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SM139: "Include Your Nick"
Three SP maps by neg!ke, Spirit, and speedy.



[edit: added speedy's map]
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dont overbright models
software quake doesnt 
software quake does overbright the models too. 
I was just trying to make a quick point, though I didn't consider that warp has external model textures. I'm not sure if the external skin was loaded; whatever the default is (pretty sure they were though). I did have the gamma and contrast turned up a bit to see the darker areas better. Maybe that wasn't the best example. I didn't intend to pick on your map, ijed.

But the point was, it's not just a specific texture set of an old map that looks washed out, but any shambler in a bright room. However I can't think of or find any other maps off hand that have a shambler in a bright room, so I'm going to have to back off of that point.

Oh, Warp run in Darkplaces just fine. 
No Worries 
There's lots else there to pick on anyway. 
This Is An Interesting Topic Though... 
There are so many players out there each with his own system for making quake look best, and all of these different user modifications (idgamma, hardware gamma, glquake's -gamma hack, replacement textures, replacement .lit files for stock maps, realtime lighting in stock maps, etc.) don't always interact well.

As someone who runs a very stock setup (fitzquake with hardware gamma correction,) I rarely experience firsthand the problems caused by various modifications interacting with some features. People can't be expected to give up their preferred mods, like idgamma, since once they get used to them the old ways may look worse to them (for example idgamma allows for contrast increases I think, which the "gamma" cvar can't replicate.)

I think I'm safe from any serious criticism as long as I make everything cvar-controllable, though :) 
This is a really minor point, but: A while back I said overbright made kjsp1 look bad. In fact it's really only dramatically different in the two skylights shown in aguirre's screenshot.

I just ran around it today and the rest of the level looks pretty much like any other map: mostly the same as without overbright, with only a few hotspots that are moderately brighther.

So, I just wanted to retract any implication that killjoy did lighting badly :) 
I guess the thread got a bit hijacked, sorry about that ... Hopefully there are some interesting points. 
We Are Not Finished Yet! 
fitzquake does look slightly brighter. I'll have to investigate that. 
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