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The Grim Outpost: New Release From Andrew Smith
Announcement w/ some pics at


Andrew is an old-guard mapper w/ some classics under his belt from way back. See
Great Map! 
demo : skill 2 6/12 secrets

This map feels like it was ripped directly from the original game. Classic in terms of visuals and gameplay!

Nice interconnected layout that is easy to navigate. Lots of nods to the original levels without being cheesy.

I found the difficulty slightly lacking on skill 2, but again it felt like it was balanced with 1996 skill levels in mind rather than the modern player.

Great secrets! 
Good Map! 
demo : skill 2 9/12 secrets (4:20 onwards)

This map feels like it was ripped directly from the original game. Classic in terms of visuals and gameplay! However it is a bit disparate in how different some of the more complex designs are from the simpler designs.

Nice interconnected layout that is fun to navigate although occasionally confusing. Lots of nods to the original levels without being cheesy.

I found the difficulty absolutely fine on skill 2, but again it felt like it could have done with a bit more beef in a couple of larger areas (but the tighter areas were tricky enough).

Great secrets! 
Did a 100% run, so, don't watch it if you want any aspect of it unspoiled. 
Ogres In The Hall Of Id 
There's something to be said for larger maps that still use vanilla Quake, with so many authors preferring to build off Quoth/AD now. Not sure what else can be typed other than what's already been posted; fun if slightly lacking in difficulty on Hard for large portions, with most of my damage coming from getting a bit too close with grenades in the smaller hallway areas. Thought I was doing better finding secrets than I actually was, found the Faces of Evil but never found my way to the armor at the end. I did find a glimpse into the void, though. Don't think it's an actual leak given visibility culling seems to be working properly, so probably just a small graphical error caused by the compiler not playing nice with multiple angled brushes, I've seen it a few times myself while futching around. 7/12 secrets, 132/132 kills, demo on skill 2 here
Getting Grim On The Quake Grave

I had a lot of fun with this one. I love that it embraces the vintage feel of Quake and runs with it!

About the only critque I have to it would be if you're looking to make the map a bit more contemporary would be the feeling scale. Things feel a little small or cramped at times, which makes the map feel dated. If you play some of the newer maps out today, you'll see that bridges are much bigger than the one found in the first area of this map, and therefore feels a bit more lived in and beleivable. All of the textures are from Vanilla Quake too, where I know that most map authors now are using custom textures most of the time.

This is really nit picky though because I enjoyed myself and I feel we need vintage/vanilla Quake maps to come out along side all of the contemporary feeling maps. Nice work on this, especially liked the crazy ending there. =) 
Liked It! 
Always nice to see an old school mapper make a return even if just for one map.

First run demo, hard skill: 
very enjoyable, felt vanilla 
Don't Be So Grim You Big Quim. 
Skill 2 demo
Final stats

Fantastic map, chuffed to bits that such a proper vanilla id1 experience can exist in 2018.

Even though the scale obviously increased as the map went on, there was intense attention to detail at both ends of the map. I loved all the intricate ceilings even in the most normal of rooms, so much care must have gone into all of them.

The gameplay was fine on skill 2 though I wouldn't have minded some more spikes in difficulty (I think there was only one Enforcer in the map total, as opposed to lots of Grunts?) Then again, I found 6 secrets*, including two armors, so maybe without them it's about Hard enough??

* - I then realised I missed some I've already seen on a stream, and ended up with 10 on a second run. Really well done secrets though.

My only complaint is the severe lack of Spawns in the whole thing... ;-) 
It Is Basically Quake Greatest Hits. 
And great fun at that. 
I ducking love Andrew smith maps. So cool! 
Oh, i forgot to post here my playthrough of the Grim Outpost:

As i said to Andrew Smith on twitter, this map is awesome! It has lots of secret passages, lots of interconnected corridors (but i never got lost because every section/room is unique), and it has all the quake weapon's to play with! Everything is perfect!

And yes, i know, the fiends in my video has a wall texture as a skin XD (if you want to, go at 26:12 to see). I think it's a FTE's bug. Andrew use a custom texture called "demon" and maybe the engine thought that was a replacement for the demon's skin:

I don't know =D 
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