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UE4 Whitebox Challenge
As you might know the base game of the new Unreal Tournament has been released and it's playable in multiplayer. Everyone with a current or former UE4 license can develop content for this game.

Your level should only feature basic geometry without textures and must be playable online. Your focus is to create a level that's fun to play without worrying about the visuals. You are free to decide how you are going to do that. Pick your game mode, add whatever you like to make sure that people enjoy playing against each other. Whitebox levels should contain minimal detail but this shouldn’t limit you if you want to go crazy.

This challenge will run from 01-09-14 to 28-09-14. The goal of this challenge is not to win prizes but to get familiar with UE4. We encourage you to submit your map on the Unreal site so that if your work is good enough, you might have a chance that it gets picked up.

SM 176 - Quantity Over Quality
The 176th SM pack features Quoth maps by Cocerello and Drew, and a vanilla Q1 map by DOOMer.

Please record demos and leave feedback below!
..::LvL In August
Four reviews and five maps in this ..::LvL update. Top pick is a CTF release from Pat Howard. The others are re-makes and re-mixed version of id Software originals with various levels of success.

* Ironwood by Pat Howard
* Temples of Retribution by V1979
* The Very End of Reality by V1979
* The Yard Of Stone And Steel by Anthony Tullo

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news the site should work a lot better on small screens (like phones). There is still some work to be done however.

Also, you can now directly, financially help ..::LvL by donating towards the server costs. Huge thanks to Hipshot for pushing me to get this done.
Q1SP: GravelPit For Quoth

This is my first Q1SP map, and as you saw this is a recreation of TF2's Gravelpit. It needs Quoth and a Quake client that supports colored lightning and skyboxes.

Download link:
"Unreal Tournament 2341" Beta 2 Trailer/release
UT2341 beta 2 for UT2004 has been released. UT2341 is a weapon/gameplay mod that brings UT99 into UT2004 (with visual improvements of course) and PB2 has a few bugs but is completely stable and feature complete

Trailers: UT2341 Beta 2 Trailer Pre-launch trailer

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5

More info and download
Simple Quake Launcher By MaxEd
Posted by MaxEd:

Simple Quake Launcher v1.0

One day I've got tired of editing .bat files to launch Quake maps. I went online to find something similar to ZDL, but for Quake. I haven't found anything usable there (Quake Injector is a bit too cumersome for my tastes...), so I decided to make one myself.


- Small and easy to use.
- Can detect maps in folders and .PAK files (.PK3 support is planned).

Extract SQLauncher.exe into your Quake directory.

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.
NOTICE: if you already have .Net Framework 4.0 or newer installed, you'll still need to install 3.5 version, because newer versions are not backwards compatible with it!

Map Jam 2 - "IKBlue/IKWhite" Theme Pack Released
The second Map Jam pack is released! The theme for this pack was the ikwhite/ikblue texture set by Iikka Keränen, and we have 8 great maps to show for it!

Screenshots, Download, Mirror, Readme

Authors: cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn

Read the original discussion thread here.
Been A While For ..::LvL
Well, it has been a while between updates for ..::LvL. The best of the bunch is "House Of The Rising Sun". Be sure to read the warning if you download "Lost Space".

* House Of The Rising Sun by Malzbiertrinker
* Eigelstein Pain by Ryzzdorf
* Lost Space by T-kölök

Videos and panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
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