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New Q1SP: "In The Foetid Vault"
Here's my second map! Real quick thanksgiving release before the deluge of diners overwhelms my house. Still got some shit to cook, too, better get to it. ANYWAY, here's zip:

and screenshots:

If you're inclined to multiple playthroughs, I'd recommend trying out different difficulty settings. Everything is WAY more chaotic on hard/nightmare. I'd suggest a playthrough on normal, and then try playing it on nightmare. Have fun!
Q3A Maps Converted To QuakeWorld.
Posted by ms [] on 2015/11/23 02:09:07

Play nQuake :)

This appears to be a list of Q3A maps converted to QuakeWorld and thus may be of interest:
New Q1SP: "Finally"
Hey folks, so here's the zip:
and here's some screenshots:

Also: Hi! I'm new here. The last Q1 mapping I did was maybe 8 or 9 years ago. Lurked here a bit back then for tips and such, but never posted anything.

Anyway, I recently heard about Trenchbroom and thought I'd give that a go, and it just drew me right back in. I had a LOT of fun with this editor and remembered everything I'd ever loved about quake mapping. So I made 'Finally.'

Since it's been a while, I just stuck with the original textures. But I did use colored lights for the first time; maybe they're not a total eyesore?

Hope you enjoy it!
First Quake Map By DeeDoubleU
"After watching retrojam at youtube I wanted to try and map something for quake. Something with lots of secrets. And secrets inside secrets. I think you got the point.

I knew it wouldn't be a masterpiece anyways (still struggling with some technical stuff) and decided to make it simple and silly - everything in this map is a secret... ish. Pretty much nothing is just lying around and you have to work even for a healthpack or ammobox.

Here you go."

Retro Jam 4: Episode 4 Released. Boo!
Retro Jam 4 is a pack of eight Elder World themed, old school designed levels created just in time for All Elders Day. Err...

Thanks to everyone who took part in this spontaneous mapping outburst:


Screenshot Gallery
Happy Halloween At ..::LvL
Four maps for Halloween have been added to ..::LvL - Be sure to set aside some time for Trespass. This map is well worth checking out.

* Trespass by Pat Howard
* DeadStrong by Johann Slee
* Hit the Floor by r3x.theCat
* The Rage (2) by the Shib

Videos for 3 of the maps and panoramas for all.

BTW, the only link to Halloween is the release date on ..::LvL, but I guess that is at least something :]
RTCW: Stalingrad & Iron Cross Weapons Patch
Info and Download:

This weapons patch will include three weapons(PPSH.MP44 and Gewehr 43) that were planned for the final version on both released, but they have not appeared.
Quinstance - Editor Independent Quake Prefabs
Quinstance is a cross-platform utility application that wraps around VMFII to enable the use of the func_instance entity in Quake mapping.


Windows: .NET 4 or later,
Linux/OSX: Mono,

"Instances" are essentially prefabs that automatically update when you make changes to them. Place a func_instance entity in your map at whatever position and orientation you'd like. Set the entity's Filename key to the relative path of another map, containing geometry and/or entities, and see that after being run through Quinstance and compiled, a copy of the other map's contents will have appeared where the func_instance once was.

Uses for the entity range from things like duplicating common architectural elements or complex entity configurations, to building structures on grid but positioning them off grid while maintaining ease of editing (and that without fear of slowly accumulating vertex creep), to having multiple mappers working on a project concurrently. Instances aren't the solution to every mapping problem, and have their own quirks, but when you need them they make life a lot easier.

More detailed instructions are included with the download; take a look if you're curious, and if you have further questions, ask away!
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