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Mostly Remixed At ..::LvL
Four release, 7 maps added to ..::LvL. Most are re-mixed levels with varying degrees of success.

* Agony CTF by sst13
* blooddm2 by BLOOD
* Space Vortex by V1979
* The Deepest Void by V1979

Videos for 3 of the releases and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a new "screen shot" viewer. I'm also working on a new process to help speed up release times.
Valiant - 32 Map Megawad For Doom
Valiant by Skillsaw is a 32 map (!!) megawad for Doom which contains 5 episodes, new and tweaked weapons and enemies and other things.

Screenshots / DL / etc

You need a Doom engine such as ZDoom, GZDoom, PrBoom-plus 11), and Eternity in order to play this release.

I have played up to map 6 and am enjoying it immensely!

Mods edit: Looks very good for Doom maps, on Daz's twitch stream.
RTCW: Flying Saucers
This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers. About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariskin must capture the German documentation and deliver the experimental piece of the flying saucer.
Map Jam 4 - "Low Gravity Runic" Theme Pack Released
Two fiendish low gravity Runic maps by FifthElephant and Rapowke. Congratulations to Rapowke who released his first Quake map!

Discussion Thread
New Year At ..::LvL
Back from a short break at ..::LvL. This update contains 6 maps in three release. To be honest, these are not the best maps that have ever been on ..::LvL, but they are also far from the worst too :]

* The Edge (2) by V1979
* The Double Camping Grounds by V1979
* Mech by r3x.theCat

Videos for the first two and panoramas for all.

In other news, there is now a ..::LvL Android App. The App is in a beta stage and features may be added in the future. For now, the only real advantage over the web site are notification (which can be disable).
Skatepark Central For Kickflip Quake
Word up!

I gone and made a map for Kickflip Quake. Only took me a few hours but I personally think the map is fun even though the mod itself is a bit buggy. Tell me what you think :)

Download / Screenshot 1 / Screenshot 2
Daikatana 1.3 Patch Updated
The Daikatana 1.3 patch has been updated, you can now remove the two sidekicks, allowing Daikatana to be played like a regular FPS.
Q1SP: Beyond Belief In 1 Map
Anyone fancy a nostalgia fix? Based on a joke comment made during Matthias Worch's recent retrospective streams (the context was new engines/tools and his map sources), and partially inspired by something necros did with the id sources, I made a little map experiment:

All of Beyond Belief merged into a single level; the maps arranged and connected to one another allowing a continuous playthrough from start to finish.

No sophisticated or visible visual tweaks, but a couple of new features, like coop shortcuts and BB/ID1 compatibility. Perhaps this is of some interest to those who were already considering giving BB another spin some time.

The map requires an engine port with increased limits and BSP2 support, e.g. Quakespasm 0.90.0 or Darkplaces 14-May-2014+.

Screenshot | Download
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