make you feel better about yourself, unless you are the kind of person who actually spends time wondering how it's "wrong" that in a day of active use, your gaming videocard alone uses as much electricity as an average african family in about 6 months.

Note: you don't have to give a shit. Really. 
The way to look at it, IMO, is that Haiti is not my problem to fix. Now, I sent money to Doctors Without Borders because I wanted to but it wasn't out of a sense of guilt. I wanted to help those people so I did it in the only way that I realistically can.

Buy whatever you like, Haiti or any other world disaster is not your personal responsibility. Donate if you feel strongly about what happened, though. 
You only care about Haiti because you saw it on television. You did not care about the people's situation before. You should buy a bigger TV so when the next natural disaster is live, you can more than now. 
Can *care*, Dammit 
Well, they didn't HAVE this situation before. Their entire capital city is leveled and there's something like 100,000+ dead. This isn't an every day occurrence in Haiti. 
If I bought the tv I would just be watching the suffering of millions of Haitians in glorious 52" 1080p HD. That would bother me. 
I generally feel guilty when I buy big-budget items, because I normally do so when I don't need to. I mean, I don't know if I ever need to, but the point being it's sort of a "I should have saved my money" feeling instead. 

Well, that's a different issue. If you aren't saving any money and you buy something like that then, yeah, maybe you're being dumb. 
Well I do save, but not as much as I think I should be saving, considering the economy and stuff. I would like to have enough saved up to cover me for a few months if things go sour. 
at least with a CRT, you could live in the box when things go sour. LCD boxes are too thin. 
also, as a self-righteous communist (aka humanities graduate) - JOKING - I think there's a good argument that most people in the west live way above what a reasonable standard of living would be before you start putting your money toward fixing some of the world's many problems. One person can't change much, but when I do make money that I consider above that standard, I'll feel better knowing that this extra money will be going toward getting rid of corruption, stupidity, and the particular combination of both known as religion. 
do you have a model number? tvs vary drastically even within the samr brand?

at a rough guess though, $1000 for a 52inch tv is either a ridiculous bargain or a not so great tv. Most cheap 1080p tvs only look good in 1080p (ie blu ray) and absolutely crap in SD (ie dvd, most regular tv). 
This Thing 
This Thing 
that look decent but how big is your room? 52 inch needs a fair bit of space, these tvs tend to look better from a distance, particularly for SD. at least 4-5m from the screen. 
Most western governments have pledged support/aid for Haiti. This will cost money. If you are a tax payer, it is your money. If you are a higher tax payer, it is more of your money, so feel good that you are doing something for them.

Meanwhile, don't feel bad about spending some of your earnings on yourself. It's why you sweat and toil throughout the days. 
FWIW, I have a 55" TV (old style, but still HD). It's awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. Games look AMAZING on a screen that size.


The same could also be argued that your taxes are already helping the poor and the hungry in your own country - but it's still helpful to give more when you're able. 
The Poor And Hungry Meaning 
Mega-bank CEOs? 
You know what I mean. The government has a lot of charity programs so it could be argued that we're already donating to charity via taxes. Obviously, that's not a great argument though. 
Half-Life And The Size Of Levels 
I just watched part of a Half-Life speed run on YouTube and I was amazed at how expansive the levels were. I mean, he ran down corridor after corridor, rooms, air vents, pipes, etc. It just goes on and on. Sure, the detailing is very minimal but still ... makes me think that maybe I spend too much time worrying about interconnecting areas and should focus more on travel. Let the player move through a large structure that doesn't have tons of back tracking. It's just large. You know? 
Well that depends - a lot of the focus of Half-Life was "escape Black Mesa" and that meant a lot of moving forward.

Other games are focused on things like "get past locked door" and that can mean going down a bunch of halls, getting the key, then backtracking back to the door. Half-Life would probably have a work-around, like go into vents, climb above door through vents, drop down behind door and open from other side.

I personally think backtracking areas can be a boon to level design if done correctly - I mean you're sort of maximizing the gameplay potential of an area, meaning you're sort of doing more with less, and it just seems like the area matters more I guess.

But I agree, not a ton of backtracking, but some used throughout. 
That TV model is among the simplest Philips makes. The only real redeeming quality is the price.

Also 52" is likely to be too big for your place, but if you do want that size, consider a projector. 
Re: Quake Saturn Soundtrack 
So Tronyn 
How did your speech go? 
I'd like to know too. 
not sure if you're allowed to say anything but is there anything in the works in the way of a new Unreal game? Not UT, but Unreal.

I understand if you're not able to say anything. 
I honestly don't know. I'm not currently working on one but I don't know what the future plans are... 
Proper Unreal2 i.e. actual Unreal sequel, would own me. 
I hate Unreal. Makes me feel icky. 
Unreal Hates You. 
And so do we. 
thanks for the response.

Would love to see one happen, I think the new Unreal tech would support it nicely. 
If I ask it'd be too much like industrial espionage.

But like Nitin says, it'd be great to see a new Unreal. 
The waterfall at the start of the second level of Unreal is one of the greatest things ever created in a computer game. Especially in context of the era. 
Bluff Eversmoking. 
Nuff said. More bad-assness in the level than in most games at the time... 
That and the Spire level. I think everyone who played quick saved at the top and jumped off. You just had to. 
Bluff Eversmoking 
run at like 10 fps on my original rig at the time. But it was still amazing.

And I jumped off a few things well before the spire level :) 
Unreal 3 
Would be kinda cool if was set on the same planet as the original and you had the freedom to explore wherever you wanted, kinda like Stalker or Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

The sense of exploration in Unreal was fantastic! 
Not Just Exploration 
But a journey, a trek across a continent towards your goal. There was a tangible sense of going from point A, to B, to C, to D, etc... and a feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach point Z, the mothership. 
I Agree With All Of The Above... 
...and raise you Na Pali Haven too. 
It did look great. I think it was one of the first video games that needed state-of-the-art hardware. Doom 3 also iirc... Others ? 
So After Powering Up For A Second This Morning 
my computer has just shut down completely and will not power up at all anymore, not even for a second.

Any ideas? I'm presuming power supply but is there something I might be overlooking (cables and powerpoint are fine, checked that)? 
That does sound like a dead power supply to me. Bad luck :(

The only thing I could think of is that you may have knocked or tripped the power switch on the back of the power supply. Next to where the cable goes in. But thats pretty obvious I guess. 
Could Be The PSU - Does It Smell Funny? 
It could also be something else. I once had a similiar situation where the harddisk controller turned out to be the culprit.. 
Kiss It Where It Smells Funny! 
Take all cards, drives etc out and then try if it does anything. Insert one after another and see if you can find a culprit. 
And Memory Too 
Try removing and re-inserting all memory dimms. 
...what did nitin do that post on, then??

theres 3 laptops in the house, I'm covered :)

Except if I want to play anything. 
Cheers For The Responses 
i have it narrowed to PSU and/or motherboard. time to get the experts in now, these 2 things are a bit beyond me. 
Do these in this order:

1. Buy a kickass power supply that can support SLI or Crossfire, replace your old PSU and try it.

2. If it fails, purchase a kickass motherboard with support for SLI or Crossfirem replace your old motherboard and try it.

2.b If it works, proceed to step 2.

3. Get an SLI or Crossfire setup and be happy. 
Who needs SLI seriously? All the games coming out these days are ports of Console games, and thus run fine on not-so-new computer hardware. Not many developers take the risk of developing games for high-end PCs anymore, and that's the only point I can see in SLI, no? 
Win Games On Linux 
Just Do It For The Sake Of It :P 
Im gonna! My 5850 should be arriving today. I have, in the last few months, bought a new case, HDD, PSU, mobo, heatsink, fan speed controller, Blu-Ray drive and RAM. The plan was to crossfire a couple of 5850's until 2nd gen GF100s come out, then I will probably settle for a single GeForce solution.

Also because I have replaced all of my parts, I can sell my old rig once I have re-built it.

I'll be looking for �300 for it:

Core2Duo processor (prob an E7400, havent bought one yet)
2Gb DDR2 800Mhz
DVDRW (need to buy one of those also)
750 watt PSU
Midi Tower case
And a Geforce 8800 GTS 512Mb.

The rig will be capable of playing all games. But no DX11 support. 
since I'm in the market for a new tv plus a house, I cant really afford pc upgrades right now.

Anyway, so far, no probs with the games I currently have when the machine is actually running. 
That's mostly Wine with a fancy frontend. Try if you really need that.

Ricky: 750W PSU? Did you plug in a USB vacuum cleaner or what? 
Its Not A Very Good PSU 
Its a "750W" PSU with 1x PCIe 6 pin power connector :S
Never had any problems with it in my old rig, but I bought a new one :D New one is a Corsair HK series 850watt Modular PSU - which is a very good PSU :P 
No Power To The Unit 
Not that I am suggesting this may be the cause of your own problem, but this is a true story.

I was aked to look at a fridge that had inexplicably stopped working and the owner said that she had definitely changed the fuse and checked the socket by using the kettle on it, and they were OK.

I checked the motor, relay and stat and all were fine. I took the plug to do a simple circuit test and got no reading. I changed the fuse and still no good. I went back to the stat, and relay, still nothing. I pulled the fridge out of its niche and then saw the problem.

A mouse had chewed through the cable and that is why there was no circuit. I know it was a mouse because its little fried body was still attached. I replaced the cable and the fridge went on its way. I dumped the mouse's body after due ceremony. 
awesome story ^_^ 
I Think Bakers Texture Converting Tool 
deserves to be news :D

I mean this is a Quake mapping forum afterall :)

But either way - Thanks Baker - I will surely use this it some point :DDD 
Is there anyone else with an original CD of Abyss of Pandemonium? I need someone to verify my rip. 
The Revenge Of Pong! 
For Sharing 
anyone interested in making some weapon models (v_whatever)? 
Quake 2 Engines 
What are the most popular Quake 2 Engines? Is there any engine that has a similar "goal" to Fitzquake (ie. leaving the essence of the engine intact, while updating limits and fixing bugs)? 
kmquake2 seems to be pretty popular but it smakes some core graphic changes which I'm not too fond of.

And although his initial plans may have changed, aguire's in development q2 engine had the goals you refer to. 
If you were on Linux, then would be your choice. 
is there a site for aguire's q2 engine? 
in development 
Send me an e-mail, let me know what you're after. 
I'm interested..after getting Q3 grail in Q1. 
Aliens sentry gun software: 
Fitzquake 0.85 Bugs 
Been experimenting with Fitz .85 lately, and I've noticed what appears to be a few bugs that break certain maps. The most prime example that I've come across so far is e3m2, The Vaults of Zin. The silver key does not descend to the floor below along with the platform its on, instead it gets stuck there. This way I can just grab the key and finish the level. I also noticed monsters teleporting in strangely in the starting room.

On a few custom maps I've noticed monsters getting stuck where they shouldn't be stuck, and also more problems with teleportation.

Responses would be greatly appreciated ! 
yikes, thanks for the bug reports, I'll check these issues out.

For the monsters getting stuck, can you give specifc maps and where in the map? 
The issue with the key on e3m2 can happen when you use low host_framerate values (like 0.005) for any reason.
Did you change any variables from their standard values or are you using a mod?
For me there are no problems with e3m2 or monster teleports. 
The host_framerate issue on e3m2 also affects other engines (but not DP). It seems like model and brush entities react differently when slowed down or something. 
Have Fun Playing Halo2... 
Hard to see that in a positive light.

To reach our aspiration, we need to make changes to the [xbox live] service that are incompatible with our original Xbox v1 games

Hmmm. Yes. Not going to affect me, but a lot of people are going to be staring teary-eyed at Zwiffle's cat for consolation. 
For Cardo 
A sudden burst of motivation made me make this little tool to weed out the good multiplayer maps from my collection (to remove the crap from the site...): 
How did you take all the screenshots? Not manually, I assume. 
aguirRe has a script for that. It simply uses the spawnpoints. 
it dosen't count cos after pong it splits of into another cat!! 
Nice Euphemism 
The elder gods and humanity. 
Terrain Blending Article

This is a small collection of stuff that I used in a previous map but I never got around to releasing seperately before. The texture packs come with example maps, shaders and textures in TGA format.

Plants :
Terrain :

The terrain blending article is a rewrite of a previous article which I think may suffer from problems with layout or content. I find most people stop reading it after page 2, but I never get email feedback so not sure why. So I plan to rewrite the original article in two parts with greater emphasis on better examples and more images.

New article :

I would appreciate it if anyone can spare some time to read the article through and let me know what you think? better layout? easier to follow? interesting? less text? good example images? etc

Oh God. 
I just remembered, I had a dream last night, I was hanging out with one of the #tf brits, I think it was Daz although it could have been Than or Cardo, anyway in this dream it turns out sock was a GIRL and Daz/whomever had been secretly dating them in a #tf romance.

Errr. That was it. 
sock as in an actual sock?

Been there.

sock as in the mapper?

Not been there. :( 
Anything Going On 
Between you and Koya Zwiffle? 
haha wtf XD 
I asked her for pics and she has yet to respond. 
Couldn't Have Been Daz 
For he's already dating Dranz! 
Uh Oh... 
does Drannerz know about Daz and Dranz being an item? 
Ah Well 
It's been a long time... 
I'm drunk. Has love bloomed on func or not? 
Uh Oh 
Left hand jealous of the right? 
Mop Up That Mess! 
Besides Shambler having wet dreams about me ... did anyone read the article I posted?

