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Five At ..::LvL
Some good and some experimental maps at ..::LvL. If nothing else grab Hydra by Pat Howard. DustBowl is an interesting release too.

* Hydra by Pat Howard
* DustBowl by Johann Slee
* The Killing Machine by the Shib
* MiniCtfArena by Diman8369
* Catch Up by r3x.theCat

Videos for 3 of the maps and panoramas for all. Amazing how quick the year is moving by now - too quick for me!
Q1SP: Manhattan's Left-Overs
Second subission of the day, this time of a recently finished map, firstly intended for Mapjam 6.

Indeed, at first I underestimated the time it took to fix what is broken after finishing the complete brushwork/entity placement, and I had a lot of trouble compiling the whole thing (At first VIS wouldn't work because too many brushes, I had to use func_detail on all the destroyed buildings and other brushes, and even with that it took 37 hours to render. But after knowing that each compile erases the previous copiling works, I had to do it again, this time on my desktop PC. Even on that it took 30 hours. And after that there was a walltorch hanging in the air I forgot to delete, but after all that trouble I don't want to compile this ever again.

Now, the map is a destroyed city into a hellish cave. I wish I could've done more but that would've made the whole situation worse.


Quoth SP - Escape From Your Cell!
This is the second Quake map I've completed.

This level is prison-themed, small sized and, well, you gotta escape!
This one was done months ago, while trying to be more familiar with mapping in general, hence why the map feels "blocky".

This map requires a quake client that supports colored lighting.


(Duke3D) The Flaming Shipwreck [Release]
Aliens have decided to grab a beer at a modernised British pub in Lynnchester called The Flaming Shipwreck, slaughtering the local folk and causing all sorts of trouble. Being too much for the local police force, Duke has been assigned to remove their presence from the area.

Originally started as a pub section for the Beach Community Project during Apr 2013. Having no motivation for mapping at the time, it was put aside indefinitely. I resumed work in Nov 2014 with a different perspective and workflow to mapping. To ensure a healthy balance of motivation and inspiration, there were various short and long breaks inbetween. Project finished and released on 24th Aug 2015.

Duke3D Atomic Edition Required
Eduke32 Engine Required

Not intended or designed for the HRP, keep this in mind if used.


Install: Extract files into Duke3D folder, launch Eduke32 and select from the user map selection.

Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02
Screenshot 03 Screenshot 04
Map Jam 6 : Fire And Brimstone Released!
Screenshot Collage :
Download (75mb) :

Note : I heavily recommend the Quakespasm engine for this particular release. A level in the pack uses the 2BSP map format and another level will crash Fitzquake . Quakespasm is the only engine that had zero issues during testing!
Download Quakespasm :

Map jam 6 : Fire and Brimstone is a single player Quake level pack featuring 13 new fiendish single player levels for your enjoyment!

Thank you very much to all the mappers who took part in this event :

Adib Murad
EricW & Tronyn

Good luck and have fun! Remember to record a demo of yourself playing each level for the first time to help the mappers learn what worked and where people got stuck in their maps! (Optional of course)

Important Notice: <Daz> you should start a new game if you still have all your weapons and ammo when going back to the start map <3 ,3 sorry
Overdue At ..::LvL
Just three releases in this overdue update at ..::LvL. Be sure to check out Phantazm11's Geotechnic. This map won MapCore's Quake 3 15th Anniversary Contest map competition.

* Geotechnic by Phantazm11
* Duckhunt, Duckhunt DOOM! and Duckhunt VR by Eraser
* Perterbia "A snap Judgment" by B{ooDK{oTz

Videos and panoramas for all.
RTCW: The Fortress 2 - Version 1.1.
The final version of my SP levelpack.
More info and Download here:
RTCW: Dark Matters
A new SP levelpack made by Yo$hik and Shurr.
Info and Download:
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