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New Q1SP: The Katagean Redoubt
Decked out in E1M4-esque textures, 136 monsters, 8 secrets and possessing full coop support. Enjoy!



[added screenshots -- metlslime]
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This map is a winner !

Geez ! Another great map in my permanent Q1 map collection. Thanks a lot, this one is terrific. I just can't believe how long is the life of this old and venerable game !

The architecture is simply perfect. My only complain is the lack of atmospheric sounds in many rooms. 
Pleasant Surprise 
This one is really good. E1 theme, yet different to original E1. Good fun, very large, a lot of space to move. Two shamblers guarding the gold-key-door found me hurt and unprepared= quick and brutal end during first play (but I got far, didn�t I).
OT1: I recommend playing CZG�s e1m1rmx before this one to gain the mini-episode-1 feel (you are teleported from infested slipgate complex idbase to strange dimension-used in my In Ovo mini-episode too), it�s also good idea to use new NIN 4CD Ghosts as soundtrack to this map too. Some of the tracks fit to quake well (some less).
OT2:+few quake1 fanart drawings I made during weekend are to be found here then go to Superheroes/Quake1 fanart
or here 
Fully comparable to CZG�s czg03 map (next E1 style masterpice). Which means something. 
I really digg the jumping-over-lava room, columns with twisted metal bars. Lighting is perfect (not only) there. Good to know the map is so huge, cjhsp1.bps means as much for E1-like level editing as ant.bsp means for rusty-metalic-windtunnel level editing. 
Reminded me some of the E1-styled mexx series levels. Such epic this one is! 
Good job, man! I was having a great time in it. Really nice classic Quake map.

It crashed for me on stock Quake on OSX after I went through a double set of double doors, but until then it was awesome. I guess I need to use a more modern engine? 
Oh, and I loved the part with the winding staircase that kept going up and up to different floors. Really nice idea there! 
Just to prove that I'm a maniac, I did my first playthrough on Nightmare skill, killed 140 monsters, found 3 secrets and exited in 25:10 with 1 health left.

Very good architechture all around, lots of space to move and escape if monsters scared me too much. Every time shamblers appeared, I was shocked: "Is this my end?" I managed to survive though, except I had to noclip at one point because I was trapped behind a lift and there was no other way out. Also, I did the same mistake as Vondur in the end. :P

Then I recorded a speedrun on Easy skill... finishing in 3:15. 
I can send you a beta of Fitz SDL, if you're interested. It seems to run fine. 
That would be great! Please do. I'll give it a shot this weekend if you send it over. 
It was pretty fun, had this nice, clean look and some interesting architecture. I was surprised to find six out of eight secrets since usually I don't even search for them. I guess they were pretty obvious. At first I thought it took a bit too long to get yer hands on the double-barreled but the map turned out to be pretty long so it wasn't such a problem. Anyways, I do think the map was a bit too easy on normal. I don't remember being even close to dying except at the very end during the last Shambler wave. Took me 15-20 minutes.

Here's a demo of my first playthrough on normal: 
Old-skool Apart From The Size 
Enjoyed this. Died once on easy in the double vore set piece -- didn't see where the platforms went in the rush and the murk :/

Anyone found all the secrets yet? I found 4, all fairly early, then kind of stopped looking it seems... 
great demos on a great map! Maybe an addition to SDA? 
Ive Found 7 Secrets 
Anyone found 8? I found the 'easter egg' one. 
Easter Egg? 
6 is the one I was missing
8 is the 'Easter Egg' ;P

I know its not a propper easter egg. No Mugshot! Or messages about killing Adrian Carmack or John Romero, but, well lets just say, er, lets not spoil the 'surprise'.... :-|

Thanks Spirit! 
That's what we are going to do. It's been a while since we added a GREAT map to the archive.

I have found 6 secrets. 
Come on: you ruined my evening.... I was about to replay the map looking for secrets... you nasty guy :P 
Couldn't You Have Just NOT LOOKED?!?! 
No, I'm too much curious ;) 
Did you used to be named Apollo? Are you going to do some more speedmapping? 
when is it? 
map. Excellent in all areas really. Not much more to say. 
...this is classic quake with difficulty tweaked for modern players. Excellent work! The whole thing felt soooooo...solid. Your reuse of areas at different levels is something I've always tried to emulate. Bleh, I'm going home to play it again... 
Awesome Map! 
This map is great! It looks great and it plays very well. It has a quakey feel.
Demo on hard skill: 
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