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Map Jam 9999 - Contract Revoked / Quoth / Knave
Ok, it's time to start Map Jam 9.

Today is 15th anniversary of a great Contract Revoked episode. We all played it, we all love it so Contact Revoked map jam starts today.

Therefore you should use incredible Knave texture set and Quoth mod by Kell for your maps. Details in readme below.

Dark Lowecraftian atmosphere, epic castles, creepy dungeons, fleshy caves, it's all up to you. As long as it's covered with Knave textures.
For inspiration you can play Contract Revoked, Quoth, Lost chapters and many other maps tagged as quoth and knave on quaddicted.

Deadline is July 15th, so you have 4 weeks to make your maps.

Textures and Prefabs


Now go map!
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Yeah, whatever suits your delusion. Can't stop the douches from pouring, can I? Funny how this kind of holier-than-thou characters are always the ones resorting to insults while I'm keeping it civil. Sure, I am the asshole... Thanks for the laugh, buddy. Peace out. 
Who Was In Life A Foolish Prating Knave? 
Which is more punk, Knave-Anti-Revolutionary-Knave or Knave-Anti-Conservative-Knave?

I actually really want to see "New Knave" whatever that means. Knave has been done it's true, very well done. But something still lurks beyond it... 
New Knave 
One Tiny Itty Bitty Thing More 
You think you're keeping it civil but I don't think you realize how insanely insufferable you are. I am not the only one thinking that either.

I'm not a holier-than-thou type but I do take issue with narcissists like you who barge into a project with demands without actually doing anything about it themselves. You think Knave maps lack creativity? That's fine. You were being a killjoy, but that's fine. I've asked you twice already if you were entering the jam and you did not answer. I'm taking this as a no. Let people do their thing and piss off if you don't do anything yourself. Nobody cares whether you think Knave is stale or not and I can guarantee you nobody here will lose sleep over that. 

its a tribute jam

why do it with anything besides Quoth and knave.wad other than to please Mugwump?

Its like going to McDonalds and being upset they served you a frozen burger.

"I do declare these burgers would me much more delectable if they were fresh ground beef prepared medium well with perhaps some bleu cheese crumbles?" *curls mustache*

with that out of the way, Ill be entering this jam. 4 weeks should be more than enough time for me to whip something up with my busy schedule. 
Tiny Itchy Bitchy Thingy 
Oh yeah, right, silly me! I forgot that some interwebz dwellers can't suffer any opinion that doesn’t 100% fit their own narrow view. "Insanely insufferable"? Puh-lease... I can't help it if you take a passing comment the wrong way! And even if I could, I wouldn't: I'm not here to cater to any random self-righteous internet diva. Get over yourself and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings. Talk about narcissist... the irony is staggering! Also, please point me to where exactly I made an actual demand - good luck with that!

You haven't actually asked me if I was joining in (for comprehension purposes, I suggest you read your own comments again), but considering my first comeback comment in the GA thread, the answer to this non-question is quite obvious.

Now, can you please leave it alone and stop polluting the thread with this stupidly nonsensical flame war? 
You Started It, Pal. 
Look, we get it. You don't like knave. Would you kindly stop posting for a while and stop this thread from going further off the tracks? 
That's Just The Thing, 
I didn't start anything! I only made an inoffensive comment and then got bashed for it for no valid reason. After that I only defended myself. I'm not the aggressor here, don't pick the wrong target. May I point that I did want to end this 3 posts ago? The "peace out" bit. But I'll never be one to bow to attackers, so if they keep at it I keep defending myself. You want it to stop, ask the perpetrator. 
Shut The Fuck Up Already... 
Meanwhile... Back On Topic 
...but if we are bound to sticking with engines using Protocol 666 (which allow mostly bigger limits anyway) then why are we trying to stick to the original BSP? Honest question to try and understand the reasoning and more of the tech side of this.  
Extended limits let you do a lot of brushwork anyway, so there is no point of using BSP2, until you reach the first limit. 
Internet Diva/Perpetrator 
Do you even hear yourself? The reason people around here don't like you much is because you're a passive-aggressive jerk and with your year-old account and your 1,000+ posts (most of them about yourself in some capacity, hence the narcissist bit) you have contributed nothing of value so far for the community and are actively creating dissent whether you realize it or not. You've been told repeatedly by various people that you're attitude is frankly bothersome. I've been quiet but I've honestly had enough. You reappear and the first thing you do is complain about a lack of 2017 releases since Retro Jam 6 and then whine about this jam's theme. So please, please excuse me if I take your unwanted bitching about the theme the wrong way, especially since you evidently aren't even planning on doing anything for this jam in the first place. Sure, I didn't ask your directly whether you were entering. I did ask you indirectly though.

