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Updated Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions 1.5
Revamped version of the cutting edge next-gen AAA Quake mod with more STUFF and more MAPS, including:

1.5 Maps
* ad_chapters - More themes and portals (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_azad - The Realm of Enceladus (Maik Franz Xaver)
* ad_tfuma - Terror Fuma (Gavin Edgington/Eric Wasylishen)
* ad_magna - Leptis Magna (Noel Lacaillade/Andrey Saenko)
* ad_metmon - Arcane Monstrosity (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_zendar - The Horde of Zendar (Simon OCallaghan)
* ad_sepulcher - *Not Available* (Henrik Oresten/Simon OCallaghan)

Download (200mb):


- which you really should read or sock will come round and beat you senseless, particularly since this ESSENTIAL information for players is hidden part way down:

Ammo Resistance

The Shell and Nail visual resistance is shown with a mixture of red and grey impact particles, a ricochet sound, various smoke chunks flying off
in random directions and the monster screaming in pain.

The Rocket and Cell visual resistance is shown with a small puff of smoke, a different rocket sound, small gibs of flesh (blood particles look odd), various smoke chunks flying off in random directions and a monster scream.

When a monster is hit with a projectile and they have ammo resistance they will ALWAYS ignore pain and not go into any pain animations.

Name Shells Nails Rockets Cells HP Effective
Golem --- 50% --- --- 500 1000
Minotaur --- --- --- 50% 500 1000
Seeker --- --- 50% --- 500 1000
Shambler --- --- 50% --- 600 1200

Stone Knight --- 50% --- --- 75 150
Stone Hell Knight --- 50% --- --- 250 500

Defender --- --- 50% --- 100 200
Eliminator --- --- --- 50% 120 240
Pyro --- 50% --- --- 100 200
Fumigator --- 50% --- --- 100 200

Boglord --- --- 75% 75% 1500 ---
Eidolon --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
LichFiend --- 75% 75% --- 2500 ---
Nour --- --- --- 100% 2000 ---

Chthon --- --- --- --- 2500 ---
Shub-Niggurath --- --- --- --- 2500 ---

Footsteps off:
Impulse 120

Pixels off:
Impulse 115
New RTCW Campaign The Dark Army
New Q1 SP: "Jump"
In Gotshun's spectacularly informative own words:"

O.K. Guys New map is at Quaketastic. The zip file is "JUMP" Enjoy


Alternatively, Jump is a new Q1 SP map in a gloomy medieval brick style featuring both a bit of jumping and a lot fighting toe-to-toe with 135 knights ogres scrags and shamblers. Watch out for solid combat and an interconnected layout.

Alternate without coloured lighting:
Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind!
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and someone else OTP won't name with a full wind tunnels map under the name "shambler".

Screenshot gallery
Download (5.96 MB)
Mark V - Release 1.00

* Nehahra support -- better and deeper link
* Mirror support, "mirror_" textures. video
* Quaddicted install via console (i.e. "install travail")
* Full external texture support DP naming convention
* Enhanced dev tools texturepointer video inspector video
* IPv6 support, enhanced server capabilities
* Enhance co-operative play (excels at this!)
* Software renderer version (WinQuake)
* "Find" information command (ex. type "find sky")

Thanks to the beta testers! NightFright, fifth, spy, gunter, pulsar, johnny law, dwere, qmaster, mfx, icaro, kinn, adib, onetruepurple, railmccoy

And thanks to the other developers who actively provided advice or assistance: Spike (!), mh, ericw, metlslime and the sw guys: mankrip and qbism.

/Mac version is not current yet ...; Linux will happen sometime in 2017
New Q1SP - Gotshun's The "lost" Levels!
Okay, so they never were really "lost" per se, just more a pain for me to grab off his old PC. But that's over now, onto the fun schtuff :)

For those asking for smaller levels these are for you ;) They are old school claustrophobic with perilous tricks and traps.

** Scourge of Armagon(hipnotic) required ***

Slightly more info is in the readme.txt | 16 levels in all located here:



Hope you guys have fun.
..::LvL Special - What Election?
As an escape for "that" election, here is a ..::LvL update. A fair bunch of maps are included and should be more than enough to keep you away from everything else that is going on.

* Siderea by BLOOD
* Closed by Repairs by RoosTer
* Audiorum by Martinus
* Core Gravity Drive by AKUTA

Videos and panoramas for all.
(BLOOD) The Dreamwell Enigma: Barlington Estate
Explore Master Barlington's estate, also home to his exclusive gentlemen's club including some prominent figures of the area, owners of influential businesses; Cobbleson & Son's Crimson Brewery, Leroux's Médaillon Bathhouse, Ashford's Bank and Trust, etc. Strange activities have been taking place at the estate and these men are likely involved. Rumours also spread about a new religious cult forming and gossip regarding Barlington's mental health as of late. Sudden disappearances have been reported surrounding the area, but no concrete evidence pointing to the club itself. What secrets are they hiding? Break inside, rummage around, seek documents and discover the truth, no matter how far you must dig to find it.

Requires an up to date copy of BLOOD with either Plasma Pak expansion installed or the One Unit Whole Blood package. GOG's release works well.

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Download
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