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Jury-Rigged BJP Tools
These are essentially modified versions of TxQBSP and WVis with a few features added, the main ones being :

- improved skip support ( courtesy of mh & Baker )
- detail- and hint-brush support

The detail and hint code is largely ported from Alexander Malmberg's Quest Editor compilers, so full credit goes to him.

Coincidence and feature overlap with the newly released TyrUtils v0.5 can only be seen as a sign of the elder gods, and hopefully it helps
making those features more of a standard.

Tests so far have not shown any obvious problems with these new features, but i'm still inclined to call them experimental until proven
otherwise ;).

Please report problems as needed.

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Cool Stuff! 
One question, did you rip out the code that does the memory management in qbsp? Because that makes it compile only on Windows. 
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