Any feedback? suggestions? likes? dislikes? changes? more adult erotic fantasy dreams involving me!?! 
I'll Give It A Look Today 
That image is a total fail. Nobody drives to the store anymore (Steam), nobody installs 6 discs anymore (digital downloads), intro movies are usually removed by a simple file renaming, ... I mean, really? 
Piracy... OMG! 
If piracy was so obviously easy, and better than paying for a game, nobody would buy games anymore... I always experimented troubleshotings with illegal game... like multiplayer non supported, and fancy bugs like behing able to pass through triggers without trigger it...
so yes piracy is ggod for your money, but piracy is not good for your gaming quality... though... :P 
intro movies are usually removed by a simple file renaming
and cd checks or online activation through the use of cracks. 
You're going to have to re-clarify your point, you're losing me. 
non-interruptable intro movies are a massive pain in the ass and having to delete files to get around them is a slap in the face. industry-ass -> my-face 
Must be a language barrier. You cherry picked a piece of my response to the piracy vs retail image and are using it to rail against .. intro movies? 
Well, the other things you said are not quite reality so I ignored them. The one about deleting files to not be annoyed by something was left so I picked it.

Independent from this: 
"Well, the other things you said are not quite reality so I ignored them. "

Oh for FFS. Whatever man. 
Even More Abuse, So In General 
the other things I read are quite reality...

(couldn't help it) 
Let's See 
1) drive to the store
well, downloading is fine, unless you care about privacy. so, legitimate games don't offer me an option I can live with other than buying the game at a store.
legit 0:1 piracy
2) see 1)
legit 0:2 piracy
3) most games have keys that i have to type in from the box, right? Pirated games at least allow me to c&p the shit in.
legit 0:3 piracy
4) i install games not often enough to know how likely shitty setups are, but i sure remember some. Not counting this
5) DRM, Spyware, Rootkits, yeah, all there. Thank you. One could argue that you'd have to virus check pirated files, but then i could argue that a) at least i CAN find the problems with a check and b) you'd have to do that on legit media, too, (and can't if you buy in to downloads)
legit 0:4 piracy
6) yeah, unskippable logos are so fucking annoying. And no, i'm not investing my time to dig into the files of the games to disable those.
legit 0:5 piracy
7) haven't seen ingame ads yet, but there are ads for dlc everywhere these days.
legit 0:5.5 piracy
8) patches. well, sure, there's isos that are fully patched, but not before the official patch is released, and it's hard to install patches for pirated games (not the fault of the pirates though :)), so i'll count this for the legit games
legit 1:5.5 piracy

I don't really see how you can call that "total fail" ;-)

Spirit: that article is awesome! 
Good article. 
"well, downloading is fine, unless you care about privacy. so, legitimate games don't offer me an option I can live with other than buying the game at a store."

You're a freak. 
Nobody drives to the store anymore (Steam), nobody installs 6 discs anymore (digital downloads), intro movies are usually removed by a simple file renaming, ... I mean, really?

willem, you seem to have a very narrow field of view when it comes to 'nobody'. 
Order from Steam, order from Amazon, order from any game store online. I can't imagine anyone actually trekking out to the store to buy a game these days. 
Most games are still sold in stores Willem.

Having said that, if you're not ready to go to the store, or to get your game delivered online, or to buy it on steam or something, and can't be bothered to copy a serial key (oh noes!) maybe you shouldn't be playing games.

Oh, and Steam rocks. 
I don't think I've actually been out to the store to buy a game for ... a long while. Steam/Amazon/ (when there's a sale) are all I use for buying games online. I just cba to actually physically move myself to get a game when I can just buy online and download it or have it shipped to me at work. 
Mapping For Car/racing Games 
A bit of a weird question: what racing/car games have a publically available mapping/track editor? 
Trackmania Nations.
And Stunts. ;) 
There's some game coming out on PS3/PSP that's all about the track editing and car/character editing. 
I bought my copy of L4D2 in a store, just because it would be quicker to get it on my HDD than downloading it from the net :)
And the box was slightly cheaper than the steam store price. 
If its not on disk it ain't worth the risque. 
As for the RQ type dialemma - please just carry on regardless for me ;)

Dont let one opinion affect your own will. You POV is just as valid as any other **** ;) 
The Cube Is Back? 
It Talks To Me... <3 
Love is the air la la la la
Love is the air la la la la
Love is the air la la la la 
Feelin Pretty Stupid :) 
<RickyT23> do you think it would work on my level?
<RickyT23> Its a very big level
<@LordHavoc> never know until you try
<RickyT23> True
<@LordHavoc> the main feature of hmap2 -light is that it is several times faster than other light utils
<RickyT23> I will have to try
<@LordHavoc> (and accordingly has -extra8x8 to make it slow, with 64 sample antialiasing)
<RickyT23> which would probably look cool.
<@LordHavoc> since one always wants a light util to take lots of time for a final compile :P
<RickyT23> Does it output .lit files?
<@LordHavoc> ... I invented .lit :P
<RickyT23> ah

LordH is cool though, very cool, and helpful. 
<@LordHavoc> ... I invented .lit :P

something for the religion thread no? 
Let There Be .lit 
And he saw that it was 80s disco and he cried. 
Cardo Got Hired By A Game Developer 
This is what happened: 
Spy And Pyro 
That Was Awesome 
using the gravity gun to delivery a baby has me rolling =)

And the HL2 zombie at the wedding putting food into its chest!

Great work! 
Off The Wall Comment ... 
I'm making my first single player map and it won't be a masterpiece or anything.

But at the same time, I find it so weird that just because I have read a lot of threads here for so many years that I actually know far more about what I am doing that I expected.

Not just the mapping, but also the game play.

I never thought I'd make a single player map, but I got stranded in the heavy snow last week for 2 days and that was what I did to entertain myself.

I hope to finish it soon, but there might be a delay.

My angle on this isn't "making a map", I'm currently in the process of tearing the map apart and reconstructing it.

I want to see if I can shred it into prefabs and reassemble it quickly. And measure the time.

I may do this a few times to optimize the speed, and who knows ... maybe I'll rinse and repeat for a month and instead of releasing a "map", release an update a heavily upgraded Worldcraft 3.3. Quake Adapter plus an entire single player episode.

Or maybe I won't ...

Still, I'm rather shocked at how non-newbie my mapping is just because I've absorbed so much from reading this board ... 
I wouldn't be shocked if I was in your position. There's a lot of good mappers and smart people on here ;)

Good stuff tho... 
We want shots... and I want to beta test ;) 
Sounds Good 
The map lacks "detail" at the moment so I don't want to post shots, but I assure you it is a very JPL / ijed type of map, haha.

Probably more JPL-like than ijed-like. ;) 
I consider this as a compliment so ;) 
So this means we're only going to face 200 hellknights instead of 500! 
Time for the cauterizer. Or the equalizer. 
But I guess vis will take all year? 
Time For A Lunchtime Quickie!?! 
I love rogue type games, but they always take forever to play (I like to delve deep into a dungeon). Well I have found the answer to my dilemma ... lunchtime quickies! ;)

So wheel out your laptop and give it a whirl, old school gfx included. :) 
personally i like this one
pretty fast ASCII action there :) 
Aren't all roguelikes playable in 10 minute bursts? Of course death in roguelikes is final, but you can still save your progress.

In Nethack I'm pretty sure you can do a 10 or 15 minute run to Gnometown - if your character survives that, you have a good base for further exploration. Getting one guy there unharmed and finding an aligned temple will take 10 tries or so, enough for a week of lunchtimes.

Next, you can try taking that successful guy to Sokoban. If you survive that as well, you can save him as an ascension candidate - and play that during your next holiday.

I don't see the need for a roguelike that's winnable in 10 minutes myself, simply because you can set yourself equivalent goals in existing roguelikes. 
The #terrafuncites in this picture:

I can spot cardo, vondur, and pope. 
i think the beardo in the back is scampie. 
don't know why but I'm getting a strong CZG vibe from the little bald dude with the headband. 
Those Are All Awesome 
I want the last one in my bathroom :S 
Shambler And Shrooms Ftw 
disclaimer: no, I've not tried this in the real world 
Your email address is dead ("User unknown"). Please mail me! 
Ah yes, forgot to update it on my account here!
Now updated.

new address is jonmiles1 AT gmail

Sorry about that. 
Who has heard from ijed? 
I had a dream that EPICs main offices were in Finland and that I was beer drinking buddies with CliffyB and Tim Sweeney. And I was like, I want to gtfo from my job and work with you guys and they were like, OK dude.

And then I woke up. 
Fuck The What 
youre participation has led your dreams to the
ground zero of ID's restrickted license area. 
that seems so fuck to me? 
I Ment 
that doesn't seem so fuck to me? 
and no. 

let�s drink to that!!! 
how are you? Are your family and friends ok? 
Everyone Is Fine 
We didn't really have the worst of it although we were visiting family in the middle of nowhere and closer to the epicentre.

The worst was in Concepcion where a tsunami killed a few hundred people and levelled a district or two. 
Glad to hear that you & yours are fine. 
While I dislike them for numerous reasons Valve has kept a lot of game developer spirit: 
Internet Hive Brain Works 
That is amazing stuff, it is a real shame that more developers don't do events like this. It really gets everyone involved in the game, even if it is old. That BBS dialup number will be constantly ringing for weeks! :P 
I intented to add this link to the post but then I forgot: 
A RemakeQuake Test Server 
running the multiplayer demo is now up at:

Server in Europe (Germany I think).

You must have the demo content installed to play, of course.

Fitzquake can't connect to port 26001 apparently, so you need to use a netquake engine that is online-ready. I used Darkplaces.

The multiplayer types I was testing with (peg, nitro, metch and others) have said that RMQ's multiplayer is a very promising mod. It is very well liked, which surprised us a little, not least because the release is over two months old. A patch is being worked on to fix the pile of issues that cropped up, mostly things to do with bots and voting.

Come play with us! 
fitz should be able to connect and play,

you just have to type

port 26001

and then

(this is written without testing)
and it should work, unless fitz is multiplayer broken :O 
Nope, that gives me port 26000 (Runequake). Unless this is a problem with Fitzsdl but not Windows fitzquake.


If someone gets it working with Fitz, all the better - but I tried this a couple times now. 
Not Windows FitzQuake Problem 
FitzQuake 0.85 on Windows can connect via "port 26001; connect".

I just tried it.

/Odd note: I noticed that the "test" and "test2" commands have been stripped out of FitzQuake 0.85 networking code. 
I Get 
"connection accepted"... but nothing else ?
Is it working. What do i do ? 
FitzQuake Isn't NAT-fixed 
FitzQuake isn't NAT-fixed and cannot connect through a hardware firewall due to the way the Quake handshake works.

NAT-fixed client list:


NAT-fix tutorial: 
We've got an OSX quakespasm binary too. Should be up soon. 
I've misplaced my OS X DVDs and I couldn't compile your project file because SDL dev files weren't installed on my machine somehow (I've formatted it a few times by choice, not for any technical reasons but for testing).

As soon as I find them, I'll give it another try.

The NAT fix is quite trivial (one line of code) and isn't operating system specific in any way, so you could add to Quakespasm on a whim, fyi. 
Sometimes I Should Read The Post ... 
Ah, a binary! 
Bioshock Arcadia "Demake" 
Just released. JPL - not the Func one, but the lead designer of Bioshock- made a remake of his Arcadia map for Doom 2. A very nice concept map that might not work for people who haven't played the original but is definitely worth a look for those who have (and play Doom). The areas are very recognizable and even the main gameplay/story elements are there, despite all the limitations.
Interesting/realization, in my view. The author also wrote a corresponding Doom design analysis while working on this map. 
WOT !!! 
Just released. JPL - not the Func one

Impostor !!!! Identity thief !!!

(JPL=Jean-Paul LeBreton) 
Hehe :) 
Arcadia De-make 
I love the idea of demakes. There's something fantastic about bringing back modern benchmarks of quality design into an older setting. It's like travelling back to the steam-age with an iPhone in your pocket.

I can't comment on this yet because I haven't got Doom installed. Just checked and it's on steam though - might make the purchase soon. 
F-ing Macs 
and this map won't run for me on zdoom-2.0.94, zdoom-2.1.7 , and kills doomsday 1.9beta5.
Isn't there a newer Mac port? The latest source version is 2.4.1.

Try PrBoom then. 
I don't have a Mac... just venting some steam 'cos there's problems with our mac packager for quakespasm. And my r**t went north today.
... Yeah, looking forward to playing this doom map once i get on my desktop :> 
Q3style Quake Guy Pics 
I am having serious trouble finding good, preferably big images of "q3style" Quake Guy. Ie the quake guy but drawn in a modern, updated way like in Quake3 or similar.

I am sure somebody somewhere has a gazillion of images on this subject somewhere in the depths of his hard drive. I need to find this person.

Can anyone help out? The more images, the better. 
He's 'ranger' In Q3 
that might make searching a bit easier. although that said i could only find one decent linkable picture in the first few pages: 
I looked for Quake 3 Ranger and only found power rangers pics. 
First Crysis 2 Screenshots 
Yeah technically looks detailed and whatnot, but not very interesting imo. 
They love that guy in the second shot as they always use him but ... what's with the space speedo he's wearing? I can't stop looking at his package. 
No willem, that's just you ;).

Cool GFX, like the cityscape too. Need more sci-fi. 
it looks like hes waring a dune water suit with a speedo over it 
And why is he shooting at that overturned shopping cart? Everyone else is shooting to the left, but no, there must be something dangerous in between the bullet-ridden loaves of sourdough. 
Close Encounter? 
I have not been in the UK for a long time (5+ yrs) and I was wondering does the UK crowd from this board ever meet up!?! Like arrange a time in london in a pub on a weekend and insult each other face to face in real life? :P 
Where Abouts In The UK Are You Sock? 
Im in Cumbria, opposite corner of England to London. It would take be 6-7 hours to get to "a random London pub".

