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Evspq1 - A Subtle Dagger
My first smallish-linear-style level. Q1 single player. More to come from me in the future.

Moderator's Notice: due to lack of screens I'd add from the first glance at the map that this is an oldkool runic map made with speedrunning in mind. Looks like your average id level.
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my first glance didn't let me down. it's indeed oldkool-ish map. and it's nice.
for me it was enough ammo/health, i didn't die etc. gameplay is average, nothing spectacular there. architecture is simple, some textures applied rather weird tho: i.e. floor tex on the walls, etc.
i got a good laugh when just spawned in the map and observed rocks nearby, they looked really fun. this is first time i see such a simplistic rocks design :)
overall: strong average oldskool mappage.
keep on, Evan :) 
Congrats On Getting A Map Done Windlash 
looks quite decent, RPG you rock for posting shots and reviewing already 
Good Stuff, Evan 
I will have a review up soon at my site:

also evan [and any other mapper, ever!] ignore anything bad shambler says about your map, its just his "sense of humor".

I have also just discovered RPG'S "condensed speedmap" episode which i may be able to review, not sure yet, maybe just a news post. 
I think Scampie wants to hold off on a news post for that until he gets the Speedmap Site done, and then have a post for all the updated maps at once. Dunno when that will be. I'd like to see a review of the episode, though.

Okay, half the posts in this thread are from me. I'm going to stop now. 
check your email. 
Well Done Evan 
I took 11 minutes and I did die twice: I still had the Autumn Haunting new monsters etc, which took me by surprise.

Good map and I look forward to your next one. 
I've taken the liberty to use Evan's map to display one of my later Light features, the _anglesense key.

The three screenshots below show the end battle area with the upper lights having the _anglesense key set to 0, 0.5 and 1 respectively.

0 is the brightest (no angle sensitivity at all), 0.5 is the old default and 1 is the darkest (full angle sensitivity). Notice the difference in light levels on the different faces depending on their angle against the lights. 
I have two major comments to make. First, unavoidable fall damage is lame. It kills players who are on their last legs but still should have a chance. Second, in a map with limited ammo, having knights on the pillars makes it possible to not be able to finish the map. IIRC, the knights aren't going to come down so that you can use the axe, but their slow ass projectiles take a week and a half to cross the distance, so the map ends in a draw.

Also, there was a dead end where the nail gun was. It would have been nice to have some monsters spawn back the way you came so you have something to do on your way back. 
its very good for a first map, some areas even reminded me of dazsp1, my first (released) map! :)

Keep it up, looking forward to seeing the next one, and yeah Vondur has a point, try to make the rocks look a little nicer =) 
Falling Damage 
pushplay: where was there unavoidable falling damage? If your refering to the lowered-altar part, you can actually avoid damage, simply land ontop of the cross instead of the altar itself. As for the ending pillars & lack of ammo, good point, I will remember this in the future. Thanks for the feedback. 
Evspq2 - Betrayal Is A Symptom 
too dark 
I'll Hold Back 
Pretty interesting classic Quake base map, worked for me. Maybe a bit short of ammo (not many shells), or maybe that's what I used up looking for secrets. I also think the secrets are excessively rewarding, it would have been tough and even shorter of ammo without finding them, although this was hard diff... I took 21 mins.

also evan [and any other mapper, ever!] ignore anything bad shambler says about your map, its just his "sense of humor".

Yep, but even if the one it is aimed at always knows this, I can't see negatism like that being a good thing, especially since it's usually or always aimed at new or upcoming mappers. 
Re: I'll Hold Back 
Thanks spentron. The secrets were overly rewarding for 100% nightmare runs :) I tried to balance it out a little, with the pentagram secret replaced by a super nailgun on easy skill. But if you find them all I doubt you'd lose a health point on this map :)

I don't think Shambler meant any hard. I know him from way back in the day, and doubt he would greet me again like that after all these years :) 
Re: Falling Damage 
I couldn't see the cross until I had landed. 
Re: Falling Damage 
ever tried saving your game pushplay? ;)

seriously though, that's just a minor thing and not really worth complaining about (imo of course).

good level evan, it gave me a few minutes of fun playing time. I'm looking forward to new levels with more complex architechture. 
Nice first map windlash, except for the door entities being see-thru and the ogres being positioned below the player in most cases, where they are least effective. But the architecture was modest but decently done, and now I'm REALLY wanting to do another metal/runic/whatever map =) 
The 2nd Map 
looks really nice too. I love that arch in the first couple of shots, that just looks cool the way it's curvy at the edges too. 
This Is The Kind Of Map That Inspires Me 
Simple, yet effective. I liked it, great for a nice blast, and the atmosphere was great. Very oldskool feeling. Just needs some sharpening up on the architecture and you're onto a winning stretch. I couldn't interest you in this little tut by any chance? ..remember, big bold angles be the key!

Nice job.. would like more maps like this :-) 
I think I would've stopped at step 3 in that tutorial... 
I was at first put off by the screenshots, I didn't wanna try it. But I tried anyway, and I would agree it's near id quality. I think it shows potential so I'm interested in your 2nd (and so on) map as well. I finished it 9:20, because I got down to just the ax during a shotgun/fire trade between the first hellknight on the pillar. I then backtracked the map in search of any ammo I may have missed, only to find none. I had to use impulse 9. A bug which is most likely just my system was I could see through some closed doors, what was beyond them.

I think this is a good start though, keep going. 
Another Tutorial 
This tutorial is more vague, and it may be a little below you, windlash, but you might want to check it out. I find I do most of the stuff suggested in the article without thinking about it, but it's interesting to see it put into words. 
Review Posted 
definitly good to see an oldskool id map, make the gameplay more exciting and harder and greats things may happen! :) 
Good Article R.P.G. 
takes me back to my hair band days (then I discovered Helmet, shaved my head, and learned to snarl and not to smile. I was developing a beer gut anyway, so the Bon Jovi approach wasn't working out) when I studied Classical Guitar, taking in a ton of Villa-Lobos, Bach, Sor, Paganini and the like, like every other Satriani wannabe. The only problem was, the better I got at classical the worst I sucked at rock.

Loved how the article was text book perfect in the language, but then in note 5 there,

'5) No, I can not transport you 15 minutes back in time in order to regain the 15 minutes you "f***ing wasted reading this pile of sh*t!" '

That's classic! Ah, the times we live in. 
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