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Underwater Map Jam - Release
Get your fingers wet in these 9 awesome water themed maps! Big Thank You to mappers:

nyo (Nyoei)

We have few new mappers here, so give them a warm welcome :)

Enough of talking: Screenshots

Download here: Mirror 1 Mirror 2
[Including 7 meg of screenshots you can view above]

Have fun and don't forget to record some demos!
There is a new Quake site that has some finesse but the current level of promotion is lacking.

Future unknown. Purpose unknown. You decide. /End Epic Rap Battle
RTCW - Age Of Horror
New adventure for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Contains 18 levels plus a bonus level.

Information, screenshots and Download
SnapTiles: Tile Based Quake Map Maker (Concept)
SnapTiles -- a proof of concept or thought exercise.

Screenshot | Video | Read Me

Tested on a Windows 7 machine/a Windows 10 machine.

Supplied prefabs mostly from Quake map source release and Rubicon 2 map source release. You can make your own prefabs (see readme), they go in prefabs folder and are scanned on startup.

Just to prove it is possible. Your mileage may vary.
The Quake Awards Winners
The Winners have been announced over at You can visit the site for a brief description of each map as well as some judge comments and screenshots. If you'd rather just know the winners they're as follows:

• Best Vanilla Map: Unholy Ossuary by MissBubbles
• Best Expanded Limits Map: The Forgotten Sepulcher by Giftmacher and Sock
• Best Map Visuals: A Warm Welcome Home by Bal
• Best Map Gameplay: The Brimstone Mine by Giftmacher
• Best Oddball Map: Shattered Soul of the Scarabrus by ORL

And last but not least...

• The People's Choice Award: The Forgotten Sepulcher by Giftmacher and Sock

Congratulations to all of our category winners, as well as our People's Choice award winner. Keep your eyes peeled on the site over the next week or so for some new mapper map highlights. Thanks to all the Judges for their hard work and time.

- Shamblernaut
Q1SP: Amphitheater Of Abaddon
Hi everybody!

Below you can download my third map, which is supposed to follow the Subterrestrial Hangar in my unfinished episode. Until the episode's finished, I keep releasing the individual levels as standalone packages.

Screenshots (actually from a beta version, but still relevant enough):

Download link:
New Q1SP (AD): Disjointed Realms
So, here's my first Quake map that's also the first thing I've ever made in a level editor. And yes, I made it for one of the most critically acclaimed mods ever created. Probably not very smart, but I hope you have some fun with it, even if it doesn't at all live up to any of the standards that mod set. Feedback and demos are appreciated!

Warning: The final area is problematic if your "host_maxfps" is greater than "72". If that's the case, you should change it to 72 or less once you see the message "No turning back from here".


Screenshots (Don't recommend looking at them before playing, but do as you please):
Q1SP: Shamsp1 "Crown Of Thorns"
First map, first time trying an editor, 20 years overdue.

Canyons and blue castle and spikes. Fairly mundane 2D layout but should feature a distinctive style and some fun gameplay encounters - best played methodically rather than gung-ho. Skill settings included. Fish counter bug also included.

(Skybox included, goes in id1\gfx\env)


Walkthrough and explanation (spoilers):
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