Come up here and we can go sheep-spotting :) 
If there is not much interest in a general get together I will travel around and just meet people individually. I am located near Guildford in Surrey at the moment. I do want to put a face to the text that is typed here, so yes RickT23, that does sounds cool :) 
Damn Typos 
I meant RickyT23, sorry. 
Hop on a plane to Finland and I will buy you a few beers :) 
Heh - Cool Man I Know A Few Good Pubs 
If you were to drive to junction 40 on the M6 you would be 2 minutes from me, literally :)

Guilford is like south west London. Ouch. That's a bit of a treck. 
Come To Chile For A Beer... 
...stay to work in an NGO! 
"OSX Quakespasm Binary" 

Do you have a link to it, I browsed around and am not seeing one? 
There's almost as many Finns frequenting this board as Brits, and we're much closer to each other. 
Popular Science Archive Online 
137 years of Popular Science online 
Vig, that doesn't really help the british people here ;) Obviously I'm up for it sock. Due to my lack of job I don't have too much cash to be travelling too far but am definitely up for a drinkie. 
and we're much closer to each other.

Yes - the British are a cold people, unlike the warm hearted Finnish. 
Mac Binary 
It's happenning. We've got it compiled and going... but are still working on the best way to distribute it with SDL & SDL_net libs and still get it to find "/id1". 
Does this Makefile.darwin work/help. 
Meh, random ldn pub is easy...

Oh yeh, I moved. Cardo, come see meh ;p 
Bioshock Arcadia Doom2 
Big sprawling map, with some entertaining fighting. As a bit of a timewaster it's ok, but I never played Bioshock. 
Php/sql Question 
What is a reasonable time a page should take to load? And are there some general tricks to reduce it apart from thinking, output buffering and using good queries?

The new Quaddicted listing currently takes about 200ms. The details page is fast, 20-40ms. Is that good? Overall hits for those pages are very low hundreds per day.

I am using sqlite3 and php. 
I Should Add 
the listing took ~30ms without the tags. Those are joined from another table. Maybe I should store them as string in the maps table too. But that sounds like more work and not too easy. 
200ms is ok really. If you want to make it faster you could try a caching reverse proxy like varnish, or shoving bits of the page in mamcache. but remember the almost fundamental truth if caching: if you cache, you will sometimes be serving out of date data - and decide if you care (i bet you don't)

Sqlite is pretty fast but doesn't cope with concurrency all that well - if the number of concurrent requests starts climbing, you might want to try postgres or mysql instead. 
200ms is not ok I think, it should be faster. If I understand correctly, the problem arises with the use of tags from another database table. You say you are joining them in - are you sure that you set all indices correctly? What kind of join do you use? Also, you should definitely consider using mysql because since SQLite is serverless, it cannot cache any data between queries. 
I'd Say 
just build some simple caching mechanism. Save the output into a file, check if the file is older than 5mins. that will protect you against /.ing as much as possible with almost no implementation overhead. 
I will not use mysql, I like the single files db with sqlite. And with a project this small it should not matter too much. The spmaps.html gets <<10000 hits per month. That's <300 per day, one all >4 minutes. :)

My query:

maps has a lot of columns. tags only
Currently the is (oops) TEXT PRIMARY KEY, tags.mapid is TEXT. I will have a INTEGER PRIMARY KEY for the (and thus use INTEGER for tags.mapid too) in the end, maybe that will help a bit (was a stupid oversight when I started tinkering).

megaman: Cheers, already created that for an old project once:

$filename = 'blah.html';
$lastupdate = filemtime($filename);
$currenttime = time();
$timesincelastupdate = $currenttime - $lastupdate;

if ($timesincelastupdate > 300) { //rerender the file }
don't forget proper headers and it might be a nice idea to put the caching check into the php start section: 
Well, you can always try "explain"ing your query, try "explain SELECT *, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT tag) AS tags FROM maps LEFT JOIN tags ON = tags.mapid GROUP BY ORDER BY", you might be able to tell if you're missing an index or something-- but it looks like sqlite gives fairly incomprehensible results for this... 
Map On The Edge Of Forever 
Screenshot :

Here is the final release of a map that some of you may have seen over the last 8 months via the mountain of screenshots I have drowned this forum in and wondered 'what is going on here!'. It has been a very long journey for me with countless builds and months of building but thanks to all my friends it has been an amazing experience. :)

As always, constructive comments are welcome and if you have the chance to record any demo's please let me know because I would love to see how you played the map. I do understand that this will not be everyone's cup of tea because it has a very strong puzzle element but take your time and try to resist the urge to noclip around the place. All the source files and a detailed explaination of the map will be released next week. The website does contain some help on how to find things if you are really stuck!

Zip File : (49Mb)
Website : 
If You Don't Want To Use An SQL Server 
then rendering static HTML files is the way to go. Is tags.mapid indexed? 
Re: Map On The Edge Of Forever 
Unlimited Detail 
Point cloud rendering. It's probably better to just wait until we have enough horse power to do real time ray tracing with nearly limitless triangles. 
I dunno that looks like a very elegant solution, at least as an alternative. I am intrigued. 
For all I know this is a marketing hoax or at least way to vague to trust. Don't you remember sparse voxel trees Carmark was talking about and with that awesome Siggraph paper? 
If it exists and is reliable then great but I'm not convinced.

But its a bit star trek - formulate a complex plan and explain it with a simplistic formula.

'It's 3d rendering but like Google.'

It's obviously a marketing video and I doubt they want to release a technical one. Will be interesting to see if this exists in 2 years - will say alot obout boasting, barriers to entry and 3d technology. 
Once we've got something real that's better than polygons I won't shed a tear at their departure.

But a fuzzy YouTube video isn't exactly conclusive evidence. 
I've seen a lot of points that seem to miss the entire reason the video was made (imo) - it is pretty much a marketing video these guys did to drum up interest. You can't get the funds you need to do the research to finish the project without interest. And besides it was 8 minutes long and tried to cram in a bunch of different things on top of explaining the IDEA behind the technology, not the entire scheme of operations.

Also, this: (unrelated) 
Quake 1 DM Server Questions 
I 'm going to setup a quake 1 DM server probably using proquake and was wondering what the bandwidth usage would be like? my current connection is a 12mbit down 2mbit up. Also what levels would you guys like to see on the server. 
those assholes would've impressed me a lot more if they didn't spend most of that video explaining what polygons are, as if anyone who gives a shit didn't already know all that. Good way to use up time so you don't have to explain your idea though.

Also, they did a good job showing how much polygons suck, using footage from many graphically advanced N64 games.

I also lose faith in a company like that that doesn't have the judgement to hire one fucking artist. Presentation might be kinda important in this case, who knows. 
Go back to making happy demons starbuck

I Just Really Love Ranting 
be sure to read that in Hunter S. Thompson's voice. Thanks. 
actually, i totally agree with starbuck. the whole video was more about why polygons suck than what the new tech will mean beyond 'unlimited detail'.
and if you want to impress people with your graphical engine, it probably helps to have people who know how to create graphical content.
it's such a cop-out to say 'this would look better if we had hired a real artist to do it.' well then, why didn't you? 
It also would have looked better if it were trying to show off the art instead of the technical specs and what it was trying to do ... and also if it were complete and built off of tens of years of research with an entire industry and competition fueling said research ... 
well if it was trying to show off the technical specs, then it didn't do a great job, come on.

I'm far from the most knowledgable up-to-date dude when it comes to this stuff, but in the course of my comp sci degree, I studied search engine indexing, wrote a voxel renderer, and performed many other arbitrary tasks. I would have loved to hear more details, but that video was truly uninformative, as well as slightly condescending and bitter to boot.

You said before it's a marketing video - my point was that I question their judgement if they don't realise that it's a visual medium and it might be a good idea to make it look not shit. For marketing purposes.

New technologies/breakthroughs are awesome of course, and I hope this is as cool as they promise! Like you said though, the current rendering systems are complete and built off of tens of years of research with an entire industry and competition fueling said research, and that means it's pretty damn hard even for superior technologies to get traction. 
N64 Games? 
I thought that was crysis they were showing the polygons of? 
There was another earthquake today - 7.2 Richter and then aftershocks from that all day.

Was reported as a aftershock of the bigger one first, but its apparently not. Nothing fell down, but f-ing hell, give it a rest. 
By my standards it is just a tremor though.

Earthquake = shit falls down
Tremer = shit stays up 
Earthquake = Charleton Heston
Tremor = Kevin Bacon 
kevin bacon reminds me of john carmack 
john carmack reminds me of quake 
Is there a reliable way to convert hexen2: Portal of Praevus models to Quake .mdl?

A way that preferably works in wine or even Linux?

A way that doesn't require me emailing some hexen2 devs or installing Windows 95? 
What's The PoP File Format? 
.mdl, but apparently still another version from vanilla Hexen2. 
Put One In Testing And I'll Take A Look 
Can't promise anything though. 
If you can run qme 3.1 (crashes for me), it might just work. Will put one up. 
Hi Ijed, Hi Gb! 
during my model conversion binge a little while ago, i was trying to convert models from h2:pop. i believe i used quark5. 
so i've been working on this map, let's call it Schmoobicon 2, and i went over the marksurfaces limit in the process of adding the final section. So, i decided to break off the last 1/4 and build a second map around it. Now i'm nearing completion of this new map, but it's already at 30k marksurfaces and i still have two major sections to add. So now I guess i either make those two parts really simple (which may adversely affect pacing) or i somehow figure out how to break apart this map into a bunch of pieces and re-assemble them to make two smaller levels, for a total of 3 :P

How Long 
has that map been in progress for now? 
If Your Counting In Ice Ages 
Re 18234 
story of my life :P

just hope yours doesn't end like mine did: back up those maps. o.o 
Has anyone ever tried applying scale2x to Quake textures? I wonder how it would look like. 
Not Worth It 
I manually scaled some textures and it gives the game a celshared cartoon look. 
Just release it with some limits broken :) Go Fitzquake 0.85!!!

Or try and save some Marksurfaces buy making some details into func_illusionaries or Func_walls....... 
i dragged some sections around, and managed to make a smaller layout that makes sense and has good pacing. I still need to add some glue between sections and add the exit room, hopefully i can do that with my remaining 2000 marksurfaces :) 
I've been busy too. Please beta-test and break

Things I know: "requirements" are missing (easy). The title is not set properly yet (that's gonna be annoying to fix). Too many tags break the listing (and I have no idea for a good fix. The tags are already a single string with no weight at that point...).

Comments by registered authors should be linked to their user page ( )

To post user ratings you need javascript, everything else should do fine without.

If it is broken in IE, I do not care. If you provide a straightforward fix I will happily use it though. 
all things will be reset once it is done 
Spirit time is a bitch :\

But finaly I�ve been mapping at least 30 minutes everyday of week 
Awesome! Really like it. What sort of feedback are you looking for? Couple if suggestions:

I found that if you click author names with spaces, it converts them to %20s, so you don't get any results. That might be taking me back to the old page though.

I think it'd be nice to have the tags clickable, either it adds it to your search or replaces the search text.

Also, maybe allow searching only tag keywords by using the # character? #test #tag #czgisgay etc.

Is there any easy way to search by rating? Copying and pasting <3 characters works :)
Maybe searching by excellent/poor/etc?

Generally really like it though, useful stuff. 
Already can, it does ascending / descneding if you click on the column header. That could be more obvious - a greyed out arrow next to each on one something. 
Any feedback is great.

spaces in author names and the rating filtering (oh, doh, I really did not think that through) are both Javascript issues. I will struggle a lot with them. Anyone good with js here? The js I use is spanish...

Tags will be clickable on the map details page. I'll have a tag cloud page too to lead to a list with only the clicked tag. I will invest more work if tags are well used some day.

The long listing will be able to show only maps with certain tags and only maps you did/didn't rate or comment on. Probably not driven by js though. 
I think JavaScript generally expects spaces to be escaped by a plus sign (+). 
are quite useless 
30 minute speedmap? 
I just started a speedmap. 
not escaped - encoded 
They are nice to browse around and get ideas. I meant a full list of all existing tags actually, not just "popular" ones. 
Drew 30 minutes is what I have from monday to friday everyday at the moments is nothing in mapping time because i�m as brilliant as you guys are...

I take to many time to make some brushes :|

And I rather use this minutes to finish my map that is in progress since January 2009 and only have 1171 brushes :( 
i remember doing one in 10 mins once. timed on a stopwatch (think it actually came to 10:47, but close enough). christ remembers which pack it ended up in but it got onto SDA somehow :D

it was with qED as well, remade in WC it would probably take half that time... 
I Wasn't Able To Do It 
But I remember Xen did an awesome 30 min speedmap once.

His SM's near the end were amazing. 
yeah whatever happened to him... 
Think scampie pissed him off and he left. 
That sucks. Especially since Scampie has pretty much left too. 
Game Reviews

This is how you are supposed to do it. 
Haha Awesome 
Truth be told, that game does look pretty badass. And Zero Punctuation has been getting pretty stale lately, it was past due for someone else to take up the snarky video game reviewing mantle. 
I like that review :-) 
Just Cause 2 
After reading someone's recommendation (think it was Metl), I gave it the demo a go on the PS3 and I liked it. Gonna try the PC demo on steam too to see if the controls are better so I can make up my mind what platform it makes sense to get for. 
That review delivery was so slow and stilted, I only lasted halfway... 
Yhatzees AvP Review Was Priceless Anyway 
Much more like it. Who said he was getting stale?? 
That other review is US american, Zero Punctuation is british. Hmm... 
That Other Review 
wasn't even worth pausing my music. Not to speak of my wasted time. Not funny. 
The guy forgot to bring the funny. 
TFT Screen 
The time to get a TFT is finally here. Going for a 19" one (everything above is too large for my needs, or is it?). What can you tell me about widescreen displays? Seems weird for a computer monitor. How does one work in games - is the display streched? Any real benefit? 
Why on earth would you want to map on a small 19" when you can map on a 22-24" on a MUCH larger resolution? 
I Have A 22" LG

and i'm pretty much satisfied with it, even though I found the colours too intensive at first and calibration was a bitch. Now that i'm used to it, it seems that even if it is wrong (which i don't really know), it's not problematic. Nothing occurs to me as wrong, and i have a crt next to it. it looks different and less intense, but the samsung looks better now.

