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Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Incorporated (Jokejam)
A pack of twelve maps all with the goal of making you laugh. These maps take themselves less seriously than most of the maps that are released, so hopefully this pack is a breath of fresh air!

A Quick Detour by starshipwaters
Bedtime Story with Snakeman by Nolcoz
Burgertown by Markie Music
coulrophobopolis by zigi
Dungeon of Dickery by BoxFigs
Hangar-Over by Greenwood
Planet of the Crates by Greenwood
PROGGER by omni
Q Mart by Pinchy
Quarter Dead 0.5 by Scampi
Silly Race by quasiotter
Writing's on the Wall by Artistical

promo image:

Google Drive Download:

Quaketastic Download:

Sorry for the large download size. This pack has a lot of custom content :)
Q1SP: Mars Base Excavation Incident
A doom themed Quake Map starting in a base environment, delving deep into the ruins of an underground temple, and back again.

The map was created with DOOM-like sector-style limits (as well as DOOM textures). Did my best to ensure there's no room-over-room, but still attempted to get as much reuse out of each area as was feasible.

Along with the aesthetic, this map is meant to be played in a run-n-gun fashion. It won't always be wise to charge ahead, but there are some big areas with lots of mobs where you can engage full on, if you like. The difficulty level is on the hard side, but I made sure to tweak easy mode such that it's still fun with thinner crowds of monsters.

I put lots of ammo in, and several armors along the way. Some obvious and some secret :D

Rip and Tear.


AD_Q1SP "The Lima Project" By Comrade Beep
Take a break from Doom : Eternal and play my new map for Arcane Dimensions : The Lima Project AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! Good luck Hard / Nightmare players!

UPDATE: Screenshots found:
Q1SP: Memories Of A Grotto
Large abstract Grisly Grotto style map by Magnus Björkbom, already released in July 2019.

It started inspired by E1M4, The Grisly Grotto - particularly the moment near the start where you dive down to the ruins. Then it spiralled from there as the theme shifted towards mysterious pyramids rising from below, breaking through buildings and soaring in the sky.

Q1SP: Castle Zanthu
Here is something new for those housebound during this Coronavirus crapola!

My first medieval standalone release, "Castle Zanthu," using standard id progs. Your mission is to infiltrate the castle and work your way up to the slipgate that'll take you out of this hell!

This is a large map (approx. 13 MB), so a newer source port is recommended. Included is a splendid Doom 2016 skybox, courtesy from ptoing.


In The Keep Podcast - #42 JCR (Quake Mapper)
JCR is a talented Quake mapper, modder & co-host on The Quakecast along with dumptruck_ds & ArrrCee. He recently hosted the January Jump Jam, a collection of maps designed by experts in the community to exploit his Jump Mod which turns Quake into a 3D platforming experience.

Listen to the show on

Podcast Directories:
Q2SP - Ghooric Zone
Quake 2 singleplayer unit.

Built for q2pro, tested also with Yamagi.


OBSIDIAN - A 4on4 Map For Quakeworld
Quakeworld hasn't had an official 4on4 map release in nearly a decade. Let's do something about that.

OBSIDIAN. A map by queen*.


A runic energy facility considered to be a failed test bed for manufacturing obsidian.

Low economy map centered around indirect positional advantages to gain a solid lead with good verticality and fast but costly rotations. Items included:
+ Quad, Ring
+ Rocket Launcher
+ Yellow Armor, Mega Health, Green Armor
+ Grenade Launcher, 2x Super Nailgun, 2x Super Shotgun
+ Large Rox, 2x Large Shells, 2x Large Spikes
+ Rox, 3x Shells, 3x Spikes
+ 10x 25 Health, 9x 15 Health

Promo 1
Promo 2

[] Map Design:
queen* ( - Geometry, Layout, Lighting
lurq ( - Lighting, Optimization, Texturing

[] Additional Work:
flintheart ( - .loc (Location File)

[] Textures:
Benjamin "Makkon" Hale (@BenjaminHale7) - Makkon1 WAD
Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell ( - CR8 WAD
John "metlslime" Fitz ( - jf_obtex WAD
Lava and Sky textures pulled from vdm10 (Unknown Source)
Texture conversions from Q2, and SOC highres packs

[] Special Thanks
BlooD_DoG, Bold Huge Crunch, C@NIP, Koala, lurq, viag, yeastiality, ZungryWare

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