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This is a project I've been working on during the last few months, as a way to learn more about Apple hardware and platforms.

There are currently 3 targets: OS X (10.11 - El Capitan), tvOS (9.1 - Apple TV 4th gen.), and a special iOS target (9.3, iPhone-only) designed to be used with a Virtual-Reality viewer such as Google Cardboard (or similar). This last one, I'm really proud of how it looks and works, I simply can't stop talking about it.

Since I currently have no way to share final executables for any of the 3 targets, I'm afraid all I can do is to share the repo with you guys:

The contains instructions to build and run the 3 applications. I'm very interested in hearing any comments or suggestions about any of them.
New Q1SP "The Faults Within" For Arcane Dimensions
This map is a remake of Quakes e3m2 "The Vaults of Sin" which doesn't meet the quality standards of the man himself, Sock.

Sock wrote: "'s subpar, definitly not your best work, you should release it standalone, im not going to include it in the next release.."

He is mostly right, as always ;)

Screenshot 1 2

Download here. (3.14 MB)

Arcane Dimensions v1.4patch2 required!!

Should still be some good 5-10 minutes of fun.
Leave comments below, if you want to make demos do so, always welcome.

Thanks to EricW for last minute bug testing!

SM177 - Escher
We again held a speedmapping event! Was chosen the theme "Escher", which is offered by Shamblernaut. And today we have four completely different looking at it maps from the mappers Cocerello (requires Quoth), digs, Doomer (who will add the engine/mod requirements to his post next time :P) and Shamblernaut (requires Quakespasm).

Screenshots -

Download -
Easter At ..::LvL
A little something for your Easter at ..::LvL Two maps (well, technically 4 maps) are from the same author and are full of brush work, just a little lacking in game play. One of the maps is even for EntityPlus.

* FortTown by Martinus
* Shipyard 17 and Shypyard 17 Boss Battle edition by Martinus
* 2myhouse by Hot[DOG]

Videos and panoramas for all.

Hope everyone had a great Easter break.
New ADSP: A Horse Named Quake

This is my first publicly released map. It's a small level to play on a coffee break or something.




Alternate download that probably won't work:

I would appreciate if you recorded a demo so I can learn from this experience!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
New Q1SP: The Isolation
The map contains several locations differ from each other in color. Locations are related to each other a lot of teleports. The buildings are sites that look open from other places. But direct their visit they overlap bars, not allowing the player to get out. Map is completed by the fact that the player has finally goes beyond this isolation.



Thanks for the testers: Barnak, DeeDoubleU, AAS, SimonOC
Serious Sam - Serious Engine Source Code Released
Good news for Serious Sam fans:

Now we are waiting for some crazy mods and tools.
New Q1SP: Root Of All Evil: Infernal Science (part2)
Finally. It is finished.
Layout is much more simplistic this time. Basically it prevents you from backtracking too far by blocking some routes. All blocks are removed when you step on final bridge in case you want to go back and search for secrets.

Although part 2 uses mechanic that might appear unusual it also tries to teach you what to do with it.

P.S. I gain mapping experience points with each demo ;)


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