Gaming is fine unless you're really hardcore gamer and even then you can get used to it.

i'd also agree that larger is better, unless you're desk is in a really, really confined space 
That Is 
the crt looks different and less intense. 
Yes, finally not more nagging about wrong screenshot brightness!

I have a LG Flatron L227WTP and love it. A bit too bright for working so I reduce gamma a bit. 
Haha, High-five Megaman 
What did you calibrate? Do you use sRGB? 
Yeah... I Need A Flat Panel Too 
So sick of being blasted by electron guns.

Here's a question... for gaming and mapping, 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

Also, are there good panels that have component or composite inputs? I would want to plug my game system (PS2 currently) into this. 
I run a 24" Acer at 1920x1080 (16:9) and it works great. I also have a 23" tv with enough separate inputs for my Wii, PS2 and Xbox so I never have to unplug any of them. I just switch modes and there ya go. 
Switched from an old 17" flat screen with three colors to an HP LP2475W 24" monitor, and loving it. Component, HDMI, display port, composite and DVI inputs, great adjustability and viewing angles, and works as a USB hub. 
i'd go with 16:10.

the popular ones are both 16:10: 1680x1200 and 1440x900. the gigantor 1920x1200 is also 16:10.

besides, if you watch a video that's in 16:9 in a 16:10 monitor, it's the same size. ^_^ 
i had a 16:10 19x12 and now im 16x9 1080p

The 16:10 definately felt better. 16:9 is too wide and not high enough.

My freind just got a 22inch ASUS from the same range as my 24inch ASUS and his is 16:10, mine 16:9, and they feel the same size. What you gain in width from 22inch 16:10 to 24inch 16:9 you loose in height.

Also a 22" 16:10 is likely to be cheaper than a 24" 16:9, but really I would rather have the former.

What i really want is a 24" 16:10 again, but if i decided to upgrade now I would get a 26" :D 
The reason I'm aiming for such a small screen is that I sit very close to it (not much space on the table) and want to be able to keep it in full view without having to move my head/eyes too much. In this sense, 22 or 24" must be like sitting in the front row in a cinema. Or so I presume. 
That Just 
made me want to go and try WoW. Im a WoW virgin.

But yeah - she was pretty good looking 8-P 
No No No 
WoW is for virgins. 
I spose there's not many people on those icebergs. 
Sorry Master 
Sorry Ijed - no time for RemakeQuake for the next 10'000 hours, I have to play World of Warcraft so we can save teh world!!! 
Think Of Your Girlfriend, And Your Dog 
holy shit chapter 5 looks amazing 
David Byrne On Collaboration 
Interesting blog entry by David Byrne about collaboration and his creative process. Some of this stuff is pretty applicable to level design, too: 
holy shit!

he should get a house cleaner... 
@metlslime, yeah was an interesting blog about the benefits of collaboration. I personally find that developing ideas by yourself is ok but working with others will help create something more diverse.

I have done a couple of map collaborations and they have always produced better results than something I could of done by myself. I think collaboration is about finding someone who is not totally attached to their own ideas and flexible enough to change things around. 
yeah, one of the things Byrne says that i think is key is, when you collaborate with someone (especially if you are helping them on their project), try to help them achieve their vision rather than steering it towards your own, different vision.

I also liked, near the end, where he describes how lyrics can take a song that is somewhat non-specific or ambiguous, and make it too specific and remove the ability for people to fit it into their own imaginations.

I think that's one good way of thinking level design -- good Quake levels are songs without lyrics. Levels with too many "lyrics" become too mundane, too understandable. 
In many cases is necessary. Beta-testing, for instance, could be viewed as a type of collaboration. And, ultimately, it is what helps an artist/creator/designer get a product out the door.

I have often wondered if I would be successful getting more Quake-stuff out the door if I collaborated with others in this community. I mean, I can put brushes together, and I can texture, but I just can't seem to finish anything other than a speedmap.

The funny thing is, I have never offered to collaborate with anyone and nobody has ever taken me up on it ;) 
with another mapper would probably require a different attitude/approach to mapping altogether for me. I am simply just really really slow at making any changes to a map. Turtlemap doesn't really even begin to define it. Quite obviously anyone working with me would lose their patience. 
Yes. You still need to bounce e1m2rmx back to me! (I'm kidding, I remember you quit.) 
Epic Win 
I'm not sure what's so epic win about that. Please explain plz. 
Its not for everyone I suppose, but I found it rather hilarious and quite fun. 
It looks like a TF2-Trine. 

Who was it that was looking for a better Quakeguy model for a mod or something?

Also /#this is probably quite cool, maybe, because IMOP the FEAR combat is prety good :) 
Not exactly sure how it's hilarious but those environments are outstanding! Really impressive, especially Egypt and Canada. 
Lcd Panel Display Tech - TN Vs VA Vs IPS 
I'm driving myself a little batty reading nitpicking reviews on Hardforum and such. Here's what I've learned:

(thanks to the anandtech lcd thread):

TN: cheap, low latency, but poor viewing angles and bad oversaturated color reproduction
VA: mid-price, good viewing angles and colors, but high latency
IPS: expensive, best viewing angles and colors, decent latency

I'm curious what display type you guys have, and if you are happy with it. I'm not worried about a little input lag as I don't do a lot of twitch gaming these days, but oversaturated colors on cheap TN panels does concern me. Right now I'm leaning towards Dell's IPS monitors: the 2209WA and U2410 (btw the u2410 panel apparently has the same screen as the HP lp2475w). I'm kinda lusting after the 2410, but I could almost buy two 22 inchers for the same price...

They're probably all damn good monitors... but people bitching about ghosting, backlight bleeding, and left-right tinting has got me a little on tilt. 
well grahf, my tft is going on 2 years old now, and I picked it up brand new for just under �100 so its nothing special.

its a LG Flatron L192WS 19" widescreen, native resolution is 1440x900, 6ms response time if I remember correctly, and its great! No ghosting, good colours, viewing angle is fine for my tastes, if im using the pc im usually staring straight at the monitor anyway :)

Honestly, a higher native resolution would have been better, but I think the screen size would have to be higher for that, but as it stands it was a cheap tft with no bells and whistles and its the best monitor Ive ever had, trumping all my old crt's!

Not sure if that helps you... 

Says there its a TN. But honestly the colours seem fine to me :P its got plenty of onboard brightness/contrast/gamma etc correction but Ive never felt I had to use them. 
It Does Help 
Thanks for the reality check. 
I Think It Depends How Picky You Are 
I bought a BenQ G2220HD recently for almost nothing. My first "real" (i.e. non-laptop) monitor for years, and I think it's great. Given how much it cost, I'm sure it's a TN screen, but it's fine to me.

Get to a computer store and stare at some monitors for real? 
Get to a computer store and stare at some monitors for real?

OMG go outside? You've lost your marbles man!

I must say that reading good reviews saves you the job of having to go to a store.

My father dragged me to PCWorld tday so that we could get him a webcam and mic for Skype. He is also talking about replacing his laptop and because he has to use it to show his clients various data on a 1 to 1 basis he requires a screen with a good picture and good viewing angle.

I refuse to buy any computers from PCWorld because mainly of their shoddy OEMs systems full of crapware and often overpriced systems.
Buying computers online is the way to go for sure, you get a better choice of systems with better prices.
Laptops are a bit of a funny one though because they are generally made by Del or HP or whoever as a single unit, with very little customisability, so you are kinda at their peril really.
So for my dad to be able too see the screen, next to a bunch of other screens and figure out which one has the best picture being physically in a shop is the only way to do that.

But I wouls still go and try to buy the same model online for less � :D 
You Can 
Customise your laptop with online Dell though. 
I Use,29/#partner:50404

And I'm happy. I'm not a monitor expert anyway. I guess it's better than what I had before. 
And pay for the privelege 
Fuck "Dell" 
Crap crap crap :/

And if its not crap its overpriced. 
I Didn't Say *buy* A Monitor From A Store... 
... just look at it. 
Nintendo 3DS 
is that like virtual boy? 
Ricky, I got my last laptop from - it was a reduced-price end-of-line job but I paid about �550 for a 18.6" beast that wasn't available for less than �750 online. So you can still get a bargain in-store now and then. 
anyone interested in collaborating on/tinkering with a map? I've got a bunch of partially finished maps, with architecture and some lighting, but layout not yet complete and gameplay stuff not yet added, and I'd appreciate an alternate take on how to connect stuff/what style to develop further with details etc. 
Sure, but I don't have a computer. Also, what map editor are you using? Do you have pics? 
lol at "I don't have a computer"

I know what you mean but it's still funny

Hammer, but the files can be converted to the more general .map and the textures will still be aligned. I'll get together some pics to show the (general/underdeveloped) styles of the maps. 
I never left something unfinished even if dont look as I espected...

But some suck when I release then :|

I still noob but I love myself and negke loves me to! 
Well I should have a functioning computer tonight I hope, since the last few parts I need to replace my dead system should arrive today. Then all I would need to do is install everything tonight and get everything up and running. 
How About A 3-way? 
My computer works and I wouldn't mind trying some collaboration.

Maybe it will even help Zwiffle forgive me for never working on that QExpo chainmap ever again ;) 
best func message header ever

k, it'll take me a couple days to get my shit together but I'll send you something by the end of this weekend.

PS I'm willing to work on something in return 
Fucking hell I'm so happy to have my computer back. 
You Have Your Computer Back? 
make a speedmap! 
Try Not To Burn It Out On 
Scat pr0n. 
I dont have Quake on here though. 
But I'm copying it over from my old drive. My Quake directory is only 5.24 GB :( I feel so small. 
You Felt Small The Other Night, Too. 
Current Excuse 
I've got windows vista and triple monitors, and a laptop... I have my old computer, which is still faster/better for testing stuff, but it's not set up atm... I edit on this computer, then compile on both, then test on the other (and no I don't have any money to buy a new real computer). I've so far been unable to screen capture on windows vista with this setup. On the other hand I am getting together wads/maps/rmfs to put in a zip - should be next day or two. 
That must be one gargantuan zip file.

Or you're lazy. 
yellow health! look out!

awesome link, this is totally the future too btw lol, though existenZ totally had this idea down 10 years ago, and some literary scifi probably had it down 10 years before that. 
50% Off All Quake Games On Steam

I suppose we all already own all the Quake games, but if you don't want to spend $10... spend $5 instead! 
excluding the soundtracks 
Is This The Offer... 
...that makes Quaek fun?? 
One Fiddy For The Mission Packs? 
tempted.. i've only actually played SoA out of the four, and have in fact lost SoA.

i may invest considering it's roughly the price of a footlong sub meal deal for the lot 
Randy Pausch Last Lecture

I found this lecture video pretty fascinating/entertaining and it's also closely related to game development (VR). It's pretty long (being a lecture), but at least watch the first 5 minutes or so before you make up your mind. 
Mid Week Uglyness 
Very strange, the Q1 from steam only works in fugly software render mode on my xp system. I like Q1 but it does look horrible. Not sure why, the glquake does not work, oh well. 
Fitzquake Then 
I found standard Glquake doesn't work on Win7. BJP's enhanced version does, though. 
Oh, Xp 
If there's a glide.dll (or was it opengl.dll) in your Quake directory, then delete it and see if Glquake works. Then use Fitzquake anyway. 
No Opengl Dll's 
are present in the steam Q1 directory. (only sysinv.dll, wdir16.dll, wdir32.dll)I tried Fitz and that does not start either. It seems like the glquake part is broken, very strange for a steam app and disappointing. :( 
Try The Glquake From: 
I Remember Having These Issues When I Redownloaded Quake From Steam 
I think I just made fitz my default engine choice for it... put the short cut on the desktop... 
The Art Of Games 
Re Steam Quake 
I haven't had any trouble with fitzquake085 running from Steam's quake directory, but maybe try creating a fresh quake directory with just fitzquake085.exe and a fresh id1 directory with the pak0.pak and pak1.pak files copied over from Steam.

If that doesn't work something really strange is going on.. the pak files from Steam should be the same as the originals AFAIK. 
Sadly it is the yellow bastard child Quake 2 but check it out:
Quake 2 in Javascript and WebGL. 
Built fine but I guess it is working for mac fags only. Even installed Chromium and Chrome with no luck (yes, I saw the commandline switches). 
Saw that too, pretty interesting. I didn't know that WebGL was this advanced already. 
Re: Randy Pausch Last Lecture 
not very interesting (or funny) imho. 
Sock's Adventures In Q1SP 
Interesting stuff!! 
GOG has some special offers for spring:

If you buy games from GOG you actually own them. No DRM whatsoever.
Also you get manuals, images, gimmicks.

$3 for Fallout is so cheap that I actually consider it more convenient than plugging in my USB CD drive. 
Both Starkmon and APSP2 are at the top of the news thread again! 
diging old awesome graveyards

it'll be a few weeks at least before I have time, and even then I might have no time until like, July, but...

I'm curious if anyone's interested in the idea of a britney spears of Q1SP 2010. lol. What I mean is, we all have our dream ideas of if W mapper and X mapper and Y mod guy worked together using Z textures and etc... but what if we actually all got together one weekend (maybe I'm getting too much into this speedmapping thing which I never even touched before) and held a nomination and vote, each of us being willing to be voter or participant.

anyway like I said gimme a while but I personally think this could be interesting. 
my time is smaller everyday :! kids and work but i�m always up for some mapping...

