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Q1SP: The Subconscious Fear
Tight! Dark! Scary!

map name: xl3 (the Subconscious Fear)
author: xLarve
Monsters count (easy/normal-hard-nightmare):108/123
Secrets: 7


Screens: 1 2

How to play:

1) Unzipe archive.
Put files in ...Quake 1ID1maps directory.

2) Launch Quake.
Type in console:
skill 0 - if you ready call you mom during playing!
skill 1 / 2 / 3 - if you wanna have a real q1 fun!

3) Type in console:
map xl3
New DM Map: The War Zone
Hello Everyone,

I just finished a new (though very old school) DM map for 2-4 players and put it up on quaketastic. There's also a blurb by scar3crow (who together with Bal gave me a lot of greatly useful feedback on the map) on facebook, if you want to check it out:

The map is available at quaketastic:

And there are a few screenshots on my blog:

Hope you dig it!

Q1SP: Simplex
Hi again folks! This is my second Quake map, a medium sized mossy ruin with some room for exploration.

shot 1
shot 2
shot 3


New Q1SP: Luna In Silver Shards
Small, 100 brush Heretic2 texture map. Quoth required. Quakespasm recommended.


Q1SP: The Subterrestrial Hangar
Hey everyone!

You can download my second map down below. It is actually to be the first in an episode of maps consisting of branching paths based on powerup choices. I still decided to upload the first map as a standalone package, since it takes forever for me to actually finish a single map.

Screenshots (actually from a beta version, but still relevant enough):

Pick your poison
Guard tower overlooking a slipgate
The hangar itself

Download link:
Q1SP: Mire Prison
Hello everyone, here is my first map. I had a great time learning how to use Trenchbroom and receiving feedback while working out the final kinks. I designed it with the loose idea of e1m3 meets techbase..sort of. I'm looking forward to improving and bringing you guys more in the future, and hope you enjoy this for now!


Ages Between Updates At ..::LvL
Three maps in this long awaited update at ..::LvL. Each map in this update has both highs and lows and if you are itching to play something new you will be fine with any of them.

* BlackHurricane by Martinus
* Frozen Abyss by nanoSpawn
* BathHouse by Shkiper2012

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news I've been reworking the site design. Some pages are currently wearing the new look and others are still being coded and ported. If you find any issues with the new look, let me know.
Q2SP Episode: Roots
Roots is a single-player campaign for Quake2. It consists of 10 maps combined into an episode.

Screenshots & Download
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