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New Q1SP: Baneful Politic Comply
I'm glad I made it to design this level within a little more over 1 month worth of time. So yeah, "Baneful Politic Comply" is yet another Hexcalk map, but the quality escalated as a response to hc0, which is now on Quaddicted. Anyway, hc2 is a e1m2-influenced short burst of 68-71 enemies and 3 secrets with three floors: one underwater; two overwater (ground). Contains curved walls and spiky ceilings.

The name "Baneful Politic Comply" was chosen because I theorized that Quake was a psychedelic anti-authoritarian political FPS. The theory is long and crazy, but the basics go like this: The protagonist is fighting to overthrow the Orwellian regime of Earth president Shub-Niggurath and accompanying vice president Chthon, who seem to only want to abuse the planet with various forms of negativity for profit. I imagine 1984 in my mind as a reference point for this theory. I love Skinny Puppy, who tend to make interesting song and album names such as "Vivisect VI", "The Greater Wrong of the Right", "Left Handshake", and "illisiT", so the title is simply word salad.

Quaketastic download link:

SM178 - Base Theme.
Speedmap 178 session under the name "24h Jam" is released. We have for you 3 small retro style maps with fun action by mappers: Mukor, Naitelveni and Newhouse.

The theme was base and the mappers had 24h hours.



Go kill some Enforcers!
New Q1SP (AD) Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle
Large Bucket of Sand, Stone and Water!
Screenshot Download
Explore Jam 2
Explore Jam 2 is released. You have five experimental maps from Bloughsburgh, Naitelveni, Newhouse, PuLSaR and Topher.

No monsters, just mind-blowing puzzles, crazy jumping, traps and many more.



Find your way to the exit, explorers!
New Q1SP(AD) - Tomb Of Fenrir
My two week project is done, I switched to Arcane Dimensions but gameplay is still straight forward, no breakables in this map. It's a small level with linear progression and it's my first Quake release! The theme is an underground tomb with lava and rock surrounding old structures. Fenrir is a wolf in norse mythology, maybe he's in there somewhere. Feedback is always appreciated for future improvements.


New Q1SP: Ethycs0fL3gaci
Hey, it's me Hexcalk again. After "Peripheral Fundament" I modified a scrapped Negke deathmatch map known as "neg2beta", turning it into a short singleplayer level. It's wizard-themed, all vanilla stuff; I also included a weird save file named "ethycs0fLegaci" (not "ethycs0fLegacy" as the readme included in the Quaketastic download says) which has swapped entity models. Hope you enjoy!

Quaketastic download:
Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian!
Hey folks! Retro Jam 6 is finally ready!

2017 starts with one Egyptian jam theme and whopping 17 contributions from the following mappers: bloodshot, breezeep, Danzadan, doomer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, lp, MJB, MukOr newhouse, OTP, PuLSaR, Skacky, Shadesmaster, Naitelveni

Screenshots / Download

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a huge success! And I have a new-found appreciation for people who arrange jams! :)
Q1SP Arcane Dimensions Dev Kit
All the Download Links are on this page!

I don't want Arcane Dimensions to be constantly updated anymore, it will just end up being a complete mess if everyone keeps patching stuff. I would prefer if everyone downloaded the dev kit and just make their own MOD instead!

So here is the Arcane Dimensions Dev Kit in super trimmed down (@14Mb) format! The assets have been split into 3 flavours, Vanilla (Just id monsters), AD+ (New+Quoth+RRP) and Hexen2 (Copyright nightmare). The links are all on the above web page link.

I do plan to keep this QC base up to date every couple of months with a new zip file. If anyone has any bugs, problems or feature request then please explain yourself (fully with examples) in this thread.

PS. All proxy server trolls will be ignored!
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