Sock I know i�m not a good mapper like others but if you want t try one of mines try tchak 
I would participate, I'm a big fan of chain maps anyway, even if they almost never work out. The last chain map I can remember that was actually finished was ... Rubicondom I think? Way back when RPG still fiddled with map editors? 
Why Did Speeds Become Gone Again? 
Who was he pissed at? 
Re: Sock's Adventures In Q1SP 
The Martin Luther of Quake? Can't await the posting of his 95 theses at the castle church of Celephais... 
I think spd just got tired of mapping for quake, don't think he was pissed at anyone really. 
spd was spied by speeds, so he became suspicious who was spy.
He started a small investigation to follow speeds actions closly.
When finally his search was close to spy's tail, he nailed speeds for nicknaming spy.
So when speeds turned up again, he found spd gone.

When I ran to Lun I remembered the last dialogue I read spy could suggesting to be speeds, although I can hardly believe that if
spy would be speeds, why did speeds ever start becomming again, I mean, up or gone.
I won't be trying in the slightest way to interfere in this case, but

speeds....turn up! 
2 More Reviews 
RPGSP1 : Penile Devastation

With a title like that, it is hard not to be curious about what the level is going look like. I remember this map title from years ago but for some reason I could not find a news thread about it anymore.

It is a short level with some typical game play styles of room, door, mob, weapons, spawn more mobs. A stable setup for Q1 AI and fine for something that is probably 5-10mins of gameplay. The final room has the classic raining AI dance but this time they appear from wind tunnels with a couple of sneaky one's from behind.

What I found most interesting was the secrets, how they were about texture differences with rotated surfaces and alternative versions. It felt like a spot the difference competition! The secrets are cool but not necessary for completing the map on lower skill levels. The special room secret was the reason I wanted to download this map and see what it was all about! :P

RUBICON : Rubicon

A classic from the good old days when Q1 was really popular and everyone was going crazy creating new content. Again I cannot find any news about it here, it seems that Func_msg is just not that old! :P

This is probably a first, I completed the map on all 3 skill levels and did not find it crazy hard. Maybe I am use to the newer stuff but it does have a really nice Q1 vibe for skill balance. Probably the greatest appeal for me is how the variety of monsters is restrained and it is a base map with humanoid AI classes. (which actually makes sense for the location)

The extra map eagle is just strange but I assume this is because it is a tribute map to something but I am not familiar with it. The combat was frantic and I just kept running out of ammo but it was interesting with the series of cube rooms and AI loadouts.

Overall I liked the skill balance and the textures were cool. The architecture was very Q1 like but the map is over 10 years old so all is forgiven. 
Rubicon was made by Metslime - the owner of this board and FitzQuake.

The eagle map is based off of the original Zelda game's first dungeon. 
Yeah I know Metslime did that map, I just heard people here talk about it and the second one a couple of times. I also found Metslime's website with all his work and stuff on it, very cool link :)

I read in the readme file about the eagle map but I never played Zelda so it was completely lost on me the dimensions and style. The core ruby map was cool, really enjoyed it. (probably because I did not die alot) 
but I never played Zelda


You've at least played Ocarina of Time right? 
Wonder what would you think of my maps:

SP map thread:

DM map thread:

You will probably rip on the gameplay of the SP map, but I am curious of what you think of the visuals. The SP map was done first and some time later, I refined and polished it into the DM version (with lots of feedback and help from Bambuz). 
Yep I can look at the SP for you and I give it a go. The DM would just be imagining what combat would be like, flow and visuals feedback only. I dare not go on online with Q1, I just hear horror stories of noobs like me being shredded :( 
Go play gmsp3. 
You May Find This Useful Sock 
This Was Supposed To Be In That Post Too 
not sure, but i don't think the rating works? when i click the hearts, nothing happens. :P
this is on firefox, 3.6.3. i have java script enabled for quaddicted. 
You Are Logged In, Right? 
That's really weird. scar3crow ran into a similar issue. I'll have to take a look but I am not sure how. Maybe webserver logs will be able to tell me something. I definitely need to make the rating work without Javascript too. 
Not Working For Me Either 
Chrome 4.0, JS enabled 
Ooh, stupid stupid bug. Should be fixed. Thanks!

Good thing I added at least some meaningful error messages... 
in case you're curious, here's the original map that Eagle was based on:

You can see i did a pretty literal translation, the floor plans are identical, and the monsters are replaced 1-for-1 with quake monsters (bats become scrags, gels become spawn, skeletons become knights, etc.) Key placement is identical, and the other special items are replaced with quake weapons, but the placement is the same. The secret spots where you can bomb a hole in the wall are recreated (rockets or quad shotgun required to break them), the fact that if you attack the friendly guy his torches will retaliate is recreated, about the only thing i didn't recreate is the statues -- at the time neither me nor my level editor (qED) were up to the task of creating nice looking statues out of brushes. 
so some people were asking what happened to Kinn?

And I thought - what happened to Tyrann? What happened to his 99% done base map?

What happened to Than? What happened to his 90% done knave map?

I feel like Than will eventually gravitate back and finish his up... but does anyone know what's happened to Tyrann?

Any other mappers I'm missing?

I think CZG is slowly working on something... 
What happened to Biff and MYRMIDON? 
didn't Myrmidion transmogrify into Fort Ratsack?

or was that a totally different thing?

But yeah - where is he? 
I Guess... 
... they found other prioritie in life but Quake mapping. Real life eat them for sure. 
As always... and they are doing the correct action!

Life is to short to waste in a editor... I map few because I don�t waste a single minute of my life at home with mapping I rather waste it with my family.

But I respect who does everyone should do what they want with there life�s, I personally when I�m at home I prefer to do other things...

And after some comments on tchak I also lost some interest in mapping, so in these days I map less and less everyday, people don�t give a shit anyways so fuck it... If I ever finish anything else I will release then in here... someday far :) but I didn�t quit.

Also I still love to play Quake, and I will still playing for a long time I think. 
Wow. That's a lot of baggage to unload without provocation. Are you sure you're happy, man? :) 
Willem not my intension to provoke anyone is just my way of seeing things...

Yes I�m happy :) but in my age I�ve so to many things to do that isn�t enough time to mapping out of office just that...

At least at work lunch gives me sometimes 30 minutes or 60 to make something... 
@Spirit, I tried gmsp3 and did not like it. Visually it looks nice but I thought the gameplay was not much fun.

@Trinca, it sounds like you are mapping for other peoples approval and that will always end in you being disappointed. There will always be people who don't like your work and often be quiet vocal about it. If you release something for peer approval you have to accept all feedback regardless if you agree with it or not. 
I use to Sock, not anymore now just for fun... but made me stop for 8 month :| 
And after some comments on tchak I also lost some interest in mapping

i went to check the thread to see what you meant, but am quite confused. almost every review seems to lavish it with praise. what was it in particular?

i haven't played the map actually, will check it out. hard to keep track of all the latest releases without a central review site anymore like UWF's site (or going back a bit further, TSQLR). i know all of them end up on quaddicted somehow but it just isn't the same... 
I guess it didn't get enough praise ;) 
chif chif was evil Spirit that I love so much and I still do :(

these evil Germans :/ 
that reminds me I still have to sent him a bottle of wine... him and Vondur :| fuck I must go to the mail to find out the cost!!! 
Oh Trinca! 
importing the old comments I noticed a problem: How do you properly treat linebreaks for comments and such? I stored with as I got them without realising that they would not be shown by the browser. Should I change them to \r\n before storing? Or should I render them when outputting (how can I detect them in PHP)? 
when i leave a comment or rate a map, is it supposed to bring me to a debug page that just says 'comment added'? is that because it's still in testing? 
That is there because I do not really know how to nicely return to the previous site. 
haha ok, i'll just open up pages in a new tab so i don't loose where i am. ;) 
Has some new-ish Quake stuff on his site (if you are interested): 
What Happened To SDA? 
their news page seems to have gone silent... seems like they used to update at least once every week or two. 
nakaaaaairrrr is busy with school the others no idear...

But i miss a tournement :| 
hardly any demos getting made :/

not much energy in the community lately, it's kinda sad 
the quality of you guys push to this :)

how do I for exemple noob can beat any of the times you guys make?

Impossible... I dont get even close to then! 
I use nl2br for the linebreaks. Commenting now takes you to the map page again and logging in directs you to your user page (best solution at the moment).

Since making a full-blown search function is way outside my league at the moment some recommendations on server-side filters for the listing would be nice. Since I write these things in the most ugly ways I will only implement things that are not easily done with the javascript filter.

Show only:
-maps/"mods"/speedmapping stuff
-rated x and above
-user rated x and above

PS: I know that I have to implement a fair algorithm to sort user ratings. But really scares me though. 
Quaddicted is getting better and better everday is basicaly the only resort of quake but it ROCKZZZ like any other did!

Thanks Spirit and helpers! 
Yeah Quaddicted is pretty solid, props for all the effort put into it. 
To take users back to where they were after logging them in, store the referrer in a hidden field in the login form, then redirect back to that. It may be necessary to encode and / or decode the referrer, I don't quite remember. 
I have FF set to not send the referrer, IIRC. Would that still work then? 
Not sure if I will do it though. 
Question While On The Topic Of Webmastering 
Who is a good provider which allows me to use FORMMAIL with a cgi-bin folder accessible by the person who is the site owner?
Cause I must be thick cause I couldnt get it to work on my domain.....


On the lighter side Stallman has a say. 
distrans released Grendel's Keep. The zip seems not 100% fine though so I did not post news yet: 
Distrans = Win 
Zip works fine for me. 
I Dig The Look Of Those Screenies 
Grendel's Keep... 
someone post in func please?

Distrans rocksssss this is pure class!!!

First run will come soon! 
interesting choice of textures! Obtex and idMetal. Lol - seems to work well though 
> Distrans = Win

this. I'll play this. 
Distrans always impresses me with his texture choices. 
that was one good looking map!

fuck, i forgot to do a demo. 
Whay Does This "review" Make Me Want To Play GoW3? 
You've never played God of War? It's one of my favorite game series of all time ... get it! And you don't need to play them in any particular order other than you'll get a few references thrown around here and there to past deeds but nothing really all that important. 
God of War is a strategy game right? 
Don't Be Stupid 
It's a puzzle game. 
It's a STFU game. New genre. 
Yeiii Ijed and Willen thanks for your sympathy

I dont like you girls anymore :(

I will find other bitches! 
Trinca, you meant Dawn of War. God of War is some hack'n'slash I think. Those titles are generic idiocy. Gears of Duty, Call of War, Dawn of Honor, Blah of Stupid. 
Ahhh someone kind enought to make me the draw :=) thanks Spirit! 
18428: Lmao 
i played god of war 2 i think (or maybe 1) on the psp. it wasn't very good.
i suppose playing it on a large screen tv where you can be awed by the visuals will keep you interested, but on a tiny psp screen, that aspect of the game is lost and you're left with some jumping and repetitive attacks. 
God Of War 
played it shortly once on a friend's pc. Loads of fun I thought. 
"played it shortly once on a friend's pc. Loads of fun I thought."

I don't think God of War was ever released on PC was it? 
I don't think so.

can't imagine it on a keyboard either. 
typo, meant ps3. 
I`m having a little trouble with Nehahra, I downloaded from quaddicted and copied over all the files but when I run nehahra.exe it says.. GL_Upload8_EXT: too big. It appears to be on the taskbar but when I click it, it is just a black screen. Has anyone had similar problem or know of a solution? 
this updated neh engine:

not guaranteeing it will work but it's worth a shot; runs much smoother than the original and presumably fixes bugs & stuff too 
What do I do with the files, seem to be .c and .h. I put the glquake and overwrote it in quake directory and it loads nehahra but instantly minimises, when I click the taskbar it comes up briefly and I hear the sound of the demo running. I have the same problem with quake2 which only works software render. I'm thinking it could possibly be nvidia drivers. Also I tried Nehahra.exe and the glquake.exe in XPSP2 compatibility mode and got a different error.. W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad. 
W_LoadWadFile: couldn't load gfx.wad

This usually indicates the executable is running with the wrong working directory, i.e:

c:\> quake/quake.exe

The fix is:

c:\> cd quake
c:\quake\> quake.exe
Regular Quake 
Everything was working fine, I've been playing travail and alot of other maps with fitzquake085 and darkplaces with no problem at all. I copied the files from the repacked nehahra over at quaddicted, was a few .exes and a folder called nehahra straight to the quake directory. That gave the errors as above and I've just realised the same thing is happening to both fitz and dp now. I think I've probably messed something up.

I've uploaded a printscreen of the folders incase there is something obvious. 
.c / .h 
are just compiler source files, surprised they were all bunged in the zip like that.

one other thing; if you don't have the nehahra movie installed then there's an extra pak file you have to unzip in order for the game to run. have a look in the nehahra dir for a textfile called 'Important_README!.txt' for more details. you may have done this already but didn't mention it :) and i remember mindcrime saying loads of people ran into problems by missing that part out! 
..that doesn't explain fitz & dp not working. but it possibly explains the gfx.wad error so try compatibility mode again afterwards... 
The pak0(fake) was included in the repacked nehahra by spirit. It doesn't have that particular readme with it, I believe it's all presorted. Fitzquake seems to be working again except it seems to be running at least twice as fast as it should be. Tnx for trying but quake has beaten me for tonight, I must get some sleep. 
This Is Funny:

Talking about people working in sweatshop-style conditions making XBox360 controllers and Microsoft mice. The funny part is the comments left by the viewers. 
> an independent auditor has been inspecting the KYE factory annually

Capitalist assholes. 
When you say 'funny part' you mean incredibly despressing view of the average western opinion?

