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DOOM: Cacowards 2018 & Top 100 Memorable Maps
Doomworld's annual Cacowards have been published, highlighting some of the best releases from 2018:

In addition and in celebration of the Doom's 25th anniversary, they also compiled a Top 100 list of the most memorable maps from 1993-2018:
Temple Of Doom Map - Release
Hi everyone.

Now thats my final release of "Temple of doom".
Thanks to Daz, Dumptruck_ds, Esrael, Reyond and Roman De Renard for Tips and testing. Hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: added screenshots
2 New Quake2 Sp/coop Maps By Macanah -- The Boss Returns
Hi i just finished 2 new quake2 sp/coop maps yesterday -- here is link for download --
title of maps is -- THe boss returns
SM189 - Doom / Satanic Mechanism Q1SPs
func_msgboard celebrates Doom's 25th birthday with a pack of 9 zesty Doom textured speedmaps!

Features maps by:

Download the pack HERE.
Quake 1024 Christmas Jam Released
The 1024 Quake Christmas Jam is upon us. Twenty-one maps of compressed Arcane Dimensions goodness.

Download it here:

Jam Poster:

The Lineup:

Wintry Advent by Bal and Ionous
Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Train Station Infiltration by Ing
Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
Airgapped by JCR
Fully Integrated by JCR
Coal in your Socks! by Krampus
You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
Aftermath by Queenjazz
NoQuarter by Scampie
Chapel Perilous by Shambler
Moonlit Keep by Shotro
A Christmas Romp by Spipper
A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Mutagenesis by Strideh
Frozen Demise by Bloodshot
Doom 3 Phobos Mod Ep1 Released.
Doom 3 Phobos Mod Episode 1 released:

"Our type of “old school” is a very different breed than the type encountered in today’s “old school”. Yes, there are similarities; We too have upped the action, speed and gore, but not to the extreme lengths seen in the new Doom game. Our levels are built for exploration, progression and environmental puzzles. These are our main qualities. Phobos is closer to games like Half-Life or Dark Forces/Jedi Knight in spirit. Just like Classic Doom, these games are types of First Person Shooters that have all but vanished. We truly are a different kind of oldschool."
Q1DM: Vivat Rex Lividum
A new, brightly lit Deathmatch map with vertical play, elevators, hatches, and plenty of lava.

Basic layout inspired by Lividus, created by dumptruck_ds (link below), referenced with his permission. Took the visual design in a different direction. Required a few new textures to get the look I wanted. Source is included in the download (map and texture wad).

Layout moved toward enhancing connectivity as I went along. Found some interesting ways to keep things flowing.

Requires a Quake client with increased limits. It works in WinQuake, etc, but flickers due to exceeding surface limits. Tested in Quakespasm and ezQuake/nQuake, and everything seems to look fine and work there. Includes a colored lighting file, but still looks good without it, if your DM client of choice doesn't automatically download lit files.



Thanks to dumptruck_ds for letting me riff on Lividus and to all the kind folks who gave me important feedback on texture use, DM client issues, ammo balance, and proper rune-alignments for the teleporter pads :)

I wasn't able to implement all the feedback I got, but planning to take some of the lessons and ideas forward into my next map. Already got some ideas on what I want to make.

Maps by dumptruck_ds:
Q1SP: The Colosseum
Hey guys. This is my first map, it's an arena map with just 4 waves of enemies. I wanted to see if this was a fun concept and also had to make it into a mod, so it could feature weapons that fit the theme and also support dynamic spawning.

Here's the download link and screenshots:
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