You should maybe think once or twice before you post something in the future, actually contribute something valuable or change your attitude altogether. That first post of yours was uncalled for. You have the right to have an opinion; everyone does, but we certainly didn't need to hear it.

What do you think this is? This is a tribute jam. The maps in this jam are going to be similar to what Kell did. There is nothing wrong with that and people are excited for this for the simple reason that Contract Revoked is a milestone and to this day remains one of the finest Quake releases, no matter how stale you think it has become (it hasn't). Please do enter and show us what you can do with Knave and I bet people will love it if you manage to pull something unseen off. I'm being 100% sincere here.

Anyway, off to bed. 
I was super-excited for this jam, but then I saw skacky's hatemongering rant and now Knave & Quoth are dead to me forever... 
The only way to heal the universe is obviously a negke knave map. I surely can't be the only one who wants to see this; a cyclical, infinite dark world where even the elevators respawn. 
Skacky, Please, 
this has been requested by several people already, including me: if you insist on continuing this crap, do so in the GA thread and leave this one to on-topic stuff, dammit! Like this for instance:

I've just played the map that OTP linked to in post #28 and that's exactly what I was talking about: a much less common use of the knave set. That's only one example of the kind of stuff I'm looking forward to see and I suggest that entrants check this map if they haven't yet. Who said tributes can't take creative liberties? At any rate, they should. I haven't had a reason to say this very often yet, but here it is well deserved: thanks to OTP for sharing this (and also to the author for making it in the first place, of course)! 
I think that map jams always show how different one theme can turn out in every mapper's way. That's was what impresses me in any map jam every time. Therefore I think it's too early to complain about the similarity of Knave maps (I don't think it is).

Look at Nastrond, apsp3, hrimfaxi's knave maps and many others. They can be outdoors map, indoor maps, they may be located in giant caves. So it's all up to the author's vision of his map. I think there were even coagula knave maps.

So it's a great opportunity to show how different knave maps can be. So go map instead of complaining.

The idea of sticking to bsp format is for aiming for not that large maps so one can finish it to the deadline (unless you are Tronyn). 
About WAD 
Original quake textures is valid? 
I'd Suggest To Use Knave.wad Only 
You can use some id.wad textures like lava or trims as long as knave is dominating texture set in your map 
Def Or Ent 
Has anyone made a def file for quoth2? No luck in my search 
(unless you are Tronyn)

I think that map jams always show how different one theme can turn out in every mapper's way.
Agreed. RJ6 in particular proved that quite brilliantly.

it's too early to complain
Does anyone here really believe that I was complaining in advance about the outcome of this jam?! That would be pretty rich! I was of course talking about the knave maps I have already played, as a reminder to keep it personal rather than too faithful to the classic knave style as found in maps like Red777 or Conference of the Shamblers. I browsed the wad this morning and this set has so much potential that it's a bit saddening to see it used predominantly (I didn't say exclusively, mind you) along the lines set by these classics. Imagination is the one and only key to ever hope to rival such masterpieces.

As for Yours Truly mapping for a jam, I doubt it will happen anytime soon: first, I still feel far from confident enough in my mapping skills to undertake something with such a short deadline, plus I have stressed in my comeback post that I won't have much time to map at all in the foreseeable future. I need to find a job and that doesn't leave much room for such a time-consuming endeavor. I may have pulled something off for the QUMP project but the ship has sailed and it's much too late now.

One final note: thank you PuLSaR for not partaking in the haters' bandwagon! It is so much more pleasant when my interlocutor is capable of having a respectful, grown-up conversation...

more fgd

Was looking for something compatible with radiant =p 
Love Knave! 
I'll try and speedmap / make something small, limited time during weekends 
awwww i just noticed my book textures are in the jam wad.


makes me feel all tingly inside, thanks pulsar! 
Wish I could, knave has a special place in my heart, just don't have the time :( Look forward to seeing the results, though! 
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