Altho I did like the person who claimed China was communist, that amused me. 
There was some guy going "Well they cant have been working that hard 'cause I still get RROD on my controller"" and stuff like that. Is just so very ignorant that its funny. 
Weird Question 
anyone have a prefab of a helicopter, spaceship, aircraft, that kinda thing? 
jpl probably? he had those tanks in driant and iirc, there were planes in cmc. 
... I don't have any helicopter in my prefab list... though... I have to check... 
Spaceships: sm124, sm158c 
I checked what I have in term of prefab... and I found an "old" zip archive I never opened... There are inside several plane/helicopter models.. I think it would require some retexturing effort..
If you are still interested let me know ;) 
Go With 
the negke space ship! it's awesome. actually would make a great start ala prodigy xl 
at least I've always thought that. 
yeah, JPL, and anyone else who has such a thing, plz email zip to, unless its like 4-5MB or more in which case I'd have to download it from somewhere. 
tronyn download airquake, has excellent models of different kinds of tanks and aircrafts 
Chif Poor Sock Had A Quake Overdose! 
Details for user 'sock'

Last Login: 2010-04-09 07:05:14

hopelly will return soon! 
yeah, i've been wondering about his absence. ^_^ 
you have mail ;) 
thanks man
you're right that some retexturing might be required but these are great, really creative. Some totally unexpected ones in there like the bushplane with pontoons. 
I Vote For Bomb The Volcano Back To The Stoneage! 
@Trinca + Necros
I have not OD on Q1SP, I just cannot get to my PC at the moment. I am stuck waiting for flights to get home while dumb volcano smoke owns Europe! 
yikes, didn't realize you were traveling. hopefully you will be in the air soon... just hope that other volcano doesn't go off. :S
good luck, dude. 
Me and plains are not good friends!!!

I love cars! 
I Like Turtles! 
I Have An Occassional Soft Spot 
For binge drinking. 
Happy 420 
There's A Motherfucking Trinca On This Motherfucking Plain! 
megaman how did you know I�ve born in Africa?

What's your email !!!
or catch your Qoole plane : 
I Ment 
it's the same one I send JPL, who just forgot after chunking me in Ford Driant! 
You are right: I completely forgot it on my HD... and Tronyn's request reminded it to my mind :D 
that's the reason I was left
trying starting that fucking Ford in Ford Driant
in stead of a plane in Plane Brilliant? 
Don't Get Me Wrong... 
The map was great, only reminds me of some weird christdays
I tried to make a demo of it with cold sweat on my back. 
Amazing Game

Awesome story, easy to get into (good skill level), cool graphics, interesting level design and rewarding combat moves. Perfect indie game. 
I didn't capture where the fun is... but don't worry: I didn't felt offensed at all :� 
I should ask if anyone from here lives around Manchester UK, I'll be around there in 10 days or so for a bit. Never met anyone from func IRL in all this time. 
Retarded And Infantile

But it's Friday. 
I feel OK laughing at that and the next two. 
Which Days? 
The Han Solo one was OK. 
H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast 
Awesome podcast. 
Just For Fun 
... a forest of ogre's head :D 
Genocidal Bastard 
Mindcrime made Ogres human to me, so I can' endorse this Rwanda of Ogres!! 
thog kill umen! 
i got the mail, and i'll send you feedback in a couple of days :) 
... it looks like New Dehli airport... full of ogres... while generally it is full of Indians :P 
AWESOME spy :) 
Science Et No Barba 
knowledge is no whisdom.

And can Trinca now give me Tonyn's email?

Or whatever? 
check your mail 
or the net is slow or my server slower...
Ain't got nothing yet. 
I Also Sent You An Email Madfox! 
Did you get it yet? 
I didn't send any email to anyone so if you were expecting something, it's not coming! 
the 3rd attempt.......... 
Trying again. Did you guys still not receive the emails I didn't send? 
Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 552 552 Message size exceeds maximum permitted (state 18).

I Think I'm Trying To Sedn Too Big Zip File 
I feel like a turkey sandwich for lunch but I dunno. Maybe ham and cheese instead. Hmm... 
you're right 
I sent you a mail, did you receive it? 
I put my pen down somewhere, has anyone seen it? I need to write something. 
I Just Farted 
Pipe Line 
Yes, email is in.
it took a day after turning off the computer.

was rooting through some old storage boxes and found my old gameboy with a copy of link's awakening still in the thing... can't believe how good this game was. 
Turkey And Cheese. 
Think outside the box motherfuckers. 
Chefbler Is Back! 
Where's da recipe blog? 
check your mail 
I'm going for a Coke, anyone need anything? 
Ok I'll Take One 
Hey spy, check your desk. 
I Have No Desk 
"my dog's name is bailey..." 
I Loled 
now that's a horde. 
P0rtal FREE

Until may 24th.

There is no excuse, if you have not played it, you owe it to yourself to download it now =) 
why do the portals in the promo video on that page look so much cooler than they do in the actual game? 
Pease - give it rest. We get it.
Did it occur to you that not everyone is in the same situation as you?

Every time I read your comments about spy messaging Madfox, it infuriates me just as much as their comments infuriate you. 
"Pease - give it rest. We get it.
Did it occur to you that not everyone is in the same situation as you?

Every time I read your comments about spy messaging Madfox, it infuriates me just as much as their comments infuriate you."

I won't stop because it's fucking stupid. Your email program tells you when you have email - THAT'S IT'S ENTIRE PURPOSE. Prompting people that they have email on a message board is one of the most asinine things I've seen in a long time.

Send the email and wait for a response. That's how it works. If that person doesn't respond, they fucking hate you. Deal with it. 
Send the email and wait for a response. That's how it works. If that person doesn't respond, they fucking hate you. Deal with it.

or you know, they could be experiencing mailbox problems, which is what prompted this very exchange in the first place if you recall 8) 
Good Job Its Not Func_Will-helmboard 
Or we all would probably have been banned a long time ago.

Its just that this flame-skirmish is self-perpetuating. You are only pouring fuel on the fire. 
"or you know, they could be experiencing mailbox problems, which is what prompted this very exchange in the first place if you recall 8)"

If you're email problems every second day, maybe it's time to change email providers.

"Its just that this flame-skirmish is self-perpetuating. You are only pouring fuel on the fire."

If you don't tell someone they're acting fucking retarded, they won't ever change. 
You are acting fucking retarded. 
Im Sorry 
I just couldnt resist that one. ROFL 
Is your apostrophe key broken?

Sorry, couldn't resist. 
there are of course, many times where you can tell someone they're acting fucking retarded and they still won't ever change... 
I Don�t Want To Nitpick, But 
Is your typographically correct � key broken?

Sorry, couldn�t resist. 
"there are of course, many times where you can tell someone they're acting fucking retarded and they still won't ever change..."

Well, I think you have to at least make the effort. :) If they won't change, at least you said something and tried to make a difference. You're not one of those who sits on the sidelines and just accepts the world as it is.

"Sorry, couldn�t resist."

You couldn't resist looking like an anal retentive typography nerd? I'd work on that. 
Considering How Many Times You Play The High And Mighty Card 
this does come across as petty.

But whatever. Why not just ignore it and move like I should really do instead of typing this? 
At guess, because it's 'filmed' in a Portal 2 build... 
"Why not just ignore it and move like I should really do instead of typing this?"

Because I see something I don't like and want it to change. Do you never stand up for yourself and say something when you want something to be different?

True, maybe I could have handled it better but this board only seems to react to abuse and/or gay jokes. Any form of politeness is generally met with derision so I tried to play to the level of the room. 
Do you never stand up for yourself and say something when you want something to be different?

Tried that. Tories still got in. :( 
I see something I don't like and want it to change

stand up for yourself and say something

want something to be different

"Tried that. Tories still got in. :("

But you said something. You tried. That's what counts. Far better than those who shrug their shoulders, don't vote, and whine "What's the point?" 
That was inevitable really. But atleast its not a pure tory government. Still a government though. Bah! 
Hey Guys 
Check your wail! 
somethings changes!

I do see your point, but I dont agree with it.

I guess that in this case the circumstances you were trying to change were so minor, pointless and harmless that I cannot really see how it matters if you did not like them.

Plenty of more important things to direct self resolve towards IMHO. 
Let's talk about something completely different... 
You probably believe in Santa Claus, too... 
What do you mean??? 
I believe in sex at first meeting but I never had it� Portuguese women�s are to much conservative!

Got an error 42 or something like that on my last post. Basically, it was:

Do want!

maybe DNF also 
Eurostile Bold Extended, where would science fiction signage be without you?

I'm excited for rubicon 2 though. Partly because metl is a great mapper, partly because when I think rubicon, I think of this... 
You are legend. With some exceptions, the rest of you can fuck off. 
GOOD NEWS or not!!!

finaly working in final part of map!

Will be a small map but what I can give in this stage of my life. :) 
but IS what... dawn my English 
"2010" vs The metlslime paradigm

But, yeah, hope dies last. 
Starbuck Or Other Font-knowledgeable Person 
or even metlslime!

Do you know which font this is?

Would like to know because I'm doing something with rubicon textures atm and trying to make more. 
So Trinca mentioned he's working on something. I've been tinkering around with Hammer and really liking it. I keep stumbling over productivity enhancements and I LOVE it. I've started a small map because I'm having so much fun.

Anyone else working on stuff? What's up out there? 
I am making the biggest remix map evar (already is).

Also Hammer - it has its quirks, but it is nice when you get going, isnt it? 
The texture locking .. my GOD, the texture locking. And the texture copying and alignment tools. Those combined with the grouping features almost make me believe I'm in Unreal working with static meshes. It's amazingly productive. 
I'm afraid I don't recognise it... had a quick look on dafont, this is close-ish but wrong: 
I know what you mean, I love Hammer to death. Shift+Drag, and the x/y flipping shortcuts, and the general scene navigation are awesome. Haven't opened an editor in eons, but reading you praise it tempts me to give it another shot... 
Is there a keyboard short cut for rotating 90 degrees? That would be amazing. 
Hammer, like every editor, has it's pluses, but also it's minuses. Oh if only there were some uber-configurable editor that allowed me to spend time making exactly what I wanted in an level editor! Such a dream cannot exist in the world of men, alas! 
I'd also like a keyboard shortcut for switching modes from translation to rotation to scaling ... my main slow down is (comparatively) slowly clicking to change that mode. 
2 things -

1.) AFAIK the only shortcut to change rotation/scale is with selection mode, click the object to select, another to rotate, another to skew/scale. AFAIK.

There are shortcuts to bring up arbitrary rotation and arbitrary scale windows, but I forget what they are. Sorry.

2.) If you have any human decency you will push as hard as you can for the level editor to be released with Bullet Storm. I would very much like to map for that game methinks. 
I honestly don't know if it's coming out on PC but if it does I'd be shocked if it didn't include the level editor. We always include the editor. 
I am making the biggest remix map evar (already is).

2 or 1 still? 
Push to have it come out on the PC.

1 still. Its realy getting close though :)
2 is still just a foggy picture in my head. Which is better than no foggy picture..... 
Holy Shit! 
Heh I had'nt heard of Bullet Storm until someone mentioned it above, but by the looks of this trailer it's gonna be awesome!

First impression - it has a style that DNF would be jealous of. 
According to game sites will be PS3/360/PC.

Looks fun, but I'm not yet convinced it isn't just another one of those games. 
Zwiffle, which editor do you use currently then?

Willem, that DKT? medieval/castle level, please? 
I don't know exactly which font I used, but it's one of the free Terminator-logo-inspired fonts available online. Just search for "terminator font" and you'll probably find some. I notice that generally the A, the 2, and the Y seem to differ from font to font, so you might have to compare to get the right one.

Technically, Terminator itself used a font called "China" which was made in the 1970s. However that font was never digitized as far as I know.

But, there is a commercial font inspired by China, more info here: 
Metl, Starbuck 
Thanks. That will help.

great textures, metl. 
on a small scale map atm.
nothing fancy (infact, that's the point), just going to be some fast killing and maybe a cool circuitous route or something. 
Ooooh knave! /squeal

More pics please! 
Random Q1SP Tip #2 
Death's Taste by Utah. 
Flying Hellknights! 
re: death's taste - waaaay back in the day i used to chain all my id1 q1sp maps together using adquedit (over 100 in total) and blast through the lot using a speedmod by koolio that gave you unlimited ammo, super jumps, regeneration and 2x weapon fire rate. and godmode.

you could call it a misspent youth. but anyway, this map sticks out in my head as you have to pick up a box of cells to trigger a door at one point, and being on max ammo by then i couldn't do it without using the give cheat to lower the cell count. eventually however, i found a more fun way of getting round the problem by discharging my lightning gun into the water at the beginning, which not only obliterates all the surrounding zombies but manages to trigger all three shootable buttons on the ceiling in one go! magic!

true story. 
...discharging my lightning gun into the water at the beginning, which not only obliterates all the surrounding zombies but manages to trigger all three shootable buttons on the ceiling in one go! magic!

That might be a cool puzzle, though it's a pretty obscure feature of the lightning gun. Have a room with shootable buttons that are behind glass so they can't be directly shot. 
You just ruined the best puzzle in Rubicon 2.

Totally not worth playing now. =/ 
i doubt it's something anyone would actually work out by thinking logically.. without heavy clues anyway. 
Also Ricky, 
how big is your remake map at the moment? e2m6 may be giving it a run for its money. i'm only halfway through detailing it and have yet to add one side-section and the ending, yet it's already at 7k brushes, 260 models, 34k marksurfaces, 74 lightmaps and 262 visedicts (thanks to fitzquake limit warnings XD) 
Re: 18576 
chapter_necros3 for quoth3!!!

