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Doom Tintin Jam Inspired Map
New Quake map based on Doomtintin WAD by Tintin. I missed the original deadline for the tintin jam, so this like a DLC for it. ;)

Mod used: AD 1.7


Been Ages For ..::LvL
An update at long last for ..::LvL. 3 older maps have been added. Lots of fun to be had on these small maps.

* THASLISETH! by JonnYReds
* The Brush Rush by BJA
* War of Angels by Quint

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, heaps has been happening in the background. A fair number of older maps have been submitted for review. Expect more regular updates for a little while.

..::LvL -
Doom Tintin Jam Released
New Quake map pack based around the Doomtintin WAD by Tintin with custom colourful Doom 3 textures.

8 maps from Chris Holden, Greenwood, Nyoei, Pinchy, quasiotter, radiatoryang, RoosTer, Shadesmaster and a start map by Tintin.

Many thanks to Comrade Beep for help with the Jam and the rest of Quake Mapping Discord for their amazing mapping help, the start map was my first actual Quake map!

A final thanks to everyone for participating!

Q1SP: Deepest Oblivion 'n' Citadel Of Fire
Here are two single-player levels from Daniel Remar that "were designed to work with the original DOS Quake, but should also work with any source port." They haven't made it to Quaddicted, due to being just BSPs, so I wrapped them up in zipped files and included read me files, based on Daniel's descriptions. They are wonderfully old-school.

Deepest Oblivion

Citadel of Fire (This level also has a deathmatch mode)


Daniel's website:
Q1DM : Forefront2
Hi there, After reading and hearing a ton of comments about the original version of the Q1DM forefront that I released last year, I have widened and expanded some of the play areas, altered the teleport texture and relit a few of the paths. I hope this is finding you all safe and well in this crazy year.

cheers and enjoy,


Q1SP: Can't Stop Me Now
Greetings! I'm SgtCrispy and here is my first single player Quake map.

It's a relatively short base style map with a not to tough difficulty.

Hope you enjoy!


Q1SP Mod: Revenge Of The Episode Gates
Dear Quake community,

I've been lurking here for a few years, and wanted to share my first Quake 1 Mod with you!

I love Quake! Which surprises me even more, thinking that I started
playing it in 2018, at the age of 32, without having nostalgic feelings
for the game.
While I’m a fan of Doom since 1996, I was never able to obtain Quake in
my youth, and lost interest when turning adolescent.

But during a few months spend on crutches, caused by a heavy accident
which almost cost me my life, I discovered Quake and it helped me to
cope with the pain of a fractured femur.

So, a few years later I wanted to give something back to the community,
in exchange for their great effort on modding, level designing and
keeping the game playable on modern systems.

Also I want to thank John & Brenda Romero who allowed my wife and me to
meet them in Galway, showing us their office and spending time with us.

What this mod does:
This is a restructuring of Quake, to make the game more challenging
and giving the old formula a new twist.
Four changes where made to the game:

I edited the Quake Mapsources so that every time you beat an episode
the power up which corresponds with said episode gets replaced by
levitating runestone plates (the same which are used in the main game
to block the slipgates in start.bsp).

To be more specific:
After beating Episode 1 all Megahealth Powerups in the remaining episodes turn into runestone plates.
After beating Episode 2 all Ring of Shadows Powerups in the remaining episodes turn into runestone plates.
After beating Episode 3 all Pentagram of Protection Powerups in the remaining episodes turn into runestone plates.
After beating Episode 4 all Quad Damage Powerups in the remaining episodes turn into runestone plates.

The Super Variants of the normal weapons and the Lightning Gun are only obtainable in the secret levels.
You can only find the Super Shotgun in E1M8
You can only find the Super Nailgun in E1M7
You can only find the Rocketlauncher in E3m7
You can only find the Lightning Gun in E4M8

After beating an episode you don’t lose your weapons when you return to the start map.

You wont find any weapons in the last level (end.bsp). Shub Niggurath got rid of them.
So save your ammo before you enter her domain, you won’t be able to resupply.

Kind regards,
Markus Bruckner :-)
H2SP: Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey - Part 1
Hello everybody,

I am specialized in mapping for Hexen II but some of you kindly offered precious help and advice during my mapping process, so I thought you may be interested in the brand new expansion pack I just released for Hexen II.


Let me glady introduce you my very first mapping work: 'Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey'

Downloadable here:

It is a sequel to the official 'Portal Of Praevus' expansion pack (which is therefore needed) and focuses on storyline, puzzles, a somewhat out-of-the-box touch, unexpected revisits of familiar entities and even a light RPG flavour...
Here is just Part 1, it will be a full campaign of about 20 to 30 maps probably, but I'll release it bit by bit over time.

Please don't hesitate to give tons of feedback: very rewarding for a beginner mapper, and will help me to fix issues in the next releases.

(uhexen2.exe is the only known engine correctly handling the mission pack to date, you'll have to put it in your Hexen II directory)

Screenshots should be visible here (hope it works):
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