Or not :( 
chapter_necros3 for quoth3!!!
hardly. :P seriously, you will be disappointed, i suspect. it's small to medium in size and more for testing out some gameplay stuffs. :)

re: 18578, Death's Taste by Utah,
this was probably a pretty awesome map back in 97. the alternating shaded bricks was cool except that the texture is split half way through the bricks instead of a full brick (??). a cool detailing idea that just ends up looking dumb.
still, gameplay was fun and pretty fast paced. two secret quads trivialize the content a bit, but makes it entertaining. :)
we need more small maps like this! 
mine is small :\ real small 
Are We Still Talking About Maps? 
mine is old:\ real old

but finally done. 
"Willem, that DKT? medieval/castle level, please?"

Damn it. FINE, I'll add some medieval stuff... 
I Meant The Map You Showed Screenshots Of A Few Months Ago 
C/P that in Hammer. 
hi, ive noticed allot of the old texture sites
are down, does anyone know if they have been saved somewhere, i would appreciate a link.

what im particularly looking for is the Rorschach textures, undulation textures, Bighouse textures, mr clean textures and any sets from the wadfather

"I Meant The Map You Showed Screenshots Of A Few Months Ago"

Oh that ... maybe. I'll have to see if I still have it. That was on the Mac and now that I'm on my new computer and stuff got shuffled, I dunno. 
Look at Quaddicted, most wads from the wadfather are transposed to this site. 
I dont suppose there would be a way to download the whole set in one file? 
The Rorshach textures can be found here if they aren't on Quaddicted: 
Kind of an usual question but:

Are there specs available out there for the HLWAD format? Is it known as something else, like WAD3, or something? 
thanks Willem, i noticed a few of Rorshach packs were missing from the quaddicted archive 
according to the texmex help file, hl wads are indeed called wad3, but that's all i know. :( (texmex can only load wad3, can't save to it, only wad2) 
texmex can save to wad3 format 
file -> save copy -> save to wad3 
hah, so it does. funny that the help file specifically says it doesn't :P 
OMG Quake. 
U guys rok.

I need a poo. 
This Made Me Cry. 
Oh Jesus 
that was like watching someone get run over by a train in slow motion 
Oh come on, he HAS be trolling with that! 
that's incredible. I love his comment

hey everyone thanks for your feedback on this video
i will be releasing a sequel soon with more carving techniques
if you have any suggestions for things to carve please post them here
I with Willem on that one, just for the 'I'll be releasing my first map made with carve as soon as I fix leak error' note at the end... 
Oh Gods 
i naturally winced when he made that first carve... the rest made me sick. 
I'm surprised Hammer doesn't have a dialog box that pops up, "OK, let me stop you for a moment..." 
Quark didn�t had when I made sm109 :( 
Maybe He Will Make A Video 
Explaining how to box a map and compile it, after you have filled it with leaks. 
That video is at least educational. It shows you pretty well what happens when you do that.

"Hammer has stopped working" 
'It's Difficult To See, But Now The Ground Is Slightly Uneven' 
And I just managed to pay the rent - it was a difficult 18 hours in the sperm bank, but you've got to work for your money.

Have you ever wondered way the sun always rises the same? I have but then I kinda thought like it didn't matter so stopped thinking about it.

Oh, while I'm here, has anyone seen the last series of Friends and can explain what twat A ment when they said twat B ...

I miss Lunaran. 
Sun Always Rises The Same 
Most planets have a much less constant axis of rotation, leading to large variations of the weather over longer times. OTTOMH it's our huge moon that brings gyroscopic stability.. or something. So, arguably, our diversity of 'life' is dependant on two unusually large pieces of rock and gas; the other being Jupiter whose huge gravity collects wayward asteroids and the like. 
Since I think some of you might still be using dreamhost - have the prices gone up or did I simply have enough money to not care the last time I renewed my hosting? 
talk about roll of the dice eh? 
> So, arguably, our diversity of 'life' is dependant on two unusually large pieces of rock and gas; the other being Jupiter whose huge gravity collects wayward asteroids and the like.

How poetic. 
Interesting Mod Here:

Because you can't hurt an enemy when he is in your line of sight, you have to mostly run past guys until you get a projectile weapon. With the nailgun, it's possible to start killing guys but not easy. Maneuvering through a level becomes more of a puzzle-solving excercise.

Maybe not very balanced on standard maps but it might be interesting to make a map specifically for this. 
very weird. can't say i'd want to play more than one map like that (i just did a run through in e1m1) but it's eerie for some reason.

just thinking about it on paper, i'd say it's be better if the monsters were just flat out invulnerable (or weapons were removed). but i guess, if you made a map for it, you could just not give any weapons. :) 
The "Statues Mod" 
Can't hurt them when you are looking at them.
They can't move when you are looking at them.

Stop watching them and you get it in the back.

It's a freaky mod. Multiple monsters can become highly problematic. Even with grunts and dogs.

Ironically, I posted the idea at Inside3D forums just a couple of weeks ago.

Then 2 weeks later, Morkai, who never even read that delivers it to QuakeOne forums with source code out-of-the-blue. [So obviously I made him some gray skins to go with it.] End joke. ;)

I consider this highly unlikely and bizarre coincidence, of course, more concrete evidence of my theory of a "Baker-centric universe" where the universe was designed specifically for me [hence my obligation to return all favors to universe in spades].

But I digress ...

Anyway, this mod is creepy and has new Quake monster written all over it.

Either way, if you want to see perhaps the most interesting monster twist ever try Morkai's mod.

[Apparently he last participated in the 2005 Quake Expo. So he has past Quake modding experience.]

Like metlslime said, the gameplay consequences only go "ok" with the id1 maps but it doesn't take much imagination to see how in a map designed for it, it could be intense.

Anywho, if you try the mod and find that you like it, consider giving Morkai a "Kudos" for the mod in the thread metl linked. 
"End Joke" 
"End joke" in post above goes in following paragraph. Epic Baker Fail. 
This was inspired by the latest Dr.Who episode I imagine ... the weeping angels? They had statues that worked basically like that.

Cool mod! 
Statues Mod 
Very cool. I agree that it deserves custom gameplay/levels/monsters though.

ideas for gameplay:

Beacons you could light up, or drop, that freezes them within a certain area whether they could see you or not.

In a similar vein, 'safe rooms'. I love games that really have a contrast between safe and comfortable areas, and dangerous, unknown places.

To increase the eerieness/scare factor, monsters that do huge damage if they get to actually touch you.

(Limited ammo) weapons that actually can hurt the statues.

More weapons with ricochet attacks so you can damage the monsters with skillful shooting (which of course is much harder under pressure).

Monsters that move in interesting ways - this is a rather undeveloped thought, but I was imagining chess pieces, like guys that can only move in one direction, or only jump forward a set amount. Then if you combined them with environments with appropriate obstacles/layouts you've got the basis of some puzzles.

I've been tempted to make a flash game for a while, I'm actually tempted to expand this idea and give it a go... 
The mod would be even better if there was a short freeze period, like 0.3s in which the monster slows down to a halt and vice versa. Maybe combined with a sound effect and blending into the grey skin (sometimes tells me things like these are why DP is so popular, heh). 
^ In My Opinion 
Also starbuck's ideas are delicious except for the rotten Flash bit. Maybe Pygame would be an option? 
I definitely agree on the slower freezing. Don't want to derail with game platform discussion, but I can't see any projects that looked very pro when I checked out Pygame, are they out there somewhere?

My criteria for picking a platform are pretty standard - easy to develop with, produces nice result, easy for people to try.

Contenders are Flash (scores pretty high in all), Unity (extremely easy to use, but requires a plugin that'll shrink the audience) or to make an iPhone app (looking for an excuse to buy a macbook pro,really :)) 
It's funny me and a collegue were talking about something a bit similar a few days back, started from talking about Left 4 Dead and Alan Wake.
The idea was zombies, that move really slowly when you can see them, but really fast when you can't (this can be not only due to player field of view, but also pitch dark areas etc).

We were talking about is as a multiplayer mode though, think L4D versus like this, with the survivors having no weapons (maybe only flash lights, with limited battery/recharge rate), and the zombies being other players, trying to get as close to the survivors as possible to grab them... Not so sure it would work out as is, but could be interesting. 
Damn You Shigeru Miyamoto!! 
Speaking Of Shigeru.... 
Mario Galaxy 2 is about to be released.... 
Got mine preordered from Amazon, then gonna use the $20 preorder promo code to buy Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition.

So any of you folks use Twitter? 
No one uses Twitter.

It is a dead medium. 
That's Constructive 
But it is brain dead 
I was really pretty late to the whole social media thing, but now having watched Facebook "evolve" over time, it feels so bloated and awkward, that the simplicity of Twitter (which I originally thought of as way too limited) actually starts looking very very good. 
"No one uses Twitter."

Except for the millions of tweets sent every day, yes, no one uses it. 
I personally dont know anyone who uses Twitter, but I did read some of the QuakeLIVE tweets a while ago.

But just because its not a major part of my tiny existence does not mean anything really! I mean who the hell am I? 
@Willem RT @Spy: @madfox Check Your #mail 
That a collection of bitter misanthropes who hang out on a message board in support of a 12 year old game don't know anyone who uses Twitter is not particularly surprising news. *eyeroll*

Nah, I'm a hippy!

By the way Quake is 14 years old next month. 
just stop it. stop it now. 
Cool will be a good date to release a map!

Will try to finish mine in this day... 
I like ice cubes. What's Facebook again?? 
has a point though.

But spirit wins. 
@Willem RT @Spy: @madfox Check Your #mail

spirit check your mail

And Willem Too 
It's like knocking on your neighbors door to tell them that you're calling them on the phone. 
It's like knocking on your neighbors door to tell them that you're calling them on the phone.
does it bother you? 
Yes, because I live next door and can clearly hear you knocking. 
Oops I Did It Again 
Yes, because I live next door and can clearly hear you knocking.

relax, just take it easy 
Bitter Misanthropes 

Maybe you could get a Twitter account and tell the world whenever you send an email. That might work better than your current system. 
"No one uses Twitter."

Except for the millions of tweets sent every day, yes, no one uses it.

It was sarcasm. =/ Explaining the joke defeats the purpose. 
Can you send me a twitter?
My mailbox lasts no glitter.

I Just Sent An Email 
On a related note, I got a message on my answering machine from an organization with which I do business. The message said "please call us at (number) and reference account (other number)"

I called, and was immediately transferred to an automated voicemail message which said "leave your account number, and a phone number where you can be reached, and we will call you".

So...I guess they called me to leave a number so I could call and leave my number so they could call me?

And When They Called You 
did they tell you that you got mail? 
did they twitter that they were going to knock on your door to tell you that you have mail to tell you you have e-mail to tell you that they were going call you to leave your numbers in their automated machine so the person who set up the other automated machine that called you can collect the data from the machine you left your data in and put it in the machine that called you? 
just open the cargodoor. 
Public Service Announcement 
I am writing this message from my new HTC EVO 4G!!! Also, I got a pair of Google TV socks.

That is all. 
what is that 
uh-huh and what am I supposed to do with that 

Damn, that's awesome! I downloaded it and it actually works. So cool that people write software as good as this and release it for free! 
Yeah Man 
I had a go too. I made my first ever model - it was a giant green tentacled boob monster :D 
that looks on par with mudbox o.o 
Teams ShowDown Tournament 
There is going to be a Teams ShowDown tournament held on the NetQuak (Q1) platform on [b][u]Wednesday, May 26, 2010, at 6PM Pacific/8PM Central/9PM Pacific[/u][/b].

Individuals signup, then there will be a draft
where teams are picked randomly.

Then these teams will form clans and come up with
clan names.

The teams will have a round-robin season where each clan plays
every other clan once per week for 7-weeks.

The top 4 rankings teams will advance into the finals,
which will be single-elimination, best 2 of 3.

To signup, send an email to
with "Sign Up". 
necros, it doesn't push as many polies/points as Mudbox or Zbrush, but it's good for working on initial shape etc (because of the automatic triangulisation thing). Oh and it's free, which is quite alot cheaper then Zbrush or Mudbox yeah. :) 
Can't help being disappointed that you're not limited to sculpting with tetris-blocks. 
Hey Tronyn, 
is the email address listed on your nynort account here still valid? 
when is exact day of Quake birthday?

I know is june but I don't know the day 
For modelers and fans of TF2 in general, here:

Bal already singled out the Spy. Dag nab it. 
Xbox Fail 
now she will have to make some blowjobs to pay the poor guy :| 
Lame and fake.

Also, this what were on't same page is funnier;

Altho admittedly not much funnier... 
feel so watched, watching watches swatch. 
Spirit four words

I Fucking Love You :)

thanks mate!

Topic is 'Happy birthday and congratulations to Gleeb and Trinca, may you live happily ever after!'
* Set by Spirit on Tue May 25 12:54:44 
June 22nd 
Heh, I never noticed, but that is practically the summer solstice. Maybe I'll be able to remember Quake's release date now. 
OK, no screenie, but picture this:

You have been mapping for almost 3 years. Is it only 3 years?!!? - I digress....

You have just finished sealing the main hub of your map which has run to a total of 62000 marksurfaces and 105 lightmaps. The only way to find the leaks is to load a map which was made (and is still being made) in WC3.3 into a Hammer executable because the Hammer version shows a pointfile in 3D, WC3.3 doesnt (it must be about the only added feature between the two versions, from a Quake-mapper's point of view).

The damn map takes 9 minutes+ to run TxQbsp, on a Core2Duo clocked at 3.6 Ghz.
A previous version apprx 85-90% of the size took 24 hours to fullvis, on WVis (thats the multi-threaded version for those who dont know).
I actually regard this as fairly efficient mapping (lol) and finding the leaks is a lot less daunting with this toolset.
Loads in Fitz.85!

Anyway I just cant believe how far this one has run, despite being a bit of a long slow runner. The map's development as a whole that is. It's been an education, it really has. Not to say that I am even particularly profficient, or professional with this discipline, I just can't believe sometimes how much information I have learned for so many different sources (people, sites etc) to get to this point.

Just reflecting...... 
Check your mail, I just farted :S 
FW: RE: RE: RE: RE: Ricky 
Kill yourself. 
I Hate Mountains Update 
They released a teaser earlier this week.

Looks flonking EPIC. 
FW: RE: RE: RE: RE: Scampie 
OK then, I will. 
check in your map first kthx? 
Good call that!! Never even heard of it, but that does indeed look bloody good. Looks really well done, the pine forests and catacombs especially. Nice one. 
I Hate Mountains 
Yeah, check it out when it comes out, I've betatested it a few times (one of the designers is a friend at work), good campaign. 
The Bal seal of quality, I'd trust that. 
Random Q1SP Tip #3 
I'm going to be on TV? 
Editors And Pointfiles 
can you guys who use editors that are not gtkr 1.4 or sikkpin's qe3 chime in and let me know what extensions pointfiles need to be to be read and also where they must be located?

for example:

qe3 reads .pts files directly and they must be alongside the .map file.

gtkr1.4 reads .pts files but they need to be renamed .lin (format is the same, in other words) and they must be alongside .map files.

i just noticed i didn't put any support for pointfiles in my compiler gui so i was thinking of adding that in as an update.

ALSO: if there are any problems with having it work with other editors or something to help it integrate better, please let me know and i'll see about adding that in.

FINALLY: any other changes besides the above, let me know, but it may or may not make it in
depending on:
how hard it is to implement (i'm not a very good coder)
if i think it's worth the effort (i'm pretty lazy-- hence a compiler gui, lol...)

you can email if you want to write a long story or something (use the one on my func_ account here). 
if the pointfiles need to be converted somehow into a different format, depending on how huge the change is, i may be able to build a parser into the program itself. (the entire program is really just a giant parser anyway).

appending this: i just checked the pts format and it's just line after line of 3d coordinates, so this post may be pointless (haha) as you can't really get more simple than than. 
gtkr 1.5 needs .lin files alongside map files, just like 1.4 apparently. I'd assume this is the same with netradiant then.

Quest needs .pts files and gives you a file selection dialog to load them. 
Today we celebrate those who gave their livesin pursuit of the noble cause of killing Euros and other such foreigners. God bless :_( 
did u get drunk in celebration? if not y're a noob 
That sort of thing sucks but remember you only have his version of events at this point. I'm positive there's more to the story. :) 
He must have atleast said soething pretty stupid I would have thought. (Simpson-style "Ha-ha!") 
That Guy 
sounds like a bit of a dumbass. Insinuating you're gonna pirate someone's game to their [interwebical manifestation of a] face isn't gonna help shit. 
Can't imagine anyone jokingly imply that they'd pirate an epic game and then recieving an over-reaction in response...

Like I said, I imagine there's more to the story here. 
Yeah or the dude is just talking out of his ass..... trying to be clever like. 
Oh of course, it's an entirely one sided account on the internets (for amusement, see if you can get hold of the emails in question, altho I doubt it (privacy of blah)). But in any case, there is a difference between winding up an individual and telling the communications department of a corporate entity that you're going to steal their products... 
let's not forget the other obvious truth here. at this point, epic really doesn't have to care either way. these aren't the days of jill of the jungle anymore. (although, that's still a damn fun game!) 
Customer acts like a dick, complains when he's treated like he's acting like a dick. 
Sure most of you have seen this, but here it is anyway: 
just wanted to say ive been inactive for a couple weeks and will remain so for at least another 4-6, BUT I'm definitely releasing some Q1SP stuff this summer. 
Youtube Title

I like the first team's name. THe video sucks though. 
Random Q1SP Tip #4wq1tdf23 
Rapture by Kona and Tronyn 
Random Q1sp Tips 
deserve their own thread.

great episode - baron bosses were excellent as was the overall atmosphere & build quality. the thing that spoiled it for me was having an end map with no monsters in when i was expecting some kind of uber-boss presiding over the four barons. i just remember a massive sinking feeling when i fired up that final map and pressed tab only to see 0/0 kills :( 
I know what you are trying to do! 
new old q1sp, someone take more screens and make a news post:

It's nice! 
Below average map design and extremely frustrating gameplay. I don't remember the Nehahra AI to be this annoying (neither do I think BJP's engine is responsible for this), so I assume it has been tampered with? 
No, that is the stock Nehahra AI. Use nomonsters 1 to make it less evil. Don't judge this by the first map. 
Hm, Indeed 
Strange, because I did enjoy the new AI when I first played Nehahra. Now, however, it just feels like total shit. At least the base enemies.

And I actually played through all three maps of Snowy Dream (on god mode). There were a few areas that looked kind of interesting, but most of it was pretty meh. I also thought the story centerprints were a bit silly; they reminded me of early negke/RickyT23 maps, which is an additional minus. :D 
Outstanding Link 
bookmarked for much entertainment.

This was good:

// somedev1 - 6/7/02 Adding temporary tracking of Login screen
// somedev2 - 5/22/07 Temporary my ass
A few of those made me lol at work. Passed them onto Frik, if he hasn't seen them he will probably get some amusement from them. 
Hell, Yeah 
finally its done! yay! 
I am going to Taipei, Shanghai then Hong Kong, in that order. I will have to make snap decisions on the new technology that I intend buying - tablet notebook, phone, motherboard, anything that takes my fancy etc.

Anyone got any insight into which would be the best of the three in terms of technology available, and of course, price? 
i would imagine that shanghai would be cheapest and taipei would have the most variety. but don't really know, and hong kong will certainly have quite a range! 
Best Q3 movie I ever saw:

Shame that they are still skipping angles and package things in rar archivies. Also the low fov(?) makes watching very stressful for my brain. But apart from that, a masterpiece! 
no hud or crosshair? check.
blah music? check (i actually like the music, but it doesn't fit quake or the movie at all)
promode? check.
stupid graphic mods? check.
machinima style stuff? check.
random frags? check.
mostly ctf? check.
aim training maps? check.

rates quite high on my shittyness scale :P 
Re 18726 
i liked it. :) it's accessible to someone how knows very little about q3 dm competitions. oddly enough, i like the graphic mods in the video too.

i still watch WoW videos from time to time and i'd watch more of these too if i knew where to get them. :P 
Probably Wont 
ever get around to playing it but the artwork on Gears 3 looks spoogerific. 
so this year is almost half over, and I have the impression that the number of map releases was somewhat low. 
gb people older = less time to map :\

I've got one almost ready but is very small and few detailed... that's what I can give from the small time I have!

but release is soon real soon 
Possible Reasons 
1. Only few active mappers left
2. RL (lol)
3. too ambitious projects

The third point is probably the most important one. necros nailed it - we need more small to medium blast-through maps on a frequent basis instead of epic masterpieces that take a year to make. That's what I'm trying to do now (hope I don't get carried away as usual). 
from me dont espect big maps, only have time for small maps and even so will take ages :\ 
The third point is probably the most important one. necros nailed it - we need more small to medium blast-through maps on a frequent basis instead of epic masterpieces that take a year to make. That's what I'm trying to do now (hope I don't get carried away as usual).

agree to disagree on that. i'd sooner see fewer, more memorable releases than large numbers of throwaway done-before id-sized maps that i'll play once and forget about; there are hundreds of those out there already!

point understood though all the same; small maps are better than no maps. but if all this huge ambitious material is going to ever get finished then it sure as hell isn't getting casually interrupted by anything other than the odd speedmap ;) 
I Got 8400 Bushes Made Already 
You will see it eventually. 
My Map Is 90% Done 
It has about 15000 brushes, and is very close to completion. Screenshots will soon follow and afterwards, the map itself. I predict it will be done either towards the end of June, or early July if all goes to plan. But rest assured, its coming. 
Mine Is... 
...99% done in term of brush, just remains few modifications for final battle.
On gameplay and monster placement, ammos/monster/health balance, I didn't started yet... actually there is only easy skill ready, missing medium and hard to adjust...

I hope to close the stuff by august this year...though... 
Quality over quantity, and smaller maps aren't necessarily worse than larger ones. However, if people expect the next release to (have to) outpass everything else done before, it isn't really an incentive for casual mapping. 
The Quake Mapping Scene 
might have to go down a similar road as the DOOM one.

Meaning, mainly small maps that are made pretty quickly.

Can't expect everything to outdo Marcher.

Expectations are pretty high, though, I think.

Also, one year? LOL. That's fast. 
yeah, i'm kind of hoping that would be the new trend.
obviously, i wouldn't want everyone to drop what they're doing and start only making small-medium maps nor am i advocating small maps exclusively, but i'm hoping that maybe it might encourage some mappers who would not have bothered otherwise. 
I don't like Radiant currently and I have yet to find a suitable solution to this. Maybe Ogier. CZG uses it. 
All I Know Is... 
Next map i make won't have three custom monsters with their own animations, skins, sound effects, head gibs, projectile models, combat tuning needs, etc. etc. Plus an entirely new texture wad with hundreds of new textures. Plus half a dozen other new entity types with their own models, animations, sounds, and code.

Just having a map to worry about sounds like a breeze. 
Heavy Metl 
So that's what we are to expect soon? Can't wait... I got "almost q3 shader style teleports working in stock Fitz and Aguirre engines. 
Worst Quote Ever 
...These teleports are actually scary". 
I got "almost q3 shader style teleports working in stock Fitz and Aguirre engines.

Really? That sounds great. 
It's True 
All lies will be revealed some time, but my mapping is stalled because I'm moving. 
I Have Seven Maps On The Run + A Few Others 
That your grandchildren will be playing one day as part of a bundle. Don't be impatient. 
Any Thoughts On RAGE? 
"Realistic" environments are boring. Everything is brown. 
heehe ijed u are crazy... I have to have things pending... so 7 maps for me will never hapend!

Everything is brown.
heh, wasn't that a complaint about quake at one time? :P 
ogre can ask more machineoil
than he can hod in both hands... 
ho ho hold it! 
Rage looks exciting (it's id, of course it does) and the fact that the tools are coming to PC users is also very exciting. A lot of the other screen shots are much more colorful, especially outside with the bright blue skies and so on. I'm looking forward to it. 
Re: 2010 Maps 
well this year I should be releasing more maps than I did in 2009 or 2008, so hopefully I'm not the only exception to this apparent downward sliding trend. 
We hate dying in video games. We hate to be frustrated.

Huh, while frustration is bad, dying is a part of FPS. I'm curious how exactly they'll do this.

The player should still be required to cover his ass by himself.

heehe ijed u are crazy... I have to have things pending... so 7 maps for me will never hapend!

Yes we are mad, but ours is... oh, wait. 
Apparently you have nano-self-defibrillator that you can use to resurrect yourself on the spot. Limited use I think, but you can pretty much start over right at the spot you died, immediately. 
Re: 2010 Maps 
Tronyn, of course we'll have to come and shoot you now if you don't make arcanum this year :> 
does anyone have a list of what the known active Q1SP projects are? 
Define "active" 
From what I could gather it's
necros (several?)
Tronyn (several?)
RMQ team
Pulsar (several?)
metlslime (haha) 
Lunaran, too 
I so want to revive the pipeline...

Baker does a great job of posting upcoming things on quakeone. 
Everyone's most favourite cuddly norwegian also is working on something. 
This Cannot Be! 
This must not be!

Forgot to mention Trinca above. And possibly Dr.Shadowborg is working on more maps for Hellsmash. Well, and hopefully some leet mapper who has been lurking in the shadows as yet... 
2010 Maps 
Well I have a handfull maps under way as well.
Some of them almost 90 - 95% done.
So maybe later this year some of them will get released.
Looking forward to all the other maps!!! 
The code and database are still on, it's just a matter of patching some stuff up. Is there a lot of interest in that? 
I Would Think Not 
Some parts of the Doom community still use the (their own) pipeline system, though.
However, with so few projects we're having here, I don't think it'd be worth the effort, unless maybe everybody agreed to use it (which I doubt will happen). 

Pipeline was great, if nothing else the list of released maps was gold (so you didn't miss any if you hadn't had your finger on the pulse for months... or years....) 
Looks like I was wrong. The database is there but the code is missing. Someone would have to ask Killer if he still has it. 
Sure, if many people used it. But I was under the impression that for a long time there was hardly any activity and it often wasn't clear from the entries whether a map had already been finished and released or was still in WIP limbo. 
Or take it from here:
New Style Teleport Example 
I took out a small section from a map to show a quake 1 shader in action. This map uses Quoth, and setup needed things automatically.

What How Where? 
What is it supposed to look like? What should I do. Please include your name in readmes. That moron head animation ruined the whole good atmosphere. Nice map. 
He's A 1996 Quaker Rebel 
It's just an example anyway. My maps are in early stages and shapes will change alot. But, I've done 5 months of texture making (and learning) before hand. If you extract the textures you'll see the shaders involved, and the textures that are just plain quake animations. 
fuck yeah hrimfaxi 
With RMQ listed as individual mappers, the list is:

necros (several?)
Tronyn (several?)
Pulsar (several?)
metlslime (haha)
Dr. Shadowborg
everyone's favourite cuddly Norwegian
roblot apparently
aenoch (still mapping for Quake?)

I would guess Kell is hopefully still mapping for Quake now and again?

Than hopefully, as well? Zwiffle? Drew? Willem?

Doesn't look all that bad, just a phase of less releases I guess.

Keeping fingers crossed for second half of 2010 :)

And quality over quantity. 
I'm going to give Ogier a shot and pester czg for help, and if its good enough then I might crank something out. 
than and Willem have WIPs too but they are currently on the back burner.

Listing the RMQ people individually puts a somewhat distorted light on the situation as they are all working on a single project that isn't going to be released anytime soon (see metlslimes original question). 
Shader Teleport Version 2 
Just made a quick change to show water possibilities. The original could be deleted at Quaketastic. 
Thank You Sir Willem 
i'm confused by your use of the term shader..?